SRW :: Volume #5

#420: Merman lake

Chapter 420 merman lake 第420章鲛人湖 The scenery from the fuzziness to clear, used probably for two seconds. 景物从模糊到清晰,大概用了两秒。 Zhang Yuanqing discovered oneself place one is not spacious, but does not calculate that small great hall, the dead ahead is a tribune, corridor that middle is spreading the red blanket, the two sides are the wooden benches. 张元清发现自己身处一座不宽敞,但也不算小的大堂,正前方是演讲台,中间一条铺着红毯的过道,两边是木制长椅。 The pattern and church are somewhat similar, but after the tribune, has not tied up Jesus on cross. 格局与教堂有些类似,只不过演讲台后的,没有绑在十字架上的耶稣。 On the tribune is standing a gray-haired old man, is a row of teacher. 演讲台上站着一位头发花白的老者,身后是一排老师。 But at this time, Zhang Yuanqing stands near the left hand the first row of bench, about is the silver Yao princess and blood wild roses. 而此时,张元清站在左手边第一排长椅,左右是银瑶郡主和血蔷薇。 „, Damn!” Broadcasts the familiar sound, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, do you also participate in this year's high research class?!” “哦,见鬼!”身后传来熟悉的声音,“元始天尊,你也参加今年的高研班?!” „, Damn, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning you also.” The left also transmits the clear delightful young girl voice. “哦,见鬼,元始天尊你也在啊。”左边也传来清脆悦耳的少女嗓音。 Zhang Yuanqing looks all around about, the one who is away from the silver Yao princess is Sun Miaomiao, the one who is away from the blood wild rose is the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, turns head to look again to behind, is Yuan Ting who the moon/month has not seen. 张元清环顾左右,隔着银瑶郡主的是孙淼淼,隔着血蔷薇的是赵城隍,再扭头看向身后,是月余未见的袁廷。 „, Damn, you three also.” Zhang Yuanqing the guilty party sues first: Has you in the place, must have the matter.” “哦,见鬼,你们仨也在.”张元清恶人先告状:“有伱们在的地方,总要出事儿。” Yuan Ting, Sun Miaomiao: „.” 袁廷、孙淼淼:“.” Very cool Zhaocheng tutelary god of city nods slightly: For a long time does not see.” 酷酷的赵城隍微微颔首:“好久不见。” Zhang Yuanqing un, turned head, swept behind students. 张元清“嗯”一声,扭头,扫了一眼身后的学员们。 Before the bench, stood the student of high research class, a total of 22 people, he saw several familiar faces in inside: The world turned over to the fire and Yuan Ting, to cross river dead, the red chicken elder brother and Xiahou Aotian, the Niulanshan small female celestial and peony fairy maiden. 长椅前站满了高研班的学员,总共二十二人,他在里面看到了几个熟悉的面孔:天下归火、袁廷、过河卒、红鸡哥、夏侯傲天、牛栏山小仙女、牡丹仙子。 The acquaintances accounted for half quickly, words saying how red chicken elder brother unofficial member did mix? Zhang Yuanqing whispered at heart. 得,熟人都快占一半了,话说,红鸡哥这种非官方成员是怎么混进来的?张元清心里嘀咕。 Yo, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, you also.” Red chicken elder brother warm waving , the big voice shouts. “呦,元始天尊,你也在啊。”红鸡哥热情的挥手,大嗓门嚷嚷起来。 Hears the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning four characters, almost all people, male teacher including tribune and female teacher, neat looked. 听到元始天尊四个字,几乎所有人,包括演讲台上的男老师、女老师,齐刷刷的望了过来。 In gazes, Zhang Yuanqing detected keenly implied the hostility vision. 一道道注视中,张元清敏锐察觉到其中暗含敌意的目光。 One is the coquettish pretty youth, the whole body fine luxury goods, the wrist/skill wears three red threads, the silver ear nail, the hairstyle is fashionable. 一个是油头粉面的俊秀青年,浑身精致的奢侈品,手腕戴着三根红绳,银色耳钉,发型时髦。 A fashionable appearance of idol intern. 一副偶像实习生的时髦打扮。 Another refined scholarly, wears the black frame eyeglasses, the eyelid without a fold, at first sight fills with the books aura, looking carefully will discover that this person of facial features hidden in the shade is acrid. 另一个斯文儒雅,戴着黑框眼镜,单眼皮,乍一看充满书卷气息,细瞧会发现此人眉眼阴翳尖酸。 Does not know them. The Zhang Yuanqing reclamation vision with no trace, such as the flower Niulanshan small female celestial and peony fairy maiden nods toward the dimple. 不认识他们.张元清不着痕迹的收回目光,朝着笑靥如花的牛栏山小仙女和牡丹仙子颔首。 Also looked at a world to turn over to the fire, to cross river dead, Xiahou Aotian, to eye, was greets. 又看了一眼天下归火、过河卒、夏侯傲天,对上眼睛,算是打了招呼。 „!” “咳咳!” On the tribune, the gray-haired old person clears throat, high sound said: 演讲台上,头发花白的老人清了清嗓子,高声道: Fellow schoolmates, I was the dean of Qin wind school, Li Yanqi, was your historical and political lesson teacher. With gathered in Qin wind the school very much happily, now mentions by name, checkup population and ID. “各位同学,我是秦风学院的院长,李言蹊,也是你们的历史、政治课老师。很高兴与诸位在秦风学院里相聚,现在点名,核对人数和ID。 Arrived the student of name, shouted one.” “点到名字的学员,喊一声到。” Stops, he takes the lead to look to Zhang Yuanqing, said: Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning!” 停顿一下,他率先看向张元清,道:“元始天尊!” „!” “到!” Zhaocheng tutelary god of city.” “赵城隍。” „!” “到!” Sun Miao Miao.” “孙淼淼。” Sanyang opens the wife.” “三阳开太太。” Xia Dynasty snow.” “夏朝雪。” A round of roll-call ended, confirmed after the list that the member on the scene and he obtains tallies, chief Li Yanqi continues saying: 一轮点名结束,确认在场成员与他获得的名单符合后,院长李言蹊继续道: Then, asking our teachers to do to introduce oneself.” “接下来,请我们的老师做自我介绍。” He turns head, looks to the left's first teacher. 他扭头,看向左边第一位老师。 This is one wears the cowboy shorts, the sexy girl of strapless T-shirt, the both legs are clear, the body curve sends, to have a fashionable goddess volume concave-convex, the chin is sharp, the skin is white and tender. 这是一位穿着牛仔短裤,露肩T恤的性感女郎,双腿圆润修长,身体曲线凹凸有致,有着一头时髦的女神卷,下巴尖尖的,皮肤白嫩。 Her eye just like the fawn, water sleek/moist is charming, the eyes are graceful. 她的眼睛宛如小鹿,水润妩媚,秋波盈盈。 Fellow students are good, my name was Song Man, the teacher in school medical office.” Her enthusiasm, virtuous young woman -type waving, said grinningly: Everyone, if were injured, or is not healthy, must come to the medical office to look for me.” “各位学员好,我叫宋蔓,学院医务室的老师。”她热情的,淑女式的挥手,笑嘻嘻道:“大家如果受伤了,或身体不舒服,要来医务室找我哦。” Saying, extremely boldly lavished praise toward the students. 说着,极为大胆的朝学员们抛了个媚眼。 Sexy outstanding person many male students have Qi to read, secret anticipation. 性感尤物不少男性学员心生绮念,暗暗期待。 Originally is the multiplication class king of beasts...... Niulanshan small female celestial of same occupation an attribute that saw Song Man, curled the lip. 切,原来是繁衍类的兽王……同职业的牛栏山小仙女一眼看出宋蔓的属性,撇撇嘴。 The Xiahou Aotian brow slightly wrinkle, thought that this charming sexy teacher, charming check person, was not suitable to become of lead harem group. 夏侯傲天眉头微皱,觉得这位妩媚性感的老师,过于妩媚勾人了,不适合成为主角后宫团的一员。 Zhang Yuanqing detected that the vision of Song vine stayed for a long time on oneself, but he has not cared, at heart what thought was that two holds the hostility student to him. 张元清察觉到宋蔓的目光在自己身上停留最久,但他没在意,心里想的是那两位对他抱有敌意的学员。 He has known that Spirit Territory ID of opposite party, Zhu Ming xu and Zhao flying asked. 他已经知道对方的灵境id,朱明煦和赵飞问。 Person of Zhu and Zhao. 朱家和赵家的人。 This is not strange, because Zhu vermilion Rong of he puts under house arrest, but also was stopped kills the palace lord to rip the facial skin, celebrates a holiday greatly. 这就不奇怪了,朱家的朱蓉因他软禁,还被止杀宫主撕了脸皮,过节大着呢。 Zhao Zhao Feichen father and son by his severe wound, are the bitter hatreds. 赵家的赵飞尘父子被他重伤,更是深仇大恨。 These two are hostile to him, pours also normally. 这两人敌视他,倒也正常。 Teacher Song Man, I had an issue.” “宋蔓老师,我有个问题。” The height not wonderful red chicken elder brother, raises the hand averagely high. 身高平平无奇的红鸡哥,高高举起手。 Song Man pupil light circulation, charming varied, sweet say/way: What does this schoolmate want to ask?” 宋蔓眸光流转,妩媚多姿,嫣然道:“这位同学想问什么?” Red chicken elder brother high sound said: 红鸡哥高声道: I heard that teacher in Qin wind the school, makes mistakes, was censured here to come the teaching. Teacher Song Man you were so attractive, makes mistakes?” “我听说秦风学院里的老师,都是犯了错,被贬到这里来教学的。宋蔓老师你这么漂亮,是犯了什么错?” Scene suddenly one static. 场面突然一静。 The teachers on tribune, more or less showed the awkward expression. 演讲台上的老师们,或多或少都露出了尴尬表情。 Peripheral students unbelievable is staring at the red chicken elder brother, seemed saying: Were you insane? Is this can ask? 周边的学员们难以置信的盯着红鸡哥,仿佛在说:你疯了吧?这是能问的? Song Man complexion one stiff, the probe said: 宋蔓脸色一僵,试探道: „Are you hot master?” “你是火师?” „, How do you know?” The red chicken elder brother stares. “诶,你怎么知道?”红鸡哥一愣。 No wonder! Vulgar hot master. Song Man spurned to say. 难怪!粗鄙的火师.宋蔓心里唾弃道。 At this time, stood Yuan Ting after Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning lifts the hand, „that Teacher, if you did not mind, I also want to know.” 这时,站在元始天尊后的袁廷抬起手了,“那个,老师,如果您不介意的话,我也想知道.” The teachers looked, Song Man frowned saying: 众老师看了过来,宋蔓蹙眉道: „Are you also the hot master?” “你也是火师?” I am stars, I am curious.” “我是星官,我就是好奇.” ...... Song Man forced oneself to look cheerful, returned the home position. ……宋蔓强颜欢笑一下,退回原位。 In this group of students punctures much. The teachers heart said. 这一批学员里刺头不少啊.老师们心说。 Song Man middle-aged person walked to go forward, his makings mysterious evil charm, nodded the head toward the people: 宋蔓身边的中年人走上前,他气质神秘邪魅,朝众人颔首: I called the starry sky observer, was responsible for teaching the teacher of everyone astrology and Yin-Yang technique. In the student on the scene has the words of stars, can purchase from me private teaches, I will teach your stars and Nightwalking God fight skill, derivation knowledge that as well as Character Card will not give.” “我叫星空观测者,负责教导大家星相学、阴阳术的老师。在场学员里有星官的话,可以向我购买私教课,我会教你们星官和夜游神的战斗技巧,以及角色卡不会给予的衍生知识。” Said these words time, his appearance looked directly to left first row and the second row. 说这句话的时候,他的模样直接看向了左边第一排和第二排。 black ink rock, refiner class teacher.” “墨磐,炼器课老师。” The black ink rock teacher complexion is temperate, introduces oneself briefly, looks is quiet, temperament modest type. 墨磐老师脸色温和,自我介绍简短,一看就是沉默寡言,脾气温和的类型。 Forest element, the refine the pill of immortality class teacher, I mainly taught that some everyone pharmacology knowledge, as well as some simple refine the pill of immortality skills, letting you through oneself ability, refines some simple hematischeses, to dispel poisonously, wards off the poisonous compounded drug. Naturally, how I can also teach you to refine poisonous pill, this is the private teaching content, has the interest student to look for me in private.” This is one wears the white half-length skirt, the young woman of black long sleeve. “林素,炼丹课老师,我主要教导大家一些药理知识,以及一些简单的炼丹技巧,让你们能通过自己的能力,炼制一些简单的止血、祛毒、辟毒丹药。当然,我还可以教你们如何炼制毒丹,这属于私教课内容,有兴趣学员可以私下找我。”这是一位穿着白色半身裙,黑色长袖的年轻女士。 I am your wrestle class teacher, Luo Lesheng, haha, everyone could rest assured that although I am the hot demon, but the character is very good, will not issue the temperament, will not begin to hit the person.” “我是你们的格斗课老师,骆乐圣,哈哈,大家放心,我虽然是火魔,但性格很好的,不会乱发脾气,不会动手打人。” Students: „.” 学员们:“.” When several teachers introduced oneself, chief Li Yanqi said: 待几位老师自我介绍完毕,院长李言蹊道: In student also several teachers who are responsible for safeguarding the risk area, because the work reason is unable to arrive, later when leads everyone to visit the school, again introduced knew to everyone. “学员里还有几位负责看管危险区域的老师,因为工作原因无法到场,待会儿带领大家参观学院时,再介绍给大家认识。 Now, I appoint a class leader of next current period high research class, if everyone does not have the opinion, is held the post by Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning.” “现在,我任命一下本期高研班的班长,如果大家没意见的话,就由元始天尊来担任.” Am I the class leader? I am take vacation, is not works. The resistance of Zhang Yuanqing instinct, will reject, then hears the resounding sound to say together: 我来担任班长?我是来度假的,不是来干活的啊.张元清本能的抗拒,正要拒绝,便听一道响亮的声音说道: I opposed!” “我反对!” The teachers and students on the scene look following the sound, sees only the person of speech, the five senses are delicate and pretty, are extraordinary, in the foreheads concentrates is wanting with the God competes the arrogance, said: 在场师生循声看去,只见说话之人,五官俊美,气质不凡,眉宇间凝着“欲与天公试比高”的傲气,道: I believe, by the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning qualifications, story and rank, and is not enough to be the class leader. Class leader position, must by having both ability and integrity the person of destiny holds the post.” “我认为,以元始天尊的资历、阅历和等级,并不足以担任班长。班长这个职位,必须由德才兼备的天命之人担任。” Chief Li Yanqi gawked for several seconds, has not thought probably some people will oppose, Qin wind the school high research class, the learn/study was secondary, the public relations were main. 院长李言蹊愣了好几秒,大概是没想到有人会反对,秦风学院高研班,学习是次要,社交是主要。 Each student, is polite, the public relations, expand the personal connection diligently. 每一届的学员,都是客客气气,努力社交,扩充人脉。 So domineering hard just, is really rare. 这般强势硬刚的,实在罕见。 Mentioned by name a moment ago time, remembers that he called Xiahou Aotian probably, person of summer Hou, no wonder must aim at the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning official saints, has heard gratitude and grudges of both sides somewhat. 刚才点名的时候,记得他好像叫夏侯傲天,夏侯家的人,难怪要针对元始天尊官方的圣者们,多多少少听说过双方的恩怨。 Good good, the family tradition of summer Hou is very staunch, has this fellow to take the lead to charge, very good. Zhu Ming xu and Zhao flying asked that smiles. 不错不错,夏侯家的家风还是很刚烈的,有这家伙带头冲锋,很好.朱明煦和赵飞问相视一笑。 This fellow brain suffered a relapse. The red chicken elder brother whispered. 这家伙脑子又犯病了.红鸡哥心里嘀咕。 Sees Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning not to respond, the chief has kind asking: 元始天尊不回应,院长只好和蔼的问道: „, Xiahou Aotian student believes, who has the qualifications to be the class leader?” “那么,夏侯傲天学员认为,谁更有资格担任班长?” As if and other these words, Xiahou Aotian raised the arrogant head, looked at people with the nostril, bright sound said: 似乎就在等这句话,夏侯傲天昂起了倨傲的头颅,用鼻孔看了一圈众人,朗声道: In person present, except for my Xiahou Aotian, destiny lead, but also who can be the class leader?” “在座的人里,除了我夏侯傲天,天命主角,还有谁能当班长?” In the great hall is peaceful, the people are staring at Xiahou Aotian with a strange look. 大堂内再次安静下来,众人用一种奇怪的眼神盯着夏侯傲天。 Such crazy? 这么狂? In this group of students punctures is quite many. The teachers thought again. 这批学员里刺头比较多啊.老师们再次心想。 Zhang Yuanqing high sound said: Chief, I thought that Xiahou Aotian scholarship has both, the personal character superior in both aspects, can be competent class leader.” 张元清高声道:“院长,我觉得夏侯傲天才学兼备,品德兼优,能胜任班长一职。” Chief Li Yanqi hesitates, said: 院长李言蹊沉吟一下,道: Good, that decided that the class leader of current period high research class, is by Xiahou proud heaven. Without opinion.” “好,那就这么决定了,本期高研班的班长,就由夏侯傲天担任。诸位,没有意见吧。” Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning made concessions on own initiative, others naturally do not have the opinion. 元始天尊都主动退让了,其他人自然没有意见。 The so-called class leader, is an immaterial reputation, the power even was inferior to the middle school class leader. 所谓班长,本来就是一个无关紧要的名头,权力甚至不如中学班长。 At least the dog class leader of middle school can also calumniate somebody to superiors to the teacher. 至少中学的狗班长还能向老师打小报告。 Then, medical office teacher Song Man, provided the map of Qin wind school to each student, the voice gentle say/way: 接下来,医务室老师宋蔓,给每一位学员发放了秦风学院的地图,嗓音柔媚道: Class schedule will provide to you later, today does not have the class, was led you to visit Qin wind the school by me, outside everyone arrived gathers.” “课程表稍后会发放给你们,今天没有课,由我带你们参观秦风学院,所有人到外面集合。” Other teachers follow the chief, departs from the side gate. 其他老师则跟随院长,从侧门离去。 People leaves the stage orderly, while stares at the map. 众人一边有序退场,一边凝视地图。 Qin wind school transcription occupying land area total area 7 square kilometers, 70% area were covered by the lake water, the school occupying land area only had 0.5 square kilometer, was in the transcription a biggest island. 秦风学院副本占地总面积七平方公里,其中百分之七十的面积被湖水覆盖,学院占地只有0.5平方公里,是副本里最大的一座岛。 The pattern of entire islands is clear, great hall that the people are, also called the gem library, situated in school center. 整座岛屿的格局一目了然,众人所在的大堂,又叫琳琅图书馆,位于学院中央。 Has the cafeteria, teahouse and cafe that constructs regarding the library, the screening hall, these construction surrounding are the park and flower garden. Male and female dormitory by the thing of islands. 围绕着图书馆而建的有食堂、茶馆、咖啡馆,放映厅,这些建筑外围是公园、花圃。男女宿舍在岛屿的东西两边。 Teacher dormitory, in library rear area. 教师宿舍,则在图书馆后方区域。 Refining up dwelling place and refiner room constructs near the lake, most edge in islands. “炼丹房”和“炼器室”临湖而建,在岛屿的最边缘。 In addition, in the merman lake of length and breadth also many small islands, according to the map mark, are the chicken heart island, plant the islands, hundred beast islands and lava islands respectively spirit. 此外,广袤的鲛人湖上还有许多小岛屿,根据地图标记,分别是鸡心岛、灵植岛、百兽岛、熔岩岛。 Song Man physique enchanting guided in front, getting the students to visit the school to construct, introduced: 宋蔓身姿妖娆的在前头带路,领着学员们参观学院建筑,介绍道: In Qin wind the school, was free except for the regular meal, other must collect fees. Here has the bakery, has the teahouse, has the massage shop, has the cafe. “在秦风学院,除了正规餐食免费,其余都要收费。这里有蛋糕店,有茶馆,有按摩店,有咖啡馆. „The staff in these shops are the civilian posts, everyone wants to be politer, do not create obstacles.” “这些店里的员工都是文职,大家要客气些,不要刁难。” Then went to the school dormitory. 然后又去了学院宿舍。 The male student dormitory is three little building, each room is a two-bedroom one living-room, the fine repair, carries the package to move in that type. 男生宿舍是一栋三层小楼,每个房间都是两室一厅,精装修,拎包入住那种。 „The daily necessities in room are free, the school prepared three school uniforms to everyone, should enough your seven days change and wash, if did not spoil the school uniform carefully, needs to compensate, one school uniform 20,000.” “房间里的日用品都是免费的,学院给大家准备了三套校服,应该够你们七天换洗了,如果不小心弄坏了校服,需要赔偿,一套校服两万。” Song Mangang said, the red chicken elder brother was angry: These school uniforms work simply, the material is simple, the stall goods that 200 no one wants, you receive 20,000, was too black.” 宋蔓刚说完,红鸡哥大怒:“那些校服做工简单,材料简单,两百块都没人要的地摊货,你收两万,是不是太黑了。” Song Man did not respond him, leading the people to leave the male student dormitory, went to the wharf in islands edge. 宋蔓不搭理他,带着众人离开男生宿舍,前往岛屿边缘的码头。 In the wharf is anchoring a white pleasure boat. 码头上停泊着一条白色游船。 A middle-aged uncle of look hidden in the shade, sat in the bow smokes, lifts the pupil to sweep students, lowered the head, selfish smoking. 一名神色阴翳的中年大叔,坐在船头抽烟,抬眸扫了一眼学员们,低头,自顾自的抽烟。 Song Man walked, talked the moment with him, looked back saying: 宋蔓走了过去,与他交谈片刻,回首说道: Now belt/bring everyone roaming lake, the islands in visit lake, a passage fare person 1000, first keeps accounts, after you left Qin wind the school, the organization will buckle from your next month wage.” “现在带大家游湖,参观湖上的岛屿,船费一人一千,先记账,等你们离开秦风学院后,组织会从你们下个月的薪水里扣。” The middle-aged uncle steps on extinguishes the cigarette butt, starts the pleasure boat, sails the ships to move to the wave light rugged great lake. 中年大叔踩灭烟头,发动游船,驾驶船只驶向波光嶙峋的大湖。 The cool lake breeze front surface blows, is sunny, the temperature not high is not low. 清凉的湖风迎面吹来,阳光灿烂,气温不高不低。 In the cabin, the students exchanged greetings mutually, chat. 舱内,众学员相互寒暄,闲聊。 The red chicken elder brother carefully examines the world to turn over to the fire: 红鸡哥审视着天下归火: I have heard you, you are the shame of that hot master.” “我听说过你,你是那个火师之耻。” The world turns over to the fire coldly said: I will use the brain compared with you.” 天下归火冷冷道:“我只是比你们更会用脑子。” The red chicken elder brother reveals the color of despising: Really is the shame of hot master, unexpectedly has not been angry.” 红鸡哥露出鄙夷之色:“果然是火师之耻,居然没生气。” Yuan Ting gathered in the female student community, said: 袁廷则凑到了女学员群体里,道: „Do elder sister younger sisters, want to share to gossip? I know many official four young master’s privacy.” “姐姐妹妹们,要不要分享一下八卦?我知道很多官方四公子的隐私.” The female students eyes shine whispered with him. 女学员们双眼放光的和他嘀嘀咕咕起来。 Xiahou Aotian sets out silently, arrives at the stern, crosses the hands behind the back to stand, is arrogant the dust to the people, the back of renouncing society and living alone. 夏侯傲天默默起身,走到船尾,负手而立,给众人一个孤傲出尘,遗世独立的背影。 He thought probably this has to compel the standard very much. 他大概是觉得这样很有逼格。 Zhang Yuanqing is drawing Zhaocheng tutelary god of city Sun Miaomiao, warm greeting: 张元清拉着赵城隍孙淼淼,亲切问候: Well, how you have not brought the Yin corpse, Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, your 4 levels of Yin corpse?” “咦,你俩怎么没带阴尸啊,赵城隍,你那个四级阴尸呢?” Sun Miaomiao is opening the sparkling big eye: Why takes vacation must bring the Yin corpse.” 孙淼淼睁着乌溜溜的大眼睛:“度假为什么要带阴尸。” Zhang Yuanqing on and other these words, pats the thigh: I brought!” 张元清就等这句话,一拍大腿:“我带了!” Immediately called the silver Yao princess and blood wild roses, introduced loudly: 当即召来银瑶郡主和血蔷薇,大声介绍: Blood wild rose, the old friend, after leaving slaughtered the transcription, I her promote 4 levels. This Yin corpse that is I refining up newly, the nickname princess, 5 levels of peaks, Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, 5 levels of peaks. Sun Miaomiao, must pat, ha.” “血蔷薇,老朋友了,离开杀戮副本后,我把她提升到了四级。这位是我新炼的阴尸,昵称郡主,五级巅峰哦,赵城隍,五级巅峰哦。孙淼淼,要不要摸摸,哈哈哈。” Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and Sun Miaomiao: „.” 赵城隍、孙淼淼:“.” At this time, Song Man of sexy outstanding person, lake breeze dishevel after beautiful hair stroked the ear, said: 这时,性感尤物的宋蔓,把湖风吹乱的秀发捋到耳后,说道: Everyone peaceful, listening to me to say.” “大家安静一下,听我说。” When the people stop talking, her high sound said: „ In merman lake is living the merman, they were the ancient lifeform . Moreover, the territory consciousness was extremely strong, conflicts the stranger, you must be sure to remember, can not sneak the merman lake arbitrarily. 待众人停止交谈,她高声道:“鲛人湖里生活着鲛人,她们是古代生物,另外,领地意识极强,抵触陌生人,你们要切记,不得擅自潜入鲛人湖。 Violator, demerits one time, deducts one month of wages, and fines 100,000. “违背者,记大过一次,扣除一个月的工资,并罚款十万。 If encounters besieging of merman, remembers that seeks help from the manager.” “如果遭遇鲛人的围攻,记得向管理者求助。” She looks to sitting the middle-aged man before bow bridge. 她望向坐在船头驾驶台前的中年男人。 Is the merman is good at attracting the prey with the singing sound close to the lakeside, if hears the singing sound, do not approach the merman lake.” Was saying to be saying, Song Man showed the ambiguous smile suddenly, has swept the male student on the scene, said: “还有就是鲛人擅长用歌声吸引猎物靠近湖畔,如果听到歌声,千万不要靠近鲛人湖。”说着说着,宋蔓忽然露出暧昧笑容,扫过在场的男学员,道: Merman, although the beautiful appearance like the flower, the body structure and human is different, is not the ideal mate of matter of love affair. Moreover, they have the sharp small canine tooth.” “鲛人虽然美貌如花,身体结构与人类不同,并非风月之事的理想对象。而且,她们有着尖尖的小虎牙。” Does not have the young female student of experience not to understand, but the male students understood. 没有经验的年轻女学员没听懂,但男学员们听懂了。 The canine tooth injures Ding! 虎牙伤丁! Zhang Yuanqing one hear of this female teachers experience richly, immediately asked: 张元清一听这位女老师经验丰富,当即问道: Teacher Song Man, you knew spirit honored.” “宋蔓老师,您认识灵钧吗。” Song Manxiao: My that warning, stemmed from him. Spirit honored learned/studied in Qin wind the school in the past, once submerged the merman lake at night, offended the merman queen, was nearly killed by the mermen, the manager saved him.” 宋蔓笑了起来:“我刚才的那番告诫,正是源于他。灵钧当年在秦风学院学习,曾夜间潜入鲛人湖,冒犯了鲛人女王,险些被鲛人们杀死,正是管理员救了他。” „Had dandy also made this tommyrot in the past?” Had the female student to vanish. “花公子当年还做过这种荒唐事?”有女学员幻灭了。 Song Man changed the topic, said: In lake has a fish, called the moonlight fish, the delicious meat, the taste was extremely good, if you want to taste, can spend to make the manager salvage, was the price somewhat is expensive, one jin (0.5 kg) 5000.” 宋蔓岔开话题,道:“湖里有一种鱼,叫月光鱼,肉质鲜美,口感极佳,如果你们想品尝,可以花钱让管理员打捞,就是价格有些贵,一斤五千。” Finishes speaking, the red chicken elder brother jumped: I, my scheduled ten jin (0.5 kg), must do fresh.” 话音刚落,红鸡哥跳了起来:“我,我预定十斤,要做鲜的。” Song Manleng, this person was just still flying into a rage for 21,000 school uniform, without hesitation now is actually burning with impatience must be scheduled ten jin (0.5 kg) expensive moonlight fish. 宋蔓愣了一下,这人刚刚还在为两万一套的校服勃然大怒,现在却毫不犹豫心急火燎的要预定十斤昂贵的月光鱼。 Zhang Yuanqing explained in a low voice: This fellow is the flower.” 张元清低声解释道:“这家伙是花都的。” Song Man oh, was suddenly enlighted. 宋蔓“噢”一声,恍然大悟。 At this time, melodious delightful singing sound, sifted the people ear bank. 这时,一阵悠扬悦耳的歌声,飘入众人耳畔。 PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。 «I Do Invention author Vera in Hogwarts» do not think the symbol. 《我在霍格沃茨搞发明》作者薇拉不想码字。 After joins Hogwarts, the pressure arrived at Azkaban. 在里格加入霍格沃茨后,压力来到了阿兹卡班这边。 When Lord Voldemort gets out of trouble, was sent the ultra electromagnetic gun to do by Harry Potter but actually. 当伏地魔脱困而出,被哈利波特一发超电磁炮干倒。 „, This was easier-to-use than the magic wand!” “里格,这比魔杖好用多了!”
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