SRW :: Volume #5

#424: Spirit Territory history

In church. 教堂内。 Li Yanqi a bench, sits on the tribune, in the hand is carrying the insulated cup, as him of swordsman, the back is straight, the sitting posture is straight. 李言蹊拉来一把长椅,坐在演讲台上,手里端着保温杯,作为剑客的他,腰杆笔挺,坐姿端正。 When the students arrive one after another, he looks at a wrist watch, the sound is temperate: Class leader takes inventory the population.” 等学员们陆续到达,他看一眼腕表,声音温和洪亮:“班长清点一下人数。” Xiahou Aotian sets out slowly, crosses the hands behind the back to be built on the field, summit of haughty within an immortal stance: 夏侯傲天缓缓起身,负手立于场内,一副仙之巅傲世间的姿态: Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and Sun Miaomiao “赵城隍、孙淼淼” Coordinates to shout one to the student of name to Xiahou proud heaven intentionally the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning arrangement in finally, wears the small shoes to him, by report yesterday the enmity of four cups of fruit juice. In church. 点到名字的学员配合着喊一声“到”夏侯傲天故意把元始天尊安排在最后,给他穿小鞋,以报昨天四杯果汁之仇。教堂内。 Li Yanqi a bench, sits on the tribune, in the hand is carrying the insulated cup, as him of swordsman, the back is straight, the sitting posture is straight. 李言蹊拉来一把长椅,坐在演讲台上,手里端着保温杯,作为剑客的他,腰杆笔挺,坐姿端正。 When the students arrive one after another, he looks at a wrist watch, the sound is temperate: Class leader takes inventory the population.” 等学员们陆续到达,他看一眼腕表,声音温和洪亮:“班长清点一下人数。” Xiahou Aotian sets out slowly, crosses the hands behind the back to be built on the field, summit of haughty within an immortal stance: 夏侯傲天缓缓起身,负手立于场内,一副仙之巅傲世间的姿态: Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and Sun Miaomiao “赵城隍、孙淼淼 Coordinates to shout one to the student of name „” 点到名字的学员配合着喊一声“到” Xiahou Aotian the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning arrangement in finally, puts on the small shoes to him intentionally, by report yesterday the enmity of four cups of fruit juice. 夏侯傲天故意把元始天尊安排在最后,给他穿小鞋,以报昨天四杯果汁之仇。 The roll-call ended, chief Li Yanqi smiles said: 点名结束,院长李言蹊笑呵道: Must discuss the fight, in the student present, should be many, yes, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning that I am stronger. But by theoretical knowledge, there is qualifications, when your teachers. “要论战斗,在座的学员里,比我强的应该不少,是吧,元始天尊。但论理论知识,还是有资格当你们老师的。 Today's curriculum is the Spirit Territory history, everyone from the unusual promotion saint, should be very familiar to Spirit Territory, which schoolmate said that Spirit Territory is the prosperous year appears?” “今天的课程是灵境历史,大家从超凡晋升圣者,对灵境应该无比熟悉,哪位同学来说说灵境是几几年出现的?” His sound is temperate, is the teacher who is easy to seek the student favorable impression. 他的声音温和慈祥,是个很容易博取学员好感的老师。 Xiahou Aotian is just about to open the mouth, shows the knowledge foundation of basic skills of class leader, then listens to some people to say behind: 夏侯傲天正要开口,展现班长的学识功底,便听身后有人说道: That year that „ in 1912, the ROC government established. “1912年,正是民国政府建立的那一年。 Person who vies to answer first is Zhu Ming xu, this idol trainee young people are curling upwards the leg, lazy by the chairback, brings back the corners of the mouth, a evil charm of face plays cool. 抢答的人是朱明煦,这位偶像练习生般的年轻人翘着腿,慵懒的靠在椅背,勾起嘴角,一脸的邪魅耍酷。 The smile quite looks like some love to melt the smoking makeup the small fresh meat, un, old cured meat. 笑容颇像某个爱化烟熏妆的小鲜肉,嗯,老腊肉。 Zhu Ming xu is showing off oneself knowledge , to continue saying: „ Since the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic is born, 110 years of history. But actually few people know, appears in the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic 朱明煦炫耀着自己的知识,继续说道:“灵境行者诞生至今,一百一十年的历史。但其实很少有人知道,在灵境行者出现 Before, in the ancient times had the cultivator. 之前,古代是有修行者的。 They depend upon the day of earth deities strength to practice, without the property panel, without the transcription, looks like such that in the immortal hero novel writes, not by any restraint. They have one set of inheritance, by the combat capability, is stronger than the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic. “他们依靠天地灵力修行,没有属性面板,没有副本,就像是仙侠小说里写的那样,不受任何约束。他们自有一套传承,论战斗能力,比灵境行者还强。 „ But why does not know, the day earth deities strength is thin day after day, cultivator one generation is inferior to one generation. In transcription that we contact, the unusual stage corresponded modern and Ming Dynasty background. “但不知道为什么,天地灵力日渐稀薄,修行者一代不如一代。我们所接触到的副本中,超凡阶段对应现代和明代背景。 The saint was Song and Tang Dynasty. The control was the Qin and Han Dynasty three countries, what this correspondence was the ceiling of cultivator at that time 圣者是宋代和唐代。主宰是秦汉三国,这对应的是当时修行者的天花板 Spirit strength to the end of Ming, dried up thoroughly, in the ancient times the cultivator died one after another, the inheritance cuts off. In the following 276 years, did not have in the ancient times the cultivator again, appeared until Spirit Territory. “灵力到了明末,彻底枯竭,古代修行者相继死去,传承断绝。此后276年里,再无古代修行者,直到灵境出现。 „, Right, Spirit Territory divided three districts, outside the first district open sea, was earlier than us opens for 20 years, the third district has not opened. “哦,对了,灵境分三大区,第一大区外海外,比我们早开启二十年,第三大区至今尚未开放。 Then, he asked back with a smile: Chief, what do you have to supplement?” 说完,他笑着反问:“院长,您有什么要补充的?” Official saints such as chewing, is digesting these knowledge. 官方圣者们如的嘴嚼、消化着这些知识。 They only know that in the ancient times the cultivator existed, only after knowing promoted the saint, the transcription background turned into Song, but knew it however not to know its reason why.... 他们只知道古代修行者存在,只知道晋升圣者后,副本背景变成了宋代,但知其然不知其所以然。… Zhu Ming xu these words, untied many official saints to have doubts. 朱明煦的这番话,解开了很多官方圣者心里的疑惑。 Is the Spirit Territory aristocratic family family background, the knowledge is worthily rich.” The female saint Xia Dynasty snow sighed to sigh. “不愧是灵境世家出身,学识丰厚。”女圣者夏朝雪喟叹道。 This is the background that they are in sole possession. ” Another saint envies to say. 这是他们独有的底蕴。”另一位圣者羡慕道。 The chief twists off the insulated cup, drank one, confident say/way 院长拧开保温杯,喝了一口,不疾不徐道 Said unusual is proper, content that but you must say me ; z 说的非常到位,不过你把我要说的内容;z Said, what did I speak? ” 都说完了,我讲什么?” The students smiled. 学员们笑了起来。 Zhu Ming xu shrugs, is somewhat self-satisfied. 朱明煦耸耸肩,有些得意。 The chief said with a laugh: 院长笑呵呵道: Just like Zhu Ming xu student said that what control level transcription correspondence was the Qin and Han Dynasty three countries, Qin wind the school was a control level transcription, the familiar history should know, the Qin five lines were the wood, therefore it was also the faction transcription of hundred flowers meeting. 正如朱明煦学员说的,主宰级副本对应的是秦汉三国,秦风学院就是一个主宰级副本,熟悉历史应该知道,秦朝五行属木,因此它也是百花会的帮派副本。 Qin wind school predecessor was the royal family study palace, inside is collecting the material of many Qin cultivator, the Buddhist musical instrument illustrated handbook that the beginning emperor collected wait/etc, the material and illustrated handbook copy, after the class, will issue everyone, interested can understand. “秦风学院前身是王族学宫,里面收藏着很多秦代修行者的资料,始皇帝收藏的法器图鉴等等,资料和图鉴的复印件,课后会发给大家,有兴趣的可以了解一下。 Studies the bachelors of Spirit Territory history, according to the ancient gymnosophist's strength change, took the title to various dynasty: Immortal Qin, sorcerer, Saint Tang, say/way Song and martial were bright. 研究灵境历史的学士们,按照古代修行者的实力变化,给各朝代取了称号:仙秦、神汉、圣唐、道宋、武明。 „ The characteristics of immortal Qin hundred school of thought contended, the control and half god, joined the politics actively, promoted own thought and idea, the participation various countries dispute. Hundred school of thought contended splendidly, but “仙秦的特点是百家争鸣,主宰、半神,积极加入政治,推广自己的思想和理念,参与各国纷争。百家争鸣最精彩,但也 Most randomly. „ By Han Dynasty, cultivator complete system, conferred the title of prince upon pays respects Jiang, commands the army, managed the government affairs, the military power reached a peak. The successive dynasties to extinguish weakly, alone 最乱。“到了汉代,修行者完全体制化,封王拜将,统帅军队,管理政务,军事实力达到了一个巅峰。历朝皆以弱灭,独 The man (Han) perish by, therefore is called the sorcerer. 汉以强亡,所以称为神汉。 By Tang Dynasty, as the spirit strength dries up, half god vanishes, the control sharp decline, the saint becomes the mainstay, therefore called Saint Tang. Here must correct Zhu Ming xu student Tang Dynasty “到了唐代,随着灵力枯竭,半神绝迹,主宰锐减,圣者成为中流砥柱,所以叫圣唐。这里要纠正朱明煦学员唐代 The ceiling of transcription is the control, rather than saint. 副本的天花板是主宰,而非圣者。 Moreover, the cultivator of Tang Dynasty was also system, therefore cast a magnificent dynasty.” “另外,唐代的修行者也是体制化的,因此铸就了一个辉煌的王朝。” The senior chief twists off the insulated cup, sipped one, digests the time of absorption to the students. 老院长又拧开保温杯,抿了一口,给学员们消化吸收的时间。 Covers the cup lid, 盖上杯盖, Said slowly: 缓缓道: After Tang Dynasty perished, the Central Plain disintegrated, experiences the confusion of sixty year cycle, the cultivator shunned the world, established many schools. Henceforth, the cultivator is transferred by the royal government 唐朝灭亡后,中原分崩离析,经历了一甲子的混乱,修行者纷纷避世,建立了诸多门派。从此,修行者由朝廷转为 Say/Way Song that the rivers and lakes, the immortal gate demon gate stand in great numbers arose at the historic moment. ” 江湖,仙门魔门林立的道宋应运而生。” This phase of history I to am very clear old man as emperor Ji , does obeisance into the immortal gate to start to practice Zhang Yuanqing hear of secret nods. 这段历史我到是很清楚老梆子作为帝姬,也是拜入仙门才开始修行张元清听的暗暗点头。 Deluded that the students listen, these are they never heard, knowledge that never contacts. 众学员听的如痴如醉,这些是他们从未听说,从未接触的知识。 Worthily is the high research class of training official mainstay. 不愧是培养官方中流砥柱的高研班。 The red chicken elder brother raised the hand, breaks loudly: 红鸡哥举起了手,高声打断: Why in that transcription didn't have the Yuan Dynasty?” The senior chief said with a smile: “那为什么副本里没有元朝?”老院长笑道: No rush, will say later. Spoke the ancient cultivator “别急,待会儿会说。讲完古代修行者的 The history, we speak the myth time again. Actually, spreads until now myth, was another history of ancient cultivator. 历史,我们再讲讲神话时代。其实,流传至今的神话,是古代修行者的另一部历史。 In human civilization just the Mongolian taste time of seed, had just had the cultivator, in the mortal eyes, they just like the gods, has the inconceivable prestige energy. “在人类文明刚刚萌芽的蒙味时代,就已经存在修行者,在凡人眼里,他们宛如神明,拥有不可思议的威能。 Mythical characters who „ at present, can determine only, is Wa sovereign. “目前,唯一能确定的神话人物,是娲皇。 Hears this name, the Zhang Yuanqing spirit inspires, he hand, asked: 听到这个名字,张元清精神一振,他了手,问道: How to determine? ” 怎么确定的?” Chief Li Yanqi explained: 院长李言蹊解释道: „ The big elder of hundred flowers meeting, when capturing/raiding Qin wind the school, obtains a item, the name of that item was called Wa supporting of sovereign, according to the goods attribute introduced, it was Wa sovereign refining up... “百花会的大长老,在攻略秦风学院时,得到一件道具,那件道具的名称叫娲皇之拥,根据物品属性介绍,它是娲皇炼… The Buddhist musical instrument of system, is the musician occupation. 制的法器,属于乐师职业。 Profoundly analyzes and studies after the official scholars, collection 经过官方学者们深入分析、研究,收集 Many clues and evidence, had basically determined that ancient times cultivator, was Nüwa in legend. ” 了诸多线索和证据,基本已经确定,那位远古的修行者,就是神话传说中的女娲。” Supporting of Wa sovereign obtained in Qin wind the school, but Qin wind the school was the Qin transcription, the school in first emperor Diwanggong, therefore, the beginning emperor is having some clues of that Wa sovereign, he acted according to these clues, confirmed that in Takamagahara had the treasure 娲皇之拥是在秦风学院得到的,而秦风学院是秦代副本,始皇帝王宫里的学院,所以,始皇帝掌握着那位娲皇的一些线索,他正是根据这些线索,确认高天原里有宝物 Therefore, after Shimenbei, really has Xu Fu to long for obtaining, but was sealed by Qin Shi Huang, sets up the related thing with the Takamagahara bronze god 所以,石门背后真的有徐福渴望得到,但被秦始皇封存起来的,与高天原青铜神树有关的东西 Unifies the known these information, Zhang Yuanqing had confirmed completely, stone door has certainly thing that solves the Takamagahara secret. 结合已知的这些信息,张元清已经完全确认,石门一定有解开高天原秘密的东西。 At this time, Xiahou Aotian asked: 这时,夏侯傲天问道: Character in the legend is innumerable, majority is false, Chief, how to differentiate the real myth and false myth? ” 神话传说中的人物数不胜数,大部分都是虚假的,院长,如何区分真实的神话和虚假的神话?” Stance that this time lead, empty boasting has not installed to compel slightly, is more like immerses in the academic discussion study tyrant. 此时的主角,没有丝毫浮夸装逼的姿态,更像是沉浸在学术探讨中的学霸。 Moreover is leads the dregs study tyrant 而且是帅到掉渣的学霸 Li Yanqi the reply, is not twisting off the insulated cup cover anxiously, the drinking water billows throat, said slowly: 李言蹊不急着回答,拧开保温杯盖子,喝水澜喉,缓缓道: Buddha related immortal gods are fake, the myth credibility of inadequate system is higher, hehe, the Taoism seed in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Taoism germinated in the Warring States, at that time was immortal Qin Heshen “道佛相关的仙神都是假的,不成体系的神话可信度更高,呵呵,道教萌芽于东汉,道家则萌芽于战国,彼时是仙秦和神 man (Han) years, therefore Taoism immortal god to fictionalize. Buddhism not to mention. 汉时代,因此道教仙神皆为虚构。佛教更不必说。 „The fairy stories in some literary famous work, is false, is the fabrication. After removing these, looks at the myth system again, actually does not calculate too, is mainly the confusion.” “一些文学名著中的神话故事,也是假的,属于杜撰。排除这些之后,再看神话体系,其实不算太多,主要是混乱。” Xiahou Aotian nods , indicating oneself understood. 夏侯傲天点点头,表示自己明白了。 In the people still at a time of the ponder, Zhang Yuanqing raised the hand, asked: 在众人还在沉思之际,张元清举起了手,问道: I heard, with is the myth, the first district, and even Norse mythology, is the myth of third district doubtful has not opened, is extremely complete. Only has 我听说,同为神话,第一大区,乃至北欧神话,也就是疑似未开启的第三大区的神话,都是极为完整的。唯有 The myths of our second district, put all sorts of things together, inadequate system, why is this? ” 我们第二大区的神话,东拼西凑,不成体系,请问这是为什么?” Li Yanqi somewhat holds in high esteem immediately, does not have a level, are not many to the Spirit Territory history understanding, cannot be held responsible this issue. 李言蹊顿时有些刮目相看,没有点水平,对灵境历史了解不多,是问不出这种问题的。 The myth of third district the Norse mythology has not opened? 北欧神话是未开启的第三大区的神话? The people stare. 众人一愣。 The saints of several Spirit Territory aristocratic families, as well as Sun Miaomiao and Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, looks to Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning. 几位灵境世家的圣者,以及孙淼淼和赵城隍,不由的看向元始天尊 These they do not know, has not listened to the elder to mention- 这些连他们都不知道,未曾听长辈说起- The current mainstream view is, our second district in the high antiquity, had had a catastrophe, no, even, in brief, the disaster causes the article incessantly 目前的主流说法是,咱们第二大区在远古时代,曾经发生过一场大灾难,不,甚至不止一场,总之,灾难导致文 clear(ly) presented the fault/chasm, therefore the legend will be chaotic. ” Li Yanqi said: 明出现断层,因此神话传说才会混乱。”李言蹊道: As for is any catastrophe, no one knows.” “至于是什么大灾难,没有人知道。” Replied that Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning issue, he silent several seconds, sees unmanned inquiry , to continue to teach: 回答完元始天尊的问题,他静默了几秒,见无人提问,继续讲课: „ The ancient history, said the history after Spirit Territory birth again. At the beginning of Republic of China was established, the first-generation Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic is born, then Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic number were not many, did not have “说完古代历史,再说说灵境诞生后的历史。民国成立之初,第一代灵境行者诞生,当时的灵境行者数量不多,也没有副 This captures not to have the Spirit Territory knowledge, all tried to find out by oneself, therefore the mortality rate is extremely high, a long time, the older generations stagnate in the unusual step 本攻略没有灵境知识,一切都靠自己摸索,所以死亡率极高,很长一段时间,先辈们都停滞在超凡阶 Section. 段。 When the world is turbulent, China's territory overrun and occupied by the enemy, people have no means to make a living, many Spirit Territory travelers for the protection homeland and family member, have to make a move to strike to kill the enemy, causing the merit value to break the red string,... “时值天下动荡,神州陆沉,民不聊生,许多灵境行者为保护家园、亲人,不得不出手击杀敌军,导致功德值跌破红线,… Issued a warrant for arrest by Spirit Territory. Raises while convenient, in time of war, kills the enemy not to reward virtue and punish vice, regards as to slaughter the average person. 灵境通缉。顺带一提,战争时期,杀敌军并非惩恶扬善,视作屠戮普通人。 At that time the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic in first district had developed for 20 years, the control is rare, but the saint are many, they through hunting and killing our Spirit Territory travelers, gained massive prizes “当时第一大区的灵境行者已经发展了二十年,主宰罕见,但圣者不少,他们通过猎杀我们的灵境行者,获取了大量奖 Urging. 励。 When punishes today so strongly, is the foundation that the past years built, stepped on glory Yue who the bodies of our older generation must come. In that 20-30 years, the Spirit Territory line of native place 当今天罚如此强势,全是当年打下的基础,是踩着我们先辈的尸体得来的荣跃。那20-30年里,本土的灵境 Defending the foreword is also good, evil, just cropped up one batch dead one batch, the quantity and rank cannot accumulate. 者,守序也好,邪恶也罢,刚冒头一批就死一批,数量和等级一直积累不起来。 Until the second war ended, the world is peaceful, nearly hundred years of accumulation, the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic number has today's scale. ” 直到二战结束,天下承平,近百年的积累,灵境行者数量才有今日的规模。” With telling of chief, people at present 随着院长的娓娓道来,众人眼前 As if opened a picture scroll that is flooding the blood and fire. 仿佛打开了一幅充斥着血与火的画卷。 The older generations start an undertaking difficultly! 先辈们创业艰难! Li Yanqi gave the people the 30-second cushion time, said: 李言蹊给了众人长达30秒的缓冲时间,道: Then was a class key point. In the Spirit Territory historical research, there are four big riddles, has not solved. He first keeps guessing, sees the students to raise up the ear, adopts the interesting stance, said slowly: 接下来就是本节课的重点了。在灵境历史研究中,有四大谜团,至今未解。他先卖了个关子,见学员们竖起耳朵,摆出兴趣十足姿态,才缓缓道: First, spirit strength failure reason ; Second, why Spirit Territory does not have the transcription of chaos caused by war age ; Third, the third district not open reason ; Fourth, how Spirit Territory is born 一,灵力衰竭的原因;二,为什么灵境没有战乱年代的副本;三,第三大区不开放的原因;四,灵境是如何诞生 . 的。 For 110 years, the innumerable Spirit Territory scholars devote to attacking and capturing these four riddles, but unmanned success, became the unsolved mystery. 一百一十年来,无数灵境学者致力于攻克这四个谜团,但无人成功,成了未解之谜。 He sweeps Zhu Ming xu, Liu Yushu, Zhao flying to ask, Sun Miaomiao and other life experience prominent students, said with a smile: 他扫过朱明煦、刘玉书、赵飞问、孙淼淼等身世显赫的学员,笑道: Your how many backgrounds are not simple, have family's elders mentioned these topics? Discusses with and everyone, the knowledge, only then in dissemination and discussion, ability “你们几个背景都不简单,家里的长辈有没有提及过这些话题?拿出来和大家探讨一下,知识只有在传播和讨论中,才能 Display value. 发挥价值。 A numerous student face anticipates looks at aristocratic family juniors. Zhao flying asked frowns: „ I listened to the clan the elder saying that spirit 众学员一脸期待的看着“世家子弟”们。赵飞问皱起眉头:“我听族中长辈说,灵 The strength failure, possibly was the resources exhausts. ” 力衰竭,可能是资源耗尽了。” Xiahou Aotian scoffs to say with a smile: Stupid, does the spirit strength that if that is right, we use come from where?” 夏侯傲天嗤笑道:“愚蠢,倘若如此,我们使用的灵力从何而来?” Liu Yushu hesitates saying: 刘玉书沉吟道: The family elders have made such a guess, Spirit Territory is a person 家族长辈做过这样一个猜测,灵境是人 For manufacture, no matter the property panel and moral value, transcription and goods attribute, have strong game attribute, the artificial trace is serious, is not a supernatural. 为制造的,不管是属性面板、道德值、副本以及物品属性,都有很强的游戏属性,人工痕迹严重,绝非超自然现象。 They believe, those who create Spirit Territory is the extraterrestrial civilization.” This belonged to the pure brain hole, lacked the evidence. “他们认为,创造灵境的是外星文明。”这就属于单纯的脑洞了,缺乏证据。 Also? ” The chief is somewhat disappointed, such reply has not made him satisfy obviously. 还有吗?”院长有些失望,这样的回答显然没有让他满意。 Student who thought these aristocratic family family backgrounds, some original views, even if the sword walks the slant the view is still good., 原以为这些世家出身的学员,会有些独到见解,即使是剑走偏锋的论调也好。, Finally their cognition to this aspect is quite superficial, not compared with grassroots student many. 结果他们对这方面的认知相当浅薄,并不比草根学员强多少。 Perhaps is in the family/home the elder thought that this unsolved mystery does not need to discuss with the child, the significance is not big. 也许是家里长辈觉得这种未解之谜没必要和孩子讨论,意义不大。 Even if I of class leader, is unable to answer this issue.” Xiahou Aotian thinks suddenly Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning the pit the action of his money, got a sudden inspiration yesterday, immediately effect “就算是身为班长的我,也无法回答这种问题啊。”夏侯傲天忽然想到元始天尊昨日坑他钱的举动,灵机一动,当即效 Imitates, high sound said: 仿,高声道: Chief, might as well asks Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, he in Spirit Territory history, has the deep attainments. ” 院长,不妨问问元始天尊,他在灵境历史方面,有着深厚的造诣。” Li Yanqi looks immediately to Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, said with a smile: 李言蹊当即看向元始天尊,笑道: That asked our talents to express the view.” The students of Spirit Territory aristocratic family, curl the lip, the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic of Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning this grassroots family background, no elder taught, without the family inherits is impossible to control and from “那请我们的天才发表一下看法。”灵境世家的学员们,撇了撇嘴,元始天尊这种草根出身的灵境行者,没有长辈教导,没有家族传承不可能掌控与自 Body rank incompatible information. 身等级不符的信息。 But the peony fairy maiden and Niulanshan small female celestial, these official saints, are hopeful about Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning. 但牡丹仙子、牛栏山小仙女,这些官方圣者,则对元始天尊充满期待。 They are look at the forum that Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning grows. Looks at his step by step to seal/confer God, creates each article to be possible be called the score of legend. 她们是看着元始天尊成长起来的在论坛上。看着他一步步封神,创造一件件堪称传奇的战绩。 Therefore, the official travelers have the blind self-confidence to Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning. 因此,官方行者们对元始天尊有着盲目的自信。 Zhang Yuanqing thinks, the clear and resonant voice responded: Except for the second unsolved mystery, other three, I know actually, thing that but this cannot openly speak.”. 张元清想了想,朗声回应:“除了第二个未解之谜,其他三个,我倒是知道一些,但这不是能公开讲的东西。”. Does he also really know? Boasted! 他还真知道?吹牛吧! Zhao flying asked that and the others a face do not believe. 赵飞问等人一脸不信。 Other students actually came the interest neatly, the eye shines 其他学员却来了兴趣,眼睛齐刷刷的亮起 Chief Li word stepping on looks the unusual look, depresses pleasant surprise at heart, hesitates saying: 院长李言蹊面露异色,压下心里的惊喜,沉吟道: Even the relevant information, is still priceless, what condition isn't truly suitable openly to speak you to have?” “即便是相关线索,也是价值连城,确实不适合公开讲你有什么条件?” Zhang Yuanqing says immediately: 张元清立刻道: Pays tuition, everyone 1 million, draws up a document to write the bill signed in acknowledgment of debt, “交学费,每人一百万,立字据写欠条, Had/Left the transcription payment. Does not want to listen can go out. ” 出了副本支付。不想听的可以出去。” Lead Xiahou Aotian hear dumbfounded, the heart said way that this makes money, haven't I thought? 主角夏侯傲天都听得一愣一愣,心说这赚钱的方式,我怎么没想到? At once, he discovered sorrowfully, oneself must by the Primordial Beginning day 旋即,他悲哀的发现,自己又要被元始 Revered the pit money. 尊坑一大笔钱了。 Because he wants to remain to listen. 因为他想留下来听。
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