SIMW :: Volume #30

#1759: 10 billion arrives at the account

The male day building, is one of the entire Chuandu terrestrial references, the best pupil has 108, is leads to be male day group constructs the building, is the entire male day building sponsors the Duke building. 雄天大厦,是整个川都市的地标之一,高足有108层,是率属于雄天集团旗下的自建大楼,也是整个雄天大厦主办公大楼。 But the Lin Zhenxiong office is located above this topmost level, stands in own office, can bird's eye view entire Chuandu, the open heart, to have a glance numerous mountain little aggression. 林镇雄的办公室就设在这最高层之上,站在自己的办公室中,可以俯瞰整个川都市,开阔心胸,让人有一种一览众山小的霸气。 At this time in own has in the offices within about thousand square meters fully, is extremely always dignified in bystander opinion, is extremely aggressive, peaceful landslide in before Lin Zhenxiong that but the item does not flicker, at this time on face, although unemotionally, but in the look actually full is the anxious look, the smoke one after another, making in the air of entire office be full of the nicotine flavor/smell. 只是,此时在自己足有近千平方米内的办公室中,一向在外人看来极威严,极霸气,泰山崩于前而目不瞬的林镇雄,此时脸上虽然面无表情,可是眼神中却满是焦虑的神色,烟一根接着一根,让整个办公室的空气中充满了尼古丁的味道。 Perhaps others do not know, but as control of entire male day group, how also possibly not to know that at this time the male day group arrived at the final moment, so long as will unable to draw cash to return the loan of bank tomorrow, that entire male day group will directly disintegrate. 别人或许不知道,但是做为整个雄天集团的掌控者,又怎么可能不知道此时雄天集团已经到了最后的关头,只要明天拿不出钱来还上银行的贷款,那整个雄天集团就会直接分崩离析。 The present male day group, looks like under one pile piles the fuel of blasting explosive to be common, so long as a spark, the direct entire male day group exploding will fly, on but he on male day group will also meet a cruel death. 现在的雄天集团,就像是一堆底下堆着炸药的柴火一般,只要一点星火,就会直接整个雄天集团给炸飞,而上雄天集团上的他也将会粉身碎骨。 Why this was he will also jump from an upper story in a moment ago the direct selection this road, only then his death, can the retention next property slightly leave the Lin mother and daughter, enabling them to be able settling half a lifetime. 这也是为什么他在刚才会直接选择跳楼这一条路,只有他的死,才能稍稍的保留下一点资产留给林家母女,让她们可以安度半生。 But, no one wants dead. 可是,谁也不会想死。 Before was because did not have the escape route, this person of looking looked, the person who who asked also strove, in anybody cannot help itself, he can only choose the last blind alley. 之前是因为没有退路,该找的人找了,谁求的人也求了,在没有任何人可以帮助自己之下,他只能选择最后一条死路。 However, now had a straw to make him hold, although in the innermost feelings linked him to think that this matter may not score very much, said even possibly others to think that was he was drunk or is the mental illness. 但是,现在有了一根稻草让他抓住了,虽然内心之中连他自己都觉得这件事很不可谱,说出来甚至可能别人认为是他喝醉了酒或者是得了神经病。 However, he has been sincerely believing, even if a moment ago were drunk, but when jumping from an upper story, his Spirit was also extremely sober, let alone, he before attic in male day building, but appeared on the street all of a sudden, this was he is very definite. 不过,他一直笃信着,刚才哪怕是自己喝醉了酒,但就算是在跳楼之时,他的精神也是极其清醒的,更何况,他之前可是在雄天大厦的顶楼,可是却一下子出现在街道上,这是他十分确定的。 However, that sudden mysterious person, makes the Lin Zhenxiong mind very anxious, because he does not know the background of opposite party, does not know why the opposite party will help itself, does not know that the opposite party can help itself. 不过,那突然出现的神秘人,还是让林镇雄的心神十分焦虑,因为他不知道对方的来头,也不知道对方为什么会帮自己,更不知道对方到底能不能真的帮到自己。 If money cannot arrive at account tomorrow morning...... 如果明天早上钱不能到帐的话…… Oh! ~~ the smog in long spout, Lin Zhenxiong long sighing, then transfers toward the window outside under the buttocks seat, both eyes soulless looks to out of the window that boundless void. “唉!~~”长长的吐出口中的烟雾,林镇雄长长的叹了口气,而后将屁股底下的座位朝着窗户外转过去,双眼无神的看向窗外那无垠的虚空。 ............ ………… But at this time, when the Lin Zhenxiong anxious waiting, the mysterious person who he anticipates does not have the least bit tense meaning, after leaving the male day building, optional turning around, then got in own home. 而此时,就在林镇雄正焦虑的等待之时,他所期待的神秘人却没有半点紧张之意,离开了雄天大厦之后,随意的一转身,便回到了自己的家中。 Exited, original conscience in bothersome dry except that all, Ye Xuan felt that the whole body was relaxed, went home, first turns on the television, then sat above the sofa, turned conveniently, one cup of life spring water appeared in his hands. 出去走了一趟,将原本心中的烦燥尽数除去,叶玄感觉到浑身轻松,回到家中,先是打开电视,而后坐在沙发之上,随手一翻,一杯生命泉水出现在他手中。 Gū lū! ~~~ 咕噜!~~~ Drinks, the water percolation is cool, the heart flies upwards. 一口喝下,透水凉,心飞扬。 Looks that on the television does not have the variety show of what nutrition, Ye Xuan to shake the head, nearby the variety show of this world a world is similar, proper actor few, to are that several are long with female is the same, the coy actor are many, looks lets the person gastric disorder. 看着电视上面没有什么营养的综艺节目,叶玄摇了摇头,这个世界的综艺节目跟前一个世界差不多,正经的演员没几个,到是那几个长得跟女的一样,扭扭捏捏的男演员不少,看得让人反胃。 Lifted manual began the remote control, has changed a stage once more, this time was a costume movie of new racket, the picture quality is good, was the special effect is five hair party, the performance of actor also stiff a point, the clothing...... 抬起手动了动手中的遥控器,再次换了一个台,这次则是一部新拍的古装片,画质不错,就是特效全是五毛党,演员的表演也生硬了一点,服装…… Ok, closes the television conveniently, then what suddenly has remembered, opens the mouth saying that 1 st, before tomorrow's 8 : 00 , I want 10 billion, has the means?” 算了,随手将电视关上,而后突然想起了什么,开口道,“1号,明天八点之前我要10000000000,有没有办法?” Master, this matter is very for me simple!” The 1 st sound suddenly appears in his mind. 主人,这件事对我来说很简单!”1号的声音突然出现在他的脑海中。 Ye Xuan has selected the eyebrow, „, how simple law?” 叶玄挑了挑眉,“哦,怎么个简单法?” Master, my means are very simple, this world had already realized the network, however their protections for me compared with baby might as well, therefore I only need to invade the network, then searches some to lose the Master expired account in the world, then, then can collect so much funds very much easily. In addition, I can also have another means that that is directly sends out some kinds to seem to be that by the network the secret opinion about stock certificate, achieves the operation stock certificate the goal to gain the fund in a short time.” On the 1 st optional saying. 主人,我的办法很简单,这个世界早就实现了网络化,但是它们的防护对我来说比婴儿还不如,所以我只需要入侵网络,然后在世界中查找一些已经失去主人的过期帐户,如此一来,很容易便能聚集到大量的资金。除此之外,我还能有另一个办法,那就是直接以网络散发一些类似有关于股券的机密言论,在短时间内达到操纵股券的目的来获取资金。”1号随意的说道。 Hears 1 st the words, Ye Xuan has the accident/surprise actually not, super intelligence that but after all 1 st the original mechanical clan spaceship and All Spark unify, if cannot achieve this point, that already abandoned. 听到1号的话,叶玄倒不是出意外,毕竟1号可是原机械族飞船与火种源相结合出来的超级智能,若是做不到这一点,那早就废了。 Was good, but the second plan is unusable, the sound is too big, will cause some unnecessary twists and turns, perhaps your this lane, the stock market of entire world must mess up.” Ye Xuan has hesitated, immediately has analyzed these two means that said, this, chooses the first means that does not want to remember that wraps up.” “行了,不过第二个方案不能用,动静太大,会引起一些不必要的波折,恐怕你这一弄,整个世界的股市都要乱套了。”叶玄沉吟了一下,马上分析了这两个办法,顿了顿道,“这样吧,就选第一个办法,不要要记得扫尾。” Yes, Master!” No. 1 sound as before not anxiously not slow say/way. “是,主人!”1号声音依旧不急不缓的道。 Regarding this matter, Ye Xuan naturally does not care, moreover he believes that by the 1 st ability, definitely will do well the matter, therefore does not care, after waving of lets 1 st handles matters, then goes back to own room to lie down, comfortable slept. 对于这件事,叶玄自然不放在心上,而且他相信以1号的能力,肯定会将事情弄好的,所以也不在意,挥了挥手让1号去办事之后,便走回自己的房间一躺,舒舒服服的睡觉去了。 If lets now in office one smoke then one, in the heart is fire Lin Zhenxiong sees likely, perhaps choked to death his heart to have continually. 若是让现在正在办公室一根烟接着一根,心中像是着火的林镇雄见到的话,恐怕连掐死他的心都有了。 A night does not have the words! 一夜无话! Next day, when the solar first wisp of sunlight shop sprinkles the earth, Ye Xuan has then opened both eyes. 第二天,当太阳第一缕阳光铺洒大地的时候,叶玄便已经睁开了双眼 „! ~~~ comfortable stretching oneself, shook the neck, then has stood from the bed, walks toward the bathroom. “啊!~~~”舒服的伸了个懒腰,晃了晃脖子,而后从床上站了起来,朝着浴室走去。 Looked at next time, 6 : twenty am, Ye Xuan then suddenly asked that 1 st, how did the matter manage?” 看了一下时间,早上六点二十几分,叶玄而后突然问道,“1号,事情办得怎么样了?” Master, now our in account already collection complete/even about 22.3 billion US dollars, if gives me again 12 hours, can collect 50 billion US dollars probably......” 主人,现在我们的帐户中已经集齐了大约22300000000美元,如果再给我12个小时,大概还能凑齐50000000000美元……” Was good, was good, in less than that many, was right, these money won't the security, what be looked up now?” Ye Xuan has selected the eyebrow, has not thought that on the 1 st only one has made that much money in the evening, made noise to interrupt his words to ask. “行了,行了,用不了那么多,对了,这些钱现在安全吧,不会被人查到什么吧?”叶玄挑了挑眉,没有想到1号只一个晚上就搞了那么多钱,出声打断了他的话问道。 Master, please feel relieved, this is I specially the account that inquired from the world major banks, during ten years, have not moved, have not inquired the record, even the real world status vanished, moreover after these money transferred, I also transferred the accounts of 111 countries using the network, several hundreds of millions accounts, gathered finally.” On the 1 st slightly answered. 主人,您请放心,这都是我专门从世界各大银行中查询到的帐户,十年之间,没有动过,没有查询记录,甚至现实世界身份已经消失的,而且这些钱转出来之后,我还运用网络转了111个国家的帐户,共数亿个帐户,最后才聚集起来的。”1号稍稍的解释道。 Un, you look at the office, was right, looks for a Xiachuan metropolis male day group Lin Zhenxiong account number, transfers 10 billion US dollars to him.” “嗯,你看着办吧,对了,找一下川都市雄天集团林镇雄的帐号,转个10000000000美元给他。” Yes, Master!” Said on the 1 st, vanished. “是,主人!”1号说完,消失了。 But Ye Xuan, after telling, the walking bathroom washes, then while convenient is considering, the breakfast must eat the soybean milk cruller to be good, eats the wonton and tea-flavored boiled egg? 叶玄,也在吩咐完之后,走去浴室洗漱一下,然后顺带着想着,早餐是要吃豆浆油条好呢,还是吃馄饨和茶叶蛋呢? ...... …… Many, how many?” After five minutes, both eyes is going against the black smoke rings, the eyeful capillaries, void scattered the nicotine flavor/smell office, Lin Zhenxiong have been standing from the chair all of a sudden, does not dare to believe looks oneself that same as daunted assistant. “多,多少?”五分钟之后,双眼顶着黑烟圈,满眼血丝,虚空中飘散着尼古丁味道的办公室,林镇雄一下子从椅子上站了起来,不敢置信的看着自己那个同样似被吓住的助理。 10 billion, 10 billion US dollars, forest Dong, just in our accounts suddenly paid 10 billion US dollars......” the year to arrive at the middle age, very steady Li assistant, is similar to a lunatic has waved generally. “10000000000,10000000000美元,林董,刚刚我们的帐户里突然多出了10000000000美元……”已经年到中年,一直十分稳重的李姓助理,如同一个疯子一般挥着手。 10 billion US dollars, 10 billion US dollars, have sent, father sent! Haha ~~~ entire 108, had resounded the Lin Zhenxiong wild with joy laughter at this time...... “10000000000美元,10000000000美元,发了,老子发了!哈哈哈~~~”整个108层,这个时候响起了林镇雄狂喜的笑声…… ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Tomorrow was the lunar New Year's Day, here, the syrup, wish everybody wishes coming true in the new year first happy new year, the good luck in everything, the studies had, wishing you a prosperous new year, un, had better be able like Lin Zhenxiong, in the account be many 10 billion, Haha!!! 明天就是大年初一了,在这里,糖水先给大家拜年了,祝大家在新的一年心想事成,万事如意,学业有成,恭喜发财,嗯,最好能像林镇雄这样,帐户里多出10000000000,哈哈!!!
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