SRW :: Volume #3

#244: Loses the person in mountain

" Yuan Shi Tian Zun, Yuan Shi Tian Zun. "元始天尊,元始天尊. That sound flutters with the wind, along with branches and leaves rustlemaking noise, some piao gauzes, are somewhat strange. In dim jungle that in the sunlight is difficult to pass, hears some people to summon itself suddenly, really somewhat. 那声音随着风飘过来,伴随着枝叶沙沙”的作响,有些缥纱,有些诡异。在日光难透的昏暗密林里,陡然间听到有人呼唤自己,着实有些惊惊。 How long then walked, encountered the danger? Cannot respond to Zhang Yuanqing not to think that encounters the danger that poster mentioned quickly, he is maintaining step forward, did not stop, treated as has not heard behind summon. 这才走了多久,就遇到危险了?不能回应张元清没想到这么快就遇到告示牌里提及的危险,他保持着向前的步伐,不做停留,当做没有听到身后的呼唤。 But out of the curiosity, he is manipulating blood good Wei, then looks toward the rear area. 但出于好奇心,他操纵着血善薇,回头朝后方望去。 Scene somewhat startled however, sees only old trees towering to the skies, hysterical/frenzy in wind sways, like giants of making threatening gestures. That summon, transmits among the overlapping branches and leaves, hears sound does not only see the person. Zhang Yuanqing operates the blood wild rose to return the head , to continue. " Rustle. 身后的景象有些惊然,只见一株株参天古树,在风中狂乱的摇晃吱呀,如同一个个张牙舞爪的巨人。那一声声的呼唤,自层层叠叠的枝叶间传来,只闻声不见人。张元清操纵着血蔷薇转回脑袋,继续前行。"沙沙. Is stepping on the soil that overspreads the rotten leaf, only walked for several minutes, the shouts stopped finally. 踩着铺满腐烂叶子的泥土,就这样走了几分钟,身后的呼唤声终于停了。 " So long as it seems like does not respond will not have the danger. Judging from the present situation matters needing attention on the poster are credible, in this case, real crisis, after the arrival middle? "看来只要不回应就不会有危险。就目前情况来说告示牌上的注意事项可信,这样的话,真正的危机,在抵达中部之后? Zhang Yuanqing walks, while ponders. 张元清一边走,一边思考。 According to the setting of average per person 3 overall, slaughters in the transcription, the proportion of transcription is very heavy, such being the case, this transcription is not simple. Inevitable murderous intention numerous. 根据人均三点积分的设定,杀戮副本中,副本的占比还是很重的,既然如此,这副本就绝不简单。必然杀机重重。 But the main line is the transcription of survival, has an urogenous of series, will not give too prompts, needs the virtual environment traveler/ascetic to explore. Ding! " The governing dragon Heaven " had died( the monster of misleading), the scoreboard reset, please note to examine.】 Ding! " The god of white elephant " had died( wooden monster), the scoreboard reset, please note to examine.】 Ding! Drop hammer had died( hot master), the scoreboard reset, please note to examine.】 " Some people died quickly " 但主线是存活的副本,都有一个统的尿性,不会给太多提示,需要灵境行者自行探索。【叮!"御龙九重天"已死亡(蛊惑之妖),积分榜重置,请注意查看。】【叮!"白象之神"已死亡(木妖),积分榜重置,请注意查看。】【叮!“打桩机”已死亡(火师),积分榜重置,请注意查看。】"这么快有人死了" Zhang Yuanqing is busy at opening the scoreboard, discovered that the total number of people turned into 180, his ranking has not changed, is 73, this explained that three travelers of death, were ranked under him. What is worth mentioning is, first from the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, turned conceitedly, the overall is 9 points. Second Zhaocheng tutelary god of city overall 6 points. Other person of overalls are invariable. 张元清忙打开积分榜,发现总人数变成了180名,他的排名没变,还是73名,这说明死亡的三名行者,排行在他之下。值得一提的是,第一名从赵城隍,变成了唯我独尊,积分是九点。第二名赵城隍积分六点。其余人积分不变。 " In three travelers of death, happen to one person was the evil occupation, if they were killed conceitedly, that just right nine overalls, if the overall growth of this guess correct that Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, came from the transcription. "死亡的三名行者中,正好有一人是邪恶职业,如果他们都是被唯我独尊杀死,那正好九点积分,而如果这个猜测正确那赵城隍的积分增长,来自于副本。 On me the observed situation, the side has not increased the origin of overall at present, is not anxious, the transcription just now starts, the earlier ranking does not have significance Zhang Yuanqing then to think to have this person " conceitedly " . 就我目前观测到的情况,身边没有增加积分的来源,不急,副本才刚开始,前期的积分排名没有意义张元清转而思索起"唯我独尊"这号人。 Defends the foreword to kill evilly together, this fellow obviously is the deviation confusion, as is unceasingly thorough, the possibility that he encounters other virtual environment travelers greatly promotes, but in this, meets 守序邪恶一起杀,这家伙明显是偏向混乱的,随着不断深入,他遭遇其他灵境行者的可能性大大提升,而这里面,遇到 The possibility of official colleague is 1/5. Considered again the dark night rose has in the official places 25 young. 官方同事的可能性是五分之一。再考虑到暗夜玫瑰有在官方安插二五仔。 Zhang Yuanqing decides first to hide itself, he takes out a few use item- is easy to accommodate the ring. 张元清决定先隐藏自己,他取出一件很少使用的道具-易容戒指。 Puts on the ring, lifts the palm to cover the face, rubs to pinch gently, but also calculates that the charming five senses present the illusory image distortion, subsequently turns into mediocre face king Tai 戴上戒指,抬起手掌覆盖脸庞,轻轻揉捏着,还算帅气的五官呈现幻影般的扭曲,继而变成一张平庸的脸王泰 Wants very well hides itself, commander Hetai ugly is not good, has saying that like king Tai this average no strange lose to the crowd in like the appearance of stealth, was too appropriate. 想要很好的隐藏自己,太帅和太丑都不行,不得不说,像王泰这种平平无奇丢到人堆里就像开了隐身的外貌,太合适了。 He just completed changed/easy appearance/allow, the ear porch moves, hears the left side not far away, transmits to step on the deadwood the heavy sound of footsteps. 他刚完成易容,耳廊一动,听见左侧不远处,传来踩断枯枝的沉重脚步声。 Immediately turns head to look, seeing only the future is one wears the black mountain-climbing clothe, at the back of the middle-aged person of mountain bag, in the hand is hanging a wooden stick, walks earnestly. It is not the virtual environment traveler/ascetic, is character Zhang Yuanqing in transcription remembers at once cannot the vision focus move out of the way with the matters needing attention that the person looks at each other immediately. Simultaneously opens the mouth to probe to say 立刻扭头看去,只见来者是一位穿着黑色登山服,背着登山包的中年人,手里挂着一根木杖,埋头走路。不是灵境行者,是副本里的人物张元清旋即想起不能与人对视的注意事项当即把视力焦点挪开。同时开口试探道 " Uncle, hello/you good, I am the mountain external tourist, I became lost. "大叔,你好,我是山外来的游客,我迷路了。 Mountain external tourist middle-aged man quick steps walks, „ how you walk from the road of mountain external leaving the mountain, told me quickly, told me quickly. “山外来的游客”中年男人疾步走来,“你是从山外来的出山的路怎么走,快告诉我,快告诉我. Under a vision 45 degrees corner/horn Zhang Yuanqing of police, cannot see the expression of opposite party, but since the sound judged, this middle-aged person heard he came from outside the mountain, as if is very excited, excited. 目光四十五度角下警的张元清,看不见对方的表情,但从声音判断,这位中年人听说他来自山外,似乎很兴奋、激动。 " Very sorry, I became lost, road that is also finding. " Zhang Yuanqing responded to hears word, the bright in middle-aged male person eyes, extinguished instantaneously, transferring was disappointed and depressed, low-spirited say/way "很抱歉,我迷路了,也在找出去的路。"张元清回应闻言,中年男人眼里的亮光,瞬间熄灭,转为失望和沮丧,黯然道 " I had been stranded in the mountain six days, the companion is completely separate, I do not know how long oneself can insist, the road that could not find, the people in entire city wanted in dire straits to hear this saying in the remote mountain, the Zhang Yuanqing apparent plot come. "我已经被困在山里六天了,同伴全部失散,我不知道自己能坚持多久,找不到出去的路,整座城的人都要困死在深山里听到这话,张元清便知剧情来了。 " Uncle, your saying to be what meaning, in the mountain has city " he to ask. The middle-aged man nods, subsequently sighed " is not in the mountain has the city, but was this mountain should not have " Zhang Yuanqing to maintain under the angle of police, said "大叔,你这话是什么意思,山里有城市"他问道。中年男人点头,继而叹了口气"不是山里有城,而是这片山就不该有"张元清保持着下警的角度,道 I am a outsider, does not understand, you can tell me, the middle-aged person as if walked tired, depended on a tree to sigh “我是外乡人,不太懂,你能跟我说说吗,中年人似乎走得累了,靠着一棵树叹道 " Probably two months ago, outside the city that I live, suddenly were many a mountain this mountain like iron bucket, surrounds the city, road that we could not find, the communication facility was also useless. "大概在两个月前,我生活的城市外面,突然多了一片山这片山就像铁桶似的,把城市包围,我们找不到出去的路,通信设备也没用了。 Everyone boiled for two months in the city, food and tap water exhaust gradually, the order also starts the confusion, robs, kills people and humiliates small and weakly, ”大家在城里熬了两个月,食物和饮用水渐渐耗尽,秩序也开始混乱,抢劫、杀人、欺凌弱小, " Saw with own eyes that cannot wait for the rescuer to enter a city, to go on living, the person who fortunately survives, organized four teams, from four different directions, seeks for the road that leaves the mountain, requests reinforcements to the outside world. ” The team that I am, is responsible to south explores, we have the rich field survival experience, the common barren mountains and wild hills cannot surround us, who thinks, enters the mountain forest the day in the evening, the team has an accident Ding "眼见等不到救援者进城,为了活下去,幸存下来的人,组织了四支队伍,从四个不同的方向出发,寻找出山的路,向外界求援.”我所在的队伍,负责向南探索,我们都有丰富的野外生存经验,一般的荒山野岭困不住我们,可谁想,进入山林的第天晚上,队伍就出事丁 The south I the position, was southern Zhang Yuanqing of city of losing confirms the direction now, asked " has an accident 南方我现在所处的位置,是遗失之城的南方张元清确认了方向,问道"出了什么事 The middle-aged people reveal the panic-stricken color, resembled is brought back the recollection of terrifying, say/waythat night, the team member was missing. 中年人露出惊恐之色,似是被勾起了恐怖的回忆,道“当天晚上,就有一名队员失踪了。 " According to and person of his same tent said that that night, the missing team member said, hears some people to call itself, that sound seemed like died many years of mother. "根据和他同一个帐篷的人说,那天晚上,失踪的队员说,听到有人在叫自己,那声音似乎是死去多年的母亲。 But companion anything of same tent without hearing, to climb mountains and cross rivers one all day, everyone is very tired, the companion would have no to care, heavy falling asleep. Next morning, we discovered that person was missing. Died many years of mother to ask itself this transcription also to have the strange element? Also may be the illusion, the missing that person definitely responded to the cry missing. Zhang Yuanqing is thinking at heart, asked " you to ask him the middle-aged man to nod “可同一个帐篷的同伴什么都没听见,跋涉了一整天,大家都很累,同伴就没在意,沉沉的睡着。第二天早上,我们就发现那人失踪了。死去多年的母亲在叫自己这副本还有灵异元素?也有可能是幻觉,失踪的那人肯定是回应了叫声才失踪的。张元清心里想着,问道"你们有找过他吗中年男人点点头 " Next morning, team leader organization everyone looked was very long, but had not found, we had the duty in the body, food and tap water were limited, can only give up him continue start off. "第二天早上,队长组织大家找了很久,但没有找到,我们有任务在身,食物和饮用水有限,只能放弃他继续上路。 " We take one's bearings toward south, when to pale yellow, found a place to pitch camp. The team leader arranges everyone to collect the branch to light a fire, I am picking the branch, suddenly to the squeal, hurried to the examination with everyone, discovered that a team member sits down exhausted under an old tree, the whole body shivers pointed at the tree, the person is being scared quickly. Time at this point, the middle-aged person expression is even more terrified, complexion also white several points, what a pity all these Zhang Yuanqing cannot see. He said "我们辨别方向一路往南,到昏黄时,找了一处地方扎营。队长安排大家收集树枝生火,我正捡着树枝,突然到了尖叫声,与大伙赶去查看,发现一名队员瘫坐在一颗古树下,浑身颤抖的指着树,人都快被吓傻了。说到这里的时候,中年人表情愈发惶恐,脸色也白了几分,可惜这一切张元清都看不到。他说 " That tree steadily a face, is being the last night missing companion. "那棵树长着一张人脸,就是昨晚失踪的同伴。 The face of companion as long this also wanted the netherworld as the tree in compared with the ghost story, therefore, what in the forest truly has the danger was what sets up Zhang Yuanqing to think of suddenly, say/way " uncle, I walked into the mountain, seeing outside some people to set up the poster, was your vertical? The middle-aged man one " what poster Zhang Yuanqing sinks at heart. 同伴的脸长到树里了这比鬼故事还要阴间,所以,森林里真正有危险的是树张元清忽然想到了什么,道"大叔,我进山之间,看见外面有人立了告示牌,是你们立的吗?中年男人一愣"什么告示牌张元清心里一沉。 PS this chapter of number of words little, the next chapter makes up. Today writes while ponders the plot, in the afternoon goes out to swim( treatment cervical vertebra), therefore code was slow. The swimming truly treats the cervical syndrome wonder drug, persisted in swimming for three days, I felt that the cervical vertebra was more flexible. PS这章字数少点,下一章补回来。今天一边写一边思考剧情,下午又出去游泳(治疗颈椎),所以码的慢了。游泳确实是治疗颈椎病的神药,坚持游了三天,我感觉颈椎灵活多了。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 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