TME :: Volume #18

#1781: God pressure

When Ji Hao with the aid of holding the Sangmu branch concentrates doing several things at the same time that pursues to Pu Ban sky, Ao Bai has gotten angry the sound to cry loud and long to that white hair Daoist to throw. 姬昊借助扶桑木枝桠凝成的分身追到蒲阪上空时,敖白已经怒声长啸着向那白发道人扑了过去。 Ninth child bi xie dragon do not excel at the magical powers mystique, he likes near body slaughtering, tears into shreds the enemy with the pure strength. Other controls the forces of nature, the control thunder storm and so on dragon clan talent, Ao Bai displays might as well to have pure blood Gu Long of talent ordinary, one such as just several thousand water dragons were defeated by white hair Daoist conveniently. 龙之九子之一的赑屃并不擅长神通秘法,他更喜欢近身厮杀,用纯粹的力量撕碎敌人。其他一切呼风唤雨、掌控雷霆风暴之类的龙族天赋,敖白施展起来还不如普通有天赋的纯血古龙,一如刚刚的数千条水龙被白发道人随手击破。 Uses the technique law to be disgraceful with it, might as well fiercely attack to fiercely attack directly, the frontage cuts to kill the enemy! 与其施展术法丢人现眼,不如直接猛攻猛打,正面将敌人斩杀! A Long recited the earthshaking, billowing white airing from Ao Bai the mouth blowout, changed into naked eye obvious white sonic booms to be grand to the emperor and white hair Daoist rumbled. The emperor grasps [gold/metal] to retrocede grand distressedly, slightly not with the meaning that the emperor fights grand. He behind several Daoist snatched, the emperor will protect grand in center. 一声龙吟惊天动地,滚滚白色气爆从敖白嘴里喷出,化为一圈圈肉眼可见的白色爆音向帝勖和白发道人轰了下去。帝勖手持金戈狼狈后退,丝毫没有和帝勖交手的意思。他身后有十几名道人抢了出来,将帝勖护在了正中。 White hair Daoist does not draw back instead enters, his left hand five fingers open, all colors god only shoots up to the sky, palm one like mountain, numerous to Ao Baipai. Thump thump a series of explosion acoustic shocks must the earth shook and heavens spun shook, airings were broken, the white hair Daoist long hair must wave steadily carelessly, careful sending must rip open the air, sends out incisive sounding. 白发道人不退反进,他左手五指张开,五彩神光冲天而起,手掌一如大山,重重的向敖白拍了下来。‘咚咚咚咚’一连串爆炸声震得天摇地动,一圈圈气爆被破开,白发道人长发长须胡乱舞动,细细的发须撕开空气,发出尖锐的鸣叫。 Buzz a sound, in the haughty bare the long handle sledgehammer brought together the black hurricane bang on the left hand of white hair Daoist. ‘嗡’的一声响,敖白手中长柄大锤带起一道黑色狂飙轰在了白发道人的左手上。 The hill shape light tremor of white hair Daoist left hand five fingers fingertip, the cheek turned into the scarlet red suddenly. Ka sound is lingering on faintly, sledgehammer with the position of white hair Daoist palm contact, spider web same black fissures to spreads unceasingly in all directions. 白发道人左手五指指尖的山形光影一阵颤动,面皮骤然变成了赤红色。‘咔咔’声不绝于耳,大锤和白发道人手掌接触的位置附近,一条条蜘蛛网一样的黑色裂痕不断向四面八方扩散开去。 The haughty this hammer had kept off with the palm by white hair Daoist in vain stiffly, two great strength hit in together, will tear actually void. 敖白这一锤被白发道人硬生生用手掌挡了下来,两股巨力撞击在一起,硬是将虚空撕裂。 Black space fissure spread several thousand zhang (3.33 m) far to all around, all of emperor grand temporary palace defended Restriction to be ripped open by the fissure along the way, in the emperor grand temporary palace base of defended big to be destroyed innumerably, everywhere was the flames, the fierce explosive sound raised the innumerable bricks beam columns, the waiter and maidservant of troop troop has exuded the sad and shrill weeping and wailing sound, was exploded at the bang the sky. 黑色的空间裂痕向四周扩散开了数千丈远,沿途帝勖行宫的一切防御禁制被裂痕撕开,帝勖的行宫基座中无数防御大阵被破坏,到处都是火光,剧烈的爆炸声掀起了无数的砖瓦梁柱,大群大群的侍者、侍女发出凄厉的哭喊声,被爆炸轰上了天空。 Um?” Ao Bai looks at white hair Daoist with amazement: „Can you block my 30% strength? Good, good, what you practice is which gate quenches the body magic arts?” “嗯?”敖白骇然看着白发道人:“你能挡住吾三成力?不错,不错,你修炼的是哪门淬体道法?” White hair Daoist deep and deep inspiration, his fair skin next deep green such as the multi-colored sunlight of jade flashes past, his body turned into a green quartz suddenly, glittering and translucent carving, can see his skeleton and internal organs by his body. Pure mellow, is full of the life strength the aura to proliferate unceasingly from his within the body, changes into one light to cover the whole body. 白发道人深深、深深的吸了一口气,他白皙的皮肤下一层碧绿如玉的霞光一闪而过,他的身体骤然变成了一块绿色的水晶,晶莹剔透、可以透过他的皮肉看到他的骨骼和内脏。一股纯正醇厚、充满生命力量的气息不断从他体内扩散开来,化为一层光幢笼罩全身。 Bodhi body of the emperor?” Ao Bai has smiled fiercely: Good, good, good, found your root foot to be good, wooden Daoist disciple? Hey, doesn't wooden Daoist this want to fool around together in the Pangu world? Even if he has built sage, has provoked my Long Clan “菩提圣体?”敖白龇牙咧嘴的笑了起来:“好,好,好,找到了你的根脚就好,木道人的门人?嘿嘿,木道人这是不想在盘古世界厮混了吧?就算他修成了‘圣人’,招惹了我龙族” White hair Daoist has a gloomy meaning to let somebody cool off or calm down says with a smile: Little talks big, how can you wooden ancestor? Has provoked your Long Clan, is it possible that wooden ancestor couldn't have mixed in the Pangu world? This saying, do you believe? Only if Zulong is also alive, can the bastard that your this crowds throw over scale belt Armor, how the wooden ancestor and colored ancestor? Can how us?” 白发道人带着一丝阴森之意冷冷笑道:“少说大话,你能将木祖如何?招惹了你龙族,莫非木祖就还在盘古世界混不下去了?这话,你信么?除非祖龙还在世,就你们这群披鳞带甲的畜生,能奈何得了木祖、花祖?能奈何得了我们?” Had been broken the thread of conversation by white hair Daoist, Ao Bai a face ugliness. 被白发道人打断了话头,敖白的面孔一阵难看。 He wants to boast that several boasts, stiffly was actually ripped open the cheek. 他想要吹嘘几句大话,却硬生生被撕开了面皮。 Indeed, the present dragon clan was not the past dragon clan, Zulong was alive, Long Zucai ran amuck three nobody to dare to provoke truly. At that time wooden Daoist, spent Daoist not to prove saying that including disciple disciples few, Zulong actually took advantage is inheriting from the tyrannical mortal body of Pangu sage, by * the strength can purely the crush sun! 的确,现在的龙族不是当年的龙族了,祖龙在世的时候,龙族才是真正的横行三界无人胆敢招惹。那时候木道人、花道人都还没有证道,连门人弟子都没有几个,祖龙却依仗着继承自盘古圣人的强横肉身,单纯以*力量就能碾压天道! That time dragon clan, nobody move could stir up. 那时候的龙族,没人招惹得起。 After Zulong disappears, ninth haughty waiting in vain dragon child one group of Long Zilong grandsons, once was domineering and tyrannical for a long time, when wooden Daoist, spent Daoist to prove sage, their hangers-on can the disciple be getting more and more greatly, Long Clan the meteorology was one day was inferior that and one generation were inferior to one generation on the 1st. 祖龙消失之后,敖白等龙之九子连带着一群龙子龙孙,也曾经横行霸道许久,但是等到木道人、花道人证了‘圣人’,他们门下的大能弟子越来越多,龙族的气象就是一日不如一日、一代不如一代。 To the present, once the dragon clan that heaven did not pay attention, unexpectedly must resurrect Ao Bai, to seek the position of God to rally the momentum. Do those images and scenes, feel sad? When compared with Zulong is alive the dragon clan, the present dragon clan was really too weak. 到了如今,曾经连天庭都不放在眼里的龙族,居然要复活敖白、博取天帝之位以重振声势。此情此景,情何以堪?和祖龙在世时的龙族相比,如今的龙族真是太虚弱了。 You, damn!” The people are concerned about face, the tree wants the skin, the dragon clan disposition is stubborn proud, white hair Daoist poked the haughty white heart scabs stiffly, he roars is agitating the whole body strength, strength more than enough will have displayed, used to wield the sledgehammer to pound to white hair Daoist fully. “你,该死!”人要脸,树要皮,龙族性格最是桀骜骄傲,白发道人硬生生戳了敖白心头的伤疤,他怒吼着鼓动全身力量,将十成十的力道发挥了出来,倾尽全力挥动大锤向白发道人砸了下去。 A hammer hammer, a hammer is then linking a hammer, a hammer suppressed a hammer, Ao Bai the sledgehammer brings a astral wind, the emperor grand temporary palace of the peripheral dozens mountains will be shaking the dust directly. Several Daoist protected the emperor to escape grand far away, only had white hair Daoist not to dread and haughty was locked in a stalemate in vain directly. 一锤接着一锤,一锤连着一锤,一锤狠过一锤,敖白的大锤带起了道道罡风,直接将帝勖的行宫连带着周边的数十座大山震成了灰尘。十几个道人护着帝勖遁出了老远,唯有白发道人毫不畏惧的和敖白正面相持。 The left hand five hill empty shades swung the five colors god, stiffly have only blocked the haughty white most offensive. White hair Daoist whole body green light surges, the bodhi that wooden Daoist is in direct line does not extinguish the body of the emperor light rosy cloud to surge, shouldered Ao Bai the crazy attack stiffly. 左手五座小山虚影荡起五色神光,硬生生挡住了敖白大半的攻势。白发道人浑身绿光涌动,木道人嫡传的菩提不灭圣体光霞涌动,硬生生扛住了敖白的疯狂攻击。 Has faintly slightly crashes to transmit, on Ji Hao distant seeing white hair Daoist splits the extremely thin fissure unceasingly, obviously Ao Bai the attack exceeds the limit that he withstood, after he hard anti- haughty white 300 hammers, his body has been in the brink of collapse. 隐隐有细微的碎裂声传来,姬昊远远的看到白发道人身上不断裂开极细的裂痕,显然敖白的攻击超过了他承受的极限,他硬抗了敖白300锤后,他的身体已经处于崩溃的边缘。 However a white hair Daoist long and loud cry, his within the body fist size gentle such as the blue lotus flower of jade departs, just likes the sapphire carves the blue lotus flower that spouts one piece cool, cold the blue light to protect his whole body, saw that Ao Bai disrupts to pound randomly, the body of Daoist slightly shivers, but the complexion was better. 但是白发道人一声长啸,他体内一朵拳头大小温婉如玉的蓝色莲花飞出,犹如蓝宝石雕成的蓝色莲花喷出一片凉飕飕、冷兮兮的蓝光护住他全身,就看到敖白一通乱打乱砸,道人的身体只是微微颤抖,但是脸色却好了许多。 The Ji Hao god knowledge has swept, discovery this blue color lotus flower at least helped white hair Daoist block on the haughty white sledgehammer 90% strengths. Remaining 10% strengths no doubt as before heavy fearful, but white hair Daoist takes advantage of five colors Divine Mountain of left hand, takes advantage of the bodhi body of the emperor, has been able to bear the impact of this strength with ease. 姬昊神识扫过,就发现这朵蓝色莲花起码帮白发道人挡住了敖白大锤上九成的力道。剩下的一成力道固然依旧沉重可怕,但是白发道人依仗左手的五色神山,依仗菩提圣体,已经能轻松承受这点力量的冲击。 This poor monk said that bi xie, this is not your dragon clan this matter of mixing! Leave heaven to treat honestly, do not look for trouble to your Long Clan!” White hair Daoist saw that this blue lotus flower has blocked the haughty white storm attack brashly, he immediately becomes even more cocky, in the expression were more for several points not to be impolite: You do not understand, you are opposing with whom!” “贫道说了,赑屃,这不是你们龙族该掺和的事情!滚回天庭老老实实待着,不要给你们龙族招灾惹祸!”白发道人眼看这朵蓝莲花挡住了敖白暴风骤雨般的攻击,他顿时变得越发神气活现,语气中更多了几分不客气:“你们根本不懂,你们在和谁作对!” Isn't wooden Daoist, spends Daoist?” Ao Bai the mouth is spurting thick smoke raging fire, innumerable lightning windings on him, he wields the sledgehammer, while draws support from the God the status, has inspired the prestige of world. A fearful pressure drops from the clouds, just likes a mountain crush on entire Pu Ban. “不就是木道人、花道人?”敖白嘴里喷着浓烟烈火,无数条闪电缠绕在他身上,他一边挥动大锤,一边借助天帝的身份,引动了天地之威。一股可怕的威压从天而降,犹如一座大山碾压在整个蒲阪上。 ‚’, Big Pu Banhuang shaking, a surrounding area trillion li (0.5km) plain was pressed stiffly has undercut several feet. ‘咔嚓’一声,偌大的蒲阪晃了晃,方圆亿万里的平原硬生生被压得下陷了数丈。 Dragon clan soldiers, slaughter light emperor grand clansman!” Ao Bai looks fierce, gives orders to dragon clan Warrior that behind pursues. “龙族儿郎们,屠光帝勖族人!”敖白龇牙咧嘴的,向身后追来的龙族战士发号施令。 The world pressure bound white hair Daoist stubbornly, a blue lotus flower ray pasted, is actually not able to shake the restraint from world situation.( To be continued.) 天地威压死死裹住了白发道人,蓝莲花一阵光芒流转,却无法撼动来自天地大势的约束。(未完待续。)
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