SRW :: Volume #5

#426: Three big item type

Chapter 426 three big item types 第426章三大道具种类 The starry sky observer detected that the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning ugly/difficult to look at look, was concerned the regards: 星空观测者察觉到了元始天尊难看的神色,关切问候: „Are you really all right?” “你真的没事?” All right, the teacher you continued.” Zhang Yuanqing shakes the head, pinches out the thought of turning welling up. “没事,老师您继续说。”张元清摇摇头,把翻涌的念头掐灭。 Then, the starry sky observer also spoke many Nightwalking God to match the fight repertoire of stars, several passive and driving skills, can match more than ten repertoires. 接下来,星空观测者又讲了很多夜游神搭配星官的战斗套路,几项被动、主动技能,可以搭配出十几种套路。 Zhang Yuanqing 11 remember, the repertoire like the style, after understanding, but also needs to practice industriously. 张元清一一记下,套路就像招式,明白之后,还需要勤加练习。 Teacher, I want to know how to major in the moon, the stars and Sun?” Zhang Yuanqing asked the curious for a long time question. “老师,我更想知道,如何主修太阴、星辰和太阳?”张元清问出好奇已久的问题。 The starry sky observer expresses, easy to understand explanation is, the normal Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic, is equivalent to the student who the undergraduate course graduates, you learn, is only basically the shallowest skill. Majors in takes exams for postgraduate schools, profoundly studies and studies in view of a some strength.” 星空观测者措辞一下,“通俗易懂的解释就是,正常的灵境行者,相当于本科毕业的学生,你学会的,只是最基本最粗浅的技能。主修则是考研,针对某一种力量深入学习、研究。” Really easy to understand.” Zhang Yuanqing nods, looks at a Zhaocheng tutelary god of city: “果然通俗易懂。”张元清点点头,看一眼赵城隍: Therefore I now am only ordinary in school university student, but he is taking exams for postgraduate schools. In the future entered the society, he is easier than to look for the work me, compared with me more promising.” “所以我现在只是普通的在校大学生,而他在考研了。将来进了社会,他比我更好找工作,比我更有前途。” The starry sky observer thinks, said: 星空观测者想了想,道: That is it. “就是这个意思。 I speak the principle to you again, gives an example with the strength of moon, each Nightwalking God is the body of moon, but unlike conjunction of strength of moon, the skill strong and weak is also different. The shallowest utilization method, is the strength of activation moon, making the physical quality rise suddenly.” “我再跟你讲讲原理,拿太阴之力来举例,每一位夜游神都是太阴之体,但与太阴之力的契合度不同,技能强弱也不同。最粗浅的运用方法,就是激活太阴之力,让身体素质暴涨。” Oh, this I know, challenge match time, the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city has bullied me with this move, then by me who the talent different reported that instead killed by other say/way also body.” Zhang Yuanqing said. “噢,这个我知道,擂台赛的时候,赵城隍用这招欺负过我,然后被天赋异禀的我,以彼之道还施彼身反杀。”张元清说。 Closes eyes the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city that sits in meditation not to bear, coldly said: „The you idle talk are really many.” 闭目打坐的赵城隍没忍住,冷冷道:“伱废话真多。” The starry sky observer smiles, these two young people are now cold now hot, is entirely different, collision in together, some actually meanings. 星空观测者笑了笑,这两个年轻人一冷一热,性情截然不同,碰撞在一起,倒是有些意思。 Is higher-end, is in the nightwalking for a long time, brings the living person together nightwalking, the self-recovery capability, the howling moon/month increase enhancement, various aspect attributes comprehensively strengthen. But this is an incomparably long process, moreover must look at the talent, for example the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, he has the talent on the moon, must start to whet from the unusual stage, until the promotion control, is little to become.” The starry sky observer said. “高端一些的,则是长期处于夜游,带着活人一起夜游,自愈能力增强,啸月增幅提高等,各方面属性全面加强。但这是一个无比漫长的过程,而且要看天赋,比如赵城隍,他在太阴上有天赋,也得从超凡阶段开始磨砺,直到晋升主宰,才算小成。”星空观测者说。 Should need the special mystique?” Zhang Yuanqing asked hastily. “应该需要特殊秘法吧?”张元清连忙问。 The starry sky observer nods: 星空观测者颔首: Majors in this concept, is the gate lord raises, he is the first group of Spirit Territory travelers, is present age most Nightwalking God, half god position standard. It is said that the gate Lord obtained the inspiration from the ancient Nightwalking God practicing method, created one set of method of being the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic. “主修这个概念,是门主提出来的,他是第一批灵境行者,也是当世最夜游神,半神位格。据说,门主从古代夜游神的修行法门里获得灵感,创造了一套属于灵境行者的法门。 This is too secret of not passing on , Zhaocheng tutelary god of city such elder heir exception.” “这是太一门的不传之秘,,赵城隍这样的长老子嗣例外。” „Can I buy?” Zhang Yuanqing urgent say/way. “那我能买吗?”张元清迫切道。 The starry sky observer shakes the head: 星空观测者摇了摇头: Theoretically, the mystique does not permit the transaction. Too extremely attaches great importance to the mystique, when transmitting disciple mystique, needs to sign the contract that does not leak, in the meantime, elder assembly goes into hiding the memory about mystique with the moon mystique, lets bite the spirit, hypnosis and dreamland expiration. “理论上来说,秘法是不允许交易的。太一门对秘法极为重视,在传送弟子秘法时,需要签订不外传的契约,同时,长老会用太阴秘法隐匿关于秘法的记忆,让噬灵、催眠和梦境失效。 You can request that five lines of pledge headquarters act to negotiate, perhaps somewhat is possible.” “你可以请求五行盟总部出面交涉,或许有几分可能。” The headquarters are just thinking how to strike me Zhang Yuanqing to whisper at heart, I want to major in the strength of Sun.” 总部正想着怎么敲打我呢张元清心里嘀咕,“我想主修太阳之力。” He remembers that Yin Ji has reminded demon Monarch, do not major in Sun, therefore there is this one to ask. 他记得阴姬提醒过魔君,不要主修太阳,故而有此一问。 hears word, the starry sky observer said: 闻言,星空观测者说道: I did not suggest that you major in Sun, first is the time, I had said a moment ago, this is a long process, you major in the moon and stars, waits to promote controls, then has reached highest knowledge. “我不建议你主修太阳,首先是时间,刚才我说过,这是一个漫长的过程,你主修太阴和星辰,等晋升主宰,便已登堂入室。 „ But if you major in Sun, you must wait till the control to start, was too slow. “可如果你主修太阳,你得等到了主宰才开始,太慢了。 Next, majors in the moon and stars, bug can brush, that is the long-term stagnation in unusual or the saint stage, accepts the Character Card strength of baptism moon repeatedly. “其次,主修太阴和星辰,有一个bug可以刷,那就是长期停滞在超凡或圣者阶段,一遍遍接受角色卡的太阴之力洗礼。 Too seniors discovered, Character Card instills into the strength each time, the mortal body will become purely, agreeing with will be higher, will be an iron hammer, will quenching your impurity repeatedly. “太一门的前辈们发现,每次角色卡灌输力量,肉身都会变得更加纯粹,契合度更高,就是一把铁锤,反复淬炼出你的杂质。 But controlled the gap of transcription is too slow. “但主宰进副本的间隔太缓慢了。 Finally, the mystique of gate Lord creation, solar is incomplete, is not quite mature, but he majors in the stars, after achieving is greatly complete, possibly had no interest again perfect solar.” “最后,门主创造的秘法,太阳篇是残缺的,不太成熟,而他主修星辰,达到大圆满后,可能无心再完善太阳篇了。” Originally is this. Zhang Yuanqing is suddenly enlighted, said: I now am a saint, majors in the stars to be better?” 原来是这样.张元清恍然大悟,道:“那我现在是圣者,是不是主修星辰更好?” This must look at your talent, excels at the moon or the stars, I thought that you have the talent in the astrology and physiognomy technique extremely, how does not know the strength of moon.” The starry sky observer said: “这就要看你的天赋了,是更擅长太阴还是星辰,我看你在星相术上极有天赋,不知道太阴之力如何呢。”星空观测者说: This mainly manifests in two aspects, spirit lu and bites the spirit, like this, you try spirit servant in the control island, looked that can control many one time.” “这主要体现在两方面,灵箓和噬灵,这样,你尝试一下控制岛内的灵仆,看一次性能控制多少。” The controlling soul technique that this ease in doing, I can Pure Yang teach, teaches there white Piao from the Pure Yang palm. Zhang Yuanqing revolves to bite the spirit immediately, the eye socket spread jet black energy. 这个好办,我会纯阳教的控魂术,从纯阳掌教那里白嫖的.张元清当即运转噬灵,眼眶蔓延漆黑能量。 In his makings, mysterious indistinct restraining, the evil charm highlights noblly. 他的气质中,神秘缥缈收敛,邪魅高贵凸显。 Zhang Yuanqing deeply inspires, face upwards the long and loud cry. 张元清深吸一口气,仰天长啸。 The howl reverberates in the gloomy jungle. 啸声在阴森密林中回荡。 The resentful spirit on top of the head locust tree, passes crashes, flutters to the tree shade outside, under the control of Zhang Yuanqing, jumps shakes the shoulder dance. 头顶槐树上的怨灵,“噗通”坠落,飘到树荫外,在张元清的控制下,跳起抖肩舞。 All around resentful spirit float in abundance, joins the embarrassed Dance Company. 四周一道道怨灵纷纷飘来,加入尬舞团。 Can control 13 one time resentfully spirit, good, very good talent.” The starry sky observer appreciates. “一次性能控制13道怨灵,不错,非常不错的天赋。”星空观测者赞赏。 This saying just said, his suddenly complexion changes, lifts the pupil to look to the jungle deep place, there, is having resentment one after another to float spirit, 15, 20, 25 and 30. Enough 98 resentful spirit. 这话刚说完,他忽然脸色一变,抬眸看向密林深处,那里,正有一道又一道的怨灵飘来,十五、二十、二十五、三十.足足九十八道怨灵。 They stand neatly the square formation, uniform vibration shoulder, as if netherworld embarrassed Dance Company. 他们整齐的站成方阵,整齐划一的抖动着肩膀,仿佛阴间尬舞团。 The Zhaocheng tutelary god of city interrupted the expiration and inspiration, opens the eye, the pupil deep place is shocked to fill up, the expression is somewhat stiff. 赵城隍中断了吐纳,睁开眼睛,瞳孔深处被震惊填满,表情有些僵硬。 This, this is impossible.” The starry sky observer was shocked, dumbfounded. “这,这不可能.”星空观测者惊呆了,目瞪口呆。 Engages in introspection, he cannot achieve the so precise operation the operation that is close to hundred resentfully to make to dance spirit. 扪心自问,他做不到如此精确的操纵接近百位怨灵做出跳舞的操作。 Moreover, he thinks 98 is not the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning limit, but is the limit of chicken heart island. 另外,他认为九十八不是元始天尊的极限,而是鸡心岛的极限。 Present has made the starry sky observer shock, the words that but then, Zhang Yuanqing spoke, make him lose the expression managed capacity thoroughly. 眼前的一幕已经让星空观测者震撼,但接下来,张元清说的话,彻底让他失去表情管理能力。 „The words in spirit lu aspect, some of my also attainments.” “灵箓方面的话,我也有些心得。” Zhang Yuanqing lifts the finger, in the void illness/quick picture, draws contains rune/symbol Lu of rhyme together: This seals the magical amulet.” 张元清抬起指头,在虚空疾画,画出一道蕴含道韵的符箓:“这是封灵符。” He draws many rune/symbol Lu at once: 他旋即画出更多的符箓: This is the town/subdues corpse symbol. “这是镇尸符。 This is the peach blossom symbol. “这是桃花符。 This exorcises Teacher rune/symbol, is the ability of magic figure, what level baseless?” “这是驱邪符老师,凭空画符的能力,属于什么水平?” The Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and starry sky observer visit him. 赵城隍和星空观测者愣愣的看着他。 Good long time, the starry sky observer swallows the saliva, said difficultly: 好半晌,星空观测者吞了吞唾沫,艰难道: Your does private teach, receives, how much money collects?” “你一节私教课,收,收多少钱?” „.” “.” Zhang Yuanqing collected two people 2 million school expenses, teaches them to control the soul technique, this memory in the Pure Yang palm teaching, is very low-end very shallow magic arts. 张元清收了两人两百万的学费,传授他们控魂术,这在纯阳掌教的记忆里,属于很低端很粗浅的法术。 As for the ability of flying high magic figure, he takes the secret of not passing on as the reason, turned down. 至于凌空画符的能力,他以不传之秘为理由,婉拒了。 Practiced to control the soul technique while two people, Zhang Yuanqing finds an excuse to leave, slowly paced the shore, put on the king of beasts bracelet, plunged in the palm the lake water. 趁着两人练习控魂术,张元清找了个借口离开,慢慢踱步到岸边,戴上兽王手镯,将手掌浸入湖水中。 Wipes the rapid proliferation of green light in the water. 一抹绿光在水中迅速扩散。 He closes the eye, through the feedback of bracelet, is inducing the lifeform in lake. 他闭上眼睛,通过手镯的反馈,感应着湖里的生物。 Catches to a moonlight fish quickly, he through the bracelet, completes the control immediately, is urging beyond the hundred beast islands of moonlight fish roaming to several hundred meters. 很快逮到一条月光鱼,他立刻通过手镯,完成操控,驱使着月光鱼游向几百米外的百兽岛。 Has action that the armor person alerted the enemy, hundred beast islands now definitely by the school teacher and merman clan and under the tiger king's monitoring, he cannot launch again rashly. 有了铠甲人打草惊蛇的举动,百兽岛现在肯定被学院老师和鲛人族、虎王的监控下,他不能再贸然下水。 Has the king of beasts bracelet that Yin Ji there changes luckily, this item can control the animal, obtains the sense of animal. 幸好有阴姬那里换来的兽王手镯,这件道具能控制动物,获得动物的感官。 In the Zhang Yuanqing mind, appears the angle of view that the fish is in sole possession, screens the situation in lake bottom. 张元清脑海里,浮现出鱼类独有的视角,映出湖底的情况。 Soon, the moonlight fish swam nearby hundred beast islands, being away from was very far, he saw two beautiful appearance beautiful mermen, grasped the long spear/gun, went on patrol bottom of hundred beast islands. 不多时,月光鱼游到了百兽岛附近,隔着很远,他就看见两个美貌婀娜的鲛人,手持长枪,在百兽岛底部巡游。 They have the fine peerless cheek, dark green long hair like seaweed fluctuating, green vertical pupil monster different, continually the plentiful fish tail, seems very sexy, making Zhang Yuanqing exude the hope of copulation. 她们拥有精致绝伦的脸蛋,墨绿色的长发如海草般起伏,绿色的竖瞳妖异,连丰腴的鱼尾,都显得很性感,让张元清泛起交配的渴望。 Hiss, the item of wooden monster occupation, always makes one sprout the sexual excitement. Zhang Yuanqing egg sore grinning, ended the operation. 嘶,木妖职业的道具,总是让人萌发性冲动.张元清蛋疼的龇牙,结束了操纵。 Ordinary grown merman, probably is 3 levels of levels, I can overpower them rapidly. But if were discovered the merman queen, must faced with be stopped up the gate risk. “普通的成年鲛人,大概是三级水平,我能迅速制服她们。但如果被人鲛人女王发现,就要面临被堵门的风险。 Safe means are, during I sneak stone door, must some people help me constrain the merman queen, this matter is not anxious, this next day, can attempt it slowly.” “稳妥的办法是,在我潜入石门期间,必须有人帮我拖住鲛人女王,此事不急,这才第二天,可以徐徐图之。” Zhang Yuanqing grasps the boiling hot hard golden cudgel, pressed the copulation desire. 张元清抓了抓滚烫坚硬的金箍棒,把交配欲望压了下去。 He then pondered that the status of armor person, felt truly does not have the means to look, lacks the turning point and method. 他转而思考铠甲人的身份,感觉确实没办法找出来,缺乏契机和手段。 „, Enters stone door quietly, takes the treasure quietly, no one knows that is I does, armor people probability stone door opened does not know. Even if knows, he could not find me, looks for missing people difficultly bidirectional.” “罢了,悄悄进入石门,悄悄取走宝贝,没人知道是我干的,铠甲人大概率连石门开了都不知道。即便知道,他也找不到我,寻人困难是双向的。” Thinks, he surges suddenly intensely, the impulsion of return nature. 想着想着,他突然涌起强烈的,回归大自然的冲动。 Immediately takes out the gust of wind glove, the governing wind flies to plant the island spirit. 当即取出疾风者手套,御风飞向灵植岛。 Peony fairy maiden and the others, accompany from the forest comes out, suddenly sees near the front flower garden, is setting up together the tall and straight back. 牡丹仙子等人,结伴从森林里出来,忽然看到前方花圃边,立着一道挺拔的背影。 He is turning away from the people, launches the bosom, as if in hug nature. 他背对着众人,展开怀抱,仿佛在拥抱大自然。 Well, the day reveres the master, you came, does not attend class in the chicken heart island.” The peony fairy maiden show/unfolds face smiles. “咦,天尊老爷,你怎么也来了,不是在鸡心岛上课吗。”牡丹仙子展颜一笑。 Let alone the words, I must enjoy the nature to my grass. Don't close to me, otherwise I will make you enjoy my grass.” The Zhang Yuanqing low and deep voice said. “别说话,我要享受大自然给我的草。更别靠近我,不然我会让你们享受我的草。”张元清低沉的嗓音说。 The numerous female student in great surprise, caresses the breast to escape. 众女学员大惊,抚膺而逃。 2 : 00 pm, the numerous schools get together in the library. 下午 2 点,众学院齐聚图书馆。 The attending class teacher or chief Li word steps on, today three classes are his. 上课老师还是院长李言蹊,今天三节课都是他的。 Passed today, did not have his class. 过了今天,就没有他的课了。 When the students arrive in full, the senior chief sits well on tall Beiyi, is stroking the insulated cup, the sound is temperate: 待学员们到齐,老院长端坐在高背椅上,抚摸着保温杯,声音温和响亮: In the afternoon the first class is the item classification class, when you enter the duty, should some seniors tell you, the item divides three categories, two categories are the price class and rule class. “下午第一节课是道具分类课,你们入职时,应该有前辈告诉过你们,道具分三大类,其中两大类是代价类、规则类。 But the senior will not tell you third order, because the third-order item is not popular, and security classification is extremely high, only then the deacon, or the deacon reserve duty some qualifications knows. “但前辈不会告诉你们第三类,因为第三类道具并不普及,且保密等级极高,只有执事,或执事预备役才有资格知道。 This third-order item, is the causes and effects class! Also is in Spirit Territory, the most precious kind. “这第三类道具,是因果类!也是灵境中,最最珍贵的一类。 At present, two district all occupations add, the causes and effects class item cannot over ten, moreover is the rank is low.” “目前,两大区所有职业加起来,因果类道具不会超过十件,而且都是等级较低的。” Zhang Yuanqing stares dumbfounded. 张元清瞠目结舌。 Is the perfect person skin, the causes and effects class item?! 完美人皮,是因果类道具?! Takes a broad view at entire Spirit Territory, not over ten causes and effects classes? 放眼整个灵境,都不超过十件的因果类? No wonder, no wonder I felt that this item from some degree, may be called bug, is more mysterious than the non-solution the rule class item. 难怪,难怪我感觉这件道具从某种程度来说,堪称bug,比规则类道具更神奇更无解。 But this type of valuable rarities, how possibly are I can buy, how much money did I spend to buy initially? Mr. Bill does not know existence of causes and effects class item. 可是这种稀世珍宝,怎么可能是我能买到的,我当初花了多少钱买来的?比尔先生不知道因果类道具的存在吗。 No, he is a merchant, his experience compared with me, he knows absolutely. 不,他是商人,他的见识远比我强,他绝对知道。 The causes and effects class item manages can understand, is not the big secret. 因果类道具执事就能了解,不是什么大秘密。 Why can he sell to me the item? 那他为什么又要把道具卖给我? Grass, this fellow is not being intimate of my mother. 艹,这家伙不会是我妈的相好吧。 Zhang Yuanqing felt oneself must fall san. 张元清感觉自己又要掉san了。 Before was ignorant, anything was not clear, now entered Qin wind the school, the state-of-art raised instantaneously, before being many , the matter that has not cared about, discovered that revolving feared extremely. 以前懵懵懂懂的,啥事儿都不清楚,现在进了秦风学院,知识水平瞬间拔高,很多以前没在意的事,才发现细思极恐。 At this time, chief Li Yanqi said: 这时,院长李言蹊说道: But the position standard is very high, lowly is also the causes and effects class item of half god stage, you have contacted, daily has to do with it, all Spirit Territory travelers have contacted, it generally exists in our life.” “但有一件位格很高,最低也是半神阶段的因果类道具,你们接触过,天天和它打交道,所有灵境行者都接触过,它普遍存在于我们的生活中。” Stops, the chief Li Yanqi sinking sound said: 停顿一下,院长李言蹊沉声道: It is the moral value!” “它就是道德值!” PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。
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