SOM :: Volume #6 Unbreakable Machine-Doll (2)

#753: True reason of forfeit

As the mansion that Headmaster is , the Headmaster's Official Residence nature compared with any place wants the luxurious and high specification, passing through the gate is a hall, the left and right also respectively has row of steps upward to extend, meets just like the gable entire hall to second floor. 作为学院长所在的府邸,院长官邸自然比任何地方都要奢华且高规格,一进门就是一间大厅,左右两边又各有一排阶梯往上延伸,宛如包覆整个大厅般接向二楼 Under the leadership of Headmaster, Rozen's entire group then goes to previous Avril the reception room that the people convene. 学院长的带领下,罗真一行人便前往上次艾薇儿将众人召集来的会客室。 Perhaps is the relations that because first time comes, Komurasaki has been ready to make trouble glancing right and left, wants to run the appearance that very much plays everywhere. 或许是因为第一次来的关系,小紫一直都在蠢蠢欲动似的左顾右盼,一副很想跑出去到处玩的模样。 Irori entirely is opposite with Komurasaki, the look is serious and earnest, what like arriving is the supreme headquarters of enemy is ordinary, stands guard high one of the hearts to look. 伊吕里则与小紫完全相反,神色严肃且认真,有如来到的是敌人的大本营一般,警戒心之高一眼就能够看得出来。 Only then a Yaya person, honest following in behind Rozen, the vision has stayed in Rozen's body. 只有夜夜一人,老老实实的跟在罗真的身后,目光一直停留在罗真的身上 This is because of nearby behind Magnus, that six Squadron young girl similarly tight stares at Rozen, in the eyes is being annoyed the relations completely with hostility. 这是因为一旁的马格纳斯的身后,那六名战队的少女同样紧紧的盯着罗真,眼中满是懊恼跟敌意的关系。 In just confrontation, Magnus put in an appearance to control by Rozen one, and intercrescence died in Rozen's instant condition, seemingly let these six young girls to the Rozen's hostility and vigilance all of a sudden upgraded to highest. 刚刚的交锋中,马格纳斯罗真一个照面就控制住,并连生死都在罗真的一念之间的状况,貌似让这六名少女对罗真的敌意和戒心一下子提升到最高 Rather the same matter occurrence, loyal and devoted six Young Girl-Type Automaton have not dared to turn away from Rozen's body again, even is still thinking wants who strikes the first blow has the advantage, just now causes the emergence of this performance. 未免同样的事情发生,忠心耿耿的六具少女型自动人偶已经不敢再将视线从罗真的身上移开,甚至还在想着要不要先下手为强,方才导致这个表现的出现。 Yaya naturally cannot permit such matter occurrence, thus also similarly continuously tight is staring at Rozen, prepares make a move at any time. 夜夜自然不会允许这样的事情发生,因而也同样一直紧紧的盯着罗真,随时准备出手 Finally, one line of Automatons have various responses there respectively, and even stands guard mutually, conversely Rozen and Magnus is similar to anything has not occurred has been same, walking slowly in the front, the vision has not connected together, among the looks is also restored such as beginning. 结果,一行自动人偶们在那里各有各的反应,乃至互相警戒,反倒是罗真跟马格纳斯如同什么都没有发生过一样,缓缓的走在前方,目光没有交汇在一起,神色间亦是已经恢复如初。 Looks at such two people, Avril as if is also relaxed general, follows in the Headmaster body side, did not say a word. 看着这样的两人,艾薇儿似乎也是松了一口气一般,跟在学院长的身侧,一言不发。 Walks is a school is more relaxed in forefront Headmaster, proceeds, while has opened the door of reception room, making the people go. 走在最前面的学院长更是一派轻松得很,一边往前走,一边推开了会客室的门,让众人进去。 Come, sits down.” “来,坐下吧。” Headmaster is very the genial entertainment Rozen and Magnus. 学院长很是和善的招待着罗真跟马格纳斯 Rozen and Magnus not polite, sits down directly. 罗真马格纳斯均都没有客气,直接坐下。 Naturally, the entire group position is very tasteful. 当然,一行人的位置还是很讲究的。 Headmaster sits on the seat of honor, Rozen and Magnus are sitting one on the left and other on the right in the both sides sofas, each other relative, with Headmaster together, presents the potential of triangle. 学院长是坐在主位上,罗真马格纳斯则是一左一右的坐在两侧的沙发,彼此相对,与学院长一起,呈现三角之势。 Yaya, Irori and Komurasaki group of three stands in Rozen behind, has not sat down. 夜夜、伊吕里跟小紫一行三人是站在罗真身后,没有坐下。 Squadron's group of six protects similarly in the Magnus rear area, sets up in an array, not having the half a point to be lax. 战队的一行六人同样护在马格纳斯的后方,一字排开,没有半分松懈。 But Avril stands in behind Headmaster, whole face cold proud, the waist is also matching the saber, is the private secretary, rather is bodyguard. 艾薇儿则是站在学院长的身后,满脸冷傲,腰间还配着军刀,与其说是秘书官,不如说是护卫 The people such relative take place, lets the front door of reception room is also closing slowly. 众人就这么相对就位,让会客室的大门亦是缓缓的关上。 Also does not know that did not worry to say the proper business, Headmaster expressed the concern to Magnus first. 也不知道是不是不着急说正事,学院长先是向马格纳斯表示关心。 „Is physical condition good? Just should not be injured?” 身体状况还好吗?刚刚应该没有受伤吧?” Inquiry that Headmaster then extremely cares about. 学院长便极为关心的询问着。 thank you for the concern, and is not affected much.” 有劳费心,并无大碍。” Magnus brief and to the point responds, displays not respectfully, is not disrespectful, has the characteristics very much. 马格纳斯言简意赅的做出回应,表现得即不恭敬,亦不失礼,算是很有特色了。 That is good.” Headmaster nodded, sincere was saying to Magnus: You are the most precious object of our school, must protect to be good well, otherwise my this Headmaster lost face.” “那就好。”学院长点了点头,语重心长的对着马格纳斯道:“你可是我们学院的至宝,要好好保护好自己才行,否则我这个学院长就丢脸了。” „...... Engraves on mind.” Magnus silent making noise slowly, was the words perceiving. “......铭记在心。”马格纳斯默然般的缓缓出声,算是将话给听进去了。 Headmaster has then turned the head, looks to Rozen's direction. 学院长这才转过头,看向罗真的方向 Said accurately, should say looked is right to Rozen back three sisters. 更准确的说,应该说是看向罗真背后的姐妹三人才对。 This is the famous Grandmaster Karyuusai highest masterpiece, seems called 《Setsugetsuka》?” Headmaster said with a sigh of admiration: Really is the inconceivable craftsmanship, can make unexpectedly so clearly Automaton, with human almost nothing different, worthily is Greatest Living Doll Maker in the World.” “这就是鼎鼎大名的花柳斋大师最高杰作,似乎是叫做〈雪月花〉吧?”学院长赞叹般的道:“真是不可思议的手艺,竟能将自动人偶做得如此逼真,跟人类几乎没有什么两样,不愧是仿生人偶界的第一人啊。” Headmaster's words, making the heart of Yaya, Irori and Komurasaki slightly one tight. 学院长的话语,令得夜夜、伊吕里和小紫的心都微微一紧。 Because... 因为... Director also is really clear, definitely underwent many investigations?” 院长还真是清楚呢,肯定经过了不少调查吧?” If Rozen then has smiling of profound meaning, said these words. 罗真便若有深意似的笑了笑,说出这番话来。 Indeed, oneself behind three sisters is famous Karyuusai's highest masterpiece, but can recognize them is 《Setsugetsuka》 series Automaton, knows that they stem from the person of hand of Karyuusai are almost few. 诚然,自己身后姐妹三人可谓是大名鼎鼎的花柳斋的最高杰作,可能够认出她们是〈雪月花〉系列自动人偶,又知道她们出自于花柳斋之手的人几乎寥寥无几。 After all, Karyuusai Shouko's 《Setsugetsuka》 only big name, and is only restricted in own country, the Yaya, Irori and Komurasaki three people actually little show face in public, who can affirm that they are 《Setsugetsuka》 series Automaton? 毕竟,花柳斋硝子的〈雪月花〉只是名声响亮,并且仅限于在本国,夜夜、伊吕里跟小紫三人却很少抛头露面,谁又能够肯定她们就是〈雪月花〉系列自动人偶呢? Headmaster can recognize, and said directly, said that has not undergone an investigation, no one believes. 学院长能够一眼就认出来,并直接道出,说是没有经过一番调查,那谁都不相信。 only, oneself said. 只是,本人却是这么说的。 How to say again I am also this Machinart Academy's Headmaster, has looked regarding Automaton much, the Grandmaster Karyuusai work I have also experienced, each same is extremely lifelike, but you from with the Karyuusai same country, is carrying the so high performance Automaton of high biological modeling, but also is nothing more or less, is three, in addition the Grandmaster Karyuusai recent masterpiece almost completely is young girl, the oneself seemingly also very favor beautiful appearance young girl, can therefore guess.” “再怎么说我也是这个机巧学院的院长,对于自动人偶还是看过不少,花柳斋大师的作品我也见识过,每一样都极其逼真,而你即来自于与花柳斋同一个国家,又携带着如此高性能又高仿生的自动人偶,还不多不少,正好是三具,再加上花柳斋大师最近的杰作几乎全部都是少女型,本人貌似也非常偏爱美貌的少女,所以才能猜出来。” The Headmaster happy expression does not reduce, only then gazes at the Rozen body vision becomes some are meaningful. 学院长笑意不减,只有注视到罗真身上的目光变得有些意味深长。 Such outstanding Automaton, if can attend on Night Party, that is naturally good, but Agnesen-kun must remember that registers for them, in order to avoid presents the unnecessary trouble.” “这么优秀的自动人偶,如果能在夜会上出席,那自然是再好不过,不过阿涅真君可得记得为她们进行登记,以免出现不必要的麻烦。” The meaning in these words, is revolving extremely fears simply. 这句话里的含义,简直就是细思极恐。 In any case, regardless of Yaya, Irori and Komurasaki tightened charming face first, appears is somewhat stiff. 反正,先不论夜夜,伊吕里和小紫是均都绷紧了俏脸,显得有些僵硬起来。 Then...” “那么...” At this time, Headmaster very towering entered the subject. 这个时候,学院长才非常突兀的进入了主题。 This time asks you to come, actually wants to discuss with you in view of the recent situation.” “这次找你们来,其实是想针对最近的事态跟你们商量商量。” What situation? 什么事态呢? „From 70th place, to the present, all will have attended Night Party's participant independently to forfeit, this matter you should be know?” “自第70名开始,一直到现在,所有将出席夜会的参赛者都自主弃权了,这件事情你们应该都是知道的吧?” Headmaster raised this matter unexpectedly. 学院长竟是提起了这件事。 Actually, Night Party Executive Committee has recently had to receive participant's forfeit application, so far, is 55th place has handed over the glove.” “其实,夜会执行部最近一直都有收到参赛者的弃权申请,截至目前为止,已经是第55名都交出了手套。” Current Night Party is one's turn 60th place to enter the stage, and opposite party also forfeited. 目前的夜会已经是轮到第60名出场,并且对方也弃权了。 But 55th place must cross for five nights to enter the stage again, is ahead of time has actually forfeited, but also said like Char , the abstainer has been increasing. 第55名还得再过五夜才出场,却是已经提前弃权,还真像夏露所说的一样,弃权者一直都在增加。 However... 但是... You think that they are because thought that is unable to defeat including the participant who Agnesen-kun many presently enter the stage forfeits?” “你们都认为他们是因为觉得无法战胜包括阿涅真君在内的诸多现出场的参赛者才弃权的吧?” Headmaster's vision has swept Rozen and Magnus, said such words. 学院长的目光扫过罗真跟马格纳斯,说出了这样的话来。 „The true reason that actually, they forfeit was Automaton had the condition.” “其实,他们弃权的真正理由是自动人偶出现了状况。” When these words spread from the Headmaster mouth, for the time being regardless of Magnus, Rozen is the vision flashes. 当这句话从学院长的口中传出时,姑且不论马格纳斯,罗真是目光一闪。 Did Automaton have the condition? 自动人偶出现了状况? could it be that is...!” 难道是...!” Stands in Rozen back three sisters on one after another cried out in surprise. 站在罗真背后的姐妹三人就相继惊呼出声 Headmaster has disregarded this point, opens the mouth slowly. 学院长无视了这一点,缓缓的开口。 School believes, some people in steal Automaton using unknown Magecraft secretly.” “学院认为,有人在暗地里利用不知名魔术来盗取自动人偶。” Automaton of these participants completely vanished.” “那些参赛者的自动人偶就全部消失了。” This is the reason that they forfeit.” “这才是他们弃权的理由。”
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