SIMW :: Volume #31 洪荒界

#2097: Two news

One day ago, in wooden Ye Village started to spread an astonishing news: The rock hidden sends out 4000 to endure the army, across the sloppy country, wanting to invade the country of fire. 一天之前,木叶村中又开始传出了一个惊人的消息:岩隐派出四千忍军,穿过了草之国,欲要入侵火之国。 This news, made the countries of all fires, or the Ninja of wooden leaf was flurried, the Ninja of floor does not know that upper-level gambling, the country of earth has eyed covetously regarding the country of fire, has not thought when the country of this subsoil unexpectedly while the country and wind country of fire battled, actually wants to invade the country of fire. 这个消息,令所有火之国,或者说木叶的忍者为之慌乱,底层的忍者根本不知道上层的博弈,土之国对于火之国一直都是虎视眈眈,没有想到这一次土之国竟然会趁着火之国与风之国交战之际,竟然想要入侵火之国。 However, in the quick news blows out another news, was the hot shadow Sir had expected the plot of country's of earth, sent one of the three enduring also guarded originally in the past, now has repelled the rock hidden. 不过,很快消息中又爆出另一条消息,就是火影大人早就料到了土之国的阴谋,派了三忍之一的自来也过去防备,现在已经打退了岩隐。 This news passes on, the civilians and Ninja of entire wooden leaf shake immediately exert, is eulogizing the wise and advanced vision of fire shadow Sir, worthily is three generations of hot shades, making three generations of hot shadow prestige obtain enhancement to a certain extent at this time. 这消息一传出来,整个木叶的平民与忍者顿时为之震奋,都在歌颂着火影大人的英明和超前的眼光,不愧是三代火影,让三代火影的声望在这个时候得到了一定程度上的增强。 Naturally, regarding three generations of the cheap tricks, many people are well aware, nothing but wants to increase some chips taking advantage of the war to own prestige, remembers village group conceals to express extreme disdaining. 当然,对于三代的这种小把戏,很多人都心知肚明,无非是想借着战争给自己的声望添加一些筹码而已,志村团藏表示极为的不屑。 Besides the rock hidden intrudes on the country of fire suddenly, soon, also the news appears, it is said two days ago, in the border of country's of country and Sichuan fire, the wooden leaf and sand endured to erupt a war again, but in this war, besides directing three of Ninja endured Orochimaru, but also presented another powerful Ninja, that came from Yu wisdom wave family's Yu wisdom wave night. 除了岩隐突然进犯火之国之外,不久之后,又有一条消息出现,据说在两天之前,在火之国与川之国的边境,木叶与砂忍再一次爆发了一场大战,而在这一场大战之中,除了指挥众忍者的三忍大蛇丸之外,还出现了另一个强大的忍者,那就是来自宇智波家族的宇智波夜。 It is said in that war, Yu wisdom wave family's Yu wisdom wave night put forth a terrifying pupil technique unexpectedly, can be summoned a skeleton giant by own outside the body, depended upon this skeleton giant, Yu wisdom wave night was defeating sand hidden Kazekage assistance sea old conceals unexpectedly, making the sand hidden have to withdraw country's of Sichuan the canyon of deep pool returning to defend again. 据说在那一场战争之中,宇智波家族的宇智波夜竟然使出了一种恐怖的瞳术,可以让自己的体外召唤出一种骷髅巨人,依靠着这种骷髅巨人,宇智波夜竟然打败了砂隐的风影辅佐海老藏,使得砂隐不得不再一次撤回川之国的渊回之峡进行防守。 Although Kazekage assistance sea old conceals the reputation and strength are inferior to fourth-generation Kazekage as well as his elder sister thousand generations, but actually is also one endures a established powerhouse, a strength is also astonishing, steadily in the shadow level border. 风影辅佐海老藏虽然名声与实力都不如第四代风影以及他的姐姐千代,但是却也是一个忍界中的一个老牌强者,一身实力同样惊人,稳在影级边沿。 But no one has thought, a Yu wisdom wave family's little rascal, can actually defeat sea old conceals, immediately made the entire wooden leaf that received the message high-level in an uproar. 可谁也没有想到,宇智波家族的一个小鬼,竟然能够打败海老藏,顿时令收到消息的整个木叶高层哗然起来。 About the material of Yu wisdom wave night, many people know, before more than two years, Yu wisdom wave night only graduates with also five -year-old Kakashi Hatake from the Ninja school at a five -year-old age, moreover since compares Kakashi Hatake, Yu wisdom wave night obviously. 关于宇智波夜的资料,很多人都知道,在两年多以前,宇智波夜仅以一个五岁的年纪与同样五岁的旗木卡卡西从忍者学校毕业,而且相比起旗木卡卡西,宇智波夜明显更强许多。 Five years old open write a round of eye, five years old of upfront defeated in one to endure, although passed more than two years of time, but this talent was not easy to forget. 五岁开写轮眼,五岁正面打败了一个中忍,虽然过了两年多的时间,但这种天才可不是那么容易忘记的。 But no one has thought, this passed more than two years of time, this past years was only five -year-old little rascal, actually has been able to defeat a sand hidden established powerhouse. 可谁也没有想到,这才过了两年多的时间,这个当年才五岁的小鬼,竟然已经能够打败砂隐的一个老牌强者了。 If, the present Yu wisdom wave night also just eight years old, eight -year-old age actually has really been able to defeat a sand hidden established powerhouse, that several years later, he will be in what situation? 要知道,若真算起来的话,现在的宇智波夜也才不过刚刚过八岁而已,八岁的年纪竟然已经能够打败砂隐的一个老牌强者,那过几年,他会到了何种地步? For this matter, remembered village pot king to look for opportunity and ape flying day cuts to explain risk, wants to hold the root Yu wisdom wave night, India-controlled trigged him with the incantation. 为了这件事,志村锅王一直在找机会与猿飞日斩说明了其中的危险性,想将宇智波夜抓住根部,用咒印控制住他。 However, after the ape flying day cut has not looked like, catches the mentia, was naturally impossible to accept his request. 不过,猿飞日斩还没有像以后染上以后的痴呆症,自然不可能答应他的这个要求。 Although under remembers something of village group conceals is he tolerates to do, but he also knows, in recent years, remembered village group conceals to hide the truth from him to start to handle a lot, the present root is almost his person ready dead Ninja team, under incantation seal as well as various brainwashing, the Ninja of root even likely backlashed his hot shadow, if admitted the root Yu wisdom wave night again, that under gives will village group conceals several plus one Divine Weapon. 虽然志村团藏的一些事情是他纵容之下做下的,可他也知道,这些年来,志村团藏已经瞒着他开始做下了很多事情,现在的根部差不多已经算是他个人的死士忍者队了,在咒印以及各种洗脑之下,根部的忍者甚至很可能反噬他这个火影,若是再将宇智波夜放进根部,那等下是给志村团藏多加一柄神兵利器 Others do not know, was how the hot shadow ape flying day cuts possibly not to know, that summon skeleton giant of Yu wisdom wave night should be a Yu wisdom wave clan opens the kaleidoscope wrote one named Susa energy after round of eye the technique. 别人不知道,身为火影的猿飞日斩又怎么可能不知道,宇智波夜的那种召唤骷髅巨人应该是宇智波一族开启万花筒写轮眼之后的一种名为须佐能乎的术。 The kaleidoscope writes a round of eye, that was exceeds a Yu wisdom wave clan ordinary three to cancel jade to write round of eye more powerful one pupil technique, this pupil technique it is said only then an ancestor of Yu wisdom wave clan, Yu wisdom wave spot has had. 万花筒写轮眼,那可是超越了宇智波一族普通三勾玉写轮眼更加强大的一种瞳术,这一种瞳术据说只有宇智波一族的先祖,宇智波斑才拥有过。 But has the kaleidoscope to write the Yu wisdom wave spot of round of eye, once was called endured Asura, same finished the Warring States with generation of hot shades initially, founded a country village aspect powerhouse. 而拥有万花筒写轮眼的宇智波斑,曾经可是被称为忍界修罗,是与初代火影一样结束了战国,开创了一国一村局面的强者。 Although outside many people call him all previous generations since now strongest the hot shadow, but the ape flying day cut really does not think oneself can exceed beginning generation of hot shades. 虽然现在外面很多人都称他为历代以来最强的火影,不过猿飞日斩可不会真的以为自己就能超越初代火影了。 The ape flying day cut has seen truly beginning among the generation of hot shadow thousand columns, and also has received his direction, knew terrors between thousand columns. 猿飞日斩可是真正见过初代火影千手柱间的,并且还受到过他的指点,知道千手柱间的恐怖。 Did not say other, perhaps only tail beast nine of wooden leaf, the ordinary Ninja has felt extremely powerful about the tail beast now now, can suppress the tail beast that violent walks to the ordinary Ninja is not the unimaginable powerhouse. 不说其它,单是现在木叶的尾兽九尾,或许现在普通的忍者已经对尾兽感到极为强大,能够镇压一头暴走的尾兽对普通忍者来说已经是无法想象的强者了。 If the present nine real storms walk, the ape flying day cut itself to estimate, by his strength, could divert one next nine, most got up its seal under the help of Ninja, but will also cause the enormous losses. 如果现在的九尾真的暴走的话,猿飞日斩自己估计,以他的实力,或许可以牵制一下九尾,最多是在众忍者的帮助之下将它封印起来,但是也将造成极大的损失。 However, the ape flying day cut to know, these looked like in the ordinary Ninja extremely to powerful, imitated, if the tail beast of disaster, looked like in initially the generation of hot shadow thousand columns, was not different from the toy, initially distributed in enduring tail beast is thousand columns seizes with Yu wisdom wave spot together, then sold to various endures the village greatly. 但是,猿飞日斩知道,这些在普通忍者看来极至强大,仿若天灾的尾兽,在初代火影千手柱间看来,跟玩具没什么两样,当初分布在忍界中的尾兽可是千手柱间与宇智波斑一起抓捕,然后卖给各大忍村的。 It is said that has the kaleidoscope to write the Yu wisdom wave spot of round of eye also to have ability that can control the tail beast, therefore the tail beast has no difference regarding Yu wisdom wave spot with a dog. 据说,拥有万花筒写轮眼的宇智波斑还拥有可以控制尾兽的能力,所以尾兽对于宇智波斑来说跟一条狗没有什么差别。 But now Yu wisdom wave night turns on the kaleidoscope to write a round of eye unexpectedly, this made the ape flying day cut to feel a crisis. 而现在宇智波夜竟然开启了万花筒写轮眼,这让猿飞日斩感觉到了一丝危机。 After all for these years, starts from two generations of hot shades, the wooden leaf high level has been suppressing an entire Yu wisdom wave clan, a Yu wisdom wave clan has been being disgruntled with the wooden leaf high level, even had presented the sound of coup d'etat. 毕竟这么多年来,从二代火影开始,木叶高层一直都在压制着整个宇智波一族,宇智波一族早就对木叶高层心生不满,甚至曾经出现过政变的声音。 If presents one to have again with their ancestor Yu wisdom wave spot same eye, when the time comes a Yu wisdom wave clan may have the enormous turmoil, this in wooden leaf of numerous great nation battle, it can be said that the source of destruction. 若是再出现一个拥有与他们先祖宇智波斑一样的眼睛,到时候宇智波一族可能会出现极大的动乱,这在正与众大国交战的木叶,可以说是毁灭之源。 Considered for a long time, the ape flying day cut then got down a decision, summoned Yu wisdom wave night to return to the village, he wanted to look, had the kaleidoscope to write the Yu wisdom wave night after round of eye, whether was also loyal to this village, was loyal to his hot shadow. 考虑了许久,猿飞日斩便下了一个决定,召唤宇智波夜回村,他想要看一看,拥有了万花筒写轮眼后的宇智波夜,是否还忠于这个村子,忠于他这个火影。 If no, that...... 如果没有的话,那么…… At once, entire wooden leaf immediately undercurrent turbulent...... 一时之间,整个木叶顿时暗流汹涌了起来…… Sought the subscription! 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