SQRIJWTFIP :: Volume #5

#423: Joining

The experience that Shi Feiguang will arrange told, making in the Zhou Yuquan heart somewhat touch. As for harvest? Did the Spiritual God incarnation from exploding, which have the harvest? Looks at pale but facial features resolute Shi Feiguang, the Zhou Yuquan innermost feelings moves, opens the mouth to ask: Does not know to execute the fellow daoist, is interested in coming the imperial capital Super Administration Bureau assignment?” „The person of mountains and plains, did not go to this place to join in the fun.” Rapidness that uses/gives fellow daoist do not reject.” Zhou Yuquan so did not respond strangely to Shi Feiguang, if so the powerhouse wants to join Super Administration Bureau to join, now also homemade sect gate, definitely yearns for the free reason. Believes that uses/gives fellow daoist also saw, with the fusion of different space, the current Blue Star is getting more and more dangerous, the enemy who this time we run into, the Spiritual God incarnation from Gods World, an incarnation almost wipes out us, the great strength of its back world, it can be imagined.” I know that the fellow daoist investigates the pure nature, the pursue is free, but the skin does not save hair Jiang to attach, if Blue Star were attacked and occupied by these different world lifeform, our human will become their slaves, at that time, even if the fellow daoist you hides in remote mountains and ancient forests, still does not have any function.” Fellow Daoist, the crisis of human is close at hand, our immortal cultivator, the person of seeking on immortal say/way, since is the person, that cannot avoid and cannot avoid so the fate, if today you chose escape, in the future, you extremely may hate present, was not why brave, perhaps joined your strength, in the future will change?” Sincere that words saying, moves unbearable the one side Quanyang province Super Administration Bureau person. In their eyes brings firmly, in the heart has set firm resolve secretly, must for the mankind exist, but cultivates assiduously! Shi Feiguang also showed the moving expression at the right moment. He muttered: Cannot think of this world, unexpectedly already critically to so situation.” Saying, he looks to each elder of quiet sect. Several elders advocate pure comfortable, under Zhou Yuquan human opinion in peril , the towering performance several points progressed unexpectedly. Zhou Yuquan said truly right, only then human clan security presence, their these talents can feel relieved that tracks down the extrication of mind, once human vanishes the slave who or degenerates into other lifeform, they own personal freedom is unable to obtain, how also to pursue the mind the freedom. Sovereign, you make the decision, does not need to manage us.” Yes, sovereign, our strength is insufficient, is unable to help, but we will not allow ourselves to become your child in such an arrangement.” The big elder and an elder saw intent in Shi Feiguang eye moves, the consolation said hastily. If they do not know crisis that the world faces, they do not hope absolutely Shi Feiguang leaves sect gate to go to Super Administration Bureau, but after they realize the crisis that under the calm life hides, saw through at heart immediately. As for can be false, is the lake that Zhou Yuquan said makes their. The wound of sovereign receiving will always not be false, the matter that will tell will always not be false, will listen to them who Shi Feiguang will tell, believes in firmly to human opinion that in peril Zhou Yuquan will say. In the face of this danger, so powerful sovereign is unable to move out, their these strength mean people, how can also hold back at this critical moment. Zhou Yuquan sees this stance, where can not understand that Shi Feiguang the place of worry, strikes while the iron is hot hastily: uses/gives fellow daoist felt relieved, the quiet sect I will let the Quanyang province Super Administration Bureau attendance, in the security problem you do not need to be worried completely.” Heard this saying, in the Shi Feiguang heart puts down what heavy burden to be the same probably, breathes a sigh of relief gently: Such being the case, after that asked Chief Zhou to advise much.” Good! Good! Good!” To hanging up the telephone, the smile on Zhou Yuquan face has not stopped, even after hanging up the telephone, he still has kept laughing there. This situation to always serious him, is very rare. Really must imperial capital Super Administration Bureau to see Zhou Yuquan now this appearance, can startled fall down close to. In their eyes Zhou Yuquan is a conduct in a hurry, the lot of work appearance, where sees the smile that he so has given birth for the first time with ease. However if makes them know that Zhou Yuquan why so happy, they will decide to approve again and again, even also thought that was so happy, obviously missed a meaning. In China third-order powerhouse, few, now Zhou Yuquan direct draws on one with ease, this simply with going out to pick 100 hundred million China coins to be the same. What is most essential, this third-order, but also is powerful, and excels at the speed extremely, when it erupts the speed of exposing, even if Zhou Yuquan is unable to be a worthy opponent. This does not pick 100 hundred million China coins, picked 10 billion spirit stones simply! After complying, Shi Feiguang was also happy, spent a day of time disposal the sect gate thing, then towed the sick body to fly the imperial capital. Imperial capital Super Administration Bureau displays the enormous sincerity, chief two deputy directors greet in the entrance personally. The eyes of Mo Jiaying full are the rays, when she thinks when Shi Feiguang has possibly died a violent death, this man appeared in unexpectedly again oneself at present. As future colleague! All of a sudden, the heart of Mo Jiaying, fills up by shy and hope. Chi Jianshu is warmer, Mo Jiaying and Zhou Yuquan is a faction, the third-order powerhouse of sect gate faction, several martial arts gold/metal pill cultivator that at present only then he, following presents, mostly is on the side of Zhou Yuquan. This aspect makes the people of his sect gate faction very passive, no matter does things the resistance numerous, wants to apply for a benefits for various sect gate, has no way to realize. The arrival of Shi Feiguang, he displays is more excited than Zhou Yuquan and Mo Jiaying. This member sect gate, is his natural ally, this is the heaven looks at his tight squeeze, scurries to give him to deliver the helper. The welcome ceremony ended, Mo Jiaying quick sent the therapy magical things to Zhou Yuquan, the treatment third-order injury magical things value not poor, even to the imperial capital Super Administration Bureau deputy director, still a little small pressure. Looks in the room wears the purple tight clothes, the whole body is sending out the youth and maturely the interweaving aura Mo Jiaying, the Lin Yi expression on Xifeng Mountain is somewhat strange. The incarnation is shifty, the main body should not calculate that goes off track? Lin Yi relatively is single-minded to the sentiment, from cultivation to the present, his side coming out that continuously only then Zhao Wanting can look. immortal cultivator is not fastidious about the monogamy, a lot of person live ratio system time is long. The long life span, making them have many choices, powerful immortal cultivator, depends on sowing seeds that non-stop, even can develop a huge immortal cultivation family. 施飞光将自己编的经历讲述了一遍,让周玉泉心中有些触动。至于收获?神灵化身都自爆了,哪还有收获?看着脸色苍白但面容刚毅的施飞光,周玉泉内心一动,开口问道:“不知施道友,是否有兴趣来帝都超管局任职?”“山野之人,就不去这种地方凑热闹了。”“施道友不要拒绝的那么快。”周玉泉施飞光这般反应没有一点奇怪,如此强者要是想加入超管局早就加入了,现在还自创宗门,肯定是更加向往自由的缘故。“相信施道友也看到了,随着异度空间的融合,目前的蓝星越来越危险,这次我们遇到的敌人,就是来自神灵世界的神灵化身,一个化身就差点将我们全部歼灭,其背后世界的强大,可想而知。”“我知道道友追究清净自然,追求自由平和,但皮之不存毛将焉附,如果蓝星被这些异世界生物攻占,我们人类都将成为它们的奴隶,那时候,就算道友你躲在深山老林之中,也没有任何作用。”“道友,人类的危机近在眼前,我们修仙者,都是在仙道上求索之人,既然是人,那就躲不开、避不开这般宿命,今天你如果选择了逃避,未来,你可能会万分痛恨现在的自己,为什么不勇敢一点,说不定加入了你的一份力量,未来就会改变了呢?”一番话说的情真意切,把一旁泉阳省超管局的人感动个够呛。他们眼中带着坚定,心中已经暗暗下定决心,一定要为人类生存而刻苦修炼!施飞光也是适时露出了动容的表情。他喃喃自语道:“想不到这世界,竟然已经危急到了这般地步。”说着,他看向清静宗的各个长老。几个长老崇尚清净自在,不过在周玉泉人类危亡的言论之下,竟然也突兀的表现出了几分上进。周玉泉说的确实没错,只有人类这个族类安全存在,他们这些人才能放心追寻心灵的解脱,而一旦人类消失或者沦为其它生物的奴隶,他们连自己的人身自由都无法得到,又如何去追求心灵的自由呢。“宗主,你做决定吧,不用管我们。”“是啊,宗主,我们实力不够,无法帮上忙,不过我们也不会允许自己成为你的拖油瓶。”大长老和一个长老看出了施飞光眼中的意动,连忙劝慰道。如果他们不知道当今世界面临的危机,他们绝对不希望施飞光离开宗门前往超管局,但当他们意识到平静生活下方潜藏的危机之后,心里顿时看开了。至于周玉泉说的会不会是假的,是湖弄他们的。宗主受的伤总不会是假的吧,讲述的事情总不会也是假的吧,听完施飞光讲述的他们,对周玉泉所言的人类危亡言论深信不疑。在这种危险面前,就连如此强大的施宗主都无法全身而退,他们这些实力低微的人,又怎么可以在这种关键时刻拖后腿呢。周玉泉看到这架势,哪会不明白施飞光的担心之处,连忙趁热打铁:“施道友放心,清静宗我会让泉阳省超管局照顾的,安全问题上你完全不用担心。”听到这话,施飞光心中好像放下了什么重担一般,轻轻舒了一口气:“既然如此,那以后就请周局长多多指教了。”“好!好!好!”一直到挂断电话,周玉泉脸上的笑容就没停下过,甚至挂断电话后他依然一直在那里笑个不停。这种情况对一向严肃的他来说,是十分少见的。真要让帝都超管局的人看到周玉泉现在这幅样子,一定会惊掉下巴。在他们眼中周玉泉一直都是一副行事匆匆、事务繁忙的样子,哪见过他这般轻松开怀的笑容。不过如果让他们知道周玉泉为什么这么高兴,他们决定会连连认同,甚至还觉得只是这般高兴,明显差了点意思。华国境内的三阶强者,屈指可数,现在周玉泉直接轻松招来了一个,这简直就跟出门捡到了一百亿华国币一样。最关键的是,这个三阶,还非常强大,且极擅长速度,其爆发时展露出来的速度,就算是周玉泉都无法匹敌。这已经不是捡一百亿华国币了,简直就是捡了一百亿灵石啊!在答应下来之后,施飞光也非常痛快,花了一天时间处理完宗门事物,然后拖着病躯飞到了帝都。帝都超管局展现出极大的诚意,一局长两副局长亲自在门口迎接。莫嘉颖的双眼满是光芒,当她以为施飞光可能已经死于非命时,这个男人竟然再次出现在了自己的眼前。还是以未来同事的身份!一下子,莫嘉颖的心,就被羞涩和期盼填满。池建树更加热情,莫嘉颖周玉泉算是一个派系,宗门派系的三阶强者,目前只有他一人,后续出现的几个武道金丹修炼者,也大多是周玉泉一边的。这种局面让他这个宗门派系的人十分被动,不管干什么事都阻力重重,想为各宗门申请一点福利,也没法实现。施飞光的到来,他表现的比周玉泉莫嘉颖还要激动。这种宗门修士,是他天然的盟友,这是上天都看他处境困难,上赶着给他送帮手呢。欢迎仪式结束,莫嘉颖就很快给周玉泉送来了疗伤灵物,治疗三阶伤势的灵物都价值不菲,就算是对帝都超管局的副局长而言,也有一点小小的压力。看着房间内身着紫色紧身衣,浑身散发着青春和成熟相交织气息的的莫嘉颖,远在栖凤山上的林易表情有些怪异。化身翻云覆雨,本体应该不算出轨吧?林易对感情还是相对专一的,从修炼到现在,他身旁一直只有一个赵婉婷就可以看的出来。修仙者不讲究一夫一妻,很多人活的比这个制度时间还久。漫长的寿命,让他们有更多的选择,一个强大的修仙者,靠着不停的播种,甚至可以发展出一个庞大的修仙家族。
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