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Real false?” dragon knits the brows azure unreliably, some do not believe the super main character words. “真的假的?”龙青玄皱了皱眉,有些不太相信龙傲天的话。 super main character shows the whites of the eyes, I am look forward to you to hurry, has that necessity to deceive you?” 龙傲天翻了个白眼,“我是巴不得你赶紧走,有那个必要骗你么?” This saying may really be a little offends somebody. 这话可真是有点伤人。 dragon unreliably is blue black a face, I do not believe that you cloud platform to have a look with me continually!” 龙青玄黑着一张脸,“我不信,你把连云台拿出来我看看!” That gadget abandoned, does not know that was thrown there by me went, having anything was attractive!” super main character does not know whether to laugh or cry. “那玩意儿都废了,早就不知道被我扔那儿去了,有什么好看的!”龙傲天哭笑不得。 The dragon azure profound that face, is getting more and more black, „do you install strangely to me are not? Is about to take, do not compel me to get angry!” 龙青玄那张脸,越来越黑,“你给我装怪不是?快些拿出来,别逼我翻脸!” super main character hears word, on the face the expression is somewhat awkward. 龙傲天闻言,脸上表情有些尴尬。 Azure profound brother, your temperament also really should change, frequently must hit to kill, who can bear you?” “青玄兄,你这脾气也真该改改了,动不动就要打要杀,谁受得了你?” super main character shakes the head, raped continually really does not have the use, if you really do not believe, a while I look, raped to look continually to you, and you stayed here, relax, since I complied with duplicate sea big bro, will definitely help you go to even/including Yunku, found the Kun hole!” 龙傲天摇了摇头,“连云台是真的没有用处了,你要是真不相信,一会儿我去找找,把连云台找来给你,你们且在我这儿住下,放心,既然我答应了覆海大哥,就肯定会帮你们去到连云窟,找到鲲穴!” dragon azure profound facial skin twitching slightly, feels somewhat uncomfortable, indeed super main character here, own face does not have the dragon duplicate sea to be big! 龙青玄脸皮微微的抽搐,感觉有些不爽,敢情在龙傲天这里,自己的面子没有龙覆海大! Azure profound, do not say!” “青玄,不要说了!” Su Hang opened the mouth at this time, he feared that dragon azure profound really and super main character does, they passed by, is not looks for a job! 苏航这时候开口了,他怕龙青玄真的和龙傲天干起来,他们只是路过,并不是来找事的! Yes!” “是!” dragon azure profound all of a sudden on custom. 龙青玄一下子就规矩了。 super main character somewhat looks stunned there, almost thinks oneself misread, this special is dragon is blue? How in the front of this young people, custom such, like the grandson! 龙傲天在那儿看得有些愕然,几乎都以为自己看错了,这特么是龙青玄么?怎么在这个年轻人的面前,这么的规矩,像个孙子一样! Is wanting to say anything, Su Hang actually drew out the body, was arching cupping one hand in the other across the chest to super main character, also asked divine dragon Great Emperor to help try to find the solution, we must go to the Kun hole as soon as possible, so as to avoid brought the trouble to the divine dragon city!” 正想要说点什么,苏航却起了身,对着龙傲天拱了拱手,“还请神龙大帝帮忙想想办法,我们得尽快去鲲穴,免得给神龙城带来麻烦!” Troublesome?” “麻烦?” super main character one hear, hā hā smiled, Su Brother spoke discreetly, in my divine dragon city, nothing can be troublesome......” 龙傲天一听,哈哈笑了,“苏兄弟言重了,在我神龙城的里,没有什么事能算得上麻烦的……” dragon smiled azure unreliably, this saying was you said that the person in destiny palace pursued, when the time comes you are going against!” 龙青玄笑了,“这话可是你说的,天命宫的人追来,到时候你上去顶着!” „, Destiny palace?” “呃,天命宫?” super main character hears word stagnates, on the face the expression is somewhat stunned, how matter? Also had the relations with the destiny palace? 龙傲天闻言一滞,脸上表情有些错愕,怎么个事?还和天命宫扯上关系了? The dragon azure profound say/way, couple of days ago in god Wucheng, willow Can was cut an arm by me, struck back the destiny palace like beating a dog!” 龙青玄道,“前两天在神武城,柳残被我斩了一臂,像打狗一样打回了天命宫!” willow Can?” “柳残?” super main character was startled, heavenly prestige six 11 willow Can?” 龙傲天惊了,“天威六十一位的柳残?” dragon nods azure unreliably, except for him, but also who is worth me making a move?” 龙青玄点了点头,“除了他,还有谁值得我出手么?” super main character hears word, the whole person stiffened, some little time opens the mouth saying that azure profound brother, you are not cracking a joke, but willow Can heavenly prestige powerhouse, your strength......” 龙傲天闻言,整个人都僵住了,好一会儿才开口道,“青玄兄,你不是在开玩笑吧,柳残可是天威强者,你的实力……” What's wrong? Do you underestimate me? Can compete with?” “怎么?你小看我?要不要比试比试?” dragon azure profound instant disgruntled. 龙青玄瞬时不悦。 The super main character facial skin pulled out pulling out, by his haughtiness, if changes individual, he a palm of the hand has pulled out, what front is haughtier dragon is blue! 龙傲天脸皮抽了抽,以他的狂傲,若是换个人,他早就一巴掌抽过去了,但偏偏面前的是更加狂傲的龙青玄! He did not beat dragon to be blue, how dare also to begin with dragon azure unreliably? 他本来就不敌龙青玄,又岂敢和龙青玄动手? Azure profound brother appeases anger, but, you willow Can punching, is somewhat inconceivable!” super main character smiles embarrasedly, that evidently, these young profound brothers' strengths strove surely much, if arranges the heavenly prestige list again, can definitely enter 72 heavenly prestige powerhouse.” “青玄兄息怒,只是,你把柳残给揍了,有些不可思议!”龙傲天讪讪一笑,“那看样子,这些年青玄兄的实力必定是精进了不少,若再排天威榜的话,肯定能进七十二天威强者之列了。” Although is speaking this saying, but super main character obviously some do not believe that although after all he was inferior that dragon is blue, but dragon has many strengths azure unreliably, he is clear, although so many years do not see, he does not think that dragon can go to that situation azure unreliably. 虽然说着这话,但是龙傲天明显还是有些不信的,毕竟他虽然不如龙青玄,但是龙青玄有多少实力,他还是清楚的,尽管这么多年不见,他也不认为龙青玄能达到那种地步。 Had not seen with own eyes, super main character naturally does not believe that only thinks dragon azure profound has exaggeratingly in very big degree, after all, dragon azure profound is also likes boasting . Moreover the skill that boasted was not low. 没有亲眼见到,龙傲天自然是不会相信,只以为龙青玄在很大的程度上有所夸张,毕竟,龙青玄也是爱吹牛的,而且吹牛的本事不低。 Although super main character does not believe dragon to be able willow Cangan to draw back azure unreliably, but, a little he believes that dragon azure profound definitely destiny palace offending. 虽然龙傲天不信龙青玄能把柳残干退,但是,有一点他相信,龙青玄肯定是把天命宫给得罪了。 For so many years, dragon azure time between 9 : 00 and 11 : 00 p.m often will come out to oppose with the destiny palace, therefore, this matter was not unusual to super main character. 这么些年来,龙青玄时不时的就会出来和天命宫作对,所以,这种事对龙傲天来说并不稀奇。 If so, must hurry to give to send them to be good, so as to avoid the destiny palace walks, when the time comes oneself have not talked clearly. 如果是这样的话,的确是得赶紧把他们给打发了才行,免得天命宫找上门来,到时候自己还说不清了。 super main character is very real, the profound clearness becomes the truth that avoids disaster, perhaps otherwise, he also mixes less than today, the Eastern sea area is impossible to become all sea first. 龙傲天是很真实的,深刻的明白趋吉避凶的道理,否则的话,他恐怕也混不到今天,东方海域也不可能成为四海第一 On the same day, super main character arranged the dwelling in the palace to their three people, later dragon azure profound entangled super main character to look for that anything to rape continually. 当天,龙傲天在宫中给他们三人安排了住处,之后龙青玄就缠着龙傲天找那什么连云台去了。 Big Bro Su, you said, arrogant day Dragon Ancestor can put us to leave?” In Sleeping Palace, only has Su Hang and dragon Qiaoqiao two people, dragon Qiaoqiao somewhat heavyhearted asking. 苏大哥,你说,傲天龙祖能放我们离开么?”寝宫里,只有苏航和龙巧巧二人,龙巧巧有些忧心忡忡的问道。 Why asked?” Su Hang is somewhat stunned. “为什么这么问?”苏航有几分错愕。 dragon Qiaoqiao said, heard arrogant day Dragon Ancestor is the iron rod of destiny palace dies loyally, now he knows that we annoyed the destiny palace, you said that he can drag us not to ask us to leave, easy and other destiny palaces to look for us?” 龙巧巧道,“听说傲天龙祖是天命宫的铁杆死忠,如今他知道咱们惹了天命宫,你说他会不会拖着咱们不让咱们走,好等天命宫来找我们?” Is insufficient.” “不至于吧。” Su Hang hears word, knitting the brows head of slightly. 苏航闻言,微微的皱了皱眉头。 dragon Qiaoqiao will the words, happen? Su Hang is not somewhat sure, after all he and super main character has not seen, did not know about him, this person is what character, Su Hang is not clear. 龙巧巧的话,会发生么?苏航有些吃不准,毕竟他和龙傲天并没有见过,对他也并不了解,这人是个什么性格,苏航是一点都不清楚。 dragon Qiaoqiao said, also possibly has, after all we offend heavily the destiny palace, if the destiny palace has the order to transmit, arrogant day Dragon Ancestor will perhaps not carry out.” 龙巧巧道,“也不是没可能的,毕竟咱们把天命宫得罪得不轻,如果天命宫有命令传来,傲天龙祖恐怕不会不执行。” He and your grandpa is not the relations good?” Su Hang asked. “他和你爷爷不是关系挺好的么?”苏航问道。 dragon Qiaoqiao said, relations turn over to the relations, but something are the matters of principle, the divine dragon city can become all sea first, the main reason is he is abutting the destiny palace, has the full power support of destiny palace, although is Dragon Ancestor, but he and my grandpa is different.” 龙巧巧道,“关系归关系,但有些事情是原则问题,神龙城能成为四海第一,最主要的原因就是他紧靠着天命宫,有天命宫的全力支持,虽然都是龙祖,但他和我爷爷是不一样的。” The Su Hang calm face thought for a long time, dragon Qiaoqiao the worry is not unreasonable, if the destiny palace issues the order, super main character really will be perhaps disadvantageous to them. 苏航沉着脸想了许久,龙巧巧的担心并不是没有道理的,如果天命宫下达命令,龙傲天说不定真的会对他们不利。 Came back to say azure unreliably again, had azure unreliably, without the issue.” For a long time, Su Hang said one. “等青玄回来再说吧,有青玄在,没有问题的。”许久,苏航道了一句。 Has dragon of destiny sword to be blue, the strength is absolutely strong super main character, if super main character dares to use what trick, then Su Hang will definitely make him take the consequence. 持有天命剑的龙青玄,实力是绝对强过龙傲天的,如果龙傲天敢耍什么花招,那么苏航肯定会让他承担后果。 Listened to Su Hang to say this saying, dragon Qiaoqiao also put some hearts slightly. 苏航说了这话,龙巧巧也稍微的放了些心。 Indeed, the dragon azure profound strength, she has witnessed with own eyes, has no need to be worried. 的确,龙青玄的实力,她亲眼见证过,根本用不着担心。 ...... …… To the evening, dragon azure profound came back finally. 一直到傍晚,龙青玄终于回来了。 Looks at the dragon azure profound look, obviously is somewhat disgruntled. 看龙青玄的神色,明显是有几分不悦的。 What kind of, raped to find continually?” Su Hang asked. “怎么样,连云台找到了?”苏航问道。 Really irritated me.” “真是气死我了。” dragon arrives at the table azure unreliably, drank tea, super main character that boy, leading me to transfer one in treasury in the afternoon, had not found cloud platform continually, perhaps really looked like him saying that raped continually uselessly, had been given to throw by him.” 龙青玄走到桌边,喝了一口茶水,“龙傲天那厮,带着我在宝库里转了一下午,都没有找到连云台,或许真像他说的,连云台没用,已经被他给扔了。” Heard the dragon azure profound this saying, the Su Hang brow wrinkled the wrinkle slightly. 听到龙青玄这话,苏航眉头微微的皱了皱。 Threw? Couldn't find? 扔了?找不到了? How does this sound seems like deliberately is delaying? 这怎么听起来都像是在故意拖延啊?
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