SRW :: Volume #3

#243: Female marshal( asked monthly ticket)

Zhang Yuanqing has not responded to the virtual environment immediately, but arrives at Yin corpse " blood wild rose " side, puts out a hand to build in her shoulder, this discussed that in a low voice " participates " 张元清没有立刻回应灵境,而是走到阴尸"血蔷薇"身边,伸手搭在她的肩膀,这才低声念道"参加" Said these two characters instantly, sat in the desk for two hours, but always tranquil he, heard oneself hysterical/frenzy heartbeat unexpectedly, felt the heart sudden nervousness. 说出这两个字的刹那,在书桌边坐了两小时但始终平静的他,竟听见了自己狂乱的心跳,感受到心底突然产生的紧张情绪。 Probably like delivering the child enters the parents in college entrance exam venue, that type facing the intense feeling in life turning point, fills the air in the Zhang Yuanqing heart at this moment. The entry slaughters the transcription, he then can promote the saint, but the saint is the mainstay of virtual environment world, is the sublimation of level, is the sublimation of position, opened the front door of new world unusually, but the saint, is reaches the new world peak the important stair. He will welcome different lives- powerful! 大概就像送孩子进高考考场的父母,那种面对人生转折点的紧张感,在此刻的张元清心底弥漫。通关杀戮副本,他便能晋升圣者,而圣者是灵境世界的中流砥柱,是层次的升华,是地位的升华,超凡打开了新世界的大门,而圣者,是登上新世界顶峰的重要台阶。他将迎来不一样的人生-位高权重! Moreover, after promoting the saint, finally can try to look for the soldier elder brother, investigates him and demon Mr.'s past events. The slaughtering transcription of this unusual boundary, I will try to attack demon Monarch and female marshal 另外,晋升圣者后,终于可以试着寻找兵哥,调查他和魔君的往事。这次超凡境的杀戮副本,我会试着冲击一下魔君和女元帅 The record, Fu Qingyang, you may probably live ten million/countless, be not killed by the silver Queen of night, when our peak meets ............ Zhang Yuanqing prayed silently, the ear resounds the transcription introduction 的纪录,傅青阳,你可千万要活下来,别被银月神将杀了,咱们顶峰相见…………张元清默默祈祷之际,耳边响起副本介绍 Ding, in virtual environment map opening, after 30 seconds, enters virtual environment, your virtual environment of this entry is " the city of losing " , serial number 000 Difficulty rank unknown 【叮,灵境地图开启中,30秒后进入灵境,您本次进入的灵境为"遗失之城",编号000】【难度等级未知】 Type many people( death)】 【The main line duty survives for 72 hours.】 【The note non- virtual environment goods cannot lead into.】 【类型多人(死亡型)】【主线任务存活72小时。】【备注非灵境物品不可带入。】 【 The o000 virtual environment introduced some day, the city by the limitless forest package 【o000号灵境介绍某一天,城市被无边无际的森林包 Encircles, the path was cut off, the communication equipment lost the function, the survivors in city finished to the forest launches the exploration, path that sought, however, waited for their is a terrifying crisis... the scene is by the forest surrounding city, picked to look from the strange serial number and difficulty rank? Large-scale slaughters the transcription and special transcription different ......... Fu Qingyang is savoring the transcription information, at present the scenery presents the wave ripples suddenly, blurred all. Was spread to sweep by the crisscrossed simple branch 围,道路被阻隔,通讯设备失去作用,城中的幸存者结束向森林展开探索,寻找出去的道路,然而,等待他们的是一场恐怖的危机…场景是一座被森林包围的城市,从古怪的编号和难度等级采看?大型杀戮副本和特殊副本不一样………傅青阳正品味着副本信息,眼前景物忽然呈现水波般的涟漪,模糊了一切。被错综简单的枝条遍扫的 He places in a lush virgin forest, the under foot by the ground that the deadwood and spoiled leaf cover, in the dry mild air, is confusing the smell of rotten wood/blockhead. According to the humidity and temperature of air, and lush degree of woods, felt that here is the tropical rain forest...... the analysis of Fu Qingyang instinct the environment. " Forest? According to the virtual environment introduced, I also think the falling place is a city, the duty is launches the exploration to the forest ............ 他身处在一片茂盛的原始森林里,脚下是被枯枝和腐叶覆盖的地面,干燥温润的空气中,混淆着腐烂木头的气味。根据空气的湿度、温度,以及树林的茂盛程度,感觉这里是热带雨林……傅青阳本能的分析起环境。"森林?根据灵境介绍,我还以为落地点是城市,任务是对森林展开探索………… " Distant place no one, after it seems like transcription, everyone will be transmitted to the different places randomly, in this case, thinks, on the companion is an incomparably easy matter, then must hunt in the jungle mutually " "远处没人,看来进副本后,大家会被随机传送到不同的地方,这样的话,想后就同伴本身就是一件无比容易的事,接下来是要在丛林中互相狩猎" He is muttering, then hears the briefing sound to transmit Ding! This time slaughters the transcription participants 183 Average per person initial overall 3 Hunts and kills the virtual environment traveler/ascetic of hostile camp, may obtain opposite party all overalls, hunts and kills Dong dragon traveler/ascetic with camp, may inherit half of overalls.】 Overall reset, writes off!】 他正咕哝着,便听见任务提示音传来【叮!本次杀戮副本参与人数183】【人均初始积分三】【猎杀敌对阵营的灵境行者,可获得对方所有积分,猎杀同阵营的董龙行者,可继承一半积分。】【积分清零者,抹杀!】 Scoreboard has opened, please voluntarily examination.】 【积分榜已经开启,请自行查看。】 【The branch duty one please in 5 hours, across the outer layer region of taboo forest, arrive in the middle, each region takes the poster as the standard.】 【支线任务一请在5小时内,穿过禁忌森林的外层区域,抵达中部,每层区域以告示牌为准。】 【 The branch duty two please pass through the length and breadth the taboo forest, seeks for the city of that losing. Dong Longhong by the experience, chews the briefing content, deputes virtual environment traveler/ascetic who information " participates in this transcription, a total of 183 people, the official only has 38, the proportion 1/5, after member some . Latter means the confusion. 【支线任务二请穿过广袤的禁忌森林,寻找那座遗失之城。董龙红凭借经验,嘴嚼起任务提示内容,提纯信息"参与本次副本的灵境行者,总共183人,官方只有三十八位,占比五分之一,成员有些后就了。后就就意味着混乱。 In 183 virtual environment travelers, defends the foreword camp to have the officer ten thousand, virtual environment aristocratic families and civil society organizations( powder cultivates) ; The evil camp has two big organizations and civil society organizations( powder cultivates). Besides the above faction, virtual environment travelers in department neighboring countries. Because although the quantity is scarce, the virtual environment travelers in neighboring countries, were often neglected by the mainstream virtual environment influence, but the quantity bases on the entire barosaurus world scarcely. 183位灵境行者里,守序阵营有官万、灵境世家、民间组织(散修);邪恶阵营有二大组织、民间组织(散修)。除以上派系外,还有一个系周边各国的灵境行者。虽然因为数量稀少,周边各国的灵境行者,往往被主流灵境势力忽略,但数量稀少是基于整个重龙世界而言。 What large-scale slaughters the transcription to face is the Dong dragon traveler/ascetic in entire district, Fu Qingyang believes, so many small countries add, in transcription 20-30 foreign traveler/ascetic always some 0 0 大型杀戮副本面向的是整个大区的董龙行者,傅青阳认为,这么多个小国加起来,副本里20-30位异国行者总是有的0吧0 The virtual environment should have the translation function, otherwise, depending on my superficial foreign language foundation of basic skills, can only say whoever happens to come that " beautiful falls " , Oboe, " Salaha to swim " ............, Madame, you do not want to return little to turn over to the virtual environment Fu Qingyang then to carefully examine the followup mission information 灵境应该具备翻译功能的,不然,凭我浅薄的外语功底,只能逢人就说"呀美跌"、"欧巴"、"萨拉哈游"…………者,太太,你也不想回少归灵境吧傅青阳接着审视起后续任务信息 „The total number of people 183, average per person 3 points, that also 549 overalls, it seems like that the important source of overall is the transcription, that in other words, the proportion of transcription will be quite high.”Strikes to kill Dong dragon traveler/ascetic with camp, can only inherit half of overalls, defends the population of foreword camp to be far higher than the evil camp, the evil occupation will gain the overall...... " overall reset to write off difficultly, according to the current information speculated, without completing the branch task, might deduct the overall. Then, Fu Qingyang thought moves, launches the scoreboard. Like turning on property panel. “总人数183,人均三点,那也才549点积分,看来积分的主要来源是副本,那也就是说,副本的比重会比较高。””击杀同阵营的董龙行者,只能继承一半积分,守序阵营的人数远高于邪恶阵营,邪恶职业更困难获取到积分……"积分清零就会被抹杀,根据目前的信息推测,如果没完成支线任务,很可能会扣除积分。接着,傅青阳念头一动,展开积分榜。就像打开属性面板一样。 What the scoreboard arranges first is the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city, the one who arranges second is flatter one, those who arrange third constructs the governing dark green tooth, the famous suffix is decorating the island writing. Obviously this third is the island person. 积分榜排第一的是赵城隍,排第二的是阿一,排第三的是建御苍牙,名字尾缀着岛国文字。可见这位第三名是岛国人。 Fu Qingyang is sighing with emotion the Dong dragon high intelligence, while has swept the scoreboard panel, finally in 73, discovered own virtual environment D. " It seems like, in the overall consistent situation, ranking of scoreboard decides according to the height of empirical value. Dong Longhong closes the scoreboard, takes out the blade of bloodthirsty, brings the Yin corpse, goes toward the virgin forest deep place line. 傅青阳一边感慨着董龙的高智能,一边扫过积分榜面板,终于在73名,发现了自己的灵境D。"这么看来,在积分一致的情况下,积分榜的排名是根据经验值的高低而定。董龙红关闭积分榜,取出嗜血之刃,带着阴尸,朝原始森林深处行去。 He the primary duty across the outer layer region, arrives in the forest now, is trying the colleague who seeks for five lines of pledges, hopes that do not run into 25 young who the dark night rose places. 他现在首要的任务是穿过外层区域,抵达森林中部,然后试着寻找五行盟的同事,希望不要遇到暗夜玫瑰安插进来的二五仔。 What he most wants to look is pass/test Ya, although old Si Ji has rich and powerful family daughter's krypton gold/metal Nengli( item), has the unusual refined close combat ability, but her empirical value is too low, scouts and lacks the output skill. Fu Qingyang is worried about her safety very much. " Rustle...... 他最想找的是关雅,老司姬虽然有豪门千金的氪金能力(道具),又拥有超凡脱俗的近战才能,但她经验值委实太低,斥候又缺乏输出技能。傅青阳很担心她的安危。"沙沙…… His foot is stepping on the soft ground, stays behind the footprint, the blood wild rose walks in front, is brandishing the blade of bloodthirsty, cuts off bush thorn that blocks the way, or vine that dangles from the tree, leads the way for the master. 他脚踩着松软的地面,留下一个个浅浅的脚印,血蔷薇走在前头,挥舞着嗜血之刃,斩断拦路的灌木荆棘,或从树上垂下的藤蔓,为主人开路。 The vegetation of virgin forest is luxuriant, wants in the grove goes through is very on matter o 原始森林的植被过于茂盛,想要在林子里穿行是件很后就的事o Is good to walk, he has not been under the wild animal attack, but has not run into the virtual environment traveler/ascetic, thus it can be seen, this virgin forest very broad table. After dozen minutes, climbs mountains and crosses rivers in Samson jungle he, suddenly sees the front to stand is considering the wooden sign together. 好在一路走下来,他没遭遇野兽袭击,但也没有遇到灵境行者,由此可见,这片原始森林非常广表。十几分钟后,跋涉在森山密林中的他,忽然看见前方立着一块告木牌。 Arrived in the central region Fu Qingyang stride to rush quickly, stared at content on the posterTaboo forest outer layer 1 这么快抵达中部区域了傅青阳大步奔过去,凝视告示牌上的内容【禁忌森林外层一 Walks into the mountain to know one please do not carry the fire seed, the cutting tool, the security goods climbs mountains.】 【进山需知一请不要携带火种,刀具,安全物品上山。】 The benevolent please do not clamor in the mountain loudly, in order to avoid alarms to others. 1 Three please do not surpass for 30 minutes in same place stay.】 Four, if sees others in the forest, please do not look at each other with him ( her ).】 仁请不要在山中大声喧哗,以免惊扰到其他人。一【三请不要在原地停留超过30分钟。】【四如果在森林里看到其他人,请不要与他(她)对视。】 Five, if hears some people to summon your name, do not respond.】 【五如果听到有人呼唤你的名字,千万不要回应。】 The infinite high place, in a dim world, is floating planetesimal that is exuding the glimmer, composes the radiant length and breadth the galaxy. In these Xingzi, is micro world. 无穷高处,一片朦朦胧胧的世界里,漂浮着一道道泛着微光的星子,组成璀璨广袤的星河。这些星子里,是一个个微缩的世界。 Has the atmosphere terrifying ruined mountain village, has to sink the leaving uncultivated campus of dormancy in light, has the volcano of being ready, has the battlefield of two armies pitted against each other, has the vast prairie, has to exude the wave light lake. 有气氛恐怖的破败山村,有沉眠在光明中的荒废校园,有蓄势待发的火山,有两军对垒的战场,有一望无际的草原,有泛着波光的湖泊. From the ancient times to the present, from the city to the mountains, the landform that in the reality has, here can find. 从古代到现在,从城市到山川,现实里拥有的地貌,在这里都能找到。 In the reality does not have, here also has. 现实里没有的,这里也有。 Seven meteors row from the vicinity, breaks open profoundly " universe " , stops beside two parallel planetesimal. The meteor collects the ray, reveals the true body. 七道流星自近处划来,破开深邃的"宇宙",停在两颗并行的星子之外。流星敛去光芒,露出真身。 What is the head is one selects the female high, wears the black breeches, the women high help/gang boots, the upper body is a white shirt. Black and white matches colors complex and classics serves as contrast her to be possible be called the perfect stature proportion. Her appearance such as the fog obstructs the rosy cloud to circle, dim, does not look clearly, her hair throws over like a waterfall, actually non- black hair, but is the white hair. But unlike old person's silver white, her hair is pure white. 为首的是一位高挑女性,穿着黑色马裤,女式高帮靴子,上身是一件白色衬衫。黑白配色复杂而经典衬托出她堪称完美的身材比例。她的容貌如雾遮霞绕,朦朦胧胧,看不真切,她的头发如瀑布般披下,却非青丝,而是白发。但与老人的银白不同,她的头发是纯粹的白。 On her has an unattainable impressive and dignified manner, like command three services leader, resembles to overlook the female quantity of the world. 她身上有股高不可攀的威仪,如同统帅三军的领袖,又似俯瞰天下的女量。 This white hair such as the female of frost behind, is six dresses up various characters, some armors with azure front, some bind the black robe to wear the hood, some wear the white jersey, 这位白发如霜的女子身后,是六位打扮各不相同的人物,有的穿铠甲配青锋,有的裹黑袍戴兜帽,有的穿白色练功服, Full red hair, even a quiff Teddy. 满头红发,甚至还有一只卷毛泰迪。 Wears the general of armor, is staring at two parallel planetesimal, sinking sound said " our saints luck are not quite good, what entered is the war transcription! " 身披铠甲的将军,凝视着两颗并行的星子,沉声道"我们的圣者们运气不太好啊,进的是战争副本!" And in a Xingzi, screens the picture of two armies pitted against each other, on her my city, wins the flag flap flap, wears armor holds the sharp garrison troops, or bends the bow the nocking, either pushes down to strike the wood and oil drum, is resisting under the city, dense and numerous attacking a city enemies. 其中一颗星子里,映出两军对垒的画面,她我的城池上,胜旗猎猎,披甲持锐的守军,或弯弓搭箭,或推下擂木、油桶,抵挡着城池下,密密麻麻的攻城敌军。 The vicinity, is a river of graceful slug, the river breadth number hundred zhang (333 m), broad warships brave all hardships, the ship's sail inspiration, the artillery thunders. Several hundred-meter warships, partly sink to the river, floats braves the billowing thick smoke in the part of water surface. 更近处,是一条婉蜒的大河,河面宽数百丈,一艘艘恢弘的战船乘风破浪,船帆鼓舞,火炮轰鸣。几艘长达百米的战船,半沉入河中,浮于水面的部分冒着滚滚浓烟。 This is a war of epic level. 这是一场史诗级的战争。 Above the city wall, proud stand the tall and straight form, is wearing the armor, the back sets up the scarlet white azure black yellow five flags, grasps man (Han) eight side Gujian. 城墙之上,傲立着挺拔的身影,身披盔甲,背插赤白青黑黄五旗,手持一口汉八方古剑。 Under his vision passing over gently and swiftly city the ghost was mad densely, the companion who rushed to the enemy ranks single-handedly, passed over gently and swiftly like the incarnation fire god, the allies of burning down world all enemies, finally, looked after the enemy strength 0 他的目光掠过城下鬼气森森,单枪匹马闯敌阵的同伴,掠过如同化身火神,焚烧世间一切敌的战友,最后,望向敌军后力0 There has six meters high eight arm giants, the whole body muscle such as the steel construction, covers entirely distortion strange rune/symbol writing , is thick fog that a laminar level turns wells up. The youth vision of full red hair shines, is eager to try to say 那里有一尊六米高的八臂巨人,浑身肌肉如钢铁浇筑,布满扭曲怪异的符文,身后,是一片层层翻涌的浓雾。满头红发的青年目光发亮,跃跃欲试道 War transcription is rare, when I participated to slaughter the transcription initially, then has not met this type, what a pity, what a pity!” Can slaughter in such battlefield, the dying in battle battlefield was also fine deeds. The war transcription is the most frigid transcription, comes up is very intensive battle, kills the field littered with corpses, kills the transcription to start. “战争副本罕见,我当初参加杀戮副本时,便没有遇到这种类型的,可惜了,可惜了!”能在这样的战场中厮杀,战死沙场也是一桩美事。战争副本是最惨烈的副本,一上来就是高强度的厮杀,直杀到尸横遍野,杀到副本开始。 Even if the peak saint, will have the situation that the strength uses up to perish. 哪怕是巅峰的圣者,也会出现力竭而亡的情况。 Moreover, the difficulty and fever brain of war transcription, are recognize high, related to deploys troops and forms lines, resources ration, direction wait/etc. Nothing winning a war was more difficult. 另外,战争副本的难度、烧脑,是公认最高的,涉及到排兵布阵,资源配给,指挥等等。没有什么比打赢一场战争更难了。 At this time, is the female of head, the leaning head, looked slightly to the profound universe. After several breaths, more than ten meteors come rapidly, similarly under two compound Xingzi avant-corps. 这时,为首的女子,微微侧头,望向深邃的宇宙。几息后,十几道流星急速而来,同样在两颗并列的星子前亭下。 This group of unexpected visitors, are headed by three people, is a azure of black formal dress is respectively handsome and graceful, the earlobe inlays two silver nails to bind the mysterious person of tattered black robe, does not reveal the hands and feet, the face hides in the shadow of hood, in god of death like Western myth ; Keeps the fluctuation physique and sex " person " . 这群不速之客,以三人为首,分别是一身黑色正装的青英俊、优雅,耳垂嵌着两枚银钉裹着破烂黑袍的神秘人,不露手脚,脸庞藏在兜帽的阴影里,如同西方神话里的死神;一个不停变幻体态、性别的"人"。 The frightened Son of Heaven of soldier bishop ; The spirit can meet the west district branch president ; Nihility sect south school king. 兵主教的恐惧天王;灵能会西区分会会长;虚无教派南派王。 The frightened Son of Heaven is staring at the white hair female, good a gentry ritual ritual, the smile said the graceful, many years have not seen, present you, are free? The "……" final word " red hair youth replaces the woman to reply, latter uncouthly. 恐惧天王凝视着白发女子,行了一个绅士礼礼,微笑道帅,多年未见,现在的你,还是自由的吗?""煞笔"红发青年代替女人回答,后就粗鲁。 The white hair female lifts the pupil, looks at a frightened Son of Heaven, then continues to stare at the tactical situation tranquil battlefield. 白发女子抬眸,看一眼恐惧天王,便继续盯着战况平静的战场。 " Heard that your time united the dark night rose, can in slaughtering the transcription removes Zhang Yuanqing and Yuan Shi Tian Zun? " Her voice is chilly. Frightened day Wang Wei said with a smile " hope to succeed. The white hair woman nods "听说你们这次联合了暗夜玫瑰,要在杀戮副本里除掉张元清和元始天尊?"她声音清冷悦耳。恐惧天王微笑道"希望能成功。白发女人点点头 " Silver moon really has to kill the Zhang Yuanqing opportunity. "银月确实有杀张元清的机会。 As for the little fellows of unusual stage, you truly trained many person frightened Son of Heaven behind tall and strong robust man of snort/hum say/way " , therefore, kills a Yuan Shi Tian Zun, has more than enough to spare. " “至于超凡阶段的小家伙们,你们确实培养了不少人恐惧天王身后的一名魁梧壮汉哼道"所以,杀一个元始天尊,绰绰有余。" This human eye bronze bell, the eyebrow thick face side, looks feels temperate, as if will intend to offend somebody momentarily o 此人眼似铜铃,眉浓脸方,看着就觉得温和,似乎随时会出手伤人o The frightened Son of Heaven turns head, says with a smile 恐惧天王回头,笑道 Violent anger, although everyone has the freedom of speech, but your god, do not speak to the marshal. “暴怒,虽然每个人都有言论自由,但你一个神将,不要这么跟元帅说话。 The violent anger god pulls out the facial skin, suppresses the anger, lowers the head. 暴怒神将脸皮一抽,强忍怒火,低下头去。 The spirit can the president of meeting, the founder of nihility sect, as well as the control, has not responded five groups of pledge here elders behind, first observing as incompatible as fire and water two big camps, rare peaceful coexistence, unrelated. 灵能会的会长,虚无教派的教主,以及他们身后的主宰们,则没有搭理五行盟这边的长老,第一时间观战水火不容的两大阵营,罕见的和平共处,互不相干。 Here situated in the virtual environment and reality, belongs to the nihility region, only has the peak control, or the hegemon level character can lead the person to come, but what comes is not a true body, is thought that the strength of Yuan god condenses. 此处介于灵境和现实之间,属于虚无地带,唯有巅峰主宰,或盟主级人物才能带人进来,而进来的并非真身,是元神之力凝聚的意念。 Thought illusory it projects together, the battle naturally then did not have the significance. High in Dong dragon traveler/ascetic, can roam through the virtual environment world on own initiative, but this world, does not enter in the transcription, refers to roaming through this void. 意念虚无缥缈本身就是一道投影,争斗自然便没了意义。董龙行者中的高位者,是可以主动遨游灵境世界的,但这个世界,并不是进入副本里,是指遨游这片虚空。 Except that after certain, on the method of occupation, even the hegemon level character, is unable to go round the virtual environment to enter the transcription. 除了某些后就职业的手段,即便盟主级人物,也无法绕开灵境进入副本。 Slaughters the transcription to open each time, this group of high will then invite the roaming to come to observe void, everyone hit many time has put in an appearance, has been able to achieve to regard the opposite party, if did not have the thing, looked respectively various 每次杀戮副本开启,这群高位者便会邀游虚空前来观战,大家打过许多次照面了,已经能做到视对方如无物,各看各的 At this time, the white hair female who stared at the battlefield took back the vision, went to another planetesimal, she looked at the moment careless, which askingwas Yuan Shi Tian Zun? 这时,凝望战场的白发女子收回目光,投向另一颗星子,她马虎看了片刻,问道“哪个是元始天尊? Quiff Teddy flutters to the white hair female side, searched for the moment in Xingzi, is pointing at somewhere, say/way " that boy is Yuan Shi Tian Zun. " White hair female nods slightly, dedicated stares at the virgin forest. 卷毛泰迪飘到白发女子身旁,在星子里搜寻了片刻,指着某处,道"那小子就是元始天尊。"白发女子微微颔首,专注的凝望原始森林。 No one paid attention to the evil camp that the unusual boundary slaughters the transcription, the numerous controlled to turn head to look in abundance. The frightened Son of Heaven said with a smile 原本没人关注超凡境杀戮副本的邪恶阵营里,众主宰纷纷扭头看了过去。恐惧天王笑道 " Marshal, the light looks not to have the meaning, we might as well make a bet. " White hair female crosses the hands behind the back to stand, " said! " Frightened day kingly way "元帅,光看着没意思,我们不如打个赌。"白发女子负手而立,"说!"恐惧天王道 " Demon eye is because Yuan Shi Tian Zun was imprisoned, we make a bet with him, if he dies in slaughtering the transcription, you put the demon eye, but also he is free. " If Yuan Shi Tian Zun attains the scoreboard first, I lose your control quality the rule class item. "魔眼是因为元始天尊才被囚禁,那我们就用他打赌,如果他死在杀戮副本里,你把魔眼放了,还他自由。"如果元始天尊拿到积分榜第一,我输你一件主宰品质的规则类道具。 The red hair youth knits the brows, „ is unfair, why isn't he lives? The frightened Son of Heaven said with a smile 红发青年皱了皱眉,“不公平,为什么不是他活下来?恐惧天王笑道 " First, even if you do not put the demon eye, when he enters the virtual environment, dies of the virtual environment, same can in the aunt god womb the rebirth. Next, slaughtering the transcription is the points-based system, Yuan Shi Tian Zun, if has hidden is waiting for starting from three days, he same lives. „ Therefore, is very fair! "首先,就算你们不放魔眼,等他进入灵境,死于灵境,一样能从母神子宫内重生。其次,杀戮副本是积分制,元始天尊若是一直躲着等待三天开始,他一样活下来。“所以,很公平! The red hair youth thinks, discovered oneself are unable to refute, then looks to the female marshal. The white hair female nods " ! " 红发青年想了想,发现自己无法反驳,便看向女元帅。白发女子颔首"可以!" " Originally I had not arrived at the outer layer region a moment ago, here is ............ content on the poster, is representing the security of outer layer region? " Fu Qingyang looks at matters needing attention on the poster, a brow wrinkle. "原来我刚才还没到外层区域,这里才是…………告示牌上的内容,代表着外层区域的安全?"傅青阳看完告示牌上的注意事项,眉头一皱。 This means that passes through the taboo forest outer layer, perhaps is a very safe matter, content on the poster, the person who then can let the person forest dodges the security. 这意味着,穿越禁忌森林外层,恐怕是一件很安全的事,告示牌上的内容,则可以让进人森林的人规避安全。 " But such clear informs the matters needing attention, was too complex? How doesn't observe the matters needing attention to be able? What a pity does not have the means to try wrong, cannot brave with the Yin corpse "但就这么明明白白的把注意事项告知,是不是太复杂了?不遵守注意事项会怎样?可惜没办法试错,不能拿阴尸冒 Dong Longhong screens out the blade of bloodthirsty from blood wild rose, takes back the goods column. According to the sauce abstention of poster, the flame and cutting tool are unuseful. He has not continued but forward hand according to poster, after several seconds, the goods information appears 董龙红从血蔷薇手里抽走嗜血之刃,收回物品栏。按照告示牌的酱戒,火焰和刀具不能使用。他没有继续向前而是把手按在告示牌上,几秒后,物品信息浮现 The poster that 【the people in city of losing establish, hopes that can stand guard to astray bans dense/woods of Chen traveler.】 Is the person in that city establishes, the virtual environment said that they who entered the forest came across the big crisis, I also think that no one can come out, never expected that they have explored the outer layer .......... Fu Qingyang to operate before the Yin corpse to lead the way, cross the poster, entered the outer layer region. 【遗失之城中的人立下的告示牌,希望能警戒误入禁辰之森的旅人。】是那座城里的人立下的,灵境介绍说,进入森林的他们遇到了大危机,我还以为没人能出来,没想到他们已经探索到外层了……….傅青阳操纵着阴尸前头开路,越过告示牌,进入外层区域。 Is stepping on the soft rotten silt, Fu Qingyang and blood wild rose in tandem, discrete going through in virgin forest. more walks toward , the branches and leaves are more luxuriant, almost blocked the sky. Luckily is during the daytime, without the illumination, in the forest the visibility is also very high. 踩着松软腐烂的淤泥,傅青阳和血蔷薇一前一后,谨慎的穿行在原始森林中。越往里走,枝叶越茂盛,几乎完全挡住了天空。幸好是白天,哪怕没有光照,森林里能见度也很高。 If cannot light a fire, at night, in the grove anything could not see. But I am the nightwalking god, does not fear black, at night is my home game...... he divergent ponder, while vanguard. 如果不能生火的话,到了晚上,林子里就什么都看不到了.但我是夜游神,并不怕黑,黑夜才是我的主场……他一边发散性思考,一边前行。 Walked for probably a half hour, in the grove of sun-blocking, does not know where blows cool mountain breeze. In the wind floats a high-pitched and fine sound. 走了大概半小时,遮天蔽日的林子里,不知从哪里吹来一阵凉飕飕的山风。风中飘来一阵尖细的声音。 Dong Longhong cocks the ears to listen respectfully, that sound in shouting " Yuan Shi Tian Zun, Yuan Shi Tian Zun. 董龙红侧耳聆听,那声音在喊"元始天尊,元始天尊. After PS wrong character first changes, last day, asked monthly ticket in the big masters hand. The next chapter should in the evening. PS错字先更后改,最后一天,求一下大老爷们手里的月票。下一章应该在晚上。
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