SFC :: Volume #6

#10: Civilization

Death God is in Deity is most formidabe. 死神神灵里面最难对付的。 The persuasion of Time Dragon possibly is talks also possibly begins, but he has not taken any advantage obviously, otherwise is impossible to compromise with the opposite party reaches some agreements. 时光龙的劝说可能是动口也可能是动手,但显然他并没有占到任何的便宜,否则就不可能妥协跟对方达成一些协议。 Ten Commandments frowns several steps, then said: That Death God ambition is very big!” 十戒皱着眉头走了几步,接着道:“那位死神的野心很大!” He is getting stronger and stronger regarding lower plane dominance, if we cannot restrain him, he will be very likely to turn compared with dark date more fearful Deity!” “祂对于下层位面支配力越来越强,如果我们不能约束祂的话,祂极有可能会变成比暗日更加可怕的神灵!” Time Dragon suddenly said at this time: Does not need extremely in being worried.” 时光龙这个时候突然道:“不用太过于担心。” I have contacted with that Death God, he is very calm, keen, sane, has not lost. He as if there is foreknowledge future ability, not only knew existence of Void Demon, even also foresaw my arrival.” “我跟那位死神接触过,他很冷静,敏锐,理智,并没有迷失。他似乎拥有预知未来的能力,不但知道了虚空恶魔的存在,甚至还预见了我的到来。” He knows existence of Space-Time Hub, knows our responsibility.” “他知道时空枢纽的存在,也知道我们的职责。” Space-Time Hub and Pantheon of the Gods are maintaining the independence, we cannot interfere the Pantheon of the Gods matter forcefully.” 时空枢纽万神殿一直保持着独立性,我们也不能强行干涉万神殿的事情。” Ten Commandments hearing this raised the head saying: Pantheon of the Gods?” 十戒闻言抬头道:“万神殿?” Yes.” Time Dragon shakes the head saying: Many Deity have formed covenant with him, at least two Elder God support secretly in the back his, we can only avoid this catastrophe affecting too many plane as far as possible.” “是的。”时光龙摇头道:“许多神灵已经跟他结成了盟约,至少有两位古神是在背后暗中支持他的,我们只能尽量避免这场浩劫波及到太多的位面。” Moreover currently speaking, this Death God Your Excellency is in Multiverse one of the civilized core pushers!” “而且从目前来看,这位死神阁下一直都是多元宇宙内文明的核心推动者之一!” So long as has him to believe dissemination plane, population in these for several hundred years almost more than ten times of growth! The population rose suddenly to make many new Gods with the benefit that the civilized progress brought stand with him the same battleline, some Elder God as if also approved his viewpoint, the new God and old God must decide a victory and defeat.” “只要是有他信仰传播的位面,人口在这数百年来几乎都有十多倍的增长!人口暴涨和文明进步带来的利益让许多新神都跟他站到了同一阵线,一些古神似乎也认同他的观点,新神与旧神必然要分出一个胜负。” This struggle is just sooner or later matter.” “这场斗争只不过是早晚的事情。” Steven hears a little to appear to understand but not really understand, but he felt that Death God in two population should be the Sofia fathers, that formidable Death Master Sauron Your Excellency. 史蒂芬听得有点似懂非懂,但是他感觉两个人口中的死神应该就是索菲娅的父亲,那位强大的死亡主宰-索伦阁下 Incomparably attaches great importance to Lives Death God is not very obviously simple! 一位无比重视【生】的死神显然很不简单! Steven planned that has the opportunity to see Death God Your Excellency in this legend, after all he is Deity that Avatar Crisis Era rises. 史蒂芬打算有机会去见一见这位传说中的死神阁下,毕竟他可是圣者浩劫时期崛起的神灵 Demigod many like the dog, Lich everywhere walks. 半神多如狗,巫妖遍地走。 That is an incomparably crazily incomparably chaotic time, can not be simple in the people who that time rises. 那是一个无比疯狂无比混乱的时代,能够在那个时代崛起的人都不简单。 Good.” The Ten Commandments compromise said: Hopes that this will not turn into another catastrophe.” “好吧。”十戒妥协道:“希望这不会变成另外一场浩劫。” From the year of confusion to falling from the sky of Mythallar Era, arrives at the destruction of Arcane Empire again, we to deal these lost too many strengths troublesome.” “从混乱之年到瑟银时代的陨落,再到奥术帝国的毁灭,我们为了应对这些麻烦已经损失了太多的力量。” Hopes that these Deity do not do the matter again.” “希望这些神灵不要再搞事情了。” The Space-Time Hub daily duty is mainly to deal with Abomination and Elder Hatred, but if Deity must do any big movement, they must meddle to interfere. But the issue was the Deity strength is really too formidable, sometimes even if were Protectors must learn the compromise, Time Dragon did not dread Deity, but uncertain being victorious opposite party. 时空枢纽的日常任务主要是应对神孽上古憎恶,但如果神灵要搞什么大动作的话,他们也必须插手干涉一下。但问题是神灵的力量实在是太强大了,即便是守护者们有时候也必须学会妥协,时光龙并不畏惧神灵,但是也不一定打得过对方。 Pantheon of the Gods matter, in Multiverse also only then Space-Time Hub dares to meddle control. 万神殿的事情,多元宇宙内也就只有时空枢纽才敢去插手管一下。 After leaving that grand palace, Time Dragon Bach simple narrated the process of matter with Steven. 在离开了那座宏伟的宫殿后,时光龙-巴赫简单跟史蒂芬讲述了一下事情的经过。 Simply speaking. 简单来说。 This is innovation faction and struggling of conservative faction Deity, side also Deity of several harboring evil intentions are agitating then to do the matter, wholeheartedly is thinking fishes in troubled waters to seize the chance to kill several enemies becomes formidable. No matter innovation faction leader Death Master Sauron, is conservative faction leader Lord of Radiance, both sides are extremely ideological stubborn existences, almost impossible to vacillate because of the persuasion of other people. both sides had cooperated also in Avatar Crisis Era, but finally because the conflict in idea has arrived at the opposite, Lord of Radiance has the hostility to the Arcane civilization, initially when Arcane Empire destruction has brought the giant incomparable disaster to the entire world, even ancient Deity also to save the natural environment of collapse dissipated. 这就是一场革新派守旧派神灵的明争暗斗,然后旁边还有几个不怀好意的神灵在煽风点火搞事情,一心想着浑水摸鱼趁机干掉几个敌人变得更加强大一点。不管是革新派的领袖死亡主宰-索伦,还是守旧派的领袖光辉之主,双方都是极为思想顽固的存在,几乎不可能因为其他人的劝说而动摇。双方在圣者浩劫时期曾经还合作过,但最终还是因为理念上的冲突走到了对立面,光辉之主奥术文明抱有敌意,当初奥术帝国毁灭时给整个世界都带来了巨大无比的灾难,甚至一位古老的神灵还为了拯救崩溃的自然环境而消逝了。 Are not actually many about this Steven understanding. 关于这点史蒂芬倒是了解不多。 However he knows that the Arcane Empire Era core energy is anything, basically with the aid of the Element Fusion strength, after in other words Arcane Empire destroys the natural environment has released with Steven Eternal Burning Sun Death Mire is similar. 但是他知道奥术帝国时期的核心能源是什么,基本上都是借助元素聚变的力量,也就是说奥术帝国毁灭后的自然环境就跟史蒂芬释放过【永恒炽阳】的死亡泥沼差不多。 That environment is ordinary creature definitely is unable to survive. 那种环境是普通生物完全无法生存的。 Even at that time compared with this not good, because the entire world is covering dusky dust. 甚至那个时候要比这个更加糟糕,因为整个世界都笼罩着一层灰蒙蒙的尘埃。 Finally was Elder God has saved the collapse nature in the way of self-sacrifice, but also was starting from that time, the light of initial daybreak turned into present Lord of Radiance, simultaneously filled to be hostile to regarding the Arcane civilization. conservative faction Deity mostly has suffered the disaster of Arcane Empire destruction, because Material Plane many intelligent life form the frequency had been near to exterminate at that time, many Deity become extremely weakly even the forced deep sleep. 最后是一位古神以自我牺牲的方式拯救了崩溃的大自然,而也就是那个时候开始,最初的黎明之光变成了现在的光辉之主,同时对于奥术文明充满敌视。守旧派神灵大多经历过奥术帝国毁灭的灾难,因为当时物质位面的许多智慧生物已经频临灭绝,不少神灵都变得极为虚弱甚至被迫沉睡。 Believes Deity to have certain dependence regarding the mortal follower. 信仰神灵对于凡人信徒有一定的依赖。 They are not willing to experience one absolutely again time such matter, therefore has thought the civilization should maintain in certain margin for safety, the mortal cannot grasp World Extinguishing level strength. 祂们绝对不愿意再经历一次这样的事情,所以一直认为文明应该保持在一定安全范围内,凡人不应当掌握‘灭世级’的力量。 Because of strength along with ambition. 因为力量伴随着野心。 The destruction of Arcane Empire tries to bribe the Gods authority to be related with the mortal, although Arcane Empire has destroyed, but Gods also caused heavy losses, it can be said that mutually wounded result. This matter is not the first time, the destruction of Mythallar Era is also the same example, the mortal peeps at Goddess of Magic Divine Power, is actually not able to withstand that huge incomparable strength, directly caused Floating City to crash from the sky after in same place explosion, the labor pain of this disaster has continued for over a thousand years. 奥术帝国的毁灭就跟凡人试图染指诸神的权柄有关,虽然奥术帝国毁灭了,可是诸神也受到了重创,可以说是两败俱伤的结果。这种事情已经不是第一次了,瑟银时代的毁灭也是一样例子,凡人窥视魔法女神神力,却无法承受那股庞大无比的力量,在原地爆炸后直接导致了一座座浮空城从天空中坠落,这场灾难的阵痛延续了上千年的时间。 Steven can understand the helplessness of Time Dragon at this time. 史蒂芬此时能理解时光龙的无奈。 Because both sides have the respective reason, the Death Master Sauron advancement civilization progresses he supports this viewpoint, but Lord of Radiance he does not wrong, this matter had occurred two, comes one time to fear anyone unable to withstand again. 因为双方都有各自的理由,死亡主宰-索伦推进文明进步他是支持这种观点的,可是光辉之主祂做得也没有错,这种事情已经发生过两次了,再来一次恐怕谁都承受不起。 Space-Time Hub also very much has a headache. 时空枢纽对此也很头疼。 Because two close Greatest Divine Power Deity the conflict in idea is breaking off the wrist/skill, their this crowd of Protectors are also very awkward. 两位接近伟大神力神灵因为理念上的冲突在掰手腕,他们这群守护者们也很为难。 The Space-Time Hub goal only has one. 时空枢纽的目的只有一个。 That is if unable to prevent two Deity to begin, must guarantee that the struggle of both sides in a safety line range, otherwise this will be one will affect many plane fearful catastrophes! 那就是如果无法阻止两位神灵动手的话,就必须保证双方的斗争在一个安全线范围内,否则的话这将会是一场波及许多位面的可怕浩劫! At this time, Steven also received the first duty from Space-Time Hub. 此时,史蒂芬也接到了来自时空枢纽的第一个任务。 That is Time Dragon hopes him in the future, as the lower plane supervisor, monitors the Gods movement, forbidding any Demigod level above existence to meddle this contest. The Gods incarnation cannot be out absolutely personally, their subordinate God must obedient and honest is staying in God's Kingdom, all Demigod level above existences cannot enter Material Plane, or compromises till to the both sides minute of coming out victory and defeat mutually. 那就是时光龙希望他在未来的一段时间内,作为下层位面的监察者,监视诸神们的动作,禁止任何半神级以上的存在插手这场较量。诸神的化身是绝对不能亲自下场的,祂们的属神也必须老老实实的在神国里面呆着,所有半神级以上的存在都不许进入物质位面,一直到双方分出来胜负或者相互妥协为止。 Naturally. 当然。 The Steven impossible person to supervise that many world, other Space-Time Protectors will also send out, plane that Steven needs to be responsible for supervising is The Abyss. 史蒂芬不可能一个人监察那么多的世界,其他时空守护者们也会出动,史蒂芬需要负责监察的位面无底深渊 In any case above Demigod level has one not to enter the material world. 反正半神级以上的存在一个都不许进入物质世界。 This Time Dragon ethnic group will move together! 这次时光龙的族群会一起行动! .................. ………………
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