SSG :: Volume #28

#2722: I remove first!

????? Since also remains a 8000 zero 21 fruit, Su Hang took 8000, Meng Nan had just eaten one, remaining 20. ?????既然还剩八千二十一颗果子,苏航拿了八千颗,孟楠刚刚又吃了一颗,剩下二十颗。 ??? Su Hang looks at finally on that several day fragrant tree, that several fragmentary fruit, in must give to pick these fruits hesitant together. ???苏航看着最后那几棵天香树上,那几颗零星的果子,在犹豫要不要把这几颗果子一起给摘了。 ????? Ok, that many Primal Chaos people of high skill gather on this mountain, to eat this fruit, oneself indeed cannot do too certainly, the good and evil keeps a type to others, cannot eat, smells the taste to be also good to others! ?????算了,那么多混沌高人聚集在这山上,就为了吃这一口果子,自己也的确不能做得太绝,好歹得给人家留个种,就算吃不到,给人家闻闻味儿也行! ???? Therefore, Su Hang gave up this ignominious idea, if makes the person who in blue Quanshan these wait to eat the fruit know that Su Hang in the heart thinks now, does not know really will be meets crack cursed to be grateful. ????于是,苏航放弃了这个可耻的想法,如果让碧泉山上那些等着吃果子的人知道苏航现在心中所想,真不知道是会破口大骂还是会感激涕零。 ?????? Thinks, gathers in blue Quanshan, plans to attend the day of fragrant fruit meeting, eats various group of powerhouse of delicacy spirit fruit, little said that several tens of thousands numbers, on the remaining 20 fruits, really do not know now this congress, how to end awkwardly. ??????想想,聚集在碧泉山上,准备参加天香果会,吃上一口美味灵果的各路强者,少说也有数万之数,现在就剩下二十个果子,真不知道这次大会,会以怎样的尴尬收场。 ??? Words said, your conscience can pass?” The Meng cedar asked. ???“话说,你良心过得去么?”孟楠问道。 ??? What could not have passed!” Su Hang shrugs, is I uses the life to trade . Moreover, their ten people divide a fruit, divides a fruit with 10,000 personally, as if no what difference!” ???“没什么过不去过不去的!”苏航耸了耸肩,“都是我用命换来的,而且,他们十个人分一个果子,和一万个人分一个果子,似乎也没有什么区别!” ???? By your such saying, suddenly was felt I a little owed!” The Meng cedar does not know whether to laugh or cry! ????“被你这么一说,突然感觉我有点亏了!”孟楠哭笑不得! ???? Su Hang smiles, „, or you tree pulling out!” ????苏航一笑,“要不你把树给拔了吧!” ???? Meng cedar does not know whether to laugh or cry, I do not have you not to be concerned about face, annoys your is Hong true, does this tree, have to annoy you well!” ????孟楠一阵哭笑不得,“我可没你那么不要脸,惹你的是洪真,这树好好的,有没有惹你!” ????? I looked, we hurry to remove, other while Hong true comes back, you did not fear actually, but I actually must meet with a disaster, he must kill my second time not to be possible again!” Su Hang said. ?????“我看,咱们还是赶紧撤吧,别一会儿洪真回来,你倒是不怕,可我却是要遭殃了,他非得再杀我第二次不可!”苏航道。 ????? The wave also wave ended, fruit has stolen a cleanness to others, has not hurried, was stressed that when the time comes cries not to know that which on cries. ?????浪也浪完了,果子给人家偷了个干净,还不赶紧走,被抓个正着,到时候哭都不知道上哪儿哭去。 ?????? Wait......” Meng Nan stopped by calling out Su Hang! ??????“等等……”孟楠叫住了苏航 ???? „? What matter also has?” Su Hang surprise looks at Meng Nan. ????“哦?还有什么事?”苏航诧异的看着孟楠。 ??? I remove first!” Meng cedar earnest puts out three characters. ???“我先撤!”孟楠认真的吐出三个字。 ???? Has not waited for Su Hang to respond with enough time, then sees on that crotch the person's shadow to flash, Meng Nan disappeared does not see. ????还没等苏航来得及反应,便见那树杈上人影一闪,孟楠已经消失不见。 ??? „!” Su Hang looks at dumbly the moment, could not bear scold one. ???“靠!”苏航呆立片刻,忍不住骂了一句。 ??? Also is just about, Su Hang actually the anchorage the footsteps, turned the head to look toward the surroundings large expanse of day emmenopterys henryi, this, a fruit will not hang especially, making person one eyes see the flaw! ???也正要走,苏航却又定住了脚步,转头往周围成片的天香果树看了看,这特么的,一颗果子都不挂,让人一眼都会看出破绽啊! ???? Hesitant, the Su Hang big sleeve has wielded, has caused Technique of Transformation, that fell the day emmenopterys henryi of fruit, instantly grew the large expanse of new fruit! ????犹豫了一下,苏航大袖一挥,使了个变化之术,那本已经掉了果子的天香果树,霎时又长出了成片的新果! ???? Having achieved great achievements, has bent the branch, but, this knot is not the day fragrant fruit, but Su Hang uses spirit qi in this orchard, fruit that congeals. ????硕果累累,压弯了枝头,不过,这结出来的已经不是什么天香果了,只是苏航动用这果园中的灵气,凝结出来的果子。 ???? The contour is the day fragrant fruit is almost the same, but this drug efficacy is actually the day badly leaves, perhaps compared with the cultivation world ordinary medicine fruit, missed much, it soaked spirit qi! ????外形是和天香果相差无几,可这药效却是天差地别,比起修道界普通的药果来,恐怕都差了不少,它就是一泡灵气而已! ????? Passes off fake articles for the real thing, contributes no work but be undetected because of others, looks at anyone of you that good luck, can eat that 20 true day fragrant fruit, four 1 percent probabilities, are not seemingly low. ?????鱼目混珠,滥竽充数,就看你们谁那么好运,能吃到那二十颗真正的天香果了,四百分之一的概率,貌似也不低。 ???? Completes all these, Su Hang breaks open orchard Space directly, left the orchard. ????做完这一切,苏航直接破开果园空间,离开了果园。 ????...... ????…… ???? ???? ???? The weather was dark, the entire blue Quanshan as always, is any matter has not occurred likely, this peaceful auspicious atmosphere, making Su Hang feel somewhat strangely. ????天色已暗,整个碧泉山一如往常,像是什么事都没有发生,这安静祥和的气氛,让苏航感觉有些诡异。 ??? Hesitant, Su Hang has not dared to go to the star moon/month peak again, feared where Hong true, immediately will then go also toward closes/obstructs Yuefeng, after the preparation and Chen Xiaoli converges, hurries to leave this. ???犹豫了一下,苏航没敢再去星月峰,怕洪真会还在哪儿,当下便往闭月峰而去,准备和陈小利汇合后,赶紧离开这一界。 ??? Root Daoist does not know how long can constrain Hong true, once Hong true comes back, perhaps he must die again the second time! ???根儿道人不知能拖住洪真多久,洪真一旦回来,他恐怕得再死上第二次了! ????...... ????…… ???? closes/obstructs Yuefeng little courtyard, Meng Nan has not walked unexpectedly, moreover first Su Hang one step came! ????闭月峰小院,孟楠居然还没走,而且先苏航一步过来了! ???? When Chen Xiaoli and asked see Su Hang, has been instantaneously shocked, stood in same place, a little cannot believe own eye. ????当陈小利和莫问看到苏航,瞬间就惊呆了,立在原地,有点不敢相信自己的眼睛。 ???? „, I said, you didn't die?” ????“诶,我说,你不是死了么?” ???? don't asked that a little incredible looks at Su Hang, just now he feels the sound, rushed to the star moon/month peak matter, Su Hang must hang, he has caused technique of the substitute person, wants to substitute for Su Hang, may seemingly not collect the effect, saw with one's own eyes Su Hang rumbled to become dregs. ????莫问有点不可置信的看着苏航,方才他感觉到动静,赶到星月峰事,苏航已经要挂了,他使了个替身之术,想把苏航替下,可貌似并没有凑效,亲眼看到苏航被轰成渣。 ???? This little while Su Hang braves suddenly, has been startled really his, when Su Hang comes, he was urging Chen Xiaoli to hurry with him to run away together! ????这会儿苏航突然冒出来,着实是惊了他一下,就在苏航进来的时候,他正劝陈小利赶紧和他一起逃了呢! ????? Chen Xiaoli is also amazed inexplicable, heard a moment ago Su Hang dies, she returned to the half-day god, reluctantly accepts real, brain time in great confusion, Su Hang suddenly appears, this made her probably return to half Deity! ?????陈小利也是惊诧莫名,刚才听说苏航一死,她是回了半天的神,才勉强接受现实,脑子正乱成一团的时候,苏航却又突然出现,这让她又得回半天神了! ????? Also does not know that is the fear or the pleasant surprise, must know that Su Hang this time ascending the sky that not accompanies her to come together, if Su Hang hangs here, she is unlikely hard to feel at ease, moreover a buckle such potential giant king, a heaven school of future and in Hong's real battle perhaps weak trend! ?????也不知是后怕还是惊喜,要知道苏航这次可是陪同她一起来的无上天,若是苏航挂在这儿,她恐怕是难以心安的,而且折损这么一位潜力巨大的界王,苍天一派将来和洪真的争斗中恐怕就更加弱势了! ?????? Su Hang stares at don't to ask that looked, heard that you just made a move to save me, thanked!” ??????苏航盯着莫问看了看,“听说你刚刚出手救过我,谢了!” ???? don't asked recovers, shook the head, you, if died, my thing may not have the whereabouts, therefore, you do not need to thank me, even if I want to save you , can only be the disciple shouts how, you can escape from Hong true hand, thinks, rescued your having someone else?” ????莫问回过神来,摇了摇头,“你要是死了,我的东西可没有着落,所以,你也不必感谢我,就算我想救你,也只能是徒呼奈何,你能从洪真手上逃生,想必,救你的另有其人吧?” ???? Here, don't asked that looked toward Su Hang behind Meng Nan, came in that moment from this man, he faintly felt this person of out of the ordinary! ????说到这儿,莫问往苏航身后的孟楠看了看,从这个男人进来那一刻,他就隐隐感觉到这人的与众不同! ???? This what's the matter?” Chen Xiaoli asks immediately. ????“这到底是怎么回事?”陈小利立刻问道。 ???? Su Hang listened, has referred to nearby Meng Nan, had been lucky this Meng Nanmeng said the brother lends a hand to assist, perhaps otherwise I really pick today here!” ????苏航听了,指了指旁边的孟楠,“多亏了这位孟楠孟道兄出手相助,否则我今天恐怕真的摘在这里了!” ???? Meng Nan?” Chen Xiaoli listens to this saying, one that two eyes brush has shone, fierce stared toward the Meng cedar, „are you Meng Nan?” ????“孟楠?”陈小利一听这话,两只眼睛刷的一下亮了起来,猛的往孟楠瞪了过去,“你就是孟楠?” That stance, probably must swallow the Meng cedar exactly was the same, the eyeball almost must fall. 那架势,就好像是要把孟楠给活吞了一样,眼珠子几乎都要掉出来了。 ??? Small advantage elder sister.” ???“小利姐。” ??? Su Hang sees that goes forward hastily, in road two people middle, he knows horizontally Chen Xiaoli trip to look for Meng Nan, at this time must see, in inevitable heart excited. ???苏航见状,连忙上前,横在路两人的中间,他知道陈小利此行就是为了找孟楠,此时得见,必然心中激动。 ??? But at this moment, is actually not the excited time, Su Hang including hurriedly said, small advantage elder sister, we first left here to say again, root Daoist only feared how long could not support, at the appointed time Hong true returned, perhaps we could not get away, therefore, all, waited to leave Heavens Beyond Heaven to say again not lately.” ???但此时此刻,却不是激动的时候,苏航忙道,“小利姐,咱们还是先离开这里再说吧,根儿道人只怕撑不了多久,届时洪真返回,咱们恐怕是走不了了,所以,一切,等离开天外天再说不迟。”
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