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#14: nine provinces vast earth

Divine Way and Immortal Way cultivation realm is similar, corresponded Foundation Establishment, Gold Core and Primordial Spirit three Way Realm by Roaming Spirit, Yin Spirit and Yang Spirit. 神道仙道修行境界大致相同,以游神阴神阳神对应了筑基金丹元神道境界。 Authority of a God is valued in God Domain, even if Yin Spirit God Monarch to being equal to Gold Core Cultivator, can still project a side God Domain space under Yang boundary/world Divine Continent Vast Earth, but when to Yang Spirit can refine Yin to become grotto-heaven and blessed land the God Domain space Yang. 神之权柄贵在神域,即便是一个对等于金丹修士阴神神君,也可以在阳界神洲浩土之下投影出来一方神域空间,而到了阳神之时则可以将神域空间炼阴化阳成为洞天福地 As for initial Roaming Spirit realm, cannot open God Domain like Yin Spirit merit Cao Naban in Yin-Yang, they mostly are in the staying temple minds, takes own blessing institute by this. If the Yang Plane(world of the living) temple hotel were destroyed, in which basic altar was destroyed, then their strengths at least want the buckle most, even some will therefore be frightened out of one's wits. 至于最初的游神境界,并不像阴神功曹那般可以在阴阳界间开辟自身神域,他们大多是栖身神庙灵府之中,以此作为自己的庇佑所。如果阳世的神庙宅邸被毁,其中的根本祭坛被破坏,那么他们的实力至少要折损大半,甚至有的更会因此而魂飞魄散。 The White Jade Altar that Jiang Yuanchen is, is Supreme Emptiness Way Sect specially for the Life Source altar that Gold Sand Creek Water God prepares, can evolve temporary God Domain with the aid of this altar, making the Spiritual God have a shelter in this. 姜元辰所在的这个白玉祭坛,就是太虚道宗专门为了金沙溪水神所准备的本命祭坛,借助这个祭坛可以演化临时神域,让神灵在此有一个栖身之所。 However this altar that is bestowed by Supreme Emptiness Way Sect and altar that is practiced by the God Position ancestral tablet sacrifice slowly has the difference greatly. After using the Supreme Emptiness Way Sect altar , so long as has the heart of disobeying slightly, will then cause to use the special method rejecting God Position by patrolling of Supreme Emptiness Way Sect, even writes off soul thoroughly. 不过这种由太虚道宗赐下来的祭坛和自己由神位灵牌慢慢祭练的祭坛大有不同。使用太虚道宗的祭坛后只要稍有违逆之心,便会被太虚道宗的巡察使施展特殊手段给罢黜神位,甚至彻底抹杀魂魄 These Spiritual God are origin soul essence soul to seal/confer God, if I practices by the method of sacrifice Immortal Way-” “不过那些神灵多是元魂精魄封神,如果是我以仙道之法祭练的话-” If you want the sacrifice to practice this thing, then also can only make Water God under my place in the future.” The Chen Hao sound said spookily: Way of the Immortal God, although common origin, but you, if walks the Divine Way sacrifice to practice this Life Source shrine inevitably to create the hindrance to your Immortal Way cultivation. After all confers Land God that comes by Mountains and Rivers Seal, is very difficult to break through to Primordial Spirit realm, if in the future I will have the chance also to attempt to re-enter Immortal Way.” “如果你想要祭练此物,那么日后也只能在我座下做一位水神了。”陈灏的声音幽幽道:“仙神之道虽然同源,但你若行走神道祭练此本命神坛必然对你仙道修行造成妨碍。毕竟以山河印册封而来的地神们,很难突破到元神境界,日后我若有机缘也会尝试重入仙道。” The Chen Hao revolutions cultivates the Divine Way reality is helpless action, if might naturally continue to walk the road of Immortal Way. 陈灏转修神道实乃无奈之举,若是有可能当然会继续行走仙道之路。 Moreover, this altar is quite important to my Supreme Emptiness Way Sect, and you look.” In magic conch flew a way method seal to hit on the altar. In the altar comes out baseless a light ball, then the light ball rotates to project unceasingly a chart, the golden ray of chart covers entire Gold Sand Creek, the water origin spiritual energy welled up altar. “况且,这祭坛对我太虚道宗颇为重要,你且看着吧。”法螺中飞出来一道法印打在了祭坛上面。祭坛上凭空多出来一个光球,然后光球不断转动投影出来一副阵图,阵图的金色光芒将整个金沙溪覆盖,水元灵气涌到了祭坛处。 In this chart is completely spirit seal rune that Jiang Yuanchen cannot completely understand, composed small mutually, then becomes huge magic formation under the links of various engraved inscription traces. 这阵图之中尽是姜元辰看不透的灵篆符文,相互组成了一座座小阵,然后在各种铭文纹路的链接下成为了一座巨大的法阵 Perhaps this attempts you not to recognize, but these magic formation combination positions, you walk should some understanding of be from Nation of Chu.” “这阵图你或许认不得,但是那些法阵的组合位置,你一路从楚国走来应该有些了解才是。” In that giant mysterious chart suddenly has the trace twinkle blue light together, then Jiang Yuanchen careful calculated the surrounding formation combination through this trace. 那副巨大玄奥的阵图中忽然有一道纹路闪烁蓝光,然后姜元辰通过这条纹路仔细将周围的阵法组合推算了一番。 Master-Uncle, is it possible that this blue trace is Gold Sand Creek? But are surroundings these formation combinations the two nations, Chen and Chu topographies?” Jiang Yuanchen said under the prompt of Chen Hao suddenly. 师叔,莫非这一条蓝色纹路就是金沙溪?而周围那些阵法组合就是陈楚两国的地形地貌?”姜元辰陈灏的提示下恍然道。 This great formation clearly ten thousand li (0.5 km) region around Supreme Emptiness Way Sect all integrates in a chart, each trace in that chart then corresponded a canal to flow, but each group of small magic formation were a boundary mountain range, as for eyes was peripheral various nations all Supreme Emptiness Way Monastery. 这座大阵分明是将太虚道宗周围万里地域悉数纳入阵图之中,那阵图中的每一道纹路便对应了一条水道川流,而每一组小法阵就是一处地界山脉,至于其中的一个个阵眼则是周边列国所有的太虚道观 This great formation is my Supreme Emptiness Way Sect town/subdues sect formation, 50 years ago draws support from this great formation, that feather slightly True Person cannot resist the attacks of five Primordial Spirit True Person by one's effort.” “这一处大阵才是我太虚道宗的镇宗阵法,五十年前要不是借助这一座大阵,那羽微真人也不能以一己之力对抗五位元神真人的攻击。” Connects piece of achievement great formation White Yang mountain surrounding territory/Earth God spirit vein, then unblocks Origin Qi to take the channel with the aid of the canal, this took the mountains and rivers True Man Purple Yang to do as the great writer of initially personally. Around that Supreme Emptiness Way Sect all nations three thousand Supreme Emptiness Way Monastery, as well as Supreme Emptiness Protector God that consecrates may be has to say. Otherwise Supreme Emptiness Way Sect cannot by a strength suppression entire Spirit Province Confucian orthodoxy school, on eight big Immortal Gate with other states exist side by side. 白阳山周围的土地灵脉连接一片作为大阵,然后借助水道来疏导元气作为通道,这以山河为阵的大手笔可是当初紫阳真人亲手所做。那太虚道宗周围诸国三千太虚道观,以及其中所供奉的太虚护法神可都是有着说道呢。不然太虚道宗也不能以一宗之力镇压整个灵州道统门派,和其他诸州上面的八大仙门并立。 „The place of three big Immortal Gate existing side by side battles that Central Province, Eastern Azure Province also two big Immortal Gate with revering, besides Cold Moon Palace of northern territory, Go King Hall of southern border are one-party rule, which also there is to look like our Supreme Emptiness Way Sect to dominate a state generally?” In the Chen Hao spoken language the proud meaning completely reveals. “那中州之地三大仙门并立争斗,东方青州也有两大仙门同尊,除了北域的寒月宫,南疆的弈王殿算是一家独大之外,又有哪家像我们太虚道宗一般称霸一州?”陈灏言语之中自豪之意尽显。 Above Divine Continent was divided into the place of nine provinces, Central Province, Azure Province, Spirit Province, Harmony Province, Flame Province, Thunder Province, Cloud Province, Wing Province as well as Penglai Province. 神洲之上又被分为九州之地,中州青州灵州并州炎洲雷州云州翼州以及蓬莱州 But in True Cultivation World, Harmony Province of Flame Province and northern territory that the southern border is at can be ignored, this two big school gratitude and grudges entanglements did not say absolutely not, because also the generation of geography reason rare cultivation in this. The place of that southern border besides Go King Hall, is some ancient Wudao exists. Northern territory Harmony Province is a stretch of the world of ice and snow, in the say/way of this cultivation broad cold moon exists besides it's nothing cultivation school of Cold Moon Palace. These two schools are enough as one of the Nine Great Immortal Gates, but wants to go out of Great Province to become the heads of nine Immortal Gate is not impossible, is very difficult to have the right to speak in Sino-Turkey True Cultivation World. 但在修真界中,南疆所在的炎洲和北域的并州可以被忽略不计,此两大门派恩怨纠缠不断不说,还因为地理缘故少有修行之辈在此。那南疆之地除了弈王殿之外,就是一些古巫道存在。北域并州乃是一片冰天雪地,除了寒月宫在此修行广寒太阴之道外也没什么修行门派存在。这两个门派作为九大仙门之一足以,但想要走出大州成为九仙门之首根本不可能,在中土修真界很难拥有话语权。 Western Thunder Pool had knot that the Divine Way three big gods established jointly to stop entries of most Cultivator. But because Penglai Province above Eastern Sea all sorts of reasons were also included one of the nine provinces, but this state hangs the open sea this solitary one, are not many with the relations of cultivation many Immortal Gate. 西方的雷泽神道三位大神联手立下的结界阻拦了大多数修士的进入。而东海之上的蓬莱州因为种种缘故也被算入九州之一,只不过此州孤悬外海,和修行界诸多仙门的联系并不多。 Therefore, only then Central Province, Spirit Province, Wing Province, Cloud Province and Azure Province were called five Great Province by True Cultivation World, regards as Sino-Turkey True Cultivation World. 所以,只有中州灵州翼州云州青州修真界称之为五大州,视为中土修真界 Central Province bounteous is the No.1 of various state, except for Radiant Yang Way Faction, in this receives outside the disciple broadly, Red Firmament Sword Faction, as well as Grand Brightness Faction passing on the dao cultivation in this, three big Immortal Gate mutual battle relations were inharmonious. 中州地大物博为诸州之冠,除了景阳道派在此广收门徒外,还有赤霄剑派、以及浩明派在此传道修行,三大仙门相互争斗彼此之间关系不睦。 Azure Province is next to Central Province in various states, depends on the place of resources Eastern Sea broad many and many Eastern Sea disperses the immortal relations to be good, this state earth also has Heavens Craft Way and Azure Parting Monastery exists. 青州在诸州之中仅次于中州,又靠着东海之地资源广多和诸多东海散仙关系不错,这一个州土也有天工道青离观存在。 Between Spirit Province and Harmony Province are clamping the narrow and small barren Wing Province 16 countries, therefore spirit vein is few, the territory/Earth God also it's nothing cultivation person of high skill exists barrenly. Does not have top Immortal Gate born under Spirit Province Supreme Emptiness Way Sect and suppression of Harmony Province Cold Moon Palace, totally becomes the institutes of two trial. 灵州并州中间则夹着狭小贫瘠的翼州十六国,因此地灵脉寡少、土地贫瘠也没什么修行高人存在。在灵州太虚道宗并州寒月宫的压制下更没有顶级仙门诞生,完全成为两宗的试炼之所。 Cloud Province, besides with Azure Province, Central Province and Flame Province connected part, that Southern Sea Archipelago was also included the place of Cloud Province. Although this state is bounteous, spiritual energy full, but does not know that what reason did not have the top Immortal Gate birth. According to many Way Gate people of high skill speculated that Demon Gate various say/way supreme headquarters may very much in this place. 云州,除了和青州中州炎洲相连的部分外,那南海群岛也被算入云州之地。此州虽然地大物博,灵气充盈,但不知何种缘故一直没有顶级仙门诞生。据诸多道门高人推测,那魔门诸道的大本营很有可能就在此地。 After the 10,000 years ago antiquity catastrophes, the entire divine land vast earth had the place of nine provinces to be guaranteed by ten Heavenly Immortal Great Exalt, removed several impossible Great Province, naturally only had Cloud Province to be most suspicious. 一万年前的上古浩劫之后,整个神州浩土就剩下了九州之地被十位天仙大尊保下,排除几个不可能的大州,当然唯有云州最为可疑了。 In years past I sent True Man Purple Yang and four Fellow Daoist jointly establish Heavenly Yang Way Sect. Did among several people of high skill to have the difference afterward, the Purple Yang founder one person alone arrives at the place of Spirit Province to open the entrance, took advantage of opportunity to hand down my White Yang mountain range Supreme Emptiness Way Sect to rule place of state. If you in the future bumped into the Radiant Yang Way Faction person, in situation in one's power, although under the killer is.” The Chen Hao tone said densely: That Radiant Yang school of «Supreme Emptiness Purple Yang Golden Chapter» that drools our family/home was very long, wants cultivation technique that drew support from Purple Yang Volume entire their Radiant Yang to send? Joke!” “昔年我派紫阳真人和四位同道共同建立天阳道宗。奈何后来几位高人之间产生分歧,紫阳祖师孤身来到灵州之地开辟山门,顺势传下了我白阳山脉太虚道宗统治了一州之地。你日后若是碰到了景阳道派的人,在力所能及的情况下尽管下杀手就是。”陈灏语气森森道:“那景阳一派垂涎咱们家的《太虚紫阳金章》很久了,想要借助紫阳篇全了他们景阳派的功法?笑话!” The Confucian orthodoxy that Heavenly Yang Immortal Monarch hands down from generation to generation is divided into Purple Yang, Radiant Yang, Jade Yang, Scarlet Yang and Spirit Yang, this Way of the Five Yang. Pitifully only this Five Yang executes not entire, five True Person halt Primordial Spirit realm, but can not deposit. Afterward because of cultivation viewpoint and other reasons, among five True Person disintegrated, True Man Purple Yang of that number Minghong arrived at Spirit Province from opening lineage/vein. But Scarlet Yang True Person was forced into Demonic Way to open Blood Yang Demon Sect by Spirit Yang and Radiant Yang two people, started three lineage/vein over a thousand years of battles. 天阳仙君传下来的道统分为紫阳景阳玉阳赤阳灵阳,此五阳之道。只可惜这五阳正法都不全,五位真人止步元神境界而不得存进。后来因为修行观点等原因,五位真人之间分崩离析,那道号明鸿的紫阳真人来到灵州自开一脉。而赤阳真人灵阳景阳二人逼入魔道开辟血阳魔宗,开始了三脉上千年的争斗。 I sent True Man Purple Yang to be known as in years past the Way Gate first person, complemented Purple Yang Golden Chapter by big wisdom big willpower, can let me and other later generations by this cultivation to the Training Spirit, Returning to Emptiness extremely boundary fully. But that Radiant Yang Way Faction licked the face saying that daily what five lineage/vein, nothing but wanted with our Purple Yang Golden Chapter entire their say/way of Sanyang, where in the world to have this fine deeds!” In the Chen Hao words reprimanded Radiant Yang Way Faction unrestrained/no trace of politeness. “我派紫阳真人昔年号称道门第一人,以大智慧大毅力补全了紫阳金章,足可以让我等后辈以此修行练神返虚极境。而那景阳道派天天舔着脸说什么五脉一家,无非是想要用我们的紫阳金章全了他们的三阳之道,天底下哪里有这种美事!”陈灏话语中毫不客气斥责景阳道派 This three Great Demon Sect besiege the White Yang mountain, was two Primordial Spirit True Person is please encircled Demonic Way Primordial Spirit True Person to give the Demonic Way opportunity is not missed by Radiant Yang Way Faction completely. It looks like in Supreme Emptiness Way Sect these people, these two matters must say do not have the responsibility, might as well said that Demonic Way these people are the big good man of enjoying doing charitable things really come. 要知道,这一次三大魔宗围攻白阳山,完全是两位元神真人景阳道派请去围剿魔道元神真人才给了魔道可趁之机。在太虚道宗这些人看来,这两件事要说没有干系,还不如说魔道那些人都是乐善好施的大善人来得实在。 The Chen Hao topic more pulls is farther, but Jiang Yuanchen hears the True Cultivation World all sorts of secret interests is also big, chooses the spirit fetish material on jade stage, while said curiously: That Blood Yang Demon Sect?” Jiang Yuanchen in the future is Supreme Emptiness Way Sect inner-gate disciple, from also wants to be clear to Sect Gate these situation understanding. 陈灏的话题越扯越远,而姜元辰听到修真界的种种秘辛也兴趣大起,一边在玉台上面挑选灵物神材,一边好奇道:“那血阳魔宗呢?”姜元辰日后便是太虚道宗内门弟子,自也想要对宗门这些情况了解清楚。 They with us are not, that Radiant Yang Way Faction good and evil also bragged that honest person, will not display what Evil Gate magecraft to promote cultivation base. However Blood Yang Demon Sect uses the life essence and blood as the food, refining up by the blood essence on the demon merit, this is in our correct path the big taboo of person.” “他们跟我们也不是一路,那景阳道派好歹也自诩正派中人,不会施展什么邪门法术提升修为。但是血阳魔宗以生灵精血为食,以血液精华炼就魔功,这可是吾等正道中人的大忌讳。” Perhaps Way Gate cannot be the just symbol, their interior also has all sorts of benefit disputes, gratitude and grudges between several Immortal Gate pester for over a thousand years. Supreme Emptiness Way Sect and Radiant Yang Way Faction ; Go King Hall and Cold Moon Palace ; Between Heavens Craft Way as well as Azure Parting Monastery wait/etc. Immortal Gate has in years past old debt. 道门或许不能作为正义的象征,他们内部也有着种种利益纠葛,几个仙门之间的恩怨纠缠上千年。太虚道宗景阳道派;弈王殿寒月宫;天工道以及青离观等等仙门间都有着昔年的旧账。 However, even if Way Gate cannot to pose as justly, but Demon Gate inevitably is the evil symbol. Since Demon Gate were reprimanded as one demon character, naturally does not flaunt merely fights ominously bravely, liking playing with play the schemes and tricks is so simple. Does not kill the wife to murder the child, non- slaughter person whole Gate, do you do right by your demon cultivator status? 但是,即便道门不能以正义自居,可魔门必然是邪恶的象征。魔门既然被斥为一个“魔”字,当然不是仅仅逞凶斗勇,喜欢玩弄耍阴谋诡计那么简单。不杀妻弑子,不屠人满门,你对得起自己的魔修身份吗? Heaven and Earth is unkind takes the myriad things as the dogs and hay worthless thing , the idea of Way Gate and Demon Gate differentiated from these words thoroughly. 天地不仁以万物为刍狗,从这一句话中也将道门魔门的理念彻底区分了开来。 Way Gate believes, these words are Heavenly Way to the meaning of Duke, equality of treatment myriad things. Therefore Way Gate emphasizes the imitation nature, values the life the value, the esteem natural circulation cannot kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. 道门认为,这一句话是天道至公,平等对待万物的意思。所以道门讲求师法自然,重视生命的可贵,推崇自然循环不可竭泽而渔。 But Demonic Way is different, Demonic Way thinks that Heavenly Way regards the myriad things such as the dogs and hay worthless thing general, the matter of that cultivation is the say/way of big struggle, the natural selection reveres for the strength alone, which others life so long as I do prove to say long life? 魔道不同,魔道认为天道视万物如刍狗一般,那修行之事乃大争之道,物竞天择为力独尊,只要我证道长生哪管旁人死活? Although this idea has also emphasized in Go King Hall, but teaches the struggling spirit at most, will not break the human relations three cardinal guides and five constant virtues with Demon Gate decisively generally thoroughly, with this excuse lets human and wild animal general behavior. 这种理念虽然在弈王殿中也有所讲求,但至多不过是教导拼搏精神,断然不会跟魔门一般彻底断了人伦纲常,以此为借口让人类和野兽一般行为。 The people are because has the moral principle, the humanistic enlightenment, clothes, clean oneself body this is the difference of human and wild animal. 人之所以为人就是因为有着伦理道德,人文教化,“正衣冠,洁己身”这是人类和野兽的差别。 Heaven Extinction Sect emphasizes to forget kindnesses wants certainly, crosses the threshold must cut off the fatality of this world, kills off to have the relative of blood relationship. 天绝宗讲求忘情绝欲,入门必然要斩断尘缘,杀尽一切有血缘关系的亲属。 Heaven Swallowing Demon Sect thinks that all living things Myriad Spirits is raises inborn, then swallows the Heaven and Earth myriad things to care for is in itself also of a point days. 吞天魔宗认为众生万灵皆是天生地养,那么吞噬天地万物奉养自身也是天之一环。 Although Yin-Yang Profound Valley Cult is Way Gate do not come with Heaven Extinction Sect generally, but becomes picks from the initial Yin-Yang dual cultivation idea development the law of making up, picks Myriad Spirits essence to take a tonic itself. 阴阳玄牝教虽然和天绝宗一般也是道门别支而来,但从最初的阴阳双修理念发展成为了采补之法,采万灵元精而补养自身。 Blood Yang Demon Sect and Supreme Emptiness Way Sect have a source, but this Blood Yang Demon Sect likes building up the life essence and blood, its has complete disregard for human life the attitude of indifferent all living things also to make it get the Demon Gate trace firmly. 血阳魔宗太虚道宗可谓同出一源,但这血阳魔宗喜欢炼化生灵精血,其草菅人命漠视众生的态度也让它牢牢打上魔门的痕迹。 As for final Elysium Hall, they will not play anything to pick the law of making up to swallow the essence and blood, but they like playing soul. When the person dies later soul soon dissipation Heaven and Earth, will be pulled to be reborn in paradise in the demon boundary by them, becomes ghost spirit Soul Puppet to enslave for Elysium Hall. 至于最后的往生殿,他们不会玩什么采补之法吞噬精血,但他们喜欢玩魂魄。当人死之后魂魄即将消散天地之时,就会被他们拉扯到了往生魔境之中,成为其中的鬼灵傀儡往生殿奴役。 The relations of Elysium Hall and Blood Yang Demon Sect, Yin-Yang Profound Valley Cult as well as Heaven Swallowing Demon Sect are good, when Blood Yang Demon Sect swallows the essence and blood, the profound female teaches to pick to make up Cultivator, after Heaven Swallowing Demon Sect attracts clean Cultivator Magic Power, their soul will give Elysium Hall to enslave. 往生殿血阳魔宗阴阳玄牝教以及吞天魔宗的关系不错,当血阳魔宗吞噬精血,玄牝教采补修士,吞天魔宗吸干净修士法力后,都会将他们的魂魄送给往生殿奴役。 On Demon Gate these methods, if made them arrive at the place of mortal inevitably is big catastrophes, that did not have the mortal of strength of resistance besides becoming their cultivation nutrient does not have other possibilities again. 魔门这些手段,如果让他们到了凡人之地必然便是一场场大浩劫,那毫无反抗之力的凡人除了成为他们修行的养分之外再无其他可能。 Making of 500 years of say/way demon, its limit is the possibility of Demonic Way recklessly unseemly behavior. 500 years of together demon struggle, only if Demonic Way exceeds Way Gate to plan, otherwise Demonic Way must establish the demon oath to ambush for 500 years, cannot use the magic to cruelly harm the life in Divine Continent at will. 五百年的道魔之约,其限制的就是魔道肆意妄为的可能性。五百年一道魔争,除非魔道胜过道门一筹,不然魔道就要立下魔誓潜伏五百年,不能随意在神洲施展魔法残害生灵。 --------- --------- The tea words room of bookworm: 书虫的茶话室: Today is Dragon Boat Festival, does not know that everyone did eat the steamed rice dumpling? 今天是端午节,不知道大家都吃粽子了没? Today has the pair, that should in the evening about 8 : 30. 今天有双更,晚上那一更应该在八点半左右。 ps: Let alone I slow, does not see the renewal compared with that article two days that I pursue, I every day one simply is the industry conscience. ps:别说我更的慢,比起我追的那篇文两天不见更新,我每天一更简直是业界良心啊。
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