TDG :: Volume #4

#446: Has gotten down the initial capital

Nearby several servants just want to speak, was blocked by Ling Kong, Ling Kong shows a faint smile saying: Rising Cloud Sect truly is Divine Feather Sect Subordinate Sect right.” 旁边几个奴仆正想说话,被凌空拦住,凌空微微一笑道:“凌云宗确实是羽神宗附属宗门没错。” Nie Li shows a faint smile, nodded. Ling Kong can calm down, Nie Li smiles lightly, he has guessed indistinctly a little correctly the Ling Kong purpose in coming. 聂离微微一笑,点了点头。凌空还是蛮沉得住气的,聂离淡淡一笑,他隐约有点猜到了凌空的来意。 Divine Feather Sect closes up is so long, the outside has been guessing that the Divine Feather Sect strength is not good, the Rising Cloud Sect idea is not a little accidental. 羽神宗闭关这么久,外界一直都在猜测,羽神宗的实力是不是不行了,凌云宗有点想法也不意外。 After all looks like Rising Cloud Sect this strength not strong Sect, must ask a backer to be able in Dragon Ruins Realm to continue to survive. 毕竟像凌云宗这种实力不强的宗门,总得找个靠山才能在龙墟界域继续生存下去。 Divine Feather Sect closed up was so long, strength today we are no longer as we have been, is the time exposes some points. As Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, Nie Li naturally must adopt certain stance. 羽神宗闭关了这么久,实力已经今非昔比,是时候展露一些锋芒了。作为羽神宗宗主,聂离自然要摆出一定的姿态。 Ling Kong this time comes Divine Feather Sect, some incident requested.” Ling Kong is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to say to Nie Li slightly. 凌空这次来羽神宗,是有一事相求。”凌空对着聂离微微拱手说道。 oh? What doesn't know ice Young Sect Master behavior?” Nie Li is smiling asking. ?不知道凌少宗主所为何事?”聂离微笑着问道。 Is this, Ling Kong came Divine Feather Sect before, glimpses a young girl accidentally, after going back, since then longs, never forgets, this time comes Divine Feather Sect, then wants to discuss marriage to Divine Feather Sect.” Ling Kong arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say. “是这样,凌空之前来羽神宗,无意中瞥见一位少女,回去之后从此朝思暮想,念念不忘,这次来羽神宗,便是想向羽神宗提亲。”凌空拱了拱手说道。 oh? Does not know that is which miss, makes ice Young Sect Master so be moved unexpectedly.” Nie Li smiles to say lightly. ?不知道是哪位姑娘,竟然让凌少宗主如此动情。”聂离淡淡一笑说道。 Lu Piao spat one, mumbled one to say in a low voice: Really is the yellow weasel pays new year's call to the chicken, does not have the peaceful good intention. My Divine Feather Sect miss, is long again attractively, has any relations with you. The Divine Feather Sect attractive miss, Fei Shui does not flow the bystander field, coming Divine Feather Sect to amass money, snatches the attractive miss, no way!” 陆飘不禁啐了一口,低声嘟囔了一句说道:“果然是黄鼠狼给鸡拜年,没安好心。我羽神宗的姑娘,长得再漂亮,跟你有什么关系。羽神宗的漂亮姑娘,肥水不流外人田,来羽神宗抢钱可以,抢漂亮姑娘,门都没有!” Hears the Lu Piao words, Nie Li smiles. 听到陆飘的话,聂离不禁莞尔一笑。 Ling Kong has not heard the Lu Piao words actually, arched slightly has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: „The person who Sect Master Nie, I want to discuss marriage is Dragonseal Family Long Yuyin!” 凌空倒是没有听见陆飘的话,微微拱了拱手道:“聂宗主,我想提亲的人是龙印世家龙羽音!” Heard the Ling Kong words, Lu Piao coldly snort a sound track: Toad wants to eat the day goosemeat, unexpectedly dares to covet the dragon miss, does not look in a mirror, can you be joined to?” Although Long Yuyin alone has not married, but the relations of Long Yuyin with Nie Li puts in here, all people can see. Outside already had the rumor, Long Yuyin is the Nie Li woman, the woman who wants to snatch his brothers, courts death simply. 听到凌空的话,陆飘冷哼了一声道:“癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉,居然敢觊觎龙姑娘,也不照照镜子,你配得上吗?”虽然龙羽音至今单身未嫁,但是龙羽音聂离的关系摆在这里,所有人都看得到。外面早就有传言,龙羽音已经是聂离的女人了,想抢他兄弟的女人,简直是找死。 Hears the Lu Piao words, the Ling Kong complexion sinks slightly, was arching to Nie Li has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: Sect Master Nie, does not know that who this person is, unexpectedly is so dissolute in here!” 听到陆飘的话,凌空脸色微微一沉,对着聂离拱了拱手说道:“聂宗主,不知道此人是谁,居然在这里如此放肆!” Nie Li looks at Ling Kong tranquilly, said with a smile lightly: He is my brother, called Lu Piao.” 聂离平静地看着凌空,淡淡一笑道:“他是我兄弟,叫陆飘。” Sect Master Nie, he as your brothers , was too rather impolite!” The Ling Kong sinking sound said that appears some vitalities. 聂宗主,他作为你的兄弟,未免也太无礼了!”凌空沉声说道,显得有些生气。 Young Sect Master, early knows that Divine Feather Sect was in power by these people, we do not come. Rising Cloud Sect simply is separated from Divine Feather Sect to consider as finished!” Nearby servant said angrily, even if before, they come Divine Feather Sect , is treated respectfully, how could to run into such matter? 少宗主,早知道羽神宗被这些人掌权,我们就不来了。凌云宗干脆脱离羽神宗算了!”旁边的奴仆愤怒地说道,就算是以前,他们来羽神宗,也是备受礼遇,何曾碰到过这样的事情? Ling Kong puts out a hand, blocks that several servants, said: Speaks at a venture, draws back!” 凌空伸出手,挡住那几个奴仆,道:“乱说话,退下!” Yes!” That servant bows to draw back, on face still some not indignation appearance. “是!”那个奴仆躬身退下,脸上依然有些不忿的样子。 Lu Piao has sneered, how he will unable to look, Ling Kong is coquettish, simply falsely. 陆飘冷笑了一声,他怎会看不出来,凌空只是故作姿态罢了,简直虚伪至极。 Ling Kong looks to Nie Li, said: Rising Cloud Sect is Divine Feather Sect Subordinate Sect, strictly adheres to the duty, this time comes, does not know that has traded Sect Master, it seems like Sect Master Nie is unfriendly to our Rising Cloud Sect!” 凌空看向聂离,说道:“凌云宗一直都是羽神宗附属宗门,谨守本分,此次前来,不知道已经换了宗主,看来聂宗主对我们凌云宗并不友好啊!” Hears the Ling Kong words, Nie Li says with a smile lightly: Ice Young Sect Master has spoken discreetly, treats people generously is my Divine Feather Sect fine tradition, your excellency is Rising Cloud Sect Young Sect Master, after coming my Divine Feather Sect, what courtesy as if no, saw Sect Master of main sect, unexpectedly does not have the ritual of bowing politely, is our Divine Feather Sect not to be actually unfriendly, is Rising Cloud Sect is impolite?” 听到凌空的话,聂离淡淡一笑道:“凌少宗主言重了,宽厚待人是我羽神宗的优良传统,阁下身为凌云宗少宗主,来我羽神宗之后似乎也没什么礼数啊,见了主宗的宗主,居然也没有叩拜之礼,究竟是我们羽神宗不友好,还是凌云宗无礼啊?” This......” the Ling Kong complexion is a little slightly embarrassed. “这……”凌空脸色稍稍有点难堪。 Truly saw Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, wants the rituals of line of bowing politely, before was Heavenly Cloud God Venerable is in power, what issue making him bow politely does not have but actually, but now Divine Feather Sect Sect Master is Nie Li, did the age even also want to be smaller than him, does obeisance? 确实见了羽神宗宗主,是要行叩拜之礼,以前是天云神尊掌权,让他叩拜倒也没什么问题,可是现在羽神宗宗主聂离,年纪甚至比他还要小些,怎么拜得下去? Ha Ha!” Nie Li beckoned with the hand, the smile said that ice Young Sect Master, Rising Cloud Sect is my Divine Feather Sect Subordinate Sect, I was just in power, ice Young Sect Master a little looks on as an outsider is also very normal, I do not want to do to investigate, after a period of time I prepare to make war with Demon God Sect, but also wants the Rising Cloud Sect assist, how doesn't know under the ice Young Sect Master intent?” “哈哈!”聂离摆了摆手,微笑说道,“凌少宗主,凌云宗怎么也算是我羽神宗附属宗门,我刚刚掌权,凌少宗主有点见外也很正常,我也不想多作追究了,过段时间我准备跟妖神宗开战,还要凌云宗襄助,不知道凌少宗主意下如何?” Makes war with Demon God Sect, you were insane!” A Ling Kong face looks at Nie Li shocking, before Heavenly Cloud God Venerable was in power, the Divine Feather Sect strength compared with Demon God Sect, inferior were too many, now Heavenly Cloud God Venerable does not know where, Nie Li has can bring Divine Feather Sect to make war to Demon God Sect unexpectedly? “跟妖神宗开战,你们疯了!”凌空一脸震惊地看着聂离,之前天云神尊掌权的时候,羽神宗的实力跟妖神宗相比,就已经逊色太多了,如今天云神尊不知道去了哪里,聂离居然要带着羽神宗妖神宗开战? Ha.” Nie Li has laughed three, said that I naturally not insane.” “哈哈哈。”聂离大笑了三声,道,“我当然没有疯。” Nie Li looks at Ling Kong saying: Does not know that ice Young Sect Master does have interest, accompanies me to stroll in Divine Feather Sect together?” 聂离看着凌空道:“不知道凌少宗主有没有兴致,陪我一同在羽神宗里逛一逛?” Ling Kong gaze was gloomily difficult to be bright looked at Nie Li, arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: That was respectful might as well obey orders!” 凌空目光晦暗难明地看了一眼聂离,拱了拱手道:“那就恭敬不如从命了!” Good, ice Young Sect Master, please!” Nie Li has smiled saying with a smile. “好的,凌少宗主,请!”聂离笑了笑道。 One group of people together, went out of Main Hall, Ling Kong followed in Nie Li and the others behind, in the eye pupil to reveal some colors of doubts. 一群人一起,走出了大殿,凌空跟在聂离等人的后面,眼眸中流露出了些许疑惑之色。 Follows is also you have a look at me in Ling Kong behind several servants, I have a look at you, appears a little wonders. 跟在凌空身后的几个奴仆也是你看看我,我看看你,显得有点纳闷。 What medicine in this Sect Master Nie bottle gourd has hidden?” “这个聂宗主葫芦里到底藏了什么药?” Who knows!” Several servants discussed low voice. “谁知道呢!”几个奴仆小声地议论。 Under the leadership of Nie Li, the group have passed through a jungle of cover. 聂离的带领下,一行人穿过了一片茂密的丛林。 In jungle that in that fog covers, the disciple who sits the practice everywhere, fully several hundred people of appearances, they or sits on the bough, or sits in some bulge stones, the rich degree of here spiritual energy, may be called astonishing, simply is outside dozens times of several hundred times! 在那云雾笼罩的密林之中,到处坐着修炼的弟子,足有数百人的样子,他们或是坐在树干上,或是坐在一些凸起的石头上,此处灵气的浓郁程度,堪称惊人,简直是外面的几十倍几百倍! Discovered that Nie Li and the others came, these disciples have stood, bends the waist to bow to the direction that Nie Li is at respectfully. 发现聂离等人过来,这些弟子们纷纷站了起来,对着聂离所在的方向恭恭敬敬地弯腰鞠躬。 Sect Master!” 宗主!” Sect Master!” 宗主!” Sounds of various greeting continuously! 各种打招呼的声音此起彼伏! Um!” Nie Li is smiling nod, continues with people. “嗯!”聂离微笑着点了点头,和众人继续前行。 Ling Kong behind several servants were discussing low voice. 凌空身后的几个奴仆小声地议论着。 These people probably are Dao of Dragon Realm Expert!” “这些人好像都是龙道境高手!” Divine Feather Sect is not will arrange these people intentionally in here we look, such selects Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, has anything to be good to show off, our Rising Cloud Sect also has!” 羽神宗不会是故意把这些人安排在这里给我们看的吧,这么点龙道境高手,有什么好炫耀的,我们凌云宗也有!” You look there!” And a servant has referred to the jungle somewhere. “你们看那里!”其中一个奴仆指了指丛林里的某处。 There should be a strategy, probably builds with Spiritual Stone Essence! Unexpectedly with the Spiritual Stone Essence lineup, Divine Feather Sect was really under has also sufficed the initial capital!” “那里应该是一个阵法,好像是用灵石精华布设的!居然用灵石精华布阵,羽神宗也真是下够了血本!” Hears the words of these servants, Nie Li smiled lightly , to continue to go through in the track of jungle. Lu Piao and the others curled the lip, has not replied completely, looks like in Lu Piao, by the Divine Feather Sect present strength, definitely does not need to care about Rising Cloud Sect, Nie Li does not need to bring these people to here!( To be continued.) 听到这些奴仆的话,聂离淡淡地笑了笑,继续在丛林的小道里面穿行。陆飘等人撇了撇嘴,也完全没有答话,在陆飘看来,以羽神宗如今的实力,完全没必要在意凌云宗,聂离没必要把这些人带到这里来!(未完待续。)
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