SSK :: Volume #75

#7426: Does not have the egg to use

Your what meaning?” Uncle Zhou jun coldly looks at Ye Qian to ask. “你什么意思?”周伯俊冷冷地看着叶谦问道。 „Haven't you looked at information jade Jane/simple of auction?” A Ye Qian face shakes the head speechless slightly, sighs to say. “你俩都没看过拍卖会的信息玉简么?”叶谦一脸无语地微微摇头,叹了口气说道。 Looked that what that makes, you think that we do need? The thing of next to last act is anything, we already knew!” Uncle Zhou jun does not understand that Ye Qian said this immaterial thing does do, routinely taunted Ye Qian one. “看那个做什么,你以为我们需要?压轴之物是什么,我们早就知道了!”周伯俊不明白叶谦说这个无关紧要的东西干什么,却习惯性地嘲讽了叶谦一句。 Only then Qiao by Yu brow one tight, the hand extends toward own position, information jade Jane/simple to appear in his hands, the strength of state of mind searches into, Qiao by Yu's complexion big change, in the eye ominous brilliant hold, the information in hand meets even directly becomes the fragment powder, points by Yu from Qiao falls gently to smile, vanishes in airborne. 只有乔以煜眉头一紧,手往自己的位置上一伸,信息玉简出现在他手中,神魂之力探入其中,乔以煜的脸色大变,眼中凶光大盛,手中的信息遇见甚至直接变得齑粉,从乔以煜手指间飘落而笑,消失在空中。 In the field many followers awaken suddenly offer services to immediately, some cover mouth, laughs, some do not know the Ye Qian anything meaning, found information jade Jane/simple hurriedly, examined that in has any trick. 场中不少修炼者猛然醒悟顿时投效,有的更是捂着嘴,笑成一团,有些不知道叶谦什么意思的,也急忙找到身边的信息玉简,查看里面到底有什么猫腻。 Only has Uncle Zhou jun, looks that under stage the increasing number of people start to show the strange smiling face, looks to his look, is flooding the sympathy and satire as if by prior agreement, Uncle Zhou jun catches an information jade Jane/simple conveniently, the strength of state of mind has searched into. 唯有周伯俊,看着台下越来越多的人开始露出诡异的笑容,望向他的眼神,不约而同都充斥着同情和讽刺,周伯俊随手抓过一个信息玉简,神魂之力探入其中。 In information jade Jane’s the clarity of last line of small character labelling, this auction, various types of heavy treasures and next to last act treasures, can only the Great Universe dynasty subordinates original the war of participant dragon be able to participate in bidding!” Ye Qian said Uncle Zhou jun and Qiao slowly by the Yu biggest problem: You, although also had the participant of war of dragon, but was invited by the Great Universe dynasty, was not the Great Universe dynasty subordinates......” “在信息玉简的最后一行小字标注的清清楚楚,本次拍卖会,各种重宝与压轴宝物,只能大宇皇朝麾下原出龙之战参赛者可以参加竞拍!”叶谦缓缓道出周伯俊和乔以煜最大的问题:“你们虽然也是原出龙之战的参赛者,但只是受大宇皇朝邀请,并不是大宇皇朝麾下……” Here, the Uncle Zhou jun complexion a paleness, the information jade Jane/simple Dieluo ground in hand, Ye Qian has made up last: You and Qiao by Yu, not having the qualifications to participate in the next to last act treasure five and other bidding of world source!” 说到这里,周伯俊的脸色已经一片惨白,手中的信息玉简跌落地上,叶谦补下最后一道:“你和乔以煜,没有资格参加压轴宝物五等世界本源的竞价!” Hehe......” Ye Qian chuckle, having the light taunt saying: Meritorious many extraordinary? Was up for auction the qualifications not to have, to work as half-day clown, had the sense of achievement very much? You know that I think you do perform to have want to smile? But I cannot, I smile, did not disturb your you shoddy and stupid performance!” “呵呵……”叶谦轻笑一声,带着淡淡的嘲讽说道:“功勋点多了不起?参拍资格都没有,当了半天小丑,很有成就感吧?你知道我看着你表演有多想笑么?但我不能啊,我一笑,可不就打扰你那你拙劣而愚蠢的表演了么!” Useless useless!” Qiao smiles by Yu suddenly, said: We are unable to be up for auction, are you different? Everyone bid to bid a moment ago, 50 steps smiled hundred, interesting?” “没用就没用吧!”乔以煜忽然一笑,说道:“我们无法参拍,你不也一样?刚才谁也出价竞拍了,50步笑百步,有意思?” Therefore , goes to the domain of which family/home, understood that others custom, read a book much, was useful, you suffered a loss suffer a loss in not any culture, studied not many!” Ye Qian sighed, he put out oneself and status token, shook shaking in two people at present, said: „ In your hands is taking war of status token dragon, the Great Universe dynasty invitation, was a guest, but in my hand was different, the southern states in Great Universe dynasty core five state, participated in the southern state to leave the war of preelection smelting trial dragon formally, defeated all matches, became the southern state leaves the dragon preelection seat of honor, was upright and frank comes. “所以说,去谁家的地盘,多了解一下人家的规矩,多读点书,还是有用的,你们吃亏就吃亏在没什么文化,读书不多!”叶谦叹气道,他拿出自己的和身份令牌,在两人眼前晃了晃,说道:“你们手里拿着的出龙之战身份令牌,大宇皇朝邀请的,算是客人,而我手里的这枚不一样,是在大宇皇朝核心五州中的南州,正儿八经参加南州出龙之战预选试炼,打败所有对手,成为南州出龙预选首席,正大光明得来的。 Therefore the regulation of by Great Universe dynasty, Ye, was Great Universe dynasty the person of formally, naturally was qualified for attending this auction to have bidding of auction, including the next to last act treasure! ” 所以以大宇皇朝的律法,叶某人,是正儿八经的大宇皇朝的人,当然有资格参加这次拍卖会所有拍品的竞价,包括压轴宝物!” Along with the speech of Ye Qian each few words, Qiao is getting more and more ugly by Yu and Uncle Zhou jun complexion, they are not willing to believe words that Ye Qian spoke, but under this is in the glare of the public eye, will Ye Qian flicker splendidly they? 随着叶谦每一句话的说话,乔以煜和周伯俊两人脸色越来越难看,他们不愿意相信叶谦说的话,但在这众目睽睽之下,叶谦会堂而皇之的忽悠他们? Therefore Qiao was all silent by Yu and Uncle Zhou jun, on the face lost the blood-color thoroughly, these time seems the disastrous defeat, but also defeats specially undeserved that. 所以乔以煜和周伯俊全都沉默了下来,脸上已经彻底失去了血色,这一次似乎又是惨败,还败得特别冤枉的那种。 Ha, I, I must smile especially especially insanely, was really certainly......” “哈哈哈,我特么,我特么要笑疯了啊,真是绝了啊……” Haha, good, finally can let loose has smiled, the father endures to be so long, finally can smile!” “哈哈,不错,终于可以放开笑了,老子忍这么久,终于可以笑了!” Two melon skin, have performed for quite a while, shows off the background, dazzles the status, then dazzles the net worth, then can't participate?” “两个瓜皮,表演了半天,又是炫耀背景,又是炫身份,然后炫身家,然后不能参加?” I went, you tease specially we smile, is Heaven's Chosen on solemn various Tianwan Heaven's Chosen list especially so inexpensive?” “我了个去,你俩是专门逗我们笑的么,堂堂诸天万界天骄榜上的天骄就特么这么廉价?” This is flamboyant I to blow for a lifetime, I looked at two genuine Heaven's Chosen to perform in a major drama especially, smiled the belly to have diarrhea!” “这个牛逼我可以吹一辈子,我特么看了两个真正的天骄演了一出大戏,笑得肚子拉稀!” Haha, is not good is not good, soon smiled, this was true opening mind......” “哈哈,不行了不行了,快要笑死了,这才是真正的开眼界啊……” As Ye Qian opened the final answer, several tens of thousands followers on the scene erupt the laughter sound that thunders, various taunt tsunami submerged Qiao are handsome by Yu and Uncle Zhou. 随着叶谦揭开最后的答案,在场数万修炼者爆发出轰鸣的爆笑声,各种嘲讽海啸般淹没了乔以煜和周伯俊。 In Great Universe auctions outside the center, the follower laughter voice of innumerable Great Universe palace wall, forms the voice in the great tree, even causes the endless green along with rippling, just like green sea. 而在大宇拍卖中心外面,无数大宇皇城的修炼者爆笑的声浪,在巨树形成声浪,甚至引得无尽绿色随着荡漾,宛如一片绿色的海洋。 This was when is too fun, genuine Heaven's Chosen that on various heaven ten thousand Heaven's Chosen lists when especially the protagonist kept aloof, the floor followers in these palace walls, even the mortal, all laughed, for a very long time was unable to restrain oneself. 这是在是太可乐了,尤其当主角还是高高在上的诸天万界天骄榜上的真正天骄时,这些皇城的底层修炼者,甚至凡人,全都笑成一团,久久不能自已。 But at this time auctions in the center, in the Uncle Zhou jun eyes killing intent fills the air looks at Lou Suwei, at this moment, he hatred to Lou Suwei even above Ye Qian, if this woman when they offer makes noise the reminder, does how to go so far as to have the present? 而此时拍卖中心内,周伯俊眼中杀意弥漫地看着娄素薇,这一刻,他对娄素薇的仇恨甚至在叶谦之上,若是这个女人早早在他们报价的时候就出声提醒,何至于有现在? We cannot participate in bidding of next to last act treasure, why didn't your this woman tell us?” Uncle Zhou jun asked with clenched jaws, Qiao will be staring at Lou Suwei by Yu similarly stubbornly, he needed a view. “我们不能参加压轴宝物的竞拍,你这女人为什么不告诉我们?”周伯俊咬牙切齿地问道,乔以煜同样将死死地盯着娄素薇,他需要一个说法。 Both of you sang a duet, I could not interrupt!” A Lou Suwei face was sorry that visits two people, the hypocrisy apology said: „Sorry, good that too mainly you coordinate, will leave a time next time, I promptly told certainly two!” “你们俩一唱一和的,我根本插不上嘴!”娄素薇一脸抱歉地看着两人,虚情假意地道歉说道:“真是抱歉,主要你们配合的太好,下次留点时间,我一定及时告诉二位!” When really the old lady quite does bully? Can't fight the Ye Qian venting anger old lady? Pair of waste firewood! Lou Suwei sneers, an eyesight vigor does not have, if not for cannot the violent leak the status, she makes a Wei palm of the hand pat these two waste firewood! 真当老娘好欺负的?斗不过叶谦迁怒老娘?一对废柴!娄素薇心里冷笑,一点眼力劲都没有,若不是不能暴漏身份,她让魏老一巴掌拍死这两个废柴! Next time, has your family's next! Uncle Zhou jun wished one could a palm to destroy this woman false cheek. 还有下次,有你全家的下次!周伯俊恨不得一把掌毁了这娘们虚伪的脸蛋。 Was right, was lucky that Young Master Zhou reminded!” The appearance that Lou Suwei awakens suddenly said: Because two offers cannot make the number, we intercept the last effective offer, is Young Master leaf 560 million meritorious......” “对了,多亏周公子提醒!”娄素薇一副突然醒悟的样子说道:“因为两位的报价不能作数,我们截取最后一次有效报价,是叶公子的560000000功勋点……” Here, Lou Suwei as if intentionally, had seems reminding anything saying: This your slave reminded, everybody had a look to have the bidding qualifications, entitled please continue to bid!” 说到这里,娄素薇似乎故意,有似乎在提醒什么说:“这次奴家可是提醒了的,大家看看有没有竞拍资格,有资格的请继续竞拍!” ......” Ye Qian one not to bear, immediately broke a face indifferent calm appearance, smiles to make noise, this woman, absolutely is intentionally, but he likes very much. “扑哧……”叶谦一个没忍住,顿时破了一脸淡然的淡定模样,笑出了声,这女人,绝对是故意的,但他很喜欢。 This woman is intentionally! The Uncle Zhou jun grief and indignation wants certainly, not to recover consciousness, hears laughing of Ye Qian to live, in the heart a pain, the grief and indignation wants suddenly certainly is pointing at Ye Qian, a blood runs out of the throat, has a dizzy spell, the whole person drops down loudly. 这娘们是故意的!周伯俊心里悲愤欲绝,还没缓过来,听到叶谦的嗤笑生,心中忽然一痛,悲愤欲绝的指着叶谦,一口鲜血冲出喉咙,一阵头晕目眩,整个人轰然倒下。 This......” Ye Qian moved out of the way instantaneously, has flashed through this blood, looks fell to the ground not to awake Uncle Zhou jun, immediately has tarried, was speechless with the previous air/Qi corona discipline, the discipline speechless was installs to faint, Uncle Zhou jun this was faints really on time. “这……”叶谦瞬间挪开,闪过了这一口鲜血,看着倒地不醒的周伯俊,顿时呆住了,和上次气晕纪无言不同,纪无言是装晕,周伯俊这是真的晕过去了。 I went, another spat blood......” in field to have the follower to say dull “我了个去,又一个吐血了……”场中有修炼者呆呆地说道 Why is also?” Some people are puzzled. “为什么是又?”有人不解。 Because front also has a palace main discipline of good fortune palace to be speechless!” Some person of faces admiring looks at Ye Qian, at the same time explained. “因为前面还有一个生生造化宫的宫主纪无言!”有人一脸钦佩的看着叶谦,一边解释。 Previous time scolded the person spits blood, this time directly smiled one, Uncle Zhou jun has knelt, this......” some people heaved a deep sigh. “上次还是把人骂吐血的,这次就直接笑一声,周伯俊就跪了,这……”有人摇头叹息。 leaf brother good method, scenery to meet by chance, our empty spirit mystical place sees!” Qiao by Yu this time just like iceberg, this time has planted, although is Uncle Zhou jun is obviously more miserable, but where he does not have to arrive. “叶兄好手段,山水有相逢,咱们虚灵秘境见!”乔以煜此次宛如冰山,这次是真的栽了,虽然明显是周伯俊更惨,但他也没好到哪里。 Qiao takes up Uncle Zhou jun by Yu, changes to a white light, departs the auction hall, he has a dream has not thought that one day, will pick up stupor Uncle Zhou jun, not only under does not have the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator, but also arrives personally recorded the speechless mansion, has handed over in the hand of jade Dingtian sect Wu Qingyun revering, matter after 1510 reporting. 乔以煜抄起周伯俊,化作一道白光,飞出拍卖大厅,他做梦都没想过,会有一天,将昏迷的周伯俊抱走,不仅没有下黑手,还亲自到原先纪无言的府邸,交到了玉鼎天宗吴青云尊者的手上,将事情经过1510的禀告。 I knew, exhausted world nephew!” Wu Qingyun revering silent speechless listens to report/give report, without any expression, polite. “我知道了,劳烦世侄了!”吴青云尊者沉默无言的听完禀报,没有任何表情,客气了一句。 Our two brothers, should, the younger generation ask to be excused!” Qiao turns around to leave by Yu, at present this Wu Qingyun revering, but is an incarnation, true body estimate also in empty spirit mystical place, moreover this Wu Qingyun revering it is said also incessantly together incarnation. “我们两宗同气连枝,应该,晚辈告退!”乔以煜转身离开,眼前这位吴青云尊者,不过是道化身,真身估计还在虚灵秘境里,而且这位吴青云尊者据说还不止一道化身。 Today's matter, Qiao needs to go back to ponder over by Yu again well, this is his third time has admitted defeat on Ye Qian, cares, present Uncle Zhou jun is his fate. 今天的事情,乔以煜需要回去再好好琢磨,这已经是他第三次在叶谦手上吃瘪了,在不在意,如今的周伯俊就是他的下场。 Wu Qingyun revering looked at as before Uncle Zhou jun in dizziness, has not made a move to treat and cure. 吴青云尊者看了会依旧在眩晕中的周伯俊,没有出手救治。 Hao Ran, you come in!” Wu Qingyun opened the mouth to call disciple, then said: I must lead your Senior Brother Zhou to return to sect gate, waits to come back for the master true body, oneself will tell him me to return to the sect gate then, in the future, will be the master does not know! Here matter, gives you to process temporarily, do not act rashly!” 浩然,你进来!”吴青云开口将门外的弟子叫了进来,然后说道:“我要带你周师兄回宗门一趟,等为师真身回来,自己告诉他我回宗门即可,何时未来,为师也不知道!这里的事情,暂时交给你处理,不要妄动!” Yes, Master!” Liu Hao Ran looked has felt dizzy dead in ground Uncle Zhou jun, nodded ruthlessly, at heart actually secretly thought, when the master walked, must exit to inquire, is who so was actually fierce, unexpectedly turned Heaven's Chosen on Zhou Senior Brother this various Tianwan Heaven's Chosen list dry/does. “是,师父!”刘浩然看了眼晕死在地上的周伯俊,狠狠地点了点头,心里却暗道,等师父走了,一定要出去打听一下,倒是是谁这么猛,居然把周师兄这个诸天万界天骄榜上的天骄给干翻了。 Wu Qingyun nodded, is binding Uncle Zhou jun, changes to together the light, vanishes in the yard. 吴青云点了点头,裹着周伯俊,化作一道光,消失在小院里。 ...... …… Great Universe auctions the center, the last next to last act treasure, five and other world sources are being auctioned, is only the scene is not warm. 大宇拍卖中心,最后一件压轴宝物,五等世界本源正在拍卖中,只是场面并没有多么热烈。 Even can say that is a little cold. 甚至可以说有点冷。 Five and other world sources, now only then 560 million meritorious points, are so cheap, does nobody bid really?” Lou Suwei is a little small desperately, after the matter, nobody dares to be out probably really and Ye Qian bids. “五等世界本源,现在只有560000000功勋点,这么便宜,真没人出价么?”娄素薇有点小绝望,经过刚才的事,好像真没人敢下场与叶谦竞价了。 560 million meritorious points, this price, is not really high, but cannot say has owed, this heavy treasure, is she from leaving the hot macrocosm auction main office applies, this price, reluctantly sticks to deceive, but said on time. 560000000功勋点,这个价格,真不高,但也不能说亏了,这件重宝,是她从离火大世界的拍卖会总店申请来的,这个价格,也就勉强糊一下糊弄一下,只是说得过去而已。 Cheap this boy! Lou Suwei took a look at Ye Qian one with the corner of the eye split vision, sighed at heart. 便宜这小子了!娄素薇用眼角余光瞅了叶谦一眼,心里直叹气。 Hears Lou Suwei still to want to call the person to be out, a sovereign class/flow of numerous top influence, is completely silent, does not dare to accept, Qiao they do not dare to offend by Yu and Uncle Zhou jun, a Ye Qian person does to turn two people, did they have the courage? 听到娄素薇还在想招呼人下场,一众顶级势力的宗主之流,全部默然,根本不敢应承,乔以煜和周伯俊他们都不敢得罪,叶谦一个人干翻两人,他们就有胆子了? Lou Suwei also really thinks highly of them, what a pity, they do not need this thinking highly, in this change in situation, moves is inferior to one calmly, good that no one must offend. 娄素薇还真看得起他们,可惜,他们不需要这种看得起,这种变局之中,一动不如一静,还是谁都不要得罪的好。 Therefore Lou Suwei also shouted two, do not have what egg to use, nobody replied radically...... 所以娄素薇又喊了两遍,并没有什么卵用,根本没人回答……
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