TOHG :: Volume #17

#1671: Attends to the thatched hut

Such small Great Luo Heaven?” “这么小的大罗天?” Qin Mu is somewhat stunned, Great Luo Heaven that this Great Luo Heaven and he formerly saw is not quite same. 秦牧有些错愕,这座大罗天与他从前所见的大罗天不太一样。 Supreme Emperor Great Luo Heaven, is Tai Chu/Highest Beginning and Hao Heavenly Emperor qi Great Luo Heaven, is to the utmost the vast energies, has the day to have the place, has the Sun and Moon stars, some such as the beautiful jade carves, some golden world. 无论是太帝大罗天,还是太初、昊天帝的一炁大罗天,都是极尽广博之能,有天有地,有日月星辰,有的如美玉雕琢,有的黄金般的世界。 The Great Luo Heaven essence said to the explanation of universe, therefore each Great Luo Heaven was the complete Heavens world. 大罗天的本质是道对宇宙的阐释,因此每个大罗天都是完整的诸天世界。 But at present this Great Luo Heaven actually small pity. 但眼前这座大罗天却小的可怜。 Although the house sparrow is small, being fully equipped, although this Great Luo Heaven is small, however the rear area of thatched hut is actually hanging a small Sun, front calm small moon, very pocket-sized delicate, regarding this small Great Luo Heaven revolving samsara. 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全,这座大罗天虽小,然而茅庐的后方却挂着一颗小太阳,前方沉着一颗小月亮,很是袖珍秀气,围绕着这座小小的大罗天旋转轮回。 Qin Mu goes forward, Sun raises from the room, arrives at the front, moon has actually sunk to the Great Luo Heaven back. 秦牧上前,太阳从屋后头升起,来到前方,月亮却已经沉到大罗天的背面。 That sunlight his back shadow photo, business Mr.'s figure then appears. 那阳光将他的背后的阴影一照,商君的身形便显现出来。 Business Monarch has been used to the ambush in his shadow, suddenly comes, exposing is somewhat helpless in the sunlight, dull standing there. 商君已经习惯了潜伏在他的影子里,突然现身,暴露在阳光里有些手足无措,呆呆的站在那里。 Business Monarch, you , in the village is not this.” “商君,你在村子里的时候可不是这样。” Qin Mu said with a smile temperately: At that time you killed the pig in the village, does a clean cut, even if saw that I still have nothing to like a cat on hot bricks. So long as the intention is broad and level, even if the multitude of people finger/refer, all eyes on, there are why not?” 秦牧温和笑道:“当时你在村口杀猪,手起刀落,即便见到我也没有任何局促不安。只要心怀坦荡,就算是千夫所指,万目睽睽,又有何妨?” Business Monarch keeps silent. 商君默不作声。 Before Qin Mu arrives at the thatched house, high and low sizes up, sees only on the doorway tablet of thatched house to write remote antiquity two characters. 秦牧来到草庐前,上下打量,只见草庐的门匾上写着“太上”二字。 Tai Shang Palace?” 太上殿?” Qin Mu is startled slightly, the facial color is somewhat dignified. In the Ancestral Courtyard Jade Capital City more/complete palace, Tai Shang Palace, is big Young Master Great Dao refining up, is symbolizing his achievement. 秦牧微微一怔,面色有些凝重。祖庭玉京城的弥罗宫中,有一座太上殿,是大公子大道所炼,象征着他的成就。 However that Tai Shang Palace palatial plain dignified, unlike the present thatched hut may completely! 不过那座太上殿巍峨古朴庄严,与眼前的茅草屋可完全不一样! Can this remote antiquity thatched hut, be more/complete palace big Young Master Tai Shang Palace? 这座太上茅庐,会是弥罗宫大公子太上殿吗? If its Great Dao becomes, then that Tai Shang Palace of more/complete palace is from where? Which is true Tai Shang Palace? 倘若是其大道所成,那么弥罗宫的那座太上殿又是从何而来?哪个才是真正的太上殿 Has, naturally has the vacation. 有真的,自然有假的。 The Qin Mu facial color is strange, if this remote antiquity thatched hut is true Tai Shang Palace, saying that Tai Shang Palace of more/complete palace is false? 秦牧不禁面色古怪,倘若这座太上茅庐是真正的太上殿,岂不是说弥罗宫的那座太上殿是假的? Big Young Master is also a full person, I also think him to be serious in speech and manner, with more/complete Palace master person is the same person.” “大公子也是个性格十足的人,我还以为他不苟言笑,与弥罗宫主人是一样的人。” Qin Mu is full of enthusiasm, transferred several regarding this thatched house, examination thatched house the structure of each bushes, suddenly loses one's voice to say with a smile: This thatched hut is true Tai Shang Palace, in more/complete the palace, is really unexpectedly false!” 秦牧兴致勃勃,围绕这座草庐转了几圈,查看草庐的每一根茅草的结构,突然失声笑道:“这座茅庐才是真正的太上殿,弥罗宫中的,竟然真的是假的!” Business Monarch does not look clearly, asked: How does Heavenly Venerable see?” 商君看不明白,问道:“天尊如何看出来的?” „Each bushes of this thatched hut, are by primordial chaos rune concise, each bushes are complete Great Dao, moreover is different Great Dao.” “这茅庐的每一根茅草,都是由鸿蒙符文凝练而成,每一根茅草都是一条完整的大道,而且是不同的大道。” The Qin Mu patient explanation, said: I counted the number just now, here bushes had 6400, 6400 Great Dao, no redundant. Evolves these Great Dao by primordial chaos rune, this to high achievement, therefore famous remote antiquity. more/complete palace big Young Master Tai Shang Palace, can only be this thatched hut.” 秦牧耐心解释,道:“我适才数了数,这里的茅草有六千四百根,六千四百种大道,没有一种重复。以鸿蒙符文来演化这些大道,这才是至高成就,故名太上。弥罗宫大公子太上殿,只能是这座茅庐。” Business Monarch heart big quake, looks to thatched hut Dao Tree, said: „, How many Great Dao remote antiquity does Dao Tree include?” 商君心头大震,看向茅庐后方的道树,道:“那么,太上的道树囊括多少种大道?” Should have 6400 types.” “应该也有六千四百种。” The Qin Mu vision falls on Dao Tree, said: His Dao Tree is not real Dao Tree, is only the projection. His true body and Dao Tree, should in that time that he was born.” 秦牧目光落在道树上,道:“他的道树并非是真实的道树,只是投影。他的真身和道树,应该在他出生的那个时代。” Business Mr. silent moment, said: Some impossible people able 6400 Great Dao practice to the Great Luo Heaven boundary. The big Young Master remote antiquity impossible is so strong.” 商君沉默片刻,道:“不可能有人能够将六千四百种大道修炼大罗天境。大公子太上不可能有这么强。” Ok.” “可以的。” Qin Mu moves toward the door of thatched hut, said: „The primordial chaos rune most major characteristics, then can evolve different Great Dao, Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity or Tai Chu/Highest Beginning and other Five Tai, are various Earlier Heaven/innate Great Dao, or Later Heaven/acquired Great Dao, can evolve with primordial chaos rune. Different Great Dao have different foundation rune, but these foundation rune foundations, are primordial chaos rune. I felt actually, the bushes of remote antiquity thatched house, was short.” 秦牧走向茅庐的房门,道:“鸿蒙符文的最大的特点,便是可以演化不同的大道,无论是太易还是太初五太,还是各种先天大道,或是后天大道,都可以用鸿蒙符文来演化。不同的大道有着不同的基础符文,而这些基础符文的基础,便是鸿蒙符文。我倒是觉得,太上草庐的茅草,还是少了点。” He extends take action to push the thatched hut gateway, said: „If more/complete Palace master person evolves Great Dao by primordial chaos rune, only feared that is not a thatched hut, but was more/complete a palace.” 他伸出手去推茅庐门户,道:“倘若是弥罗宫主人以鸿蒙符文来演化大道,只怕便不是一座茅庐,而是一片弥罗宫了。” The gateway of that thatched hut rocks slightly, he cannot shove open. 那茅庐的门户微微晃动一下,他未能推开。 Qin Mu knits the brows, the attempt decodes, however primordial chaos rune on that gateway constantly changes, the evolution is different Great Dao, keeping him from untying. 秦牧皱眉,尝试破解,然而那门户上的鸿蒙符文不断变化,演化为不同的大道,让他无法解开。 Soon, moon raises, the thatched house gateway had not been opened as before. 不久,月亮升起,草庐门户依旧没有被打开。 Business Monarch attempts to kill to burst in forcefully, however his blade chops on the gateway, a terrifying prestige can erupt, raises him by far flies. 商君尝试以杀道来强行破门而入,但是他的刀劈在门户上,一股恐怖的威能爆发,将他远远掀飞。 Qin Mu hurried rescuing, this preserves him, the prestige energy that otherwise this leaf of gateway bursts out, causes heavy losses to her sufficiently! 秦牧急忙搭救,这才将他保住,否则这扇门户迸发出的威能,足以将她重创! Qin Mu knocks on a door, says with a smile: Has the person? The guests came!” 秦牧敲了敲门,笑道:“有人吗?客人来了!” After the gate, does not have the sound. 门后没有声息。 Qin Mu was helpless, sits thinks before the thatched house, passed the moment, moon and Sun appeared in this small Great Luo Heaven sky together, Qin Mu got a sudden inspiration, takes out the Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick, attempted to knock on a door, said: Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity, you in thatched house? I saved you following the chart!” 秦牧无奈,坐在草庐前思索,过了片刻,月亮与太阳一起出现在这小小的大罗天的天空中,秦牧灵机一动,取出太易拐杖,尝试敲门,道:“太易,你是否在草庐里?我循图来救你了!” The Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick door knocks thump thump makes noise, however in gate as before no sound. 太易拐杖把门敲得咚咚作响,然而门中依旧没有什么动静。 Qin Mu did not have the idea thoroughly, inserts the Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick before the gate, knits the brows to rack one's brains. 秦牧彻底没了主意,把太易拐杖插在门前,皱眉苦思。 Suddenly, that Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick bo grows unexpectedly a piece of tender leaf! 突然,那根太易拐杖竟然啵的一声生长出一片嫩叶! Qin Mu is staring at that piece of tender leaf, saw only the tender leaf to grow gradually, passed the moment, the texture of tender leaf changed, unexpectedly the shape that the texture combined a axe. 秦牧盯着那片嫩叶,只见嫩叶渐渐生长,过了片刻,嫩叶的纹理发生改变,纹理竟然组合成一柄斧子的形态。 In the Qin Mu heart moves slightly, estimates the change in texture carefully, the vision twinkle: Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity taking advantage of the World Tree leaf that the walking stick grows, teaches my him to break out the World Tree axe method? He wants to make me use this method, breaks out this gateway! Then, Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity indeed in this remote antiquity thatched hut!” 秦牧心中微动,细细揣摩纹理上的变化,目光闪烁:“太易是借拐杖长出的世界树树叶,传授我他劈开世界树的斧法?他是想让我用这种手段,劈开这座门户!这么说来,太易的确在这座太上茅庐之中!” His forehead vertical eye opens, observes World Tree the texture fine structure of tender leaf, during these textures in unceasing change, is quite complex, but includes Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity Dao Art divine ability. 他眉心竖眼张开,观察世界树的嫩叶的纹理细微构造,这些纹理在不断变化之中,极为复杂,但是其中却囊括着太易道法神通 Say/Way of Qin Mu to the Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity has the extremely deep attainments, unconscious then quiet during the change of texture. 秦牧太易之道已经有了极深的造诣,不自觉的便沉寂在纹理的变化之中。 The Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick with the branch refinement of World Tree, was refined the treasure by Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity, obviously Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity was suppressed in the remote antiquity thatched hut, is unable to make the sound, but actually draws support from the World Tree characteristics of walking stick to convey the information. 太易拐杖是用世界树的枝条炼制而成,被太易炼制成宝,显然太易被镇压在太上茅庐,无法发出声音,但却借助拐杖的世界树特性来传达信息。 Qin Mu takes out own Tribulation Sword, uses Tribulation Sword as the axe, demonstrated the leaf on the say/way and divine ability that Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity slowly displays. 秦牧不知不觉间取出自己的劫剑,以劫剑为斧,将树叶上展示出的太易之道和神通缓缓的施展出来。 Business Monarch therapy in one side, sees only the Tribulation Sword style in Qin Mu hand to be plain, but the might is getting stronger and stronger, Qin Mu uses the sword as the axe, just like the epoch-making giant, the strength that each axe contains as if can break out Ultimate Void, cleaves in two Great Luo Heaven! 商君正在一旁疗伤,只见秦牧手中的劫剑招式古朴古拙,但是威力却越来越强,秦牧以剑为斧,宛如开天辟地的巨人,每一斧蕴藏的力量仿佛能把终极虚空劈开,把大罗天劈成两半! Crossed long time, the texture on tender leaf is not changing, tender leaf also quick withered and yellow, changing to a fallen leaf is on the wane, vanishes into thin air. 过了良久,嫩叶上的纹理不在变化,嫩叶也很快枯黄,化作一片落叶凋零,化为乌有。 Qin Mu closes the eye, concentrates all one's attention on. 秦牧闭上眼睛,屏气凝神。 Business Monarch static waited in the one side, sees only Sun and Moon to rotate, crosses more than ten samsara, Qin Mu opened the eye finally, in the eye divine light was bright as snow, immediately reserved slowly, vanished. 商君静静的在一旁等候,只见日月轮转,过了十多次轮回,秦牧终于张开眼睛,眼中神光雪亮,随即缓缓的内敛,消失。 He seems very simple and unadorned, the imposing manner aura restrains completely, looks like an ordinary person, cannot see the special place. 他显得很是朴拙,气势气息完全收敛,就像是一个普普通通的人,丝毫看不出有特异之处。 Before he arrives at the thatched house gate, stands firm, both hands grasp the sword, Tribulation Sword revolve slowly. 他来到草庐门前,站定,双手握剑,劫剑缓缓运转。 In Ultimate Void does not have the wind sound/rumor, does not have a thing in the world, however actually resounded the wind sound/rumor at this moment. 终极虚空中没有风声,一无所有,然而此刻却响起了风声。 In sword the movement of Qin Mu hand, the wind sound/rumor is getting more and more anxious, more and more loud, however the sword in Qin Mu hand is getting more and more slow, is slow makes people distressed. 随着秦牧手中的剑的移动,风声越来越急,越来越响,然而秦牧手中的剑却越来越慢,慢得让人心焦。 The movement of that Tribulation Sword never stops, is only the speed of movement is getting more and more slow, the wind sound/rumor is also more and more loud, the sound quickly turned into the sound of great waves, the sound of great waves is also bigger and bigger, sends out thunders intermittently! 劫剑的移动从未停止,只是移动的速度却越来越慢,风声也是越来越响,响声很快变成了浪涛之声,浪涛之声也是越来越大,发出阵阵轰鸣! Quick, the thundering acoustic image turned into the ding, the voice of Huangzhongdalv was continuous, only shakes business in Monarch ear to have the ding! 很快,轰鸣声像是变成了钟声,黄钟大吕的声音绵绵不绝,震得商君耳中只剩下了钟声! Finally, Tribulation Sword in Qin Mu hand moves before the gate of thatched house, the gateway of Tribulation Sword and thatched house contacts! 终于,秦牧手中的劫剑移动到草庐的门前,劫剑与草庐的门户接触! In the meantime, Sun and Moon stops rotating, thatched house bushes wave, burst out rays of light that makes a debut, Dao Light like the tide, flows in the gateway. 就在此时,日月停止轮转,草庐一根根茅草舞动,迸发出道的光芒,道光如潮,流入门户。 ! 嘣! In the gateway broadcasts anything collapse broken voice, breaks the howl that exudes like the tight bowstring suddenly! 门户中传来什么东西崩断的声音,如同绷紧的弓弦突然断去发出的啸声! ! 嘣嘣嘣! Transmits one after another, the Qin Mu's two arms vibrate fiercely, on the arm big muscles beat, a myo- loaf say/way, sticks out outward, making his arm more and more thick! 一声又一声传来,秦牧的两条手臂剧烈抖动,手臂上一根根大筋跳动,肌肉条条道道,向外隆起,让他的手臂变得越来越粗! Tribulation Sword is moving as before, cuts into the gateway, however cuts open the speed of shutter to be getting more and more slow. 劫剑依旧在移动,切入门户,然而切开门板的速度却越来越慢。 The Qin Mu two arms shiver, as if Tribulation Sword sinks more and more, is getting more and more heavy, collapse Duansheng even more is also stormy. 秦牧两条手臂颤抖,仿佛劫剑越来越沉,越来越重,崩断声也越发密集。 His top of the head flame light is steaming, appears World Tree, return to the ruins great abyss, World Tree even more is together healthy, great abyss swallows all! 他的头顶焰光腾腾,身后也不由浮现出一株世界树,一道归墟大渊,世界树愈发茁壮,大渊吞噬一切! His divine treasure domain appears, 33 Heavenly Palace hangs, five big mineral lode places in Ancestral Courtyard, in the mineral lode multi-colored sunlight Yanyan, Earlier Heaven/innate Five Tai Great Dao were urged to send to the pinnacle! 他的神藏领域浮现,三十三天宫高悬,五大矿脉座于祖庭,矿脉中霞光艳艳,先天五太大道被催发到极致! In Heavenly Court, his Primordial Spirit stands erect before Chaos Palace, mobilizes the entire Heavenly Court strength! 天庭之中,他的元神屹立在混沌殿前,调动整个天庭的力量! That is his primordial chaos Primordial Spirit! 那是他的鸿蒙元神 The primordial chaos Primordial Spirit in addition holds primordial chaos physical body, making his strength promote the pinnacle, in physical body to hear the Great Dao bellow! 鸿蒙元神加持鸿蒙肉身,让他的力量提升到极致,肉身之中传来大道的轰鸣声! His primordial chaos Purple Qi, boundless, Chaos Palace becomes even more clear! 他一身鸿蒙紫气,苍苍茫茫,身后的混沌殿变得愈发清晰! Suddenly, his fingers/tiger mouth was shaken splits, the both arms skin also blasts open without consulting anybody, at the same time, his clothing also transmits the sound, two thighs become incomparably sturdy, supports the trouser legs coverings blasts out, a strip say/way, is hard to cover up his leg and foot! 突然,他的虎口被震得裂开,双臂皮肤也径自炸裂,与此同时,他的衣裤也传来嗤嗤的声响,两条大腿变得无比粗壮,将裤腿撑得炸开,条条道道,难以遮掩他的腿脚! The clothes robe of Qin Mu upper body was also supported the crack, the muscle body is fierce, a muscle sticks out high, was supported the clothing of crack to change to the cloth strip to scatter piece by piece. 秦牧上身的衣袍也被撑裂,筋躯狰狞,块块肌肉高高隆起,被撑裂的衣衫化作片片布条飘散。 Tribulation Sword continues forward the detachment, however Tribulation Sword is actually hard to withstand his strength more and more, on Tribulation Sword proliferates the fissure! 劫剑继续向前劈去,然而劫剑却越来越难以承受他的力量,劫剑上遍布裂痕! The fissure is getting more and more slight, is getting more and more crowded! 裂痕越来越细微,越来越密集! - 啪- Tribulation Sword blasts out suddenly, becomes the innumerable fragment powders broken! 劫剑突然炸开,碎成无数齑粉! Qin Mu stuffy snorted, sword hilt also broken to become fragments in hand, mixed his blood to change to the mist to scatter! 秦牧哼一声,手中的剑柄也碎成齑粉,混着他的鲜血化作了雾气飘散! My sword, is hard to withstand my strength, when I refine better later, opens the door again!” “我的剑,难以承受我的力量,待我炼一口更好的之后,再来开门!” Qin Mu turns around, the clothing breaks to pieces completely, the butterfly scatters, his muscle retracts, restores such as beginning, with stride leaves this exquisite Great Luo Heaven. 秦牧转身,衣衫完全碎去,蝴蝶般飘散,他身上的肌肉缩回,恢复如初,大步离开这座小巧的大罗天 Business Monarch, we walks!” “商君,我们走!” Business Monarch enters in his shadow, blindly follows suit, as he departs. 商君进入他的阴影中,亦步亦趋,随着他离去。 - Huawei P30pro had been selected by the lucky reading friend, everyone's speed attention public number Pig Nerd surrounds, has a look at anything is the luck at games of chance. 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