TGR :: Volume #14

#1394: North leaves the spirit young, in the present ascends Tianmen

Chapter 1384 第1384章 buzz. 嗡嗡 Chaos upper air, one round quiet black empty, shakes to fall, its shape is faintly recognizable, speed although is not quick, however works as its moment of falling, Mu Chen is dark knows unable to avoid. 混沌高空,一轮幽黑空洞,晃落而下,其形飘渺,速度虽然不快,但是当其落下的那一刻,牧尘便是冥冥中知晓躲避不开。 The feeling of crisis this flash, unable described welled up the Mu Chen heart, this made him understand, if he had the mishap slightly, today could not say that really met to die/to fall in this. 这一霎那,无法形容的危机之感涌上牧尘的心头,这让得他明白,若是他稍有不测,今日说不得就真的会陨落在此。 Therefore, his intention moves, without hesitation arrives at extreme Immortal Golden Body activate, violet gold light beam puts greatly, does not attend to Immortal Golden Body that whole body the crack, mobilizes all strengths all. 因此,他心念一动,毫不犹豫的将不朽金身催动极致,紫金光芒大放,也不顾不朽金身那浑身的裂纹,将其所有力量尽数调动。 Therefore, huge Immortal Golden Lotus appears once again, forms the protection. 于是,一道巨大的不朽金莲再度出现,形成守护。 This is the Mu Chen strongest defensive measure, even if by his present energy, displays very much difficultly one after another twice, because of that consumption, will cause the damage to Immortal Golden Body, but at present is the most critical moment, he naturally cannot keep the hand, otherwise all will vanish into thin air. 这是牧尘最强的防御手段,即便以他如今之能,也很难接连施展两次,因为那种消耗,也将会对不朽金身造成损伤,但眼下已是最为关键时刻,他自然不会有所留手,否则一切都将会化为乌有。 But when Mu Chen activate the strongest defense, that round quiet black empty finally is falling, light falling above that golden lotus. 而就在牧尘催动着最强防御时,那一轮幽黑空洞终是落下,轻飘飘的落在了那金莲之上。 Moves instant, whether there is to perform black light(Hei Guang) suddenly from gushes out, black light(Hei Guang) covers, just contacted that golden lotus, then sees only the golden lotus fiercely to shiver, the next flash, starts at the naked eye obvious speed unexpectedly, rapid annihilation... 碰触的刹那,忽有无尽黑光自其中喷薄而出,黑光笼罩下来,刚刚接触到那金莲,只见得金莲便是剧烈颤抖起来,下一瞬间,竟然开始以肉眼可见的速度,迅速湮灭... That is one type true was changed into void, even including Spiritual Energy, under shining of black light(Hei Guang), baseless dissipation. 那是一种真正的被化为虚无,甚至于连灵力,都是在黑光的照耀下,凭空消散。 Mu Chen most formidable defense, unexpectedly under this black light(Hei Guang) shines, does not have the strength of impediment! 牧尘最为强大的防御,竟然在这黑光照耀下,毫无阻挡之力! Mu Chen mind, shakes in this time fiercely, at this time his fleshly body, has remoulded most probably, his raise one's head is looking at that in the golden lotus that the short dozens rests was corroded to go , nearly death aura, covered on the heart. 牧尘的心神,也是在此时剧烈一震,此时他的肉身,已是重塑了大半,他抬头望着那在短短数十息间就被侵蚀而去的金莲,一种近乎死亡般的气息,笼罩上心头。 If the average man in this time, already were perhaps panic-stricken desperate, but Mu Chen these years have also experienced carving of many life and death, therefore in that pupil although has the fluctuation, but actually not many colors of being frightened. 若是常人在此时,恐怕早已惊骇绝望,但牧尘这些年也经历过不少生死之刻,所以那眼眸中虽然有着波动,但却并没有多少骇惧之色。 His tight pursing the lips lip, not, because that quiet black empty non- may prevent gives up, instead defends strictly the mind, oneself fuses with Immortal Golden Body, resists to the utmost. 他紧抿着嘴唇,并没有因为那幽黑空洞的无可阻挡就放弃,反而是紧守心神,自身与不朽金身相融合,竭力抗拒。 So is ten counts breaths, the golden lotus changes into void thoroughly, but that quiet black empty falls gently once again, this time, points to Immortal Golden Body as well as Mu Chen remoulds to 50% fleshly body. 如此又是十数息过去,金莲彻底化为虚无,而那幽黑空洞再度飘落下来,这一次,直指不朽金身以及牧尘重塑到一半的肉身 Mu Chen raises head, complexion is not happy not sadly, only Immortal Golden Body whole body violet gold light beam is even more powerful clearly, looks from afar that just likes a big buddha, sits in meditation void. 牧尘仰头,面色无喜无悲,只是不朽金身周身紫金光芒愈发强盛圆润,远远看去,犹如一尊大佛,静坐虚空。 The cavity falls, that and other overbearing incomparable black light(Hei Guang), was falls above Immortal Golden Body. 空洞落下,那等霸道无匹的黑光,便是倾洒到了不朽金身之上。 black light(Hei Guang) falls, violet gold light beam is also dimness gradually, finally Immortal Golden Body is started by the forehead, rapid changes into void... 黑光落下,紫金光芒也是渐渐的黯淡,最后不朽金身由头部开始,迅速的化为虚无... Mu Chen is staring at this, both eyes are actually closing slowly, in carving of this grade of destruction, his mind, seemed the thorough Immortal Golden Body fusion in one. 牧尘凝视着这一幕,双目却是缓缓的闭上,在这等毁灭之刻,他的心神,仿佛是彻底的不朽金身融合在了一起。 Wipes clearly becomes aware, raises from heart. 一抹明悟,自心中升起。 black light(Hei Guang) covers, needless moment, Immortal Golden Body then all change void under that black light(Hei Guang), but, Mu Chen that remoulds to 50% fleshly body, under shining of black light(Hei Guang), the dissipation goes. 黑光笼罩,不消片刻,不朽金身便是在那黑光之下尽数的化为虚无,而紧接着,牧尘那重塑到一半的肉身,也是在黑光的照耀下,消散而去。 Therefore, among the chaos, the silhouette thorough dissipation of Mu Chen, as if under that Heavenly Sovereign tribulation, changes into void. 于是,混沌之间,牧尘身影彻底消散,仿佛是在那天尊劫下,化为虚无 But along with the dissipation of Mu Chen, that round quiet black empty is also dissipation slowly in the world. 而随着牧尘的消散,那一轮幽黑空洞也是缓缓的消散于天地间。 Among entire chaos, then belongs to the deathly stillness. 整个混沌间,则是归于死寂。 So the deathly stillness, does not know how long had, resembles for ten years, resembles for hundred years... However no matter the years pass, among this chaos, the time stagnates as before slowly... 这般死寂,不知道存在了多久,似十载,似百载...不过不管岁月流逝,这混沌之间,时间依旧缓慢凝滞... ... ... Outside Blood Demon Mountain. 血魔山外。 Bai Susu they stare at that huge Vajra Pagoda, in the eye are having the disturbed color, although Mu Chen in that chaos seemed cultivation dozens years of years, but here, actually half day. 白素素他们凝视着那座巨大的浮屠塔,眼中有着忐忑之色,虽说牧尘在那混沌之间仿佛是修炼了数十载岁月,可这里,却不过才半日光景。 But even if the half day, is makes Bai Susu they uneasy as before. 但即便是半日,却依旧是让得白素素他们忐忑不安。 Because their able feels that Spiritual Light above that Vajra Pagoda started dimly, perhaps that in other words, how long could not want, that Blood Demon Emperor will get out of trouble. 因为他们能够感觉到,那座浮屠塔之上的灵光已经开始黯淡,那也就是说,恐怕要不了多久,那血魔皇就会脱困而出。 When the time comes if Mu Chen has not returned, they, in Blood Demon Emperor in a flash, will change into the flying ash. 到时候若是牧尘还未归来,他们这些人,也将会在血魔皇弹指间,化为飞灰。 Does not need to worry, we have achieved the last step, is becomes is the defeat, all looks at the day to decide.” White Dragon Sovereign actually appears indifferent, wants to come sees the life and death, moreover he also knows, the matter to this step, how worried again no helps, worried with it in vain that might as well waited for peacefully. “不必着急,我们已经做到了最后一步,是成是败,全看天定。”白龙至尊倒是显得淡然许多,想来是见惯了生死,而且他也是知晓,事情到了这一步,再如何担忧都是于事无补,与其白白担忧,还不如安静等待。 Bai Susu hearing this, was tranquil, her small head molecule, said: Sir will certainly succeed!” 白素素闻言,也是平静了一些,她螓首微点,说道:“大人一定会成功的!” White Dragon Sovereign lightly sighs one, he cultivation in Great Thousand World a long time, naturally very much clearly wanted to promote Heavenly Sovereign is difficult, even if in Great Thousand World these background long Ancient Clan, when wants to accomplish Heavenly Sovereign is difficult, only because of that promotes Heavenly Sovereign, many dying passes, slightly make the mistake, is the flying ash smoke extinguishes. 白龙至尊则是轻叹一声,他在大千世界修炼了很长一段时间,自然是很清楚想要晋升天至尊是何等艰难,即便是大千世界中那些底蕴悠长的古族,想要造就一位天至尊都是困难之极,只因那晋升天至尊时,诸多死关,稍有差错,便是飞灰烟灭。 Therefore, his although thought that Mu Chen indeed is the talent of having god-given wisdom, but whether to break through Heavenly Sovereign, but also indeed unknown number. 所以,他虽然觉得牧尘的确是天纵之才,但能否真的突破到天至尊,还真是未知之数。 ... ... Among the chaos, the years do not know how long pass. 混沌之间,岁月不知流逝多久。 The deathly stillness fills the air, in the chaos has the change to transmit suddenly on the 1st, sees only in that chaos, as if presented violet gold color dust, that dust is initial, but, violet gold light beam rises sharply for a long time suddenly. 死寂弥漫,忽有一日,混沌中有着异动传来,只见得那一片混沌中,似乎是出现了一颗紫金色的尘埃,那尘埃初始微弱,但在许久后,忽然紫金光芒大涨。 light beam spreads, that grain of violet gold dust against the wind rises suddenly, after short ten count breaths, changed into one roughly about thousand zhang (3.33 m) violet gold light cocoon unexpectedly... 光芒蔓延开来,那一粒紫金尘埃则是迎风暴涨,短短十数息后,竟是化为了一道约莫千丈左右的紫金光茧... Above the light cocoon, has as if inscribed fresh the ancient trace in the world, [gold/metal] Wen spreads, is symbolizing the immortal meaning. 光茧之上,仿佛是铭刻了自天地间而生的古老纹路,金纹蔓延,象征着不朽之意。 A violet gold light cocoon formation, is then swallowing up chaos light between world, so after for a long time, resembled has reached some limit, only heard one, on the [gold/metal] cocoon, has the crack to spread. 紫金光茧一形成,便是鲸吞着天地间的混沌之光,如此许久后,似是达到了某种极限,只听得咔嚓一声,金茧上,有着裂纹蔓延出来。 ! 咔嚓咔嚓! The crack one presently was extending that could not stop, quick spreads [gold/metal] Jian each corner, therefore the next quarter, [gold/metal] Jian shook, was explodes to break to pieces. 裂纹一现便是止不住的延伸,很快就蔓延到了金茧的每一个角落,于是下一刻,金茧一震,便是爆碎开来。 millions and millions violet gold light beam violently shoots, is that chaos cannot cover up unexpectedly continually, was shot through by that golden light. 亿万道紫金光芒暴射而出,竟是连那混沌都是遮掩不住,被那金光射穿而出。 Among chaos, aura condensation that then described in this time unable suddenly, under the forming of that aura, even if were that chaos light is retreats layer upon layer, as if not dare to contaminate. 混沌之间,则是在此时忽有一股无法形容的气息凝聚而成,在那股气息的成形下,即便是那混沌之光都是层层的退去,仿佛不敢沾染。 The line of sight gathering goes, sees only among that endless violet gold light beam, seemed to be that the person's shadow is together partly visible, after counting breaths, the person's shadow is becomes clear. 视线汇聚而去,只见那无尽紫金光芒间,似有一道人影若隐若现,数息后,人影便是变得清晰起来。 Sees only that place, has the body slender youth to cross the hands behind the back to stand, the profound robe big sleeve, whole body violet gold light beam lingers, these light beam each time glittering, will cause the world to shake, turbulent times. 只见那处,有着身躯修长的青年负手而立,玄袍大袖,周身紫金光芒萦绕,那些光芒每一次的闪烁,都将会引得天地震荡,风起云涌 But stands in the light of violet gold, naturally is Mu Chen, both eyes that his shuts tightly, in this time opening slowly, in jet black both eyes, seems contain universe sky, profound incomparable, during the only vision glances, becomes makes void merely turbulently. 而站立于紫金之光中的,自然便是牧尘,他那紧闭的双目,也是在此时缓缓的睁开,漆黑双目中,仿佛是蕴含着乾坤苍穹,深邃无比,仅仅只是目光扫视之间,变得令得虚空动荡。 He lowers the head slightly, is looking at own this fleshly body, sees only fleshly body presents the jade light, that is one type true not filthy stainless, purely to extreme , because of this time this fleshly body, is the flesh and blood and Spiritual Energy melts thoroughly. 他微微低头,望着自身这具肉身,只见肉身呈现玉光,那是一种真正的无秽无垢,纯净到了极致,因为此时这具肉身,已是血肉与灵力彻底相融。 Even if from now henceforth, his fleshly body was destroyed by forcibly, so long as in the world Spiritual Energy remains, under he is able reads, models fleshly body again, when indeed just like Unkillable and In-extinguishable. 从今以后,即便他的肉身硬生生摧毁,但只要天地间灵力尚存,他便是能够一念之下,再塑肉身,当真是宛如不死不灭 This is... Heavenly Sovereign?” “这就是...天至尊吗?” Mu Chen muttered, that type lifted hand to extinguish the great strength of world, making him immerse, this strength, past he radically on the unable imagination. 牧尘喃喃自语,那种抬手可灭天地的伟岸之力,让得他为之沉醉,这种力量,以往的他根本就无法想象。 His able feels, even if his lean forward the attack that tries to launch, even was activate Eight Section Buddha, perhaps was inferior to at this time his strength of palm. 能够感觉到,即便是他之前倾尽全力发动的攻击,甚至是催动八部浮屠,恐怕都不及此时他的一掌之力。 So strength, no wonder Heavenly Sovereign tribulation like that terrifying.” “如此力量,难怪天尊劫那般恐怖。” Mu Chen pursed the lips, if not in him faced with carving of death, he and Immortal Golden Body melted, sense that third Sovereign Divine Ability, perhaps this time he, but also indeed was more unfortunate than fortunate. 牧尘抿了抿嘴,若非是在他面临死亡之刻,他与不朽金身相融,感悟到了那第三道至尊神通,恐怕此时的他,还真是凶多吉少了。 But this third Sovereign Divine Ability, named Immortal Life or Death Revolution, is the technique of Immortal Golden Body last Divine Ability, extremely mysterious mystical, but it urges a round of condition also exceptionally harshly, only when has faced with died truly, just now has the probability to build. 而这第三道至尊神通,名为“不朽生死变”,乃是不朽金身最后一道神通之术,极为的玄妙神异,但其催发条件也是异常的苛刻,唯有面临真正死亡时,方才有着几率修成。 However once builds, even if faced with death, was bath hot rebirth of able during the death, and became stronger. 不过一旦修成,即便是面临死亡,也是能够在死亡之中浴火重生,并且变得更强。 only so Divine Ability actually needs the greatest courage, after is not all people have courage like that faces directly the life and death. 只是这般神通却是需要莫大的勇气,毕竟不是所有人都是有着那般胆魄,直面生死。 Mu Chen shows a faint smile, in the heart sighed that for today this step, he has been through repeatedly the tribulation, many time once failed, but actually as before perseveres the conscience, is not foreign object vacillates. 牧尘微微一笑,心中感叹,为了今日这一步,他历经磨难,多少次都曾失败,但却依旧坚守本心,不为外物所动摇。 But so the self-torture whets, when today, welcomed finally blossomed result... 而这般苦修磨砺,在今日,终于是迎来了开花结果之时... North leaves the spirit young, in the present ascends Tianmen. 年少出北灵,今朝登天门。 Henceforth day high Ren Niaofei, this Great Thousand World, will have my small space. 从此天高任鸟飞,这大千世界,也将有我一席之地。 The Mu Chen chuckle makes noise, the sleeve robe wields, his figure then dissipation gradually in this void goes, but that everywhere chaos, goes... 牧尘轻笑出声,袖袍一挥,他的身形便是在这虚无之间渐渐的消散而去,而那漫天混沌,也是随之而去... ... ... Blood Demon Mountain. 血魔山 Bang! 轰隆! In world, unceasing has bellow to resound, but each time thundering, will make Bai Susu as well as innumerable indigenous people life complexion is pale, trembles. 天地间,不断的有着轰鸣声响起,而每一次的轰鸣,都将会令得白素素以及无数原住民生灵面色惨白,瑟瑟发抖。 Because of that bellow, from that Vajra Pagoda. 因为那轰鸣声,来自那座浮屠塔 But at this time, Vajra Pagoda is vibrating unceasingly, obviously has the fearful strength wreaks havoc, but looks at this appearance, obviously Vajra Pagoda is soon to bear does not live. 而此时,浮屠塔不断的震动着,显然是有着可怕的力量在其中肆虐,而看这模样,显然浮屠塔已是快要承受不住了。 Bang! 轰! Once again the great sound resounds through loudly, Vajra Pagoda fierce shakes, was shaken unexpectedly shoots up to the sky, tower bottom shattered, seems has blood sea to sweep across, finally in that midair, changed into Blood Demon Emperor silhouette. 又一次轰然巨声响彻,浮屠塔猛的一震,竟是被震得冲天而起,塔底破碎,仿佛是有着血海席卷而出,最后在那半空中,化为了血魔皇身影 Bai Susu and the others looked at silhouette that Blood Demon Emperor is coming to once again, in the heart also cannot help but has desperate surging. 白素素等人望着血魔皇再度现身的身影,心中也是不由得有着绝望涌起。 However, when they prepare to wait for death, is actually discovered Blood Demon Emperor that comes to simply has not cared about them, instead is face serious is looking above the upper air. 不过,就在他们准备等死的时候,却是发现那现身的血魔皇根本没有在意他们,反而是一脸凝重的望着高空之上。 Bai Susu and the others are startled first, then resembled to understand fiercely, raise one's head that immediately vibrated, saw only in that endless upper air, chaos light dropped from the clouds together. 白素素等人先是一怔,然后似是猛的明白了过来,顿时震动的抬头,只见在那无尽高空上,一道混沌之光从天而降。 chaos light diverges, the familiar slender silhouette steps, then have a toran laughter to transmit together, made the fears in their heart all in this time returned to normal. 混沌之光散去,一道熟悉的修长身影踏步而出,而后有着一道朗笑声传来,令得他们心中的恐惧尽数的在此时平复了下来。 Had the work to wait for a long time.” “有劳诸位久等了。” ... ... ...( To be continued.) ...(未完待续。)
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