SIMW :: Volume #30

#1754: Re-enters the bookstore

The Pamirs center, here was wild range to be densely covered, the woods are green, what a pity at this time these all moved to the flat land in the strength of invincible might, is infertile, the earth turned into the powder powder, the breeze has stroked, raised the innumerable dust. 帕米尔高原腹地,这里原本野岭密布,树林葱郁,可惜此时那些在神威之力已经全部被移成了平地,寸草不生,大地都化成了齑粉,微风一拂,就扬起无数的尘埃。 Looks the direction that departs, Ye Xuan, then had turned around to look has stood in the fine horse four unusual animals that behind has not spoken, said, you also walk, to leave, six months later will come back again!” 看着叶凡离去的方向,叶玄顿了顿,而后转过身看着一直站在身后没有说话的龙马四异兽,道,“你们也走吧,如果想离开,半年后再回来吧!” Yes, the Saint Venerable/reveres!” The fine horse four unusual animals saw that Ye Xuan does not want to let them very much obviously, does not have the means that nodded, the figure flashes, flew respectively to the upper air. “是,圣尊!”龙马四异兽见到叶玄很明显不想让他们跟着,也没有办法,点了点头,身形一闪,更各飞向了高空。 After sent, Ye Xuan naturally will not continue to remain same place, first was the right hand wields, underground that a depth of several thousand zhang (3.33 m) buried deep greatly on, then the footsteps stepped, swung ripples void, then his silhouette then disappeared in same place, only left behind the sores all over the eye, was proving had had matter. 等到都打发走了之后,叶玄自然也不会继续留在原地,先是右手一挥,将地下那深达数千丈的大坑埋上,而后脚步一迈,虚空荡起一阵涟漪,而后他的身影便消失在原地,只留下满目疮痍,证明着曾经发生过的事情。 Until a half month later, the country of next door had then discovered this had the earth of war, no matter how what they investigate, had not actually discovered that any suspicious place, can only be recorded finally in a file, becomes case of the suspense. 直到半个多月之后,隔壁的国家这才发现了这处似发生了大战的大地,可是任他们如何调查,却没有发现任何的可疑之处,最后只能被记录在一处档案之中,成为一桩悬疑之案。 ............ ………… Compares in the city, the small town afternoon is very tranquil, because here is situated in the school, surroundings mostly in doing the business of student, but at this time the school was still attending class, at this time did not have what business majority, even if in this burning hot weather, but mostly in the shop thinks of the air conditioning, sits in inside, not only has not come under outside weather burning hot influence, pours the whole person very much becomes languid. 相比起城市中,小镇的午后还是非常宁静的,因为这里地处学校,周围大都是在做学生的生意,而这个时候学校还在上课,这个时候大部分都没有什么生意,哪怕是在这炎热的天气之中,但大都店中都装着空调,坐在里面,不仅没有受到外面天气炎热的影响,很倒整个人变得懒洋洋的。 Bookstore, although Ye Xuan left for several days/heaven, is in the shop...... Does not have half guest as before. 书店,虽然叶玄已经离开了好几天,可是店中……依旧没有半个客人。 Good, the present environment is this, which even if New China Bookstore that type also very to goes, say nothing of Ye Xuan this bird same broken shop, in addition no matter Ye Xuan or leaf Jing, are not the material of that doing business, will not solicit the business positively, therefore this also no wonder others. 好吧,现在的大环境就是这样,哪怕是新华书店那种也好不到哪去,更不用说叶玄这个鸟雀一样的破店了,再加上不管是叶玄还是叶景,都不是那种做生意的料,也不会积极招揽生意,所以这也怪不得别人。 A person sat after the register takes a book leisurely leaf Jing who looks at to raise the head toward suddenly front to look void, only saw originally nihility void swings a ripple like the lake water suddenly, then a silhouette walked. 原本一个人坐在收银台后拿着一本书正悠哉悠哉的看着的叶景突然抬起头朝着前方的虚空看去,只见到原本虚无的虚空突然如湖水般荡起一阵漪涟,而后一个身影从中走了出来。 It seems like the fellow daoist also very likes here environment!” That silhouette walked, sees the appearance of leaf Jing that old pedant, on the face appears the smiling face. “看来道友也挺喜欢这里的环境的啊!”那道身影走了出来,见到叶景那幅老学究的模样,脸上不由浮现起笑容。 Also good, we cultivate oneself according to religious doctrine the person, originally pure in heart, let alone I and fellow daoist body, the interest is the same, then does not have what well strange.” What sees is Ye Xuan, leaf Jing has not left, sits in the position as before gives a calm smile, then also saying that „the matter of fellow daoist has processed?” “还不错,我们修道之人,本来就清心寡欲,更何况我与道友本一体,兴趣一样,也便没有什么好奇怪的了。”见到走出来的是叶玄,叶景也没有动身,依旧坐在位置上淡然一笑,而后又道,“道友的事已经处理完了?” Was similar, but, I gave back to them to keep six months, when the time comes will deliver them to return to Beidou again!” Ye Xuan is observing the arrangement in bookstore, after discovery not any change , the optional say/way, „is the business of recent shop what kind of?” “差不多了,不过,我还给他们留了半年时间,到时候会再送他们回北斗!”叶玄边察看着书店内的布置,在发现没有任何变化之后,又随意的道,“最近店的生意怎么样?” „Didn't fellow daoist this ask something already known? I looked, your I am not the material that does business, Haha!” leaf Jing Haha said with a smile. “道友这不是明知故问?我看,你我都不是做生意的料,哈哈!”叶景哈哈一笑道。 Hears here, Ye Xuan also shrugs, does not have the means that although he has System, but this System is not the metropolis is versatile and so on. 听到这里,叶玄也不由耸了耸肩,没办法,他虽然有系统,可这个系统可不是什么都市全能之类的。 Was good, since the fellow daoist came back, that this bookstore on the thing returning to rightful owner, I walked first, this book I take to look first, waits to look delivers again!” leaf Jing raised hand the book, Ye Xuan shoots a look at one, the corner of the eye has pulled out pulling out, sees only that book in the title page to write three large characters - - Jin Ping Mei. “好了,既然道友回来了,那这书店就物归原主了,我先走了,哦,这本书我先拿回去看,等看完再送回来!”叶景扬了扬手中的书,叶玄瞥了一眼,眼角不由抽了抽,只见那本书的封面上写着三个大字--金瓶梅。 „, Was right, fellow daoist not, opened ‚should not be touching me the attractive little miss came twice, then also inquired your news to me!” In leaf Jing of departure, suddenly, then toward Ye Xuan dreadful blinking, finally suddenly vanished in void. “哦,对了,道友不在的时候,有一个开着‘别摸我’的漂亮小姑娘过来了两次,然后还向我打听你的消息!”原本就在离开的叶景,突然顿了顿,而后朝着叶玄猥琐的眨了眨眼睛,最后突然消失在虚空中。 Looks silhouette that leaf Jing that vanishes, the corners of the mouth of Ye Xuan once more have pulled out pulling out, is this really his spirit body? 看着叶景那消失的身影,叶玄的嘴角不由再次抽了抽,这真的是他的灵身吗? The words said, his spirit body also is really speechless, for example leaf Yang, the disposition compels funny, simply is two youngster, this leaf Jing, very looks like steady, finally innermost feelings stuffy show, Eight Trigrams (gossip), actually on remaining leaf apply good many. 话说,他的灵身还真是让人无语,比如叶阳,性格非常逗逼,简直是中二少年,还有这个叶景,非常看起来稳重,结果内心又闷骚,又八卦,倒是剩下的叶涂好上许多。 However, Ye Xuan thinks before leaf Jing leaves , do the words that spoke, open be not tracing me the attractive little miss? 不过,叶玄又想到叶景离开前所说的话,开着“别摸我”的漂亮小姑娘? Ye Xuan has thought that very easily then has locked on the goal, this shop, has could be called not to trace me the attractive little miss to come, that is this world Lin Xiyan sister-in-law/little aunt, that little miss who called willow Jiayan. 叶玄想了一下,很轻易的便锁定了目标,他这个小店,也就有过一个能称为开着“别摸我”的漂亮小姑娘来过,那就是这个世界林汐颜的小姨,那个叫柳佳妍的小姑娘。 After all willow Jia the beautiful look stature is indeed good, typical white rich and beautiful, moreover has come several times, therefore does not have impression that to deceive people. 毕竟柳佳妍相貌身材的确不错,典型的白富美,而且也来过几次,所以说没有印象那就是骗人的。 This matter was quick he then flinging after the brain, although had the impression regarding willow Jiayan, but this was also only the impression, but also being far made him be careful, was continually Lin Xiyan of this world, he does not want to disturb, after all his also a half years must leave this world, this remaining a half years, he only thought the tranquil life here. 只是,这件事很快他便将之甩在了脑后,虽然对于柳佳妍有印象,可是这也只是印象而已,还谈不上让他上心,便是连这个世界的林汐颜,他都不想去打扰,毕竟他还有半年就要离开这个世界了,这剩下的半年,他只想平静的生活在这里而已。 The arrangement in reading shop, discovered that leaf Jing is very responsible, at least does not have, because he leaves for several days/heaven to make the book in bookstore cover the dust. 看完了书店内的布置,发现叶景还是挺负责任的,至少没有因为他离开几天而让书店内的书蒙上灰尘。 Forget about it carefully, this he also left for 45 days/heaven, he also thinks these at least wants half a month, because he also leads to go to Kunlun Mountains to walk one to recognize the road, during the stay in Louguantai, natural talent was then good, the comprehension only has also used three days/heaven of time, as for only has used finally less than the half-day time in the Pamirs, this greatly shortened the time of this traveling schedule. 仔细算了一下,这一趟他也离开了45天,本来他还以为这一趟至少要半个月,但因为他也只是带着叶凡去昆仑走一趟认认路,然后在楼观台的时候,叶凡天资不错,领悟也只用了三天时间,至于最后在帕米尔高原更是只用了不到半天的时间,这才大大缩短了这一次行程的时间。 After inspecting own territory, then burnt the blister to oneself one cup of tea, then after taking «Time Brief history» returns to the register, started to watch. 检查完了自己的领地之后,叶凡便给自己烧水泡了一杯茶,然后拿了一本《时间简史》回到收银台之后开始观看了起来。 The time along with page past of change gradually, before long, Sun headed west, the school also started to be on vacation from school, on road were also many student of many vehicles and wear school uniform, afterward then one after another has the student entering bookstore in threes and fours. 时间随着翻动的书页渐渐的过去,不一会儿,太阳西行,学校也开始放学起来,路上也多了许多车辆与穿着校服的学生,随后便陆续有着一个个学生三五成群的走进书店。 When these students, especially some young girls, are seeing Ye Xuan that comes back, the double pupil all greatly has shone, low gu of smiling, as if were discussing any interesting matter is common. 当这些学生,特别是一些少女,在见到重新回来的叶玄,双眸不由全都大亮了起来,一个个嘻笑的低咕着,似乎讨论着什么有趣的事情一般。 Is facing that such as talking in whispers near ear, Ye Xuan is light smiles, looks at outside setting sun, in the heart sighed, young, is really good!” 面对着那如在耳边的窃窃私语,叶玄却只是淡淡一笑,看着外面的夕阳,心中不由叹道,“年轻,真好啊!” - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks everybody to support and recommendation ticket!!! 谢谢大家一直的支持与推荐票!!!
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