SRW :: Volume #5

#421 Part 1: Lake bottom stone door

The people in cabin go following the prestige, see only the lake surface in not far away, emits the heads of several dark green long hair. 船舱内的众人循声望去,只见不远处的湖面,冒出几颗墨绿色长发的脑袋。 Their ears are finny, wet beautiful hair hanging loose, is fair-skinned, the appearance is beautiful, the pupil is the light-green, the vertical pupil, increased the beauty of monster different wild nature. 她们的耳朵是鳍状,湿漉漉的秀发披散,皮肤白皙,容貌绝美,瞳仁是浅绿色的,竖瞳,增添了妖异野性之美。 Several mermen are stretching out the neck to sing loudly, the voice is indistinct, endures compared with the soprano of palace level. 几位鲛人正引颈高歌,嗓音缥缈清丽,堪比殿堂级的女高音。 Is listening to the singing sound, in the people mind the unconscious reappearing beautiful picture, is hopeful, is caught up. 听着歌声,众人脑海里不自觉的浮现美好画面,心生向往,沉醉其中。 In the Zhang Yuanqing mind flashes through various Qi to read, Guan Ya and small circle, stop kill palace lord, Anne and other beautiful women, reveals the arousing posture toward him, then flashes through the piled up gem and bill, flashes through various shouting eldest child pictures that Young Master money a face gasps in admiration. 张元清脑海里闪过各种绮念,关雅、小圆、止杀宫主、安妮等美人,朝他露出撩人姿势,然后又闪过堆积成山的宝石和钞票,闪过钱公子一脸叹服的喊老大各种画面。 But he has not wallowed completely, the stars spirit body is tenacious, he studies Pure Yang to take a bath the record, to ability that this deviation imaginary technique, misleads, has the extremely strong resistance. 但他并没有完全沉迷其中,星官灵体强韧,他又修习纯阳洗身录,对这种偏向幻术、蛊惑的能力,有着极强的抗性。 Others are not so lucky. 其他人就没这么幸运了。 Lets loose me, lets loose me “放开我,放开我“ Wept and wailed the sound to break the immersion of Zhang Yuanqing shallow level together, turned head to look, seeing only a hair was chaotic, the height was ordinary, the five senses ordinary youth, took off the short sleeve, solution waistband, while rushed to the deck. 一道哭喊声打破了张元清浅层次的沉浸,扭头看去,只见一个头发乱糟糟,身高普通,五官普通的青年,脱掉了短袖,一边解腰带,一边奔向甲板。 Companion is quick of eye and hand, stubbornly mediocre ordinary youth according to the ground. 身边的同伴眼疾手快,死死将平庸普通的青年按在地上。 This companion seems like a swordsman, has the iron will, complete immunity singing sound. 这位同伴似乎是个剑客,拥有钢铁意志,完全免疫歌声。 The mediocre youth struggles on the ground furiously, cries to shout: 平庸青年在地上奋力挣扎,哭喊道: Do not block me, they are summoning me, I must end the young lad profession on the beautiful merman, wū wū ~ I am 30 years old, the women had not even bumped me, wū wū “别拦我,她们在召唤我,我要在美丽的鲛人身上结束童子生涯,呜呜~我都三十岁了,连女人都没碰我,呜呜” Zhang Yuanqing recognizes this person, the Spirit Territory ID Sanyang opens the wife. 张元清认得此人,灵境ID三阳开太太。 The companions urged: Calm, calm! Teacher Song Man said that that is the merman, he cannot satisfy you to the female fantasy, do not put to trouble to everyone.” 同伴劝道:“冷静,冷静!宋蔓老师说了,那是鲛人,他并不能满足你对女性的幻想,别给大家添麻烦好吗。” What dies fearfully, before the death,[ first round renews] said goodbye to the young lad body, how could it not be was my long-cherished wish? The mediocre youth struggles fiercely, having tears streaming down the face cries to shout: “死有什么可怕的,死之前[首发更新]告别童子身,岂不就是我的夙愿?平庸青年剧烈挣扎,泪流满面的哭喊道: I noticed the girl is afraid, in a moment stutter, they, even if devotes on own initiative, I do not dare to bump them. As soon as I touch girl's hand to be soft you to know that on the leg, you know!!” “我一看到女孩子就害怕,说话就结巴,她们就算主动献身,我也不敢碰她们。我一摸女孩子的手就腿软你知道吗,你知道吗!!” I know me to know, but I urged you should better, let alone... called the companion of star of platinum to be somewhat awkward. “我知道我知道,但我劝你最好别说了…叫白金之星的同伴有些尴尬。 I must say that must say!” Sanyang opens the wife to weep bitterly saying: Lets Monarch Chinese catalpa, you, if works as the friend with me, you loosen.” “我就要说就要说!”三阳开太太痛哭道:“任君梓,你要是拿我当朋友,你就松开。” The singing sound stimulated him to opposite sex yearning, opened his depression, mood collapse. 歌声激发了他对异性的向往,也揭开了他心里的苦闷,情绪崩溃。 At this time, sat before the control bench, drove the manager of pleasure boat, the arm is stretching out the window, made the action of driving away hand signal toward the merman of distant place. 这时,坐在控制台前,驾驶着游船的管理员,手臂伸出窗户,朝着远处的鲛人做出驱赶手势。 That several appearance beautiful mermen, stop the singing sound immediately, a euphonious chuckle, drills into the lake to vanish does not see, only remains the ripples that swing. 那几个容貌绝美的鲛人,立刻停止歌声,一阵银铃般的轻笑,钻入湖中消失不见,只剩一圈圈荡开的涟漪。 The singing sound vanishes, the Spirit Territory travelers on ship since Qi read in the picture to work loose, can be calm. 歌声消失,船上的灵境行者们从绮念画面中挣脱,情绪得以稳定。 Sanyang opens wife rending wailing to catch all of a sudden, hangs all over the face delay of tears and nasal mucus. 三阳开太太撕心裂肺的哀嚎一下子卡住,挂满眼泪和鼻涕的脸庞一片呆滞。 Did I, what I make? What did I say?! 我,我都做了什么?我都说了什么?! His cautious raising the head, observes students' response, seeing the students of entire ship to gaze at him. 他小心翼翼的抬起头,观察学员们的反应,看见整艘船的学员都在注视着他。 This appearance mediocre youth, the lip shivers suddenly:... 这位容貌平庸的青年,嘴唇突然颤抖起来:… Teacher Song Man, can leave school ahead of time, I want to go home... „ “宋蔓老师,能提前退学吗,我想回家…“ Song Man smiling supple sound said: 宋蔓笑眯眯柔声道: Incorrect, Main Quest has not completed, no one is able to leave.” “不行的哦,主线任务没完成,谁都无法离开。” That, you can pledge, does not pass on today's matter.” Sanyang opens the wife to entreat. “那,那你们能发誓,不把今天的事传出去吗。”三阳开太太哀求道。 Incorrect, ” Sun Miao Miao pities saying: In student has Yuan Ting.” 不行的哦,”孙淼淼怜悯道:“学员里有袁廷。” Sanyang opens the wife black at present one. 三阳开太太眼前一黑。 Fuzhou. 抚州。 Public security bureau autopsy room, the ray of shadowless lamp bright dazzling, is shining on the stage the broken corpse. 治安署验尸房,无影灯的光芒明亮刺目,照射着台上残破的尸体。 The corpse encircled a person, everyone's silent gaze the bloody broken corpse, the look is dignified. 尸体边围了一圈的人,大家沉默的注视着血腥残破的尸体,神色凝重。 Wears the white coat, wears the medical examiner of mask and glove, just ended the autopsy. 穿着白大褂,戴口罩和手套的法医,刚刚结束尸检。 Death time probably was 9 : 00 pm, residual food from the stomach looked, just shortly after feed, before dying, has experienced an intense movement, but did not fight. “死亡时间大概是昨天晚上九点,从胃里残留的食物看,刚进食不久,死前经历过一番激烈的运动,但不是打斗。 The cause of death is the explosive concentration of efforts chest and belly, destroyed the heart directly. ” 死因是爆炸性的力量集中胸腹,直接摧毁了心脏。” The medical examiner takes off the mask, reveals the mature elegantly beautiful face, is the love of summer tree. 法医摘下口罩,露出成熟冷艳的脸庞,正是夏树之恋。 Opposite black skirt female said in a soft voice: 对面的黑裙女子轻声道: Spirit body vanishes to disappear, is frightened out of one's wits. Has had the fierce movement, should be the reason that dodges and escapes, a residence piece of dead in confusion, the furniture damages seriously, conforms to previous time me in the arrow rain that hundred flowers office encounters.” “灵体消失不见了,魂飞魄散。有过剧烈的运动,应该是闪避、逃命的原因,死者的住所一片狼藉,家具破损严重,符合上次我在松海百花会所遭遇的箭雨。” Her tone is gentle, among the styles of speaking has the gentleness of lady. 她语气轻柔,谈吐间有着大家闺秀的温婉。 After two Nightwalking God are murdered, the stars of Fuzhou Branch this morning were discovered dies in the residence, judged initially, the perpetrator is the Pure Yang palm teaches. 继两名夜游神遇害,抚州分部的星官今早被人发现死在住所,初步判断,行凶者是纯阳掌教。 Has arrived at stars level... to put on mounts the Gao Feng elder of coverall to sigh worn-out. “已经到星官这个层次了…穿着破旧登上套装的高峰长老叹了口气。 The love of summer tree frowns saying: 夏树之恋蹙眉道: „ The Pure Yang palm teaches to concur Nightwalking God and imaginary technique master ability, can the stealth, be able to patrol, can take possession the average person momentarily, can fluctuate at will anybody's appearance, not by the moral value restraint, the operation that many Spirit Territory travelers are unable to achieve, he can easily achieve. “纯阳掌教身兼夜游神和幻术师能力,能隐身,能神游,能随时附身普通人,能随意变幻成任何人的模样,不受道德值约束,很多灵境行者无法做到的操作,他都能轻易做到。 In addition a control level item approaching body, the conventional method is not possible to catch.” “再加上一件主宰级道具傍身,常规手段根本不可能抓到。” The peak elder touched gradually the sad sending border line, said: summer tree, you make a side to write to him.” 高峰长老摸了摸渐渐悲伤的发际线,道:“夏树,你对他做个侧写。” Captures duty that the Pure Yang palm teaches, has turned over to Taiyi Sect processing, this thinks that can extricate, a headquarters paper copy clerk, the request peak elder leads the team to assist who would imagine. 追捕纯阳掌教的任务,已经移交太一门处理,本以为可以解脱了,岂料总部一纸文书,要求高峰长老率队协助。 Love of pupil light summer tree gloomy, the look is empty, resembles immerses in some condition. 夏树之恋眸光黯了下去,眼神空洞,似是沉浸在某种状态里。 She the character of according to the Pure Yang palm teaching, the conduct attitude, conducts the side to write to his next action. Some little time, the love of look summer tree restores clear, said: 她在根据纯阳掌教的性格,行事作风,对他的下一步行动进行侧写。好一会儿,夏树之恋眼神恢复清亮,道: Has restored to ambush some time to him of stars standard, seeks for the palm dream to cause, the improvement own ability in entire aspect, will not stare at the Taiyi Sect person temporarily.” “已经恢复到星官位格的他会潜伏一段时间,寻找掌梦使,全方面的提升自己的能力,暂时不会盯太一门的人。” The peak elder jaw head, looks at northward Ji slightly, said: 高峰长老微微颌首,望向阴姬,道: Red Ying elder?” “红缨长老呢?” Teacher in the next room deduction astrology and physiognomy, she wants to use the dead blood as the medium, locks the position of murderer.” Yin Ji just said, the gate of morgue opened. “老师在隔壁房间推演星相,她想以死者鲜血为媒介,锁定凶手的位置。”阴姬刚说完,停尸房的门就打开了。 Mature woman who wears the white half-length skirt, complexion light walks. 一位穿着白色半身裙的成熟妇人,脸色清淡的走进来。 Her feature is gentle, has the wrinkles, actually does not damage beautifully, instead has a quiet and refined composed beauty. 她眉目慈祥,有着浅浅的鱼尾纹,却丝毫不损美丽,反而有种娴静婉约的美丽。 Teacher, has the result.” Yin Ji moves forward to meet somebody. “老师,有结果吗。”阴姬迎了上去。 The master and disciple makings are opposite, wears the white skirt, wears the black skirt, looks just like mother and daughter.... 师徒俩气质相反,一个穿白裙,一个穿黑裙,看着宛如母女。… The red Ying elder shakes the head slightly, the delicate eyebrows are light: 红缨长老微微摇头,秀眉轻蹙: Stargazing technique has no enlightenment.” “观星术没有任何启示。” Arrived this level, does not need to draw support from the item, observes the stars the accuracy by far item of deduction. 到她这个层次,已经不需要借助道具了,观星推演的准确度远胜道具。 Even aren't you able to lock him?” The peak elder is startled: Even he will hide the aura the magic arts, is impossible to shield your stargazing technique.” “连你都无法锁定他?”高峰长老吃了一惊:“就算他会隐藏气息的法术,也不可能屏蔽你的观星术。” The position standard differed is too big. 位格相差太大了。 The red Ying elder hesitates for one second, the tone is dignified: 红缨长老沉吟一秒,语气凝重: „It is not he, some people are helping the aura that covers the Pure Yang palm to teach, but can achieve this point, at least majors in the control of strength of moon.” “不是他,是有人在帮忙遮盖纯阳掌教的气息,而能做到这一点的,至少是主修太阴之力的主宰。” The black moon/month is symbolizing the secret. 黑月象征着隐秘。 It can disturb the deduction, to practice divination and see clearly technique wait/etc skills. 它能干扰推演、占卜和洞察术等等技能。 If there is to major in the control asylum of strength of moon, then the Pure Yang palm teaches even from their side process, still no one can look, will only think this is a normal person. 假如有主修太阴之力的主宰庇护,那么纯阳掌教就算从他们身边经过,也没有人能看出来,只会觉得这是一个正常的人。 In livelihood star, Sun keeps aloof, moon restraint stars. 在日月星中,太阳高高在上,太阴克制星辰。 hears word, people look one cold, the love of summer tree said suddenly: 闻言,众人神色一凛,夏树之恋恍然道: No wonder, he caused heavy losses to the spirit body by Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning obviously, has not actually chosen the ambush, instead in the short-term acted again, ate two Nightwalking God, originally some people helped him in the back.” “难怪,他明明被元始天尊重创灵体,却没有选择潜伏,反而短期内又再次出手,吃了两名夜游神,原来是有人在背后帮他。” Who is helping him? Yin Ji Qingcu brow. “谁在帮他?阴姬轻蹙眉头。 The red Ying elder said slowly: „ Perhaps, is the dark night rose. „ 红缨长老缓缓道:“也许,是暗夜玫瑰.“ „ Does dark night rose want to teach to cope with Taiyi Sect using the Pure Yang palm? Peak elder looking pensive. “暗夜玫瑰想利用纯阳掌教对付太一门?高峰长老若有所思。 The red Ying elder sighed: „ At present it seems like it is this, but the stars most excel at the layout, particularly dark night rose leader that level 红缨长老叹道:“目前看来是这样,但星官最擅布局,尤其是暗夜玫瑰首领那个层次 Powerhouse. Can play chess with him, probably only then gate lord, or big elder. ” 的强者。能与他对弈的,大概只有门主,或大长老。” She refers to the Taiyi Sect big elder. 她指的是太一门的大长老。 Seeing the people morale is depressed, the red Ying elder said with a smile: 见众人士气消沉,红缨长老笑道: I have a plan, could draw out the Pure Yang palm to teach.” “我有一个计划,或许能引出纯阳掌教。” Water glare ripples clear side good. 水光涟漪晴方好。 These words described exactly the scenery of merman lake, the lake surface is vast, the distant place has the outline of island indistinctly. 这句话恰好形容鲛人湖的景色,湖面一望无际,远处隐约有小岛的轮廓。 The wind that the front surface blows is comfortable, tucks in beautiful hair of female students, is the extremely good beautiful woman, making the person mood joyful. 迎面吹来的风舒爽清凉,撩起女学员们的秀发,一个个都是极佳的美人,令人心情愉悦。 Sanyang opens wife vision empty sitting in the corner, as if lost the soul. 三阳开太太目光空洞的坐在角落里,仿佛失去了灵魂。 Zhang Yuanqing revolves by the peony fairy maiden and Niulanshan small female celestial, two people were sending regards kindly his recent life, shows certain favorable impression, as well as profound friendship. 张元清被牡丹仙子和牛栏山小仙女围绕着,两人关切的问候着他最近的生活,都表现出一定的好感,以及深厚的友谊。 „The saints who just promoted need to enter the high research class gold-plating, this can promote for the deacon.” The peony fairy maiden happily chatted peaceful/late peaceful/late: “刚晋升的圣者都需要进高研班镀金,这样才能提拔为执事。”牡丹仙子言笑晏晏: The contour research class ended, I am a deacon. ” 等高研班结束,我就是执事啦。” Same to you. The Niulanshan small female celestial puts out a hand, grasped grasping with her. “同喜同喜。牛栏山小仙女伸出手,与她握了握。 Congratulations. Zhang Yuanqing turns head to look that to separating the world of two benches turned over to the fire: „ Price? You did not hold an office in Kangyang District.” “恭喜恭喜。张元清扭头看向隔了两张长椅的天下归火:“价呢?你不是在康阳区任职了吗。” The world turns over to the hot tone to be calm: You when made up for a missed lesson, while convenient false.” 天下归火语气沉稳:“你就当补课好了,顺便度个假。” Zhang Yuanqing looks at once to is saying a word the red chicken elder brother who unceasingly the world of provocation turns over to the fire, said: 张元清旋即看向正不断言语挑衅的天下归火的红鸡哥,道: How you come.” “你又是怎么进来的。” Sauce explodes the elder to deliver me to come, said becomes friends, studies while convenient.” The red chicken elder brother stops the vulgar language, “酱爆长老非要送我进来,说多交朋友,顺便学习一下。”红鸡哥停下污言秽语, Said: „After happen to the sea of cliff mountain comes out, I will not need to consider the transcription in the near future, idles the safe/without matter, plays.” 说:“正好崖山之海出来后,我近期不用考虑副本,闲来无事,就来玩玩咯。” Then, he hiss, looks at the world to turn over to the fire: 说完,他“嘶”了一声,看着天下归火: „Won't you really lose one's temper? I said damn, how you achieved are not angry, I have not seen your such hot master, how did you achieve?”... “你真的不会动怒?我都说草泥马了,你是怎么做到不生气的,我从来没见过你这样的火师,你怎么做到的?”… The world turns over to the fire coldly said: Weak!” 天下归火冷冷道:“幼稚!” Do you or try the expert to die? Really looks like first two to provoke this solitary one wolf Zhang Yuanqing to appraise silently, looked at a bow to play commander Baiku Xiahou proud heaven, thinks, did not exchange greetings with him. 你要不试试牛人必须死?真像一头二哈挑衅孤狼张元清默默评价,又看了一眼船头耍帅摆酷的夏侯傲天,想了想,还是不和他寒暄了。 The brain circuit of this fellow he cannot follow. 这家伙的脑回路他跟不上。 Another side, loses the soul Sanyang to open the wife, hears the side to broadcast a moderate sound: 另一边,失去灵魂的三阳开太太,听到身边传来一个温和的声音: You are Tanzhou Branch right.” “你是潭州分部的对吧。” Sanyang opens the wife, mechanical turning head, sees a five senses ordinary youth , the makings are indistinct, but the smile is very harmlessly temperate, making people unconscious relaxes vigilantly. 三阳开太太,机械的扭头,看见一个五官普通的青年,气质缥缈神秘,但笑容特别温和无害,让人不自觉的放松警惕。 Yes.” His nod with a heavy heart. “是的。”他心情沉重的点头。 Yuan Ting un un, asked: 袁廷“嗯嗯”一下,问道: I want to ask, by your status and ability, looking for the girlfriend thinks that is not difficult, you said a moment ago, you saw girl on anxious is not good, the leg becomes tender, has what trauma, the words that does not mind, can tell me, I send “我想问一下,以你的身份和能力,找女朋友想必是不难的,你刚才说,你见到女孩子就紧张的不行,腿发软,请问是有什么心理阴影吗,不介意的话,能告诉我吗,我发 The oath, will not say absolutely. ” 誓,绝对不会说出去。” Sanyang opens the wife to visit him, suddenly loudly calls out: 三阳开太太愣愣看着他,突然大叫一声: I thought that you were Yuan Ting, the Taiyi Sect tuba! To my distant point, you do not come “我想起来了,你是袁廷,太一门的大喇叭!你离我远点,你别过来啊” The swordsman companion expels Yuan Ting immediately, comforts the injured friend. 剑客同伴立刻赶走袁廷,安慰起受伤的朋友。 The students laugh, in the cabin filled the merry air. 学员们哄笑起来,船舱里充满了快活的空气。 Chicken heart island that the people take the lead to arrive, because the shape and chicken heart acquires fame similarly. 众人率先抵达的鸡心岛,因为形状与鸡心相似得名。 In this island is raising many Yin corpses and resentment spirits, the aggressivity is extremely strong, was gives to complete the practice session, but also did not have the Nightwalking God preparation of spirit servant and Yin corpse, everyone do not come up. “这座岛里养着许多阴尸和怨灵,攻击性极强,是给完成了实习期,但又没有灵仆和阴尸的夜游神准备的,大家就不要上去了。 Zhang Yuanqing jumps to look at the chicken heart island, in the island the woods cover, the hot sun overhead, is actually passing one share silent gloominess. 张元清跳望鸡心岛,岛内树林茂密,烈日当头,却透着一股子寂静的阴森。 In the Nightwalking God angle of view, this island gloom winds around, an upward ascension continuously. 夜游神的视角里,这座岛阴气缭绕,一缕缕的向上升腾。 Fu Qingyang said the merman queens and school teachers fight, the lake bottom mountain wall crack, the stone falls off, he saw the stone door merman lake is vast, has the lake bottom stone wall place, the islands that only then four islands, the school is are less likely, because the merman queen will not live in the shore... 傅青阳说鲛人女王和学院老师打架的时候,湖底山壁龟裂,石块脱落,他看到了石门鲛人湖一望无际,有湖底石壁的地方,就只有四座岛,学院所在的岛屿可能性不大,因为鲛人女王不会住在岸边… Zhang Yuanqing is analyzing at heart. 张元清心里分析着。 Yin corpse how much money.” Sun Miaomiao curious asking. “一具阴尸多少钱啊。”孙淼淼好奇的问。 Looks at the quality, 2 million to 5 million. Song Man smiled saying: „ Price very fairs, is to the official Nightwalking God benefits.” “看品质,两百万到五百万之间。宋蔓微笑道:“价格很公道,算是给官方夜游神的福利。” Because cannot on the island, the people waits and sees one distantly, then lost the interest. 因为不能上岛,众人只是遥遥观望一阵,便失去了兴趣。 The pleasure boat leaves the chicken heart island, soon, arrives in beautiful islands, the islands center is a forest, the edge is planting flower gardens. 游船驶离鸡心岛,不多时,抵达一座美丽的岛屿,岛屿中心是一片森林,边缘则种植着一块块花圃。 The flower garden is in full bloom the brilliant purple and red fresh flower, the colony humming sound is circling, the butterfly turns flies fast to dance. 花圃盛开着姹紫嫣红的鲜花,蜂群嗡嗡盘旋,蝴蝶翻翩起舞。 The ship has not anchored, the numerous female student has exuded the starry eyed cry, after having inquired Teacher Song Man, crosses more than ten meters sea level in abundance, the landing islands. 船还没停靠,众女学员已经发出花痴般的叫声,问询过宋蔓老师后,纷纷越过十几米的海面,登陆岛屿。 „ It is not able to bring the cell phone to really be too regrettable. “无法带手机真是太遗憾了。 Day, vainly hoped for that heaven, I, I do not want to leave... „ “天呐,梦想中的天堂,我,我不想离开了…“ The peony fairy maidens and Niulanshan small female celestial two kings of beasts' responses are most exaggerating, happy nearly is moved to tears. 牡丹仙子和牛栏山小仙女两位兽王的反应最夸张,幸福的险些热泪盈眶。 The pleasure boat approaches shore, Song Manling the school is landing, strolls in the flower gardens, said with a smile: 游船靠岸,宋蔓领着学院登陆,漫步在花圃间,笑道: Spirit plants is the medicinal herb of rich human beings strength the island plants, the medicinal herb that this island delivers every year, will assign to Wood Demon of major branches in proper amount, or entrusted to the bachelor aristocratic family, was built up the pill by them.”... “灵植岛种的都是富含灵力的药材,这座岛每年产出的药材,都会按量分配给各大分部的木妖,或委托给学士世家,由他们炼成药丸。”… Continues thoroughly, across the flower garden, the people arrives at fruit trees quickly. 继续深入,很快穿过花圃,众人来到一片果林。 This is the blood fruit tree, the fruit pulp juice that it has is rich, butwords have not said that Song Man heard one clearlyka, turning head of complexion big change looked, saw only red chicken Costa Rica Station under the tree, the big mouth is eating the large Chinese hawthorn. “这是血果树,它结出的果肉汁水丰富甜美,但是“话没说完,宋蔓就听见一声清脆的“咔嘣”,脸色大变的扭头看去,只见红鸡哥站在树下,大口啃着红果。 Who makes you eat?” Song Man looks at him. “谁让你吃的?”宋蔓怔怔的看着他。 You did not say that the juice is delightful really freshly, how much money one jin (0.5 kg)?” The red chicken elder brother said happily. “你不是说汁水甜美吗果然新鲜,多少钱一斤?”红鸡哥开心的说。 Song Man silent, „, but poisonous 宋蔓沉默一下,“但是有毒” The red chicken elder brother's happy expression solidifies at the scene, suddenly, he covers the throat to drop down slowly, the mouth spits the foam, the eyes turns white. 红鸡哥开心的表情当场凝固,突然,他捂着喉咙缓缓倒下,口吐白沫,双眼翻白。 Xiahou Aotian, Sun Miaomiao, Zhang Yuanqing, Yuan Ting and the others, retracted silently hand that reaches the treetop. 夏侯傲天、孙淼淼、张元清袁廷等人,默默缩回了伸向树梢的手。 Quick life-saving quick life-saving, the hot master self-recovery ability is weak , without the poison to resist.” “快救人快救人,火师自愈能力弱,没有毒抗。” He could not kill by poison leave alone in any case, lets his long memory., ” 别管他了反正毒不死,让他长长记性.,” The students discuss spiritedly. 学员们议论纷纷。 Then, the people went to the lava island in turn, hundred beast islands, the former is a small-scale volcano, in the dormancy, is rich in the hot spring and hot attribute ore. 接着,众人依次去了熔岩岛,百兽岛,前者是一座小型火山,处在休眠中,盛产温泉和火属性矿石。 The latter raises the beasts that many Spirit Territory are producing, birds and beasts all has. 后者养着许多灵境自产的兽类,飞禽走兽皆有。 When lands hundred beast islands, Song Man said sincerely: 登陆百兽岛时,宋蔓语重心长的说: „ The island lords in hundred beast islands are first 6 levels of tiger kings, the hundred flowers big elder will raise the pet here, its not initiative attack person, but the tiger king has extremely strong territory consciousness, permits without it, do not bump here animal. “百兽岛的岛主是一头六级虎王,百花会大长老养在这里的宠物,它不会主动攻击人,但虎王有着极强的领地意识,未经它允许,不要碰这里的动物。 Otherwise, in the school no one can surrender that tiger king.” “否则,学院里没人能降服那头虎王。” Students complexion serious nod. 学员们脸色严肃的点头。 Song Man led the team to transfer in the surrounding, does not dare to penetrate the lush mountain forest, hurried back. 宋蔓带领队伍在外围转了一圈,没敢深入茂盛的山林,匆匆返回。 Suddenly, she catches to hide the red chicken elder brother in crowd, gets angry: 突然,她拽住隐藏在人群里的红鸡哥,怒道: Your belly what? ” 你肚子里塞了什么?” It‘s nothing.” “没什么。” You, when I am blind? The chicken feather I saw!!” Song Man roared. “你当我眼瞎吗?鸡毛我都看到了!!”宋蔓咆哮道。 Is Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning makes me steal, said that is very suitable to make the boiled chicken slices.” “是元始天尊让我偷的,说很适合做白斩鸡。” „, Do not be unfair to me, is Xiahou Aotian wants to eat obviously.” Zhang Yuanqing said. “诶,你别冤枉我啊,明明是夏侯傲天想吃。”张元清说。 I “我” Suddenly, a tiger's roar transmits from the mountain forest deep place, the startled group bird is startled to fly. 突然,一声虎啸从山林深处传来,惊的群鸟惊飞。 The fearful aura blows with the mountain breeze, a students tumult. 可怕的气息随着山风刮来,学员们一片骚动。 Song Man breathless roaring: 宋蔓气急败坏的咆哮: Is gawking doing, runs “愣着干嘛,跑啊” Various numerous saint methods, return to the cabin in abundance, the manager is quick of eye and hand, starts the pleasure boat, cleaves the waves to go. 众圣者各施手段,纷纷逃回船舱,管理者眼疾手快,发动游船,破浪而去。 Waits for the pleasure boat to drive out of a distance, the people turn head, seeing the shore to set up a first two meters high variegated great tiger, angry roared to the pleasure boat. 等游船驶出一段距离,众人纷纷回头,看见岸边立着一头两米高的斑斓巨虎,愤怒的冲着游船咆哮。 Returned to Qin wind the school, the students have been hard to take. 返回秦风学院,众学员已经难耐。 At heart the beautiful woman teacher who the red chicken elder brother drags into the blacklist, leads the students to the cafe, smiles saying: 在心里把红鸡哥拉入黑名单的美女老师,把学员们带到咖啡馆,笑眯眯道: Everyone was thirsty, the coffee shop also sold the fruit juice, the fresh fruit that Spirit Territory produced pressed out, most low-grade fruit juice one cup 500, most upscale fruit juice one cup 1000. “大家都渴了吧,咖啡店同时也卖果汁哦,灵境自产的鲜果榨的,最低档的果汁一杯五百,最高档的果汁一杯一千。 The price of Qin wind school was so exaggerating, this was the student, when the tourist butchered, but was also normal, here one year had four issues of classes most, the price was not high unable to return to the itself/Ben. Zhang Yuanqing is thinking at heart, is busy at arriving at side Xiahou Aotian, said: 秦风学院的物价这么夸张吗,这是把学员当游客宰啊,不过也正常,这里一年最多开四期课,物价不高根本回不了本.张元清心里想着,忙走到夏侯傲天身边,道: Lead, you are thirsty. “主角,你渴吗。 Xiahou Aotian is the alchemist, the body is ordinary, after three hours of playing, has had a parched mouth. 夏侯傲天是方士,身体一般,经过三个多小时的游玩,早已口干舌燥。 Immediately nods. 当即点头。 Then, he sees Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning to turn head to shout at the top of one's voice to shout:... 然后,他就看见元始天尊扭头扯开嗓子喊道:… Class leader must ask us to drink the fruit juice, most expensive that today's fruit juice supplies Young Master Xiahou to pay.” “班长要请我们喝果汁,最贵的那款,今天的果汁供应夏侯公子买单。” You Xiahou proud heaven fly into a rage. “你”夏侯傲天勃然大怒。 Has not waited for the rebuttal, sees the students to applaud in abundance, cheered for the generous principle of righteousness of class leader. 未等反驳,就看见学员们纷纷鼓掌,为班长的慷慨大义喝彩。 I had not said, you shut up, should not be unjust to my Xiahou Aotian corners of the mouth to twitch, crosses the hands behind the back to stand, said lightly: 我没说,你闭嘴,不要冤枉我夏侯傲天嘴角抽搐一下,负手而立,淡淡道: Small gift!” “小意思!” The students flood into the cafe, takes a seat respectively. 学员们涌入咖啡馆,各自入座。 You are really bad,” Sun Miao Miao pushes the chair to sit down, is angry saying: „ You did not fear that becomes enemies with Xiahou Aotian? He is the Xiahou Family person. “你真坏,”孙淼淼拉开椅子坐下,嗔道:“你不怕和夏侯傲天结仇?他可是夏侯家的人。
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