SRW :: Volume #9

#844: Graceful beautiful woman

Chapter 844 graceful beautiful woman 第844章婉美人 Zhang Yuanqing one saw the alert and hostility from the young girl eyes, this does not need imaginary technique the ability, what depended is experiences countless people experiences. 张元清一下就从少女眼里看到了戒备和敌意,这不需要幻术师的能力,靠的是阅人无数的经验。 Two people vision to, the years approximately 14-15 clear/pain beautiful women lowers the head fiercely, the knees pass kneel, said loudly: 两人目光对上,年约14-15的楚美人猛地低头,双膝噗通一跪,大声道: Welcomed your majesty!” “恭迎陛下!” The sound is immature, but the tone shouted Zhang Fei I was also the same” imposing manner. 声音稚嫩动人,但语气喊出了张飞“俺也一样”的气势。 Which this is hunting household's daughter, this is Zhang Fei's daughter! Zhang Yuanqing puts out a hand to hold hastily: Likes the imperial concubine please getting up, We come in a hurry, has not eaten a meal, happen to beautiful woman here.” 这哪是猎户之女啊,这是张飞的女儿!张元清连忙伸手去扶:“爱妃请起,朕匆匆而来,没有用膳,正好在美人这里.” The words have not said, then sees the clear/pain beautiful women in the future one slantingly, avoided his supporting by the arm. 话没说完,便见楚美人往后一斜,避开了他的搀扶。 Then returns to the seat rapidly, said loudly: Male and female servants serve your majesty to eat a meal.” 然后迅速回到自己座位,大声道:“臣妾伺候陛下用膳。” Digs up to draw several plates of meat vegetables/dishes to Zhang Yuanqing in front, tears down a chicken leg toward his mouth stopper. 把几碟肉菜扒拉到张元清面前,撕下一只鸡腿就往他嘴里塞。 Does not need not to need.” Zhang Yuanqing tilts the head evades, said: Makes the servant serve is, beautiful woman as one likes.” “不必不必.”张元清歪头躲过,道:“让下人伺候就是,美人自便。” clear/pain beauty nods, the lowering the head plain rice, eaten both cheeks blow up, likely hamster. 楚美人点点头,低头干饭,吃的两腮鼓起,像个仓鼠。 Zhang Yuanqing first gave two guard looks, making them lead several palace maids to get down the question, at once chews carefully under serving of palace maid, once for a while leans to carefully examine young girl. 张元清先给了两名侍卫一个眼神,让他们带几名宫女下去问话,旋即在宫女的伺候下细嚼慢咽,时不时侧头审视身边的少女。 This clear/pain beautiful woman wears the plum Chinese-style jacket palace skirt, the face/flour peach cheek, the five senses show sends, young, but truly is the rare beautiful woman embryo, seems like probably most 15 years old, the physical age is possibly young. 这位楚美人穿着梅红色的对襟宫裙,粉面桃腮,五官秀致,年纪虽小,但确实是个罕见的美人胚子,看起来大概最多十五岁,实际年龄可能更小。 She really has the issue. 她确实有问题。 First is the capacity for food, the average person is impossible to have the so exaggerating capacity for food, next is the courtesy, although is hunting household's daughter, but enters the palace long time, learned a custom, but this table manners, Zhang Fei was more elegant than her. 首先是饭量,普通人绝不可能有如此夸张的饭量,其次是礼数,虽然是猎户之女,但入宫多日,怎么也学会点规矩了,但这副吃相,张飞都比她文雅。 Finally, she as if resists and emperor very much has the limbs contact, a favored imperial concubine, should not be this attitude. 最后,她似乎很抗拒和皇帝有肢体接触,一个受过宠的妃嫔,不应该是这个态度。 The Zhang Yuanqing thinking moment, said: 张元清思索片刻,道: We heard that the clear/pain beautiful women come the hunting household, does not know that the mountains and plains deeds can share?” “朕听说楚美人出身猎户,不知道有没有山野事迹可以分享?” No!” A clear/pain beautiful woman veto, looks to make up at once said: Male and female servants are young, not following father hunts, therefore does not know.” “没有!”楚美人一口否决,旋即找补道:“臣妾年少,不跟着父亲狩猎的,所以不知道。” Zhang Yuanqing nods, „, since not following father hunts, why that same day will progress to go into Our hunting ground?” 张元清点点头,“既然不跟着父亲狩猎,那当日为何会策马闯入朕的猎场?” clear/pain beauty has not answered for a while, plays the fool simply, eats meal earnestly. 楚美人一时没答上来,索性装傻,埋头吃饭。 The clear/pain beautiful women seem like not quite intelligent, should unable to deserve the spy Zhang Yuanqing to continue saying: On the other hand, the clear/pain beautiful women entered the palace to have several days, does not know that thought of the family member? We can allow you to leave the palace today.” 楚美人看起来不太聪明啊,应该当不了间谍吧张元清继续说道:“话说回来,楚美人入宫已有数日,不知是否想念家人?朕今日可以准许你出宫。” Does not go! I do not see them.” clear/pain beauty rejects subconsciously, at once sees your majesty to stare staring, the change excuse, said hastily: “不去!我才不要见他们呢。”楚美人下意识的拒绝,旋即看到陛下愣了愣,连忙改变说辞,道: Male and female servants want to accompany your majesty, does not want to leave the imperial palace.” “臣妾想陪着陛下,不想离开皇宫。” You hid my time a moment ago, is not this! Zhang Yuanqing thought the small girl is not quite intelligent, possibly does not regard the spy, but changes the idea now. 你刚才躲我的时候,可不是这样的!张元清本来觉得小丫头不太聪明,可能当不成间谍,但现在又改变想法了。 This girl is strange, perhaps is really the spy. 这丫头奇奇怪怪,没准真是间谍。 Therefore, Zhang Yuanqing made a veiled attack several issues, for does not cause the vigilance of clear/pain beautiful woman, he asked was some trivial matters, as well as with hunting household related story. 于是,张元清又旁敲侧击了几个问题,为了不引起楚美人的警惕,他问的都是一些琐事,以及和猎户相关的见闻。 Was asking is asking, he suddenly does not discover right, this girl does not know at all, cannot answer to lower the head to eat meal, feigns. 问着问着,他突然发现不对劲,这丫头一问三不知,答不上来就低头吃饭,装傻充愣。 You must say that she is a spy, where has such silly spy? 你要说她是间谍吧,哪有这么傻的间谍? you must say that she is not a spy, everywhere is the issues, closes one's eyes can discover big pile of questionable points. 伱要说她不是间谍吧,处处都是问题,闭着眼睛都能找出一大堆疑点。 clear/pain is beauty the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic? Zhang Yuanqing moved at heart, had the guess. 楚美人是灵境行者?张元清心里一动,有了猜测。 The memory that the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic inherits is extremely brief, will therefore have the situation of doing not know at all . Moreover, the clear/pain beautiful women hardly understand the palace etiquette, the sitting posture, table manners and language style, is incompatible with this time. 灵境行者继承的记忆太过简短,所以才会出现一问三不知的情况,另外,楚美人几乎不懂宫廷礼仪,坐姿、吃相和语言风格,都与这个时代格格不入。 The new issue is following, if the clear/pain beautiful women are the Spirit Territory travelers, who that can be? 新的问题随之而来,楚美人如果是灵境行者,那会是谁呢? In my dead returns, there is such a stupid member. 我的亡者归来里,有这么蠢的成员吗。 Zhang Yuanqing entering all female members of this transcription took a seat according to ticket number, small circle Guan Ya Little Aunt removed entirely, remaining on Sun Miao Miao, small green tea and queen. 张元清把进入本次副本的所有女性成员都对号入座了一遍,小圆关雅小姨统统排除,剩下的就孙淼淼、小绿茶和女王。 Although Sun Miaomiao is gruff, but actually intelligent, is key hero who has the plans, small green tea let alone, mind many hanging hit the adult female. 孙淼淼虽然憨憨的,但其实聪慧的很,是个有心机的键侠,小绿茶就更别说了,心眼多的吊打成年女性。 The queen is also the experienced Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic. 女王也是经验丰富的灵境行者。 In my dead returns, probably without such stupid member was the internal member of white tiger soldier numerous follows? Should not, by little Fu's emotional quotient, not lead into the acquaintance bureau the stranger. 我的亡者归来里,好像没这么蠢的成员是白虎兵众的内部成员跟着进来了?不应该啊,以小傅的情商,不会把陌生人带入熟人局的。 The Zhang Yuanqing thought is flexible, information that the ponder, what a pity cannot expose the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic, although the transcription has not given exposition to have anything to punish explicitly, but in this type of very difficult transcription, you best to do according to the mechanism of transcription. 张元清思维活泛,不停的思考,可惜不能暴露灵境行者的信息,虽然副本没有明确给出“暴露”会有什么惩罚,但在这种高难度副本里,你最好是按照副本的机制去做。 Otherwise, the small mistake, the belt/bring may collapse the team, causing the group to extinguish. 不然,小小的错误,可能会带崩全队,导致团灭。 After all his role is the unenlightened ruler, the name of transcription is called Mr. of perishing country, the mistake of his mistake and ordinary role is different. 毕竟他的这个角色是昏君,副本的名称就叫亡国之君,他的失误和普通角色的失误是不同的。 After eating up one bowl of mutton soup, he some guess, looked to clear/pain beautiful woman, said with a smile: 喝完一碗羊肉汤后,他心里有了猜测,看向身边的楚美人,笑道: Beautiful woman, your age, should study four arts and being literate, tomorrow I will then make the official scholar teach you.” “美人啊,你这个年纪,该学琴棋书画、识文断字,明日我便让大学士来教导你。” clear/pain beauty beautiful small face one stiff, conditioned reflex said loudly: I do not study, I do not study!” 楚美人标致的小脸一僵,条件反射般的大声说道:“我不要读书,我不要读书!” The next second, her pupil light changes, pinched the throat saying: Male and female servants are not do not like studying, the servants thought the book club diverts my energy, causing me unable to take care of your majesty well.” 下一秒,她眸光微变,捏着嗓子说:“臣妾不是不爱读书,臣妾是觉得读书会分散我的精力,导致我不能好好照顾陛下。” Zhang Yuanqing „”, relaxed asking: Beautiful woman, We forgot your fine reputation.” 张元清“哦”了一声,语气轻松的问道:“美人,朕忘了你的芳名。” The clear/pain beautiful women stare, does not seem to understand. 楚美人一愣,似乎没听懂。 You name.” Zhang Yuanqing asked with the vernacular. “你叫什么名字。”张元清用白话问道。 „The servants of name were clear/pain Xiaoao.” clear/pain beauty replied. “臣妾叫楚小袄。”楚美人回答。 Zhang Yuanqing has not spoken again , to continue to eat a meal, straight that the nearby clear/pain beautiful woman back collapses, the whole face is tight, the meal of mouth is not fragrant, the vision glances once for a while to the emperor, a having a guilty conscience appearance. 张元清没再说话,继续用膳,边上的楚美人腰杆崩的笔直,满脸紧张,嘴里的饭菜都不香了,目光时不时瞟向皇帝陛下,一副做贼心虚的模样。 Suddenly, Zhang Yuanqing asked: „Does your father name?” 突然,张元清问道:“你爸叫什么名字?” Ginger clear/pain beautiful woman body shakes, conditioned reflex reply, but stops suddenly, the picking tender ginger that her complexion crazily changes forces in the mouth together, said with a smile gruffly: “姜”楚美人身子一抖,条件反射般的回答,但又戛然而止,她脸色狂变的夹起一块嫩姜塞进嘴里,憨憨笑道: Ginger is really delicious, your majesty, my father's name was Chu Laosi, in the family/home to be situated fourth.” “姜真好吃,陛下,我爸叫楚老四,家中排行第四。” How did she enter the transcription? How Fu Qingyang did not tell me ahead of time! On the Zhang Yuanqing face does not have exceptionally, is quite at heart inspired, he has known that who the clear/pain beautiful women were. 她怎么进副本了?傅青阳怎么不提前告诉我!张元清脸上没有异常,心里却极为振奋,他已经知道楚美人是谁了。 Jiang Jingwei! 姜精卫 If the clear/pain beautiful women are Jiang Jingwei, all was unreasonable becomes reasonable, all stupid became natural. 如果楚美人是姜精卫的话,一切的不合理就变得合理了,一切的蠢就变得理所应当了。 The age can also to. 年龄也能对上。 Some Jingwei, even if has not discovered the spy today, I still am insufficient to become the fish meat on block, un, cannot expose the status. Zhang Yuanqing glowing with health setting out, said: 精卫在,即便今天没找出间谍,我也不至于成为砧板上的鱼肉,嗯,不能暴露身份.张元清红光满面的起身,道: We finished eating, the clear/pain beautiful woman orchid heart fine qualities, the pure feelings, We like, tonight comes to wait on the bedroom!” “朕吃完了,楚美人兰心蕙质,赤子之心,朕甚是喜欢,今晚过来侍寝!” Then, in the clear/pain beautiful woman astonished vision, about instruction: 说完,在楚美人惊愕的目光中,吩咐左右: Gives on Our clear/pain beautiful woman one to roast the lamb again.” “再给朕的楚美人上一只烤羊羔。” Under pulling and look of suggestion palace maid, the clear/pain beautiful women are busy at kneeling down, is joyful: Thanks, thanked your majesty 在身边宫女的拉扯、眼神暗示下,楚美人忙跪倒在地,欣喜道:“谢,谢陛下” Leaves three garrets, Zhang Yuanqing rides deer Che , to continue, listened to the feedback of guard on the way, clear/pain beautiful woman your family place does not have the issue, they have not at least discovered the questionable point, the palace maids and officials have not seen her to have what unusuality, except for is not quite intelligent and does not have good manners the meter. 离开三层阁楼,张元清坐上鹿车,继续前行,途中听取了侍卫的回馈,楚美人府上没有问题,至少他们没找出疑点,宫女和宦官也没看出她有什么异常,除了不太聪明和不懂礼仪。 The next goal is the graceful beautiful woman. 下一个目标是婉美人。 Is ghost of that greater part of the night the female who in the flowering shrubs said. 就是那个大半夜在花丛里鬼叫的女子。 deer Che in dwelling after the imperial family of immortal palace good half quarter, stops in front of a slightly crude building, two story-high, although is also a magnificently decorated building, but is not very exquisite, the flowers and plants in institute also sparse ordinary. 鹿车在宛如仙宫的皇家后宅里行了半刻钟,停在一栋略显简陋的楼前,两层高,虽也是雕梁画栋,但不够精巧,院内的花草也稀疏平常。 Zhang Yuanqing lifts the curtain screen, in accompanying officials supports by the arm the whereabouts place, leading one group to flood into the yard. 张元清掀开帘子,在随行宦官的搀扶下落地,带着一行人涌入小院。 In the institute the palace maids and officials few, former's appearance is also sparse ordinary. 院中宫女、宦官寥寥,前者的容貌亦是稀疏平常。 The graceful beautiful woman seems like not in good graces. Zhang Yuanqing is just thinking, then sees a officials high sound said: 婉美人看起来不太得宠啊.张元清正想着,便见一位宦官高声道: Your majesty arrives ~ “陛下驾临~” After several seconds, in the building heard thump thump the heavy sound of footsteps, in a moment, the paneled door was shoved open vigorously, sees only strong, height one meter about 75 female flushed. 几秒后,楼内传来了“咚咚”的沉重脚步声,俄顷,格子门被大力推开,只见一位膀大腰圆,身高一米七五左右的女子冲了出来。 If this female face the disc, an eye of bronze bell, the eyebrow thick lip is thick, the physique is firm, is on the arm can the horse race, on the fist be able seriously the real man of standing person. 此女脸若圆盘,目似铜铃,眉浓唇厚,体态阳刚,当真是臂上能跑马,拳上能站人的一条好汉。 Zhang Yuanqing startled repetitive retreat. 张元清惊的连连后退。 The real man stops in the near, full salutes, jar sound jar gas channel/angrily said: Your majesty ~ 那好汉停在近前,盈盈施礼,瓮声瓮气道:“陛下~” Wan, graceful beautiful woman?!” The Zhang Yuanqing glib lips are shivering, the heart said that did not say the eyebrow new picture moon/month, the hair bun drags to say for the first time, startled is the outstanding beauty, those who write the record of the emperor's daily activities is who? We must cut his head. “婉,婉美人?!”张元清嘴皮子都在颤抖,心说不是说眉新画月,髻乍拖云,惊为殊色吗,写起居注的是谁?朕要砍他脑袋。 Your majesty, the servants day hoped the night to hope, finally arrived at you to come.” Graceful beautiful woman hand that catches Zhang Yuanqing. “陛下,臣妾日盼夜盼,终于盼到您来了。”婉美人一把拽住张元清的手。 Zhang Yuanqing made making, has not broken away, made making, has not broken away, frightened discussed a throat: Rescues, rescues quickly.” 张元清挣了挣,没挣开,又挣了挣,还是没挣开,吓的嗷唠一嗓子:“救驾,快来救驾。” Two guard three officials swoop on, presses the graceful beautiful woman on the ground. 两名侍卫三名宦官飞扑而上,将婉美人压在地上。 Zhang Yuanqing in the shields of two palace maids, moves, if fast returning deer Che. 张元清则在两名宫女的掩护中,动若脱兔的逃回鹿车。 Wheel rattle rattle, Luming chirp chirp, Zhang Yuanqing in escape on the way, knows the situation, originally harem two graceful beautiful women, one is sings loudly in the flowering shrubs by Zhao Shun recently has a liking , after visiting, to seal/confer Weiwan beautiful. 车轮辚辚,鹿鸣啾啾,张元清在逃亡的途中,了解到情况,原来后宫有两个婉美人,其中一个是近来在花丛中高歌被赵舜看上,临幸后封为婉美。 But this graceful beautiful woman, is two years ago Zhao Shun Youhu, does not fall in the water carefully, the critical juncture, a real man jumps into the water, like the sea-monster, snatches rapidly before all guards scoops up the emperor. 而这个婉美人,是两年前赵舜游湖,不小心落水,危急关头,一名好汉扑入水中,迅如游鱼,抢在所有侍卫之前捞上皇帝陛下。 Zhao Shun this person has no merit, but will feel grateful, confers rank and title to the reward of woman. 赵舜这人没啥优点,但会感恩,对女人的奖励就是册封。 Therefore confers this real man is the graceful beautiful woman, looking at it can protect the harem to be peaceful. 于是册封这位好汉为婉美人,望其能护后宫安宁。 Originally made Black Dragon/mishap, I said that Zhao Shun's moral behavior is not good, aesthetic does not allow to blaspheme Zhang Yuanqing to think, sees the stag that pulls a cart suddenly rapidly called several, at once quickens pace, in one dá dá in the rapid sound, charges into the garret in not far away. 原来闹了乌龙,我就说嘛,赵舜的人品不行,审美不容亵渎张元清心想着,忽见拉车的雄鹿急促的叫了几声,旋即加快步伐,在一阵哒哒的急促声中,冲向不远处的一栋阁楼。 Zhang Yuanqing fixes the eyes on to look, sees only the garret to extrapolate several light green branches and leaves, the branches and leaves is moistening the water. 张元清定睛看去,只见阁楼外插着几株嫩绿的枝叶,枝叶沾着水。 Stag impatient rushing over , the probe head is one chews randomly. 雄鹿迫不及待的冲了过去,探头就是一顿乱嚼。 Zhang Yuanqing smelled the nose, hears light salt taste to send out from the branches and leaves. 张元清嗅了嗅鼻子,听闻一股淡淡的咸味从枝叶里散发出来。 Wiped the salt water? He was more curious to that graceful beautiful woman. 抹了盐水?他对那位婉美人更好奇了。 At this moment, an exquisite elusive voice transmits from the second floors, goes following the prestige, sees only the beautiful woman by being implicated a back of tinted palace clothing, wears the gorgeous swirl. 就在这时,一阵优美空灵的嗓音从二楼传来,循声望去,只见美人靠旁坐着一位浅色宫装的背影,戴着华美的发饰。 After the lunch, Fu Qingyang inspects the defense instrument and grain and fodder, prospects the topography around the city wall, counts the official granary, hurries back the marshal barracks. 午膳后,傅青阳检阅完守城器械、粮草,绕着城墙勘察完地势,查完官方粮仓,匆匆返回元帅营房。 Sees five teammate silent sitting in the room, the complexion is not quite attractive. 看见五位队友沉默的坐在房中,脸色都不太好看。 Sees him to come back, the world turns over to the fire to be heavyhearted: Looked a moment ago, in the army does not have the female, the female saint and control that the dead returns, should that side the national capital.” 见他回来,天下归火忧心忡忡道:“刚才找了一圈,军中没有女性,亡者归来的女圣者、主宰,应该都在国都那边。” Xiahou Aotian complexion is dignified: „A not better news, the red chicken elder brother is not in the army.” 夏侯傲天脸色凝重:“还有一个更不好的消息,红鸡哥不在军中。” Summary that Ling Jun heaved a sigh: Does not have the brain in that side, without strength also in that side.” 灵钧唉声叹气的总结:“没脑子的都在那边,没实力的也在那边。” Fu Qingyang thinks, said: Actually, Jiang Jingwei also came, I have not expected this am the role transcription.” 傅青阳想了想,道:“其实,姜精卫也来了,我没料到这是个角色副本。” The demon eye Son of Heaven pats the table: Immediately retreats the national capital.” 魔眼天王拍桌而起:“立刻退守国都。” Does not use, so long as we guard Linxia, the national capital will not have the danger.” Zhaocheng tutelary god of city comforting said. “不用慌,只要我们镇守住临夏,国都不会有危险。”赵城隍安抚道。 Then, soldiers come in a hurry, in entrance, high sound said: 说罢,一名士卒匆匆而来,顿在门口,高声道: Marshal, has the confidential report.” “元帅,有密报。” The Fu Qingyang stride goes forward, received the folding booklet from the soldiers hand, launches looked, the vision concentrates. 傅青阳大步上前,从士卒手里接过折子,展开一看,目光微凝。 He looks to the companion, knits the brows: 他望向同伴,皱眉道: In confidential report said, Northern Dynasty dispatched an assassination squad to submerge the national capital . Moreover, in the imperial palace possibly had the spy to ambush, their goals were to assassinate Southern Dynasty emperor.” “密报上说,北朝派遣了一支暗杀小队潜入国都,另外,皇宫里可能有间谍潜伏,他们的目标是刺杀南朝皇帝。” Demon eye Son of Heaven who just sat down, patted the table: Immediately retreats the national capital.” 刚坐下的魔眼天王,又拍桌而起:“立刻退守国都。” Then, another soldiers in a hurry: 说罢,又一名士卒匆匆而来: Marshal, in army officers sudden diarrhea vomit, doubtful poison.” “元帅,军中将士突然腹泻呕吐,疑似中毒。” Does not wait for Fu Qingyang to respond, the city wall hears the beating a drum sound, as well as indistinct shout: 不等傅青阳回应,城墙传来擂鼓声,以及隐隐约约的喊声: Poisonous insect, is poisonous insect “毒虫,全是毒虫” PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。
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