TMBD :: Volume #4

#311: The governing such as regulates the flow of vital energy

Unabridged book., Renews Tathagata to defeat the latest chapter quickly! 全本.,最快更新如来必须败最新章节! Sun Wukong returned to the Myriad Spirits city Golden Cicada. 孙悟空一路把金蝉子送回了万灵城。 Great Saint why delivers such far.” 大圣何必送这么远。” Golden Cicada is somewhat embarrassed. 金蝉子有些不好意思。 Ao Luan looked at his one eyes, Sun Wukong must deliver the reason that he came back, hasn't he selected to compel the number? 敖鸾看了他一眼,孙悟空要送他回来的原因,他心里没点逼数吗? Ao Luan, the small phoenix places your there first.” 敖鸾,小凤凰先放在你那里。” Sun Wukong gives Ao Luan the small phoenix, said: I must look for the Master.” 孙悟空把小凤凰交给敖鸾,说道:“我要去找师父。” Yes.” “是。” Ao Luan brought the small phoenix to walk. 敖鸾带着小凤凰走了。 Their front leg just walked, the Great Immortal Zhenyuan back leg flew. 两人前脚刚走,镇元大仙后脚就飞了过来。 virtuous brother, is really you!” 贤弟,果然是你!” He realized that the Sun Wukong's aura, came to look hurriedly, saw Golden Cicada. 他察觉到了孙悟空的气息,急匆匆过来一看,也看见了金蝉子 Golden Cicada, you did not need to fall into the hell.” 金蝉子,你不用堕入地狱了。” Great Immortal Zhenyuan said. 镇元大仙说道。 The words that the deity spoke must turn out as said that especially cannot take an oath casually, after taking an oath, if cannot achieve, will encounter the scourge. 神仙说的话都要算话,尤其不能随便起誓,起誓之后,如果做不到,就会遭遇天谴。 Golden Cicada was shifted to an earlier time to deliver by Sun Wukong, has evaded one difficultly. 金蝉子孙悟空提早送回来,也是躲过了一难。 Many thanks Great Saint.” “多谢大圣。” Golden Cicada responded, expressed gratitude to Sun Wukong. 金蝉子反应过来,也向孙悟空道谢。 Sun Wukong is somewhat stunned, then said several, made Golden Cicada return to the temple. 孙悟空有些错愕,接着说了几句,就让金蝉子回寺庙去了。 He then said goodbye to Great Immortal Zhenyuan, wants toward mountain Haicheng one line. 他接着告别镇元大仙,想往山海城一行。 Great Immortal Zhenyuan has blocked him. 镇元大仙拦住了他。 virtuous brother comes back rarely, Tathagata in my village a to chat, I do not have the good thing to entertain you.” 贤弟难得回来,不如来我庄里一叙,我有好东西招待你。” Great Immortal such said. 大仙这么说道。 A Sun Wukong thought revolution, smiled: „If ginseng fruit, you leave other people.” 孙悟空念头一转,笑了:“如果是人参果,你还是留给他人吧。” The Five Manors Monastery good thing except for ginseng fruit, he unable to think of anything. 五庄观的好东西除了人参果,他也想不到什么了。 But ginseng fruit to present Sun Wukong any effect, has not eaten has also eaten without paying, leaves others more useful. 人参果对现在的孙悟空没有任何效果,吃了也是白吃,还是留给别人更有用。 „It is not ginseng fruit.” “不是人参果。” Great Immortal Zhenyuan shakes the head, appears somewhat mysterious: virtuous brother you cannot think absolutely is anything.” 镇元大仙摇头,显得有些神秘:“贤弟你绝对想不到是什么。” Sun Wukong then had the interest. 孙悟空这才有了兴趣。 He looked at the time, weather also early, does not need to be busy visiting Patriarch Subhuti. 他看了看时间,天色还早,也不用忙着拜访菩提祖师 Sun Wukong returns to Five Manors Monastery with Great Immortal Zhenyuan, just sat down, Great Immortal told that several young girls came to steep tea. 孙悟空跟着镇元大仙回到五庄观,刚刚坐下,大仙就吩咐几个少女进来沏茶了。 Originally is this......” “原来是这样……” Sun Wukong has swept, knew the status of these young girls. 孙悟空一眼扫过,就知道了这些少女的身份。 virtuous brother, please.” 贤弟,请。” Great Immortal Zhenyuan carries the tea to say to Sun Wukong. 镇元大仙端起茶对孙悟空说道。 Sun Wukong looks at flower dew in teacup: flower spirit where you deceive?” 孙悟空看着茶杯里的花露:“你哪里骗来的花精?” Where is deceives.” “哪里是骗。” Great Immortal Zhenyuan cold snort/hum: They are the disciples who I receive newly.” 镇元大仙冷哼:“她们是我新收的弟子。” His previous time finished eating flower dew, suddenly thinks why oneself does not receive flower spirit for the disciple. 他上次吃完花露,才忽然想起来,自己为什么不收花精为徒。 As the matter stands, he can enjoy flower dew frankly and uprightly. 这样一来,他就能光明正大的享用花露了。 Moreover his disciple are also many, adds several flower spirit to be also immaterial again. 而且他的弟子也不少,再加几个花精也无关紧要。 Sun Wukong somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry. 孙悟空有些哭笑不得。 In order to drink flower dew, but receives disciple, Great Immortal Zhenyuan was also the Myriad Spirits Country first person. 为了喝花露而去收弟子,镇元大仙也算是万灵国第一人了。 Should......” “应该吧……” Because other immortals are also very strange, Sun Wukong cannot completely the affirmation. 因为其他仙人也很奇怪,孙悟空不能完全的肯定。 He has treated for several hours in Five Manors Monastery, narrated old with Great Immortal Zhenyuan, has caused technique of the dividing and hyphenating a word at the end, arrived at mountain Haicheng. 他在五庄观待了几个小时,和镇元大仙叙完了旧,才使了个移行之术,来到了山海城。 Winter Palace, Patriarch is playing chess with Jade Emperor, saw that Sun Wukong appears suddenly, two people stare. 冬宫,祖师正在和玉帝对弈,见到孙悟空忽然出现,两人都是一愣。 Great Saint, how you appear suddenly.” 大圣,你怎么忽然出现。” Also had a scare in Taibai Jinxing that the one side takes care. 在一旁服侍的太白金星也吓了一跳。 Your majesty, Taibai Jinxing, has not thought of you also here.” “陛下,太白金星,没想到你们也在这里。” Sun Wukong greeted to Jade Emperor and Taibai Jinxing. 孙悟空玉帝太白金星打了招呼。 Patriarch and Jade Emperor stop the playing chess, making the person carry the snack. 祖师玉帝停下对弈,让人端上了茶点。 Sun Wukong has not eaten, said simply in the experience of Northern Continent of Unpleasant Sound. 孙悟空没有吃,简单的说了一下在北俱芦洲的经历。 Three people somewhat are surprised, has not thought that the extremely happy pure land the truth must to get rid of the physical body unexpectedly. 三人都有些惊讶,没想到极乐净土的真相竟然要让人抛弃肉体。 No wonder can to become Ji happy......” “难怪能成极乐……” Patriarch sighed, this was in unexpected, but in reason. 祖师叹息,这是在意料之外,但又在情理之中。 Buddha will not take a life, actually does not need to be worried.” “佛祖不会杀生,却也无须担心。” He then also said. 他接着又说道。 The Buddha will not take a life, therefore Northern Continent of Unpleasant Sound life, will not say the reincarnation on the reincarnation. 佛祖不会杀生,所以北俱芦洲的生灵,也不会说转生就转生。 The complete formation of extremely happy pure land looks like also requires the long time, but under buddhist aura shines, the sentiment of there human race unhappy men and women, the formation is also sooner or later matter. 极乐净土的完全成型看来还需要漫长的时间,不过佛光普照之下,那里的人类不喜男女之情,成型也是迟早的事情。 Before then, how to let the pure land and mortal coexistence, this was the issue of Buddhism. 在此之前,如何让净土与凡人共存,这就是佛门的问题了。 Jade Emperor has deduced: Also must approximately 300 years.” 玉帝推演了一番:“大约还得300年。” This time is long-time than Sun Wukong and Jade Emperor previous calculation. 这个时间比孙悟空玉帝此前的推算都要长久。 The so long-time time, to other continents is actually a good deed. 如此长久的时间,对其他部洲却是一件好事。 Wukong, your this and Buddha competes with, harvests inevitably great.” 悟空,你此次和佛祖比试,必然收获不浅。” Patriarch said. 祖师说道。 Sun Wukong nods, does not have very big happy expression. 孙悟空点头,却没有很大的喜色。 Patriarch somewhat felt strange: You also brought Golden Cicada, what concern but also there is?” 祖师有些奇怪:“你还把金蝉子带了回来,还有什么心事?” Jade Emperor also thinks strange. 玉帝也觉得奇怪。 Sun Wukong this time, was considered as to attain greatly successfully. 孙悟空这一次,算得上是大获成功了。 I and Buddha compete with, was actually completely understood by the Buddha.” “我和佛祖比试,却也被佛祖看透了。” Sun Wukong replied. 孙悟空回答。 Here does not have the bystander, he does not mind to say. 这里没有外人,他也不介意说出来。 Buddha found my weakness, definitely will make me be defeated.” “佛祖找到我的弱点,必然会让我失败。” He told Patriarch and Jade Emperor, his weakness was Myriad Spirits Country. 他告诉祖师玉帝,他的弱点就是万灵国 If Myriad Spirits Country is defeated, is the failure of his Way Heart. 万灵国如果失败,就是他道心的失败。 Therefore the Buddha will definitely make Myriad Spirits Country be defeated but he unable outwardly on impediment and destroys Myriad Spirits Country, because that is not the failure. 所以佛祖肯定会让万灵国失败但他不能明面上的阻止和毁灭万灵国,因为那并不是失败。 The Buddha can do only has a matter. 佛祖能做的只有一件事。 Using Myriad Spirits Country own issue.” “利用万灵国自身的问题。” The Patriarch receptacle said. 祖师插口说道。 Yes.” “是。” Sun Wukong nods: I reminded Ao Luan.” 孙悟空点头:“我已经提醒敖鸾了。” Can make Myriad Spirits Country be defeated, only then issue. 可以让万灵国失败的,只有本身的问题。 The issue has two, one is the contradiction of social class and assignment, this aspect only antidote is the structural reform. 问题有两个,一个是阶级和分配的矛盾,这方面唯一的解药就是机构改革。 The Myriad Spirits Country high level is almost immortal, the immortal quality is high, mostly does not compete with the person, therefore the issue surface of social class, is not specially serious. 万灵国的高层几乎都是仙人,仙人素质高,大多不与人争利,因而阶级的问题面,并不是特别严重。 So long as Ao Luan has a mind, in addition the Imperial Monarch Dong Hua as well as Great True Warrior Emperor and other immortal of the assistances and deductions, assignment above should also be able to guarantee relative fair. 只要敖鸾有心,加上东华帝君以及真武大帝等仙人的辅助、推演,分配上面应该也能保证相对的公平。 But is easy to have the issue the aspect, did not turn over to Ao Luan to manage. 但还有一个容易产生问题的方面,就不归敖鸾管了。 What you refer to is the enlightenment?” “你指的是教化吗?” Patriarch extrapolates. 祖师举一反三。 Sun Wukong nods. 孙悟空点头。 Myriad Spirits Country develops quickly, the education must with coming up, otherwise develops the impractical in thinking of bringing, definitely will have very big problem. 万灵国发展过快,教育必须跟上去,不然发展所带来的思想空虚,必然会出现很大的问题。 Sun Wukong indicated own idea, Patriarch nodded. 孙悟空表述了自己的想法,祖师点头。 I will pay attention.” “我会注意。” He said that suddenly asked to Sun Wukong: Wukong, what is the government country?” 他说完,忽然向孙悟空问道:“悟空,治理国家是什么?” Governing such as regulates the flow of vital energy.” “治国如理气。” Two people also replied. 两个人同时回答。 Sun Wukong looked at Jade Emperor astonished. 孙悟空惊愕的看了一眼玉帝 Jade Emperor shook the head, making him say. 玉帝摇了摇头,让他说。 Governing such as regulates the flow of vital energy, aura health, is powerful, is unprecedented, some issues can the customer service.” “治国如理气,气息健康,气势如虹,则一往无前,些许问题都能客服。” Sun Wukong said. 孙悟空说道。 This is the feeling that his many years keep. 这是他很多年留下来的感觉。 Patriarch smiled, looks to Jade Emperor. 祖师笑了笑,又看向玉帝 I do not have the governing younger brother like that must be powerful.” “我却没有御弟那般,要气势如虹。” Jade Emperor reveals the forced smile. 玉帝露出苦笑。 His technique of treatment is to strive for steadily, looks, the Three Worlds aura is smooth, then all well. 他的治理方式是求稳,一眼望去,三界气息平顺柔和,则一切安好。 You are imperialities, can look at the air/Qi of Myriad Spirits.” “你们是帝王之尊,能看万灵之气。” Patriarch sighed, he has not thought of this answer. 祖师叹息一声,他根本没想到这个答案。 Sun Wukong and Jade Emperor can see air/Qi of country, this with looking at the person falls ill general or not. 孙悟空玉帝能看出一个国家的气,这就跟看人生病与否一般。 Obviously, this aspect he has been needless to say anything. 显然,这方面他已经不用说什么了。 Sun Wukong stays in Winter Palace, two people chatted for three days with Patriarch and Jade Emperor three nights, but also narrated in heavenly book some equal and fair thought. 孙悟空留在冬宫,和祖师玉帝两人聊了三天三夜,还讲述了天书里一些平等和公平的思想。 He has not narrated too, to stops, but Patriarch and Jade Emperor deeply were affected. 他没有讲述太多,点到即止,但祖师玉帝都深受影响。 I know you to make anything, gives me.” “我知你要做什么,就交给我吧。” Patriarch said to Sun Wukong. 祖师孙悟空说道。 Sun Wukong in the past done was very good, any matter can complete, but the present issue is not he, but lies in other people. 孙悟空过去已经做的很好了,什么事都能做好,但现在的问题不在于他,而在于其它人。 The coordination of other people cannot be too bad. 其他人的配合也不能太差。 Patriarch has research to the Confucianism , Buddhism , Daoism thought that passes through Sun Wukong to remind, understands how must enlighten Myriad Spirits. 祖师对三教思想都有研究,一经孙悟空提醒,也明白要怎么教化万灵了。 Master cannot be excessively anxious.” “师父不可过急。” Before leaving, Sun Wukong also reminded Patriarch. 离开前,孙悟空又提醒祖师 Patriarch nods: You, and felt relieved that I know fairly well.” 祖师点头:“你且放心,我心中有数。” Has me to look.” “有我看着。” Jade Emperor then said. 玉帝接着说道。 He rules a nation and Sun Wukong is different, but he understands, extreme that all things cannot walk. 他治国和孙悟空不同,但他明白,万事都不能走的极端。 If one day, the Myriad Spirits Country atmosphere becomes incisive, or the pollution cannot withstand, was very difficult to process. 如若有一天,万灵国的气氛变得过于尖锐、或是浑浊不堪,就很难处理了。
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