SOM :: Volume #6 Unbreakable Machine-Doll (2)

#752: Will calculate with you slowly

Came?” “来了吗?” After using 《Binding Rope Blood Lock》 controls Magnus, Rozen then turning the head slowly, looks to the Headmaster's Official Residence direction. 使用〈缚绳血锁〉控制住马格纳斯以后,罗真便缓缓的转过头,看向了院长府邸的方向。 Regarding the appearance of Headmaster, Rozen does not think surprised. 对于学院长的出现,罗真一点都不觉得惊讶。 Since uses 《Scarlet Wing Formation》 this type to erupt the astonishing Magic Power secret technique in front of others entrances, that can count on that the opposite party hasn't realized? 既然在人家的门口面前使用〈红翼阵〉这种能够爆发出惊人魔力的秘术,那又怎么能够指望对方没有察觉到呢? Therefore, sees Headmaster to appear, Rozen is not surprised, not accidental/surprised, only calm is waiting and seeing, from the fingertip extends, but Magic Power Line as before has not taken back, biting stubbornly in Magnus' body, having made the Magnus whole body unable to move, facial features rapid change under silver mask. 所以,眼看着学院长出现,罗真即不惊讶,亦不意外,只是冷静的观望着,从指尖延伸而出的魔力线则依旧没有收回,死死的咬在了马格纳斯的身上,让马格纳斯浑身动弹不得,银色面具下的面容急剧变化。 Master!” 主人!” Master!” 主人!” The Squadron young girls then one after another shouted make noise, in the sound was filling anxiously. 战队的少女们便接连的喊出声,声音中充满着焦躁。 《Binding Rope Blood Lock》 is not the matter of cracking a joke, once were controlled Magic Power circulation, interferes the vital activity, that Magnus died is exactly really all in Rozen's in an instant. 中了〈缚绳血锁〉可不是开玩笑的事情,一旦真的被掌控了魔力循环,干涉到生命活动,那马格纳斯是死是活就真的全在罗真的一念之间了。 For does not let such matter occurrence, reassignment that Magnus certainly gone all out within the body Magic Power, that invades within the body Magic Power to carry on the intense conflict, attempts to resist the opposite party? 为了不让那样的事情发生,马格纳斯一定已经拼命的调动起自己体内魔力,那侵入体内魔力进行着激烈的冲突,企图抵抗对方吧? What a pity, Rozen's 《Scarlet Wing Formation》 is too formidable, even if Magnus is resisting intensely, could not avoid being given the invasion by Magic Power Line as before. 可惜,罗真的〈红翼阵〉实在太强大,即使马格纳斯激烈的抵抗着,依旧避免不了被魔力线给侵入。 This makes Magnus' expression unprecedented is fluctuating, in the eyes is full of the vacillation. 这让马格纳斯的表情前所未有的变幻着,眼中更是充满着动摇。 As for the Squadron young girls, at this moment does not dare to act rashly completely again. 至于战队的少女们,此时此刻里已经是完全不敢再轻举妄动。 They are afraid. 她们害怕。 Was afraid itself this to move, stimulates Rozen, Rozen will directly shut off the vital activity of Magnus. 害怕自己这一动,刺激到了罗真,罗真就会将马格纳斯的生命活动给直接切断。 At the appointed time, Master is they kills. 届时,主人就是她们害死的了。 Does not know that saw this point, Headmaster had transferred the line of sight, looked that to wore the bright red bloodstained clothing to release astonishing Magic Power Rozen muddily generally, flood bright glow that looking pensive in the eyes continuously. 不知道是不是看出了这一点,学院长转过视线,看向浑身披着鲜红的血衣一般释放出惊人魔力罗真,眼中不住的泛起若有所思的精芒 However, this sly old fox has not exposed this, but is spoke towards Rozen. 不过,这个狡猾的老狐狸并没有将这点暴露出来,而是对着罗真出声 Here, but Headmaster's Official Residence, Agnesen-kun, takes back your secret technique.” “这里可是院长府邸,阿涅真君,收回你的秘术吧。” Headmaster extremely serious was saying. 学院长极为严肃的这么说着。 hearing this, Rozen was welcoming Headmaster's vision, was similar to sees through its in the eyes that bright glow looking pensive to be the same, curled the lip. 闻言,罗真迎着学院长的目光,如同看穿其眼中那若有所思的精芒一样,撇了撇嘴。 shortly afterwards, the Rozen in the eyes scarlet ray gets down dimly, the back bright red wing also slowly dissipates, changes to blood steam, drills Rozen's body, receives Magnus body Magic Power Line also to be pulled again and again by it, suddenly the break, was taken back Rozen's fingertip, returns to within Rozen's body. 紧接着,罗真眼中的赤红光芒黯淡下去,背后的鲜红羽翼亦缓缓消散,化作一股血汽,钻回罗真的身体,连连接到马格纳斯身上魔力线亦是被其扯回来似的,突然断裂,被收回罗真的指尖,回归罗真的体内 This achievement, also made the corner of the Headmaster's eye twitch. 这一作为,又是令得学院长眼角一挑 Magic Power and blood that steam will release once gives takes back within the body, doesn't result in a waste? 将一度释放出去的魔力和血汽都给重新收回体内,不造成一丝浪费? how was this achieved? 这是怎么做到的 Wū...!” 呜...!” Another side, Magnus actually finally is smooth brings back the control of body, is similar to from suffocating in Status/condition breathes to the fresh air suddenly is the same, puts out the one breath, while the body in a flash, nearly falls to the ground suddenly. 另一边,马格纳斯却终于是顺利的重新取回身体的控制权,如同从窒息的状态中突然呼吸到新鲜空气一样,一边吐出一口气,一边身体猛然一晃,险些栽倒在地。 Master!” 主人!” Sees that in Squadron, Hotaru first responded, rapid going forward, Magnus supporting. 见状,战队之中,火垂第一个反应过来,迅速的上前,将马格纳斯给扶住。 I am all right.” “我没事。” Magnus is actually desolate gives to shove open Hotaru, vision staring stubbornly in Rozen's body, in the eyes as before is remaining the vacillation as well as fluctuation. 马格纳斯却是冷淡的将火垂给推开,目光则死死的盯在罗真的身上,眼中依旧残留着动摇以及变幻。 Obviously, Rozen can use the 《Scarlet Wing Formation》 matter, in the end still has had not the small impact on Magnus. 显然,罗真能够使用〈红翼阵〉的事情,终究还是马格纳斯造成了不小的冲击。 However, no one knows, during this impact, but also emerged indescribable gratified, wild with joy as well as desolate. 但是,谁都不知道,在这股冲击之中,还涌现出了难以言喻的欣慰、狂喜以及落寞。 Thanks to you can complete the research of 《Scarlet Wing Formation》 really successfully.” “真亏你能够成功完成〈红翼阵〉的研究。” Magnus then first time reveals the complex spoken language. 马格纳斯便第一次吐露出复杂的言语。 It is not complex is not good. 不复杂可不行。 Must know, this only has the special secret technique that the Akabane Family's clansman can learn. 要知道,这可是唯有赤羽家的族人才能习得的特殊秘术啊。 Person who basically impossible without 《Blood of the Scarlet Wing》 learns, this was confirmed the matter in the past millenniums. 没有〈红翼之血〉的人根本不可能习得,这是在过去的千年里得到证实的事情。 Entire even thousands years, settles on the person of Akabane Family's this secret technique also to have, even are it can be said that many, but these person of which have the means to grind 《Scarlet Wing Formation》 really successfully, letting other families person also to learn? 整整千年的时间,看中赤羽家的这一秘术的人也不是没有,甚至可以说是很多,可那些人哪一个有办法真的将〈红翼阵〉研磨成功,让外族人也能习得呢? But Rozen actually succeeded. 罗真却成功了。 ( His ability has dominated above me, even dominates in all previous ancestor with celebrity above.) (他的才能已经凌驾于我之上,甚至凌驾于历代的先祖跟名人之上。) In the Magnus heart then appears the emotion that bystander is unable to realize. 马格纳斯心中便浮现出外人无法察觉的情感。 Such Magnus naturally does not know, can excellent be a matter, the external assistance is also the important reason. 这样的马格纳斯自然也不知道,才能高超是一回事,外在的辅助也是重要的原因。 If no Roman to carry on the thorough analysis using the Chaldea facility to 《Blood of the Scarlet Wing》, Rozen does not know how should improve own physique. 若是没有罗曼利用迦勒底的设施对〈红翼之血〉进行彻底的分析,罗真不会知道该怎么改善自己的体质。 If no Mystery of Command Seals system, Rozen will also not find to complete the 《Scarlet Wing Formation》 method. 若是没有令咒系统的神秘,罗真亦不会找到完成〈红翼阵〉的方法。 Can surmount the world, unifies all kinds of Mystery, that is the Rozen biggest superiority. 能够跨越世界,结合各种各样的神秘,那才是罗真最大的优势。 Like 《Eye of the Mind》's ability, in this world, similarly nobody can enhance to Rozen this degree, only then has looked at the one by one world, grows all sorts of stories, in addition the state of mind of own complex passing as well as transformation, finally, Rozen's 《Eye of the Mind》 can grow to present this situation. 就像〈心眼〉的能力,在这个世界里,同样没有人能够提高到罗真这种程度,只有看过一个个的世界,增长一种种的阅历,再加上自身复杂的过往以及蜕变的心境,最终,罗真的〈心眼〉才能成长到现在这个地步。 Therefore, can with the circumstances be the progressive factors, indispensable. 所以,才能与境遇都是进步的因素,缺一不可。 Taking this into consideration, Rozen was smiling to Magnus. 有鉴于此,罗真对着马格纳斯笑了笑。 Matter also that you cannot think are many, before do not think I I.” “你想不到的事情还有很多,别以为我还是以前的我。” Present Rozen did not think really oneself will lose to Magnus. 现在的罗真真的不觉得自己会输给马格纳斯 two people already not in a rank, not in one level. 两人已经不在一个等级,更不在一个层次 Even if at least, uses the 《Scarlet Wing Formation》 secret technique, under erupts full power, Magnus are most compares favorably with a regiment, has gone against the day is tactical level. 至少,即使是使用〈红翼阵〉的秘术,全力爆发之下,马格纳斯最多就是与一支军团媲美,顶了天的就是战术级 Reviews Rozen, even if not use two cards in a hand including 《Scarlet Wing Formation》, that can also compare favorably with existence of strategic level, with strength of the country quite, let alone both erupted two cards in a hand. 反观罗真,即便不使用包括〈红翼阵〉在内的两张底牌,那也能够媲美战略级的存在,与一国之力相当,更别说是将两张底牌都爆发出来了。 In summary...... 综上所述...... Our accounts, I will calculate with you slowly.” “我们的帐,我会跟你慢慢算的。” Rozen looking straight ahead approaches Magnus, so declaration. 罗真直视向马格纳斯,如此宣言 Spits all truth till you.” “直到你将所有的真相都吐出来为止。” these words and this speech, making the Magnus look crazily tremble, finally fell into silent. 此言此语,令得马格纳斯眼神狂颤,最终陷入了沉默。 Saw that the atmosphere between Rozen and Magnus becomes extremely depressing, Headmaster makes noise finally once more. 看到罗真与马格纳斯之间的气氛变得极其压抑,学院长终于是再次出声。 Two both are my Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart rare talents, even if were looks over the school history unable to find to be able with Character that you compared favorably with.” “两位都是我华尔普吉斯皇家机巧学院举世罕见的天才,即便是纵观学院历史都找不到可以与你们媲美的人物。” Headmaster is very gentle opens the mouth. 学院长便很是慈祥的开口。 I will not request your peaceful coexistence, after all the school supports the student mutual competition, common progress, but please two rare ability waste in the private war, many people be not anticipating you splendid performance on Night Party.” “我不会要求你们和平共处,毕竟学院是支持学生互相竞争,共同进步的,但也请两位别将难得的才能浪费在私斗中,很多人都在期待你们于夜会上的精彩表现啊。” The implied meaning was this Headmaster will not allow Rozen and Magnus to decide the victory and defeat at this time. 言下之意就是这位学院长不会允许罗真与马格纳斯在这个时候分出胜负。 Thinks that is also the natural matter. 想想也是理所当然之事。 ( Because here two people hopefully captures Wiseman's Throne, person who also obtains Machine Doll hopefully, therefore, besides on Night Party's stage, private war cannot appear right?) (因为这里的两人就是最有希望夺得魔王的宝座,又最有希望得到神性机巧的人,所以,除了在夜会的舞台上以外,私斗是不能出现的对吗?) Rozen secretly sneers in the heart. 罗真就在心中暗暗冷笑。 In brief, two please first come, having the important matter needs to discuss with you.” “总之,两位请先进来吧,有要事需要跟你们二人商量一下呢。” Headmaster has terminated the confrontation of Rozen and Magnus like this. 学院长这样终止了罗真与马格纳斯的交锋。 entire group such is having the depressing atmosphere, entered Headmaster's Official Residence. 一行人就这么带着压抑的氛围,进入了院长府邸
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