SOM :: Volume #7 Fate/Grand Order 三

#855: How to have looked?

Clang————!” 锵————!” Under clear collision sound, two Demonic Spear direct linking together two scarlet rays of lightning is ordinary, in the instance of contact erupts astonishing power. 清脆的交击声之下,两把魔枪似直接咬合在一起两道猩红的霹雳一般,接触的瞬间里爆发出惊人的力量 Facing strikes full power, Scáthach that Cú Chulainn is relentless showed to arrive in the God's Domain spear/gun technique similarly, resembled simply has not pondered to be the same, Demonic Spear moved naturally, has put the most profound path, overtook Cú Chulainn Demonic Spear, with opposite party collision together. 面对库-丘林毫不留情的全力一击,斯卡哈同样展现出了抵达神域的枪技,似根本没有思考一样,魔枪自然而然就动了起来,划过一个玄之又玄的轨迹,追上了库-丘林魔枪,与对方碰撞在一起 „...... Has not thought that I obtained 《Holy Grail》's power, unexpectedly also such easily kept off by you, before was , was equally strong excessively, was really the troublesome woman.” “......没想到我都得到〈圣杯〉的力量了,居然还被你这么轻易的挡下来,还是跟以前一样强得过分,真是麻烦的女人。” Cú Chulainn is then flabbergasted. 库-丘林便咋舌着。 What very unfortunately is, I am only do not lack formidable, moreover this easily, cannot look obviously, actually also uses this tone, it seems like I really should teach you well anything am should have the manner that facing the Teacher, Sétanta.” “很不巧的是,我就是唯独不缺强大,而且这也一点都不轻易,明明就看得出来,却还用这种口气,看来我果然应该好好教教你什么是面对师长该有的态度啊,瑟坦特。” Scáthach is regarding the face of Cú Chulainn tightly, is similar to the vision changes to two Demonic Spear to be the same, sharp anomaly. 斯卡哈紧视着库-丘林的脸,如同目光都化作两把魔枪一样,锐利异常 Obviously, regarding present Cú Chulainn, in the heart of Scáthach is not quick and angry. 显然,对于现在的库-丘林,斯卡哈的心中只有不快和愤怒。 As for 『Sétanta』 this name is the Cú Chulainn infant name. 至于「瑟坦特」这个名字则是库-丘林的乳名。 If trades to make in the ordinary circumstances present world Cú Chulainn, was called with the infant name by Scáthach, this vicious dog Hero should think that isn't feeling well very much? 若是换做一般情况下现界库-丘林的话,被斯卡哈用乳名称呼,这位猛犬般的英雄应该会觉得很不爽吧? What a pity, present Cú Chulainn does not have half a point sentiment. 可惜,现在的库-丘林没有半分这种感情。 Depends on me who guesses also to guess, reason that you will turn into now this unpleasant appearance present world, is because Medb that woman did make the desire to 《Holy Grail》?” “就算靠猜的我也能猜得出来,你之所以会变成现在这个令人不快的模样现界,全是因为梅芙那个女人对〈圣杯〉许下了愿望吧?” Scáthach in Demonic Spear toward the hand exerts the strength, while opens the mouth. 斯卡哈一边往手中魔枪施加力道,一边开口。 That woman only to desire very loyal, once with the loyalty like that was infatuated with valor that before death you showed hates, obtained 《Holy Grail》 this type of convenient thing rarely, wants to run amuck absolutely, therefore made the desire to 《Holy Grail》, not only summoned you, but also made 《Holy Grail》 transform to be able you with her King of Evil side by side, thanks to this, did you turn into this teasy appearance?” “那个女人唯独对欲望非常的忠诚,曾经对生前的你展现出来的武勇跟义气那般迷恋又怨恨,难得得到〈圣杯〉这种方便的东西,绝对是想胡作非为,所以向〈圣杯〉许下愿望,不但将你召唤出来,还让〈圣杯〉将你改造成能够与她比肩的邪恶之王,拜此所赐,你才变成这个让人恼火的样子吧?” Because of this, Cú Chulainn so is callous, cruel and ruthless. 就是因为这样,库-丘林才如此冷酷、残忍又无情无义。 Because of this, Cú Chulainn became completely will be different from before, not only power getting stronger, has had the appearance of change including Noble Phantasm. 就是因为这样,库-丘林才会变得跟以前完全不一样,不但力量变强了,连宝具都产生了变化的样子。 Like <\; Gáe Bolg that >\; aiming at Rozen liberates Noble Phantasm, must heart the curse of causes and effects reversal, that should be B-Rank Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm is right. 像针对罗真解放的〈剜穿鏖杀之枪〉那样的宝具,必中心脏的因果逆转的诅咒,那本来应该是B级对人宝具才对。 Finally... 结果... „If present you, that can not attend to meeting a cruel death of oneself physical body, throws full power Demonic Spear, lets the Noble Phantasm might and range of validity promotes, not only turns into Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, power was also different from the past, it is estimated that should turn into Rank B++ Noble Phantasm?” “如果是现在的你的话,那就会不顾自己肉体的粉身碎骨,将魔枪全力投掷出来,让宝具的威力和有效范围都提升上去,不但变成对军宝具,力量也不同于以往,估计应该变成B++级宝具了吧?” Scáthach was similar to sees through all Sage to be the same, has revealed these truth. 斯卡哈如同一个看穿一切的贤者一样,揭穿了这些真相。 In instance that just Noble Phantasm, you in liberating, the body should collapse because of reckless throwing, reason that now is perfect, but was the use carves good Rune to restore beforehand, collapse at the same time immediately regenerated, should you be very painful?” “刚刚的宝具,你在解放出来的瞬间里,身体应该就因为不顾一切的投掷而崩坏了,现在之所以完好无损,不过是使用事先就刻好的符文修复了过来,崩坏的同时立即再生,你应该很痛苦吧?” Scáthach was also changed to sharp Demonic Spear by own words, the thorn to Cú Chulainn. 斯卡哈就让自己的话语也化作锋利的魔枪,刺向了库-丘林 But Cú Chulainn radically superficial. 库-丘林根本就不痛不痒。 „Is that also what kind of?” “那又怎么样?” Cú Chulainn then unemotionally spoke. 库-丘林便面无表情的出声 Since can fix, that does not have the issue.” “既然能够修好,那就没有问题。” Since can slaughter, that does not have the issue.” “既然能够杀戮,那就没有问题。” Not own all throws into the fight, that just plays radically.” “不将自己的所有都投进战斗,那根本就只不过是玩耍。” I am killing people, my enemy is also killing people, to kill, whom also goes to the manages pain not to be painful?” “我在杀人,我的敌人也在杀人,都是为了杀,那谁还去管痛不痛啊?” Cú Chulainn on natural was saying these words, making in those present thinking heart cannot help but had some icy coldness. 库-丘林就理所当然般的说着这番话语,让在场的人均都不由自主的觉得心中变得有了些许的冰凉。 Only these words then can look, present Cú Chulainn becomes has anomaly how. 单凭这番话便可以看得出来,现在的库-丘林到底变得有多么的异常 He is not a person, but just like ferocious beast general existence. 他已经不是人了,而是宛如猛兽一般的存在。 He is not Child of Light, but is truly King of Slaughter. 他已经不是光之子了,而是真真正正杀戮之王 In the mind of this person, power only is used for the weapon that murders, the life existence significance was the death, no matter the enemy were good is wicked, was the enemy or once partner, so long as stood in own opposite, that completely will kill off. 在这个人的心目中,力量只是用来杀伐的武器,生命的存在意义是死亡,不管敌人是善是恶,是敌人还是曾经的伙伴,只要是站在自己的对面,那就会全部杀光。 He will not enjoy the fight like the usual summon the pleasure, before will not be more lifelike, like that implements the faith, only monotonously, dull, constantly, does not have the execution of significance the slaughter. 他不会像通常召唤那样享受战斗的乐趣,更不会像生前那般贯彻信念,只是单调的、枯燥的、一味的、没有意义的执行着屠杀。 Like like that this person who Karna said was a king of North Country Celtic side, that was also Mad King. 就像迦尔纳所说的那般,这个人就算是北之国凯尔特一方的王,那也是一个狂王 Has the rationality, actually only considers to go forward. 拥有理性,却只考虑前进。 Has power, actually only considers to kill people. 拥有力量,却只考虑杀人。 Confessed that is machine that fights and slaughters, is the lance point and sword edge, the how absurd work will not defy, beyond anything to fight will not pay attention, is having, so long as kills the enemy, intense will that all except for this do not matter. 自认是战斗和杀戮的机器,是枪尖和剑刃,无论是多么荒谬的工作都不会违抗,对战斗以外的任何事情都不会理会,拥有着只要杀敌,除此以外的一切都无所谓的强烈意志。 This, is present Cú Chulainn. 这,就是现在的库-丘林 Therefore, present Cú Chulainn was not summoned by Lancer Class, but is genuine Berserker ———— Berserker. 因此,现在的库-丘林不是以Lancer职阶被召唤,而是货真价实狂战士————Berserker Regarding such him, the dialogue is useless, because he will not adopt to achieve other options outside goal, otherwise not while having so has pressed Karna and Scáthach's power sufficiently, but also sneak attacks human Master directly, even also liberated Noble Phantasm. 对于这样的他,对话是没用的,因为他不会采取达到目的之外的其它选项,否则也不会在拥有这般足以压过迦尔纳斯卡哈的力量的同时,还对一个人类御主直接进行偷袭,甚至还解放了宝具 Although only human, but that human is the 『King』 of your side?” “虽然只是一个人类,但那个人类是你们那边的「王」吧?” Cú Chulainn straightforward opens the mouth. 库-丘林直截了当的开口。 Such being the case, that was simple, massacres him with strongest power directly, then get rid of the rest of you one by one and it'll be alright.” “既然如此,那就简单了,直接用最强的力量杀掉他,再将剩下的你们一个个处理掉就行。” So, just now is King of Slaughter, King of Evil. 如此,方才是杀戮之王,邪恶之王 Your this fellow...” “你这个家伙...” Scáthach complexion sinks, in the eyes burns once more anger. 斯卡哈面色一沉,眼中再次燃烧起怒火。 This is to expecting too much of present disciple, for that its actions are angry. 这即是对眼前的弟子的恨铁不成钢,更是为其所作所为感到的愤怒。 Cú Chulainn naturally can realize. 库-丘林自然能够察觉到。 „Are you are being angry for that human by the matter that I massacre? Also is really strange.” “你是在为那个人类被我杀掉的事情感到愤怒吗?还真是稀奇啊。” Cú Chulainn evil looking has smiled. 库-丘林邪异似的笑了起来。 Initially saw through the destiny that I die obviously time appearance that is keeping aloof, but was advises politely several to make me rush toward the battlefield, now unexpectedly will be human Master furious becomes this, should not be because was summoned after Servant Status/condition changed including mind and disposition?” “明明当初看穿我死的命运的时候都还是一副高高在上的模样,只不过是奉劝几句就让我奔赴战场了,现在居然会为一个人类御主气愤成这样,该不会是因为以从者状态被召唤以后连精神和性格都改变了吧?” Then, didn't give Scáthach the opportunity to reply, Cú Chulainn restrains the expression. 说完,没给斯卡哈回复的机会,库-丘林又是收敛起了表情。 No matter what, the present is I am quite strong, I will massacre you, making you taste continuously long-awaited death smell, Scáthach.” “不管怎么样,现在是我比较强,我会杀掉你,让你品尝一下一直梦寐以求的死亡的味道的,斯卡哈。” Ominous Magic Power jumps from Cú Chulainn body immediately presently. 不祥的魔力顿时从库-丘林身上迸现。 Sees that Scáthach's vision concentrates quite the same as, complexion also becomes dignified. 见状,斯卡哈的目光浑然一凝,面色也变得凝重起来。 At this moment... 就在这时... „The present is you are quite strong? How haven't I looked?” “现在是你比较强吗?我怎么没看出来?” When such a few words spread from the basin, when enters in the ears of all people, presented the expressions of all people changes. 当这样的一句话从盆地里传开,进入所有人的耳中时,在场所有人的表情都变了。 This is...!?” “这是...!?” Scáthach, Karna as well as Rama and the others one after another has revealed the happy expression. 斯卡哈迦尔纳以及罗摩等人纷纷露出了喜色。 What...!?” “什么...!?” Jason, Medea as well as Atalanta that and the others continuously looked on was startled. 一直都在旁观的伊阿宋美狄亚以及阿塔兰忒等人则是吃惊了。 Roar!” “吼!” Has turned the head including Berserker, looks to the acoustic source place. Berserker都转过头,看向了声源处。 shortly afterwards... 紧接着... Sen... Senpai!” 前...前辈!” From just started continuously in class/flow tears Mash fierce raised the head, looks to the front. 从刚刚开始就一直都在流眼泪的玛修猛的抬起头来,看向前方。 In there, from piling up innumerable rolling stone stone wall's direction that a figure does sway is walking. 在那里,一道身影摇摇晃晃的从堆积着无数滚石的石壁的方向走来。 Cú Chulainn?” 库-丘林吗?” Rozen is then covering the dripping with blood chest, walks, while solemnly started to talk. 罗真便捂着鲜血淋漓的胸口,一边走来,一边沉声开口 Although saw some clue from Sensei's actions, guessed correctly that Celtic that side king is very likely you, but has not thought that you turn into now this demonic appearance unexpectedly, but also makes the person not know that is really this sad or this happy.” “虽然已经从老师的举动中看出一些端倪,猜到凯尔特那边的王很有可能是你,但没想到你居然变成现在这个鬼样子,还真让人不知道是该伤心还是该开心。” The sadness is the partner who because once together fought side-by-side has almost killed himself. 伤心是因为曾经一起并肩作战的伙伴差点杀死了自己。 Happy because of the change of opposite party, making Rozen thorough has put down the worry. 开心则是因为对方的改变,让罗真彻底的放下了顾虑。 What worries? 什么顾虑呢? This can not need the solution of any show mercy you.” “这样就能不需要任何手下留情的解决掉你了。” The Rozen gaze has approached Cú Chulainn. 罗真注视向了库-丘林 in the eyes, the chilly emotion is tumbling. 眼中,冷冽的情感在翻滚。
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