SRW :: Volume #3

#252: Builds up the traveler/ascetic, captures boss

Chapter 252 building up traveler/ascetic, captures boss 第252章集结行者,攻略boss Hears the briefing sound, Zhang Yuanqing has a suddenly seeing the light feeling. 听到任务提示音,张元清有种豁然开朗的感觉。 Five hours of time limit, is to make the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic make the best use of the time to decipher the plot of outer layer, achieves enters the middle-level region. 五个小时的时限,是让灵境行者抓紧时间解密外层的剧情,达成进入中层的区域。 Over five hours, outer layer transcription boss will launch to slaughter to the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic. 超过五小时,外层副本boss就会对灵境行者展开杀戮。 I, I Asano cool small face is pallid: “我,我”浅野凉小脸煞白: I have killed a tree monster, can encounter chasing down of tree king?” “我杀过一株树妖,会不会遭遇树王的追杀?” The peony fairy maiden relaxes: I have not killed the tree monster luckily. You leave too worried, you have only killed a tree monster, setting up the king must retaliate, how is not one's turn you.” 牡丹仙子则松了口气:“幸好我没杀过树妖.你别太担心,你只杀过一株树妖,树王要报复,怎么都轮不到你。” The voice falls, three people listen to a wailing suddenly, when like missile launching voice that produces, sharp sad and shrill. 话音落下,三人忽听一阵尖啸,就像导弹发射时产生的声浪,尖锐凄厉。 Be careful!” “小心!” The peony fairy maiden seems the induction, the anxious sound warned, in the meantime, the both arms wielded. 牡丹仙子似有感应,急声示警,同时,双臂一挥。 Three people of top of the head lush branches and leaves, crash-bang the vibration, develops crazily, the branch interlocks, forms barrier of one sight of green scallion scallions. 三人头顶茂盛的枝叶,哗啦抖动,疯狂滋长,枝丫交错,形成一片绿意葱葱的屏障。 But in the next quarter, this barrier pulled out exploding is broken, the snagged broken leaf four shoot. 但在下一刻,这道屏障被抽的爆碎,断枝碎叶四射。 The sturdy remnant shadow breakthrough barrier, pulls out together ruthlessly to Asano is cool. 一道粗壮的残影突破屏障,狠狠抽向浅野凉。 The barrier of peony fairy maiden, won the time of treasure for the young girl, she pounces upon suddenly toward the side, sways back and forth continuously. 牡丹仙子的屏障,为少女赢得了宝贝的时间,她朝侧面猛扑出去,连续打滚。 Bang! 砰! The place that stood, presents together the deep gully. 原先站立的地方,出现一道深深的沟壑。 Zhang Yuanqing fixes the eyes on to look, chops in the thing of ground, is one thick such as the vine of water jar, is covered with clumps of green leaves, its tip sharp such as the thorn, the root has spread to the sky, cannot see the end. 张元清定睛看去,劈在地上的东西,是一根粗如水缸的藤蔓,长满一丛丛绿叶,它的尖端锋利如刺,根部一直蔓延向天空,看不到尽头。 The Zhang Yuanqing vision along the vine, upward, until has been covered the field of vision by the thick crown. 张元清的目光沿着藤蔓,一直往上,直到被厚厚的树冠遮挡了视野。 Lofty tree that a lofty tree, is inconceivable highly. He takes back the vision, makes the judgment. 一棵参天大树,高度难以想象的参天大树.他收回目光,做出判断。 The vine just like a tentacle, a big snake, twisting, swaying from side to side, is turning upwards the tip, pulls out again to Asano is cool. 藤蔓宛如一根触手,一条大蛇,夭矫着,扭动着,翘起尖端,再次抽向浅野凉。 The island young girls have not set out, both hands support the ground, swoops again, plunges a big tree behind, the ear transmits „” sound, as well as blows the uncombed hair silk the gale. 岛国少女还未起身,双手一撑地面,再次飞扑出去,扑向一株大树身后,耳边传来“咔嚓”声响,以及吹乱发丝的强风。 That diameter half meter big tree, pulled out by the vine. 那棵直径半米的大树,被藤蔓生生抽断。 Sets up the strength of king is the standard saint, the rattan every brushes one time, is equivalent to the attacks of 4 levels of saints, regarding 3 levels of travelers, simply is nightmare “树王的战力是标准的圣者,藤条的每一次抽打,都相当于四级圣者的攻击,对于三级行者来说,简直是噩梦” Wooden monster occupation has the strong reply ability . Moreover the such thick vine, the role of blade is not big, must use the fire attack.” “木妖职业有强大的回复能力,而且这么粗的藤蔓,刀刃的作用不大,得用火攻.” Must summon the Yin-Yang law robe when the Zhang Yuanqing ponder, helping Asano be cool, worse happened. 就在张元清思考要不要召唤阴阳法袍,帮助浅野凉时,更糟糕的一幕发生了。 Around three people, tree monsters in deep sleep regain consciousness, the ugly face highlights from the tree trunk, they received the tree king's summon, joins in the Avengers. 三人周围,一株株沉睡中的树妖苏醒,丑陋的人脸自树干凸显出来,它们受到了树王的召唤,加入复仇者联盟中。 Ate you, ate you ~ “吃了伱们,吃了你们~” The innumerable say/way muttered the sound to interwine. 无数道喃喃声交织在一起。 Hard tree roots drill the broken soft rotten soil, hang among the vine in branches, such as the tentacle sways from side to side. 一条条坚硬的树根钻破软烂的泥土,一条条垂在树枝间的藤蔓,如触手般扭动起来。 They were completely crazy!” The peony fairy maiden elegant face is dignified. “它们完全疯狂了!”牡丹仙子俏脸凝重。 As the wooden monster, the plant in her eyes, has not distinguished with human, can no barrier communication, the mood of feeling plant, but now, she lost this ability. 身为木妖,植物在她眼里,与人类没有区别,可以无障碍沟通,感受植物的情绪,但现在,她失去这个能力了。 These tree monsters are not her similar, like the person and mourning corpse is not similar, is unable to communicate. 这些树妖不是她的同类,就像人和丧尸不是同类,无法沟通。 Lost the corpse to see the person, only met to throw. 丧尸见了人,只会嗷嗷扑上来。 The present tree monster is so. 眼前的树妖就是如此。 Did not have the means that can only put Mt. Huoshao. Zhang Yuanqing is just about to summon the Yin-Yang law robe to do a ticket to be big, the corner of the eye split vision glimpses, beyond several feet, places Asano of tree monster encirclement ring to be cool, calm setting out. 没办法了,只能放火烧山.张元清正要召唤阴阳法袍干一票大的,眼角余光瞥见,几丈之外,身处树妖包围圈的浅野凉,一脸平静的起身。 She is grasping the right hand of hilt, slow draws an upward semicircle, will ice the mortal form blade to lift up high the top of the head. 她握着刀柄的右手,缓慢的画出一个向上的半圆,将冰魄刀高举头顶。 Arrives frost!” “冰霜降临!” As she pronounces unstressed the incantation, covers entirely the ice crystal trace the knife, congealing that spills glare ice, sends out the naked eye obvious cold air. 随着她轻念咒语,布满冰晶纹路的刀身,嘎拉拉的凝上一层冰壳,散发出肉眼可见的寒气。 Meanwhile, Asano's cool skin presents the ice blue color visionally, hangs raises in the back long hair calmly, dispersing, sends among the silk to wind around the star splendor ice crystal. 与此同时,浅野凉的皮肤呈现出梦幻般的冰蓝色,垂在背部的长发无风扬起,根根散开,发丝间缭绕着星辉般的冰晶。 Her clear face indifference, in aloof only beautiful snow female like legend. 她清纯的脸庞一片冷漠,如同传说中高冷唯美的雪女。 The wrist/skill turns, Asano lifts up high the ice mortal form blade of top of the head that coolly, previous leans on toward the body. 手腕一翻,浅野凉把那高举头顶的冰魄刀,往身前一拄。 The knife point pricks the ground rapidly, the cold air toward spreads in all directions, freeze all along the way, ground, tree trunk and treetop. Covers glare ice completely. 刀尖刺入地面,寒气迅速朝四面八方蔓延,冻结沿途的一切,地面、树干、树梢.全部覆盖上一层冰壳。 In an instant, the sultry tropical rain forest, as if turned into the extremely cold place, the average person breathed here air, will cause the lungs permanent damage. 刹那间,闷热的热带雨林,仿佛变成了极寒之地,普通人呼吸一口这里的空气,就会造成肺部永久性损伤。 Zhang Yuanqing and peony fairy maiden retrocedes again and again, avoids the glare ice of spread near to foot. 张元清和牡丹仙子连连后退,避开蔓延至脚边的冰壳。 Two people look at each other one, saw from each other eye surprisedly, has not thought the island girl who whatever all the way bullies, can erupt the so fearful strength unexpectedly. 两人对视一眼,都从彼此眼里看到了惊讶,没想到一路上任由欺负的岛国女孩,竟能爆发出如此可怕的力量。 That sturdy vine from tree king, chops from the upper air, has not touched Asano to be cool, then concentrates layer upon layer thick hard glare ice. 那根来自树王的粗壮藤蔓,自高空劈来,尚未触及浅野凉,便凝上一层层厚实坚硬的冰壳。 „!” “咔嚓!” Front of vine congealment glare ice presents the break, throws down and breaks layer on layer/heavily in similarly by the ground that the glare ice congeals. 藤蔓凝结冰壳的前端出现断裂,重重摔碎在同样被冰壳凝结的地面。 suo ~ “嗦~” This sturdy vine from sky, eats the pain probably, shrank fiercely, retracted the sky. 这根来自天空的粗壮藤蔓,像是吃痛,猛的缩了回去,缩回了天空。 , whistling.” “呼,呼呼.” Asano sits on the ground coolly, prostration is panting for breath. 浅野凉一屁股坐在地上,虚脱似的喘息着。 Zhang Yuanqing deeply looks at her one eyes, takes back the vision, the northward corpse blood wild rose issues the order of protection mortal body, displays to patrol, the spirit body has the hole, hikes up upwardly, runs out of the thick crown canopy. 张元清深深看她一眼,收回目光,向阴尸血蔷薇下达保护肉身的命令,施展神游,灵体出窍,向上飘起,冲出厚实的树冠层。 The field of vision is instantaneous. 视野瞬间开阔。 He saw the blood red setting sun, sees the magnificent golden-red sunset glow, saw a giant big tree. 他看见了血红的夕阳,看见瑰丽金红的晚霞,同时也看见了一颗巨型大树。 It is not able to measure with the eye its altitude, connects forehead the tree of world like the legend, its crown like the cloud layer, the trunk and branches extends dozens li (0.5 km) to the both sides. 无法目测它的高度,如同传说中连接天庭的世界之树,它的树冠如同云层,枝干向两侧伸展出数十里。 Compared with it, the seedling and weed under this piece of tropical rain forest as if big tree. 和它相比,这片热带雨林仿佛大树下的树苗、杂草。 At this moment, then just like the crown of cloud layer, is dangling vines, like the tentacle, pulls out flexibly to various virgin forest places, the punishment the ants that dares to kill its clansman. 此刻,那宛若云层的树冠中,正垂下一条条藤蔓,灵活如触手,抽向原始森林各处,惩处敢于杀害它族人的蝼蚁。 Zhang Yuanqing crown rocks, side sees, to see only peony fairy maiden keen climbing up on, must excel at the crawling tree compared with the monkey. 张元清身旁的树冠晃动,侧头看见,只见牡丹仙子灵敏的攀爬而上,比猴子还要擅长爬树。 She drills the crown, swayed is stepping on the slender branch, can always maintain the subtle balance. 她钻出树冠,摇摇晃晃的踩着纤细的树枝,总能保持微妙的平衡。 The peony fairy maiden looks up to the sky, such as was struck by lightning: 牡丹仙子抬头望向天空,如遭雷击: Day ~ “天呐~” This wooden monster young married woman plentiful body, trembles slightly, like encountering natural enemy. 这位木妖少妇丰腴的身子,微微发抖,如同遭遇天敌。 She does not dare to look again, complexion pallid crash, return to the ground. 她不敢再看,脸色煞白的坠落,回到地面。 Zhang Yuanqing sees that bends down to clash falls, returns to the body. 张元清见状,俯身冲落,回归躯壳。 Was too fearful, that tree absolutely is the saint level, invincible!” The peony fairy maiden is pale. “太可怕了,那根树绝对是圣者级,不可战胜!”牡丹仙子脸色发白。 Zhang Yuanqing arrives at Asano coolly side, sinking sound said: 张元清来到浅野凉身边,沉声道: You can that move, cause several times a moment ago?” “你刚才那一招,能使几次?” Asano kneels to sit on the glare ice coolly, the cheek is pale, in the pupil the appearance is dim, is passing exhaustedly: 浅野凉跪坐在冰壳上,脸蛋苍白,眸子里神采黯淡,透着疲惫: „A day can only use three times, is separated each time for two hours, after the price is the use, a half hour, the body becomes weak, anchylosis.” “一天只能使用三次,每次间隔两个小时,代价是使用后半小时,身体变得虚弱,关节僵硬。” Then, her complexion terrified added: 说完,她脸色惶恐的补充道: On my panel has a countdown, ten minutes, this next time is the tree monster attacked my time, I, my definitely exactly next attack.” “我的面板上有一个倒计时,十分钟,这是树妖下一次攻击我的时间,我,我肯定活不过下一次攻击了。” She has such strong card in a hand, in other words, was besieged by three evil occupations before, was set up the monster to encircle kills, then pitiful that desperate, camouflages? 她有这么强的底牌,也就是说,之前被三个邪恶职业围攻,被树妖围杀,那么可怜那么绝望,都是伪装的? Installed looks like, the woman is really inborn is an actor, yes, her island country (Japan) person, dares to enter slaughters the transcription, definitely has 12 moves of cards in a hand. 装的那么像,女人果然天生是戏子,也是,她一个岛国人,敢进杀戮副本,肯定有一两招底牌的. To come not to have itself initially, Asano will then use coolly arrives frost defuses the crisis, but after having him, starts to install to play the role pitifully delicately, but begging for mercy of vigor, the card in a hand can not need not to use. 想来当初没有自己,浅野凉便会使用“冰霜降临”化解危机,而有了他之后,就开始装可怜扮柔弱,可劲儿的求饶,底牌能不用就不用。 Afterward, after discovering he is a good person, Asano coolly enduring humiliation, when has the seeing-eye dog, conceals one's abilities and bides one's time. 再后来,当发现他是个好人后,浅野凉就更加“忍辱负重”,当起导盲犬,韬光养晦。 Zhang Yuanqing realized, this just partner, is not that just. 张元清意识到,这位正义的伙伴,也不是那么正义嘛。 Said accurately, is not that entirely white sweet, is a little small plans. 准确的说,也不是那么傻白甜,是有点小心机的。 The peony fairy maiden comfort said: 牡丹仙子安慰道: I and king Tai will help as far as possible your.” “我和王泰会尽量帮你的。” Defends in the foreword occupation, the good person is in the majority. 守序职业里,还是好人居多的。 She just comforted the island young girl, then sees king Tai coldly looks like: 她刚安慰完岛国少女,便见王泰冷冷看来: „Have you killed the monkey?” “你杀过猴子吗?” The peony fairy maiden stares, at once responds, complexion slightly stiff, has killed one, they have pursued me, compelled urgently you to say me, you said.” 牡丹仙子一愣,旋即反应过来,脸色微僵,“杀过一只,它们一直追我,把我逼急了你是说,你是说.” Zhang Yuanqing sinking sound said: 张元清沉声道: Since sets up the king to revenge for the clansman, why the monkey can't? As one of the outer layer transcription boss, you did not think that the monkey was too docile, until now, was the monkey group is chasing down the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic, why didn't it make a move? The reference tree king knew.” “既然树王会替族人报仇,猴王为什么不会?作为外层副本的boss之一,你不觉得猴王太温顺了吗,迄今为止,都是猴群在追杀灵境行者,它为什么不出手?参考树王就知道了。” After setting up the king, revenge possibly is the monkey peony fairy maiden frowns saying: 树王之后,复仇的可能就是猴王牡丹仙子蹙眉道: Must before the monkey takes revenge, enters in the forest.” “必须在猴王复仇前,进入森林中部。” Setting up the king is so fearful, where the monkey energy balance arrives, even is less than the tree king, but do not forget, the outer layer region has a large number of monkey groups. 树王如此可怕,猴王能差到哪里,即便不及树王,但不要忘了,外层区域有着数量众多的猴群。 Her rotation of the eye, resembled thought of anything, said in a low voice: 她眼睛转动,似是想到了什么,低声道: We have the time, will set up the king not to aim at both of us, others not necessarily, perhaps, this will be a good time of elimination evil occupation.” “我们还有时间,树王不会针对我俩,其他人就未必了,或许,这是一个清除邪恶职业的好时机。” Zhang Yuanqing slightly happy, puts out the one breath: 张元清丝毫高兴不起来,吐出一口气: Eliminates the evil occupation at the same time, will guard the foreword occupation to eliminate. Especially that several of list front row, definitely are the retaliation objects of tree king. Has not come while the retaliation of monkey, we study to enter the forest central means. “清除邪恶职业的同时,也会把守序职业清除出去。尤其榜单前列的那几位,肯定是树王的报复对象。趁着猴王的报复没来,我们研究一下进入森林中部的办法。 Drags is longer, the person of dying are more.” “拖的越久,死的人越多。” At this point, Zhang Yuanqing opens the scoreboard, discovered that the population has sharply fallen to 103, for several minutes, had died 17 Spirit Territory travelers. 说到这里,张元清打开积分榜,发现人数已经锐减至103名,短短几分钟里,已死了17名灵境行者。 As long as kills the tree monster to gain the person of overall, has the danger. 但凡杀树妖获取过积分的人,都有危险。 Including Jiang Jingwei, Yuan Ting these acquaintances. 包括姜精卫、袁廷这些熟人。 The Guan Ya overall also grew, Zhang Yuanqing did not determine that she through killing the tree monster gains, kills the monkey to gain, or kills the evil occupation. But he does not dare to bet. 关雅的积分也增长了,张元清不确定她是通过杀树妖获取的,还是杀猴子获取的,又或是杀邪恶职业。但他不敢赌。 The vine of dropping from the clouds pulls out to each region of virgin forest, in each region has the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic, some people were injured and died unceasingly. 从天而降的藤蔓抽向原始森林的各个区域,每一个区域里都有灵境行者,不断有人受伤、死亡。 Peeps dried fish as the earth strange manages, is dashing about wildly in the jungle, the stance is not lithe, each foot steps on the deep footprint in the ground. 身为土怪的管中窥鲍,在密林间狂奔着,姿态并不轻盈,每一脚都在地面踩踏出深深的脚印。 Batters in the forest like one good. 如同一只在森林里横冲直撞的蛮牛。 Some time ago, he is still surrounding the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and conceited fight, seeks the opportunity of making a sneak attack. 不久前,他还在围观赵城隍与唯我独尊的战斗,寻找打冷枪的机会。 Finally two people have not decided the victory and defeat, set up the revenge of king then to arrive. 结果两人尚未分出胜负,树王的复仇便降临了。 The vine that the tripartite troops instantaneous chaos, are setting up the king brushed received the unclear wound. 三方人马瞬间大乱,都在树王的藤蔓抽打中受了不清的伤。 The three parties equal, thinks that with it set up king defeat in detail, dies of Spirit Territory, might as well assemble everyone, overthrows boss together. 三方一合计,认为与其被树王各个击破,死于灵境,不如把大家集结起来,共同推倒boss。 In the endurance infinite manages peeps dried fish, was appointed the honorable task of building up traveler/ascetic. 耐力无穷的管中窥鲍,被委任了集结行者的光荣任务。 „!” “啪!” The vine drops from the clouds, solid pulling out peeps on dried fish in the manages. 藤蔓从天而降,结结实实的抽在管中窥鲍身上。 He stuffy snort/hum, departs more than ten meters, after falling to the ground , the body , to continue to dash about wildly. 他闷哼一声,飞出十几米,落地后弹身而起,继续狂奔。 Can a whip pull out the vine that scouts, only creates the slight internal injury that the vitality turned wells up, as well as aching feeling. 能一鞭子抽死斥候的藤蔓,只造成了气血翻涌的轻微内伤,以及疼痛感。 After several minutes, in the manages peeps dried fish following the sound, arrived in recent one battlefield, the scene is quite frigid, soft rotten ground but actually 56 incomplete corpses. 几分钟后,管中窥鲍循着动静,抵达了最近的一处“战场”,场面颇为惨烈,软烂的地面倒着五六具残缺的尸体。 The internal organs flow place. 内脏流淌一地。 Pulled out by the vine forcefully broken. 都是被藤蔓硬生生抽碎的。 flatter one, no restriction of any kind. In the manages peeps dried fish Meng lives in the footsteps, is staring at the person in field, reveals to be vigilant the color. 阿一,百无禁忌.管中窥鲍猛的顿住脚步,盯着场内的人,露出警惕之色。 This group of people also noticed him, was that youngster of head, unemotional threw to gaze , the look was empty, occasionally. 这群人也注意到了他,为首的那名少年,面无表情的投来注视,眼神空洞,如同人偶。 But that wears the big underpants, steps on youth who the person character is dragging, then has the vision of carefully examining, said: 而那位穿着大裤衩,踩着人字拖的青年,则带着审视的目光,道: Silly gruff face, a little looks familiar. You are in the manages peep dried fish, that powder cultivates a reputation the single line's sixth fellow.” “傻憨憨的脸,有点眼熟.哦,你是管中窥鲍,那个散修名单排第六的家伙。” You special in the silly gruff manages peep dried fish Chen sound said: 你特么才傻憨憨的管中窥鲍沉声道: I represent the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and conceitedness, convenes the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic, common resistance tree king. First puts down the camp to resist, hits boss together. This is our only outlets.” “我是代表赵城隍、唯我独尊,来召集灵境行者,共同对抗树王的。诸位,先放下阵营对抗,一起打boss吧。这是我们唯一的出路。” Hesitates no restriction of any kind for several seconds, truth that has not truly rejected.” 百无禁忌沉吟几秒,“确实没有拒绝的道理。” In the manages peeps the dried fish slightly loosen, looks the happy expression, immediately said: 管中窥鲍心里微松,面露喜色,当即道: That goes to under the tree to be able with, I continue to call the manpower.” “那就去树下会和,我继续召集人手。” Then, he departs immediately. 说罢,他立刻离去。 Your several go to the tree king direction immediately, the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and flatter calls all Spirit Territory travelers to push boss.” “你们几个立刻前往树王方向,赵城隍和阿一召集所有灵境行者推boss。” Who you are, why do we believe you?” “你是谁,我们凭什么相信你?” You have not chosen, dies with it here set up king Chou, might as well follow everyone to give it all. You do not go in any case even, the same set up king will attack.” “你们没有选择,与其在这里被树王抽死,不如跟着大家放手一搏。反正你们就算不去,一样会被树王攻击。” Really is, Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and flatter summons?” “真的是,赵城隍和阿一号召的?” You are the human nature were wicked, do five lines of pledges post a reward the list single line's fourth imaginary technique master? flatter one calls everyone to push boss with the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, please relieve your imaginary technique, puts down the camp to resist.” “你是人性本恶,五行盟悬赏榜单排第四的幻术师?阿一和赵城隍召集所有人推boss,请解除你的幻术,放下阵营对抗。” „The world is white and axiom in the blade, flatter one also had the human nature this to hunt and kill the tree king with the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city wickedly, making me call you.” “天下皆白和公理在刀中是吧,阿一和赵城隍还有人性本恶已经去猎杀树王了,让我来召集你们。” Causes the double blade. Are you nine leak the fish? Happen, under the going tree king, I have please called everyone immediately, hunts and kills boss together.” “使双刀的.你是九漏鱼?正好,请立刻前去树王底下,我已经召集了所有人,共同猎杀boss。” Your how many are five lines of pledges? Happen , the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city makes me call you to go to under the tree king to be able with, pushes boss together.” “你们几个是五行盟的?正好,赵城隍让我召集你们去树王底下会和,一起推boss。” „Do you have to see Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning?” A little miss of red hair asked. “你有看到元始天尊吗?”一个红头发的小姑娘问。 No, the fellow to dying was the same, on the scoreboard can also see him, I suspected that he died, your little miss, how said that began to begin, the small age was so hot tempered.” “没有,那家伙就跟死了一样,要不是积分榜上还能看到他,我都怀疑他死了诶,你这小姑娘,怎么说动手就动手,小小年纪这么暴躁。” Both of you, goes to under the tree king to be able immediately with, I represent the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and flatter one, calls everyone, captures boss.” “你们俩个,立刻去树王底下会和,我代表赵城隍和阿一,召集所有人,攻略boss。” Has no interest!” “没兴趣!” What you call?” “你是叫什么?” „The world turns over to the fire, right, you had to see Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning.” “天下归火,对了,你有看到元始天尊吗。” Died!” “死了!” Then, peeps Bao's continuing in the manages diligently , the powder cultivates, the official and evil camp, as well as a small number of foreign Spirit Territory travelers, were convened. 就这样,在管中窥鲍的持续努力下,散修、官方和邪恶阵营,以及少数外籍灵境行者,纷纷被召集起来。 The position that the rushing tree king one after another is, prepares to build up strength, captures boss. 陆陆续续的赶往树王所在的位置,准备集结力量,攻略boss。 Is truly effective besides the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and a flatter flag, the numerous Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic responded, has not mainly resulted in elects. 除了赵城隍和阿一的大旗确实管用外,众灵境行者如此响应,主要是没得选。 Sets up the attack of king to be continuous, although repels one time, can have the short respite time, but not goings to the roots of the problem. 树王的攻击持续不断,虽说打退一次,可以有短暂的喘息时机,但治标不治本。 Moreover, overthrows boss to have the rich bonus inevitably, since some people of organizations, have Zhaocheng tutelary god of city flatter these unusual boundary top players to participate, the reason of really not having rejected. 另外,推倒boss必然有丰厚的积分奖励,既然有人组织,有赵城隍阿一这些超凡境顶尖高手参与,委实没有拒绝的理由。 The sound very early met the world to turn over to the fire crazily, at his suggestion, has not hunted and killed the tree monster to gain the overall, and strictly is observing the matters needing attention, therefore not the set up king bore a grudge. 音痴很早就遇到天下归火了,在他的建议下,没有猎杀树妖获取积分,且严格遵守着注意事项,因此没有被树王记恨。 Why do you reject that fellow's invitation? Overthrowing boss should have many overalls.” Sound crazy puzzled say/way. “你为什么拒绝那家伙的邀请?推倒boss应该有不少积分。”音痴不解道。 That is the evil way!” The world turns over to the fire snort/hum saying: “那是邪道!”天下归火哼道: Pushed the tree king, is the monkey, in this manner, waits to process the danger of outer layer, at least must die half of people. But the reality is, we have not even found out the plot of this transcription.” “推了树王,接下来就是猴王,按照这种方式,等处理掉外层的危险,至少得死一半人。而现实是,我们甚至没有摸清楚这个副本的剧情。” The sound frowns crazily. 音痴皱起眉头。 The world turns over to the fire to continue saying: 天下归火继续道: Correct way is, studies to enter the forest central method. According to difficulty that the transcription shows, I believe, whose first enters in the forest, who will obtain a big bonus.” “正确的方式是,研究出进入森林中部的方法。按照副本展现出的难度,我认为,谁第一个进入森林中部,谁就会得到一大笔积分奖励。” The sound said crazily suddenly: 音痴恍然道: What idea did you have?” “你有什么想法了?” The world turns over to the fire to shake the head: 天下归火摇头: Our acquired matters needing attention limited, most inferred among the posters to have the contradiction, but, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning that fellow was Nightwalking God, he can kill people to ask the spirit , he is doing the matter if as expected now.” “我们收集到的‘注意事项’有限,最多推理出告示牌之间出了矛盾,不过,元始天尊那家伙是夜游神,他能杀人问灵,不出意外的话,他现在就干着事儿。” At this point, the world turns over to the hot tone to be somewhat depressed. 说到这里,天下归火语气有些郁闷。 He has tried to find out the transcription the correct method, but insufficient( will not bite spirit) concerned about the ability, is unable to implement. 他已经摸索到副本的正确玩法,但碍于能力不足(不会噬灵),无法实施。 Proliferates the gully and in the pits location, Zhang Yuanqing stands before several corpses, in the eye socket jet black gradually removes. 遍布沟壑、坑洼的场地里,张元清站在几具尸体前,眼眶里漆黑逐渐褪去。 After the asking spirit, he harvested to brand-new matters needing attention: 经过刚才的问灵,他又收获到一条全新的注意事项: Monkey is the protector of forest, they live in being covered with the jungle of wild fruit, please do not alarm them 【猴子是森林的守护者,它们生活在长满野果的丛林里,请不要惊动它们】 I know probably how to enter second to close Zhang Yuanqing to unify the beforehand information, had a guess at heart. 我好像知道怎么进入第二关了张元清结合之前的信息,心里有了一个猜测。 But at this time, the Spirit Territory travelers of two big camps, are withstanding the attack of vine, difficult arrival tree king in region. 而此时,两大阵营的灵境行者们,承受着藤蔓的攻击,艰难的抵达树王所在区域。
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