SIMW :: Volume #30

#1753: Experiment

Bang! ~~~ 轰隆!~~~ A terrifying imposing manner from within the body sending out of nine orifices Holy Ghost, the earth is trembling, is a genuine sage recovers likely general, then continually stood in the Ye Xuan behind fine horse four unusual animals backed up several steps. 一股恐怖的气势从九窍圣灵的体内散发而出,大地都在震颤,像是一尊真正的圣人复苏一般,便是连站在叶玄身后的龙马四异兽都不由倒退了数步。 Master!” The nine orifices Holy Ghost adapted, suddenly opens the mouth respectfully saluted to Ye Xuan, the sound is actually. “师傅!”九窍圣灵适应了一下,突然开口恭敬的对叶玄施了一礼,声音却是叶凡的。 Faces that imposing manner, Ye Xuan naturally was standing one's ground steadfastly a moment ago, looks at this nine orifices Holy Ghost, in the eye flashes through color/look of the satisfaction at present, good, do you feel now what kind of?” 面对着刚才那股气势,叶玄自然是岿然不动,看着眼前这具九窍圣灵,眼中闪过一丝满意之色,“不错,你现在感觉怎么样?” Master, the disciple felt that now seemed the whole body has filled Strength, like was a fist can hit to explode Mount Tai.” Was feeling HP that whole body seethes with excitement, an excited say/way. “师傅,弟子现在感觉好似全身充满了力量,像是一拳能够打爆泰山一样。”叶凡感觉着全身似沸腾的气血,略带着一丝兴奋的道。 However, is not the person of reason, he also knows that this is not his true Strength, but is because the God knowledge has been in charge of this nine orifices Holy Ghost, even if the nine orifices Holy Ghost God knows the dissipation, the stone blood is withered, body hole that even if only saves, to present him as before is very terrifying Strength. 不过,叶凡并不是无理智之人,他也知道这并不是他真正的力量,只不过是因为神识入主了这个九窍圣灵,哪怕九窍圣灵神识消散,石血干枯,但哪怕是仅存的躯窍,对现在的他来说依旧是一种十分恐怖的力量 Although the stone blood of this nine orifices Holy Ghost has been dried up, but some supernatural powers fused in this lithopedion as before.” Ye Xuan light nod, then said, comes, to look for my fist to try!” “虽然这具九窍圣灵的石血干枯了,但依旧有一些神力融合进了这石胎之中。”叶玄淡淡的点了点头,而后道,“来,找我一拳试试!” „?!” Hears Ye Xuan these words, who adapted has been startled being startled, but quick then responded, was, Master, the disciple offended!” “啊?!”听到叶玄这句话,正在适应的叶凡不由怔了怔,不过很快便反应过来,“是,师傅,那弟子得罪了!” If said oneself were in charge in this nine orifices Holy Ghost to injure to oneself master, naturally does not believe that therefore he also knows that the master was hit a fist should by oneself to try to put on this nine orifices Holy Ghost lithopedion also to remain many invincible mights. 若说自己入主了这具九窍圣灵之中就能伤到自己师傅,叶凡自然是万万不信的,所以他也知道师傅让自己打一拳应该是想试一下自己穿上这具九窍圣灵石胎到底还残留着多少神威。 After having cleared off these, no longer is also polite, afterward is controlling nine orifices Holy Ghost, a fist rumbled toward Ye Xuan. 理清了这些之后,叶凡也不再客气,随后操控着身上的这具九窍圣灵,一拳朝着叶玄轰了过来。 Bang!!! ~~ 轰!!!~~ The void shake, a terrifying fist makes decent the invisible ripple, bursts out toward all around. 虚空震荡,一股恐怖的拳风化成无形的波纹,朝着四周迸发。 What luckily is, here is not a ground, but had bred the dragon hole of lithopedion Holy Ghost, moreover had an old sage in addition to hold, otherwise entire cavern early by this fist vigor shaking the powder powder. 幸好的是,这里并非地面,而是曾经孕育过石胎圣灵的龙穴,而且还曾经有过一位老圣人加持过,否则整个洞穴早被这股拳劲给震成齑粉了。 Is facing this fist, Ye Xuan is unhurriedly, slowly raises own right hand, resembles the slow reality to be quick, resembles willow catkin relaxed keeping off in the front of this fist. 面对着这一拳,叶玄却不慌不忙,缓缓的举起自己的右手,似慢实快,似柳絮般轻松的挡在这一拳的面前。 ! ~~~ 啪!~~~ A fragile sound resounds in cavern, a that fist bang explodes a great mountain sufficiently a fist, actually only such as the child in the Ye Xuan hand claps general, easily was met. 一声轻脆的声音在洞穴之中响起,那足以一拳轰爆一座巨山的一拳,在叶玄手中却只如孩童击掌一般,轻易的被接了下来。 Good, this strength has been possible with initially to become the sage compares favorably!” Ye Xuan gives a calm smile, had some cognition regarding the nine orifices Holy Ghost that this is in charge, afterward also suddenly said, following, under your preparation, I try this body hole hardly!” “不错,这力道已经可与初成圣人相媲美了!”叶玄淡然一笑,对于这叶凡入主的九窍圣灵有了一些认知,随后又突然道,“接下来,你准备下,我来试试这具躯窍有多硬!” Nod of silently, then starts the revolution God to know controls nine orifices Holy Ghost comprehensively, after a while said, master, the disciple prepared!” 叶凡默默的点了点头,而后开始运转神识全面掌控身上的九窍圣灵,过了一会儿才道,“师傅,弟子准备好了!” Un, limelight!” Ye Xuan looks, first reminded one, then lifts the right hand counting on the fingers light shell. “嗯,注意点!”叶玄看着叶凡,先提醒了一句,而后抬起右手屈指轻弹。 bo! ~~~ 啵!~~~ A light sound, but such as the child shoots the bulb the movement, but after Ye Xuan makes, stands in his opposite that Holy Ghost lithopedion suddenly resembles by the high-speed train has run upon generally, such as the shell toward behind flew equally. 一声轻响,只是如孩童弹玻璃球的动作,可是在叶玄做出之后,站在他对面那具圣灵石胎突然似被高速列车撞上了一般,如炮弹一样朝着身后飞了出去。 Bang! ~~~ 嘭!~~~ The cavern vibrated, looks at that nine orifices Holy Ghost body hole again, the direct whole person hit in stone wall of cavern, was one is inlaid the stone picture of hole wall likely. 洞穴都震动了一下,再看那具九窍圣灵躯窍,直接整个人撞进了洞穴的石壁之中,像是一幅被镶进洞壁的石画。 Crossed for about one minute, that mural on hole wall then resembled the moan of pain, then moves the hands and feet, has been separated from the hole wall. 足足过了一分钟左右,洞壁上的那幅壁画这才似痛苦的呻吟了一声,而后动了动手脚,从洞壁上脱离了下来。 Leaf any really pain, although a moment ago Ye Xuan that looked like very light, although his body also has the nine orifices Holy Ghost body hole, although he takes possession by the God knowledge now, was under that finger/refers of light shell, he imitated one to fall into the giant vortex boat to be common, almost made him feel that must lose the life. 叶凡是真的痛苦,虽然刚才叶玄那一下看起来十分轻,虽然他的身上还有着九窍圣灵躯窍,虽然他现在只是以神识附体,可是在那一指轻弹之下,他就仿似一艘掉进了巨大漩涡的小船一般,差点让他感觉就要失去性命了。 Also is this time, he genuinely realized oneself and disparity of master, he also saw Ye Xuan to get rid from side in the past, although awes, but simply does not have to realize, such as pretends to like what one really fears general. 也就是这一次,他才真正的意识到自己与师傅的差距,以往他也只是从旁见叶玄出手而已,虽然敬畏,可是根本没有真实的体会过,就如叶公好龙一般。 What kind, was injured?” Saw that falls the ground, asking of Ye Xuan smile. “怎么样,受伤了没?”见到叶凡落到地上,叶玄微笑的问道。 Actually, a moment ago that finger/refers, although looks like superficial, only then Ye Xuan know, he also moved three points of strength, how could otherwise also really to make the nine orifices Holy Ghost body hole so cause heavy losses. 其实,刚才那一指,虽看起来轻描淡写,可是只有叶玄自己知道,他也动了三分劲力,否则又岂能真的令九窍圣灵躯窍受到如此重创。 Even if this nine orifices Holy Ghost is immature, already being out of sorts knowledge, also the stone blood is withered, but after all is the inborn Holy Ghost, cared for by the heaven, must know, if made a Holy Ghost lithopedion mature, but can speak the last words with the genuine complete Great Emperor. 哪怕这具九窍圣灵还未成熟,已失了神识,又石血干枯,但毕竟是天生圣灵,受上天所眷顾,要知道若真的令一具圣灵石胎成熟的话,可是能与真正的无缺大帝叫板的。 In order to try the real invincible might of this nine orifices Holy Ghost, this is the Ye Xuan true goal. 为了试出这具九窍圣灵的真实神威,这才是叶玄真正的目的。 He has disrupted this world too many matters, has disrupted chance, therefore before he meeting wants to leave, with every effort delivers some chances to compensate to him, to let after oneself leave, he was insufficient the premature die young. 他已经打乱了这个世界太多的事情,也打乱了叶凡的机缘,所以他才会想离开之前,尽力的送上一些机缘补偿给他,为的是让在自己离开之后,他不至于过早的夭折。 He has been to too many world, although knows that each world has the Heavenly Dao, has only then the motion trajectory, the protagonist will not fall from the sky easily, but under he participates excessively, the path of world will deviate as before, world that especially now he is , the water of this world deeply was too too deep. 他到过太多的世界,虽然知道每个世界都有着天道,也有着只有运行轨迹,主角不会轻易陨落,可是在他过度参与之下,世界的轨迹依旧会偏离,特别是现在他所在的世界,这个世界的水太深太深了。 Did not say that this world these hide in the influence of hidden place, only on Beidou that outwardly on sacred place and aristocratic family influences, if careful, present momentarily possibly tilts, say nothing is similar to seven big forbidden areas, these cut a Great Emperor and ancient of Huang blade wait/etc.. 不说这个世界那些隐藏在暗处的势力,单是北斗上那各种明面上的圣地、世家势力,若是一小心,现在的叶凡随时都可能倾覆,更不用说类似于七大禁区,还有那些自斩一刀的大帝、古皇等等。 Also because of so, Ye Xuan can think compensates with every effort, leading him to go to Kunlun Mountains, leading him to comprehend a gasified Taoist trinity secret technique, leading him to dig rises suddenly this nine orifices Holy Ghost. 也正是因为如此,叶玄才会想着尽力去补偿叶凡,带他去昆仑,带他领悟一气化三清秘术,带他来挖崛这具九窍圣灵。 Fortunately, Master, disciple also thinks a moment ago must be finished!” Shook the head, was known soberly, then some say/way of forced smile by own God. “还好,师傅,刚才弟子还以为要完蛋了!”叶凡摇了摇头,让自己的神识清醒了一些,而后有些苦笑的道。 Under had had a heavy touch a moment ago, has overestimated this lithopedion, after all also immature, but is also good, only if the ancient times peak sage got rid fully, otherwise can guarantee you to be safe and sound.” Ye Xuan shows a faint smile, excessively had not explained, was good, comes back!” “刚才下手重了一些,高估了这具石胎,毕竟还未成熟,不过也不错,除非远古的巅峰圣人全力出手,否则还是能保你安然无恙的。”叶玄微微一笑,没有过多解释,“好了,回来吧!” Yes, Master!” Nodded, that golden villain departs from the lithopedion Holy Ghost once more, then has flown into his forehead, the next quarter, such as the stone stood in dull, the double pupil restored once more nimble and resourceful. “是,师傅!”叶凡点了点头,那金色的小人再次从石胎圣灵中飞出,而后飞进了他的眉心之中,下一刻,原本如石头呆站在的叶凡,双眸再次恢复了灵动。 Said this lithopedion Holy Ghost, later he was your!” Ye Xuan light say/way. “把这具石胎圣灵说起来吧,以后他就是你的了!”叶玄淡淡的道。 Many thanks master!” Regarding the decision of Ye Xuan, is not accidental/surprised, even in the heart has some ominous feelings faintly, felt that Ye Xuan seems like making own funeral arrangements to be the same, but thinks of the beforehand words, he own anxiety hiding. “多谢师傅!”对于叶玄的这个决定,叶凡并不意外,甚至心中隐隐有着一些不祥的感觉,感觉叶玄就像是在安排自己的后事一样,只是想到之前的话,他又将自己的疑虑给藏了起来。 Since the master does not want to say that he does not have the means. 既然师傅不想说,那他也没有办法。 Was good, came out to be so long, you should also go back, remember, six months!” Saw that received the lithopedion Holy Ghost, Ye Xuan light say/way. “行了,出来了这么久,你也该回去了,记住,还有半年时间!”见到叶凡将石胎圣灵收了起来,叶玄淡淡的道。 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------------------------------------- Asked to 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