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#15: Lin Family child porch

Master-Uncle! Then, in five Great Demon Sect three emerge from Way Gate unexpectedly, that does not know that Heaven Swallowing Demon Sect and Elysium Hall are what origin?” Jiang Yuanchen first chose a water essence bead from jade stage. This thing is previous generation Water God collects the magical things that the Heaven and Earth air/Qi between of water phase concentrates, originally will be wants to be used to refine divine tool in the future. Actually does not think that the day falls the unexpected calamity, perishes together with demon cultivator. 师叔!说起来,五大魔宗之中居然有三个是从道门脱胎而出,那不知道吞天魔宗往生殿又是何来历?”姜元辰先是从玉台上面挑选了一颗水精珠。此物乃是上一代水神采集天地间的水行之气而凝的灵物,本是想要日后用来炼制神器之用。却不想天降横祸,和一位魔修同归于尽。 In this water essence bead contains massive Water Spirit Essence Qi, happen to helps you refine to become Life Source Magic Treasure River Chart truly.” After Chen Hao appraises one, starts to mention the matter of that two demon sects. “这颗水精珠中蕴含大量水灵精气,正好助你将河图真正炼制成为本命法宝。”陈灏评价一句后,才开始说起那两个魔宗的事情。 Heaven Swallowing Demon Sect likes absorbing Cultivator Magic Power true origin forcefully, was the antiquity Demonic Way inheritance comes, it may be said that was a Demon Gate most ancient school, is now the Demonic Way first large amount. As for Elysium Hall-” 吞天魔宗喜欢强行吸收修士法力真元,乃是上古魔道传承而来,可谓是魔门最古老的一个门派,也是当今魔道第一大宗。至于往生殿-” The Chen Hao tone is prudent: You best rejoice oneself do not fall into the Elysium Hall hand, although that Elysium Hall is Primordial Spirit True Person assumes personal command merely, but that True Person but the Elysium Hall pioneer is also and person of our Purple Yang founder peer. In years past again and again escaped from the founder, then opened Elysium Hall in Demon Gate, fused Immortal, God and Demon Three Ways to exercise is reborn in paradise Demonic Way, it may be said that is the present Demonic Way first expert. If you fall into Elysium Hall, besides was led into to be reborn in paradise the demon boundary to refine Soul Puppet by them no other two groups.” 陈灏语气慎重:“你最好庆幸自己千万别落入往生殿手中,那往生殿虽然仅仅是一位元神真人坐镇,但那位真人可是往生殿的开辟者也是和我们紫阳祖师同辈的人。昔年三番五次从祖师手下逃脱,接着在魔门之中开辟往生殿,融合仙神魔三道而练就往生魔道,可谓是如今魔道第一高手。你若是落入往生殿中,除了被他们带入往生魔境炼成傀儡之外别无二路。” Elysium Hall is not the school that the masters and disciples inherit, not by bloodlines as the clan of tie, but takes the core by that Hall Master completely. Elects some aptitude good people from the mortal, then with raising the law of trained killer gu, stimulates their potential with the method of Soul Puppet again thoroughly, was controlled the life and death by that not fresh old ancestor thoroughly. 往生殿不是师徒传承的门派,也不是以血脉作为纽带的氏族,而是完全以那位殿主作为核心。从凡人中选出来一些资质不错的人,然后用养蛊之法培养杀手,再用傀儡之法将他们的潜力彻底激发,被那位无生老祖彻底掌控生死。 To put it bluntly, Elysium Hall is one group of people ready dead who are trained by not fresh old ancestor, inside person except for the board game piece that Hall Master old ancestor abandons conveniently. 说白了,往生殿就是一群由无生老祖培养出来的死士,里面的人除了那位殿主老祖都不过是随手抛弃的棋子而已。 Ok, the things of these demon sects you some travelling people will naturally raise in the future outside select you.” When Chen Hao said Elysium Hall, then did not want to chat with Jiang Yuanchen again, initially Chen Hao also ate in the Elysium Hall hand owes too small. Moreover Elysium Hall that group of people are completely one group of reckless killers, so long as some people pay the price to hire them. Initially by making a great show of one's talents of Chen Hao, was informed Elysium Hall to buy his life in secret. True Cultivation World, Elysium Hall and Way Gate relational quite somewhat well water not interfering with river water, reason that is called Demonic Way is completely because that not fresh old ancestor's relations as well as their use to life soul. “行了,这些魔宗的事情你日后在外游历自然有人提点你。”陈灏说道往生殿时,便不欲再跟姜元辰闲聊了,当初陈灏也在往生殿手中吃过小亏。而且往生殿那群人完全就是一群不要命的杀手,只要有人付出代价就可以雇佣他们。当初以陈灏的锋芒毕露,也被人暗中通知往生殿买他的命。在修真界来说,往生殿道门的关系颇有几分井水不犯河水,之所以被称为魔道完全是因为那位无生老祖的关系以及他们对生灵魂魄的利用。 You hurry to choose the thing.” “你还是赶紧挑选东西吧。” Jiang Yuanchen does not dare to neglect, took a black jade after jade stage, selected peachwood sword. 姜元辰不敢怠慢,从玉台上面拿了一块墨玉后,又挑了一柄桃木剑 This peachwood sword seems like with the thunder strike peach wooden refinement, enough you used before the Heartbeat period, is much better compared with the loose wooden sword that the master-gate unification is sent to frontier service, was Magical Artifact.” After Chen Hao spiritual sense inspects, said scruple: „It seems like a crystal as for this black jade, should be gathers Qi of Water Spirit to help cultivation use.” “这桃木剑似乎是用雷击桃木炼制而成,在心动期之前也足够你使用了,比起师门统一发配的松木剑要好一些,也算是一件法器了。”陈灏灵识检查后又迟疑道:“至于这一块墨玉似乎是一种水玉,应该是汇聚水灵之气帮助修行所用。” The crystal, is Qi of Water Spirit gathers the jade lineage/vein that forms under water, crystal various because of environment but the attribute is different, even Chen Hao cannot recognize this crystal type. 水玉,乃是水灵之气汇聚在水底形成的玉脉,其中水玉各种各样因环境而属性有所不同,即便是陈灏也认不出来这种水玉的种类。 Water God Divine Power sent out from magic conch together, falls on this together crystal. 一道水神神力法螺中发出,落在了这一道水玉上面。 Smells the tastelessness, is not of Xiangyu ; The degree of hardness is moderate , the can be regarded soft jade is not the class/flow of corundum.” After spiritual sense Divine Thought inspects, Chen Hao again said: But, in this thing contains massive Qi of Water Spirit to have the help to your cultivation and that's the end, and along wearing.” “闻之无味,不是香玉之属;硬度适中,既算不得软玉也不是刚玉之流。”以灵识神念检查后,陈灏再度道:“不过,此物中蕴含大量水灵之气对你修行有帮助就是了,且随身佩戴者吧。” Afterward, confessed with Jiang Yuanchen several, explained to Jiang Yuanchen the uses of other jade stage above things, Chen Hao then received own spiritual sense. Explained difference of the say/way demon to Jiang Yuanchen, looked at Jiang Yuanchen to rain, Chen Hao handled the canal also to feel relieved in this to Jiang Yuanchen, at least according to his level of expertise to magecraft not big mistake. 随后,和姜元辰交代了几句,将玉台上面其他东西的用途给姜元辰讲解一下,陈灏便将自己的灵识收了回去。给姜元辰讲解了一番道魔之别,又看了姜元辰施法降雨,陈灏姜元辰在此打理水道也放下心来,至少依他对法术的熟练程度也不会出了大的差错。 Little thing, must evidently over the following several months with you in together.” Jiang Yuanchen hugs that koi, takes a jade sign to hang from jade stage after the koi body, turns several Water Spirit Pill to take to the koi. “小东西,看样子接下来几个月就要跟你在一块儿了。”姜元辰将那一条锦鲤抱起,从玉台上面拿过一个玉牌挂在锦鲤身上后,又翻出来几颗水灵丹给锦鲤服用。 ...... …… Combs the canal to revolve, Si Zhanghang cloud Buyu, in an instant is two months passes. Jiang Yuanchen besides drawing support from Water God then practices water-category magecraft, but also starts the sacrifice to practice Sublime Dust Banner as well as peachwood sword that Chen Hao bestowed initially. 梳理水道运转,司掌行云布雨,转眼便是两个月的时间过去。姜元辰除了借助水神之便练习水系法术外,还开始祭练陈灏当初赐下的弥尘幡以及桃木剑 That Sublime Dust Banner merely is ordinary Magical Artifact that three way method ban, has three functions: Flight, Illusory Technique as well as summon dust sand. But peachwood sword has exorcising of Spiritual God incantation law to bend down spell law besides above, has no special function. 弥尘幡仅仅是三道法禁的普通法器,具备三种功能:飞行、幻术以及召唤尘沙。而桃木剑除了上面有着神灵咒法的驱邪伏魔咒法外,也没有什么特殊功能。 Uses the technique of Sublime Dust Banner practice flight on the water surface, uses peachwood sword to practice three sets of sword method on Full Moon Cliff, the Jiang Yuanchen day also is very but actually compact. 在水面上用弥尘幡练习飞行之术,在望月崖上用桃木剑练习三套剑法,姜元辰的日子倒也很紧凑。 This place Water God where?” This day Jiang Yuanchen in the method of White Jade Altar place guide that koi cultivation Breathing. This koi has also opened spirit wisdom under nourishing of Water God Divine Power, in addition that several Water Spirit Pill also had spirit wisdom of ordinary 6 or 7-year-old child. Moreover also makes it grow from the original three chi (0.33 m) bodies under Water God nourishing of Divine Power and Water Spirit Pill into the zhang (3.33 m) the length. Naturally these must give credit to Chen Hao bestows a reason that opens the miracle cure. “此地水神何在?”这日姜元辰白玉祭坛处指导那锦鲤修行吐纳之法。这一条锦鲤在水神神力的滋养下也已经开启灵智,加上那几颗水灵丹也具备了普通六七岁小孩的灵智。而且在水神神力水灵丹的滋养下也让它从原先的三尺之身成长为丈许长短。当然这其中也要归功于陈灏赐下了一枚启灵丹的缘故。 Hears that sound that on the water surface hands down from generation to generation, Jiang Yuanchen only felt own Water God false standard rocks unceasingly, as if must accept the impel general. 听到水面上传下来的那个声音,姜元辰只感觉自己身上的水神假格不断晃动,似乎要接受感召一般。 Some people to ask the law of god move of this Land God spirit?” Jiang Yuanchen clearly grasps principles suddenly: In view of this, has to have a look.” “是有人以请神之法相招本地神灵?”姜元辰忽然明悟道:“既如此,不得不去看看。” Can to ask the law of god to summon the Spiritual God of Supreme Emptiness Way Sect imperial edict life, only possibly is the Supreme Emptiness Way Sect person on one's own side. Although Jiang Yuanchen merely is god of the false standard, but if place in one's power must help one group. 能够以请神之法召唤太虚道宗敕命的神灵,只可能是太虚道宗的自己人。虽然姜元辰仅仅是一个假格之神,但若力所能及之地也要帮一帮。 Pats koi, that koi conducts the back Jiang Yuanchen to surface. 一拍身边的锦鲤,那锦鲤驮着姜元辰就浮出水面。 On periphery Full Moon Cliff, Lin Zixuan sizes up static and other appearances of Land God. 望月崖上,林子轩四下打量周围静等地神的出现。 Lin Zixuan presents the life of Inner Sect elder to go out to put to death an evil spirit, finally arrives at the halfway time detected oneself could not recognize the road. 林子轩内门长老之命外出诛杀一只妖魔,结果走到半路的时候才发觉自己认不得路了。 Lin Zixuan is actually crude, but walks Yun Road from the sky and method of the ground hurrying along is entirely different. Needs to stop the foot once for a while, inquired the local Land God concrete position. Naturally, is Lin Zixuan cultivation base is not deep, merely is Foundation Establishment Great Perfection Boundary, to reason that the law of divination deduction is not skilled, otherwise counted on the fingers that can integrate in the chest the surrounding region position. 倒不是林子轩鲁莽愚笨,只不过从天空中行走云路和从地面赶路的方法大不相同。就需要时不时停下脚来,询问一下当地地神具体的方位。当然,也是林子轩修为不深,仅仅是筑基大圆满境界,对占卜推演之法不精通的缘故,不然掐指一算就能够将周围的地域位置纳入胸中。 This time, after Lin Zixuan flew a distance, stayed on Full Moon Cliff, displayed the god incantation to summon this place Land God, that Jiang Yuanchen took from a Lin Zixuan recent earth deities god then happen to complied with the summon. 这一次,林子轩飞行了一段距离后就停留在了望月崖上,施展神咒召唤此地地神,那姜元辰作为距离林子轩最近的一位地灵神便正好应了召唤。 Lin Zixuan looked that under the cliff the mountain stream tumbles unceasingly, then a youth sits cross-legged to leap from the water on a golden koi. 林子轩看崖下溪水不断翻滚,然后一位青年盘坐在一尾金色锦鲤上从水中跃出。 The youth wears one set of Qingyun cheongsam, the nape of the neck hangs the black jade necklace to attract Qi of Water Spirit together, the forehead is printed with bright red magic seal is the symbol of Gold Sand Creek Water God, after the brain , the gloomily blue god wheel is mapping the canal change of Gold Sand Creek. 那青年身披一套青云长衫,脖颈挂着一块墨玉颈链吸引水灵之气,眉心印有一点朱红法印金沙溪水神的象征,脑后还有一圈幽蓝神轮映射着金沙溪的水道变化。 Your excellency does not know how to call? With my Supreme Emptiness Way Sect is what responsibility?” The youth coming out water surface, flings the sleeve to shout loudly to. “阁下不知如何称呼?和我太虚道宗是何干系?”青年出来水面,一甩袖子对上高呼道。 Jiang Yuanchen?” Lin Zixuan sizes up youth one, suddenly said: How didn't you take Water God in Outer Sect cultivation in this?” Saying, Lin Zixuan also jumps down from the cliff mountain, flies high to float in a water surface three chi (0.33 m) place. 姜元辰?”林子轩打量青年一阵,忽然道:“你不在外门修行怎么在此作为水神了?”说着,林子轩也从崖山跳了下来,凌空浮在水面三尺之处。 The Jiang Yuanchen vision flashes, said discretely: Does not know how the brother called, the little brother lived in widowhood entrance cultivation not to see you.” 姜元辰眼光一闪,谨慎道:“不知道兄如何称呼,小弟寡居山门修行可没怎么见过你啊。” Saying, Jiang Yuanchen sizes up carefully floats the youth on water surface at present. The youth appearance is 23 or 24-year-old, the stature is great, the facial features are distinct, wear the gold crown, wears the scarlet Daoist robe, its surrounding aura is boundless, fully obviously its cultivation base above oneself. 说着,姜元辰仔细打量眼前浮在水面上的青年。青年样貌不过二十三四岁,身材伟岸,五官分明,头戴金冠,身披大红道袍,其周围气息磅礴,足可见其修为远在自己之上。 But after Jiang Yuanchen recalls oneself have seen everyone, who still could not remember at present this person is. Since two people did not know, then this person does learn own given name from where? Moreover as if knew about own matter very much? 姜元辰回忆自己见过的所有人后,仍然想不起眼前这人到底是谁。既然两人不认识,那么这人从何处得知自己的名讳?而且似乎对自己的事情很了解? Lin Zixuan.” The youth said briefly. 林子轩。”青年简短说。 Lin Zixuan! Listened to words Jiang Yuanchen of youth to be astonished, said submissively: Unexpectedly is Senior Brother Lin, the Senior Brother long time in Inner Sect cultivation, matter that unexpectedly also knows the little brother?” 林子轩!听了青年的话姜元辰讶异不已,拱手笑说:“居然是林师兄,师兄久在内门修行,居然也知道小弟的事情?” Lin Zixuan, Jiang Yuanchen also for a long time heard about this Senior Brother given name. Reopens first batch of Outer Sect disciple after entrance as Supreme Emptiness Way Sect, Lin Zixuan is first disciple who enters Inner Sect cultivation. Just like Yang Ling in second batch of Outer Sect disciple, was often mentioned in several elder instructor mouths. 林子轩,姜元辰也是久闻这位师兄大名了。作为太虚道宗重开山门后的第一批外门弟子,林子轩又是第一位进入内门修行的弟子。和第二批外门弟子中的杨陵一样,在几位长老讲师口中常常被提及。 „After I enter Inner Sect, once went to Outer Sect to take a walk, has seen the Outer Sect disciple name register. This generation of disciples are optimal by Junior Brother, Elder Sikong often raised.” After Lin Zixuan explained that said curiously: „Wasn't Junior Brother Jiang seeking for the Heavens Gate Foundation Establishment chance a short time ago? What's wrong-” “我入得内门后也曾经去外门走动,也看到过外门弟子的花名册。这一代弟子以师弟最优,司空长老可是经常提起。”林子轩解释后,好奇道:“姜师弟前不久不是在寻找天门筑基的机缘吗?怎么-” Un. Now Junior Brother Foundation Establishment has succeeded, why hasn't returned to the Inner Sect report?” The eye hides jumps, Lin Zixuan looks at the Jiang Yuanchen current cultivation base advancement. Purple Qi ascends, Heavenly Spirit emit light, has achieved the Purple Dawn Secret Art Great Perfection condition. “嗯。现在师弟已经筑基成功,为何还不回内门报备?”眼皮子一跳,林子轩就看出来姜元辰目前的修为进境。紫气升腾,天灵生光,也已经达到了紫霞诀大圆满的状态。 Is because Master-Uncle Chen keeps here reason me.” Jiang Yuanchen rephrased in own words that Chen Hao said initially. “是因为陈师叔将我留在这里的缘故。”姜元辰陈灏当初说的转述了一遍。 So that's how it is, to finish with the Gold Sand Creek causes and effects.” Lin Zixuan suddenly. “原来如此,是为了了却和金沙溪的因果啊。”林子轩恍然。 But, this place, since is Gold Sand Creek, then should not be far from Yellow Forest Mountain?” Lin Zixuan asked again: Presents the life of master-gate to go to Yellow Forest Mountain to eliminate the monster for the brother, Junior Brother whether to direct a Yellow Forest Mountain position?” “不过,此地既然是金沙溪,那么距离黄林山应该也不远了吧?”林子轩再度问道:“为兄奉师门之命去黄林山除妖,师弟可否指点一点黄林山方位?” Lin Zixuan also the first time is came the place of Chen Nation, although has read the Chen Nation mountains chart, but cannot remember each territory/Earth God thoroughly, another boundary before Jiang Yuanchen also sought territory/Earth God to ask the way. 林子轩也是第一次来陈国之地,虽然看过陈国山川图,但也不能将每一处的土地彻底记住,在姜元辰之前的另一处地境也寻了一位土地问路。 Yellow Forest Mountain?” Jiang Yuanchen recalled, puts out a hand at will to water surface one stroke. The turbulent current flies in front of two people to congeal together at the same time the mirage given Jiang Yuanchen. 黄林山吗?”姜元辰回忆了一下,伸手随意对着水面一划。一道激流在姜元辰的牵引下飞到两人面前凝结一面水镜。 These days Jiang Yuanchen also had the progress in this cultivation water-category Way Technique very much. Fuses the mirage technique that water-category Way Technique changes to also to have by Illusory Technique Yellow Forest Mountain to the Gold Sand Creek map under his attainments appears. 这些日子姜元辰在此修行水系道术也很有进展。在他的造诣下以幻术融合水系道术化作的水镜术也将黄林山金沙溪的地图具现出来。 The mirage rocks back and forth, after Lin Zixuan takes down the map, then also falls in the water shatter. 水镜来回晃动,待林子轩将地图记下后便随之破碎落入水中。 In view of this, did not disturb Junior Brother cultivation for the brother, when Junior Brother will belong to Inner Sect I and others to meet in the future again.” Together sword light flash, Lin Zixuan direct flying, but governing sword line. “既如此,为兄就不打扰师弟修行了,待师弟日后归入内门我等再行相见吧。”一道剑光闪过,林子轩直接飞身而起御剑而行。 This boy also a little sword cultivation way, the law of this set of governing sword flight transferred compared with your crawling wind unexpectedly is.” The Chen Hao sound passes to the Jiang Yuanchen ear again. “这小子居然也有一点剑修路子,这套御剑飞行之法比起你的爬风挪移可是强多了。”陈灏的声音再度传到姜元辰耳中。 With the Chen Hao contact in the course of time, Jiang Yuanchen even more is also familiar to this Master-Uncle temper. Compared with the Elder Sikong quiet temper, this Master-Uncle Chen were for many several points happy to take off/escape, came toward, poured also quite somewhat pleased love and hate flavor. 陈灏接触日久,姜元辰对这位师叔的性子也越发熟悉起来。比起司空长老的沉静性子,这位陈师叔就多了几分欢脱,直来直往,倒也颇有几分快意恩仇的味道。 This Master-Uncle speech is very straight, Jiang Yuanchen listened to this Master-Uncle words is not angry. Indeed, might as well the qing gong of the world of mortals martial arts world person in the Jiang Yuanchen flight skill is quick. Above three zhang (3.33 m) grumble parade in water surface, how can call it driving an artifact to fly? 这位师叔说话很直,姜元辰听了这位师叔的话也不恼。的确,以姜元辰的飞行技巧来说还不如凡间武林人士的轻功快呢。在水面三丈之上磨磨叽叽的游行,怎么能够称之为御器飞行 Disciple pities the life very much, hadn't mentioned the black history of some seniors in the Master-Uncle words?” “弟子惜命的很,在师叔的话语中不是也曾经提及过一些前辈的黑历史吗?” driving an artifact to fly and rising wind, but the line also has the difference, that rides the wind to control one's feelings can be said as own Life Source magical powers, but driving an artifact to fly relied on a Magical Artifact strength to fly high the line, Lin Zixuan the law of governing sword was also so and so on. 御器飞行御风而行还有不同,那乘风御气可以说是自己的一门本命神通,但是御器飞行则是借助了一件法器的力量进行凌空而行,林子轩的御剑之法也是如此之类。 The Sublime Dust Banner quality was not good, in addition Jiang Yuanchen just started to study the method of driving an artifact to fly, can float crawl in the water surface three zhang (3.33 m) slowly, Jiang Yuanchen were very satisfied. 弥尘幡的品质本就不好,加上姜元辰刚刚开始学习御器飞行之法,能够悬浮在水面三丈慢慢爬行,姜元辰自己就很满意了。 Also luckily under is rivers and streams, if a sheer precipice, Jiang Yuanchen does not dare at will law of the practice flight. If really Magic Power dries up to fall to the cliff on for a while, even Foundation Establishment Cultivator must lose half life. 也幸好下面是一处江河,如果是一处悬崖峭壁,姜元辰也不敢随意练习飞行之法了。真要是一时法力枯竭摔到悬崖上面,即便是筑基修士也要丢了半条命。 Chen Hao when had also cited the examples of some failure seniors to the law of Jiang Yuanchen explanation flight. What practices time does not pay great attention to the environment, falls from the sky to the land all of a sudden has brains dashed out dead. Does not pay attention to the flight altitude to fly to go to the above astral wind level forcefully, was blown the bone to be frightened out of one's wits dead by the astral wind. Again or in the in the air wrong way, ran up to these birds evil spirit domains to be struck to kill...... 陈灏在给姜元辰讲解飞行之法的时候也曾经举过一些失败前辈的例子。什么练习的时候不注重周围环境,从天空中一下子摔到大地脑浆迸裂而死。或者不注意飞行高度强行飞去上面的罡风层,被罡风刮骨魂飞魄散而死。再或者于空中迷路,跑到了那些飞禽妖魔领域被击杀…… The law of governing spatial flight is all Cultivator most commonly used riding instead of walking methods, naturally must build the solid foundation to be good well. 御空飞行之法是所有修士最常用的代步手段,当然要好好打下扎实基础才行。
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