TOHG :: Volume #9

#876: Hello, Wei Sui Feng

„After the emperor , the younger sister of empress...... How can her corpse here?” “帝后娘娘的妹妹……她的尸体怎么会在这里?” In the Qin Mu brains a blank, is almost unable to believe own eye! 秦牧头脑中一片空白,几乎无法相信自己的眼睛! After the emperor , the corpse of empress hides above the ghost ship, Qin Mu is very unusual in the experience of ghost ship, keeping him forever from forgetting. 帝后娘娘的尸体藏在鬼船之上,秦牧在鬼船的经历很是奇特,让他永远也无法忘记。 In order to explain the riddle of ghost ship, he has remembered each detail on ship, each samsara, therefore exceptionally is also profound to the memory of ghost ship. 为了破解鬼船之谜,他记住了船上的每一个细节,每一次轮回,因此对鬼船的记忆也异常深刻。 On ghost ship, after the emperor, empress and Jue Wu Chen physical body places in the same mouth inner and outer coffin, Qin Mu is Jue Wu Chen calls back from the dead, discovered that Jue Wu Chen simply does not have the soul, but is a man-made beautiful woman, is Celestial Exalt Ling to remove ancient god Heavenly Emperor a perfect female who uses the technique of good fortune to make. 鬼船上,帝后娘娘和绝无尘肉身都放在同一口棺椁中,秦牧绝无尘招魂,发现绝无尘根本没有魂魄,而是一个人造美人,是凌天尊为了除掉古神天帝而用造化之术制造出来的一具完美女性。 Qin Mu after the emperor the empress calls back from the dead, actually with amazement discovered after the emperor , the empress has not died, but also in the world! 秦牧为帝后娘娘招魂,却骇然的发现帝后娘娘根本未死,还在人世! Later, after he infers the emperor , the sisters and Heavenly Alliance collaborate to murder the ancient god Heavenly Emperor process. 之后,他推导出帝后姐妹与天盟联手谋杀古神天帝的过程。 After the emperor , the sisters collaborate, the younger sister remains Heavenly Court diverts ancient god Heavenly Emperor, after the emperor, returns to home village to visit parents, uses nearby Long Bo/Uncle Dragon country, after letting Long Bo/Uncle Dragon King Panbian injures the emperor, after emperor, is stranded in return to the ruins. 帝后姐妹联手,妹妹留在天庭牵制古神天帝,帝后回乡省亲,利用附近的龙伯国,让龙伯王叛变打伤帝后,将帝后困在归墟 Heavenly Emperor assigns Wei Sui Feng to lead the imperial guards to put down a rebellion, after rescuing the emperor, after Wei Sui Feng puts down a rebellion, in withdrawing troops to return to the eve of towards, after the emperor, is attacked the case to erupt, the return to the ruins undercurrent spout, after the dark night presents two emperors, the genuine emperor back dies. 天帝魏随风率领羽林军平叛,营救帝后,魏随风平叛后在班师回朝的前夕,帝后遇袭案爆发,归墟暗流喷涌,暗夜出现两个帝后,真正的帝后身死。 After Wei Sui Feng leads the emperor , the corpse returns to Heavenly Court, encounters Celestial Exalt Ling on Heavenly River, Wei Sui Feng borrows the dense fog to leave the dragon man (Han) time to return to own time immediately, but the imperial guards and large ship turned in Celestial Exalt Ling divine ability together shuttled back and forth the ghost ships of 36 space and times. 魏随风带领帝后尸身返回天庭,在天河上遭遇凌天尊施法,魏随风立刻借迷雾离开龙汉时代回到自己的时代,而羽林军与楼船一起在凌天尊神通中变成了穿梭36时空的鬼船。 However after the emperor, has not actually died, but became Jue Wu Chen. 然而帝后却没有死,而是成为了绝无尘 Heavenly Court also announced after the emperor, has not died, Qin Mu speculated after that emperor in Heavenly Court , the empress should be the younger sister after emperor. 天庭也宣布帝后没有死,秦牧推测天庭中的那个帝后娘娘应该是帝后的妹妹。 According to this inference, after the emperor , the sisters participate to murder during the plan of Heavenly Emperor. 按照这个推断,帝后姐妹都参与到谋杀天帝的计划之中。 However, after his front has the emperor, younger sister's inner and outer coffin, after the emperor, younger sister's corpse is lying down in the coffin! 然而,他的面前却有帝后妹妹的棺椁,帝后妹妹的尸身正躺在棺中! If at that time, the younger sister after emperor has not diverted Heavenly Emperor in Heavenly Court, but after is following the emperor, arrives at return to the ruins, agitating the Long Bo/Uncle Dragon country to rebel, seizes the chance to start to the elder sister, was killed by the elder sister on the contrary? 倘若当时,帝后的妹妹没有在天庭牵制天帝,而是跟随着帝后来到归墟,鼓动龙伯国叛乱,趁机对姐姐下手,反倒被姐姐杀了呢? The elder sister younger sister's corpse will hide in return to the ruins, oneself disguise to be attacked the body dead, making Wei Sui Feng escort to Heavenly Court oneself corpse, borrows the ghost ship to withdraw again, changes to Jue Wu Chen. 姐姐将妹妹的尸体藏在归墟中,自己则假装遇袭身死,让魏随风将自己的尸体送往天庭,再借鬼船脱身,化作绝无尘 Wei Sui Feng has discovered the trick, dying actually after is the emperor younger sister, therefore has left behind a map, directs Qin Mu to excavate the truth. 魏随风则发现了猫腻,死掉的其实是帝后妹妹,于是留下了一个地图,指点秦牧去发掘真相。 This guess has a loophole, why Heavenly Court announced after the emperor , hasn't the empress died?” “不过这个猜测有个漏洞,那就是为何天庭宣布帝后娘娘未死?” Qin Mu calmed down, is lost in thought: „After the emperor in Heavenly Court empress, definitely in their sisters, who then that person is? Perhaps also has another possibility, at that time after the emperor , the sisters in playing the double reed, the younger sister disguise to sneak attack the elder sister, the elder sister under glare of the public eye will kill, the elder sister plays dead to withdraw to change to Jue Wu Chen, the younger sister returns to Heavenly Court by vice- to be put on regular status, after becoming the name brand emperor.” 秦牧定了定神,陷入沉思:“天庭中的帝后娘娘,肯定她们姐妹中的一个,那么其人是谁?或许也有另一种可能,当时帝后姐妹是在玩双簧,妹妹假装偷袭姐姐,在众目睽睽之下将姐姐打死,姐姐假死脱身化作绝无尘,妹妹则回到天庭由副转正,成为正牌帝后。” „After ancient god Heavenly Emperor was killed, after the emperor, then removed the younger sister, delivers to here her corpse, buries the truth! Until Wei Sui Feng arrived here, after having discovered the emperor, younger sister's corpse......” “古神天帝被杀后,帝后便除掉了妹妹,把她的尸体送到这里,掩埋真相!直到魏随风来到这里,发现了帝后妹妹的尸身……” Has not being able to convince place! After the emperor , a sisters' corpse conceal in ghost ship, a conceal in return to the ruins, who then they now are? After Heavenly Court also has the emperor? Said, after the emperor, has not removed the younger sister, but is the sisters consubstantiality, keeps Heavenly Court to control Heavenly Emperor physical body?” “还是有说不通的地方!帝后姐妹的尸身一个藏在鬼船,一个藏在归墟,那么她们现在是谁?天庭中还有没有帝后?还是说,帝后没有除掉妹妹,而是姐妹同体,留在天庭掌控天帝肉身?” ...... …… Qin Mu only thinks that own head has soon blasted out, shouted to clear the way suddenly: Dragon Fatty, gets down, opens coffin!” 秦牧只觉自己的脑袋快要炸开了,猛然喝道:“龙胖,下来,开棺!” The Dragon Qilin whole body trembles, lies does not dare to move on crystal sarcophagus, Qin Mu lifts the hand to raise together with him the crystal sarcophagus, throws one side, immediately stimulates to movement Overlord Body Three Elixir Art. 龙麒麟浑身发抖,趴在水晶棺上不敢动弹,秦牧抬手将水晶棺连同他一起掀起来,扔到一旁,随即催动霸体三丹功 His, the gate of Chengtian appears, what however is strange is the gate of Chengtian is quite gloomy, vague, is unable to form! 他的身后,承天之门浮现,然而古怪的是承天之门极为暗淡,若有若无,根本无法成形! Qin Mu knits the brows, return to the ruins was quite strange, has restrained Nether divine ability, he is unable to be dies after Soul Guide tested the emperor the younger sister lives. 秦牧皱眉,归墟极为古怪,克制了幽都神通,他无法通过牵魂引来试探帝后妹妹到底是死是活。 „After Wei Sui Feng emperor, younger sister's corpse regards the treasure to stay here, wants me to carry off this corpse?” 魏随风将帝后妹妹的尸身当成宝物留在这里,难道是要我把这具尸身带走?” His brow wrinkles tightly, walks back and forth regarding the inner and outer coffin, looks after coffin emperor, younger sister's physical body hesitates. 他眉头皱得更紧,围绕棺椁走来走去,看着棺内帝后妹妹的肉身沉吟不已。 Can carry off it really? 真的要将其带走吗? Suddenly, the dreadful underwater sound transmits from outside, Qin Mu has been startled being startled, goes out of Honggong to raise head to look quickly outward that the underwater sound transmits from the day, but has not actually seeped to the flower in the world. 突然,滔天的水声从外面传来,秦牧怔了怔,快步走出红宫仰头向外看去,水声是从天外传来的,不过却没有渗透到花中世界。 Heavenly River has blocked the flow, underwater sound that which comes?” 天河断流了,哪来的水声?” Qin Mu is startled however: „......” 秦牧怔然:“难道……” In this time, in the sky hiked up the dense fog, the slit of mist from the flower in world had infiltrated, has filled in the flower gradually the world. 就在此时,天空中飘起了迷雾,雾气从花中世界的缝隙中钻了进来,渐渐地充满了花中世界。 Smoke and stamen and pistil the beautiful illegal alien still slaughters at the battle, in mist partly visible. 烟儿与花蕊所化的美人蛇还在争斗厮杀,在雾气中若隐若现。 Passed the moment, the dense fog diverges, the underwater sound also vanishes does not see, only hears the loud and clear sound to transmit, in the flower the world trembles fiercely, then Qin Mu felt that two big flowers are rising slowly! 过了片刻,迷雾散去,水声也消失不见,只听得洪亮的声响传来,花中世界剧烈震颤,接着秦牧感觉到两朵大花在冉冉上升! These two flowers soon will raise from return to the ruins!” “这两朵花即将从归墟中升起了!” In the Qin Mu heart moves slightly, immediately returns to the body to arrive in Honggong, carries Dragon Qilin, screws from the coffin board him. 秦牧心中微动,立刻返身来到红宫中,拎起龙麒麟,把他从棺材板上扣下来。 Qin Mu covers the crystal sarcophagus, said: Dragon Fatty, do not tremble, eats up to you. Goes to call quickly the smoke elder sister, we emerge the big deep pool to leave this place while these two flowers!” 秦牧盖上水晶棺,道:“龙胖,别发抖了,给你加餐。快去把烟儿姐叫过来,咱们趁着这两朵花浮出大渊离开此地!” Dragon Qilin spirit hundred times, run out of Honggong immediately, looks around, called out: Cult Master, spent! Smoke elder sister and that ancient Shensha to the darkness world in! There is too black, I do not dare to go in!” 龙麒麟精神百倍,立刻冲出红宫,四下张望一眼,叫道:“教主,花开了!烟儿姐与那古神杀到黑暗世界中去了!那里太黑,我不敢进去!” additional two meal!” “加两餐!” Dragon Qilin breaks in the darkness world to seek for smoke, Qin Mu lifts up the crystal sarcophagus, says with a smile: „After the emperor , the sisters do not know in using any trick, but after I shoulder the coffin, then knows that you were die lived......” 龙麒麟冲入黑暗世界寻找烟儿,秦牧将水晶棺扛起,笑道:“帝后姐妹不知道在耍些什么花招,不过我把棺材扛出去之后,便知道你是死是活了……” He just went out of Honggong, the front surface then sees a middle-aged man to walk, the man wears the homespun cloth clothes, travel-worn, wasteful, coarse-looking, the waist is entangling thick Ma Zhi on waistband, the front is fluttering a parchment, moves to move along with him. 他刚刚走出红宫,迎面便见一个中年男子走来,那男子身着粗布衣裳,风尘仆仆,大手大脚,粗眉大眼,腰间缠着粗麻织就的腰带,面前飘着一张羊皮纸,随着他移动而移动。 Before the parchment, pen, automatic writes to paint pictures on the paper, draws up in the flower the geography of world. 羊皮纸前还有一杆笔,正自动在纸上写写画画,绘制花中世界的地理。 They put in an appearance, slightly is startled. 两人照面,都是微微一怔。 Quarries a mountain Patriarch...... Big Senior Brother!” “开山祖师……大师兄!” The coffin of Qin Mu shoulder falls on the ground, dull looks at that middle-aged man, eats saying: Wei, Wei Sui Feng!” 秦牧肩头的棺材掉在地上,呆呆的看着那个中年男子,吃吃道:“魏、魏随风!” Who are you?” “你是谁?” That middle-aged man is stunned, the vision changes to the ground on the crystal sarcophagus, sees only the coffin to be opened, a female corpse get lost from the coffin, face toward below, after the brain, breaks a cave entrance, above inserts a peach wood to send the hairpin. 那中年男子愕然,目光转到地上的水晶棺上,只见棺材被打开,一具女尸从棺中滚出来,脸朝下,脑后破开一个洞口,上面插着一根桃木发簪。 The middle-aged man vigilance, received the sheepskin volume and words immediately: Who are you? Why knows me? You planned that what makes to this female corpse?” 中年男子警觉,立刻收了羊皮卷和笔墨:“你是何人?为何认识我?你打算对这具女尸做什么?” In Qin Mu brain a confusion, dense fog, sudden big Senior Brother Wei Sui Feng, after the emperor , the peach wood after younger sister brain sends the hairpin, a series of thunderbolts keep him suddenly from straightening out the clue. 秦牧脑中一片混乱,刚才的迷雾,突然出现的大师兄魏随风,帝后妹妹脑后的桃木发簪,一连串的突发事件让他一时间无法理顺头绪。 The middle-aged man indeed is Heavenly Saint Cult quarrying a mountain Patriarch Wei Sui Feng, on Heavenly Saint Cult headquarters Saint Overlooking Mountain has his portrait, but pass on one's experience of Saint Teacher that each Cult Master must experience before teaching on the stone, will make them see picture that the Wei Sui Feng hear of woodcutter sages proselytized. 中年男子的确是天圣教的开山祖师魏随风,天圣教总坛圣临山上有他的画像,而每一位教主都要经历的圣师临训石上传经,都会让他们看到魏随风听樵夫圣人传道的画面。 He cannot the admitting mistakes person. 他绝不会认错人。 underwater sound, was Heavenly River reappears, then the dense fog erupted, making here return for 20,000 years ago.” “刚才的水声,是天河重现,然后迷雾爆发,让这里回到了20000年前。” In Qin Mu brain no longer chaotic, immediately manages the clue. 秦牧脑中不再混乱,立刻理出头绪。 Celestial Exalt Ling divine ability lets he returned for 20,000 years ago, this time Wei Sui Feng to achieve to stand teaches establish glory by writing establish merit three to set up become Saint, started to explore the past riddle, he arrived at return to the ruins. 凌天尊神通让他回到了20000年前,这时候的魏随风为了做到立教立言立功三立成圣,开始探索过去的谜团,他来到了归墟 But after the emperor , after younger sister's brain , the peach wood sends the hairpin, is because after Celestial Exalt Ling is massacres the emperor, younger sister's that person, after is not the emperor, below hand. 而帝后妹妹的脑后桃木发簪,则是因为凌天尊就是杀掉帝后妹妹的那个人,并非是帝后下的手。 After is Celestial Exalt Ling the emperor, younger sister's corpse hides here! 凌天尊将帝后妹妹的尸身藏在这里! Why didn't you speak?” “你为何不说话?” The middle-aged man behind carries various types of weapons, suddenly the body shakes, all weapons crash-bang fall to the ground, rapid combination, discrete is staring at him, said: „Do you recognize my? Are you outside the territory Heavenly Court keep here person or tomb raider?” 中年男子身后背着各种武器,突然身躯一抖,所有武器哗啦啦落地,飞速组合,谨慎的盯着他,道:“你是怎么认得我的?你是域外天庭留在这里的人还是盗墓者?” His weapon is quite unusual, is various types of parts, can combine the different weapon shapes with wishes fulfilled. 他的武器极为奇特,是各种部件,可以随心所欲的组合成不同的武器形态。 Qin Mu has thought through the key point, said with a smile: Big Senior Brother, I am your two Junior Brother, we am the same side Senior Brother younger brother, is studies under the woodcutter sage......” 秦牧想通了关键点,笑道:“大师兄,我是你二师弟,你我是同门师兄弟,都是师从樵夫圣人……” The middle-aged man searches the hand to grasp backward, the god soldier who just composed falls into his hand immediately, sneers saying: „Are you my Junior Brother? Saint Teacher has not received other disciples! Who are you?” 中年男子探手向后一抓,刚刚组成的神兵立刻落入他的手中,冷笑道:“你是我师弟圣师根本不曾收过其他弟子!你到底是何人?” The weapon in his hand is similar to a bamboo hat, but this should be only one of them 's change. 他手中的武器如同一个斗笠,不过这应该只是其中之一的变化。 I am you later Junior Brother 20,000 years.” “我是你在20000年之后的师弟。” Qin Mu quickly said: Woodcutter teacher receives me 20,000 years later for the disciple, I am also Heavenly Saint Cult Master, is away from 20,000 years with you. Did you have to meet the dense fog a moment ago? The dense fog is I passes through to the 20,000 years ago reasons. I leave my geographic map following you, found here, female in this inner and outer coffin and inner and outer coffin, is you leaves me to wait for me to discover the truth of history. After this female is outside the territory the Heavenly Court emperor , the younger sister of empress......” 秦牧连忙道:“樵夫老师是在20000年后收我为徒,我也是天圣教主,和你隔着20000年。你刚才有没有遇到迷雾?迷雾就是我穿越到20000年前的原因。我就是循着你留给我的地理图,找到这里,这口棺椁和棺椁中的女子,都是你留给我等着我来发现历史的真相。这女子是域外天庭的帝后娘娘的妹妹……” He was saying was saying, then again cannot be justified. 他说着说着,便再也说不下去。 These words, trade to do are he, he does not believe! 这些话,换作是他,他也不会相信! Because is too incredible, was too strange! 因为太荒诞,太离奇了! Qin Mu sighed, said: I said that you do not certainly believe is right?” 秦牧叹了口气,道:“我这么说,你一定不信对不对?” You thought that my meeting does believe you?” “你觉得我会信你?” Sneering on middle-aged man face is getting more and more thick, said: Leaves behind the inner and outer coffin and female corpse, I can put you to leave.” 中年男子脸上的冷笑越来越浓,道:“留下棺椁和女尸,我可以放你离开。” Qin Mu also sighed, said: Teacher said that you are tenacious, recognized that matter nine cows entrain motionless, anybody is unable to make you change an attitude. It seems like that only then has hit, you were hit to take by me will acknowledge that I am your Junior Brother. Among our same side three brothers, has not disputed actually.” 秦牧又叹了口气,道:“老师说你非常固执,认定一件事九头牛都拽不动,任何人都无法让你回心转意。看来,只有打过一场,你被我打服了才会承认我是你的师弟。咱们同门三兄弟之间,倒是从来没有较量过。” The middle-aged man measuring appliance is very simple, hearing this said with a smile: „Do I have three Junior Brother? Today I come return to the ruins this dangerous place, then left two Junior Brother all of a sudden, is really the monstrous absurdity.” 中年男子仪表很是朴素,闻言笑道:“我还有一个三师弟?今日我来归墟这个险恶之地,一下子便多出了两个师弟,真是咄咄怪事。” Qin Mu said earnestly: In the future, you will see us. However today......” 秦牧认认真真道:“将来,你会见到我们。不过今天……” His voice has not fallen, Wei Sui Feng throws the bamboo hat suddenly, bamboo hat revolving floats spatially, in a twinkling vanishes, Qin Mu looks up, everywhere star sparkles in the top of the head! 他话音未落,魏随风突然抛起斗笠,斗笠旋转浮空,霎时间消失,秦牧抬头看去,漫天星斗在头顶闪耀! The star light of myriad stars interweave, presses downward. 万千星辰的星光交织,向下压来。 Star sand? It is not right, is myriad divine ability in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scripture!” “星沙?不对,是大育天魔经中的万千神通!” He just thought of here, was submerged by the innumerable stars! 他刚刚想到这里,便被无数星辰淹没! Wei Sui Feng searches the hand to grasp, bamboo hat falls reaches behind the back, said indifferently: Fights with me? Receives your slight effort......” 魏随风探手一抓,斗笠又落回手中,淡然道:“与我斗?收你不过举手之劳……” Bang The bamboo hat in his hand blasts out suddenly, innumerable god soldier everywhere dances in the air, Qin Mu breaks the bamboo hat, the diving posture, said with a smile: Big Senior Brother, you use the skill of teacher to cope with me not to have......” 他手中的斗笠突然炸开,无数神兵漫天飞舞,秦牧破开斗笠,飞身而起,笑道:“大师兄,你用老师的本事对付我没有……” The Wei Sui Feng complexion changes, the innumerable god soldiers combine, when Qin Mu has not raised then changes to a cauldron to receive in the cauldron to suppress Qin Mu once again! 魏随风脸色微变,无数神兵组合,在秦牧还未升起的时候便化作一口鼎将秦牧再度收入鼎中镇压! Galaxy buries the day!” “星河葬天!” His whole body galaxy coils around, suddenly river is enormous and powerful, the innumerable stars break in the cauldron! 他周身星河盘绕,突然长河浩荡,无数星辰冲入鼎中!
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