SSG :: Volume #31

#3071: Keep one's mouth shut!

Su Hang distant is standing, still has some unable to believe, finished? Donghua was Great Emperor of nine step control boundaries, killed by oneself? 苏航远远的站着,犹有些不敢相信,就这么结束了?九阶主宰境的东华大帝,就这么被自己干掉了? The intention moves, that nine black swords rapid flies back to the Su Hang hand, Su Hang looks up, in the field was only left over intimidated dragon one person. 心念一动,那九柄黑剑迅速的飞回苏航手中,苏航抬头看去,场中只剩下了怖龙一人。 The intimidated dragon sits cross-legged to sit, has hair dishevelled, breathing heavily of big mouth, the pitch-black thick hair is white before, falls off place, had also arrived at the spent force evidently. 怖龙盘腿坐着,披头散发,大口的喘着粗气,之前乌黑浓密的头发已经白了,脱落一地,看样子也是已经到了强弩之末。 However, on the intimidated dragon has the primordial chaos tree to exist, the primordial chaos tree bloomed a powerful vitality at this time, mortal body that vitality circulation intimidated dragon whole body, that got down witheredly, gradually full, the snow white silver thread restored black again. 不过,要知道,怖龙身上可是有鸿蒙树存在的,鸿蒙树在这时候绽放出一股强大的生机,那生机流转怖龙周身,那干瘪下去的肉身,又渐渐的饱满了起来,雪白的银丝再度恢复了黑色 Probably an old age old person, restored the youth suddenly, feels rejuvenated, the intimidated dragon long exhalation one breath, on the face had several points of bloody. 就好像一个垂暮的老人,突然之间恢复了青春,返老还童,怖龙长长的呼出一口气,脸上有了几分血色 However, his situation, only then he knows, closes right up against the help of primordial chaos tree, he reluctant picking returned to a life, but he at this moment, but the outwardly strong but inwardly weak, the strength in within the body nearly dries up. 不过,他的情况,只有他自己知道,靠着鸿蒙树的帮助,他才勉强的捡回了一条命,但此刻的他,只不过外强中干而已,体内的力量近乎枯竭。 Why do you help me?” The intimidated dragon looked that to Su Hang that walks toward here, he is somewhat puzzled, why will Su Hang just choose to Donghua Great Emperor begins? In any event, Su Hang should help Donghua Great Emperor cope with him to be right. “你为什么帮我?”怖龙看向正往这边走来的苏航,他有些不解,刚刚苏航为什么会选择向东华大帝动手?无论如何,苏航都该帮着东华大帝对付他才对。 Comes close, Su Hang long breathing a sigh of relief, no reason, I felt, Donghua Great Emperor is unreliable.” 走到近处,苏航长长的舒了一口气,“没有什么理由,我只是觉得,东华大帝靠不住而已。” Unreliable, is indeed unreliable, perhaps is an intuition, Su Hang felt, if makes Donghua Great Emperor live, if helped him extinguish the intimidated dragon, will obtain the primordial chaos tree, Donghua Great Emperor nine parts will kill him to eliminate a potential informant. 靠不住,的确靠不住,或许是一种直觉吧,苏航觉得,如果让东华大帝活下来,如果帮他灭了怖龙,得到鸿蒙树,东华大帝九成会杀他灭口。 Su Hang does not dare to bet, on the contrary, between the intimidated dragon and Su Hang and there is no conflicts of interest, oneself to also to rescue his one, compares, the intimidated dragon threatens to Su Hang's does not have Donghua Great Emperor to threaten in a big way to Su Hang's. 苏航可不敢去赌,相反,怖龙和苏航之间并没有什么利益冲突,自己可还救了他一名,相较而言,怖龙对苏航的威胁并没有东华大帝苏航的威胁大。 At that time that situation, the intimidated dragon just got out of trouble, the strength no longer peak, Su Hang felt surely, these two wars, the intimidated dragon may be very defeated, thereupon, Su Hang the decisive choice started to Donghua Great Emperor, the so-called two evils chose the lesser, was this truth. 当时那种情况,怖龙刚刚脱困,实力必定不复巅峰,苏航觉得,这两人之战,怖龙很可能落败,于是乎,苏航才果断的选择对东华大帝下手,所谓两害取其轻,就是这个道理。 hē hē!” The intimidated dragon smiled one gently, that you felt, I can be reliable?” 呵呵!”怖龙轻轻的笑了一声,“那你觉得,我能靠得住?” Su Hang has not managed him, selfish arriving just Donghua Great Emperor sunder place, picked up a seal from the ground, Storage Ring, in addition had previously that primordial chaos tree seedling. 苏航没有理他,自顾自的走到刚刚东华大帝陨落的地方,从地上捡起一枚印章,一个储物戒指,另外还有先前那株鸿蒙树幼苗。 This seedling, Donghua Great Emperor cannot have a liking, Su Hang can have a liking, after all, although is the seedling, the good and evil is also the seedling of primordial chaos tree, so long as trains, always had that day of growing into. 这树苗,东华大帝看不上,苏航可是看得上的,毕竟,虽然是树苗,好歹也是鸿蒙树的幼苗,只要培养,总有长成的那一天。 Own present also second-order control boundary, when nine step realm, how long have not known to want, by that time, this primordial chaos tree feared that also grew into, initiates realm taking advantage of its breakthrough, just good! 自己现在也才二阶主宰境而已,等到九阶境界,还不知道要多久,到那时候,这鸿蒙树怕也长成了,借其突破创始境界,刚刚好! thing received, this should be Donghua Great Emperor leaves his most precious thing, Su Hang sobbed, then looked toward the intimidated dragon, I and you never knew how to know you are whether reliable, the biggest threat that but thinks me first gives to remove!” 东西都收了起来,这应该是东华大帝留给他的最宝贵的东西了,苏航唏嘘了一下,转而往怖龙看了过去,“我和你从未认识,怎知你是否靠得住,只不过是将我认为的最大威胁先给去掉而已!” Intimidated dragon hears the words, a brow wrinkle, „, therefore, then, you also want to extinguish me!” 怖龙闻言,眉头一皱,“所以,接下来,你还想灭了我!” Su Hang has not spoken, walked toward the intimidated dragon, as if really has this meaning. 苏航没有说话,往怖龙走了过去,似乎真有这个意思。 Intimidated dragon coldly snort, said, just now I tied the hands and feet with Donghua mutually, will therefore make you have an opportunity, now, although my strength exhausts, but realm still, don't said your one trivial second-order, even seven step eight steps, I, even if an only strength, is not you can be a worthy opponent!” 怖龙冷哼一声,道,“方才我与东华子不过相互缚住了手脚,所以才会让你有机可乘,如今,虽然我力量耗尽,但境界还在,莫说你一个区区二阶,就算七阶八阶,我哪怕只余一丝力量,也不是你能匹敌的!” Right?” “是吗?” Su Hang deeply inspires, to be honest, the front is nine step powerhouse, even if had arrived at the spent force, Su Hang does not dare rashly begins to him, who knows that he can counter-attack at the point of death? 苏航深吸了一口气,说实话,面前是一位九阶强者,就算已经到了强弩之末,苏航也不敢贸然的对他动手,谁知道他会不会临死反扑? Intimidated dragon can/but also has the primordial chaos tree support, now does not have Donghua Great Emperor to tow him, Su Hang may not have is so easy to kill him, words that really begins, perhaps oneself building. 要知道,怖龙可还有鸿蒙树支撑,现在已经没有东华大帝拖着他,苏航可没那么容易杀他,真动手的话,恐怕会把自己给搭进去。 You should be very clear!” The complexion of intimidated dragon slightly was ruddier, your I did not have the injustice in those days, recently did not have the enmity, can live in peace with each other, Su Brother, you may think!” “你心里应该很清楚!”怖龙的脸色又微微的红润了些,“你我往日无冤,近日无仇,本可以相安无事,苏兄弟,你可想好了!” Su Hang hesitant moment, he indeed has not destroyed completely the assurance of intimidated dragon, the opposite party surpasses him is too many after all, If nothing else, even if comes one from exploding the mortal body, draws Su Hang to be buried along with the dead sufficiently. 苏航犹豫了片刻,他的确没有灭掉怖龙的把握,对方毕竟超出他太多,别的不说,哪怕是来一个自爆肉身,也足以拉苏航陪葬。 Su Hang deeply inspires, on the face showed several points of smiling face, you said right, among us, and no conflicts of interest, said, I also rescued your life, does not need to become the enemy, if possible, being the friend is better!” 苏航深吸了一口气,脸上露出了几分笑容,“你说得对,咱们之间,并没有什么利益冲突,说起来,我还救了你一命,没有必要成为敌人,如果可以的话,做朋友更好!” The intimidated dragon listens to this saying, stared at Su Hang to look at a while, seeming like looking that Su Hang was whether sincere, a moment later, smiled, good that Su Brother said that many friend, many means of livelihood, intimidated some also hoped a Su Brother such friend, that Donghua brought about own destruction, was all uninterested with your me, the matter of today, intimidated some will not mention outward, hopes that Su Brother can also keep one's mouth shut!” 怖龙听完这话,盯着苏航看了一会儿,似乎是在看苏航是否真诚,片刻之后,也笑了,“苏兄弟说的不错,多一个朋友,多一条活路,怖某也希望有苏兄弟这样一位朋友,那东华子是自寻死路,与你我皆无关系,今日之事,怖某自不会往外说起,希望苏兄弟也能守口如瓶!” Su Hang slightly nodded, he does not think that the matter of today reveals, after all, can Donghua Great Emperor so achievement, few powerful good friends? If some people but therefore strikes a vicious blow to Su Hang, then regarding Su Hang, is the huge trouble. 苏航微微点了点头,他也不想今日之事流露出去,毕竟,东华大帝这般成就,能没有几个强大的好友?若有人因此而对苏航下毒手的话,那对于苏航来说,就是天大的麻烦。 !” “呼!” Intimidated dragon long exhales foul air, stood up slowly the body, has the help of primordial chaos tree, the strength of intimidated dragon has recovered in this moment some. 怖龙长长的呼出一口浊气,缓缓的站起了身来,有鸿蒙树的帮助,怖龙的力量在这片刻已经恢复的些许。 However, the intimidated dragon is very clear, he so consumes the strength of primordial chaos tree, later definitely must make up, the strength of must consuming is huger, but, this time he has not chosen, he must restore some strengths to protect oneself. 不过,怖龙很清楚,他这般消耗鸿蒙树的力量,之后肯定还得补回去,所要耗费的力量更加巨大,但是,此时的他并没有选择,他必须得恢复些实力以自保。 Otherwise, if Su Hang really starts to him, only feared that the intimidated dragon can only be at risk of life a war! 否则的话,如果苏航真对他下手,只怕怖龙只能是拼死一战了! Su Brother, that person?” Intimidated dragon said that Su Hang knows, what he said is the wild slave, all that just had, only feared that the wild slave also saw, his is to ask, must extinguish this. 苏兄弟,那个人?”怖龙道了一句,苏航知道,他说的是荒奴,刚刚所发生的一切,只怕荒奴也看到了,他这是想问问,要不要灭了这口。 Su Hang then looked, the wild slave also shrinks in swallowing the day freshwater mussel, does not dare to come out! 苏航回头看了看,荒奴还缩在吞天蚌中,没敢出来! Shakes the head, Su Hang said that does not need, he now and we, is the partner!” 摇了摇头,苏航道,“不必了,他现在和咱,也算是同伙!” Swallows in the day freshwater mussel, the wild slave hears Su Hang this saying, was really some bi the dog, how oneself became you to work in partnership, that Donghua Great Emperor, but was given to extinguish by you, I withdrew from beginning to end here therapy. 吞天蚌中,荒奴听到苏航这话,真是有些哔了狗了,自己怎么就成了你的同伙了,那东华大帝,可是被你给灭了的,我自始至终都龟缩在这里疗伤呢。 However, in wild slave heart more actually rejoiced, Su Hang a few words, actually exempted his tribulation of killing body, the good and evil he and Su Hang have also shared hardships, calculates that Su Hang also has a little conscience. 不过,荒奴心中更多的却是庆幸,苏航一句话,却是免去了他的杀身之劫,好歹他和苏航也算是共患难过吧,也算苏航还有那么一点良心。 But, kills nine step powerhouse, moreover is Donghua Great Emperor of side overlord, this time may really be void gives to hold to leak, spreads, must be the catastrophe! However, changes mind thinks, if really said that Su Hang killed Donghua Great Emperor, some people will really believe? How did second-order extinguish nine steps? 可是,灭杀九阶强者啊,而且还是一方霸主的东华大帝,这次可真是把虚空都给捅漏了,传扬出去,必是大祸!不过,转念一想,若真说苏航杀了东华大帝,真会有人信么?一个二阶怎灭得了九阶呢? No matter what, this good and evil lived to assign/life, seriously was unfortunate lucky! 不管怎样,这次好歹是活了一条命下来,当真是不幸中的万幸!
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