SSK :: Volume #75

#7427: Makes up to me

Lou great beauty, ok, do not use energy!” “娄大美人,算了吧,别费劲了!” Is, the play sang, others Grandmaster leaf strength of the turned two Heaven's Chosen dry/does, who also dares to be out, did not fear that followed in others'footsteps!” “就是,戏都唱完了,人家叶大师一己之力干翻两大天骄,谁还敢下场,不怕步后尘啊!” Finished, hurried to finish us also well exiting to blow flamboyant!” “结束吧,赶紧结束我们也好出去吹牛逼!” Front, where wheel obtains you to blow flamboyant, when outside these people are die!” “前面的,哪里轮得到你吹牛逼,当外面那些人都是死的么!” You find fault especially, your anything cultivation base, has on choose / duel the arena!” “你特么找茬是吧,你什么修为,有种单挑上擂台!” You are flamboyant, father Glimpse Dao Realm eight heavy, comes, we go to the arena......” “你牛逼,老子窥道境八重,来来来,咱们去擂台……” I...... You had the line, I Glimpse Dao Realm did not have, to hit especially! Does not go!” “我……你有行了吧,我特么窥道境都没有,打个屁啊!不去!” Laughs, Lou Suwei was slightly happy, was truly clear, was impossible to have offer again, therefore also no longer tossed about. 一阵爆笑,娄素薇心情稍微好了点,也确实明白,不可能再有出价的了,于是也不再折腾。 „The 560 million first time?” “560000000第一次?” „The 560 million second time?” “560000000第二次?” „The 560 million third time, congratulates Young Master leaf, obtains this auction next to last act heavy treasure, five and other world sources!” “560000000第三次,恭喜叶公子,获得本次拍卖会压轴重宝,五等世界本源!” „......” Innumerable applause resound, then several tens of thousands followers together congratulate the Ye Qian say/way: Celebrates for Young Master leaf!” “啪啪啪……”无数掌声响起,而后数万修炼者齐齐地恭喜叶谦的道:“为叶公子贺!” Ye Qian looks at several tens of thousands followers who all stand up accidentally/surprisingly, is a little bewildered, when he had such good personnel in the palace wall, his everybody did not shout the Great Universe dynasty first pretty boy who hit, true popular was not Qiao by Yu and Uncle Zhou jun two Heaven's Chosen, hurried to turn today completely. 叶谦意外地看着全体起立的数万修炼者,有点莫名其妙,他什么时候在皇城有这么好的人员了,原先他不还是人人喊打的大宇皇朝第一小白脸么,真正受欢迎的不是乔以煜和周伯俊两大天骄么,怎么赶紧今天完全翻了。 Until the following some people shouted first, afterward sounds of many expressions of gratitude, Ye Qian yes what's the matter. 直到下面有人喊出第一句,随后又有不少道谢的声音,叶谦才明白是怎么回事。 Many thanks the young master saves Princess Fugui in the water and fire!” Some people such shouted, Ye Qian thought is clear/pain in the present at that late evening banquet, he helps face/color Fugui rescue from the pressures of two big day of sects, was spread. “多谢公子救福贵公主于水火之中!”有人这么喊,叶谦觉得是楚今朝那晚夜宴上,他帮颜福贵从两大天宗的压力中解救出来,被人传开了。 Many thanks the young master laughs in the face of death, accepts a challenge to ask boundary revering for Princess Fugui!” Some people such shouted, Ye Qian thought is he answered at that time receives clear/pain in the present one move, takes changing clear/pain anti- lives in two big day of sect pressures as face/color Fugui in the present, was spread. “多谢公子舍生忘死,为福贵公主应战问道境尊者!”有人这么喊,叶谦觉得是他当时答应接楚今朝一招,以换楚今朝为颜福贵抗住两大天宗压力,被人传开了。 Ye Qian thinks right, although that move has not become, but Ye Qian did not have to comply at that time after all hesitant, to the majority of palace wall follower, that asks one move of boundary revering, faces one to ask boundary revering truly, who for another person will meet to incur? 叶谦想的没错,虽然那一招没有成,但叶谦当时总归是没有犹豫地答应了,对大部分皇城修炼者而言,那可是问道境尊者的一招,真正面对一位问道境尊者,谁为会为了另一人去接招? Ye Qian has achieved, for the princess of their Great Universe dynasty, only imperial throne successor. 叶谦做到了,为的是他们大宇皇朝的公主,唯一的帝位继承人。 Many thanks Young Master leaf invited constellation heavenly palace, with my Great Universe dynasty altogether anti- two big day of sects!” Some people such shouted, Ye Qian thought this is very seemingly good to understand, he truly was the link of Great Universe dynasty and constellation heavenly palace, was the foundation of trust, two formed an alliance, this was he is also a go-between. “多谢叶公子请来星宿天宫,与我大宇皇朝共抗两大天宗!”有人这么喊,叶谦觉得这个貌似很好理解,他确实是大宇皇朝和星宿天宫的纽带,也是信任的基础,两家结盟,本也就是他牵线的。 Some chaotic 78 shouting, anything a bit faster became the son-in-law of our Great Universe dynasty the crown prince and so on, anything hung dozen of Qiao by Yu Uncle Zhou jun, the foot tramples two big day of sects and so on accent words. 还有一些乱78张的呼喊,什么快点成为我们大宇皇朝的女婿啊亲王啊之类,什么吊打乔以煜周伯俊,脚踹两大天宗啊之类不着调的话。 This auction congress ended, various benefits meritorious service have provided randomly, asking everybody to leave the field orderly, hundred years later seeing again!” Lou Suwei has made the farewell succinctly, she now is tired, the heart is tired, this auction forgets the management all auctions to make the will of the people compared with her tired. “本次拍卖大会结束,各种福利功勋点已经随机发放,请各位有序离场,百年之后再见!”娄素薇简洁地做了告别,她现在非常累,心累,这次拍卖会比她遗忘主持的所有拍卖会都要让人心累。 Lou big beautiful woman, is next month sees!” Has the people sound to tease with a smile. “娄大美女,是下月见!”有人大声笑着调侃。 Right, Lou big beautiful woman, remembers that making of that food, Grandmaster leaf, the brothers can only help here!” Some people must the beforehand joke, make noise to tease. “没错,娄大美女,记得那一饭之约啊,叶大师,兄弟只能帮到这里了!”有人还得之前的戏言,出声调侃。 This has detonated the natures of other people immediately, all teasing words, turned neatly completely: 这一句顿时引爆了其他人的性质,所有的调侃话,齐刷刷地全部变成了: Lou big beautiful woman, remembers that making of that food, Grandmaster leaf, the brothers can only help here!” “娄大美女,记得那一饭之约啊,叶大师,兄弟只能帮到这里了!” „......” Ye Qian speechless, said to Lou Suwei awkwardly: They may be really funny, do not mind, several words made you be short of a next to last act treasure, was very embarrassed!” “……”叶谦无语,尴尬地对娄素薇说道:“他们可真逗,你别介意,几句话让你们少了一件压轴宝物,挺不好意思的!” Had not looked that you have any embarrassment!” Lou Suwei has unloaded the mask -type smiling face at this time, along with the words Ye Qian, has punctured saying: I thought that you have not pressed the good intention, the premium space of that sect divisional level compounded drug lowered, the premium space of your unsurpassed sword was high, you, look are not the good person!” “没看出来你有什么不好意思!”娄素薇此时卸下了面具式的笑容,随口白了叶谦一眼,戳破道:“我看你就是没按好心,那枚宗师级丹药的溢价空间低了,你自己那无上剑的溢价空间就高了,你这人,一看就不是什么好人!” „......” Ye Qian is speechless, is innocent. “……”叶谦无言,一脸无辜。 Comes the person!” Lou Suwei waves from side, a robust man goes forward: Is leading our Young Master leaf the finalizing meritorious service and auction, remembers that do not calculate the handling charge!” “来人!”娄素薇从旁边挥挥手,一个壮汉上前:“带着咱们叶公子交割功勋点和拍卖物,记得别算手续费!” Yes, Young lady!” The robust men nod, is sideways to put out a hand to lead the way saying: Young Master leaf, please!” “是,小姐!”壮汉点头,然后侧身伸手引路道:“叶公子,请!” Matter that Miss Lou, got rid of before?” Ye Qian has not left immediately, somewhat embarrassed asked one. “那个,娄小姐,之前摆脱的事情?”叶谦没有立即离开,有些不好意思地问了一句。 Eating meal time told you again!” Lou Suwei stretched oneself, the graceful physique appears in the Ye Qian eye immediately, making Ye Qian a little lost, at once then responds, dark Dauth too for a long time did not have the woman, at this time can think the branch. “吃饭的时候再告诉你!”娄素薇伸了伸懒腰,曼妙的身姿顿时出现在叶谦的眼中,让叶谦有点出神,旋即便反应过来,暗道特么是不是太久没女人了,这时候都能想岔。 Eh, the time ate meal at that time!” Ye Qian a little has a headache asks, he is not ripe with Lou Suwei, at this time last person ghost crying wolf of going out called one: Grandmaster leaf, remembers that completes making of food, is the man, bravely, likes on, the brothers can only help you to this!” “额,那时候时候吃饭啊!”叶谦有点头疼地问道,他跟娄素薇不熟啊,偏偏此时最后一个出门的人鬼哭狼叫了一声:“叶大师,记得完成一饭之约,是男人,就勇敢点,喜欢就上,兄弟只能帮你到这了!” Then, that person flashed, Ye Qian was more awkward. 说完,那人闪了,叶谦却更尴尬了。 Lou Suwei hears that ghost crying wolf to call, showed the whites of the eyes fiercely, replied Ye Qian ill-humoredly: Mood good time!” 娄素薇听到那一声鬼哭狼叫,猛地翻了个白眼,没好气地回答叶谦:“心情好了的时候!” Then, Lou Suwei changes to the golden light to leave directly together. 说完,娄素薇直接化作一道金光离开。 Walks......” Ye Qian to sigh to that robust man said that chooses a time to visit again alone, Qiao must take by Yu and serial number of Uncle Zhou jun that two status tokens, only hopes that Lou Suwei should not be too hard to deal with. “走吧……”叶谦叹了口气对那壮汉说道,还是再选个时间单独拜访吧,乔以煜和周伯俊两人那两枚身份令牌的编号一定要拿到手中,只希望娄素薇不要太难缠。 With the robust man, auctioned center to make finalizing in Great Universe the treasure that meritorious and patted, waited to return to the first under heaven to refine the dwelling place, Ye Qian has calculated, lost the best quality goods soldier Qingtian stick and grasps principles the soldier unsurpassed sword, the harvest was five and other world sources, attacked heavy valuable blue sky profound thunder rune/symbol, defended the heavy valuable ice crystal snow lotus symbol. 跟着壮汉,在大宇拍卖中心将功勋点和拍到的宝物做了交割,等回到天下第一炼丹房,叶谦自己盘算了下,失去了极品道兵擎天棍和悟道道兵无上剑,收获是五等世界本源,还有攻击重宝碧落玄雷符,防御重宝冰晶雪莲符。 But at this time in the Ye Qian status token, 50 million meritorious points, suffice in a best quality goods soldier who in the royal government treasure house of Great Universe dynasty exchanged a nobody to want, a genuine good best quality goods soldier, was already exchanged. 而此时叶谦身份令牌里,还有50000000功勋点,够在大宇皇朝的朝廷宝库里兑换一件没人要的极品道兵,真正好的极品道兵,早就被兑走了。 Ye Qian calculates, the heart moves suddenly, asked in the state of mind sea the Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron spirit say/way: How many am I now in various Tianwan the Heaven's Chosen list?” 叶谦盘算完,心头忽然一动,问神魂海中神荒鼎鼎灵道:“我现在在诸天万界天骄榜是多少名?” Is situated 108, moreover looked, in you helped me gain one five and other in the world source shares, Ye Qian, you later can call my god desolate!” The Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron returns to the covered passageway spirit. “排行108,而且看在你帮我赚了一份五等世界本源的份上,叶谦,你以后可以叫我神荒!”神荒鼎鼎灵回复道。 „......” Ye Qian is a little speechless, although is a little not cruel enough, but he has punctured the Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron spirit fantasy, that five and other world sources I have big using, first cannot give you!” “……”叶谦有点无语,虽然有点不忍心,但他还是戳破了神荒鼎鼎灵的幻想,“那份五等世界本源我有大用,先不能给你!” Ye Qian, I am earnest, your this will lose sooner or later my!” The Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron one word at a time, at once, soon has been wild with rage spirit the mood fills the air in the Ye Qian state of mind sea: Your Sir Ye Qian, you calculate how long has not fed me to eat the thing, you raise a pig especially, should separate the time to feed this? A father might as well pig, does the cauldron of father solemn limitless say/way soldier spirit, goes where is not delicious tasty to become the ancestor same to supply to ask?” 叶谦,我认真的,你这样早晚会失去我的!”神荒鼎鼎灵一字一顿,旋即,一股快要气疯了的情绪弥漫在叶谦的神魂海中:“你大爷叶谦,你自己算算都多久没喂我吃过东西了,你特么就是养一头猪,都该隔断时间喂点此的吧?老子还不如一头猪么,老子堂堂无极道兵的鼎灵,去哪里不是好吃好喝的被当着祖宗一样供着求着?” „Speaking of raises pigs, my storage ring also wants the pet, not to awake to the present, had not fed, he can eat before, moreover anything ate, does not think that you selected food!” Ye Qian by a Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron such reminder, immediately had been remembered anything spirit, looked at eye storage ring, but also is resting, that continues to rest, can rest is also the good fortune. “说到养猪,我储物戒指还想还真有一头宠物,到现在还没睡醒,一直没喂过,他以前非常能吃,而且什么都吃,不想你那么挑食!”叶谦神荒鼎鼎灵这么一提醒,顿时想起了什么,看了眼自己储物戒指,还在睡,那就继续睡吧,能睡也是福气。 The Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron spirit was stopped up unable to speak by Ye Qian such sudden one, half sound responded, cursing of air/Qi said: Ye Qian, your Sir, you do not give the father to make a good thing to build up one's health, the father struck! The strike knows!” 神荒鼎鼎灵被叶谦这么突如其来的一句堵得说不出话来,半响反应过来,气的大骂道:“叶谦,你大爷的,你再不给老子弄点好东西补补身子,老子就罢工了!罢工知道么!” I am not a Sir, you are Sir, god wild Sir, you are not the important highway soldier, my this also remaining 50 million meritorious service points, this buys a best quality goods soldier to work as between -meal snack for you, doesn't become? God wild Sir?” Ye Qian also thought to feel sorry, truly, Divine Desolate Cauldron with him, as if truly had overflowed any auspicious day. “我不是大爷,你才是大爷,神荒大爷,你不是要道兵么,我这还剩下50000000功勋点,这就给你买个极品道兵当零食,成不?神荒大爷?”叶谦也觉得过意不去了,确实,神荒鼎跟着他,似乎确实没过过什么好日子。 Before Divine Desolate Cauldron also knew to snatch the food, his long spear/gun and carapace, must know that is two five a soldier, although was broken, but that is also five a soldier, finally Divine Desolate Cauldron has not passed through the agreement directly swallowing inside main road principle, was used to restore oneself. Afterward awakened the cauldron spirit, did not occur on the contrary again has robbed the matter of main road principle a soldier contained, was the previous Ye Qian comprehension good fortune main road, the Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron instead has returned on the contrary nurturing to parents some sources spirit to him, making him comprehend the good fortune main road to be fabricated to the high magical powers. 以前神荒鼎还知道抢食,他那长枪和龟甲,要知道那可是两件五等道兵,虽然残破了,但那也是五等道兵啊,结果神荒鼎没经过同意就直接把里面的大道法则给吞噬了,用来修复自身了。后来觉醒了鼎灵,反倒再没有发生过抢夺道兵蕴含的大道法则的事情,反倒是上次叶谦领悟造化大道,神荒鼎鼎灵反而反哺了一些本源给他,让他领悟了造化大道至高神通无中生有。 Thinks, Ye Qian thought oneself are not too individual! 这么一想,叶谦自己都觉得自己不太是个人! Walks, now goes, gives your god wild Sir to choose to eat!” Ye Qian does not delay, has spent these many meritorious points in any case today, all spent simply completely. “走,现在就去,给你神荒大爷挑选吃的!”叶谦也不耽搁,反正今天都已经花了这么多的功勋点,索性全部花完了。 You said that Ye Qian, I am waiting!” The Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron responded spirit jubilantly, really once for a while scolded several to let Ye Qian this boy conscience discovery, can call had the milk to eat. “你说的,叶谦,我等着!”神荒鼎鼎灵喜气洋洋地回应,果然时不时骂几句还是能让叶谦这小子良心发现的,会叫的才有奶吃。 Waiting!” Ye Qian is high-spirited, is not 50 million meritorious points, gave the Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron to hit to have a sumptuous meal spirit, forgot him just to enter the palace wall quite the same as, for 500,000 meritorious points, almost sold into servitude to face/color Fugui's matter. “等着!”叶谦意气风发,不就是50000000功勋点么,就给神荒鼎鼎灵打打牙祭了,浑然忘了他刚入皇城,为了500000功勋点,差点卖身给颜福贵的事情。 Ye Qian space advance left the world to refine the dwelling place, the Great Universe Dynasty Royal government treasure house exchange main hall, retrieved the project of best quality goods soldier, were not many, was less than two pages, altogether seven best quality goods soldiers, Ye Qian casually has been short of one, was the trash. 叶谦自己空间突进离开天下炼丹房,大宇皇朝朝廷宝库兑换大殿,检索出极品道兵的项目,也不多,不到两页,总共才七件极品道兵,叶谦随便少了一眼,都是垃圾。 For example first, spring the Warburg mirror, a best quality goods soldier, can make surrounding area dozens li (0.5 km) myriad things recover, just like the spring, the duration regards cultivation base to decide, supplements the good fortune class main road principle, the beautiful scenery, the large-scale illusion, the illusion indoor scene to is quite beautiful, but does not have any attacks capability, conversion price 45 million meritorious service points. 比如第一个,春华宝镜,极品道兵,能令方圆数十里万物复苏,宛如春天,持续时间视修为而定,附带造化类大道法则,春花秋月,大型幻境,幻境内景致极为美丽,但无任何攻击能力,兑换价格45000000功勋点。 Is this especially also a best quality goods soldier? Except for picking up the little girl, Ye Qian cannot think completely this soldier special can do! Also needs 45 million meritorious points, these many meritorious points, pounded directly can pound the corona to bring back to the home the younger sister well! 这特么也算是极品道兵?除了泡妞,叶谦完全想不到这道兵特么能干嘛!还需要45000000功勋点,这么多功勋点,直接砸都能把妹子砸晕带回家了好吧! Therefore , can keep a best quality goods soldier who in the royal government treasure house cannot exchange, has the reason. 所以说,能一直留在朝廷宝库里兑换不出去的极品道兵,不是没有原因的。 Which must eat, do you elect?” Ye Qian makes Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron spirit elect, the Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron spirit what is in any case most critical swallows the main road principle that a soldier contains, looks at the treasure itself material quality, the selectivity swallows...... “要吃哪个,你自己选?”叶谦神荒鼎鼎灵自己选,反正神荒鼎鼎灵最紧要的是吞噬道兵蕴含的大道法则,看宝物本身材质,选择性吞噬……
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