SFC :: Volume #6

#11: Bold idea!

Death Master. 一位死亡主宰 Lord of Radiance. 一位光辉之主 Two big shots are using the civilization to make the checkerboard, with all living things as the board game piece, next decided that Multiverse in the future trend big chess, the thing that involves was really too many. No matter Space-Time Hub is also good, Pantheon of the Gods is also good, now has been affected the mind by that piece of Crystal Sphere battle, this solely is not struggles between 1-2 Pantheon, but has decided future trend the struggle of situation. The Time Dragon ethnic group also very much has a headache, it is said Sigil that Time Dragon also entered Crystal Sphere, the goal is to prevent other Deity does the matter to further magnify the scale of this battle. 两位大佬在用文明做棋盘,用众生作为棋子,下一盘决定多元宇宙未来走势的大棋,这其中牵扯到的东西实在是太多了。不管是时空枢纽也好,万神殿也好,如今都被那片晶壁系的争斗牵动了心神,这已经不单单是一两个神系之间的斗争,而是决定了未来趋势的大势之争。时光龙的族群对此也很头疼,据说印记城的那位时光龙也进入了晶壁系内部,目的就是防止其他神灵搞事将这场争斗的规模进一步扩大化。 Two big shots are the chess player, Crystal Sphere all living things are the board game pieces, but Space-Time Hub is the referee. 两位大佬是棋手,晶壁系的众生是棋子,而时空枢纽就是裁判。 They not only need prevent between two big shot any to lose blushed to raise the checkerboard, but must prevent other to have ambition Deity, Demon, Angel, Dragon wait/etc. to do the matter, and must prevent some people covertly to cheat. 他们不但要防止两位大佬当中的任何一位输红了脸掀棋盘,还得防止其他有野心的神灵恶魔天使巨龙等等搞事情,并且还必须防止有人偷偷摸摸地作弊。 The Steven duty is to prevent some people cheats to disturb. 史蒂芬的任务就是防止有人作弊捣乱。 Space-Time Hub these time set out the massive manpower, Time Dragon mainly to be responsible for monitoring these Deity, but Space-Time Protectors respectively was responsible for plane of big region, stared at these to cheat or do the person of matter. Because the Steven strength is very strong, although just joined shortly after Space-Time Hub, but his duty is actually supervisory entire The Abyss, because this region in the confusion, powerful existence also were too extremely many, Time Dragon also additionally gave him to prepare an assistant. 时空枢纽这一次出动了大量的人手,时光龙主要负责监视那些神灵,而时空守护者们则各自负责一大片区域的位面,盯着那些想要作弊或者搞事情的人。因为史蒂芬的实力很强,虽然才刚刚加入时空枢纽不久,可是他的任务却是监察整个无底深渊,由于这片区域太过于混乱,实力强大的存在也太多了,时光龙还额外给他准备了一个助手。 Just entered the juvenile stage Time Dragon helper. 一头刚刚进入青少年期时光龙帮手。 However now all formally have not started, Steven has not entered that piece of Crystal Sphere need temporarily, all want, when Time Dragon determined that both sides came to an arrangement about the condition. 不过现在一切还没有正式开始,史蒂芬暂时还没有进入那片晶壁系的需要,一切要等到时光龙确定双方已经谈妥了条件。 He stayed three days in Ring-shaped City. 他在环形城呆了三天的时间。 Ten Commandments is very interesting Space-Time Protector, ten rings of his title in hand is related, which flamboyant existence Steven could not suddenly have remembered in the history to become famous by the strengths of ten rings. As for other Space-Time Protector, Steven has not been seeing temporarily, the Space-Time Hub duty cycle is very long, possibly 10-20 years will have an official duty. Overwhelming majority Space-Time Protector will not settle down in Space-Time Hub, Time Dragon lives in the inner layer of country's of some dragon, majority of Space-Time Protector has own world, possibly is planet plane, possibly is some special independent demiplane. 十戒是一个很有意思的时空守护者,他的称号跟手上的十枚戒指有关,史蒂芬一时间还想不起来历史中有哪位牛逼的存在是以十枚戒指的力量成名的。至于其他的时空守护者,史蒂芬暂时还没有见着,时空枢纽的任务周期是很漫长的,可能一二十年的时间才会有一个正式的任务。绝大部分的时空守护者都不会定居在时空枢纽内,就连时光龙都居住在某个龙之国的内层,大部分时空守护者都有自己的世界,可能是一个星球一个位面,也可能是某个特殊的独立半位面 The Steven supreme headquarters naturally are the Motyra world and Half Moon world. 史蒂芬的大本营自然是摩泰拉世界和弦月世界。 Ring-shaped City stayed several days later, he then left to return to Floating City on Half Moon. 环形城呆了几天后,他便动身返回了弦月上的浮空城内部。 This journey makes him decide to further develop the civilization standard of Motyra world and Half Moon world, at least makes native Mages be the degree of Astral travel. Ten Commandments subordinate has scale very big defending to abstain the group, is only the Astral caravan has more than ten, any Space-Time Protector is representing a big influence of side world. Ten Commandments is primarily Devil and lower plane creature has composed own influence network, is affecting many plane in secret, but Steven also needs to be centered on the Motyra world and Half Moon world, covers toward the other places of this star territory. 这次出行让他决定进一步发展摩泰拉世界和弦月世界的文明水平,至少让原住民巫师们达到星界旅行的程度。十戒麾下就有一个规模很大的守戒团,光是星界商队就有十多只,任何一个时空守护者都代表着一方世界的大势力。十戒魔鬼下层位面生物为主组成了自己的势力网,暗中影响着许多的位面,而史蒂芬也需要以摩泰拉世界和弦月世界为核心,朝着这片星域的其他地方覆盖过去。 The strength that Ten Commandments grasps although is very strong, but in the potential actually compares Steven. 十戒掌握的力量虽然很强,但潜力上却比不过史蒂芬 After all what he can directly interfere is two planet, Prime Material Plane, has the counted by the 100 million population, the potential wants to be bigger than trivial Ring-shaped City, but will develop slightly a little to be slow. 毕竟他能直接干涉的是两颗星球,主物质位面,拥有数以亿计的人口,潜力比区区一个环形城要大很多,只不过发展起来会稍微有点慢而已。 Half Moon, Floating City. 弦月,浮空城 Present Achieving Zen started to reconstruct, migrates the population that toward to develop from the Motyra world in all directions, Young Girl Qiu succeeded to the throne of Half Moon human. As marched into Legendary Domain Monk, she has Transcend Mortality and Eternally Timeless ability, at least next several hundred years in does not need to be worried about the Half Moon throne change issue. After Steven eliminated Star of a Trillion Deaths, the monster lair on Half Moon turned into the monster foothold that one by one nobody has directed, must do is little by little eliminates them to regain to lose. The adventurers of Motyra world regard as Half Moon fortunate with the hope place, many adventurers expected that through aristocrat who the development law suddenly becomes this world. 如今的禅达已经开始重建,从摩泰拉世界迁移过来的人口已经朝着四面八方开拓,少女萩继承了弦月人类的王位。作为已经步入传奇领域武僧,她拥有超凡入圣长生不老的能力,至少未来数百年的时间里都不用担心弦月的王位更替问题。在史蒂芬消灭了死兆之星后,弦月上的魔物巢穴已经变成了一个个无人指挥的怪物据点,现在要做的就是一点一点消灭它们收复失地。摩泰拉世界的冒险者们将弦月视作一个充满机遇与希望的地方,许多冒险者都期望通过开拓法令一举成为这个世界的贵族。 Stoneheart Dwarves has recaptured own territory, but there turned into the monster hatching field, perhaps they several hundred years can restore to the prosperous time. 石心矮人们已经夺回了自己的领地,只不过那里已经变成了魔物的孵化场,他们恐怕得数百年的时间才能恢复到鼎盛时期。 Vrykul is advancing toward the mainland north step by step. 维库人正在朝着大陆北面步步推进。 They hope to recapture oneself ancestral land, but the current commodity and being insufficient make them expedite the polar region, the ecology chain of Half Moon world currently has the issue, they recapture ancestral land unable to support these many clansmen. 他们希望夺回自己的先祖之地,但目前的物资并不足以让他们远征极地,弦月世界的生态链目前有问题,他们夺回先祖之地也养不活这么多的族人。 This Druids is trying to find the solution. 这点德鲁伊们正在想办法。 Their duties be tougher than other people, not only need clean up these by the Elder Evil contamination land, but must restore the entire Half Moon natural environment, forms the nature stable ecology chain to be balanced. In considering the Half Moon current environment was quite bad, other ordinary creature are very difficult in the situation on Half Moon surviving, has massive contact Tree Shepherd Allando and Mage Mograine Mage proposed a very bold idea with Five-Ring High Tower toward Steven! 他们的任务要比其他人更加严峻,不但要清理那些被上古邪物污染的土地,还得修复整个弦月的自然环境,重新组建大自然稳定的生态链平衡。在考虑到了弦月目前的环境极为恶劣,其他的普通生物都很难在弦月上生存的情况下,跟五环高塔有着大量接触的阿伦多-牧树者莫格莱尼巫师巫师史蒂芬提出了一个非常大胆的想法! On Astrology Station. 占星台上。 Steven frowns to gaze at other people on the scene slightly. 史蒂芬微微皱着眉头注视着在场的其他人 Witch Lianna, Coldwinter Witch, Diviner Ankara, Seer Akasha, Mage Mograine, Mage Idun, Tree Shepherd Allando, Phoenix Diana wait/etc....... 莉安娜女巫凛冬女巫预言者-安卡拉洞察者-阿卡莎莫格莱尼巫师伊登巫师阿伦多-牧树者不死鸟-黛安娜等等…… At this time many Legendary powerhouses gathered here, was discussing by Tree Shepherd Allando and Mage Mograine being proposed the bold idea. 此时许多传奇强者们都聚集在了这里,商讨着由阿伦多-牧树者莫格莱尼巫师提出来的大胆想法。 I think feasible!” Witch Lianna opens the mouth first, actually supports the proposition of oneself disciple. “我觉得可行!”莉安娜女巫最先开口,却是支持自己弟子的提议。 Coldwinter Witch hearing this also nods, calmly said: Can attempt.” 凛冬女巫闻言也点点头,平静道:“可以尝试。” Can have the danger? If they mutated? Elder Evil lackey possibly contamination they!......” Mage Idun said with a frown. “会不会有危险?它们要是变异了怎么吧?上古邪物的爪牙可能污染它们!……”伊登巫师皱眉道 If were defeated. We eliminate them. Can a present piece of region test observation.” Diviner Ankara softly said. “如果失败了。我们就将它们清除掉。可以现在一片区域测试观察。”预言者-安卡拉轻声道 Finally. 最终。 All vision fell on ponder Steven, after he has considered the moment, said: Can attempt, but is only restricted in Achieving Zen at present peripheral.” 所有的目光都落在了沉思的史蒂芬身上,他考虑了片刻后道:“可以尝试,但目前仅限于禅达周边。” Tree Shepherd Allando attempted to introduce the Half Moon world to restore the ecology chain creature of Motyra world recently to be balanced, but the Half Moon present living environment extremely was bad, these come from the Motyra world ordinary creature unable to survive. Therefore he after Mage Mograine discussed has had a bold idea. 阿伦多-牧树者最近尝试将摩泰拉世界的生物引入弦月世界来修复生态链平衡,但是弦月如今的生存环境还是太过于恶劣了,那些来自摩泰拉世界的普通生物根本无法存活。于是他在跟莫格莱尼巫师商讨后产生了一个大胆的想法。 That secret realm Ecological Park In has been transformed by Ancient Mages variation Dinosaur species introduces this world! 那就是将秘境生态园】内由古代巫师们改造过的变异恐龙种引入这个世界! herbivorous Dinosaur, carnivorous Dinosaur, as well as in secret realm various life force extremely tenacious zoology and botany. 食草恐龙,食肉恐龙,以及秘境生命力极为顽强的各种动植物。 And they proposed that the Half Moon present natural environment is very special, although very dangerous, but element power surpasses in the Motyra world, almost with secret realm of these development quite, they even thinks alone Seabed Secret Realm creature can breed to Half Moon on these already by the contamination sea. 并且他们提出弦月现在的自然环境很特殊,虽然很危险可是元素之力远超于摩泰拉世界,几乎跟那些单独开拓的秘境相当,他们甚至认为海底秘境生物都可以放养到弦月上那些已经被污染的海洋内。 This is a very bold attempt! 这是一个非常大胆的尝试! Succeeded the Half Moon natural environment to have the enormous improvement, but failed Half Moon Danger-level to further rise, basically the average person was very here difficult to live. 成功了弦月的自然环境会有极大的改善,可是失败了弦月危险程度会进一步的上升,基本上普通人在这里很难生活。 Because Dinosaur species will make this world the open country is quite dangerous! 因为恐龙种会让这个世界的野外变得相当危险起来! .................. ………………
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