SOD :: Volume #9

#869: Northern Harbor

The cold cold wind blows from the direction of sea, rolls up and pushes along Empire flag that in the coast is flying upwards high, under the blue bottom gold/metal mark sword and plow crest, the soldier and technology smith the today's third spud pile and steel frame welds in together- magic circuit rune that has not sealed is sparkling the slightly glimmer dizzy in the ground in not far away, when the thermal energy light beam has swept the steel the spark that will splash fell on just completed the hardened in a short time ago the ground, more than ten meters high metal framework interior, the pipeline and heat conduction fin piece of portion bronzes system already fixed in specific position, only waited for and other's heat pipe connects.. 冷冽寒风从大海的方向吹来,卷动着海岸上高高飞扬的帝国旗帜,在蓝底金纹的剑与犁徽记下,士兵与技术工匠们正在将今天的第三根固定桩与钢铁框架焊接在一起-尚未封装的魔网符文在不远处的地面上闪耀着微微光晕,热能光束扫过钢铁时飞溅出的火花落在前不久刚完成硬化的地面上,十余米高的金属框架内部,一部分制的管道和导热鳍片已经被固定在特定位置,只等待和其余的热管连接起来。 This huge installment is heat recovery center portion, through the pipeline internal recycling mobile alchemy solution, this equipment nearby several facilities- including alchemy responded that tower, a rune casting factory as well as a slime monster municipal solid wastes incinerator center- the waste heat that releases collects, and assigns through the heat interchanger of efficient rate/lead to the heating system of camp, is used for west coastal some district heating. 这个庞大的装置是“废热回收中心”的一部分,通过管道内循环流动的炼金溶液,这个装置将把旁边几座设施-包括一座炼金反应、一座符文熔铸工厂以及一座软泥怪废弃物焚烧中心-释放出的废热收集起来,并通过高效率的热交换器分配到营地的供暖系统中,用来为海岸西侧的部分区域供暖。 To survive in the cold northern area for a long time, similar technology is essential, it lights a fire to warm up logging(felling/cutting) at the foot of the mountain these slow-growing frigid zone trees is cleaner, many of efficient, moreover can avoid affecting the life of local residents to the full, someday in the future, these facilities even can be used to give nearby residential area heating- naturally, that was very long later matter. 要想在寒冷的北方地区长期生存,类似的技术必不可少,它远比砍伐山脚下那些生长缓慢的寒带树木烧火取暖要干净、高效的多,而且也能最大限度地避免影响到当地居民的生活,在未来的某一天,这些设施甚至可以用来给附近的居民点供暖-当然,那就是很久以后的事情了。 But in a farther place, in the open smooth ground near Northern Harbor coast, the bricks house that the every large or small simplistic house, the army tent/account, tower as well as portion are newly-built has distributed scattered, the commodity in material stack field piles up, in the near future will arrive in the big-scale work machinery of work site to bustle about one after another, the temporary trestle that extends toward the sea is built together, nearby the trestle is in the plan, the future must be used to construct the big piece region of dry dock. 而在更远一些的地方,在北港海岸附近的开阔平坦地面上,大大小小的简易房屋、军帐、塔楼以及一部分新建起来的砖瓦房屋已经错落分布,物料堆栈场上的物资堆积如山,近期陆续抵达工地的大型工程机械正在忙碌,一道向着大海延伸的临时栈桥已经被搭建起来,栈桥附近则是规划中的、将来要用于建造干船坞的大片区域。 That temporary trestle does not depend upon the spud pile and so on west Dong/east fixes on the offshore sea bed, has not used the bateau-bridge, but depends on several huge ice pile constructions, these ice piles such as bell tower is thick, from the seabed freeze and has extended to the sea level , some lot of branch icicles deeply prick the seabed, overall firm exceptionally. 那临时栈桥并非依靠固定桩之类的西固定在近海的海床上,也没有用到浮桥,而是依托数个巨大的冰桩建造,那些冰桩如钟般粗大,从海底冻结并一直延伸至海面,又有大量分支冰柱深深刺入海底,整体坚固异常。 Byron stands in a big stone near temporary trestle, welcomed the sea breeze to smile happily, he could not bear to Victoria Grand Consul said: Your cold ices magic spell really to be impressive- I had heard early Wilde Family will ice the magic technique to study diligently the pinnacle coldly, has not actually thought it to be able unexpectedly such fierce......, when you raise 12 cold ice in the sea great column, that was almost Art.” 拜伦站在临时栈桥附近的一座大石头上,迎着海风高兴地笑着,他忍不住对身旁的维多利亚大执政官说道:“你的寒冰法术还真令人惊叹-我早听说过维尔德家族将寒冰魔法的技艺钻研到了极致,却没想过它竟然可以这么厉害……当你在海洋中升起十二道寒冰‘巨柱’的时候,那一幕几乎是艺术了。” You crossed approved, this was only to the crude use of mana,” Victoria shakes the head indifferently, in the cold cold wind, this „the north queen still wore the long skirt, snow and ice in broken bits dancing in the air on as if the barrier protection she, „, moreover I have never thought some day I will be used...... to construct west Dong/east these magic techniques, this was very novel experience, when the I very happy first attempt has not screwed up.” “你过赞了,这只是对魔力的粗暴使用而已,”维多利亚淡然地摇了摇头,在冷冽的寒风中,这位“北方女王”仍然身着长裙,飞舞的细碎冰雪就仿佛屏障般保护着她,“而且我从未想过有朝一日我会把这些魔法技艺用来……建造西,这是很新奇的体验,我很高兴自己第一次尝试时没有搞砸。” magic is west convenient Dong/east, improves the life with it or advances the technology development, compared with the strength waste of mages in the battlefield wants cost-effective many- this was not I said that was your majesty said that” Byron said with a smile, „, although I did not understand the magic domain matter, but I always approved these words that your majesty spoke highly, because at least in Rebecca Princess used her strength after the laboratory, other place bewildered explosion and inflammation failure were many on the reduction......” 魔法是一种便利的西,用它改善生活或推进技术发展,远比把法师们力气浪费在战场上要划算的多-这不是我说的,是陛下说的,”拜伦笑着说道,“虽然我不太懂魔法领域的事情,但我一向高度认可陛下说的这些话,因为至少在瑞贝卡公主把她的力气用在实验室里之后,其他地方莫名其妙的爆炸和着火事故就减少多了……” Victoria thinks, said very much earnestly: But in my opinion, the magic talent of Your Highness Rebecca actually imagines compared with everyone high- she molds your majesty and other skills of body sculpture are true magic Art the fireball ‚’. But I am unable to understand that principle...... if possible, I want jointly to study evocation domain arcane with her actually......” 维多利亚想了一下,很认真地说道:“但在我看来,瑞贝卡殿下的魔法天赋其实远比所有人想象的要高-她将火球塑造成陛下等身雕塑的本事才是真正的‘魔法艺术’。只不过我也无法理解这其中的原理……如果有机会的话,我倒是很想和她共同研究一下塑能领域奥秘……” This snow and ice Grand Duke association/will is earnest in the strange place, Byron has been unalarmed by strange sights, he has not made this strange( moreover seemingly is suspected of slandering imperial family) the topic continues, but spoke thoughtlessly to raise another matter: As Northern Region rule, youis detained in Northern Harbor regularlyreally does not have the issue?” 这位冰雪大公总会在奇怪的地方认真起来,拜伦对此已经见怪不怪,他没有让这个古怪(而且貌似涉嫌诽谤皇室)的话题继续下去,而是随口提起另一件事:“作为北境统治者,你隔三差五就在‘北港’滞留真的没问题么?” Northern Region rule is the government affairs halls in northern various provinces, the Grand Consul authority is only portion of government affairs hall,” Victoria said lightly, „...... Northern Harbor as for Northern Harbor is at present one of the entire northern area most important projects, the eye time from Imperial Capital is gazing here, moreover I come to here to make an appearance frequently...... also to indicate attitude of Wilde Family at this matter.” 北境统治者是北方诸行省的政务厅,大执政官的权威只是政务厅的一部分,”维多利亚淡淡说道,“至于北港这边……北港是目前整个北方地区最重要的工程之一,来自帝都的眼睛时刻注视着这边,而且我经常来这里露面……也是为了表明维尔德家族在这件事情上的态度。” Byron shakes the head: Hopes that Northern Region these families some day can understand your good intention- you are avoiding them being included in list with all might and main ‚’.” 拜伦摇了摇头:“希望北境的那些家族们有朝一日能明白你的好意-你在竭尽全力地避免他们被列入‘名单’。” Victoria has not spoken, she is only calmly stands there, the chilly vision has swept the trim coastline slowly, as well as coastline distant place rolling hills. 维多利亚没有说话,她只是静静地站在那里,清冷的目光缓缓扫过整片海岸线,以及海岸线远处连绵起伏的群山。 Byron leads „the north construction corp had been stationed for a month in this cold coastline, in more than 60 days , the engineering facilities day and night begins, the continuous commodity sends from the rear area, in magic and modern industry under dual promotes, a being some scale harbor embryonic form is taking shape rapidly, this certainly is exciting. 拜伦所领导的“北方建设兵团”已经在这片冷冽的海岸线驻扎了一个月,六十多天的时间里,工程设备昼夜开工,源源不断的物资从后方送来,在魔法和现代工业的双重推动下,一片颇具规模的海港雏形正在迅速成型,这毫无疑问令人振奋。 But this vast momentum construction activities and large-scale construction corps also not attracted many attention accidentally/surprisingly. 但这声势浩大的建设活动以及规模庞大的建设兵团也毫无意外地吸引了许许多多的视线。 Here is Northern Region, cold and stubborn Northern Region, far away from each Kingdom civil war, shuffles far away from each politics, far away from Northern Region of magical industry, in this frozen hills deep place, the ancient families as well as these families plunges the fierce brave stubborn wind of bloodlines and several centuries ago is the same, almost no change. 这里是北境,寒冷而顽固的北境,远离每一次王国内战,远离每一次政治洗牌,远离魔导工业的北境,在这片冰封的群山深处,古老的家族以及这些家族浸入血脉的悍勇顽固之风就和几个世纪前一样,几乎没什么改变。 Their instinct refuses some people to do movement on the land of their for generations life, even if these people are help them construct this lands, even if traditional rule of this lands had publicly indicated the attitude, made the caution , many people conflict to the Northern Harbor project secretly. 他们本能地拒绝有人在他们祖祖辈辈生活的土地上“搞动作”,哪怕这些人是来帮他们建设这片土地的,哪怕这片土地的传统统治者已经公开表明了态度、做出了警示,也还是有不少人对北港项目暗自抵触。 Here people have not produced Empire is a whole concept, spoke anything to them is the state plan is useless. 这里的人们还没有产生“帝国是一个整体”的概念,给他们讲什么是国家规划是没用的。 Although Victoria had once taken a stand to Byron, explicitly expressed will support the Northern Harbor construction, and did not mind local family that for this reason striking these are ignorant of current affairs, but in the final analysis, she does not hope that sees too many people hung on the flagpole outside Northern Harbor- a harbor stands erect too many flagpoles, to entire Northern Region not artistic. 尽管维多利亚曾经对拜伦表过态,明确表示了会支持北港建设,并且不介意为此“敲打”那些不识时务的当地家族,但归根结底,她也不希望看见有太多人被挂在北港外的旗杆上-一个港口竖立太多旗杆,对整个北境而言可不“美观”。 Therefore this north Grand Duke can only choose to be many here reveal several surface in the early time of Northern Harbor project, at least...... Wilde Family dignified on this lands effective. 所以她这个“北方大公”只能选择在北港工程的早期多来这里露几次面,至少……维尔德家族威严在这片土地上还是管用的。 The Byron vision looked to remote sea level- in the day of this sunny slight cloudiness, Extraordinary can look into the very far place, his line of sight crossed slightly the fluctuating sea, crossed these under the sunlight is exuding the glimmer bubble, Sacred Dragon Duchy entering the sea peninsula as well as Violet Kingdom some boundaries can see indistinctly, but a farther place, was white a piece. 拜伦的目光则望向了遥远的海面-在这个晴朗少云的日子里,一个超凡者可以眺望到很远很远的地方,他的视线越过了微微起伏的大海,越过了那些在阳光下泛着微光的泡沫,圣龙公国的“入海半岛”以及紫罗兰王国的部分边界都隐隐约约可以看到,但更远的地方,便只有白茫茫一片了。 That is distance that even if the Extraordinary eyesight is hard to touch- needs to depend upon the powerful magic item or the extra magic spell effect can see that far. 那是即便超凡者的目力都难以触及的距离-需要依靠强力的魔法道具或额外的法术效果才能看到那么远。 „The direction of storm circle......” Victoria the direction that notices Byron to look into, her slightly nodded, in the quite rare day, the weather is sunny enough, but that matter storm happen to expanded the scale, can the visual detection, but should be these days cannot see- the storm circle of north open sea in the summer will contract, cloud wall of most outer layer usually is far away from the land, in the normal condition is unable with the visual observation. However the Coldwinter Castle large-scale Arcane Eye installment, it can see the opposite of entering the sea peninsula in any season, I will observe that storms with it occasionally.” “风暴圈的方向么……”维多利亚注意到了拜伦眺望的方向,她微微点了点头,“在比较罕见的日子里,天气足够晴朗,而那层风暴又正好扩大了规模,就可以目视观察到,不过这段时间应该是看不到的-北部外海的风暴圈在夏季会收缩,最外层的云墙比平常更加远离陆地,正常情况下无法用肉眼观察到。不过凛冬堡有一个大型的法师之眼装置,它在任何季节都能看到入海半岛的对面,我偶尔会用它来观察那片风暴。” Byron looked at Victoria one curiously: What positive result observed?” 拜伦好奇地看了维多利亚一眼:“观察出什么名堂了么?” Except for confirming it will not really dissipate, as well as confirmed beyond its change cycle, does not have any discovery,” Victoria shakes the head, that sea are not quiet, has arrived at the region that Human Race was unable to step , the legendary powerhouse beyond the storm circle will also be buried in sea- no one knows how that matter storm forms, do not say that confirmed its internal structure.” “除了确认它真的不会消散,以及确认了它的变化周期之外,没有任何发现,”维多利亚摇摇头,“那片海洋并不平静,已经到了人类无法涉足的区域,传奇强者也会在风暴圈外葬身大海-没人知道那层风暴是怎么形成的,更不要说去确认它的内部结构。” Your majesty as if thinks that is the Great Dragon state Tollund one of the defensive systems, crossing the storm is Great Dragon Feudal Territory,” Byron spoke thoughtlessly saying that wanted me saying that he can come pay a visit Miss Great Dragon...... to call Meryl anything with that directly frequently probably, chatted with that Miss Great Dragon, could inquire anything.” “陛下似乎认为那是巨龙国度‘塔尔隆德’的防御体系之一,越过风暴就是巨龙领地,”拜伦随口说道,“要我说,他可以直接跟那位经常来拜访巨龙小姐……好像是叫梅丽什么的,跟那位巨龙小姐谈谈,说不定能打听到什么。” Victoria opens the mouth to say unemotionally: „...... The northern area has the legend about Dragon race, mostly from Sacred Dragon Duchy, in our viewpoints, Dragon race is not a role that is good to do.” 维多利亚面无表情地开口道:“……北方地区多有关于龙族的传说,大多来自圣龙公国,在我们的观点里,龙族不是什么好打交道的角色。” Byron impartially hey, later is looking into the sea level while said looking pensive slowly: „It is not good to do......, but illuminates this trend, when we tread this stretch of land, sends out the ships after the distant seas, sooner or later what race must do......” 拜伦不置可否地嘿了一声,随后一边眺望着海面一边若有所思地慢慢说道:“不好打交道啊……但照这个趋势,当我们踏出这片陆地,向远海派出船只之后,迟早什么种族都要打交道的……” Victoria looked at Byron one, opens mouth as to say anything, but before she opens the mouth, an indistinct tumult actually transmits from the camp, interrupts the words that she wants to speak. 维多利亚看了拜伦一眼,张了张嘴似乎想要说些什么,但在她开口之前,一阵隐约的骚动却从营地南部传来,打断了她想说的话。 Goes following the prestige, she noticed that nearby the camp southern checkpoint does not know when has gathered large one group of people, the people outside shielded wire wore the clothes of civilians, the soldier in checkpoint went to keep the order, the noisy sound often conveys from that side, the middle is mixing with the strong northern dialect. 循声望去,她看到营地南部的检查站附近不知何时已经聚集起了规模不小的一群人,隔离线外的人都穿着平民的衣服,检查站的士兵则已经前去维持秩序,吵吵嚷嚷的声音不时从那边传来,中间夹杂着浓重的北方方言。 The brow of Victoria wrinkles immediately, she guessed correctly indistinctly that side is having anything, the snow and ice that the side surrounds condense instantaneously, imitate, if the cold ice blades circle to dance in the air in the air, her tone is also cold and gloomy like the cold winter: I here, unexpectedly also some people......” 维多利亚的眉头立刻皱了起来,她隐约猜到了那边正在发生什么,身边环绕的冰雪瞬间凝聚,仿若冷冽的冰刀般在空气中盘旋飞舞,她的语气也如寒冬般森冷:“我在这里,竟然还会有人……” Duchess finishes barely the words, Byron raised the hand to break her suddenly, General Empire of this mercenary family background looked at one toward that side, then knows that what happened, on the face revealed wipes the strange smile: Do not be excited, Grand Consul, these are only the civilians, moreover is some familiar faces- you missed something recently, but I know that is what situation, not like you imagine, this is the small issue.” 女公爵话音未落,拜伦突然扬起手打断了她,这位佣兵出身的帝国将军只是朝那边看了一眼,便知道发生了什么事情,脸上露出一抹古怪的笑容:“别太激动,大执政官,那些只是平民,而且是一些熟悉的面孔-你最近错过了一些事情,但我知道是什么情况,不像你想象的那样,这是小问题。” Is saying, Byron while jumps the ground, takes a step to walk in the direction of checkpoint, simultaneously to with Victoria said: Met you do not make an appearance, their possibly nervous looks at I process well.” 一边说着,拜伦一边跳到地上,迈步朝检查站的方向走去,同时对跟上来的维多利亚说道:“等会你不要露面,他们可能会过于紧张-看着我处理就好。” Victoria is confused nods, released Light Distortion Field camoflauge conveniently own figure, she and Byron arrived at the camp southern checkpoint together, but about hundred civilians who here gathered have stood two rows with soldier entirely different of checkpoint. 维多利亚一头雾水地点点头,随手释放曲光力场遮蔽了自己的身形,她和拜伦一同来到营地南部的检查站,而这里聚集的近百平民已经和检查站的士兵泾渭分明地站成了两排。 General came......” general to come......” “将军来了……”“将军来了……” In the crowd some people see the Byron form, the sound that reminded in a low voice continuously, the soldiers made way a channel, civilian neat and tidy that these gathered retroceded two steps. 人群中有人看到拜伦的身影,低声提醒的声音此起彼伏,士兵们让开了一条通道,那些聚集起来的平民则整整齐齐地后退了两步。 Hidden goes to the form Victoria first to focus in these civilians with Light Distortion Field- they wear the homespun cloth old garment, but the clothing also calculates maintains warmth cleanly, the inhabitant from the facial expression appearance, these live in, all year round works, most made one care, was in these people, not only had the vigorous and healthy man, unexpectedly women and children- was tied down by care of one's family completely. 曲光力场隐去身影的维多利亚第一时间把目光放在那些平民身上-他们穿着粗布旧衫,但衣物还算干净保暖,从神情面貌来看,这些都是住在附近的、常年干活的山里人,最令人在意的,是这些人中不但有健壮的男人,竟还有妇女和儿童-完全是拖家带口来的。 But was guessing in the Victoria heart when the civilians who these gather which family stirs up, Byron several steps had arrived in front of the crowd. 而在维多利亚心中猜测着这些聚集起来的平民是被哪个家族煽动时,拜伦已经几步来到了人群面前。 The people of these wear homespun cloth hempen garments somewhat awe looks at at present complete equipment and big dignified General Empire, but has not retroceded unexpectedly again. 那些穿着粗布麻衣的人有些敬畏地看着眼前全副武装、高大威严帝国将军,但竟没有再后退。 Byron looked at their one eyes, spoke thoughtlessly saying: You gather here, thinks what are you doing?” 拜伦看了他们一眼,随口说道:“你们聚集在这里,是想干什么?” The tone light nature, as if has long been used. 语气平淡自然,仿佛早已习惯。 In the crowd had several men to stand, they first were subconsciously then looked at one, later the courage is arriving in front of Byron greatly: General, we had the words to say......” 人群中有几个男人站了出来,他们先是下意识地回头看了一眼,随后才大着胆子来到拜伦面前:“将军,我们有话说……” The Byron eyebrow selects: Was the same as before?” 拜伦眉毛一挑:“还是跟之前一样?” Yes,” several men nod in abundance, then inspires, shouts harsh to shout, „the South person do not touch our lands! You are digging our mineral lode and water sources!!” “是,”几个男人纷纷点头,然后吸了口气,扯着破锣般的嗓子喊了起来,“南方人别碰我们的土地!你们在挖我们的矿脉和水源!!” The civilians who they gather behind also followed to shout, the scattered shout continued for several seconds, then all stopped. 他们身后聚集的平民们也跟着喊了起来,稀稀落落的喊声持续了几秒钟,便全都停了下来。 The man of lead has an anticipation to look to Byron, the latter curls the lip, wields conveniently: Heard- caught these people, the man sent to the west district to dig gutter, the woman processes the potato and dried meat, the child also goes to the kitchen to help, what later wanted on one hour of learn to read class...... this looks at less than five -year-old is who brought!?” 领头的男人带着一丝期待看向拜伦,后者则撇了撇嘴,随手一挥:“都听见了吧-把这些人抓起来,男人送去西区挖排水沟,妇女去处理土豆和肉干,孩子也去厨房帮忙,之后要上一个小时的识字课……这个看着都不到五岁的是谁带过来的!?” Is high and thin man drills from the crowd, brings awkward smiling: I, am my son...... he may be miraculous! Moreover he actually nearly is seven years old, is appears thin......” 一个又高又瘦的男人从人堆里钻出来,带着尴尬的笑:“我,是我儿子……他可灵光啦!而且他其实快七岁了,就是显得瘦……” I also not blind, he must be have five -and-a-half-year-old me to be your son!” Byron stared high thin man one eyes, later beckons with the hand ill-humoredly, goes, favors the child, tomorrow will not permit to bring.” “我还没瞎,他要能有五岁半我都给你当儿子!”拜伦瞪了高瘦男人一眼,随后没好气地摆摆手,“进去进去,看好小孩,明天不准带来了。” One group of civilians before checkpoint face forward to walk immediately jubilantly, the unusual coordination accepted the inspection and searching of soldier, then turns toward in the camp to walk under several soldiers' leadership, the man who before took the lead when also stopped after Byron side, flattered is smiling: General, did the day tie?” 检查站前的一群平民顿时喜气洋洋地朝前走去,非常配合地接受了士兵的检查和搜身,然后在几个士兵的带领下向着营地里面走去,之前带头的男人在经过拜伦身边的时候还停了一下,讨好地笑着:“将军,还是日结吧?” Otherwise?” Byron stared opposite party one eyes, „the Empire soldier does not deceive the common people, said that the day tied is the day ties!” “不然呢?”拜伦瞪了对方一眼,“帝国的军人绝不欺骗百姓,说日结就是日结!” „, That is well good......” “好好,那就好……” The men nod happily again and again, followed already the team that walks away quickly quickly, entered to the camp. 男人高兴地连连点头,快步跟上了已经快走远的队伍,进到营地里面去了。 Victoria the dumbfoundedness in side looking. 维多利亚在旁边看的目瞪口呆。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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