TGR :: Volume #14

#1395: The strength of Heavenly Sovereign

Chapter 1385 第1385章 Above the sky, chaos light diverges, young silhouette flies high to stand together, his clothes robe flutters with the wind, the face on outstanding ability, has the jade light to linger, jet black both eyes profound like starry sky, making person only look that is indulges the mind of not being able to bear, difficult extricates oneself. 天空之上,混沌之光散去,一道年轻身影凌空而立,他衣袍随风飘动,俊逸的面庞上,有着玉光萦绕,漆黑双目深邃如星空,让得人只是看去便是忍不住的将心神沉溺在其中,难以自拔。 Bai Susu, White Dragon Sovereign and the others vision, when Mu Chen comes was stopping that to wink did not wink on his body, again then, they were the clear feeling on this time Mu Chen that different feeling. 白素素,白龙至尊等人的目光,在牧尘一现身的时候便是眨也不眨的停在了他的身上,再然后,他们便是清晰的感觉到了此时牧尘身上的那种不同之感。 Past Mu Chen, within the body Spiritual Energy was vast, even if has not revolved, but was sending out the fearful Spiritual Energy pressure as before, making people feel the oppression. 以往的牧尘,体内灵力浩瀚磅礴,即便是未曾运转,但依旧是散发着可怕的灵力威压,让得人感到压迫。 But this time Mu Chen, did not have that constriction again, his be with smile on the face being built on upper air, if induced the past, as if at this time Spiritual Energy of his within the body dissipated all same, did not have the tiny bit Spiritual Energy fluctuation unexpectedly. 但此时的牧尘,却是再没了那种压迫感,他面带微笑的立于高空,若是感应过去,仿佛此时他体内的灵力尽数的消散了一般,竟是没有一丝一毫的灵力波动。 Moreover, although naked eye able sees Mu Chen to stand there, but in Bai Susu their sensations, there void faintly recognizable, absolutely does not have any aura to exist. 而且,虽然肉眼能够看见牧尘就站在那里,但在白素素他们的感知中,那里的虚空一片飘渺,根本就没有任何的气息存在。 How therefore they at this time launch again the wild offensive to the direction that Mu Chen is, perhaps cannot contaminate the Mu Chen piece corner/horn clothing... 所以就算他们此时对着牧尘所在的方向发动再如何狂暴的攻势,恐怕都是沾染不到牧尘片角衣衫... The look that Bai Susu and White Dragon Sovereign their look at each other in shock, then shocks then climbs up their face, they do not certainly think that this time Mu Chen diverged whole body Spiritual Energy, their unable induced to existence of Mu Chen, only then a reason, that was disparity between they and Mu Chen, went to the situation that unable surmounted. 白素素白龙至尊他们面面相觑,然后震撼的神色便是攀爬上了他们的脸庞,他们当然不会以为此时的牧尘真的散去了浑身的灵力,他们无法感应到牧尘的存在,那只有一个原因,那就是他们与牧尘之间的差距,已经达到了一个无法跨越的地步。 But this has a reason... That was Mu Chen has succeeded bridged over a day of barrier, has stepped into Heavenly Sovereign realm! 而这只有一个原因...那就是牧尘已经成功了跨过了天障,踏入了天至尊境界 Sir... Really success?” “大人...真的成功了?” Bai Susu muttered, in beautiful eyes shocked completely, although she regarding so-called Heavenly Sovereign Stage extreme unfamiliar, but from the disparity between Blood Demon Emperor and Blood Demon King, actually was able knows these two realm to have the huge gap. 白素素喃喃道,美目中满是震撼,虽然她对于所谓的天至尊境极为的陌生,但从血魔皇血魔王之间的差距来看,便是能够知晓这两个境界究竟拥有着何等巨大的鸿沟。 She has been believing Mu Chen, actually the majority of reasons, are because she did not have other choices, Mu Chen is her final that says Hopefully, for does not enable oneself to arrive at the collapse desperately, she only has that said that Hopefully gripping stubbornly, then compels to believe that said Hopefully able saves them truly. 她会一直的相信着牧尘,其实大部分的原因,是因为她已经没有了其他的选择,牧尘是她最后的那道希望,所以为了不使自身绝望到崩溃,她唯有将那道希望死死的握住,然后逼得自己相信,那道希望能够真正的拯救他们。 In the reason of only, in suppressing, perhaps Bai Susu also breaks through to Mu Chen to Heavenly Sovereign has not been holding too big Hopefully..., therefore, when they in seeing this time Mu Chen, just now will shock in the extreme. 只是,在压制下来的理智中,恐怕白素素也对牧尘突破到天至尊没有抱着太大的希望...所以,当他们在见到此时的牧尘时,方才会震撼得无以复加。 When indeed having god-given wisdom...” White Dragon Sovereign also deeply sighed in this time, as to the person of Great Thousand World extremely understanding, actually his very clear Mu Chen this grade of achievement was the what kind astonishment, so talent, when indeed peerless posture. “当真是天纵之才...”白龙至尊也是在此时深深一叹,作为对大千世界极为了解的人,他非常清楚牧尘这等成就究竟是何等的惊人,如此天赋,当真是绝世之姿。 Meanwhile in his heart is also incomparable rejoicing, who can think, the friendly reason that in the past that had, unexpectedly real able completes his wish... 同时他心中也是无比的庆幸,谁能想到,当年那无意间结下的善缘,竟然真的能够将他的心愿完成... But in Bai Susu and the others because of the success of Mu Chen when shock, that Blood Demon Emperor is complexion piece of gloomy, the color of teasing originally that occupies a commanding position, in this time already all dissipation. 而在白素素等人因为牧尘的成功而震撼时,那血魔皇则是面色一片阴沉,原本那居高临下的戏谑之色,在此时早已尽数的消散。 When because Mu Chen steps into since Heavenly Sovereign that moment, Blood Demon Emperor knows that his originally that to crush superiority, will be nothing left. 因为当牧尘踏入天至尊的那一刻起,血魔皇就知道,他原本的那种碾压优势,将会荡然无存。 Damn, the one had only known, should not keep the hand before!” “该死,早知如此,之前就不该留手!” In Blood Demon Emperor heart incomparable regret, before and Mu Chen fought, his although has not been forgiving, but same has not actually used extreme the method, otherwise, depending on strength of this Demon Emperor level, no matter the Mu Chen method were many, perhaps asks for less than the advantage of least bit. 血魔皇心中无比的后悔,之前与牧尘交手,他虽然没有留情,但却同样没有将手段施展到极致,不然的话,凭他这魔帝级的实力,不管牧尘手段再多,恐怕都是讨不到半点的好处。 Say nothing, but can also surround him, strove for the most essential breakthrough opportunity for him. 更不用说,还能将他困住,为他争取到了最为关键的突破时机。 Now regretted that does not have many functions.” Mu Chen looks at the Blood Demon Emperor that gloomy look, is knows in his heart to think that immediately smiles, said. “现在后悔,可没多少作用。”牧尘瞧得血魔皇阴沉的神色,便是知晓他心中所想,当即一笑,道。 The Blood Demon Emperor corner of the eye twitched, takes a deep breath, under the suppression in the heart turned the mood of welling up, the [say / way] of unemotionally: You step into Heavenly Sovereign, can fight to win this Emperor not necessarily!” 血魔皇眼角抽搐了一下,深吸一口气,压制下心中翻涌的情绪,面无表情的道:“就算你踏入天至尊,也不见得就能斗赢本皇!” Present you, poured indeed had with this Emperor facing the qualifications that the appearance discussed that also so, if you complied, this Emperor may led the clan and tribe, withdrew from this side world.” “不过如今的你,倒的确已经有了与本皇面对面相谈的资格,既如此,若是你答应,本皇可以率领部族,退出这方世界。” Mu Chen hearing this, sprinkles however smiles, said: Your excellency wants to walk now, rather late a point?” 牧尘闻言,洒然一笑,道:“阁下现在才想走,未免晚了一点吧?” Saying, his eyelid was lifting, just liked contain in the universe sky pupil, has the ice-cold color to condense: Moreover you and others causes millions and millions to slaughter in this side world, is it possible that thinks that able like this does consider as finished?” 说着,他眼皮一抬,犹如蕴含着乾坤苍穹般的眸子中,有着冰冷之色凝聚而起:“而且你等在这方世界中造成亿万杀戮,莫非以为能够就这样算了吗?” In the Blood Demon Emperor eye the chill in the air dodges, was on the rise, look ominous offense is staring at Mu Chen: this Emperor only does not want to spell mutually wounded with you, just now regresses, you think really this Emperor had feared you are inadequate?!” 血魔皇眼中寒意一闪,抬起头来,眼神凶戾的盯着牧尘:“本皇只是不想与你拼得两败俱伤,方才退步而已,你真以为本皇怕了你不成?!” Mu Chen looks at he so outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted appearance, lightly is smiling, single-handed knot seal, the whole body space flood the fluctuation, then, black white two silhouette, then slowly go out from that fluctuation space in again. 牧尘望着他这般色厉内荏的模样,淡淡一笑,单手结印,周身空间泛起波动,再然后,一黑一白两道身影,便是自那波动空间中缓缓走出。 Such being the case, that please grant instruction.” “既然如此,那就请赐教了。” Three Mu Chen, look faint looks to Blood Demon Emperor, the space of whole body flood ripples, the ripples spreads, as if entire world vibrated in this time. 三个牧尘,眼神淡漠的看向血魔皇,周身的空间泛起一圈圈的涟漪,涟漪扩散开来,仿佛整个天地都是在此时震动了起来。 White Dragon Sovereign, Bai Susu they have swallowed saliva, good after long time, the former just now holds breath cold air, [say / way] that shocks: how terrifying the technique of Divine Ability.” 白龙至尊,白素素他们咽了一口唾沫,好半晌后,前者方才倒吸一口凉气,震撼的道:“好恐怖神通之术。” Mu Chen that Qi Becomes Three Purities, before, although was also powerful, but has not made people feel that had multi- shocks, but steps into Heavenly Sovereign with him now, again when this technique displayed, just now makes people feel panic-stricken. 牧尘那一气化三清,在之前的时候,虽说也是强悍,但却并没有太让人感到有多震撼,可如今伴随着他踏入天至尊,再将此术施展开来时,方才让人感到惊恐。 Because this technique, once displays, that turned into entire three genuine Heavenly Sovereign! 因为此术一旦施展,那就是变成了整整三位货真价实天至尊 Is looking in the sky three exactly the same Mu Chen, even if Blood Demon Emperor, in the eye was surges has wiped the alarmed and afraid color that could not bear, originally he thinks that the technique of Mu Chen that avatar, can only split up avatar under Heavenly Sovereign merely, but this, shocks at present obviously him. 望着天空上三个一模一样的牧尘,即便是血魔皇,眼中都是忍不住的涌起了一抹惊惧之色,原本他以为牧尘分身之术,仅仅只能分化出天至尊之下的分身,但眼前这一幕,显然是将他震骇到了。 If this must hit, that i.e. he will be facing three Heavenly Sovereign! 这如果要打的话,那就是说他将会面对着三位天至尊 This fight, does not need to think that he also knows, must lose without doubt. 这种战斗,不用想他也知道,必输无疑。 ! 咻! Therefore, this Blood Demon Emperor sleeve robe wields, sees only torrential blood sea immediately baseless and presently, the wreaking havoc world, is taking away as many things as possible to three Mu Chen, but itself, actually directly changes into blood light violently shoots to draw back together. 因此,这血魔皇袖袍一挥,只见得滔滔血海顿时凭空而现,肆虐天地,对着三个牧尘席卷而去,而其本身,却是直接化为一道血光暴射而退。 Looks at this appearance, he planned unexpectedly does not fight to run away. 看这模样,他竟是打算不战而逃。 Mu Chen is looking at without hesitation suddenly retreats Blood Demon Emperor, is the ridicule smiles, he stretches out the palm, is sweeping across torrential blood sea that comes to grasp to that sees only in the world light beam greatly to put, the front space is breaks, just liked has formed the huge mouth, then swallowed that torrential blood sea, tossed into other void. 牧尘望着毫不犹豫暴退血魔皇,则是讥讽一笑,他伸出手掌,对着那席卷而来的滔滔血海一握,只见得天地间光芒大放,前方的空间都是断裂开来,犹如是形成了巨口,一口便将那滔滔血海吞了进去,抛入另外的虚空之中。 But meanwhile, his other palm, is grasping to Blood Demon Emperor of distant place baseless. 而同时,他另外的手掌,对着远处的血魔皇凭空一抓。 Bang! 砰! Sees only that stretch of world, is jumps to break to pieces to open directly, changes into several thousand li (0.5km) huge space black hole, that innumerable debris was changed into a transparent space great hand by an invisible strength, one then grasps that Blood Demon Emperor body. 只见得那片天地,直接是蹦碎而开,化为数万里巨大的空间黑洞,那无数空间碎片被一股无形的力量化为一只透明般的空间巨手,一把便是将那血魔皇身躯抓在其中。 Bang! 轰! Endless blood light shoots up to the sky, the next flash, presently sees only several thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge blood red Demonic Silhouette to congeal, the blast space great hand, treads to empty to run away. 无尽血光冲天而起,下一霎那,只见得一座数万丈庞大的血红魔影凝现而出,震爆空间巨手,踏空而逃。 Rustling! 唰! However, in this time, white robe Mu Chen appears in its place above, the finger flies high under. 不过,就在此时,白袍牧尘出现在其上方,手指凌空点下。 Scoff! 嗤! In the world seems to have the endless astral wind gathering comes, changes into a ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) giant wind column unexpectedly, that wind column just like the essence, falls loudly, maliciously was saying the Demonic Silhouette suppression to Blood Demon Emperor that under. 天地间仿佛是有着无尽罡风汇聚而来,竟是化为一根万丈巨大的风柱,那风柱宛如实质,轰然而落,狠狠的对着血魔皇那道魔影镇压而下。 Blood red Demonic Silhouette look up to the sky roared, demon fist rumbled, a fist then hardly regrets with the wind column that suppressed in the same place. 血红魔影仰天咆哮,魔拳轰出,一拳便是与那镇压下来的风柱硬憾在一起。 Bang! 砰! However in the instance of contact, the wind column diverges suddenly baseless, changes into a millions and millions astral wind, each astral wind passed over gently and swiftly, tears to make a debut a wound that blood red Demonic Silhouette on, caused that blood red Demonic Silhouette exudes the pain howling sound. 不过在接触的瞬间,风柱忽然凭空散去,化为亿万道罡风,每一道罡风掠过,都是将那血红魔影上撕裂出道道伤口,引得那血红魔影发出痛嚎之声。 This time Mu Chen, entered Heavenly Sovereign, each attack, tries to want terrifying compared with it lean forward, therefore before this Blood Demon Emperor wants again such as, like that relaxed, obviously has been unlikely. 此时的牧尘,已入天至尊,每一次的攻击,都远比之前倾尽全力都要恐怖,所以这血魔皇想要再如之前那般轻松,显然已是不太可能。 Rustling! 唰! But when blood red Demonic Silhouette was constrained by white robe Mu Chen, before former body, space distortion , black robe silhouette is treads to empty together, black robe Mu Chen look indifferently, does not have half a word idle talk, sees only its body to erupt Yingying jade light, making this time him seem glittering and translucent carving, even including the whole body flesh and blood, as if changed into white jade in this time. 而就在血红魔影被白袍牧尘拖住的时候,前者身前空间扭曲,一道黑袍身影便是踏空而出,黑袍牧尘眼神漠然,也没有半句废话,只见得其身躯爆发出莹莹玉光,令得此时的他看上去晶莹剔透,甚至连浑身血肉,仿佛都是在此时化为了白玉 This is the body of true Heavenly Sovereign, once activate, able the world mighty force control, in a flash, is the earth-shattering. 这是真正的天至尊之身,一旦催动,举手投足间,都能够将天地伟力掌控,弹指间,便是天崩地裂。 The body of black robe Mu Chen activate Heavenly Sovereign, a palm lays out, seems like light, as if no what power and influence, when but it just wielded, as if front space was disregarded, when a palm falls, then when fell above that blood red Demonic Silhouette chest. 黑袍牧尘催动天至尊之身,一掌拍出,看似轻飘飘的,仿佛没有什么威势,但当其刚刚挥出时,仿佛面前的空间都是被无视,一掌落下时,便时落在了那血红魔影胸膛之上。 Bang! 轰! The palm falls, the world as if fiercely vibrated, then is saw that blood red Demonic Silhouette such as was hit hard, flying upside down, in that miserable howling sound, Demonic Silhouette collapses instantaneously. 手掌落下,天地仿佛是剧烈的震动了起来,然后便是见到那血红魔影如遭重击,倒飞而出,在那惨嚎声中,魔影瞬间崩溃开来。 puchi. 噗嗤 Demonic Silhouette collapses, blood light projects together distressedly, a blood has spurted, impressively is that Blood Demon Emperor true body. 魔影崩溃,一道血光狼狈射出,一口鲜血就喷了出来,赫然便是那血魔皇的真身。 Short one fights, this Blood Demon Emperor thorough falls leeward, does not have the strength of contending. 短短一番交手,这血魔皇彻底的落入下风,毫无抗衡之力。 Three light image drop from the clouds, occupies in his surrounding three positions, sieges him , the faint look glance comes, made Blood Demon Emperor is the whole body flood the chill in the air. 道光影从天而降,占据在他的周围三个方位,将他围困在其中,淡漠的眼神扫视而来,令得血魔皇都是浑身泛起了寒意。 Blood Demon Emperor is looking at Mu Chen that contain the killing intent vision, in the heart will then be knows the today latter to decide however will not let off it, immediately look also gradually will become must the ruthless offense get up. 血魔皇望着牧尘蕴含杀意的目光,心中便是知晓今日后者定然不会将其放过,当即眼神也是渐渐的变得狠戾起来。 You think really you did win?” His gloomy is looking at Mu Chen, the sound is virulent. “你真以为你赢定了吗?”他阴森的望着牧尘,声音恶毒。 Mu Chen both eyes narrow the eyes, fingertip Spiritual Light condenses, actually did not plan that spoke the idle talk with it again, the preparation direct under killer. 牧尘双目微眯,指尖灵光凝聚,却是不打算与其再说废话,准备直接下杀手。 ! 咻! However, in this time, that Blood Demon Emperor bites the tip of tongue, Blood Essence spouts, the direct impact horizon, in Blood Essence, as if has appeared a blood red command symbol, making the symbol blast open, came that void scrap unexpectedly directly... 不过,就在此时,那血魔皇一咬舌尖,一口精血喷出,直冲天际,精血之中,仿佛是现出了一枚血红令符,令符炸裂,竟直接是将那虚空炸碎开来... Demon Summoning Symbol, various demons arrive!” 引魔符,诸魔降临!” Resounds through with the Blood Demon Emperor dreary cold sound, that piece void becomes a darkness, just liked forms one not to know that the space channel to where, in end of that channel, has incomparably evil aura transmission. 伴随着血魔皇森寒声音响彻而起,那片虚空变得一片黑暗,犹如是形成了一道不知道通往何处的空间通道,在那通道的尽头,有着无比邪恶的气息传递而来。 Mu Chen sees that the look is also fierce concentrates. 牧尘见状,眼神也是猛的一凝。 That feeling... end of channel, unexpectedly is the territory of that Foreign Fiends! 那种感觉...通道的尽头,竟然是那域外邪族之域! ... ... ...( To be continued.) ...(未完待续。)
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