SOD :: Volume #9

#868: Mysterious signal

Hears Gawain's to question, Belterra nods: Yes, just like I in report-, moreover I have not done to understand the origins of these regular signals to the present.” 听到高文的问话,贝尔提拉点了点头:“是,正如我在报告里所述的-而且我到现在也没搞明白那些规律信号的来源。” Gawain knits the brows slightly. 高文微微皱起了眉。 He and Belterra discussed that happened some time ago matter- about a week ago, magic circuit of Thorin area completed in the region to become net, depended upon relaying towers conducted linear connection in the eastern plain several key cities success achieve the grid distributing of energy and information, but as Fort Thorin of region hub, a here biggest magic energy obelisk also completed the schema translation on the same day, became the total hub of this area, this matter was smooth, but later actually happened bewilderingly some phenomenon. 他和贝尔提拉所讨论的,是发生在不久前的事情-大约一周前,索林地区的魔网完成了区域内成网,原先依靠一座座中继塔进行“线式连接”的东部平原数座主要城市之间成功实现了能量和信息的网格分布,而作为区域枢纽的索林堡,这里最大的一座魔能方尖碑也在当天完成了模式转换,成为这一地区的总枢纽,这件事本身非常顺利,但之后却发生了一些令人困惑的“现象”。 In the third day that the network is completed, Belterra starts one after another from situated in the crystal array of Thorin top of the tree examines some not to belong to magic circuit, the regular signal from unchecked sources. 在网络建成的第三天,贝尔提拉开始陆陆续续地从位于索林树顶的水晶阵列中检测到一些不属于魔网本身的、来源不明的规律信号。 Because the magic energy obelisk of Thorin area constructs top the crown of Thorin great tree, and its many ancillary facilities depend on great tree's structure to make, the Belterra itself/Ben person is equivalent to one living the magic circuit hub, after conscious to this point, Gawain technology personnel and Belterra hand/subordinate achieved the cooperation, the latter starts to study and be familiar with these magical installments control skill, but whether in the signal module of monitoring magic energy obelisk has exceptionally, is one of her routine work. 由于索林地区的魔能方尖碑就建在索林巨树的树冠顶部,且它的很多附属设施都依托巨树本身的结构而造,贝尔提拉本“人”便相当于一座活着的魔网枢纽,在意识到这一点后,高文手下的技术人员贝尔提拉达成了合作,后者开始学习、习惯那些魔导装置的操控技巧,而监控魔能方尖碑的信号模块中是否有异常,便是她的日常工作之一。 By the way, the Thorin hub is in Empire only one can maintain own magic circuit hub at present, Gawain hopes very much can make several, but looks like the Belterra cuttage to transplant technology to at present obtain the breakthrough to be never, therefore similar idea also can only be an idea...... 顺便提一句,索林枢纽是帝国境内目前唯一一座可以自己维护自己的魔网枢纽,高文很希望能多造几个,但目前看来贝尔提拉的扦插移栽技术要获得突破还遥遥无期,所以类似的想法还只能是个想法…… After the short thinking, Gawain raised the head: Currently technology doesn't personnel have the means to explain these signals the contents?” 在短暂思索之后,高文抬起头:“目前技术人员还没办法解读那些信号的内容么?” Decodes without the progress, that is we have never contacted the signal,” Belterra shakes the head, it comprised of a series of very short trembling and significance unclear echo, is completely different from nerve analog pulse that we currently use ‚’ and mind transport stream two patterns. But somewhat can determine......” “破解毫无进展,那是我们从未接触过的信号,”贝尔提拉摇摇头,“它由一系列非常短促的震颤和意义不明的回波组成,完全不同于我们目前使用的‘神经模拟脉冲’和‘心智传输流’两种模式。但有一点似乎可以确定……” The Gawain eyebrow raises: Which point?” 高文眉毛一扬:“哪一点?” That is not the background, definitely is not,” Belterra quite said assuredly, „, although we suspected from the beginning it in everywhere the mana field perturbation with the nature is related, but technology personnel collected the readings of Thorin area surroundings all mana monitor towers afterward, these readings do not correspond with the signal that I monitor. Moreover we issued Imperial Capital Grandmaster Camel signal specimen, the latter thinks that inside portion trembling presents the complex combination, seems like the result of manual intervention.” “那不是自然干扰,肯定不是,”贝尔提拉颇为笃定地说道,“虽然一开始我们怀疑它和自然界中无处不在的魔力场扰动有关,但后来技术人员收集了索林地区周围所有魔力监测塔的读数,那些读数都和我监听到的信号对应不上。而且我们把信号样本发给了帝都卡迈尔大师,后者认为里面的一部分‘震颤’呈现出复杂的组合,很像是人工干预的结果。” „...... In other words, technology personnel think these signals that the Thorin hub receives man-made,” Gawain feels the chin, said looking pensive, „, but...... who will send these signals? Our magic circuit communications system is a new thing, on this piece of continent the second country has not grasped it......” “……也就是说,技术人员们认为索林枢纽收到的那些信号是人造的,”高文摸着下巴,若有所思地说道,“但是……谁会发送那些信号?我们的魔网通讯系统是一种新事物,这片大陆上并没有第二个国家掌握它……” If that is really man-made, then sends similar signal definitely to have one set of complete technology, several human country truly are at present unlikely, but......” Belterra said in the thinking slowly, the vine that the fresh flower is in full bloom wriggles in her behind gently, exudes low and drawn out gentle rustling sound, „ I also recorded you to say a few words- in this world had incessantly powerful civilization, but present Human Race and they compared with are not in the upper hand. “如果那真是人造的,那么发送类似的信号必然要有一套完整的技术,目前几个人类国度确实不太可能,不过……”贝尔提拉在思索中慢慢说道,鲜花盛开的藤蔓在她身后轻轻蠕动,发出一阵低缓平和的沙沙声,“我还记着您说过一句话-这个世界上存在不止一个强大的文明,而如今的人类和他们比起来并不占上风。 Siren, Great Dragon, even southern part of the continent Elf, their technology not low- perhaps did we pick up their broadcast signal exactly?” 海妖,巨龙,甚至大陆南部精灵,他们的技术都不低-说不定我们只是恰好捕捉到了他们的广播信号?” Elf can remove, we now and Silver Empire had the technology exchange, both countries establishes system of one set of signal relaying translation through Tower of the Sentinels, the Camel that side had signal specimen, did not have is unable to distinguish the problem,” Gawain sinking sound said, „...... really had the possibility as for Great Dragon and Siren. 精灵可以排除,我们现在和白银帝国技术交流,两国通过哨兵之塔建立了一套信号中继转译的系统,卡迈尔那边有信号样本,不存在‘无法识别’的问题,”高文沉声说道,“至于巨龙海妖……倒确实有可能。 We are very at present limited with the exchanges of these two races, particularly that side Dragon race, is almost the strange relations, confirmed rashly signal specimen somewhat will be troublesome. “只是目前我们和这两个种族的交流还很有限,尤其是龙族那边,差不多算是陌生关系,贸然确认信号样本可能会有些麻烦。 „The Siren that side...... can try to ask actually. Between Cecil Empire and Siren have the technology cooperation.” “倒是海妖那边……可以试着去问一下。塞西尔帝国海妖之间也算是有技术合作。” Belterra lowers the head: All were decided by you.” 贝尔提拉低下头:“一切由您决定。” Gawain nods, in the heart sighed in a soft voice. 高文点点头,心中却轻声叹息。 In this world...... the unknown thing were too many, but behind these unknown things often danger numerous, is still solving the secret of mana deep place to the present technology department that side diligently, as today the gradual development of magic circuit, presents regular signal that anything is unable to distinguish, this really lets in the person heart anxious. 这个世界上……未知的东西实在太多了,而这些未知的东西背后往往又危险重重,到现在技术部门那边还在努力破解魔力深处的秘密,今日随着魔网的逐渐发展,却又出现了什么“无法识别的规律信号”,这实在让人心中不安。 Is who is launching these signals? Siren? Great Dragon? Some does hide ancient civilization beyond Human Race line of sight? Even is the Gondor Wasteland deep place, even is condition unknown Gods...... each frightened suspicion, really has the possibility. 是谁在发射这些信号?海妖巨龙?还是某个藏身在人类视线之外的古文明?甚至是刚铎废土深处,甚至是状态未知的神明……每一个惊悚的猜想,竟然都有可能。 Gawain shakes the head, then suddenly remembers a matter: Said, before that side Northern Region also once transmitted the report, when Coldwinter Castle nearby magic circuit testing, technology personnel once monitored has one very strangely whistling by echo...... I to suspect that in the entire magic circuit system whether these two matters have certain connection.” 高文摇了摇头,接着突然想起一件事情:“说起来,之前北境那边也曾传来报告,在凛冬堡附近的魔网试机时,技术人员曾监听到有一段非常诡异的‘啸叫’回响在整个魔网系统中……我怀疑这两件事是否有一定关联。” I also heard,” Belterra nods, in several junction stations will share intelligence, I had heard the matter of Northern Region, does not remove them to have the connection, but the differences of twice event very Are also significant Coldwinter Castle what that side monitors is short and disorderly whistling by, according to material, that thing very chaos, even cannot call it signal, but thing actually clear explicit many of Fort Thorin monitoring, even there is a trace of manual debugging. Although these two matters make one unable to bear associate arrive at the same place, I suggested regards the isolated event them respectively, at least do not merge rashly.” “我也听说了,”贝尔提拉点点头,“几个枢纽站之间会共享情报,我听说过北境发生的事情,不排除它们有关联,但两次事件的差别也很明显-凛冬堡那边监听到的是一阵短促且杂乱的啸叫,根据事后资料,那东西非常混乱,甚至不能称之为‘信号’,而索林堡这边监听到的东西却清晰明确的多,甚至有人工调试的痕迹。所以虽然这两件事让人忍不住联想到一起,我还是建议把它们分别当成孤立事件来看,至少不要贸然合并。” Gawain slightly nodded. 高文微微点了点头。 Although once fell into dark Religion, but Belterra eventually is technology personnel, when talked about the related topic, her mentality was clear clearly, exchanging to be more relaxed. 尽管曾堕入黑暗教派,但贝尔提拉终究还是一名技术人员,在谈到相关话题的时候,她的思路明确清晰,交流起来要轻松很多。 After saying to stop slightly one next, Belterra had supplemented: „......, if these two matters really have the connection, I have a suspicion.” 而在说完稍微停顿了一下之后,贝尔提拉又有所补充:“不过……如果这两件事真的有关联,我也有个猜想。” Gawain looked at opposite party one eyes: Said by all means.” 高文看了对方一眼:“只管说。” If, I meant if, behind the signal that Coldwinter Castle and Fort Thorin monitor is the same source, that beforehand Northern Region signal may be not a successful attempt- has not completed the debugging, without adapting to magic circuit, therefore turned into strange whistling by, when the Fort Thorin hub starts time, this signal was debugged clearly......” “如果,我是说如果,凛冬堡索林堡监听到的信号背后是同一个源头,那之前北境的信号极有可能是一次不成功的尝试-没有完成调试,没有适应魔网,所以变成了一次怪异的啸叫,而等到索林堡枢纽启动的时候,这个信号才被调试清晰了……” Does not rule out this possibility......” Gawain thinking while said that in brief, later I will order national all hub tower attention to monitor these mysterious signals, perhaps we can catch more. Extra specimen can help us reveal these signal back secrets probably....... The Thorin great tree as for you are first hub that picks up the clear signal, we have not been able to determine this whether with the environment or Thorin of hub's Thorin area special related, therefore you must Dogariu intent, I make the government affairs hall send the experts in several magic circuit communication to come to you especially again.” “也不排除这个可能……”高文一边思索一边说道,“总之,之后我会命令全国所有的枢纽塔注意监控这些神秘的信号,或许我们能捕捉到更多。额外的样本大概能帮助我们揭开这些信号背后的秘密。至于你这边……索林巨树是第一个捕捉到清晰信号的枢纽,我们还不能确定这是否和索林地区的环境或者索林枢纽本身的特殊有关,所以你要格外多加留意,我会让政务厅再给你派几个魔网通讯方面的专家过来。” This best.” “这样最好。” After saying these proper business, two people fell into a short silence simultaneously, later was Gawain broke on own initiative silent: Already past a half year- also adapts to own new status and new life?” 在说完这些正事之后,两人同时陷入了一段短暂的沉默中,之后是高文主动打破了沉默:“已经过去半年了-还适应自己的新身份和新生活么?” Compared with imagination is much better,” Belterra as if smiled, I think to become after a plant , will be very bored, the new thing that these that but you bring emerge one after another incessantly truly made me have a lot to do. looks at this lands gradually the recovery is one can bring very big sense of achievement the matter...... , and has the magic circuit broadcast and Magical Theater may look.” “比想象的要好一些,”贝尔提拉似乎笑了一下,“我原以为成为一株植物之后会很无聊,但你带来的那些层出不穷的新事物确实让我有了很多事情可做。看着这片土地逐渐复苏是一件能带来很大成就感的事情……而且还有魔网广播和魔影剧可看。” So long as you are willing to continue to be an obeying the law Empire citizen like this, in the future the inconceivable matter will be only more, this is a quickly changing time.” “只要你愿意继续这样做一个守法的帝国公民,未来不可思议的事情只会更多,这可是个日新月异的时代。” I maintain the anticipation,” the Belterra nod said, later suddenly raised the head, looks to not far away, „, the guest came.” “我保持期待,”贝尔提拉点头说道,随后突然抬起头,看向不远处,“啊,客人来了。” Gawain turns the head to look, was seeing the Selena Gerfen form appears in the air towering. 高文转头看去,正看到赛琳娜·格尔分的身影突兀地出现在空气中。 He nods to this Dreamland saintess: „Did your side matter process?” 他对这位梦境圣女点点头:“你那边的事情都处理完了?” Matter Yuri and Semler of real world can handle, in the network has Ritter and Duarte processes following,” Selena said at a moderate pace, „...... I wants to maintain a distance as for me with Magnum that stupid fellow.” “现实世界的事情尤里和塞姆勒可以搞定,网络中有娜瑞提尔杜瓦尔特处理后续,”赛琳娜不紧不慢说道,“至于我……我只是想和马格南那个愚蠢的家伙保持一点距离。” He what are you doing?” “他又干什么了?” He and Norris discussed really happy, then indulge in fantasy wanted to draw in me, established ‚’ a club comprised of the network mind body- was really passed stupid the thought.” “他和诺里斯相谈甚欢,然后异想天开地想要拉上我,成立一个由‘网络心智体’组成的俱乐部-实在是个蠢透了的念头。” Gawain cannot help laughing: But I thought that this idea is good- after all you and Magnum have the Norris present condition to be similar, but in the future we must increase many network citizen, Magnum's suggestion perhaps is to make these network citizen establish the road of social organization by the new status, I thought that you even can take Meguir......” 高文哑然失笑:“但我觉得这个点子不错啊-毕竟你和马格南还有诺里斯现在的状态相似,而未来我们还要增加更多的‘网络公民’,马格南的建议或许是让这些‘网络公民’以新身份重新建立社会组织的一条路,我觉得你们甚至可以把梅高尔带上……” He gives a name to call as the deceased were still with ’,” Selena to the clubto say lightly, after verifying white/in vain this phrase is what meaning, I decided that maintains the distance with him.” “他给俱乐部起名叫‘音容宛在’,”赛琳娜淡淡说道,“在查明白这个词组是什么意思之后,我决定和他保持距离。” In Gawain heart thump. 高文心中咯噔一下。 Has started to proliferate his conscious to Amber covertly reorganization «Gawain Cecil Great Emperor Sacred Obscene talk» of- however his several searches before then and capture cannot become effective obviously. 意识琥珀偷偷摸摸整理的《高文·塞西尔大帝神圣的骚话》已经开始扩散了-而他在此之前的几次搜查和收缴显然未能生效。 „...... This name truly cans be discussed that” the Gawain's expression becomes and Belterra equally is wooden, that Norris? What idea does he have?” “……这个名字确实有待商榷,”高文的表情变得和贝尔提拉一样木然,“那么诺里斯呢?他有什么想法?” He is not interested- that is an honourable person, he only misses the Holy Spirit Plain grain-producing region, as well as when can return to work,” Selena shakes the head, „, therefore I do not want to understand how such an honourable person is can have the common interest with Magnum......” “他不感兴趣-那是一位值得尊敬的人,他只挂念圣灵平原的产粮区,以及何时能回到工作中,”赛琳娜摇了摇头,“所以我也没想明白这样一个值得尊敬的人是怎么和马格南能有共同话题的……” „...... perhaps is the politeness,” the Gawain voice said low and deep, later was silent the moment, was sorry, the ladies, I want I must say good bye now one- my something want to chat with my Minister intelligence.” “……或许只是出于礼貌,”高文嗓音低沉地说道,随后沉默了片刻,“抱歉,女士们,我要失陪一下-我有些事情想和我的情报部长谈谈。” Belterra raises slightly to express best wishes slightly: You please as one likes.” 贝尔提拉微微欠身致意:“您请自便。” Gawain left, under Thorin great tree in quiet field of flowers, is only left over is spent the vine crowding around Belterra and hand holds Selena of inspection lamp calmly to stand. 高文离开了,索林巨树下静谧的花田中,只剩下被花藤簇拥的贝尔提拉和手执提灯的赛琳娜静静站立。 The after silence of moment, Belterra looked to past Repose of Eternity Archbishop: Never expected that we will meet in this case again.” 片刻的沉默之后,贝尔提拉看向昔日的永眠者大主教:“没想到我们会在这种情况下再次见面。” I heard you new condition, said honestly, the actual situation compared with inconceivable that I imagine,” Selena said, I have reminded you early, your biochemical technology have very big hidden danger......” “我听说了你的‘新状态’,坦白说,实际情况比我想象的更不可思议,”赛琳娜说道,“我早提醒过你们,你们的生化技术有很大隐患……” Belterra shows a faint smile: „The roads of your soul how?” 贝尔提拉微微一笑:“你们的灵魂之路又如何呢?” „...... But actually is also.” “……倒也是。” Two people are again silent. 两人再次沉默下来。 They calmly stand under the tree, as if, whatever 700 years of time precipitates slowly, after several minutes Selena breaks in a soft voice silent: Already 700 years......” 她们静静地立在树下,仿佛在任由七百年时光慢慢沉淀,直到几分钟后赛琳娜才轻声打破沉默:“已经七百年了……” during that time we are also Human Race,” Belterra said indifferently, then we more and more not like Human Race.” 当年我们还都是人类,”贝尔提拉淡然说道,“然后我们就越来越不像人类了。” „...... You had taken root in some time on this lands, said your view- It trustworthy?” “……你已经在这片土地上扎根了一段时间,说说你的看法吧-‘祂’值得信赖么?” In the crown of Thorin great tree transmits one crash-bang the sound, such as the great waves are common. 索林巨树的树冠中传来一阵哗啦啦的响动,如浪涛一般。 What in that body holds is inhuman soul, but by my vision, this inhuman soul is letting everyone on this lands live like Individual perhaps we do not have the means to determine that ’ what kind of idea the territory foreign visitor has likeIt specifically, but at least he acts until now...... compared with being better that we once made.” “那副躯体中容纳的是一个非人的灵魂,但就以我的目光来看,这个非人的灵魂正在让这片土地上的每一个人都活的更像个人-或许我们没办法确定一个像‘祂’那样的域外来客具体有怎样的想法,但至少他至今为止的行动……比我们曾经做的都要好。” Yes...... he will even give a plant to sign and issue the citizenship.” “是啊……他甚至会给一株植物签发公民身份。” Ghost like you ‚’.” “还有像你这样的‘鬼魂’。” „......” “……” Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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