SSG :: Volume #34

#3379: Close!

Wish blue lotus attitude, changed instantaneously, because she is very clear, if at this time did not take a stand, only feared, will fall behind, at this time took a stand, but can also obtain the quota of first position supporter. 祝青莲这态度,瞬间就改变了,因为她很清楚,这时候如果不表个态的话,只怕之后就会掉队了,这时候表态,还能得到个第一顺位支持者的名额。 If Su Hang went out of this courtyard, she indicated again attitude, that is completely two matters. 如果苏航走出了这个院子,她再表明态度的话,那完全就是两码事了。 Wish the blue lotus earnest looks at Su Hang. 祝青莲认真的看着苏航 Such heavenly prestige powerhouse, thought on the same day School Lord of territory sect, no matter he really thinks, perhaps played a joke, own attitude was important. 这样一位天威强者,想当天域宗的宗主,不管他是不是真的想,或许只是开一个玩笑,自己的态度都非常的重要了。 If, they several alliances absolutely do not have the means to prevent such powerhouse, sooner or later will not support also the passive support, if false, she is also snatches before other household, gave a Su Hang attitude. 如果是真的,他们几家的联盟根本也没有办法阻止这样一位强者,早晚不支持也得被动支持,如果是假的,她也算是抢在其他家族之前,给了苏航一个态度。 Su Hang light smiling, so should not be earnest, I am crack a joke.” 苏航淡淡的笑了笑,“别这么认真,我就是开个玩笑而已。” This saying said that ambiguous, as if he is really cracking a joke, but wished the blue lotus actually not to dare this saying to regard a joke. 这话说的,模棱两可,似乎他真的是在开玩笑,但是祝青莲却不敢把这话当成一个玩笑。 When will say anything, Su Hang has actually taken a step to turn toward outside to walk. 正要说点什么时,苏航却已经迈步向着外面走去。 Does not know that causes is which in 72 heavenly prestige powerhouse?” “不知上使是七十二天威强者中的哪一位?” Wish the blue lotus to pursue, very straightforward asked one, however Su Hang has not returned, on direct entrance sedan chair. 祝青莲追了出来,十分直白的问了一句,然而苏航头都没有回,直接上了门口的轿子。 Any heavenly prestige powerhouse, I have not heard, although I hate to appreciate your type comes toward the attitude, but, should not inquire that do not inquire blindly.” “什么天威强者,我没听说过,虽然我恨欣赏你这种直来直往的态度,但是,不该打听的,不要瞎打听。” In the sedan chair broadcast the Su Hang's sound, over the two days, Zhou may make you to talk, when the time comes, I also listen.” 轿子里传来了苏航的声音,“这两天,周家可能会约你们谈话,到时候,我也会去听听。” Wish in the azure lotus plumule one tight, bows hastily a ritual, sees off to cause.” 祝青莲心中一紧,连忙躬身一礼,“恭送上使。” Immediately, had the sedan, goes toward north city, vanishes in the dim light of night quickly. 随即,起了轿,往北城而去,很快消失在夜色之中。 The night wind has blown, wish the blue lotus to feel on oneself already cold sweat again and again, since birth, this is the second time that had such feeling, previous time first time the time of running into Qin Yuqing. 夜风吹过,祝青莲感觉自己身上已经冷汗连连,有生以来,这是第二次有这样的感觉,上一次还是第一次遇到秦玉卿的时候。 heavenly prestige powerhouse, he unexpectedly is really heavenly prestige powerhouse! 天威强者,他居然真的是天威强者 Stands on the entrance stair, wish the mouth of blue lotus to talk to oneself. 站在门口的台阶上,祝青莲的嘴里自语着。 Paternal grandmother, is very thorny?” “奶奶,很棘手么?” Wish the jade mother to arrive side that wished the blue lotus, looks to wish the appearance of blue lotus that brow tight wrinkle, could not bear one. 祝玉娘来到了祝青莲的旁边,看着祝青莲那眉头紧皱的样子,忍不住了一句。 Wish the blue lotus to recover, turns away to look to wish the jade mother, looks like, Yue Family washing heart pond, we could not enjoy, the jade mother, your breakthrough, we later tried to find another way.” 祝青莲回过神来,转脸看着祝玉娘,“看来,岳家的洗心池,咱们是消受不起了,玉娘,你的突破,咱们以后再另想办法。” Paternal grandmother, this person......” wished the jade mother puzzled, therefore. “奶奶,这个人……”祝玉娘不解所以。 We cannot stir up.” “咱们惹不起。” Wish the blue lotus to shake the head, imposing manner that just Su Hang that flashed past, she also only then had the feeling to have been on Qin Yuqing the body, then the terrifying imposing manner, surely was powerful heavenly prestige powerhouse. 祝青莲摇了摇头,刚刚苏航那一闪而过的气势,她也只有在秦玉卿的身上有感受到过,那么恐怖的气势,必定是强大的天威强者 Also right, by Qin Yuqing the status and ability, how possibly to expect her behind these matters? Since passed to Zhou Minmin the seat, will definitely also leave behind the subsequent hand for her. 也对,以秦玉卿的身份和能力,怎么可能预料不到她身后的这些事呢?既然把位子传给了周敏敏,肯定也会为她留下后手的。 But just and Su Hang's talk, Su Hang obviously somewhat was partial to Zhou, therefore thought it over, this Su Hang, should be the subsequent hand who Qin Yuqing invited. 而就刚刚和苏航的谈话而言,苏航明显是有些偏向周家的,所以思来想去,这个苏航,应该就是秦玉卿请来的后手。 Hears to wish the blue lotus to say cannot stir up these three characters, wishing the jade mother is also in the heart in great surprise, on this day in territory city, but can also have existence that Zhujia cannot stir up? Actually is this person what status? 听到祝青莲说出惹不起这三个字,祝玉娘也是心中大惊,这天域城中,还能有祝家惹不起的存在?这个人究竟是什么身份? She from wishing the body of blue lotus, very obvious feeling frightened, right, right, is frightened, but not only dreaded. 她从祝青莲的身上,非常明显的感觉到了恐惧,对,没错,是恐惧,而不仅仅只是忌惮。 A while Yue Family their several can definitely eavesdrop on the news, the jade mother, you make one tell them, my is not quite healthy, temporarily could not see the guest.” “一会儿岳家他们几家肯定会来探听消息,玉娘,你让人告诉他们,我身体不太舒服,暂时见不了客。” While wished the jade mother to ask an outcome time, wish blue lotus one to turn around, had entered the yard, wish the jade mother also to enter, immediately, the Zhujia front door shut tightly. 正当祝玉娘想问个究竟的时候,祝青莲一个转身,已经进了大院,祝玉娘随之而入,随即,祝家大门紧闭。 ...... …… Came out quickly?” “这么快就出来了?” Is paying attention to the Zhujia trend, obviously, for example Zhou at this moment, after also sits in the main hall incessantly thoughtfully medium the news. 关注着祝家动向的,显然不止一家,比如周家此刻,周道经都还坐在正厅中等着消息。 Hears the following some people of incoming telegrams, said that Su Hang had had the Zhujia front door, went toward Li Jia, thoughtfully after somewhat small accident/surprise, because Su Hang goes to come out , the time of tea, the time of this tea, can the matter coming to an arrangement about. 听到下面有人来报,说苏航已经出了祝家大门,往李家去了,周道经有些小小的意外,因为苏航进去到出来,也不过盏茶的功夫,难道这盏茶的功夫,就能把事情给谈妥了。 Wish senior that Old Ancestor delivers personally to go out, because separates too, wishing Old Ancestor on the scene, we do not dare to approach, only heard to wish Old Ancestor saying that asking senior was which in 72 heavenly prestige powerhouse.” “祝老祖亲自送的前辈出门,因为隔得太远,祝老祖在场,我们不敢靠近,只听到祝老祖说了一句,问前辈七十二天威强者中的哪一位。” What speech is the proper. 说话的是周正。 heavenly prestige powerhouse? 天威强者 Thoughtfully after hesitating, he has also guessed, but the weight/quantity of these characters were really full, he does not dare under to judge absurdly. 周道经沉吟了一下,他也有猜测过,但是这几个字的分量实在是太足了,他根本不敢妄下判断。 Wish the blue lotus saying meaning, since she asked that to have determined Su Hang is a heavenly prestige powerhouse fact? 祝青莲这话的意思,她既然这么问了,岂不是已经确定了苏航是一位天威强者的事实? Thinks of here, thoughtfully after is the heartbeat fiercely, if so, Su Hang likely looks at not ascending the sky territory sect honor School Lord seat, in other words, several other were absolutely possible to find Su Hang's other to like, subsequently Su Hang striving. 想到这里,周道经更是心跳得厉害,如果是这样的话,苏航很可能看不上天域宗荣誉宗主的位子,也就是说,其他几家完全有可能找到苏航的其他喜好,继而把苏航给争取了过去。 How did Su Brother say?” Thoughtfully after asking. 苏兄弟怎么说?”周道经问道。 The proper hurriedly said, senior has not returned to her, but said that over the two days our Zhou Jia will ask several other to discuss the matter together, when the time comes he will also arrive, finished speaking walked!” 周正连忙道,“前辈没有回她,只是说这两天咱们周家会请其他几家一起谈事,到时候他也会到场,说完就走了!” After frowning of slightly, Su Hang mentioned their Zhou thoughtfully, but in this saying has not actually indicated the attitude. 周道经微微的皱起了眉头,苏航提到了他们周家,但是这话中却并没有表明态度。 This feeling, may seriously be not good. 这种感觉,可当真是不好。 grandpa, I go to Li Jia now, sees again sees Su, Bro Su?” 爷爷,要不,我现在去李家,再见见苏,苏兄?” Zhou Minmin said in side, perhaps is realized that Su Hang is very likely heavenly prestige powerhouse, therefore felt that the name of this Bro Su is not quite a little appropriate. 周敏敏在旁边道了一句,或许是意识到苏航很有可能是一位天威强者,所以感觉这个苏兄的称呼有点不太合适。 After lifts the hand thoughtfully, cannot go, now this time went, to tell Su Brother, didn't we trust him?” 周道经一抬手,“不能去,现在这时候去了,岂不是告诉苏兄弟,咱们不信任他么?” This saying actually fact. 这话倒是事实。 Zhou Minmin hesitated, „can only wait? Extremely is rather passive.” 周敏敏沉吟了一下,“难道就只能这么等着?未免太过被动。” Only feared that several other are more passive than us.” After cold snort/hum one, then looks thoughtfully to the proper, Zhujia now what situation? Can have with several other conspires?” “只怕其他几家比我们还被动。”周道经冷哼一声,转而看向周正,“祝家现在什么情况?可有和其他几家密谋?” Week righteous dao, after senior leaves, Zhujia then closed the front door, later Yue Family comes, should eavesdrops on the news, but was given to keep them out by Zhujia, perhaps also they have other exchange ways, the subordinate does not dare to approach Zhujia, therefore remained unknown, has the movement as for several other, the subordinate also in continue monitor!” 正道,“前辈离开之后,祝家便关闭了大门,随后岳家过来,应该是探听消息,不过都被祝家给拒之门外,也或许他们有其他交流方式,手下人不敢靠近祝家,所以无从得知,至于其他几家有没有动作,手下人还在继续监控中!” Closes?” “关门?” Hears this saying, on face that passes through thoughtfully, finally appeared a smiling face. 听到这话,周道经的脸上,终于浮现出了一丝笑容。 Zhou Minmin said, grandpa, Zhujia closed at this time, kept them out Yue Family, means, Zhujia does want to draw a line with another four?” 周敏敏道,“爷爷,祝家在这时候关门,把岳家都拒之门外,是不是意味着,祝家想和另外四家划清界限?” After smiles thoughtfully, on face despondent vanishes instantaneously. 周道经一笑,脸上的抑郁瞬间消失。 Still cannot discuss decides, perhaps also Zhujia is confusing us intentionally, no matter what, since Su Brother said that we will then invite other seven lineage/vein tomorrow, coming my Zhou Jia to discuss together the important matter.” “尚不能论定,也或许祝家在故意迷惑我们,不管怎么样,既然苏兄弟说了,那咱们明天便邀请其他七脉,来我周家共商大事。” At this time, the sound that passes through thoughtfully is forceful. 此时,周道经的声音已经铿锵有力。
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