SSAT :: Volume #5

#424: I am glad, you shut up

Jun Changxiao led the disciple to leave. 君常笑带着弟子离开了。 Walking is so anxious, wants to look for no one peaceful place, stretch/leisurely opens system Mall comfortably, will overflow the contribution value to spend. 走这么急,是想找个没人又安静的地方,舒舒服打开系统商城,将溢出贡献值全花掉。 Yeah.” “哎。” Xi Jingxuan sighed, said: Mei’er, we also go back.” 奚婧璇叹了口气,道:“丽儿,我们也回去吧。” Although she wants to chat with Jun Changxiao, but does to others lot of work, does not give the opportunity. 虽然她很想和君常笑多聊聊,但奈何人家事务繁忙,根本不给自己机会呢。 palace master.” 宫主。” On the road, Mei’er said: Then why cares about him.” 路上,丽儿道:“何必那么在意他呢。” Xi Jingxuan said: Mei’er, you know that often with Sect Master Jun in the same place, so long as hears him to speak, I felt very relaxed.” 奚婧璇道:“丽儿,你知道吗,每每和君掌门在一起,只要听到他说话,我就感觉很轻松。” Mei’er exploratory say/way: palace master, won't you like on him?” 丽儿试探性的道:“宫主,你不会喜欢上他了吧?” „...... Has not had!” “没……没有呀!” The Xi Jingxuan hurried say/way, the small face was red immediately. 奚婧璇急忙道,小脸顿时红了起来。 Mei’er speechless say/way: My palace master, on your face the expression, had betrayed you!” 丽儿无语道:“我的宫主,你脸上表情,已经出卖了你自己!” Xi Jingxuan is busy explaining: I feel that others are very interesting, that is all.” 奚婧璇忙着解释道:“我就觉着他人很有趣,仅此而已呀。” more explained, more conceals.” Mei’er whispered at heart. “越解释,就越掩饰。”丽儿心里嘀咕道。 The words saying, the fellow has anything to be good, contacts few times with palace master, made her worry. 话说,那家伙到底有什么好的,和宫主接触没几次,就让她牵挂上了。 The people are very graceful, the style of speaking is humorous, occasionally also a little skin. 人很帅,谈吐幽默,偶尔还有一点皮。 What is more important, the martial arts attainments are also high! 更重要的是,武学造诣也高! Miss Mei’er, how your family's can't Palace Master Xi worry about Sect Master Jun of our family/home? 丽儿姑娘,你们家的奚宫主怎么就不能牵挂我们家的君掌门 ...... …… Beautiful scenery place. 一处山清水秀之地。 Hurricane Wolf King brings several Hurricane Wolf, rests in the small stream potable water. 飓风狼王带着几头飓风狼,在小溪处饮水休憩。 xiū--- --- The weak broken wind sound/rumor transmits together. 一道微弱破风声传来。 A distant place mountain forest, the grazing goat, was killed with 88 type sniper's rifles by Xiao Zuiji. 远处一片山林,正吃草的山羊,被萧罪己以88式狙击枪击毙。 These days, although he is negligent to practice the spear/gun, but marksmanship as before thief. 这段时间,他虽然疏于练枪,但枪法依旧贼准。 shuā! 刷! Li Qingyang proficiently skins takes the meat, starts to bake. 李青阳熟练剥皮取肉,开始烧烤。 Lu Qianqian and Ye Xingchen were still a aloof, an arrogance, definitely is unable to integrate in the landscape beautiful environment. 陆芊芊夜星辰仍是一个高冷,一个孤高,完全无法融入风景优美的环境里去。 Monarch often, then sits on the tree deliciously, draws intermediate mall. 君常,则美滋滋坐在树上,将中阶商城拉出来。 2461 contribution value points that comes out, must certainly spend, otherwise crossed for 24 hours to empty automatically. 多出来的2461点贡献值,肯定要花掉,否则过了24小时就自动清空。 Previous time spends 100 contribution value points refresh intermediate mall, Sect Master Jun only sees the third row of Seven Mysterious Red Clouds Light Break remnant volume, therefore the multi- commodities have not looked. 上次花费100点贡献值刷新中阶商城,君掌门只看到第三排的七玄霞光破残卷,所以还有多商品没看呢。 Un?” “嗯?” Continues to glance through downward, Jun Changxiao sees named middle grade Cloud Stepping Shoe formula. 继续往下翻阅,君常笑看到一种名为‘中品步云履’的配方。 In the introduction said, this is one type can the boots of promotion speed, after putting on, will walk normally will raise 10 speeds, will display footwork martial skill to raise 20 speeds! 介绍上说,这是一种可以提升速度的靴子,穿上以后,正常行走会提升十速度,施展身法武技可提升20速度! The shortcoming only has Martial Master above martial cultivator to wear, even if otherwise puts on, will not have any speed increase. 缺点则是唯有武师以上武修才能佩戴,否则就算穿上,也不会有任何速度增幅。 This thing is good!” Jun Changxiao said. “这东西好呀!”君常笑道。 The traveling speed quickly is also one manifestation of strength, especially on opposing the enemy, not only can unexpectedly, can accomplish a task with ease in the avoidance attack obviously. 移动速度快也是实力的一种体现,尤其在对敌上,不仅可以出其不意,也可以在躲避攻击上更显游刃有余。 Let alone. 更何况。 Su Xiaomo and Li Fei such disciple, is velocity profile martial cultivator, puts on Cloud Stepping Shoe, will enhance many strengths absolutely. 苏小沫李飞这样的弟子,全是速度型武修,穿上步云履,绝对会提升不少实力。 Buys!” “买!” Ding! host spends 1000 contribution value points, obtains the middle grade Cloud Stepping Shoe formula 1, has transported to the space ring.” “叮!宿主消费1000点贡献值,获得中品步云履配方一,已输送到空间戒指内。” Ding! sect contribution value: 6461 / 5000.” “叮!门派贡献值:6461/5000。” After buys, the formula matches automatically, presents in Smithing Pavilion. 买过后,配方自动匹配,呈现在铸造阁里。 The Jun Changxiao point opens, discovered the primary materials that needs are the Wind Class crystal core, auxiliary material for spider web and Fierce Beast fur/superficial knowledge. 君常笑点开,发现所需的主要材料为风系晶核,辅材料为蜘蛛丝和凶兽皮毛。 From Myriad Beasts Mountain Range one line, his anything crystal core lacks, does not lack the Wind Class crystal core. 万兽山脉一行,他什么晶核都缺,就是不缺风系晶核。 The spider web and fur/superficial knowledge have, therefore will quickly then refine the quantity to promote to high, starts the mechanized refinement. 蜘蛛丝和皮毛也都有,所以便急忙将炼制数量提升到最高,开始机械化炼制。 Continues to watch Mall. 继续观看商城 Quick, Jun Changxiao sees a rare book, named Land Slide Earth Rend Fist. 很快,君常笑又看到一本秘籍,名为山崩地裂拳 From the introduction, this Fist Arts might is verve, comprehends the pinnacle, fist landslide cracks in the earth and play the son. 从介绍来看,这拳法威力非常刚猛,领悟极致,一拳山崩地裂和玩似儿的。 The quality is advanced. 品质为-极品高阶 .” 。” Jun Changxiao twittering said: This is the Rupturing Fist updated version.” 君常笑呢喃道:“这算是爆裂拳的升级版么。” Ding! host spends 1000 contribution value points, obtains Land Slide Earth Rend Fist 1, has transported to the space ring.” “叮!宿主消费1000点贡献值,获得山崩地裂拳一,已输送到空间戒指内。” Ding! sect contribution value: 5461 / 5000.” “叮!门派贡献值:5461/5000。” Just after bought, the system automatic match is the sect merit law. 刚买过后,系统自动匹配为门派功法。 Sect Master Jun not hesitant, designates Land Slide Earth Rend Fist, spends 50 contribution value points, duplicates 5000 to come out. 君掌门没犹豫,选定山崩地裂拳,花费50点贡献值,复制5000本出来。 Continues to look downward. 继续往下看。 Finally also had no nice commodity again. 结果再也没什么像样的商品了。 Jun Changxiao is not depressed, after all 100 contribution value points refresh, had/left the Talisman of Insight formula and Seven Mysterious Red Clouds Light Break, and present equipment Fist Arts, is learned compared with elementary mall absolutely! 君常笑并不沮丧,毕竟100点贡献值刷新,出了洞察之符配方、七玄霞光破,以及如今的装备拳法,绝对比初阶商城更有料! Obtains the Chivalrous Person title, the lucky value rises from 1 points to 5 points, can try the luck at games of chance, looks to brush a better thing.” “获得侠义之士称号,幸运值从一点涨到五点,也可以试试手气,看能不能刷出更好的东西来。” When Jun Changxiao twittering, on elementary mall. 君常笑呢喃之际,点在初阶商城上。 His present contribution value is many, but the brain will not give off heat takes the intermediate mall test, therefore starts from elementary mall. 他现在贡献值是多,但绝不会脑子发热的去拿中阶商城测试,所以还是从初阶商城开始吧。 system spits the mortise: Takes a look at host this......” 系统吐槽道:“瞧瞧宿主这点出……” I am glad, you shut up!” “我乐意,你闭嘴!” Jun Changxiao said that while under draws Mall. 君常笑一边说,一边下拉商城 The brand-new commodity presents, but sees the first row, is excited is not good. 全新的商品呈现出来,只是看到第一排,便是激动的不行了。 Spear/Gun! 枪! Also there is a spear/gun! 又有枪! Moreover, is the Magic Transformation AK-47 automatic rifle! 而且,还是魔改AK-47自动步枪! Ah ha ha ha.” 哈哈哈。” Jun Changxiao laughs immediately. 君常笑顿时开怀大笑起来。 Although AK47 in the simple point might, cannot compare 88 type type of sniper's rifles, but its merit is the bullet are many, can the continuous fire! 虽然AK47在单点威力上,比不上88式这种狙击枪,但它的优点是子弹多,可以连续射击! Especially when near-point, 88 types fired a spear/gun unable to break the opposite party defense, the AK471 ammunition clip fire off, the injury definitely was continually stronger! 尤其近点时,88式开一枪破不了对方防御,AK471梭子打完,持续伤害肯定更强! This must provide AK47 to the disciple, one is sweeping to the enemy crazily, Martial King not necessarily can shoulder! 这要给弟子一人配备一把AK47,对着敌人一顿狂扫,武王都未必扛得住吧! Let alone, is inexpensive. 更何况,不贵。 100 contribution value points! 才100点贡献值而已! This ‚’ character uses, fully explained that Sect Master Jun now to 100 contribution value points, looks completely does not glance. 这‘才’字用的,足以说明君掌门现在对100点贡献值,完全看不上眼。 As everyone knows, just had system that little while, duplicates the rare book flower 10 points to shout abuse. 殊不知,刚有系统那会儿,复制秘籍花十点都得破口大骂。 It is a pity that. 遗憾的是。 Magic Transformation AK-47 has the purchase limit, every month can only buy 5. 魔改AK-47有购买限制,每月只能买五把。 Ding! host spends 500 contribution value points, obtains the Magic Transformation AK-47 automatic rifle 5, has transported to the space ring.” “叮!宿主消费500点贡献值,获得魔改AK-47自动步枪五,已输送到空间戒指内。” Ding! sect contribution value: 4911 / 5000.” “叮!门派贡献值:4911/5000。” The contribution value drops to the safety seat, making Jun Changxiao relax, then from has bought the commodity to spend 100 points, bought 5 Universal Expansion Magazine. 贡献值回落到安全位置,让君常笑松了一口气,然后又从已购商品花费100点,买了五个通用型扩容弹夹 Ka ka ka. 咔咔咔。 Takes AK47, after one trades the cartridge clip operation coquettishly, takes out the Fifth Stage crystal core to start to load a gun. 将AK47取出来,一番风骚换弹夹操作后,取出中五品晶核开始上子弹。 xiū! xiū! Roughly a while, 40 rounds of bullets pack completely, the cartridge clip both sides assume 40 streams light/only. 约莫一会儿,40发子弹全部装满,弹夹两侧呈40道流光。 Zuiji.” 罪己。” Jun Changxiao shouts: Tries the spear/gun!” 君常笑喊道:“过来试枪!” Good!” “好!” Xiao Zuiji eats to roast the string, then claps, when sees AK47, then said startled: sect master, is this spear/gun a little small Ah.” 萧罪己吃掉烤串,然后拍手走来,当看到AK47,便是愕然道:“掌门,这枪是不是有点小。” Do not visit it to be small, the might is not weak.” Jun Changxiao said. “别看它小,威力可不弱。”君常笑道。 ó.” 。” Xiao Zuiji receives. 萧罪己接过来。 Because previous time owing that has eaten the AWM sniper's rifle, the young fellow pounded this study essence, the fire lay on the lawn before. 因为上次吃过AWM狙击枪的亏,小伙砸这次学精了,射击之前趴在草地上。 Jun Changxiao said: Is standing the fire on the line.” 君常笑道:“站着射击就行。” ó.” 。” Xiao Zuiji stands, conducts fire proofreading, chose in the side stone wall front hundred meters away, then presses the trigger decisively. 萧罪己站起来,进行射击校对,选了前方百米外的一面石壁上,然后果断摁下扳机。 Suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly!--- 突!突!突!--- The AK47 muzzle, connects the blowout flowing light bullet! AK47枪口,接连喷出流光子弹! The Xiao Zuiji complexion changes, because the fire speed is too fast, the produced recoil is also big, the muzzle on looks directly upwards. 萧罪己脸色一变,但因为射击速度太快,产生的后坐力又大,枪口直接朝天上瞄去。 Until makes more than ten rounds of bullets, loosens the finger, then sits down exhausted, the whole face collapse said: sect master, a spear/gun hits so many bullet Ah!” 直至打出十多发子弹,松开手指,便是一屁股瘫坐地,满脸崩溃道:“掌门,一枪打这么多子弹!” Regardless of 88 types, is AWM, is used for the simple point, this full automatic fire mode, is the first experience. 无论88式,还是AWM,都是用来单点的,这种全自动射击模式,还是第一次体验。 As for the front stone wall, place that looks, only then a bullet plays in advance the determination of fix, other bullets appear the irregular shape to extend toward on. 至于前面石壁,所瞄的地方,只有一颗子弹打中预先确定位置,其他子弹呈不规则状朝上延伸。 Jun Changxiao shakes the head, said: On your pressure spear/gun technology, is for a lifetime impossible to eat the chicken.” 君常笑摇了摇头,道:“就你这压枪技术,一辈子都不可能吃鸡的。” - -- PS , 5. PS,5更。 Asked the recommendation ticket, asked the monthly ticket. 求推荐票,求月票。
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