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#1065: Win

«Immortal Arched Other shore» 《仙穹彼岸》 Remote antiquity originally severe wound, can it be that Xiao Nanfeng opponent? Let alone, Golden Tree is unable to absorb the universe energy here, but keeps being consumed, where can support the remote antiquity to continue the powerful fight? 太上本就重伤,岂是萧南风对手?更何况,黄金树在这里又无法汲取宇宙能量,只是不停地被消耗,哪里能支撑太上持续强力战斗? Reviews Xiao Nanfeng, has the destiny to bless, nearly showed the complete strength, has been in an impregnable position, acts each time, hits remote antiquity flying upside down, making the remote antiquity unable to escape. 反观萧南风,有气运庇佑,近乎展现了全部实力,已然立于不败之地,每次出手,都打得太上倒飞而出,让太上根本逃不掉。 While a crevice, on the one hand grasped the remote antiquity arm, another made Tyrant Fist unceasingly, among the square inches, the violent storm, the fierce combat was dreadful. 趁一次空隙,一手抓住了太上的手臂,另一手不断打出霸拳,方寸之间,暴风骤雨,激战滔天。 Lets loose!” The remote antiquity is startled to roar is knocking out the fist unceasingly. “放开!”太上惊吼着不断出拳。 Do not struggle, your strength may be unable to injure me, the patience is waiting.” Xiao Nanfeng cold sound said. “别挣扎了,你的力量可伤不了我,耐心等着。”萧南风冷声道。 The remote antiquity saw unable to work loose the Xiao Nanfeng palm, stimulated to movement the Golden Tree strength to enter the body anxiously, what a pity, Golden Tree is getting more and more weak, where can provide the powerful energy to her? 太上见挣脱不了萧南风手掌,急切地催动黄金树的力量入体,可惜,黄金树已然越来越弱了,哪里能给她提供强大能量? Two people of dogfights some time, the remote antiquity determined finally this planted, this tribulation feared that could not pass. 二人缠斗了一段时间,太上终于确定今次栽了,这一劫怕是过不去了。 The remote antiquity quickly admitted defeat: We let us not fight, I guaranteed, no longer aims at you, I lead you to leave sleepily, I lead you to have the time prisoner's cage.” 太上急忙服软道:“我们别斗了,我保证以后不再针对你,我带你出困,我带你出时间囚笼。” Xiao Nanfeng coldly says with a smile: I am in an impregnable position now, why must do you lead me to go out? Let alone, I cannot believe your guarantee.” 萧南风冷冷一笑道:“我现在立于不败之地,何须你带我出去?更何况,我可不敢相信你的保证。” The remote antiquity sees the Xiao Nanfeng oil salt not to enter, the air/Qi eye of zi wants fiercely, said: I have clone outside, outside each star shipboard has a remote antiquity bright moon, even if my body dies here, I can still use other remote antiquity bright moon to resurrect, if you do not stop now, I arrange the numerous star ships to destroy your star immediately.” 太上见萧南风油盐不进,气得目眦欲烈,道:“我还有分身在外面,外面的每艘星舰上都有一枚太上皓月,我此躯就算死在这里,我也能利用别的太上皓月复活,你若现在不停下,我立刻安排众星舰去毁了你们的星球。” Xiao Nanfeng disdain said with a smile: If as you said that you should not worry.” 萧南风不屑地一笑道:“若真如你所说,你应该不会这么着急。” What did you say?” The remote antiquity looks angrily at to say. “你说什么?”太上怒视道。 I, if guesses well, your true spirit should gather in your body, true spirit is indistinct, may, in the main body and clone to switch over, may span the space and time, the twinkling, but, but, if the strength, can isolate departure of true spirit, your did do several things at the same time to abandon?” Xiao Nanfeng said with a smile. “我若猜得不错,你的真灵应该都聚集在你此躯中吧,真灵飘渺,可在本体和分身间切换,可跨越时空,瞬息而至,但,若有一股力量,能隔绝真灵的离开,你的那些分身是不是就废了?”萧南风笑道。 „Did you, what you talk nonsense?” Too careful one nervous, said. “你,你胡说什么?”太上心中一慌,道。 I have not talked nonsense, I have the feeling, here, I am not even able to induce nine color great trees, is unable to induce my air/Qi distant water, should be my true spirit is sealed in the time prisoner's cage, isolated with the outside world. My true spirit was stranded, your true spirit cannot escape. “我没有胡说,我自己有感觉,在这里,我甚至无法感应九色巨树,无法感应我的气运海,应该是我的真灵被封在时间囚笼,与外界隔绝了。我的真灵被困,你的真灵也逃不掉。 I know that also has other remote antiquity bright moon, but, without your true spirit operates in addition to hold, these remote antiquity bright moon should quick lose the intelligence, withers until death? The best result, is born the new spirit wisdom, but, has the remote antiquity bright moon of new spirit wisdom, then it also no longer was you. ” Xiao Nanfeng sneers to say. 我知道还有别的太上皓月,但,若没有你的真灵操纵加持,那些太上皓月应该很快会失去灵性,枯萎至死吧?最好的结果,是诞生出新的灵智,但,拥有新灵智的太上皓月,那它也就不再是你了。”萧南风冷笑道。 This is your guess carelessly, the time prisoner's cage, if really can isolate all, how to isolate you to relate the Great Zheng air/Qi distant water?” The remote antiquity refuted immediately. “这都是你的胡乱猜测,时间囚笼若真能隔绝一切,怎么没有隔绝你联系大峥气运海?”太上马上反驳道。 We seek common ground while maintaining difference, you thought that your body body does not perish the influence, that not good?” Xiao Nanfeng satirizes to say with a smile. “那我们就求同存异吧,你觉得你此躯身殒没影响,那不挺好的吗?”萧南风讽笑道。 The remote antiquity climate must to spit blood, she understands that Xiao Nanfeng is ridiculing her intentionally. She is pale, fast, buzz, formed yellow spiral light screen in her body surface, resembling to escape from the time prisoner's cage forcefully. 太上顿时气得要吐血,她明白萧南风是在故意奚落她。她脸色发白,快速施法,嗡的一声,在她体表形成了一个黄色螺旋光幕,似要强行逃出时间囚笼。 Of bang, a Xiao Nanfeng fist destroys the yellow spiral light screen, cold sound said: Has me, you cannot go out today.” 轰的一声,萧南风一拳打碎黄色螺旋光幕,冷声道:“有我在,你今天出不去。” The remote antiquity must be wild with rage, gets angry: You think that you really did act bashful me?” 太上要气疯了,怒道:“你以为你真就拿捏我了吗?” Xiao Nanfeng cold sound said: I know that you have the method, after all, I can with tearing up in the Great Zheng day list relation the destiny sea of clouds, your black beginning clan study the universe black hole many years, should also some the methods of maintaining life, or the relation method, but, then my some are the time, I will study thoroughly you.” 萧南风冷声道:“我知道你还有手段,毕竟,我能用撕毁大峥天榜联系上气运云海,你黑始族研究宇宙黑洞多年,应该也还有一些保命的手段,或者联系外界的手段,但,接下来我有的是时间,我会将你研究透彻的。” Remote antiquity suddenly absolutely terrified, she in years past vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered universe, going smoothly everywhere, in the black beginning clan is also revering of royal family, even if in her faction were not weak in her Taichu, she had not thought that has the danger. 太上忽然一阵毛骨悚然,她昔年纵横宇宙,无往不利,在黑始族也是王族之尊,哪怕她派系中出了一个不弱于她的太初,她都没觉得有危险。 But the first time, she felt the fatal threat from Xiao Nanfeng, resembling Xiao Nanfeng was her difficult adversary, her various methods, by the Xiao Nanfeng to subdue|grams stubbornly. 可第一次,她从萧南风身上感受到了致命威胁,似萧南风就是她的克星,她的各种手段,都被萧南风克得死死的。 She even suspected, even if can escape today, oneself can also cope with Xiao Nanfeng? Then how many years, Xiao Nanfeng grew so, gave him again the time, that also? 她甚至怀疑,就算今天能逃出去,自己还能对付得了萧南风吗?这才多少年,萧南风都成长成这般了,再给他时间,那还了得? Too careful fear, but the look is actually not willing to show one's ignorance, hiss exclaimed: I even if today died, I can still resurrect in the future, once the black beginning clan looks, I can recover, at the appointed time, I must kill off all your family members.” 太上心中恐惧,但神色却不愿露怯,嘶吼道:“我今天就算死了,我也能在未来复活,黑始族一旦找过来,我就能复苏,到时,我要杀光你的所有亲人。” Xiao Nanfeng has not actually paid attention to her, but is continues to shell her, while carefully observes her change. 萧南风却没有理会她,而是一边继续轰击她,一边仔细观察她的变化。 Two days later. 两天后。 Remote antiquity golden light getting smaller, world of her heart was worn down the breakage by the time prisoner's cage, revealed Golden Tree, the Golden Tree leaf has fallen out or off entirely, the tree trunk is also withering fast the withered, innumerable essence energy pulls out to flooding into her within the body, Golden Tree is unable to withstand the load, will soon collapse. 太上身上的金光越来越小,她的心之世界似被时间囚笼消磨破损,露出了其中的黄金树,黄金树叶已经掉光了,树干也在快速枯萎干瘪,无数精华能量被抽离涌入她的体内,黄金树不堪重负,即将崩溃。 Golden Tree must exhaust the energy, but, the Xiao Nanfeng destiny also has many. 黄金树要耗尽能量了,但,萧南风的气运还有不少。 The remote antiquity one will stimulate Xiao Nanfeng in the spoken language, one with the spoken language surrender, what a pity, Xiao Nanfeng will not pay attention to her, whatever Golden Tree withers changes is small subsequently, the condensability, changes into drop of golden bubble finally. The golden bubble that this golden bubble and Xiao Nanfeng obtained initially is exactly the same. 太上一会用言语刺激萧南风,一会又用言语投降,可惜,萧南风根本不理会她,任凭黄金树枯萎继而变小,凝缩,最后化为一滴金色液滴。这金色液滴和当初萧南风得到的金色液滴一模一样。 Xiao Nanfeng searches the hand to grasp, receives the golden bubble seal. 萧南风探手一抓,将金色液滴封印起来收好。 At this moment, the remote antiquity lost to bless, the strength of time invaded comprehensively, lets originally injured her, could not move again. 此刻,太上失去了一切庇佑,时间之力全面入侵,让本就受伤的她,再也动弹不得了。 One day later, on the remote antiquity face crawled completely the wrinkle, a long hair is also bleaching fast, became withered sparse. 一天后,太上的脸上爬满了皱纹,一头长发也在快速变白,变得干枯稀疏。 How can like this?” The too careful grief and indignation said. “怎么会这样?”太上心中悲愤道。 Here to the death trap that Xiao Nanfeng sets up, how to fall on oneself finally? 这里本是给萧南风设的死亡陷阱,怎么最后落在自己身上了? Even if she goes all out to shout, what a pity radically useless, Xiao Nanfeng heart firm like iron, has become enemies with her, possibly to be how softhearted? 纵使她拼命呼喊,可惜根本没用,萧南风心坚如铁,已然和她结仇,怎可能心慈手软? Another after day, the remote antiquity has a liking for old incomparable, just like the shrivelled old man, when the body of dying. 又一天过后,太上看上起苍老无比,犹如瘪瘪老者,待死之身了。 How long also crossed did not know, the remote antiquity turned skinny, finally, the body putrefied, was only left over the body of white bones, then, the body of white bones also putrefied again unceasingly vanishes, was only left over body of the extremely weak soul. 又过了不知多久,太上变成了皮包骨头,最后,身体腐化,只剩下白骨之躯了,再接着,白骨之躯也不断腐化消失,只剩下一个极为虚弱的灵魂之躯了。 My black beginning clan will not let off your.” The remote antiquity weak soul final grief and indignation curse said. “我的黑始族不会放过你的。”太上虚弱灵魂最后悲愤地诅咒道。 Bang, her soul collapse leisurely/scatter opens thoroughly, true spirit scatters, resembling to vanish into thin air thoroughly. 嘭的一声,她的灵魂彻底崩散而开,真灵散落,似要彻底烟消云散了。 Xiao Nanfeng coldly says with a smile: Gives back to me to act in a play by the present? To make me relax vigilantly, neglects your true spirit dissipation? What a pity, you ran into me.” 萧南风冷冷一笑道:“到现在还给我演戏?想让我放松警惕,忽略你的真灵消散?可惜,你遇到了我。” Bang, he grasps true spirit that will soon dissipate. He takes out a small bottle, loads in which remote antiquity that scattered true spirit, got down large number of seals, seals into the Great Zheng Heavenly Ruler's Seal space the small bottle, he then feels relieved. 嘭的一声,他一掌握住了那即将消散的真灵。他取出一个小瓶子,将太上那零零散散的真灵装入其中,下了大量封印,又将小瓶子封入大峥天玺空间,他这才放心下来。 Hence, he defeated the remote antiquity thoroughly. 至此,他才彻底打败了太上。 He sits cross-legged to sit, no longer the action, protects the body with the destiny, simultaneously is staring at black fog change in this time prisoner's cage, resembles to learn anything. 他盘膝而坐,不再行动,用气运护体,同时盯着这时间囚笼中的黑雾变化,似想要从中学到些什么。 Because no longer fights fiercely, the speed of destiny consumption slowed down. 因为不再剧烈战斗,气运消耗的速度变慢了很多。 Then , in a month. 就这样,又过了一个月。 Buzz, all around black air/Qi vanished baseless, he escaped. Sudden that the time prisoner's cage comes, sudden of also disappearance, making him very surprised. 嗡的一声,四周的黑气凭空消失了,他逃了出去。时间囚笼来的突然,消失的也突然,让他好不惊奇。 Stands in the giant universe black hole surrounding, he thinks must leave. 站在巨大的宇宙黑洞外围,他思索着要不要离开。 Eventually, he decided first does not go out, he is searching for the previous star ship in all around, to provide against contingencies, he must inspect remote antiquity bright moon in the star ship again. 终究,他还是决定先不出去,他在四周搜寻着之前的星舰,为以防万一,他要再检查一下星舰中的太上皓月们。 Shortly, he saw a star ship, around that star ship seems some formation to resist the attraction attack of black hole. 没多久,他就看到了一艘星舰,那艘星舰四周似有某种阵法抵挡着黑洞的引力侵袭。 In the instance that he approaches, star shipboard formation triggers some type of destructive mechanism, the explosion of bang opened. 在他靠近的瞬间,星舰上的阵法似触发了某种自毁装置,轰的一声爆炸而开。 In his heart uncomfortable , to continue to search for other star ship, but many are so, when star ship or when he close to the self-destruction, or when touching time prisoner's cage but self-destruction. 他心中不爽,继续搜寻别的星舰,但多是如此,星舰要不在他靠近时自毁,要不在触碰到时间囚笼之际而自毁。 He searched for several days, again is harvestless. 他搜了数日,却再无收获。 With his thorough black hole, he discovered, toward the black hole deep place, the time prisoner's cage are more, he does not know the rule that these time prisoner's cages present, is worried to tow also to have other what accident again. 随着他的深入黑洞,他发现,越往黑洞深处,时间囚笼越多,他不知道这些时间囚笼出现的规律,担心再拖下去还有什么别的变故。 Sighed slightly, he decided to leave, he is fleeing fast outward. Suddenly, he sees a special time prisoner's cage, the shape of that time prisoner's cage is ordinary, but in besides revolves around around the Sangenshu pitchfork, one red, one purple, one blue. 微微一叹,他决定离开了,他快速向外遁逃着。忽然,他看到一个特殊的时间囚笼,那时间囚笼的形状普通,只是在其外围环绕着三根树杈,一红、一紫、一蓝。 His eyes recognize, this Sangenshu pitchfork is on Three Purities Dao Ancestor Connecting Heaven Tree folds, but withered at this moment. 他一眼就认出,这三根树杈是三清道祖通天树上折下来的,只是此刻枯萎了很多。 Three Purities hasn't Dao Ancestor died? Was stranded in this time prisoner's cage?” Xiao Nanfeng surprised say/way. 三清道祖还没死?难道被困在这个时间囚笼里?”萧南风惊讶道。 He one pondered over, has not stepped into eventually, but takes out Great Zheng Heavenly Ruler's Seal saying: Branches out half of destiny, average gift Three Purities Dao Ancestor.” 他一番思忖,终究没有踏入其中,而是取出大峥天玺道:“分出一半气运,平均赠予三清道祖。” Buzz, in Great Zheng Heavenly Ruler's Seal gushes out the billowing destiny, drilled into that time prisoner's cage. 嗡的一声,大峥天玺中涌出滚滚气运,钻入了那个时间囚笼。 Three Purities Dao Ancestor really in inside. Xiao Nanfeng eye one bright. 三清道祖果然在里面。萧南风眼睛一亮。 He has not gone, but is waiting in this time prisoner's cage surrounding. 他没有进去,只是在此时间囚笼外围等候着。 All around time prisoner's cage number are getting more and more, the situation becomes critical, but, he does not have sharply to escape eventually, he is avoiding the numerous time prisoner's cages carefully , to continue to wait. 四周的时间囚笼数量越来越多,情况变得危急起来,但,他终究没有急着逃出去,他小心避开着众时间囚笼,继续等着。 Also after several days, the square time prisoner's cage has blotted out the sky, just like the locust group transit was numerous, making his mood sink to the valley. 又数日后,四方的时间囚笼已然铺天盖地,犹如蝗虫群过境般众多了,让他心情都沉入谷底。 At this moment, bang one, was stranded Three Purities Dao Ancestor that time prisoner's cage to collapse finally dispersed, revealed three forms. 就在此刻,嘭的一声,困着三清道祖的那个时间囚笼终于崩散了,露出三个身影。 In his heart one happy, held astral to hold three forms, at once is fast to the universe black hole flies to escape to go. 他心中一喜,一个掌罡抓住了三个身影,旋即快速向宇宙黑洞外飞逃而去。 Eyah eyah.” An immature sound conveys. “咿咿呀呀。”一个稚嫩的声音传来。 Xiao Nanfeng lowers the head looked, immediately reveals the stunned color, actually sees three forms that he just held, at all was not originally the Three Purities Dao Ancestor appearance, but was babies in three swaddling clothes. 萧南风低头一看,顿时露出错愕之色,却见他刚刚抓住的三个身影,根本不是原先三清道祖的模样了,而是三个襁褓中的婴儿。 Three babies make unceasingly eyah eyah sound, if not after their brains, floats a red, purple and blue halo respectively, Xiao Nanfeng is not being able to believe, these three babies can be Three Purities Dao Ancestor. 三个婴儿不断发出“咿咿呀呀”的声音,若非他们脑后各自浮着一个红、紫、蓝光晕,萧南风都无法相信,这三个婴儿会是三清道祖 How did you turn into this? Is it possible that time prisoner's cage not only can become old, but can also the adverse current time?” Xiao Nanfeng astonished say/way. “你们怎么变成这样了?莫非,时间囚笼不但能将人变苍老,还能逆流时光?”萧南风惊愕道。 Eyah eyah, eyah eyah......” “咿咿呀呀,咿咿呀呀……” Three babies want to speak, what a pity, their conditions can only make eyah eyah the sound, looks extremely strange. 三个婴儿想要讲话,可惜,他们的状态只能发出咿咿呀呀的声音,看起来极为怪异。 In the Xiao Nanfeng heart said with a smile: Ok, we went back to say again.” 萧南风却心中好笑道:“好了,我们回去再说吧。” Is binding three babies, he flies rapidly outward, he bypassed large number of time prisoner's cages carefully, after flying for several days, finally escaped from the giant universe black hole region. 裹着三个婴儿,他急速向外飞去,他小心地绕过了大量时间囚笼,飞了数日后,终于逃出了巨大的宇宙黑洞区域。 PS: Today also has one. PS:今天还有一更。
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