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#1064: 9 claw Gold Dragon contributes to the distinguished merit

«Immortal Arched Other shore» 《仙穹彼岸》 Bumps into sincerely, the heavy vigor clash, Xiao Nanfeng and remote antiquity fight extremely intensely, but the destiny of Xiao Nanfeng body surface is also consuming fast. 拳拳相撞,重劲相击,萧南风和太上战斗得极为激烈,而萧南风体表的气运也在快速消耗着。 The Xiao Nanfeng complexion sinks, in heart secretly thought/passage: Fight is more intense, does the destiny consume quickly?” 萧南风脸色一沉,心中暗道:“战斗越激烈,气运消耗得越快?” Of bang, he repels the remote antiquity, restrains the aura rapidly , the speed of destiny consumption changed slow many. 轰的一声,他打退太上,迅速收敛气息,果然,气运消耗的速度变缓了不少。 Xiao Nanfeng raised the head fiercely, looked that said to the remote antiquity: You have been aggressive, to accelerate to be consuming my destiny?” 萧南风猛地一抬头,看向太上道:“你一直咄咄逼人,是为了加速消耗着我的气运?” The remote antiquity coldly says with a smile: I suspected that you will discover this mystery sooner or later, but, how guesses correctly can? When I help you exhaust the destiny, death!” 太上冷冷一笑道:“我猜想你早晚会发现这个奥秘,不过,猜到又能如何呢?待我帮你耗尽气运,死吧!” Of bang, before the remote antiquity bullies the body, the god fist rumbles, but, actually fought with the fists flying upside down by Xiao Nanfeng. 轰的一声,太上欺身上前,神拳轰出,但,却被萧南风一拳打得倒飞而出。 In the Xiao Nanfeng eye the god light/only including the lightning channel: You are compelling me to exhaust the destiny anxiously, if whether does not exhaust the destiny fast, I can with these destiny, insist that this time prisoner's cage does vanish?” 萧南风眼中神光连闪道:“你这么急着逼我耗尽气运,是否若不快速耗尽气运,我能凭着这些气运,坚持到这个时间囚笼消失?” Too careful one angry, she knows Xiao Nanfeng to be hard to deal with, has not thought Xiao Nanfeng guessed correctly quickly. 太上心中一恼,她知道萧南风难缠,可没想到萧南风这么快就猜到了。 Snort, the idle talk do not say much, suffers to death!” Remote antiquity fierce say/way. “哼,废话别多说,受死吧!”太上狰狞道。 Of bang, two people continue to battle, although Xiao Nanfeng gets the winning side, but, Golden Tree, he is unable to take the remote antiquity wonderful for a while, can only strike to fly remote antiquity times unceasingly, gets the winning side, they ripped to kill three days of time. 轰的一声,二人继续激战,萧南风虽然占据上风,但,黄金树也神妙非常,他一时也无法拿下太上,只能不断将太上一次次打飞,占据上风而已,他们撕杀了三天时间。 These three days, the beard of Xiao Nanfeng grew one section, his destiny was actually only consumed has 10%, but, Golden Tree also consumes much, supplies the remote antiquity the energy to weaken, the remote antiquity corner of the eye also presented wrinkles. 这三天,萧南风的胡须又长了一截,他的气运却被消耗得只剩下10%了,但,黄金树也消耗不少,供给太上的能量在变弱,太上眼角也出现了一丝鱼尾纹。 The remote antiquity happily laughs saying: „Do you want unable to insist? Hahahaha!” 太上得意地大笑道:“你要坚持不住了吧?哈哈哈哈!” Although she be at condition of coming under attack, but, she saw victory is in sight, is exceptionally stimulated. 她虽然处于挨打的状态,但,她看到了胜利在望,异常亢奋。 In Xiao Nanfeng heart one tight, his these three days are also seeking are decoding the law of time prisoner's cage, but, what means have used, cannot go out, radically is the non-solution, consumes again, is quite disadvantageous to him. 萧南风心中一紧,他这三天也在寻着破解时间囚笼之法,可是,什么办法都使用过了,就是出不去,根本就是无解,再耗下去,对他极为不利。 „The destiny of this time having were too indeed few, if this place in the Yongding day this/should good, there destiny is inexhaustible.” In the Xiao Nanfeng heart is thinking agitated. “这次带出来的气运的确太少了,若此地在永定天都该多好,那里的气运用之不竭。”萧南风心中烦躁地想着。 He attempts to induce the Great Zheng destiny sea of clouds, what a pity, was sealed in the time prisoner's cage, was secluded from the world, anything did not induce. 他尝试着去感应大峥的气运云海,可惜,被封在时间囚笼中,根本就与世隔绝了,什么也感应不了。 Nine color great trees cannot relate, drags again, may be quite disadvantageous to him. 九色巨树也联系不上,再拖下去,对他可极为不利啊。 Suddenly, he resembled to think of anything, in eye one bright, he turned the hand to take out the Great Zheng day list. 忽然,他似想到了什么,眼中一亮,他翻手取出大峥天榜。 The remote antiquity jokes: What's wrong? To use the Great Zheng day list seal I? Or do you try? However, stimulates to movement the Great Zheng day list, needs the huge destiny to be good, your surplus destiny, sufficient? Ha!” 太上讥笑道:“怎么?想用大峥天榜封印我啊?要不你试试?不过,催动大峥天榜,也需要庞大的气运才行,你剩余的气运,够用吗?哈哈哈!” Xiao Nanfeng has not paid attention to the remote antiquity, but is the palm blade cuts to the Great Zheng day list, bang, the Great Zheng day list trembles, seemed to be some breakages. 萧南风没有理会太上,而是掌刀斩向大峥天榜,轰的一声,大峥天榜一颤,似有了些许破损。 „Do you want to do?” Remote antiquity stunned say/way. “你要干什么?”太上错愕道。 Actually sees Xiao Nanfeng to pull unceasingly strikes the Great Zheng day list, in after the Great Zheng day list the crack rises from all directions, rips fiercely, bang, the Great Zheng day list was torn to open, one point of two halves. 却见萧南风不断扯击大峥天榜,待大峥天榜上裂纹四起后,猛地一撕,轰的一声,大峥天榜被撕裂而开,一分两半了。 Why did you destroy the Great Zheng day list?” Remote antiquity surprised say/way. “你为何毁了大峥天榜?”太上惊疑道。 Sees Xiao Nanfeng especially seems dissatisfied , to continue to tear the Great Zheng day list, ripped the fragment it, but the strength of all around time, is also corroding these fragments crazily, met the time merely, the Great Zheng day list vanishes into thin air. 就见萧南风尤显得不满足,继续撕扯大峥天榜,将其撕成了碎片,而四周的时间之力,也在疯狂侵蚀着这些碎片,仅仅一会功夫,大峥天榜就烟消云散了。 The remote antiquity pupil shrinks said: „Are you relating your destiny sea of clouds?” 太上瞳孔一缩道:“你在联系你的气运云海?” ...... …… Meanwhile, situated in Yongding day sky. 于此同时,位于永定天都的上空中。 The Great Zheng destiny sea of clouds trembles fiercely, subsequently crazy surges. The above Xiao Nanfeng destiny law also trembles, changes into nine claw Gold Dragon suddenly, subsequently face upwards to send out painful calling out. 大峥气运云海猛地一颤,继而疯狂翻腾而起。上方的萧南风气运法相也是一颤,陡然化为九爪金龙,继而仰天发出一声痛苦的嚎叫。 Suddenly startled changes, causes the innumerable officials and common people to look to the upper air. 忽然的惊变,引得无数官员、百姓看向高空。 Destiny sea of clouds how?” Some people were startled to call out. “气运云海怎么了?”有人惊叫道。 Several days later, the six big day later injuries also restored much, they also look surprisedly to the sky. 几天下来,六大天后的伤势也恢复了不少,她们也惊讶地看向天空。 The rouge madame urgently asked: Sir, can the world have the big accident to happen?” 胭脂夫人急切地问道:“诸位大人,天下可有大变故发生?” The officials send people to inquire rapidly, quick, before their, your letter report, expressed four most parts continent all as usual, not big nature and man-made disaster happened. 众官员迅速派人打探,很快,他们纷纷前来禀报,表示四大部洲一切照旧,并无大的天灾人祸发生。 In rouge madame heart one tight, said: Destiny sea of clouds big surges, nine claw Gold Dragon sad howl, decided has the huge matter to happen. Since is not the Great Zheng world has the drastic change, that was that side husband has an accident.” 胭脂夫人心中一紧,道:“气运云海大翻腾,九爪金龙悲嚎,定是有天大的事情发生了。既然不是大峥天下发生剧变,那就是夫君那边出事了。” In the Xia Xiaoyu heart one, asked anxiously: That side Nanfeng has an accident? Can you look?” 夏小雨心中一慌,焦急地问道:“南风那边出了什么事?你能看出来吗?” The females look to the rouge madame, because of the world, she most knows about the destiny now. 众女都看向胭脂夫人,因为当今天下,她对气运最为了解。 Looked met the sky, the rouge madame said: Destiny Gold Dragon si was stimulated, but, perfect, explains husband now unobstructive, but, the destiny sea of clouds seethes collapse Luan, the beforehand custom did not form.” 看了一会天空,胭脂夫人才说道:“气运金龙似被刺激了,但,完好无损,说明夫君现在无碍,但,气运云海翻腾崩乱,不似之前的规矩成形了。” Xia Xiaoyu quickly asked: This on behalf of what?” 夏小雨急忙问道:“这代表什么?” The rouge madame knits the brows: „The shape of destiny sea of clouds, by the law of the land heavenly prestige list restraint, this moment destiny sea of clouds does not form, was this restraint vanished, in other words, the Great Zheng day list had an accident, even was destroyed.” 胭脂夫人皱眉道:“气运云海之形状,是由国法天威榜约束的,此刻气运云海不成形,是这份约束消失了,也就是说,大峥天榜出事了,甚至被毁了。” „?” People surprised say/way. “哦?”众人惊讶道。 The rouge madame explained: Transports toward true spirit of emperor, is relating destiny Gold Dragon. Imperial seal suppression destiny sea of clouds. Law of the land heavenly prestige Bang Yueshu is well-mannered the destiny sea of clouds. Also on these three types of things, regardless in where, is relating the destiny sea of clouds.” 胭脂夫人解释道:“运朝帝王的真灵,联系着气运金龙。御玺镇压气运云海。国法天威榜约束规矩着气运云海。也就这三样东西,无论在何处,都联系着气运云海。” Xia Xiaoyu is worried saying: Nanfeng rarely with Great Zheng day list fight, how will the Great Zheng day list be destroyed?” 夏小雨担心道:“南风很少用大峥天榜战斗的啊,大峥天榜怎会被毁了?” The rouge madame thinks saying: I am not clear, I have a guess, the Great Zheng day list possibly is husband ruins intentionally.” 胭脂夫人想了想道:“我也不清楚,我有个猜测,大峥天榜可能是夫君故意毁掉的。” „?” People accidental/surprised say/way. “哦?”众人意外道。 The rouge madame congealing eyebrow thinking said: I suspected, husband through this matter, is giving what information to us.” 胭脂夫人凝眉思索道:“我猜想,夫君在通过此事,向我们传递什么信息。” People look one tight, nods in abundance. 众人神色一紧,纷纷点了点头。 Xia Xiaoyu asked anxiously: Who can see that what information husband is giving?” 夏小雨紧张地问道:“谁能看出夫君在传递什么信息?” A people thinking, at this time, the rouge madame opened the mouth to say to the day suddenly: I later the life at the Great Zheng day, will be my destiny, hands over by Heavenly Emperor completely handles, please nine claw Gold Dragon be my destiny to escort to Heavenly Emperor to place.” 众人一阵思索,这时,胭脂夫人忽然对天开口道:“我以大峥天后之命,将属于我的气运,全部交由天帝处置,请九爪金龙将属于我的气运送往天帝身处。” That raises, on the destiny sea of clouds, belongs to that destiny Gold Dragon of rouge madame, inspiring massive destiny float suddenly spatially. These destiny rush to nine claw Gold Dragon suddenly. 昂的一声,气运云海上,属于胭脂夫人的那条气运金龙,陡然引动大量气运浮空。那些气运忽然涌向九爪金龙。 Nine claw Gold Dragon not its interception, when without Xiao Nanfeng personally ordered, day later the destiny of donating, will be delivered to the Xiao Nanfeng place directly. 九爪金龙没有将其截取,在没有萧南风亲自下令之际,天后赠予的气运,会被直接送到萧南风处。 That raises, nine claw Gold Dragon voice roared, it true spirit with the darkness and the induction of Xiao Nanfeng, the destiny that the rouge madame just sent, pushed beyond the dark day forcefully, quick, that destiny vanished. 昂的一声,九爪金龙一声咆哮,它凭着冥冥中与萧南风真灵的感应,将胭脂夫人刚刚送来的气运,强行推送去了冥冥中的天外,很快,那股气运就消失了。 In this time time prisoner's cage, the remote antiquity also guessed correctly suddenly plan of Xiao Nanfeng, she sneers saying: „Are you giving the Great Zheng person signalling? Wants some people to send the destiny to you?” 此时的时间囚笼中,太上也忽然猜到了萧南风的打算,她冷笑道:“你是在给大峥的人传信吧?想要有人将气运送来给你?” Xiao Nanfeng can also hide the truth from the remote antiquity hopelessly, he is actually willing with the remote antiquity exchange, because is the exchange, he more can obtain the useful information from too the upper opening. 萧南风也没指望能瞒过太上,他其实很愿意和太上交流,因为越是交流,他越能从太上口中得到有用的信息。 You guess right, I am some people to deliver the destiny to come to me, my wife, my Great Zheng official, they will certainly understand my suggestion. The time prisoner's cage is quite indeed fierce, keeping me from going out, but, I cannot go out, does not represent other thing unable to come. I cannot attain the Great Zheng destiny, I can make others send the destiny.” Xiao Nanfeng answered. “你猜得没错,我就是要有人送气运来给我,我的夫人,我大峥的臣子,他们一定会明白我的暗示。时间囚笼的确极为厉害,让我无法出去,但,我出不去,不代表别的东西进不来啊。我拿不到大峥气运,我可以让别人将气运送来。”萧南风解释道。 The remote antiquity sneers saying: „For those the good way, the range that what a pity, destiny Gold Dragon induces rarely can be separated from distance of country, even if there is, could not be separated in the foundation range of star. Here is not your stars, here is beyond the day, here leaves your star to have very remote distance, in universe black hole. Such, the destiny is not possible to transmit. You lose heart, hahahaha!” 太上冷笑道:“到是好办法,可惜,气运金龙感应的范围很少能脱离一国之距的,就算有,也脱离不了所在星球的基础范围。这里不是你们的星球,这里是天外,这里离你们星球有很遥远的距离,是在宇宙黑洞中。这么远,气运是不可能传递过来的。你死了这条心吧,哈哈哈哈!” At this moment, buzz one, the golden light flashes through together, transports/fortunes all at once suddenly baseless and presently, poured into Xiao Nanfeng within the body. 就在此刻,嗡的一声,一道金光闪过,一股气运陡然凭空而现,灌入了萧南风体内。 Became?” Xiao Nanfeng eye one bright, deep sigh tone. “成了?”萧南风眼睛一亮,长嘘口气。 The remote antiquity actually stared in a big way the eye, said stunned: This is impossible, how will the angry convection current come in?” 太上却瞪大了眼睛,错愕道:“这不可能,怎会有气运流进来?” It seems like, you said is not right.” Xiao Nanfeng said with a smile. “看来,你说的也不对啊。”萧南风笑道。 Here is not the Great Zheng territory, whether there is completely to be away from your star, how can your destiny Gold Dragon send the destiny? This is impossible, when your nine claw Gold Dragon......” remote antiquity startled anger, suddenly thought of anything, the pupil shrinks suddenly, the complexion changes said: Nine claw Gold Dragon? Isn't the Five Claws Golden Dragon? Your these nine claw Gold Dragon has the issue, is it possible that can nine claw Gold Dragon widen the induction range to the day beyond?” “这里不是大峥疆土,更离你们星球有无尽距离,你的气运金龙怎能将气运送来?这不可能,你那九爪金龙……”太上惊怒之际,忽然想到了什么,陡然瞳孔一缩,脸色一变道:“九爪金龙?不是五爪金龙?你这九爪金龙有问题,莫非,九爪金龙可以将感应范围扩大到天外?” She thought suddenly, initially the ancient altar consumption endless good fortune, helped Xiao Nanfeng Heavenly Emperor enjoyed with the Five Claws Golden Dragon evolution to nine claw Gold Dragon, is it possible that had such wonderful effectiveness? 她忽然想起来了,当初亘古祭坛消耗无尽造化,帮萧南风天帝享配的五爪金龙进化到九爪金龙,莫非就有如此神效? Imported the body all at once, Xiao Nanfeng solves urgent matter immediately, he fought even more calmly, was even more violent. 一股气运入体,萧南风顿时解了燃眉之急,他战斗得越发从容,也越发猛烈了。 At this moment, in the Yongding day, the rouge madame looks that her destiny vanishes, looking pensive, although does not know that is useful to Xiao Nanfeng, but, the destiny can transmit to Xiao Nanfeng, even if stores up in the Xiao Nanfeng place, to Xiao Nanfeng also advantageous harmless. 此刻,在永定天都,胭脂夫人看着她的气运消失,若有所思,虽然不知道对萧南风有没有用,但,气运能传送给萧南风,哪怕储存在萧南风处,对萧南风也有利无害。 The rouge madame said: No matter is useful, you also illuminate our type to do.” 胭脂夫人说道:“不管有没有用,你们也照我方式做。” Good!” The females said accordingly. “好!”众女应声道。 The females also transfer oneself destiny Gold Dragon rapidly, own destiny, fast through nine claw Gold Dragon biographies to the Xiao Nanfeng place. 紧接着,众女也迅速调用自己的气运金龙,将属于自己的气运,快速通过九爪金龙传向萧南风处。 The Great Zheng whole body of ministers obtained the news, they also without hesitation, destiny transmission to Xiao Nanfeng. 紧接着,大峥群臣得到了消息,他们也毫不犹豫,将气运传递向萧南风 The rouge madame continues saying: We could do many.” 胭脂夫人继续说道:“我们或许可以做得更多。” What can make?” The people look to the rouge madame. “要做什么?”众人看向胭脂夫人。 Rouge madame deep suction port gas channel/angrily said: We mobilize the world subject, worships to the destiny sea of clouds together, the Great Zheng national destiny, all spreads to husband place.” 胭脂夫人深吸口气道:“我们发动天下臣民,共同对气运云海祭拜,将大峥国运,全部传入夫君处。” Completely?” Many person surprised say/way. “全部?”很多人惊讶道。 The rouge madame nods saying: „A country destiny, is the king distributes, is all nationals accumulates, the king can distribute the destiny, if the king appoints regent, by the regent initiation of call, the most national complies, can handle the destiny.” 胭脂夫人点了点头道:“一国气运,是君王分派的,也是所有国民积累的,君王可以分派气运,若君王指派监国者,由监国者发起号召,大半国民答应,也能处置气运。” People eyes one bright, they understand, the destiny gives Xiao Nanfeng completely, to Xiao Nanfeng advantageous harmless. Everyone is also willing to do that they nod in abundance. 众人眼睛一亮,他们都明白,气运全部交给萧南风,对萧南风来说有利无害。所有人也愿意这么做,他们纷纷点了点头。 Therefore, six female fast arrangements, hundred officers carry out the day later completely orders, to suppose the altar, the number world, transmits through nine claw Gold Dragon the billowing destiny fast to the Xiao Nanfeng place. 于是,六女快速安排,百官全部去执行天后命令,设祭坛,号天下,将滚滚气运通过九爪金龙快速传递向萧南风处。 Merely two days time, is large quantities of billowing destiny directly soars the universe black hole to go. 仅仅两日时间,又是大批的滚滚气运直奔宇宙黑洞而去。 In the time prisoner's cage, Xiao Nanfeng two just obtained the numerous other day female and hundred officers sends the destiny, now also obtains a big destiny, his present destiny many to exaggerating situation. 时间囚笼中,萧南风两日前刚得到众女和百官送来气运,现在又得到了一大笔气运,他现在的气运已经多到夸张的地步了。 The remote antiquity actually reveals the desperate color, said panic-stricken: Damn!” 太上却露出绝望之色,惊恐道:“该死!” Her tone wants to escape. 她调头想要逃跑。 But at this moment, how will Xiao Nanfeng make her run? 但此刻,萧南风岂会让她跑了? Has me, do not want to escape, don't you want to consume? That then consumes, whom having a look at first to be consumed!” Xiao Nanfeng sneers to say. “有我在,你别想逃,你不是想要耗下去吗?那就接着耗,看看谁先被耗死!”萧南风冷笑道。 He blocks the remote antiquity way fast, a boxing leaves, bang, hits the remote antiquity to back up to return. The remote antiquity wants to escape again, but, he is actually stopping the remote antiquity unceasingly. 他快速堵住太上去路,一拳击出,轰的一声,打得太上倒退而回。太上想要再逃,但,他却不断阻拦着太上。 Go away!” The remote antiquity was startled to call out. “滚开!”太上惊叫道。 She was afraid finally, the Xiao Nanfeng destiny continuously, consumes, she will exhaust the Golden Tree energy quickly, she one step will first pass away. 她终于害怕了,萧南风的气运源源不断,这么耗下去,她会很快耗尽黄金树能量的,她会先一步老死的啊。 PS: Tomorrow's two chapters, tomorrow big result. PS:明天两章,明天大结局。
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