TME :: Volume #18

#1780: The emperor grand energy of

Looks at Ao Bai infuriated running out heaven, doing several things at the same time of Ji Hao hesitant the flash, transfers with having together the time to standing erect from the household god palace garden in held Sangmu to fly. 看着敖白火冒三丈的冲出天庭,姬昊的分身犹豫了一瞬间,转身带起一道流光向矗立在自家神宫庭院中的扶桑木飞了过去。 Float before holding Sangmu, a wisp of god read to pass on, held Sangmu several gigantic main branches to shake shaking, to him not worthy of mentioning small branch silent uneven root fell off, before the branch that several feet the flame four shot thick or thin and all over the body has flown doing several things at the same time of Ji Hao, blasted out innumerable Mars to read the Ji Hao god instantaneously does several things at the same time to wrap. 悬浮在扶桑木前,一缕神念传了过去,扶桑木几条硕大的主枝桠晃了晃,一条对他而言微不足道的‘小树枝’无声的齐根脱落,足足有十几丈粗细、通体火光四射的枝条飞到了姬昊的分身前,瞬间炸开成无数火星将姬昊的神念分身包裹在内。 The big flame shoots up to the sky, the Ji Hao god read does several things at the same time with the aid of holding a branch condensation forming of Sangmu, compared with just that lacking the strength to truss up a chicken a god read doing several things at the same time was formidable surely has actually continued. 大片火光冲天而起,姬昊神念分身借助扶桑木的一条树枝凝聚成形,比起刚刚那‘手无缚鸡之力’的一点神念所化的分身却是强大了千万倍不止。 With a smile to holding Sangmu held the fist in the other hand a ritual, Ji Hao vertical Golden Light has flushed away to heaven good together. 笑着向扶桑木抱拳行了一礼,姬昊纵起一道金光天庭外冲去。 Departed not far, holds the Sangmu low and deep voice to resound in the Ji Hao ear suddenly: Perhaps must be careful. Just matter, I also saw. The Buddhist musical instrument that Daoist gets rid to use, as if had I in the past seen? Has actually forgotten the origin.” 飞出了没多远,扶桑木低沉的声音突然在姬昊耳边响起:“或许要当心些。刚刚的事情,吾也看见了。那道人出手使用的法器,似乎吾当年见过?却是忘了来历。” Ji Hao suddenly startled, subconscious turning head to holding Sangmu looked at one. Can be held Sangmu to hang in heart, can make him open the mouth to remind own thing desirably, decides however is the person and matter of no small matter. Moreover Ji Hao listens faintly, held Sangmu as if not to forget that origin. What person has or the matter, can make this primordial chaos spirit root have dread? 姬昊骤然一惊,下意识的回头向扶桑木望了一眼。能够被扶桑木挂在心头,能够让他刻意开口提醒自己的东西,定然是非同小可的人和事情。而且姬昊隐隐听出,扶桑木似乎并不是忘了那来历。有什么人或者事情,是能够让这条鸿蒙灵根都有所忌惮的? Because holds the Voice of Sangmu to raise, sits cross-legged builds up state of mind void innumerable state of mind fragment Ji Hao to lift the hand in the god palace suddenly, the Pangu clock sends out low and deep thundering, changes into wipes the miraculous glow to depart suddenly, submerged in own doing several things at the same time rapidly. 就因为扶桑木的这一声提点,盘坐在神宫中炼化神魂虚空中无数神魂碎片的姬昊突然一抬手,盘古钟发出一声低沉的轰鸣,化为一抹灵光骤然飞出,迅速没入了自己的分身中。 Ji Hao does several things at the same time to nod, stimulating the strength of Pangu clock to protect the whole body, the body vanishes in a flash without a trace. In Ji Hao behind, Man Man does not give a thought to greeting of Shaosi, is carrying two handle sledgehammers, will be leading the god soldier gods of several hundred Zhu Rong, rides wings hot horse that one crowd of full mouth Mars will be shooting off the mouth, fire mixed ran out of the heaven front door. 姬昊分身点了点头,激发盘古钟之力护住全身,身体一晃就消失得无影无踪。在姬昊身后,蛮蛮不顾少司的招呼,拎着两柄大锤,带着数百名祝融氏的神兵神将,骑着一群满口火星乱喷的双翼火马,火杂杂的冲出了天庭大门。 Ao Bai worthily is Zulong nine child one, has not measures the magical powers, Ji Hao does several things at the same time to run out of heaven shortly, Ao Bai controlled everywhere dark cloud to arrive at sky over Pu Ban. Long Yin shoots up to the sky, Ao Bai the right hand to under one finger, Pu Ban peripheral dozens river turbid waves tumbles suddenly, several thousand water columns are twisting shooting up to the sky, changes into several thousand white and shiny water dragon everywhere to dance in the air instantaneously. 敖白不愧是祖龙九子之一,拥有莫测神通,姬昊分身冲出天庭没多久,敖白驾驭着漫天乌云已经来到了蒲阪上空。一声龙吟冲天而起,敖白右手向下方一指,蒲阪周边的数十条大河骤然浊浪翻滚,数千条水柱扭曲着冲天而起,瞬间化为数千条白花花的水龙漫天飞舞。 „Does Gongsun grand young child, how dare you kill my dragon clan numerous soldiers?” Put the blame on dying in battle of all dragon clan Warrior the emperor is grand, Ao Bai bellowed, both hands Qi Qi presses to below, several thousand reached the hundred zhang (333m) the water dragon to exude the low and deep bellow thickly, just liked the Milky Way avalanche howls to pound to the emperor grand temporary palace generally. “公孙勖小儿,你焉敢杀我龙族众多儿郎?”将所有龙族战士的战死都归咎于帝勖,敖白大吼一声,双手齐齐向下一按,数千条粗达百丈的水龙发出低沉的轰鸣声,犹如天河崩塌一般呼啸着向帝勖的行宫砸了下去。 Ao Bai is Zulong nine child bi xie, the strength is most tyrannical, his imperial water magical powers are not exquisite, instead is very rough. However his all magical powers have an excellent characteristics strength to be greatly peerless, prestige to be infinite. 敖白是祖龙九子之一的赑屃,力量最为强横,他的御水神通并不精妙,反而粗糙得很。但是他的所有神通都有一个绝妙的特点力大绝伦、威能无穷。 Ordinary water dragon impact displays from haughty bare, that imposing manner really astonishing incomparable, since several thousand water dragons have from the ground far away are away from, surge the astral wind to shake the defense Restriction vacillation of emperor grand temporary palace, the single layer heavy defense tie unceasingly brightly, in sad mighty waves howling sound, since stratification just shone on the unceasing collapse disruption, changes into the innumerable fluttering fireflies to scatter with the wind. 普普通通的水龙冲击从敖白手中施展出来,那气势真个惊人无比,数千条水龙距离地面还有老远距离,激荡起的罡风已经震得帝勖行宫的防御禁制一阵动摇,一重重防御结界不断亮起,在沉闷的波涛呼啸声中,一层层结界刚刚亮起就不断崩溃碎裂,化为无数流萤随风飘散。 The emperor grand temporary palace of establishes, in reaches as high as on the White jade pedestal base of hundred zhang (333m), along with the imminentness of water dragon, on the White jade pedestal base defends Restriction to collapse, builds White jade of pedestal base to rupture unceasingly, the innumerable every large or small broken jade flew randomly, hit to splash innumerable Mars on the wall and beam column of temporary palace, made the grating sound. 帝勖的行宫建立在一座高达百丈的白玉基台上,随着水龙的迫近,白玉基台上一道道防御禁制崩溃,垒成基台的白玉不断爆裂,无数大大小小的碎玉乱飞,打在了行宫的墙壁、梁柱上溅起了无数的火星,发出刺耳的声响。 The war skirt that the emperor grand wear pheasant feather forms, grasps [gold/metal] to stand on the flat roof of temporary palace, looking fierce looks drops from the clouds haughty white Jie Jie smiles strangely. He did not have fear of least bit, in the manner manner instead to be full of the color of provocation. 帝勖穿着野鸡羽毛编成的战裙,手持金戈站在行宫的露台上,龇牙咧嘴的看着从天而降的敖白‘桀桀’怪笑。他丝毫没有半点儿的畏惧,举止神态中反而充满了挑衅之色。 Is bringing the color of boundless wildly arrogant and wreaking havoc, in the emperor grand hand [gold/metal] wicked to haughty lemon spot in the past: bi xie? The hearsay you are Zulong nine child one, old ghost who already died, did you mix the God throne? Hey, heard that your length of body is different from the mossback, I must dig your tortoise shell to make the bed today!” 带着无边的骄狂和肆虐之色,帝勖手中金戈恶狠狠的向敖白点了过去:“赑屃?传闻你是祖龙九子之一,早已陨落的老鬼,你怎么混上了天帝的宝座?嘿嘿,听说你的本体长得和老乌龟没什么两样,吾今日要挖了你的龟壳做床榻!” Ao Baidai dull, emperor knows grand his main body is ninth child bi xie dragon? He knows were one already died, depends upon the talent treasure that the dragon clan hid away to condense the mortal body? 敖白呆了呆,帝勖怎么知道他的本体是龙之九子之一的赑屃?他怎么知道自己是早已陨落,依靠龙族秘藏的天才地宝才重新凝聚了肉身? …… …… bi is xie the turtle? 赑屃是乌龟么? Although the contour is a little slightly similar, but on bi xie carapace dense and numerous crustifications is Long Lin, isn't the entire tortoise shell of turtle is at all good? It is not right, is not right, isn't the key of matter here emperor dares to curse his Ao Bai grand unexpectedly is the big turtle? Unexpectedly said that can take his carapace to make the bed? 虽然外形略微有点相似,但是赑屃的甲壳上密密麻麻镶嵌的都是龙鳞,根本不是乌龟的一整块儿龟壳好不好?不对,不对,事情的关键不在于这里帝勖居然敢咒骂他敖白是大乌龟?居然说要取了他的甲壳去做床榻? Boy damn!” Roars haughtily in vain, whole body Magic Power like the mountain, Magic Power that rushes fierce pours into several thousand water dragons unceasingly, even more makes the water dragon the heavy congealing reality, must impact in the emperor grand temporary palace of shortly. “小子该死!”敖白怒吼,周身法力如山,凶猛澎湃的法力不断注入数千条水龙中,越发让水龙变得沉重凝实,眼看着就要冲击到帝勖的行宫上。 Trivial dragonet, big anger!” An at a moderate pace sound behind conveys from emperor grand, a white blanch must, appearance dark blue ancient Daoist behind walk from the emperor grand. Daoist seems like leisurely swung to walk, his left hand five fingers that suspended opened, on each finger the small mountain peak empty shade was partly visible, separately presented five types of color mountain peak blowout five colors light tides, has gone against to the water dragon that the sky descended suddenly maliciously. “区区小龙尔,好大的火气!”一个不紧不慢的声音从帝勖身后传来,一名白发白须、容貌沧古的道人从帝勖身后走了出来。道人看似慢条斯理的一摇一摆的走了出来,他左手五指张开,每个指头上都有一座小小的山峰虚影若隐若现,分别呈现五种色彩的山峰喷出五色光潮,骤然向天空降落的水龙狠狠顶了上来。 A bang, all colors light tides and several thousand water dragons hit together. 一声巨响,五彩光潮和数千条水龙撞击在一起。 Ao Bai the body in a flash, looks to disintegrate to change into everywhere heavy rain landing slightly with amazement the water dragon. 敖白的身体微微一晃,骇然看着土崩瓦解化为漫天大雨降落的水龙。 The mountain peak on Daoist left hand five fingers does not know that is the magic weapon or the magical powers, the strength that all colors only tide contains is broad, strikes gently thoroughly routs under Ao Baihong water dragon. 道人左手五指上的山峰也不知道是法宝还是神通,五彩光潮蕴藏的力量恢弘难当,轻轻一击就将敖白轰下的水龙彻底击溃。 Ao Bai water dragon, although is not profound mysterious Magic, however the might of water dragon holds truly fiercely in his great strength in addition, several thousand water dragon overheads pound down, is a ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain also meets to be flushed the smashing instantaneously. 敖白的水龙冲虽然不是什么高深玄妙的法术,但是水龙的威力在他的巨力加持下确实厉害,数千条水龙当头砸下,就是一座万丈高山也会瞬间被冲成粉碎。 White hair Daoist so with ease melted this has struck, his magical skill and Magic Power cancould be underestimated. 白发道人如此轻松的化解了他这一击,他的道行、法力都不容小觑。 Emperor is grand, is this your energy? Your taking advantage? You depend this white hair young child, dares with my dragon clan mutual hatred?” Presses down the cloud top haughtily in vain, float sky over temporary palace, wicked stares at the emperor to be grand: „The ancestor shaft Yellow Emperor of Gongsun, he does not dare to get angry with my Long Clan, you are taking advantage of this white hair young child, including matter that your ancestor does not dare to handle, do you dare to do?” “帝勖,这就是你的底气?你的依仗?你就仗着这白发小儿,敢和我龙族交恶?”敖白按下云头,悬浮在行宫上空,恶狠狠的盯着帝勖:“就算你公孙氏的老祖宗轩辕黄帝,他也不敢和我龙族翻脸,你就依仗着这白发小儿,连你祖宗不敢做的事情,你都敢做?” The emperor is grand hey smiles strangely, contemptuously has swept Ao Bai one eyes. 帝勖‘嘿嘿’怪笑,轻蔑的扫了敖白一眼。 White hair Daoist superficial saying with a smile: „The haughty white Great Emperor, our well water not interfering with river water, you goes to heaven to make your God is, good that this world matter, do not manage, otherwise was hit the words that is frightened out of one's wits, regret also on evening.” 白发道人轻描淡写的笑道:“敖白大帝,咱们井水不犯河水,你去天庭做你的天帝就是,这人间事,你还是不要管的好,否则被打得魂飞魄散的话,后悔也就晚了。” Listened to the white hair Daoist words, Ao Bai the face climate must become dark.( To be continued.) 听了白发道人的话,敖白的脸顿时气得发黑。(未完待续。)
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