SIMW :: Volume #31 洪荒界

#2098: Taught cultivation

The plain big dwelling, is painting the varnish, but seems like as before the somewhat plain wooden railing, spacious courtyard. 古朴的大宅院,漆着清漆,但看起来依旧有些古朴的木制围栏,空旷的院落。 A teapot, cup of green tea that are rising the curling light smoke, a person, a table, a Chinese chess. 一个茶壶,一杯升着袅袅轻烟的清茶,一个人,一张桌,一副围棋。 Idle Ye Xuan, put out the Chinese chess to start to suspend, but these did not have to spread out the Heavenly Dao in this law time actually again, but was only ordinary is playing chess. 无所事事的叶玄,又拿出了围棋开始摆了起来,不过这一次倒是没有再以此法衍天道,而只是普普通通的自弈着。 But is so, if some understood that the person of Chinese chess saw, will be panic-stricken, because the Ye Xuan chess had been aloof the ordinary chess player, is in world strongest chess player cannot be regarded before him anything. 但就是如此,若有懂得围棋之人见到,也会惊骇,因为叶玄的棋已超脱了普通的棋手,便是世间最强的棋手在他面前也算不得什么。 Uncle, uncle......”, when Ye Xuan the chess arrives at half, saw that a petite form ran from outside, the figure leaps, fell his front unexpectedly. “叔叔,叔叔……”在叶玄将棋下到一半的时候,就见到一个娇小的身影从外面跑了进来,身形一跃,竟落到了他的面前。 Ye Xuan stopped the chess in hand, sees the sudden form, the smile said, uncle, you looked, I succeeded!” 叶玄停下了手中的棋,看着突然出现的身影,微笑道,“叔叔,你看,我成功了!” Saying, sees Sichuan and Asuka extends own small palm, in the hand Chakra revolves, then mist appears continuously in her hands, then gathers fast, turns into together the running water. 说着,就见川和明日香伸起自己的小手掌,手中查克拉运转,然后一缕缕水雾出现在她的手中,而后飞快聚拢起来,化成一道流水。 What is strange, after these water current appear, flows in his fingers and palms, but has not actually fallen, instead imitates, if a spirit snake is common, shuttles back and forth to skid in her fingers and palms. 诡异的是,这些水流出现之后,在他指掌之间流动,但却没有落下去,反而仿若是一只灵蛇一般,在她的指掌之间穿梭滑动着。 Un, good, never expected that you achieved quickly, it seems like your control to Chakra went a step further!” Sees the water current in Asuka hand, Ye Xuan nods slightly, then also said that „, but, you also need to try hard, this is only first step.” “嗯,不错,没想到你这么快就做到了,看来你对查克拉的掌控更进一步了!”见到明日香手中的水流,叶玄不由微微颔首,而后又道,“不过,你还需要努力,这只是第一步而已。” Yes, I knew, Uncle, I will try hard!” After affirmation, Asuka is then saying with a smile. “是,我知道了,叔叔,我会努力的!”得到肯定之后,明日香便笑着道。 Ye Xuan nods slightly, before he helped Asuka measure Chakra attribute, was the water, wind and thunder three species. 叶玄微微颔首,之前他帮明日香测过查克拉属性,是水、风和雷三种属性。 Ok, takes a bath, looks at your, if your mother saw, must say you!” Ye Xuan shakes the head, looks that is moistening the Asuka of grass or dust everywhere, shakes the head to say. “好了,去洗个澡吧,看你这一身,要是你妈妈看到,又要说你了!”叶玄摇了摇头,看着一身到处沾着草或者灰尘的明日香,摇了摇头道。 Others also to cultivation!” Asuka spits the fragrance, a face mischievous say/way. “人家也是为了修炼嘛!”明日香吐了吐香头,一脸调皮的道。 Cultivation, good, that you are then testing Chakra to do laundry, this is also a cultivation!” The Ye Xuan corners of the mouth select, light saying with a smile. “修炼啊,不错,那接下来你就试着用查克拉去洗衣服,这也是一种修炼!”叶玄嘴角一挑,淡淡的笑道。 „, Uncle, how Chakra does laundry, pulls with Chakra, weren't the clothes bad?” After Asuka hears, somewhat cannot feel the mind the say/way. “啊,叔叔,查克拉怎么洗衣服啊,用查克拉一扯,衣服不就坏了?”明日香听到之后,有些摸不着头脑的道。 You first take a bath, after waiting to wash, changed the clothes, I teach you again!” Ye Xuan is drinking the tea ceremony. “你先去洗澡,等洗完之后,换了衣服,我再教你!”叶玄喝着茶道。 Good, Uncle, I go immediately!” Hears Ye Xuan to teach itself the new thing, the Asuka eyes one bright, then slightly ran to take a bath hastily. “好的,叔叔,我马上就去!”听到叶玄又要教自己新东西,明日香眼睛一亮,而后连忙小跑着去洗澡去了。 Looks at the appearance of this small girl, Ye Xuan shakes the head slightly, then continues to start own bed. 看着这小丫头的模样,叶玄微微摇了摇头,而后继续开始下着自己的床。 Without after a while, Asuka then holds the clothes that wooden basin in addition one pile was just changing and washing to come out fast, uncle, I was good!” 没过一会儿,明日香便飞快的抱着一个木盆外加一堆刚换洗的衣服出来,“叔叔,我好了!” Un!” Ye Xuan complied with one lightly, said, you favored, I only give you to demonstrate one time, if, I will not teach you again.” “嗯!”叶玄淡淡的应了一声,道,“你看好了,我只给你示范一次,要是不会的话,那我可不会再教你了。” Good, Uncle!” Asuka hastily earnest nod. “好的,叔叔!”明日香连忙认真的点了点头。 Afterward, sees Ye Xuan to put out a hand a move, in the well in not far away the water current flew suddenly together, fell in the wooden basin, then Ye Xuan moves the finger in void, saw the clothes in wooden basin under drive of water current, tumbling fast. 随后,就见叶玄伸手一招,不远处的井中突然一道水流飞了过来,落到了木盆里面,而后叶玄似在虚空中动了动手指,就见在木盆中的衣服在水流的带动下,飞快的翻滚起来。 Asuka opens the eye to look at the washing clothes process in washtub, although she cannot feel Chakra's fluctuation, but the process actually saw clearly. 明日香睁大着眼睛看着洗衣盆中的洗衣过程,虽然她感觉不到这其中的查克拉的波动,但是过程却看得清清楚楚了。 Before long, when the clothes washed, the Ye Xuan thought moved, the clothes in wooden basin flew, in the water brought the grey dust scraps/condescend to fly, brought in the clear water to place in the wooden basin, ok, saw clearly?” 不一会儿,当衣服洗了一遍,叶玄意念一动,木盆中的衣服飞了起来,水里带着灰尘土屑全部飞了出去,又引来清水放在了木盆之中,“好了,看清楚了没有?” Asuka somewhat scruple nod, she has not actually found by inspection truly day, how for example Ye Xuan inspires the well water, how also to make the water in wooden basin change, but does not have least bit Chakra to fluctuate. 明日香有些迟疑的点了点头,其实她并没有真正看明日,比如叶玄如何引动井水,又如何使木盆里的水翻动起来,而却没有半点查克拉波动。 She can only sum up it in oneself uncle was too fierce, controls Chakra to have no trace with Chakra. 她只能将之归结于自己叔叔太厉害了,掌控查克拉用查克拉没有任何痕迹。 Saw clearly, you try!” Ye Xuan shows a faint smile, then to own tea slight fever, poured out one cup to drink slowly. “看清楚了,那你就来试试吧!”叶玄微微一笑,然后又给自己的茶微热了一下,斟了一杯慢慢的喝了起来。 Asuka blinks, looks own front wooden basin, looked at an own pair of small hand, thinks, felt oneself are unable like oneself uncle fierce, then the squatting lower part of the body, then places near the small hand the wooden basin, in the hand starts to mobilize Chakra. 明日香眨了眨眼睛,看着自己面前的木盆,又看了看自己的一双小手,想了一下,感觉自己无法像自己叔叔一样厉害,便蹲下身来,然后将小手放在木盆边上,手中开始发动查克拉。 Is same like the cultivation spiral pill, under the leadership of Chakra wooden basin inside water starts to revolve, but the rotation of water current also drove inside clothes. 就如同修炼螺旋丸一样,在查克拉的带领之下木盆里面的水开始旋转起来,而水流的转动也带动了里面的衣服。 Compares Ye Xuan, Asuka also misses too, after fluent revolving a while, because she same cultivates according to the cultivation spiral pill, after water revolving is separated from the wooden basin, splashed directly. 只是,相比起叶玄来说,明日香还差得太远,在水流旋转一会儿之后,因为她是按照修炼螺旋丸一样修炼,在水旋转脱离木盆之后,直接飞溅了起来。 Ok, after this was , the cultivation method, cultivated the water in washbasin unable to splash, moreover can wash cleanly the clothes is OK.” Ye Xuan is drinking tea, while said that right, remembers that meditation also had the cultivation of body technique unable to put down, your Chakra was few, needs to continue to exercise.” “好了,这就是以后你的修炼方法了,修炼到水盆里的水不会溅出来,而且还能将衣服洗干净就可以了。”叶玄一边喝着茶,一边道,“对了,记得冥想还有体术的修炼不能放下,你的查克拉还很少,需要继续锻炼。” Good, Uncle, I remembered!” Asuka has not refuted, although said that she felt the teacher in own present Chakra School may many, but she actually remembered the Ye Xuan words. “好的,叔叔,我记下了!”明日香并没有反驳,虽然说她感觉自己现在的查克拉比学校的老师可能还要多,但是她却还是记下了叶玄的话来。 In fact, looks like by Ye Xuan, Asuka's Chakra are not indeed many, this is because her Constitution decision, even if has his guidance, in this manner cultivation gets down, Asuka's Chakra measures many still in the shadow level about, in addition some skills, the Ninja who could compare the ultra shadow rank, but possibly misses six ranks. 事实上,以叶玄看来,明日香的查克拉的确不多,这是因为她本身体质决定的,就算有着他的教导,以这样的方式修行下去,明日香的查克拉量最多也就在影级左右,再加上一些技巧,或许可以比拟超影级别的忍者,但是可能无缘六道级别。 The so-called six levels, had actually been aloof the life essence of this world, belongs from another world, the potential of big tube wooden clan, ordinary human of this world does not have. 所谓的六道级,其实已经超脱了这个世界的生命本质,是属于来自另外一个世界,大筒木一族的潜力,这个世界的普通人类并不具备。 Looks over the entire hot shadow, fiercest is actually nothing big tube wooden clan bloodlines the shades of other countries, but these shades are most, only then arrives at the shadow level peak the degree, but achieves the ultra shadow, the thousand clan and a Yu wisdom of wave clan and day big tube wooden clan bloodlines, or the big tube wooden clan on Moon, as for the person clan that other have, basic is impossible. 纵观整部火影,最厉害的其实是没有任何大筒木一族血脉的其它国家的影,而这些影最多只有到达影级巅峰的程度,而达到超影的,就只有大筒木一族血脉的千手一族、宇智波一族、日向,或者说月球上的大筒木一族而已,至于其它存在的人族,根本不可能。 Looked at one to sit on the ground cultivates diligently, Asuka who also the clothes will smear, Ye Xuan planned to look, if when the time comes Asuka sufficient effort, when she had the powerful of ultra shadow rank, when the time comes gave her a unique opportunity to be good again! 看了一眼正坐在地上努力修炼,又将身上衣服弄脏的明日香,叶玄打算看一下,到时候若是明日香足够努力的话,等到她拥有超影级别的强力,到时候再给她一次超脱的机会好了! 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