SIMW :: Volume #30

#1758: But conveniently is

What kind, jumps from an upper story to be amusing?” A sound passed from side suddenly, making such as one depend on the frog to lie Lin Zhenxiong greatly in midair recovers immediately. “怎么样,跳楼好不好玩?”一个声音突然从旁边传了过来,让如一只大赖蛤蟆趴在半空中的林镇雄顿时回过神来。 Effort lifts to dangle the head that first what Lin Zhenxiong sees is pair of sneakers of wear blue red interaction, afterward is a pair of slender solid long leg, then above is a black sportswear, finally watches over truncates the axe to divide, straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards star, is full of the young face of male character. 用力的抬起垂下的头颅,林镇雄先看到的是一双穿着蓝红相间的运动鞋,随后是一双修长结实的长腿,再上面则是一身黑色的休闲服,最后是一张刀削斧劈,剑眉星目,充满着阳刚之气的年轻面孔。 Bang! ~~~ 嘭!~~~ A dull thumping sound, float Lin Zhenxiong in midair finally fell the ground, touches against , a big face has hit the ground directly, especially the nose, a numb and aching feeling has welled up immediately, then the tears and nosebleed also flowed. 一声闷响,原本还悬浮在半空中的林镇雄终于落到了地上,触不及防之下,一张大脸直接撞到了地面,特别是鼻子,一股酸麻之极的感觉顿时涌了上来,而后眼泪与鼻血也一齐流了出来。 „! ~~~ is actually not painful, the sensation of pain that but on that nose transmits made him a little see stars, the low moan made noise. “呃啊!~~~”身上倒是不痛,只是那鼻子上传来的痛觉让他都有点眼冒金星了,不由低低的呻吟出声。 What's wrong, just more than 300 meters jumped down did not fear, now these dozens points, do make you unable to bear?” Sees the Lin Zhenxiong appearance, the Ye Xuan corners of the mouth selects, some say/way of ridiculing. “怎么,刚刚300多米跳下来都不怕,现在就这几十分分,就让你受不了了?”见到林镇雄的模样,叶玄嘴角微挑,有些揶揄的道。 Hears these words, endured the ache on face, Lin Zhenxiong was crawling from the ground, then a face complex looks at Ye Xuan, in the look brings with dreading curiously, you, who were you?” 听到这句话,忍着脸上的疼痛,林镇雄从地上爬了起来,而后一脸复杂的看着叶玄,眼神中带着好奇与畏惧,“你,你是谁?” After such one jumped a moment ago, his feeling of being drunk already the dissipation was also clean, now state of mind specially sober. 经过刚才那么一跳,他身上的醉意也早就消散干净了,现在神志特别的清醒。 Also because state of mind specially sober, he will feel to dread to the ability that Ye Xuan displays. 也正是因为神志特别的清醒,他才会对叶玄展现出来的能力感到畏惧。 Must know, if he a moment ago jumped down from more than 300 meters roofs, such altitude, do not say that was a flesh and blood, was an iron falls from above can become meets a cruel death. 要知道,他刚才要是从300多米的楼顶跳下来,这样的高度,不要说是一具血肉之躯,便是一块铁从上面掉下来都能变得粉身碎骨。 But, he also in good condition exactly here, a moment ago fell now that is sends simply lossless. 可是,现在他还好端端的活在这里,要不是刚才摔了那一下,那简直是毫发无损啊。 Such matter, if others mentioned, he can also regard is a joke, but after he experienced, that with the myth is simply same. 这样的事,要是别人说起,他还能当成是一个笑话,可当他自己经历之后,那简直就跟神话一样。 I? A stranger, you do not need to know!” Ye Xuan looked at Lin Zhenxiong lightly, then said that you a moment ago for that 7,000,000,000-8,000,000,000 bank loans do want to jump from an upper story?” “我?一个陌生人,你不必知道!”叶玄淡淡的看了一眼林镇雄,而后道,“你刚才就为了那七八十亿的银行贷款才想要跳楼的?” That 7,000,000,000-8,000,000,000?” Hears Ye Xuan that to resemble careless tone, under the Lin Zhenxiong heart jumps, the whole person almost jumps. “那七八十亿?”听到叶玄那似漫不经心的口气,林镇雄心下一跳,整个人差点跳起来。 Must know that is not 70-80, is not 700,000-800,000,700,000-800,000, do not say that was the average person, was continually the genuine these domestic rich and powerful people, can take at once was also only few. 要知道那可不是七八十块,更不是七八十万,七八十万,不要说是普通人了,便是连真正的那些国内富豪,能一时之间拿出来的也只是屈指可数。 But, thinks at present this person of gods and ghosts, in heart of Lin Zhenxiong slightly has stabilized, perhaps the present mysterious person indeed possibly really has this ability, after all the average person cannot to fall from 108 tall buildings, but safe and sound skill. 可是,想到眼前这人刚才的神异,林镇雄的心中又稍稍的安定了下来,或许眼前的这个神秘人的确可能真的有这种能力,毕竟普通人可不能让一个人从108层高楼之上掉下来而安然无恙的本事。 Good, that side the bank hits a person when he is down, in addition group fund chain......” “不错,要不是银行那边落井下石,再加上集团资金链……” Was good, I understood!” Did not wait for the Lin Zhenxiong words saying that Ye Xuan light waving , before tomorrow's 8 : 00, I will infiltrate your account money!” “行了,我明白了!”不等林镇雄的话说完,叶玄淡淡的挥了挥手,“明天八点之前,我会把钱打入你的帐户!” „?!! ~~~ listens to the Ye Xuan words, Lin Zhenxiong to be startled first, then the double pupil stares in a big way, jumped directly, you...... You......” “啊?啊!!~~~”听完叶玄的话,林镇雄先是一怔,而后双眸瞪大,直接跳了起来,“你……你……” It is not Lin Zhenxiong does not have the strength in meditation, but this matter from starting continuously very strange. 不是林镇雄没有定力,只是这件事从开始的时候就一直非常的诡异。 He goes to rooftop to jump from an upper story, that staircase door lock, comes up well after finally, suddenly discovered that on rooftop sits a person. 他去天台跳楼,那楼梯门锁得好好的,结果上去后竟然发现天台上边坐着一个人。 Then this person not only has not urged him do not jump from an upper story, instead is quite indifferent to this matter, even is encouraging him to jump from an upper story. 然后这个人不仅没有劝他不要跳楼,反而话里话外对这件事极为无所谓,甚至似在鼓励他跳楼。 Then, when he really jumps down after the buildings of 108 story-high, finally discovered not only oneself have not plunged to death, instead when kept the ground dozens centimeters to stop, like magic float in midair, but that originally with oneself same in 108 young people, stood before own body unexpectedly. 而后,等他真的从108层高的大楼上跳下来之后,结果发现自己不仅没有摔死,反而在留地面几十公分的时候停了下来,像魔术一样悬浮在半空中,而那个原本跟自己一样在108层的年轻人,竟然也站在自己的身前。 Finally, this mysterious young people, actually said that tomorrow will enter own account richly, moreover listens to his tone, seems the bank loan that he owes, 7,000,000,000-8,000,000,000?! 最后,这个神秘的年轻人,竟然说明天会有钱打进自己的帐户,而且听他的口气,似乎是他所欠的银行贷款,七八十亿?! „Is this real? After is not will have a dream or died, is conjecturing?” Thinks of here, Lin Zhenxiong feels all around strangeness suddenly. “这是真的吗?不会是做梦或者自己死后在臆想?”想到这里,林镇雄突然感觉到四周一阵的怪异。 Turns the head to look in all directions, quick Lin Zhenxiong had then discovered where was strange, they are standing above their group building not far street at this time, here crowded, puts on the class to be restless, when these people must arrive in front of them, looks like received anything to repel suddenly general, will bypass the space that they are at automatically. 转头四顾,很快林镇雄便发现了哪里怪异了,他们此时正站在他们集团大楼不远的街道之上,这里人来人往,穿流不息,可是在这些人要走到他们面前的时候,就像是突然受到了什么排斥一般,会自动的绕过他们所在的空间。 This is similar, their two people do not exist in this world now, but is the pedestrian on street at the different spaces. 这就仿佛,他们两个人现在不存在于这个世界,而是与街上的行人处在不同的空间。 Moreover, these walk the pedestrian on street, seems unable to see own two people. 而且,那些行走在街上的行人,似乎根本无法看到自己两人。 „Is this, I am having a dream really?” Lin Zhenxiong only felt that has the space and time confused misconception likely, suddenly lifts own right hand, ruthlessly has flung toward own face on. “这,难道真的是我在做梦?”林镇雄只感觉像是有着时空错乱的错觉,突然抬起自己的右手,狠狠的朝着自己脸上甩了过去。 „! ~~ “啪!~~” A clear sound spreads on the face of Lin Zhenxiong, then Lin Zhenxiong then felt that an flame spicy ache has uploaded from his face. 一声清脆的声音在林镇雄的脸上传出,而后林镇雄便感觉到一股炎辣辣的疼痛从他的脸上传了过来。 Doesn't have a dream?!!” Feels on the face burning ache, in the Lin Zhenxiong double pupil is flashing through absent-minded, is one with amazement. “不是做梦?!!”感觉着脸上火辣辣的疼痛,林镇雄双眸中闪过一阵失神,而后又是一阵的骇然。 Ye Xuan again has not actually paid attention to Lin Zhenxiong, looks that he such as the dream dimple slapped oneself, the corners of the mouth has pulled out pulling out, then a figure revolution, changed into a wisp of cool breeze dissipation in Lin Zhenxiong at present. 只是,叶玄却没有再理会林镇雄,看着他如梦靥般打了自己一巴掌,嘴角抽了抽,而后身形一转,化为一缕清风消散在林镇雄的眼前。 Hey, you......” see Ye Xuan to change into a wisp of cool breeze dissipation at present, Lin Zhenxiong had grasped toward the Ye Xuan position, is only besides the air, does not have other again, before that young mysterious silhouette such as he appeared disappears generally once more. “喂,你……”见到叶玄化为一缕清风消散在眼前,林镇雄朝着原本叶玄的方位抓了过去,只是除了空气之外,再也没有其它,之前那个年轻神秘的身影如他出现一般再次消失了。 But along with disappearance of that young people, Lin Zhenxiong felt that as if had the change void, will go round in two people automatically the space pedestrian, after the young people disappear, that strange space also vanished, is facing the towering appearance in the roads, moreover looks like also has little distressed Lin Zhenxiong, many pedestrians cast the strange vision immediately. 而随着那个年轻人的消失,林镇雄感觉到似乎虚空又出现了变化,原本会自动绕开两人之中空间的行人,在年轻人消失之后,那个诡异的空间也跟着消失了,面对着突兀的出现在路中间,而且看起来还有着少许狼狈的林镇雄,诸多行人顿时投去了古怪的目光。 Was feeling the pedestrian throws to oneself on the strange vision, Lin Zhenxiong does not have any caring actually, takes back in the airborne hand, has sized up once more around, had not discovered after beforehand that young people, Lin Zhenxiong then turned around to walk toward behind not far away group building front door. 感觉着行人投到自己身上的古怪目光,林镇雄倒是没有任何在意,收回在空中的手,再次打量了一下四周,没有发现之前那个年轻人之后,林镇雄这才转身朝着身后不远处的集团大厦大门走了过去。 Dong, Chairman, you, you......” saw Lin Zhenxiong as if quite somewhat distressed walked from the front door, the front door security somewhat is immediately dumbfounded. “董,董事长,您,您……”见到林镇雄似乎颇有些狼狈的从大门走了进来,大门保安顿时有些目瞪口呆。 Lin Zhenxiong watched these securities, light beckoning with the hand, then as before a face calmly walked toward the elevator. 林镇雄看了一眼这些保安,淡淡的摆了摆手,而后依旧一脸若无其事的朝着电梯走了进去。 When other people see continuously the western-style clothing leather lead(er), dignified clean group president suddenly such distressed coming, in abundance is extremely shocking, since has been only concerned about the Lin Zhenxiong continuously dignity, actually nobody dares to go forward. 只是,当其它人见到一直西装革领,威严干净的集团董事长突然这样狼狈的进来,都纷纷极是震惊,只是碍于林镇雄一直以来的威严,却无人敢上前。 A person sits the elevator to arrive at 108, own office, was beckoning with the hand to the young secretary of similar shock, the light say/way, helps me make the cup coffee to come in!” 一个人坐着电梯来到108层,自己的办公室,对着同样震惊的年轻秘书摆了摆手,淡淡的道,“帮我泡杯咖啡进来!” Then, said to a middle-aged man, Li Zhuli, secretariat member all working overtime, pays attention to all accounts of our company tonight, has the trend, immediately reports to me!” 然后,又对一个中年男人道,“李助理,今晚秘书组的成员全体加班,注意我们公司的所有帐户,一有动向,马上向我汇报!” ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Soon has celebrated the new year, asking everybody to support, cast a monthly ticket, thanks!!! 快要过年了,请大家支持一下,投张月票吧,谢谢!!!
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