SRW :: Volume #3

#251: The time limit has arrived, the disaster arrives

Chapter 251 time limit has arrived, the disaster arrives 第251章时限已到,灾难降临 Can the stupid, what short overall represent? At present reaches the free exploration stage, true slaughtering has not come Zhang Yuanqing to complain peony fairy maiden one at heart. 愚蠢,短暂的积分能代表什么?目前才到自由探索阶段,真正的杀戮还没来张元清在心里吐槽了牡丹仙子一句。 At once realizes, she thinks, other official travelers, many are also such psychology. 旋即意识到,她会这么想,官方的其他行者,多数也是这样的心理。 Regarding the virtual environment travelers of many five lines of pledges, they to this time slaughter the transcription to hold the huge confidence to come, because captures the transcription genius Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, then in transcription. 对于很多五行盟的灵境行者来说,他们对本次杀戮副本是抱着巨大的信心而来,因为攻略副本的天才人物元始天尊,便在副本中。 Holds the big shot thigh to pass through. The official traveler/ascetic more or less has similar psychology. 抱大佬大腿过关.官方行者或多或少都有类似心理。 Finally the transcription just started, the talent player in mind degenerates into 23 of posture of person, they are not necessarily able therefore to suspect and trash him, but at heart definitely very damn. 结果副本刚开始,心目中的天才选手就沦为中人之姿的23名,他们未必会因此就怀疑、唱衰他,但心里肯定很操蛋。 I can think these things unexpectedly, it seems like some of my idol burdens Zhang Yuanqing was also self-ridiculing at heart, the surface is still desolate: 我居然会想这些东西,看来我也有偶像包袱了张元清在心里自嘲,表面依旧冷淡: Originally is this minor matter, later does not want one startled one for the first time, Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning is the luck is good, lucky several S levels, he does not rank high, isn't perfectly justified?” “原来是这种的小事,以后不要一惊一乍,元始天尊不过是运气好,侥幸过了几个S级,他排名不高,难道不是天经地义?” Seized the chance to speak several own malicious remarks, pretended non-involvement with the relations of Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning. 趁机说几句自己的坏话,撇清和元始天尊的关系。 Peony fairy maiden willow eyebrows one pressed, gives birth to the feeling of anger at heart, but bore, does not appraise continues. 牡丹仙子柳眉一蹙,心里生出恼意,但忍住了,不予评价的继续走着。 She likes Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning extremely, except for the youngster hero, the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning appearance also conforms to her aesthetic appreciation very much, the peony fairy maiden is the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning frantic powder, therefore did not like listening to king Tai to speak his malicious remarks. 她是极喜爱元始天尊的,除了少年英雄,元始天尊的长相也很符合她的审美,牡丹仙子是元始天尊的狂热粉,因此不爱听王泰说他坏话。 Brandishes the belt/bring sheath to hit the blade, cleans up Asano of bush vine to be cool, hears this saying, surprised turning the head, said: 挥舞着带鞘打刀,清理灌木藤蔓的浅野凉,听到这话,也惊讶的转过头来,道: Your tone is quite crazy, the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning name, I have heard in the island country (Japan). But your king Tai name, I absolutely do not have the impression. How you can a talent, say the words that so disrespects. you goods?” “你这人口气好狂,元始天尊的名字,我在岛国都是听说过的。但你王泰的名字,我完全没有印象。你怎么能对一位天才,说出如此不敬的话。伱是啊货吗?” Zhang Yuanqing from this island jk, felt the difference of culture immediately, to intelligent lifeform that side obviously can communicate, but you do not know how should exchange with her. 张元清顿时从这个岛国jk身上,感受到了文化的差异,对方明明是能沟通的智慧生物,可你偏偏不知道该如何与她交流。 Because of her conduct and language style, always makes you feel that has the deep generation gap. 因为她的行事、语言风格,总让你觉得有深深的代沟。 „The goods are the meaning of fool is right!” The blade of Zhang Yuanqing unemotional extraction bloodthirsty, said lightly: “啊货是笨蛋的意思对吧!”张元清面无表情的取出嗜血之刃,淡淡道: Seeing-eye dog, I first teaches you, will disrespect to the master will have what consequence.” “导盲犬,我先教教你,对主人不敬会有什么后果。” Hits hits.” Asano yelled coolly. “打咩打咩.”浅野凉大叫道。 Recognizes quick that instigates. 认怂的很快。 Zhang Yuanqing takes advantage of opportunity to receive the blade of bloodthirsty, ridiculed: 张元清顺势收起嗜血之刃,嘲笑道: Just partner on this strength of spirit?” “正义的伙伴就这点骨气?” Asano said coolly seriously: Masters and elders often educate, must have the acknowledgment wrong courage.” 浅野凉一本正经道:“师父和长辈们时常教育,要有承认错误的勇气。” What have your master and elder also taught?” “你师父和长辈还教过什么?” Defends the foreword camp, must be the just partner!” “身为守序阵营,要做正义的伙伴!” With pauses is chatting, Zhang Yuanqing had a more profound understanding of island JK. 有一搭没一搭的聊着,张元清对岛国JK有了更深刻的认识。 Asano cool this year is 17 years old, come from the plutocrat family, because are not the successors, were far away from the power disturbance, have a high and respected position like the little princess. 浅野凉今年17岁,出身财阀家庭,又因为不是继承人,远离了权力风波,像小公主一样养尊处优着。 Afterward became the virtual environment traveler/ascetic, showed the astonishing talent, was integrated the successor list, was latter received by thousand crane group vice-chairmen for the disciple, under teacher's leadership, met with the eminent figures from all circles, everyone was neatly and immaculately dressed, graceful appropriate. 后来成为灵境行者,展现出惊人的天赋,被纳入继承人名单,后被千鹤组副组长收为弟子,在老师的带领下,会见各界名流,大家都是衣冠楚楚,优雅得体。 Meanwhile, because the island virtual environment traveler/ascetic is scarce, to reduce the internal friction, unites the talent, thousand crane groups vigorously publicize just partner concept, in the virtual environment travelers to organization brainwashes. 同时,因为岛国灵境行者稀少,为了减少内耗,团结人才,千鹤组大力宣扬“正义伙伴”概念,给组织里的灵境行者洗脑。 Grows up in such environment, Asano also became the just partner coolly. 在这样的环境里长大,浅野凉也就成了正义的伙伴。 On the other hand, Asano is cool and thanks Lingxi is the same age, compared with small green tea, this only JK naive like retarded. 话说回来,浅野凉和谢灵熙同龄,比起小绿茶,这只JK天真的就像个弱智。 But changes an angle to think, what home environment the small green tea results in the life, can the small age, cultivation tea art eight? 但换个角度想,小绿茶得生活在什么样的家庭环境里,才能小小年纪,修炼到茶艺八段? At this time, the peony fairy maiden said: 这时,牡丹仙子说道: We should with the official traveler/ascetic be able with, to consider to enter in the forest again, here slaughters the transcription, the middle inevitable crisis on top of crisis, are many some partners, many safeguard.” “我们应该和官方的行者会和,再考虑进入森林中部,这里是杀戮副本,中部必然危机重重,多一些伙伴,多一份保障。” Asano cool hears word, makes an effort to nod: 浅野凉闻言,用力点头: suo bears ~ “嗦斯耐~” Zhang Yuanqing „”: Found the poster to say again!” 张元清“呵”了一声:“找到告示牌再说吧!” I did not suggest that kills the monkey!” “我不建议去杀猴王!” Puts on no restriction of any kind that the person character drags, has swept the coarse men who sit with the legs out-stretched in the place, explained: 穿着人字拖的百无禁忌,扫过箕坐于地的糙汉子们,解释道: That monkey, the conservative estimate is the weak 4 levels, even is 4 levels, by our strengths, must kill 4 levels of saints is not difficult, but do not forget, the monkey is commanding the monkey group. “那只猴王,保守估计是弱四级,甚至就是四级,以我们的实力,要杀四级圣者不难,但不要忘了,猴王统领着猴群。 According to the strength of that several monkey we killed a moment ago judged, the mortal body strength of each monkey, is equal to the monsters of 3 levels of misleading. “根据我们刚才杀的那几只猴子的实力判断,每一只猴子的肉身力量,等同三级蛊惑之妖。 Kills the monkey group rashly, nothing but is the mutually wounded aspect, I one will not die with flatter, but you want dead half mostly, and even more.” “贸然去杀猴群,无非是两败俱伤的局面,我和阿一不会死,但你们多半要死一半,甚至更多。” At this point, evil occupations that the enthusiasm surges upward, was in abundance calm. 说到这里,热情高涨的邪恶职业们,纷纷冷静了。 Hunting and killing the tree monster performance-to-price ratio is obviously higher. 猎杀树妖性价比明显更高。 At this time, pair of eyes empty flatter one, said suddenly: 这时,双眼空洞的阿一,忽然说道: How long we entered the transcription, sorry, I could not remember the detail.” “我们进副本多久了,抱歉,我记不住细节。” The mosts of the time, he mental has the flaw child like one, dull, or is treated people the puppet of operation, did not speak, without the expression, the eyes was empty. 大部分时候,他就像一个心智有缺陷的孩童,呆愣愣的,又或者是等待人操纵的木偶,不说话,没表情,双眼空洞。 The no restriction of any kind second answered: Is close for three hours.” 百无禁忌秒答:“接近三小时。” A flatter expression slow under 0.1: „Middle three hours, how long we were away from, until now unknown.” 阿一表情滞缓的点一下头:“三个小时了,我们距离中部还有多久,至今未知。” Hesitates to say no restriction of any kind: Therefore you felt 百无禁忌沉吟道:“所以你觉得” Enters the central forest, the intuition told me, continued to pace back and forth in the outer layer, will be very dangerous.” “进中部森林,直觉告诉我,继续徘徊在外层,会很危险。” Hears this saying, no restriction of any kind stunned looks to flatter one, sees that empty eye deep place, glitters is wiping the sharp light. 听到这话,百无禁忌愕然的看向阿一,看见那双空洞的眼睛深处,闪烁着一抹锐利的光。 No restriction of any kind pupil micro, sinking sound said: Good! Immediately goes to the central forest.” 百无禁忌瞳孔微缩,沉声道:“好!立刻前往中部森林。” He trusts the intuition of wild animal. 他相信野兽的直觉。 Is honored as flatter of inborn gu beast one, to the crisis has the far superhuman class sense of smell. 被誉为天生蛊兽的阿一,对危机有着远超人类的“嗅觉”。 Under the tall straight pine tree, the white T-shirt, the tinted jeans, the brief dense/woods are the style I am assigned by me not by day, sits cross-legged, asks: 高大笔挺的松树下,白色T恤,浅色牛仔裤,简约森系风格的“我命由我不由天”,盘着腿,问道: What therefore you then do have to plan?” “所以你们接下来有什么打算?” The world turns over to the fire to scoff to say with a smile: 天下归火嗤笑道: Why I must tell you, only if, you flirt report trade. Moreover, gives me a simple name, your virtual environment ID was too long, is long and embarrassed.” “我为什么要告诉你,除非,你拿情报来换。另外,给我一个简单的名字,你的灵境ID太长了,又长又尬。” The young woman under pine tree, the smile intellectuality is graceful, does not get angry, said: 松树下的年轻女人,笑容知性优雅,丝毫不怒,道: Red Wei!” “红薇!” The red Wei world turns over to the fire point to nod, I plan to seek for the forest central poster.” 红薇天下归火点点头,“我打算寻找森林中部的告示牌。” Red Wei knits the brows: Seeks for poster 红薇皱眉道:“寻找告示牌” She notices, the world turned over to the fire not saying that entered the central forest. 她注意到,天下归火没说进入中部森林。 I believe Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning now, in the poster of seeking central region.” The world turns over to the fire to be confident, brings back the corners of the mouth: “我相信元始天尊现在,也在寻找中部区域的告示牌。”天下归火成竹在胸,勾起嘴角: He has not chosen the camp, means in hesitant, hesitant, then explained that has not collected to support him to make the choice the information. Then, at this time, sought for the central forest the poster, was the wise action.” “他没有选择阵营,意味着在犹豫,犹豫,则说明没有收集到支撑他做出选择的信息。那么,这时候,寻找中部森林的告示牌,是明智之举。” The sound nods crazily slowly: 音痴缓缓点头: In virtual environment duty has the prompt, the boundary of each region, takes the poster as the standard. The poster of central region said that does not permit to make up the information.” “灵境任务里有提示,每一个区域的边界,以告示牌为准。中部区域的告示牌说不准能补完信息。” The world turns over to the hot look to be unruly, but the vision is wise: 天下归火神色桀骜,但目光充满智慧: Therefore, my following plan, is to go to the forest, according to the poster, makes the camp to choose. As for you, has made the camp to choose, in here , to continue to save the overall, so long as before the time limit arrives, arrives in the forest to be able.” “所以,我接下来的打算,是前往森林中部,根据告示牌,做出阵营选择。至于你嘛,已经做出阵营选择了,待在这边,继续积攒积分,只要在时限到来前,抵达森林中部便可。” Red Wei is carefully examining him, said: 红薇审视着他,啧啧道: I have read your material, knows that you are good at capturing/raiding the transcription very much, but feels unbelievable, are you really the hot master?” “我看过你的资料,知道你很擅长攻略副本,但还是觉得难以置信,你真的是火师?” The world turns over to the fire to say proudly: 天下归火傲然道: Violence, only has driven by wisdom, can play the true role. Places on a par me and these no brain the hot master.” “暴力,唯有在智慧的驱使下,才能发挥真正的作用。不要把我和那些无脑的火师相提并论。” This side proved the great strength of Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning.” A red Wei knife inserts. “这侧面证明了元始天尊的强大。”红薇一刀子插过来。 The world turns over to the spout corner/horn to twitch gently, cold -ly snorted and said: 天下归火嘴角轻轻抽动,冷哼道: Idle talk little said, this/should you provided the information.” “废话少说,该你提供情报了。” Red Wei is tilting the head, thinks, said: 红薇歪着头,想了想,道: „ The information in transcription has exchanged, I spoke the information outside some transcriptions, this year our liberal professions are shouldering the mission that killed Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning came, to spare nothing. “副本里的信息都交换过了,我讲一些副本外的情报,今年我们自由职业是背负着杀元始天尊的使命而来,不惜代价。 Above gave the no restriction of any kind very special item, it is said can kill Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning.” “上头给了百无禁忌一件很特殊的道具,据说能杀元始天尊。” Special item in no restriction of any kind hand. I can exchange something with this information and Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning. The world turns over to the quirk: 特殊道具在百无禁忌手中.我可以用这个情报和元始天尊交换一些东西.天下归火道: „Did you tell me the information?” “你就这么把情报告诉我了?” The red Wei's gently beautiful face, said with a smile: 红薇柔美的脸庞笑吟吟的,道: It doesn't matter, I never felt kills Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning is anything must the matter, entered slaughtered the transcription, a narrow escape, promoting the saint was most important. As for Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, he refuses stubbornly dead, has what relations with me. “无所谓,我从不觉得杀元始天尊是什么必须的事,进了杀戮副本,九死一生,晋升圣者最重要。至于元始天尊,他死不死,跟我有什么关系。 „The above person will only arrange the duty, no matter actually since the life of underlings, they are not serious our lives, don't we attach great importance to? Is getting what one deserves life cheap?” “上头的人只会安排任务,却从不管底下人的死活,他们不把我们的命当回事,我们自己难道也不重视?活该命贱?” The world turns over to the fire hey saying: A little meaning!” 天下归火嘿道:“有点意思!” Big shot, I observes you to have the auspicious clouds coping, Shenhua is reserved, is the hidden dragon, in the future the achievement will be absolutely extraordinary, slaughtering the transcription is you rises exactly the opportunity, fights with the fists flatter one, foot treads the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, crotch Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning today, I am willing to request you to be the eldest child, serving after saddle lead horse.” “大佬,我观你有祥云盖顶,神华内敛,乃潜龙之相,将来成就绝对非凡,杀戮副本恰是你崛起之机,拳打阿一,脚踏赵城隍,胯下一只元始天尊就在今日,我愿拜你为老大,鞍前马后的伺候。” Kou Beiyue grasps the saber, the anger is turning head: 寇北月握着军刀,愤怒回头: I warned you, do not follow again I, I will not answer must you be big, you damaged others.” “我警告你,不要再跟着我,我是不会答应当你老大的,你去祸害别人吧。” His behind, with a young fatty who wears the black frame eyeglasses, is all smile, appearance that a dog young flatters the eldest child. 他的身后,跟着一个戴黑框眼镜的小胖子,满脸堆笑,一副狗仔讨好老大的模样。 The young fatty is busy at shaking the head: 小胖子忙摇头: You and they are different, you are mental, the thought is insightful, so can, when my eldest child, these fellows are too filthy, does not match!” “你和他们不一样,你心智淳朴,念头通透,如此才能当我的老大,那些家伙太污浊,不配!” North the invaders moon/month of doubt said: You are taunt me stupidly.” 寇北月狐疑道:“你是嘲讽我傻是吧。” Without, this is not silly, this is the pure feelings.” The young fatty makes an effort to shake the head. “没有没有,这不是傻,这是赤子之心啊。”小胖子用力摇头。 Really?” “真的?” Naturally real, if false, makes my day hit to be struck by lightning.” A small fatty face is sincere. “当然是真的,如果假的,就让我天打雷劈。”小胖子一脸诚恳。 Ok, so long as you helped me find Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, I complied to be you to be big.” Kou Beiyue seizes the chance to put forward the condition. “行吧,只要你帮我找到元始天尊,我就答应做你老大。”寇北月趁机提出条件。 He revolutions in transcription somewhat agitated, the forest is so big, wants to find Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning is not an easy matter, the good ministers select Lord bite this fellow, arranges the list second, the semblance is seemingly genial, but Kou Beiyue believes, the opposite party has certainly several brushes. 他在副本里转的有些烦躁,森林这么大,想找到元始天尊不是一件容易的事,良臣择主而噬这家伙,排榜单第二,外表看似和善,但寇北月相信,对方一定有几把刷子。 This, eldest child, you, although has the capital of dragon and phoenix, but also is not and Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning meets the tough head-on with toughness now.” The young fatty looks the embarrassment. “啊这,老大,您虽然有龙凤之资,但现在还不是和元始天尊硬碰硬的时候啊。”小胖子面露难色。 Idle talk little said, does not agree to get the hell out!” “废话少说,不同意就滚蛋!” Good, you want to look for Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, pouring is not difficult, goes to the forest to try one's luck.” The young fatty said. “好吧,你想找元始天尊,倒也不难,去森林中部碰碰运气呗。”小胖子说。 North the invaders the moon/month stares: In forest? How you know that can find him there.” 寇北月一愣:“森林中部?你怎么知道在那里能找到他。” The young fatty hehe is smiling: Blindly guesses!” 小胖子嘿嘿笑着:“瞎猜的!” „, Here has the red umbrella umbrella!” “呀,这里有红伞伞!” Asano stops coolly, in section of near a breaking wood that is covered with the moss, is pointing at ground that clump of colorful dried mushrooms, feeling pleased saying. 浅野凉停在一截长满青苔的断木边,指着地上那一丛色彩艳丽的菌菇,喜滋滋的说道。 The island people have the special complex to the fungus category, loves the pine mushroom especially. 岛国人对菌类有着特殊情结,尤爱松茸。 Zhang Yuanqing stops the footsteps, fixes the eyes on to look, that clump of dried mushrooms red umbrella white Gan, are quite bright, the words that but looks at carefully, will discover on the red umbrella to have close dark red traces, these trace distortions are strange, but also somewhat looks familiar. 张元清停下脚步,定睛看去,那丛菌菇红伞白杆,极为鲜艳,但仔细瞧的话,会发现红伞上有着一条条细密的暗红纹路,这些纹路扭曲怪异,还有些眼熟。 The brightly colored fungus category and fruit cannot eat Zhang Yuanqing to look that a Asano is cool, moves at heart, tries the poison with her? 颜色艳丽的菌类和水果都不能吃张元清看一眼浅野凉,心里一动,用她试试毒? Tries at the worst the lying down board board! He is cold the face saying: 试完大不了躺板板嘛!他冷着脸说道: Picks some belts!” “摘一些带着!” At once adds: Edible.” 旋即补充道:“不要食用。” Island young girl hehe smiles: Knows.” 岛国少女“嘿嘿”一笑:“知道知道.” A three people of corpse continues, on the way, they picked several skewers of luster bright fruits, gives Yin corpse blood wild rose taking care. 三人一尸继续前行,途中,他们又摘了几串色泽鲜艳的水果,交给阴尸血蔷薇保管。 Makes a long and wearisome journey, if you feel the body to be ill, may pick the wild fruit to appease hunger. In the Zhang Yuanqing mind, flashes through this matters needing attention. 长途跋涉中,如果你感觉身子不适,可采摘野果充饥.张元清脑海里,闪过这条注意事项。 Hunts an evil occupation to do the experiment, actually looks at mutually the contradictory matters needing attention, which strip is credible!” He talked to oneself in a low voice. “狩猎一个邪恶职业做做实验,看究竟互相矛盾的注意事项,哪条可信!”他低声自语。 However, what now is most important found the forest central poster. 不过,现在最重要的是找到森林中部的告示牌。 Suddenly, among the sultry jungle, blew gale, „” the branches and leaves stroked gently the sound, reverberated in three people of top of the heads. 突然,闷热的密林间,刮起了一阵强风,“哗哗”的枝叶摩挲声,在三人头顶回荡。 The shouts that moves fast together, resound in them behind: 一道飘忽的呼唤声,在他们身后响起: Asano is cool, Asano is cool “浅野凉,浅野凉” Island JK that is exploring the way carefully, thinks that behind king Tai is shouting itself, turning head of instinct, opens mouth. 正小心探路的岛国JK,以为身后的王泰在喊自己,本能的回头,张嘴. Wū wū.” “呜呜.” A goon covered her small mouth, the response sound that almost blurted out, turned wū wū. 一只打手捂住了她的小嘴,几乎脱口而出的回应声,变成了“呜呜”。 The young girls stare the big eye that is in sharp contrast greatly panic-stricken, her hand touches to the skirt waist, there has the clip several type gods, the thumb of another hand withstands blade Xin. 少女惊恐的瞪大黑白分明的大眼睛,她一只手摸向裙腰,那里有夹着几张式神,另一只手的拇指顶住刀镡. At this time, the ear transmitted king Tai the tone dignified warning: 这时,耳边传来王泰语气凝重的告诫: Continues to proceed, do not respond to the summon.” “继续往前走,不要回应呼唤。” But at this time, Asano also detected coolly the shouts come after behind, she shoots a look at the rearward secretly, discovered the following big tree makes threatening gestures is swaying the branch, probably lived. 而这个时候,浅野凉也察觉到呼唤声来自身后,她偷偷瞥向后方,发现后面的一棵棵大树张牙舞爪的摇晃着树枝,像是活了过来。 He reminds me. Asano coolly at heart one cold, understands oneself misunderstood the young nightwalking god. 他是提醒我.浅野凉心里一凛,明白自己误会了年轻的夜游神。 Her small face dignified nod, after Zhang Yuanqing loosens the hand, Asano lowers the head coolly, gradually leads the way, whatever summon transmit, does not respond. 她小脸凝重的点头,待张元清松开手后,浅野凉低着头,缓步前行,任凭身后的呼唤一声声传来,就是不搭理。 Has not known how long, the shouts vanished. 不知过了多久,身后的呼唤声消失。 Asano feels relieved coolly, small breathed two, tender sound said: 浅野凉如释重负,小小的喘了两声,娇声道: Really is fearful ~ “真是可怕啊~ Mr. king Tai, I misunderstood you, you were the just partner, was not a fallen.” “王泰先生,我误会你了,你是正义的伙伴,不是堕落者。” Zhang Yuanqing glances her one eyes, has not responded. 张元清瞟她一眼,没有搭理。 He keeps firmly in mind oneself Fu native of Qingyang supposes. 他牢记着自己的傅青阳人设。 Asano thinks little coolly, instead thought that this is the individuality of Mr. king Tai, her happy saying: 浅野凉不以为意,反而觉得这是王泰先生的个性,她开心的说道: You also sought the clothes for me, you have not peeped I, has not thought that must occupy me to be cheap.” “你还替我寻来了衣服,你没有偷看我,也没想想要占我便宜。” The prosperous young small steamed bun has anything to be attractive, including one feared that the entrance melted Zhang Yuanqing ill-humored complaining. 旺仔小馒头有什么好看的,含一口都怕入口即化了张元清没好气的吐槽。 Although Asano coolly is very high-quality JK, but similar beautiful young girl, his side is not rare, for example thanks Lingxi, for example Jiang Jingwei here by face/color price/value, does not only compare the intelligence quotient. 虽然浅野凉是很优质的JK,但类似的美少女,他身边并不罕见,比如谢灵熙,比如姜精卫这里只论颜值,不比智商。 But must discuss the mature plentiful big sister, was really many. 而要论成熟丰满的大姐姐,委实是太多了。 Asano's cool face value and stature, and being insufficient lets his incarnation dreadful male. 浅野凉的颜值和身材,并不足以让他化身猥琐男。 The island young girls smile, step lively proceeding, seems a little happy. 岛国少女粲然一笑,步伐轻快的往前,似乎有点开心。 She happy ran into the good person, moreover was very fierce good person. 她高兴自己遇到好人了,而且是很厉害的好人。 In this type of fearful transcription, there is a reliable teammate, means that has the hope of going on living. 在这种可怕的副本里,有可靠的队友,就意味着有活下去的希望。 Finally, after climbing mountains and crossing rivers for one hour, the seeing-eye dog that front explores the way, the pleasant surprise called out: 终于,在跋涉了一个小时后,前头探路的导盲犬,惊喜叫道: Poster, saw the poster!” “告示牌,看到告示牌了!” Zhang Yuanqing and peony fairy maiden, looks following the direction that she points, really sees together the poster, stands in the lush green bushes. 张元清和牡丹仙子,顺着她手指的方向望去,果然看见一块告示牌,立在茂盛苍翠的灌木间。 Three people step out immediately, closes up. 三人当即加快脚步,靠拢过去。 Regrettably, this is the same place. The poster of blank! 让人遗憾的是,这是一块.空白的告示牌! Blank? Zhang Yuanqing gawked, difference that this and he thinks. 空白的?张元清愣了一下,这和他想的不一样。 Zhang Yuanqing far away catches up, to collect the forest central poster content, looks whether to complement the information of outer layer. 张元清大老远的赶过来,是为了收集森林中部的告示牌内容,看能否补全外层的信息。 Unexpectedly, the poster is the blank, cannot make up the information even, the blank means after entering the central region, they must cross the river while feeling the stones. 谁料,告示牌是空白的,不能补完信息就算了,空白就意味着进入中部区域后,他们就得摸着石头过河。 This is the worst situation. 这是最糟糕的情况。 What's wrong?” “怎么了?” The peony fairy maiden asked. 牡丹仙子问道。 Zhang Yuanqing shakes the head slightly, is all right, came, enters in the forest to have a look.” 张元清微微摇头,“没事,来都来了,进森林中部看看吧。” Saying, he gave a jungle seeing-eye dog look, hints her to go to explore the way. 说着,他给了丛林导盲犬一个眼神,示意她进去探路。 Stupidly stands is also being not meaningful. 傻站着也没什么意义。 Asano deeply inspires coolly, gets hold of the ice mortal form blade, crosses the poster, central North Korea region line goes. 浅野凉深吸一口气,握紧冰魄刀,越过告示牌,朝中部区域行去。 „!” “哐!” Her head fierce trembles, probably hit the visible wall, Asano is covering the forehead coolly, the retreat of staggering along. 她脑袋猛的一颤,像是撞到了看不见的墙壁,浅野凉捂着额头,跌跌撞撞的后退。 Good, is quite sore.” “好,好疼.” Her forehead is red, in the excellent nose flows out two bright red, looks fierce. 她额头通红,秀挺的鼻子里流出两道鲜红,一阵龇牙咧嘴。 The Zhang Yuanqing brow selects, before lifting the foot arrives at the poster, puts out a hand, cautious toward throat. 张元清眉头一挑,抬脚走到告示牌前,伸出手,小心翼翼的往前探。 He touched not a visible wall. 他摸到了一堵看不见的墙。 Meanwhile, the ear transmits the briefing sound: 与此同时,耳边传来任务提示音: Ding! Under you have not achieved the condition that enters closes.】 【叮!您未达成进入下一关的条件。】 Has not achieved condition Zhang Yuanqing to repeat in a low voice. “没达成条件”张元清低声重复着。 He is surprised, but is not specially accidental/surprised, recalls carefully, the difficulty rank of outer layer was too low. 他对此感到意外,但又不是特别意外,仔细回想起来,外层的难度等级太低了。 Setting up the monster is also good, the monkey group, is very difficult to threaten the virtual environment traveler/ascetic. 树妖也好,猴群也罢,都很难威胁到灵境行者。 But like the expert of his rank, is almost no wound arrived in the forest. 而像他这个级别的高手,几乎是无伤的来到了森林中部。 Such difficulty rank, does not tally obviously slaughters the transcription. 这样的难度等级,显然不符合杀戮副本。 How to calculate to achieve the condition, solves the matters needing attention contradictory secret, chooses a camp? I have not killed the tree monster, but I have killed the monkey, after killing, is chooses camp “怎么样算达成条件,是解开注意事项矛盾的秘密,还是挑选一个阵营?我没杀过树妖,但我杀过猴子,杀后算不算选择阵营” Thinks of here, Zhang Yuanqing asked: 想到这里,张元清问道: Cool, you have killed the tree monster.” “凉,你有杀过树妖吗。” Asano cool cheek one red: Suddenly, suddenly such intimate name others. I have killed a tree monster, first time time of being under the tree monster attack.” 浅野凉脸蛋一红:“突,突然就这么亲密的称呼人家.我杀过一株树妖,第一次遭遇树妖攻击的时候。” She referred to that two dead companion triggering wooden monster hatred value that time. 她指的是那两个死去的同伴触发木妖仇恨值那次。 That achieves the request of condition, did not choose the camp, is the exogenetic also hiding other plots? Zhang Yuanqing knits the brows the ponder. 那达成条件的要求,就不是选择阵营了,外成还隐藏着其他剧情?张元清皱眉沉思。 How like this, needs to achieve what condition?” After the peony fairy maiden attempts, looks to Zhang Yuanqing: “怎么会这样,需要达成什么条件?”牡丹仙子尝试过后,看向张元清: king Tai, now what to do we should.” “王泰,我们现在该怎么办。” „!” Zhang Yuanqing said. “等!”张元清说。 „?” “等?” Un, waits for the time limit to arrive, waits for other virtual environment travelers to arrive. We cannot go, they cannot go, in situation that everyone cannot go, will definitely organize spontaneously, how the discussion enters.” Zhang Yuanqing spoke with confidence: “嗯,等时限到来,等其他灵境行者到来。我们进不去,他们也进不去,大家都进不去的情况下,肯定会自发的组织起来,讨论如何进入。”张元清侃侃而谈: This is the performance-to-price ratio highest way.” “这是性价比最高的方式。” Hasn't achieved the condition?” “没达成条件?” The invaders northern fifteenth day to the young fatty of body side, said at a loss: What is condition?” 寇北月望向身侧的小胖子,茫然道:“条件是什么?” The young fatty no longer smiles, the complexion is dignified, shakes the head: „It is not clear.” 小胖子不再笑眯眯,脸色凝重,摇头:“不清楚。” Really, must enter the next pass/test so is not simple.” “果然,要进下一关没这么简单。” The world turns over to the fire to hesitate for several seconds, said: We wait, to wait for the time limit to arrive here.” 天下归火沉吟几秒,道:“我们就在这里等,等时限到来。” The nearby sound nods crazily, this is like his idea. 边上的音痴点点头,这和他的想法一样。 Over time, the increasing number of people rush to the forest, then, everyone came across the same issue. 随着时间流逝,越来越多的人赶往森林中部,然后,所有人都遇到了相同的问题。 Do not go in! 进不去! The forest central region is very big, even if the perimeter is less than the outer layer, but the virtual environment travelers, are still very difficult to gather. 森林中部区域很大,即使周长不及外层,但灵境行者们,依然很难聚集在一起。 They 3322 collects piles in heaps, discussion of touching own ears and cheeks. 他们三三两两的凑成堆,抓耳挠腮的讨论。 Is only then haven't we achieved the condition?” “是只有我们没达成条件吗?” So-called condition is anything, we walk, except for the tree monster monkey, anything has not met. Content on the poster, there is strict deference. Cannot master this transcription completely.” “所谓的条件是什么,我们一路走过来,除了树妖猴子,什么也没遇到。告示牌上的内容,也有严格遵守.完全搞不懂这个副本。” I noticed a moment ago the world turned over to the fire and I assigns/life by me does not gather by the day together, they as if could not go.” “我刚才看到天下归火和我命由我不由天凑到一起了,他们似乎也进不去。” „Does the world turn over to the fire unable to go in? That is good, at least explained that everyone cannot go, not only we.” “天下归火都进不去?那就好,至少说明大家都进不去,不只是我们。” Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, found him? Encounters this situation, follows he is quite safe.” 元始天尊呢,有没有找到他?遇到这种情况,还是跟着他比较稳妥。” „It is not quite steady, his overall fell to 36.” “不太稳吧,他积分都掉到36名了。” In the virtual environment travelers are at a loss, the countdown ended, from entering the virtual environment, has passed the entire five hours. 就在灵境行者们束手无策之际,倒计时结束,距离进入灵境,已经过去整整五个小时。 The extant 120 players, at this moment, receive the transcription prompt sound simultaneously: 现存的120名选手,在此刻,同时收到副本提示音: Ding! The elves of life in forest, slaughtering of tourist, wailing of clansman was awakened setting up king Su in deep sleep, prepares to greet its anger!】 【叮!生活在森林里的精灵们,惨遭外界游客的屠戮,族人的哀嚎惊醒了沉睡中的树王苏,准备迎接它的怒火吧!】 Ding! Please flee here as soon as possible, enters the forest middle region.】 【叮!请尽快逃离此处,进入森林中部区域。】 PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。
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