SOM :: Volume #6 Unbreakable Machine-Doll (2)

#760: 《Alpha Cycle》

Machinart Engineering Department school building, uppermost layer. 机巧工学部校舍,最上层。 In floor that in this supposes with laboratory neighbor, Io's room here. 在这一与研究室比邻而设的楼层里,伊欧的房间就在这儿。 Come.” “请进。” In Io's greeting voice, Rozen's entire group one after another was invited her room, can observe the complete picture of her room. 伊欧的招呼声中,罗真一行人纷纷都被请进了她的房间,得以一观她的房间的全貌。 This is a very standard work room. 这是一间非常标准的工作室。 Indoor the work has the work table. 工作室内有工作台。 On the work table is displaying after the reorganization massive components. 工作台上罗列着经过整理的大量零件。 Side has the bookshelf, and neat and tidy is placing all kinds of materials, also Automaton emission together of hardware skeleton like human body statue. 旁边有书架,并且整整齐齐的摆放着各种各样的资料,还有一具具自动人偶的硬体骨骼像人体雕像一样的排放在一起 But in the deep place of room, then has another room. 而在房间的深处,则有着另外一间房间。 There is lounge, or occupies space, inside not only has the sofa, has the bowl of plate frames, has the furniture group, even the also closet, it seems like Io directly lives in the appearance here. 那里是休息室,亦或者说是居住空间,里面不但有沙发,有碗盘架,有桌椅组,甚至还有衣柜,看来伊欧就是直接住在这里的样子。 Under the leadership of Io, Rozen's entire group entered this room. 伊欧的带领下,罗真一行人就进入了这间房间。 You also really feel relieved.” “你还真是放心啊。” Rozen was then curling the lip to say to Io. 罗真便对着伊欧撇嘴说着。 Knows obviously I a little want your research results, unexpectedly also natural invited your work room me, did not fear that I casually did fudge here?” “明明知道我有点想要你的研究成果,居然还大大方方的将我邀请进你的工作室,就不怕我在这里随便动手脚吗?” Rozen threat was saying such words, obviously still was Io just these weak actions bore a grudge. 罗真威胁似的说着这样的话,显然还在为伊欧刚刚那些幼稚的举动怄气。 Also does not know that Io does have to look, sees only opens the mouth that she does not care at all. 也不知道伊欧有没有看出来,只见她满不在乎的开口。 How to say again is also the person who Karyuusai-sensei settles on, I believe that you will not make that matter.” “再怎么说也是花柳斋老师看中的人,我相信你不会做出那种事情啦。” The appearance that Io is not worried about, makes the person not know that really should admire her natural to laugh at her thick-skinned. 伊欧就一点都不担心的样子,真让人不知道该佩服她的大方还是笑话她的神经大条 Therefore... 于是... Said that how you are willing to give up.” Rozen said straightforwardly: We have the matter that oneself must handle, does not have the free time to accompany your playing games, asking you to spare and not punish too severely, lets off us.” “说吧,怎么样你才肯善罢甘休。”罗真直截了当的道:“我们也有自己要做的事情,没工夫奉陪你玩游戏,求你高抬贵手,放过我们吧。” Rozen speaks of this situation unexpectedly, it can be imagined, was tired of really thoroughly. 罗真竟是说到这种地步,可想而知,真的是被烦透了。 But Io is at present one bright, hastily spoke. 伊欧则是眼前一亮,连忙出声 You sold to 《Setsugetsuka》...” “那你就将〈雪月花〉卖给...” Will not sell to you!” “才不会卖给你!” Io's condition has not said that Rozen has stopped up on a few words. 伊欧的条件还没有说出口,罗真就一句话堵了回去。 Do not be unappreciative, I am willing to regress on own initiative was very rare, words that reaches out for a yard after taking an inch again, even if you is a professor, I'll be impolite.” “可别不识抬举,我肯主动退步已经很难得了,再得寸进尺的话,就算你是教授,我都不客气囖。” Rozen tone bad makes the threat, making the Io look one dull. 罗真语气不善的做出威胁,让伊欧神色一呆。 shortly afterwards, Io has been suddenly enlighted. 紧接着,伊欧恍然大悟了起来。 in other words, do you want my body actually?” 也就是说,你其实想要我的身体是吧?” Io is prone making exaggerated , sensationalistic statements said. 伊欧语不惊人死不休的这么说了。 Body...!?” “身体...!?” Yaya has had extreme response immediately. 夜夜立即产生了过激的反应。 Eh? Eeeeeh...!?” 唉?唉唉唉唉唉...!?” Irori is also covered the mouth, astonished. 伊吕里亦是捂住嘴巴,惊愕了起来。 Yes... Is such?” “是...是这样的吗?” Komurasaki same eyes opened wide. 小紫同样睁大了眼睛 Do not believe!” “你们别信啊!” Rozen enhanced the loudness, and also stared to Io. 罗真提高了声量,并且还瞪向了伊欧 You are because what logic draws this conclusion...!?” “你是因为什么逻辑才得出这个结论的啊...!?” Rozen cannot master. 罗真是真的搞不懂。 Man generally when to a woman said wants impolite, isn't wants to obtain her body?” “男人一般在对一个女人说要不客气的时候,不就是想要得到她的身体吗?” The Io righteous words, making Rozen at the scene discouraged. 伊欧理直气壮的话语,令得罗真当场泄气。 unexpectedly there was still a person who believed it to be true. 偏偏还有人信以为真 if wants a body then take Yaya's! take Yaya's!” 想要身体的话就来拿夜夜的拿夜夜的啊!” don't take off the clothes! Yaya!” 别脱衣服夜夜!” Could... could it be that Yaya alone is not enough...!? I...! I...!” 难...难道夜夜一个人不够...!?那我...!那我...!” You also leave a face cries quickly same the misunderstanding while undress! Irori!” “你也别一脸快哭出来一样的一边误会一边脱衣服伊吕里!” Hee hee, very interesting appearance, that also calculates my one probably!” “嘻嘻,好像很有意思的样子,那也算我一个吧!” „It is not the matter can join in the fun! Hurries to give me to put on clothes! Komurasaki!” “不是什么事情都可以凑热闹的!赶紧给我把衣服穿回去!小紫!” Saw Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki group of three sisters is or excited the start that is either ashamed and resentful and either jumps for joy to escape clothes, Rozen hurries prevents at the same time, the feeling head was also sorer. 眼看着夜夜、伊吕里以及小紫一行姐妹三人要么激动、要么羞愤、要么雀跃的开始脱起衣服,罗真慌忙阻止的同时,感觉脑袋也更疼了。 Aah! Really sufficed!” 啊啊!真是够了!” Rozen looks angrily at to side laughing Io, such opens the mouth. 罗真怒视向在旁边偷笑伊欧,这么开口。 You want me stealing away your research results really!?” “你真想要我把你的研究成果给偷走吗!?” If Io aggravates him again like this, Rozen was unable to guarantee really oneself will not make this matter. 如果伊欧再这样惹火他,罗真还真不敢保证自己不会做出这种事。 Perhaps realizes this point from Rozen's tone, Io restrained the smile on her face bit by bit. 或许是从罗真的语气中察觉到这一点,伊欧脸上的笑容一点一点的收敛起来 „Do you want my research results really very much?” The Io gaze approaches Rozen, said: Why?” “你真的很想要我的研究成果?”伊欧注视向罗真,道:“为什么?” This is the Io delayed inquiry. 这是伊欧迟来的询问。 This makes Rozen be startled first, immediately has not concealed. 这让罗真先是一怔,随即也没有隐瞒。 Because I am interested very much.” “因为我很感兴趣啊。” Rozen spoke without reservation said. 罗真直言不讳的这么说了。 „Have you been studying Magic Power conversion device ———— 《Conversion Conductor》?” “你一直都在研究魔力转换装置————〈转换传导体〉吧?” ———— 《Conversion Conductor》. ————〈转换传导体〉 This is Automaton within the body one conversion device. 这是自动人偶体内的一种转换装置 When Puppeteer's Magic Power pours into within the Automaton's body, Magic Power by way of the circuit transformation is Magecraft is such installment. 人偶使的魔力注入自动人偶的体内时,将魔力经由回路转换为魔术的就是这样的装置。 Io in research is such thing. 伊欧在研究的就是这样的东西。 And... 并且... You in research is less effective transformation Magic Power conductive body, but in the research can make Magecraft maintain to start the nature under the condition, expands the feedback quantity that Magic Power transforms to the structure of limit?” “你在研究的不是什么更有效率的转换魔力的传导体,而是在研究能够让魔术维持发动性质的状况下,将魔力转换的回馈量扩大到极限的构造吧?” Rozen has pointed out this point, made Io appreciation nodded, made Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki three people have doubts. 罗真指出了这一点,令得伊欧赞赏般的点下了头,亦让夜夜、伊吕里以及小紫三人疑惑了起来。 What is this? Rozen?” “这是什么意思啊?罗真?” Curiosity most exuberant Komurasaki first as always has not endured patiently, asked this issue. 好奇心最为旺盛的小紫一如既往的第一个没有忍耐住,提出了这个问题。 Rozen has not been perfunctory actually, explained patiently. 罗真倒是没有敷衍,耐心的解释了起来。 Simply speaking, that is one type can make weak Magus awfully also to use Magecraft one like Great Magus to construct.” “简单来说,那就是一种可以让弱得要命的魔术师也能使用像大魔术师一样的魔术的一种构造。” This is Io in the subject of research. 这就是伊欧在研究的主题。 usually, wants to become outstanding Magus, that is needs not poor natural talent and ability. 通常来说,想成为一名优秀的魔术师,那是需要不菲的资质和才能的。 Although the before appearance of Machinart makes Magecraft of this world no longer is similar, like that tedious and long, even if ordinary Magus can easily displays Magecraft through Automaton, but wants to display to be formidable also effective Magecraft, needs to operate Doll Magus as before, namely Puppeteer has extraordinary technique/technology and Ability. 虽说机巧魔术的出现使这个世界的魔术不再如同以前那般繁琐和冗长,即使是普通的魔术师都能轻易的通过自动人偶来施展魔术,但想施展出即强大亦有效的魔术,依旧需要操纵人偶魔术师,即人偶使拥有非凡的技术能力 Like 《Setsugetsuka》 three sisters Magecraft is that type of genuine complex and very difficult thing, Puppeteer Ability is insufficient, the performance that displays is extremely limited, general Automaton is also same, even if easy to operate, that needs Puppeteer to have certain skill to be good. 就像〈雪月花〉姐妹三人魔术都是那种真正复杂且高难度的东西,人偶使能力不足,发挥出来的性能就极其有限,一般的自动人偶也是一样,即便再容易操纵,那都需要人偶使具备一定的技巧才行。 For example transforms the shape of Automaton easy use Magic Power, pours into the way of Automaton easy receive to its within the body, this can make Automaton easier, the use of powerful Magecraft, this is the one procedure of most foundation. 比如将魔力转换成自动人偶容易使用的形态,以自动人偶容易接收的方式注入到其体内,这样才能让自动人偶更容易、更强力的使用出魔术,这算是最基础的一种做法。 If not so, the light injects the Magic Power words, even if huge Magic Power can promote Automaton's power, but wants to make Automaton's Magecraft stronger, the light is the quantity is not greatly good, must decompose various essential factors, maintains independent Status/condition, and respective expansion is good. 如若不然,光是注入魔力的话,即使庞大的魔力能够提升自动人偶的力量,可想让自动人偶的魔术变得更强,光是量大还不行,必须要分解成各种要素,保持独立的状态,并各自扩大才行。 Described by the symphony that must strengthen the volumes of various types of musical instruments respectively, moreover must complete such work, and plays successfully. 以交响乐来形容,那就是要将各种乐器的音量分别增强,而且是要独自一人完成这样的工作,并成功演奏。 Outstanding Puppeteer can achieve such matter, not only the Magic Power transformation is the shape of Automaton easy use, but can also carry on various very difficult operations through Magic Circuit, can operate the single body in self- domain like Rozen with Yaya's 《Kongouriki》 willfully, isolates all magic activity, making its invincible, general Puppeteer unable to achieve this matter. 优秀的人偶使就是能做到这样的事情,不仅将魔力转换为自动人偶容易使用的形态,还能通过魔术回路进行各种高难度的操作,像罗真就能用夜夜的〈金刚力〉任意操纵自我领域内的单体,隔绝一切的魔活性,使其无敌,一般的人偶使根本做不到这种事。 But if can hand over to complete by an equipment and one structure such work? 可若是能够将这样的工作交由一种装置、一种构造来完成呢? Moreover, this type of equipment and structure, if can also make Magic Power enlarge in the interior, making Magic Circuit have the Magic Power injection rate very huge misconception, making the transformation quantity drastically promote, making Magecraft have the maximum might? 而且,这种装置、构造如果还能让魔力在内部放大,让魔术回路产生魔力的注入量很庞大的错觉,使转换量大幅提升,让魔术具备最大的威力呢? At the appointed time, even if weakest Puppeteer, can by carrying Automaton of this type of equipment puts forth extremely formidable Magecraft, compared favorably with Great Magus? 届时,哪怕是一名最弱的人偶使,都能凭借搭载这种装置的自动人偶来使出极其强大的魔术,媲美大魔术师了吧? Reason that Headmaster evaluation Io's research can make the Machinart World civilization progress largely, the reason lies in this. 学院长之所以评价伊欧的研究能让机巧世界的文明大幅进步,理由就在于此。 Research that this is Io carried on...... 这便是伊欧正在进行的研究...... ———— 《Alpha Cycle》.” ————〈无限连锁反应〉。” Io extremely proud opens the mouth. 伊欧极为自豪的开口。 this is the thing that I've been studying, eh?” 这就是我正在研究的东西哦?” The Io words, made Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki three people sucked in a cold breath. 伊欧的话,令得夜夜、伊吕里以及小紫三人倒吸了一口凉气 These three young girls had also realized, actually this was any thing. 这三名少女也已经意识到,这究竟是什么东西了。 Magic Power Amplification Technique.” 魔力增幅术。” Rozen brief and to the point summary. 罗真言简意赅的总结。 This is one type enables the user to display huge Magic Power and control ability by mechanized Magic Power Amplification Technique.” “这就是一种让使用者可以发挥出庞大魔力跟控制能力的被机巧化的魔力增幅术。” Rozen in reason that this research is interested, here. 罗真对该研究感兴趣的理由,就在这里。
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