SFC :: Volume #6

#5: Cleaning plan!

Dense Fog Mainland. 迷雾大陆 In this piece fills in the radioactive contamination mainland various terrifying monsters to wreak havoc to run amuck, but most is undead that because resurrects variously, especially those Corpse Ghost that crawls from the tomb, their loafing in groups on the desolated earth, hunt living life that any can see. 在这片充满着辐射污染的大陆上各种各样恐怖的怪物肆虐横行,而其中最多的便是因为各种各样复活的亡灵,尤其是那些从墓地中爬出来的尸鬼,它们成群结队的游荡在荒芜的大地上,狩猎着任何能够看到的活着的生命。 But at this moment in a piece sprinkles on the pitch-black viscous bloodstain land, wears the black cape form to stand erect in Corpse Ghost surrounding of troop. 而此刻在一片洒满乌黑粘稠血迹的土地上,一位身披黑色的斗篷身影正屹立于一大群的尸鬼包围中。 In his all around is piles of broken corpse blocks, before this Rogue body, float pale golden aura, attracts surrounding area dozens kilometers undead to gather toward here, he grasps pair of sharp jet black scimitar, calmly was waiting for all around enemy launches the attack. Quick all around Corpse Ghost could not endure the attraction of Death Divine Attribute again, threw one after another, but along with the blade light of flashing past, this Rogue broke in the enemy group to slaughter just like Berserker, in this crazy incomparable slaughtering, the one by one light-gray soul gushed out from dying Corpse Ghost within the body unceasingly, gradually gathered on the dusky lantern of his waist. 在他的四周是一堆堆残破的尸块,这位游荡者身前悬浮着一点淡金色的灵光,吸引着方圆数十公里的亡灵朝着这里聚集,他手持一双锋锐漆黑的弯刀,静静地等待着四周的敌人发动攻击。很快四周的尸鬼再也忍受不了死亡神性的吸引,一个接着一个的扑了过来,而伴随着一闪而过的刀光,这位游荡者宛若一位狂战士般冲入了敌群中大开杀戒,在这疯狂无比的杀戮中,一个个浅灰色的灵魂不断地从死掉的尸鬼体内涌出,逐渐汇聚到了他腰间的灰蒙蒙的灯笼上。 Region No.5 has cleaned up cleanly.” 五号区域已经清理干净。” Prepares to conclude.” “准备收尾吧。” Vague illusory shadow appeared at present, changed to one to grasp huge scythe Death God Servant gradually, he raised scythe gently waved in hand, then had tens of thousands of wandering souls to wail to sob to struggle to well up. 一个若有若无的虚影浮现在了眼前,逐渐化作了一个手持巨大镰刀死神侍从,他扬起手中的镰刀轻轻一挥,便有成千上万的游魂哀嚎着哭泣着挣扎着涌了过来。 This Death God Servant said toward present Death Walker nodded slightly: „After cleaning up is clean, returns to Nightmare Realm to report after carrying out orders.” 这位死神侍从朝着眼前的死亡行者微微点头道:“清理干净后回梦魇之境复命。” Although Death God Servant has very high status when Underworld, in facing these follows Death Master Sauron Death Walker, they must maintain certain respect, both sides are not the upper and lower layer relations, moreover Death Walker is some fearful monsters, any Death Walker is the powerhouse who in the battle scene crawls, many of them strength is not weak in God Servant. 虽然死神侍从冥界内拥有很高的地位,但是在面对那些追随死亡主宰-索伦死亡行者时,他们也必须保持一定的敬意,双方并不是上下级的关系,而且死亡行者都是一些可怕的怪物,任何一个死亡行者都是尸山血海中爬出来的强者,他们当中许多人实力并不弱于神侍 Understood.” Death Walker unemotionally said. “明白。”死亡行者面无表情道 Since Death God's daughter Sofia has taken over control of Ethereal Plane of Motyra world, Death God Servant and Death Walkers then start to clean up this world undead. 自从死神之女-索菲娅接管了摩泰拉世界的灵界后,死神侍从死亡行者们便开始着手清理这个世界的亡灵 The boundary of life and death must be distinct. 生与死的界限必须分明。 She is unable to tolerate material world so many undead to loaf as Death God, same slaughtering also occurred in many places of Motyra world. They can also depend upon the Death God authority to carry off regarding these wandering souls directly, but undead of part of resurrecting is not easy to submit, when necessary they need to convince with the way of military force carry off. 作为一个死神她无法容忍物质世界有这么多的亡灵游荡,同样的杀戮还发生在摩泰拉世界的许多地方。对于那些游魂他们还可以依靠死神的权柄直接带走,可是一部分复活的亡灵却没有那么容易屈服,必要的时候他们需要用武力的方式说服带走。 First is to clean up the material world. 第一步是清理物质世界。 Then Sofia and her Death God Servants have the energy to sweep clear in Nightmare Realm the almost inexhaustible monster. This is a quite vast project, this several thousand years regarding Death God does not have in the world that Death God manages everywhere is residual undead, probably is a giant incomparable garbage dump, needs their one after another corner sweeps clear. But what is more troublesome is also hiding residual Evil Creature in these corners with by Abomination of seal, this fight perhaps needs to continue for dozens years, but Deity has enough time to solve it luckily. 然后索菲娅和她的死神侍从们才有精力去清扫梦魇之境内几乎无穷无尽的怪物。这是一个相当浩大的工程,对于死神来说这个数千年都没有死神管理的世界里面到处都是残留的亡灵,就好像是一个巨大无比的垃圾场,需要他们一个接一个角落的去清扫。而更加麻烦的是在这些角落里面还隐藏着残留的邪物与被封印的神孽,这场战斗恐怕需要持续数十年的时间,但幸好神灵有足够的时间去解决它。 Meanwhile. 与此同时。 In the Motyra world and Half Moon world, in Steven begins the cleaning work under arrangement also to continue. 摩泰拉世界和弦月世界,在史蒂芬着手安排下的清扫工作也在继续。 Fairy Garden. 妖精花园 large secret realm that this is one left uncultivated, because several hundred years of war Fairy Garden by thorough contamination, were changed to various strange monster paradises. At this time in a piece is sending out in the dim mist sunflower flowering shrubs strangely, distressed form is running away a slightly crazily, his body wears a jet black Mage robe, is lending the Black Mage unique aura, but in his is Elemental Pool Mage as well as High-rank Demon Hunter that two pursue crazily from Crow's Nest. This Black Mage was seriously injured in the beforehand fight obviously, at this moment the body surface in an extremely difficult situation has every large or small scar, the dark azure bloodstain is seeping out from the abdomen unceasingly. 这是一个已经荒废的大秘境,因为数百年的大战妖精花园被彻底污染,已经化作了各种各样稀奇古怪的怪物的乐园。此时在一片诡异的散发着朦胧雾气的向日葵花丛中,一个略微狼狈的身影正在疯狂逃窜,他身上穿着一件漆黑的巫师袍,散发着黑巫师的独特气息,而在他的身后则是两位疯狂追赶的元素池巫师以及一位来自鸦巢高阶猎魔人。这位黑巫师明显是在之前的战斗中受了重伤,此刻已经狼狈不堪身体表面有着大大小小的伤痕,暗青色的血迹正不断地从腹部渗出。 You cannot like this to me!” “你们不能这样对我!” I have also attended the Half Moon counter-attacking campaign! I once was Your Excellency Steven had also worked for!...... I have saved this world!......” “我也参加过弦月的反攻战役!我也曾为史蒂芬阁下效力过!……我拯救过这个世界!……” I...... I just made one should not the experiment of doing!......” “我……我只不过是做了一个不该做的实验!……” In dark azure vertical pupil appears wipes the crazy color, present Black Mage suddenly stopped the footsteps, if his turning around shape crazy said: I have not lost control!...... I not by his contamination!...... Really...... Really......” 暗青色的竖瞳中浮现一抹疯狂的色彩,眼前的黑巫师突然停下了脚步,他转过身状若疯狂般道:“我没有失控!……我没有被祂污染!……真的……真的……” wu wu wu!......” 呜呜呜!……” Strange weeping sound suddenly changes to a wail, comes out from the Black Mage within the body suddenly ejection at present dark azure antennae, body that a stream of fearful wound suddenly heals at the naked eye obvious speed, shortly afterwards his head starts the strange inflation, position suddenly before volume splits, was long an ice-cold heartless blood-color pupil, his body twitched to swing to mutter slightly: I do not go to Anti-magic Prison!......” 诡异的哭泣声突然化作一声尖啸,从眼前黑巫师的体内突然弹射出来一根根暗青色的触须,身上那一道道可怕的伤口突然以肉眼可见的速度愈合,紧接着他的头颅开始诡异的膨胀,在额前的位置突然裂开,重新长出来了一只冰冷无情的血色瞳孔,他身体略微抽搐着摇摆着喃喃道:“我不要去禁魔监狱!……” You damn!......” “你们都该死!……” Dies completely!......” “全部去死吧!……” Bang! 轰! Dark azure tentacle suddenly ejections, in the long gown of Black Mage blasting open the midsection was completely empty at present, the five main internal organs (entrails) already vanished does not see, looks like probably is an empty flesh body, what replaces it is a slow beat dark azure seems the heart flesh lump shape flesh. 一根根暗青色的触手突然弹射而出,眼前黑巫师炸裂的长袍内腹部已经空空如也,五脏六腑早就已经消失不见,看起来就好像是一个空洞的血肉躯壳,取而代之的是一颗缓慢跳动的暗青色的好似心脏般的肉瘤状血肉。 He by thorough corrupted......” old Demon Hunter let out a sigh. “他被彻底腐化了……”年长的猎魔人发出了一声叹息 Then, he is sideways toward two sides Elemental Pool Mage signaled with a nod slightly, voice congealing said: Preparation eliminates.” 说完,他微微侧身朝着两边的元素池巫师点头示意,凝声道:“准备清除吧。” contamination cannot spread absolutely!” 污染绝对不能扩散!” The intense fight erupts in the flash. 激烈的战斗在一瞬间爆发。 Although present Black Mage had fought side-by-side with them, even fights because of making the contribution in counter-attacking of Half Moon is praised by Your Excellency Steven, but fights anybody not to keep the hand at present, because he had been given corrupted by the Elder Evil residual flesh. 虽然眼前的黑巫师曾经跟他们并肩作战过,甚至是在弦月的反攻战上因为做出过贡献而受到了史蒂芬阁下的嘉奖,可是眼前的战斗任何人都没有留手,因为他已经被上古邪物残留的血肉给腐化了 A bold attempt. 一个胆大包天的尝试。 Let originally be very likely becomes the Legendary Mage young people turns into a monster gradually, Ghost Tower has tacitly consented to this cleaning motion, to trace his trail entire group even pursued Motyra from Half Moon. 让一个原本极有可能成为传奇巫师的年轻人逐渐变成了一个怪物,阴魂塔默许了这次的清扫行动,为了追查他的踪迹一行人甚至从弦月追到了摩泰拉 The fight has not continued the too long time. 战斗并没有持续太长的时间。 Simultaneously when faces old Demon Hunter as well as two Elemental Pool High-rank Mage, Black Mage that at present loses control of then lost the trace of life quickly, his head was cut heartlessly by old Demon Hunter, turned into one group of flesh blocks the body rapid ablation avalanche, only stays behind a piece of dark azure corruption trace. 在同时面对一个年长的猎魔人以及两位元素池高阶巫师时,眼前失控的黑巫师很快便失去了生命的痕迹,他的头颅被老猎魔人无情斩下,已经变成一团血肉块的身体迅速消融崩塌,只留下一片暗青色的腐化痕迹。 Ai.” Old Demon Hunter let out a sigh, gently closed the opposite party to fill unwilling both eyes. 。”年长的猎魔人发出了一声叹息,轻轻地合上了对方充满不甘的双眼。 Nearby Elemental Pool Mage shook the head saying: Earlier goes to Anti-magic Prison, perhaps he may also the restoration.” 旁边的元素池巫师摇了摇头道:“早点去禁魔监狱,也许他还有可能复原的。” Old Demon Hunter to stand up, he looked at two Mage slowly, solemnly said: For the strength, such does to be worth?” 年长的猎魔人缓缓地站了起来,他看了一眼的两位巫师,沉声道:“为了力量,这么做值得吗?” Hopes that you learn to restrain.” “希望你们学会克制。” I do not hope that which day also sees your portraits in Crow's Nest......” “我不希望哪天在鸦巢也看到你们的画像……” Then, old Demon Hunter turns around to walk toward the dense fog, his duty had not ended, this is just first hunting target. 说完,年长的猎魔人转身朝着迷雾中走去,他的任务还没有结束,这只不过是第一个狩猎的目标 .................. ………………
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