SSAT :: Volume #7

#617: You wanted unlucky

Similarly is the disciple, similarly encounters the problem, entirely different why Jun Changxiao displays. 同样是弟子,同样都遇到麻烦,君常笑为何表现的截然不同。 Bias? 偏心? Does not exist. 不存在。 Achieves peak Sword and Martial Double King, there is Body of Holy Flame and Mechanical Wing Battle Outfit, making Sect Master Jun compares maturely was steadier before. 达到巅峰剑武双王,又有圣炎之体机械武装翼,让君宗主变得比以前更成熟稳重了。 Offends my disciple, no doubt is unforgivable. 得罪我的弟子,固然不可饶恕。 But if also like rescuing Lu Qianqian the direct belt/bring disciple kills recklessly, really owed the rationality. 但如果还像救陆芊芊那样直接带弟子不顾一切杀过去,就实在欠理性了。 Let alone. 更何况。 Ye Xingchen and Xiao Zuiji have entered into Martial King, even if cannot be victorious Martial Sovereign, will still have the strength of self-preservation. 夜星辰萧罪己已迈入武王,就算打不过武皇,也应该有自保之力。 The palm back of the hand is the meat, does not have what men and women to discriminate. 手心手背都是肉,不存在什么男女有别。 Also really made Jun Changxiao guess right. 还真让君常笑猜对了。 Ye Xingchen and Xiao Zuiji, although was stranded in Yin Mountain Range, but several Martial Sovereign were hard to find for a short time. 夜星辰萧罪己虽被困在阴山岭,但几名武皇一时半会儿难以找到。 Strange!” “奇怪!” Wears the black robe, wears the powerhouse of strange mask to release spiritual sense, covers the entire mountain forest, sound coldly said: Visits them to come in obviously, how not to have the person's shadow!” 一名身穿黑袍,头戴诡异面具的强者释放灵念,笼罩整个山林,声音冷森道:“明明看他们进来,怎么没了人影!” Pursues Ye Xingchen and Xiao Zuiji’s altogether has four people. 来追夜星辰萧罪己的一共有四人。 All is a black robe, brings the fierce mask, seems very mysterious. 全都是一身黑袍,带着狰狞面具,显得非常神秘兮兮。 This lord issued the dead order, how regardless of must catch a All Times Sect disciple, if could not complete, went back definitely to subject to a penalty!” Another Martial Sovereign said. “此次主上下了死命令,无论如何也要抓回一名万古宗弟子,如若完成不了,回去肯定受罚!”另外一名武皇道。 This thinks that is the beautiful assignment, the didn't expect two little fellows are so smart, has not watched, could not find the person.” “本以为是美差事,没想到两个小家伙这么机灵,一个没看住,就找不到人了。” Do not divert attention.” “别分心。” Walks in the forefront Martial Sovereign sinking sound said: Two people definitely still in Yin Mountain Range, should use some supreme treasure, oneself aura shield, will evade our spiritual sense investigation.” 走在最前面的武皇沉声道:“二人肯定还在阴山岭,应该是动用了某种至宝,将自身气息屏蔽,躲过了我们的灵念探查。” ...... …… Hidden place. 暗处。 Xiao Zuiji opens out the leaf gently, appears a jet black eye, has the special troop to carry out the feeling of mission in the jungle. 萧罪己轻轻拨开树叶,浮现出一双漆黑眼睛,颇有特种兵在丛林执行任务的感觉。 Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, they really could not find us!” 夜师弟,他们真找不到我们!” conceals raised one to disdain in nearby Ye Xingchen corners of the mouth. 藏在旁边的夜星辰嘴角扬起了一丝不屑。 On the strength, he cannot be victorious temporarily Martial Sovereign. 论实力,他暂时打不过武皇 However, under the Grand Mysterious True Sutra revolution, can block itself and Xiao Zuiji’s aura, the opposite party wants to find is also absolutely impossible. 不过,太玄真经运转下,可以封锁自身和萧罪己的气息,对方想找到也绝无可能。 The people will not find. 人是不会找到。 But places in a valley, all around is the mountain wall of reaching to the sky, the entrance was blocked, can only squat at the hidden places and several Martial Sovereign peekaboos. 但身处一个谷内,四周都是高耸入云的山壁,外界入口被封锁,只能蹲在暗处和几名武皇躲猫猫。 I have informed the recent Drizzle Hall member.” “我已经通知了最近的细雨堂成员。” Xiao Zuiji said: sect master obtains the news, should quick rescue.” 萧罪己道:“宗主得到消息,应该很快就会来救援的。” Troublesome.” “麻烦。” Ye Xingchen sets out to leave the thick patch of grass. 夜星辰起身离开草丛。 With his character, will not wait for the sect master rescue, but was pondering how to run out of several Martial Sovereign’s to surround. 以他的性格,绝不会等宗主救援,而是在思考,如何冲出几名武皇的包围。 Junior Apprentice Brother Ye!” 夜师弟!” Xiao Zuiji said: Do not impulse Ah!” 萧罪己道:“别冲动!” Ye Xingchen lightly said: „To go on living in the brutal world, cannot depend on others, but must depend on itself.” 夜星辰淡淡道:“想在残酷的世界活下去,不能靠别人,而是要靠自己。” This saying said...... is reasonable! 这话说的……有道理! Xiao Zuiji did not speak, quickly with coming up. 萧罪己不语,急忙跟上去。 Two people do not dare to release spiritual sense unscrupulously, in order to avoid being caught, can only sneak in the grove quietly. 两人不敢肆无忌惮的释放灵念,以免被捕捉到,只能悄悄在林子里潜行。 In there!” “在那里!” Was discovered! 还是被发现了! hū hū ---- 呼呼---- Wild spirit energy comes, instantaneously all around the smashing of trees bang. 狂暴灵能呼啸而来,瞬间将周遭树木轰的粉碎。 Ye Xingchen and Xiao Zuiji first step on Wrapping Cloud Step to sneak into nearby the shrubbery, without a trace that vanishes instantaneously. 夜星辰萧罪己第一时间踩着纵云步窜入就近灌木丛,瞬间消失的无影无踪。 Buzz! 嗡! Shortly, qi field opening. 顷刻间,气域开启。 That Martial Sovereign that pursues this region blockage, then searches carefully, finally had not found them. 追来的那名武皇将这片区域封锁,然后仔仔细细搜索,结果仍没找到他们。 qi field to other Martial King, has not affected to Xiao Zuiji and Ye Xingchen. 气域对别的武王可以,对萧罪己夜星辰没作用。 Because two people cultivation in Experience Tower year to year, so long as is not the pressure of that steamroll level, in a short time will not be affected. 因为两人常年在历练塔修炼,只要不是那种碾压层次的威压,短时间内不会受到影响。 Hateful!” “可恶!” That Martial Sovereign angrily said: „Are they difficult to be inadequate have to resist qi field supreme treasure in the body?” 武皇怒道:“他们难不成还有抵抗气域至宝在身?” Another one person said that catches up with: All Times Sect , if no an ability, at all impossible to rise in the short time.” 赶过来的另一人道:“万古宗如果没点能耐,根本不可能在短短时间崛起。” Might as well goes to Qingyang Commandery, hides comes out in the hidden place and other All Times Sect disciples, steals one to go back to lord to report on accomplishments casually.” “还不如去青阳郡,躲在暗处等万古宗弟子出来,随便劫走一个回去向主上交差。” Mu Changhong has broken through to half step Martial Saint, Jun Changxiao is oppressive Extreme Cold Palace Grand Elder, we will definitely be discovered by them in the past.” 沐长虹已突破到半步武圣,君常笑更是虐过极寒宫太长老,我们过去肯定会被他们发现的。” That Martial Sovereign is silent. 那名武皇沉默。 All Times Sect sect master can oppressive Half Saint, naturally not have the courage to dare to go to others domain. 万古宗宗主能虐一名半圣,自然没勇气敢去人家地盘。 ...... …… Junior Apprentice Brother Ye.” 夜师弟。” conceals Xiao Zuiji passes on the sound said: These people bring the mask, looks very mysterious, not necessarily is the King City’s powerhouse.” 藏起来的萧罪己传音道:“这些人带着面具,看上去很神秘,未必是王城的强者。” Ye Xingchen did not speak. 夜星辰不语。 Actually, has long realized. 其实,早就意识到了。 This crowd of person attire are strange, inevitably is the shameful influence.” Ye Xingchen secretly thought. “这群人装束诡异,必然是见不得人的势力。”夜星辰暗道。 Walks.” “走。” Observed a while, leaves again. 观察了一会儿,再次动身而起。 Xiao Zuiji follows, two people take a stroll in the mountain forest covertly, comes to the entrance quickly. 萧罪己紧随其后,两人就这么偷偷摸摸在山林里溜达,很快来至入口处。 junior apprentice brother, they seemed like.” 师弟,他们好像走了。” Without is so simple.” “没这么简单。” Ye Xingchen does not think that four Martial Sovereign have left, perhaps exposes weaknesses intentionally. 夜星辰不认为四名武皇已经离开,也许故意露出破绽。 Two people hide in the hidden place, is waiting. 两人藏在暗处,就那么等着。 After half double-hour, the entrance was still empty, occasionally several Fierce Beast passed by, nearby indication and no one. 半个时辰后,入口处仍是空荡荡的,偶尔还有几头凶兽路过,预示附近并没什么人。 Ye Xingchen did not feel relieved, continues to consume in the hidden place. 夜星辰还是不放心,继续在暗处耗着。 Really. 果然。 Also passed half double-hour, Martial Sovereign that two wear the mask grazes to come, then releases spiritual sense to the valley, after does not have any harvest, unavoidably initiates the discontent. 又过去了半个时辰,两名戴面具的武皇飞掠而来,然后向谷内释放灵念,没有任何收获后,不免发起牢骚来。 Can sneak off?” “会不会已经溜走了?” Yin Mountain Range only has an exit|to speak, should not Ah.” 阴山岭只有一个出口,不应该。” „The All Times Sect’s disciple is a little weird, perhaps used what mystique to flee.” 万古宗的弟子有点邪门,也许使用什么秘法遁走了。” They must return to Qingyang Commandery, we can intercept in the road which must be taken.” “他们必然要回青阳郡,我们可以在必经之路拦截。” not wrong!” 不错!” Two Martial Sovereign governing spatial and line left Yin Mountain Range. 两名武皇御空而行离开了阴山岭 Two Martial King, vanish under the four people of noses, this is very depressed. 两个武王,在自己四人眼皮底下消失,这是非常郁闷的。 junior apprentice brother.” 师弟。” Xiao Zuiji passes on the sound said: We can go out.” 萧罪己传音道:“我们可以出去了吧。” Walks.” “走。” Ye Xingchen starts the line. 夜星辰起步而行。 Two people very smooth comes out from Yin Mountain Range, but has not returned to the sect gate’s plan. 两人很顺利的从阴山岭出来,但并没返回宗门的打算。 Captures Mortal Class first, cannot satisfy Night Emperor, he then must initiate the challenge to the Earth Class talent. 夺得人字号第一名,并不能满足夜帝,他接下来要向地字号天才发起挑战。 hū hū ---- 呼呼----” However, when two people were just good several li (0.5 km), as if touched some ban, the spatial warping, appears in the illusory environment all around at once! 然而,当两人刚刚行了几里地,仿佛触动了某种禁制,周遭空间扭曲,旋即出现在虚无缥缈的环境中! „It is not good.” “不好。” Ye Xingchen knits the brows: Is array!” 夜星辰皱眉道:“是阵法!” ha ha ha!” 哈哈哈!” Martial Sovereign that wears the mask walked, said with a smile strangely: Really thinks that hides in inside, used some supreme treasure to shield the aura, can leave safe and sound?” 一名戴面具的武皇走了进来,怪笑道:“真以为躲在里面,利用某种至宝屏蔽了气息,就能安然无恙离开吗?” Yin Mountain Range could not find the person, he arranges array outside, waits for the opposite party to walk into a trap! 阴山岭找不到人,他就在外面布置阵法,等着对方自投罗网! Two.” “二位。” That person of lightly said: Do not revolt, along with me walks.” 那人淡淡道:“不要反抗,随我走一趟。” Goes to there?” “去那里?” Does not need to ask, went apparent.” “无须多问,去了便知。” If doesn't go?” “如果不去呢?” This may be beyond control you.” “这可由不得你们。” Ye Xingchen said: Such being the case, we can only follow one you.” 夜星辰道:“既然如此,我们只能跟你走一趟了。” junior apprentice brother......” 师弟……” Xiao Zuiji just opened the mouth, Ye Xingchen then passes on the sound said: Had/Left array to make the plan again.” 萧罪己刚开口,夜星辰便传音道:“出了阵法再做打算。” Now the situation, hits cannot definitely be victorious, the person was also stranded in array, can only feign the compromise, seeks the means to escape again in addition. 现在情况,打是肯定打不过,人也被困在阵法内,只能佯装妥协,再另寻办法逃脱吧。 Although Night Emperor rampant extremely arrogant, but does not represent is the rash fellow, to the extremely disadvantageous situation, will not be definitely rash. 夜帝虽然嚣张狂妄,但不代表是二愣子,对自身极其不利的情况下,肯定不会莽撞。 Naturally. 当然。 If the rank grass can turn danger into safety, can come, key headstrongly also headstrongly. 如果莽能化险为夷,也可以来一下,关键莽也莽不过。 „.” “不过。” Ye Xingchen reminded: Our sect master regards as important to the disciple, you best probably consider the consequence, in order to avoid gain does not equal the loss.” 夜星辰提醒道:“我们宗主对弟子非常看重,你们最好要考虑一下后果,以免得不偿失。” Boy, deliberately do not delay the time.” “小子,别故意拖延时间了。” That Martial Sovereign lightly said: Was begins to seal the breath and pulse, made the old man come?” 那名武皇淡淡道:“是自己动手封了气脉,还是让老夫来?” Ye Xingchen and Xiao Zuiji regard mutually, coordination breath and pulse blockade. 夜星辰萧罪己相互一视,配合的将自身气脉封锁。 xiū! The flowing light dissipates, array remove. 流光消散,阵法撤掉。 Stands said outside leader: Lost a lot of time, quickly returns.” 站在外面的首领道:“耽误了不少时间,赶快返回。” Two companions move toward Ye Xingchen and Xiao Zuiji, will carry off it, then sees the distant place flowing light to speed away to come together, then stagnates in the midair, broadcasts the cold sound: No one can get away.” 两名同伴走向夜星辰萧罪己,正要将其带走,便见远处一道流光疾驰而来,然后停滞在半空,传来冷冽的声音:“谁都走不了。” sect master!” 宗主!” Xiao Zuiji great happiness. 萧罪己大喜。 Ye Xingchen said: You wanted unlucky.” 夜星辰道:“你们要倒霉了。”
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