SOTR :: Volume #22

#2179: Peacock return

Colored Glass Palace opens Medice faction, broadly has not actually received the disciple. 琉璃宫宗立派,却没有广收门徒。 The condition of Colored Glass Palace hiring, is strict. It is not side Jiang Chen, or and Jiang Chen is not familiar, temporarily does not have the opportunity to join. 琉璃宫招人的条件,非常严格。不是江尘身边的,或者和江尘不熟悉的,暂时都没有机会加入。 Even if familiar with Jiang Chen, needs to pass through layer upon layer inspects, is entitled. 即便和江尘熟悉的,也需要经过层层考核,才有资格。 Naturally, Jiang Chen regarding own former subordinates, is very generous. Like Lu Feng Pill King these old friends, he naturally cannot reject. 当然,江尘对于自己的旧部,还是非常宽厚的。像吕丰丹王这些故人,他自然不会拒绝。 Colored Glass Palace opens Medice faction, naturally needs manpower. 琉璃宫宗立派,当然需要人手。 However Jiang Chen actually absolutely not because needs the manpower, then lowers the standard, too little better than toomuch, this is Jiang Chen's receives the person standard. 但是江尘却绝对不会因为需要人手,便降低标准,宁缺毋滥,这是江尘的收人标准。 The Yan Clan person, from Yan Wanjun, below arrives at Yan Qingsang, decides to join Colored Glass Palace. They in Myriad Abyss Island, once attempted to reconstruct Yan Clan, is the Myriad Abyss Island situation is ever changing, the path that they reconstruct, is doomed to be difficult. 晏家的人,上至晏万钧,下到晏青桑,都是纷纷决定加入琉璃宫。他们在万渊岛,也曾尝试过重建晏家,可是万渊岛的局势千变万化,他们重建的路子,注定非常艰难。 But now, the Colored Glass Palace opportunity is placed in front of them, the Yan Clan person, naturally is not willing to miss. Huang'er also approves of the Yan Clan person to join Colored Glass Palace. 而现在,琉璃宫的机会摆在他们面前,晏家的人,自然不愿意错过。篁儿也是非常赞同晏家的人加入琉璃宫的。 Because of the Huang'er judgment, future Myriad Abyss Island, will have surely also the war disaster to occur, the Ten Dominant Sacred Lands ability, could not shoulder the Myriad Abyss Island future absolutely. 因为篁儿判断,未来的万渊岛,必定还会有战祸发生,十大圣地的能力,绝对是扛不起万渊岛的未来了。 Therefore, reconstructs Yan Clan in Myriad Abyss Island, already not any significance. 所以,在万渊岛重建晏家,已经没有任何意义。 Such one, Elder Shun and Chu Xinghan this to master and disciple, naturally, has then joined Colored Glass Palace. 这么一来,舜老楚星汉这对师徒,自然而然,也便加入了琉璃宫 Jiang Chen had not deliberately considered but actually. 江尘倒没有寻思。 cultivator of Divine Dao rank, all enjoys the elder treatment. 神道级别的修士,一律享受长老待遇。 Half Deity Level with Celestial high rank cultivator, do not enjoy to prepare the elder treatment. 神级别和天位高阶修士,享受预备长老待遇。 Below Celestial high rank, is consecrates rank the treatment, is next to the elder, is equal to the Colored Glass Palace intermediate level! 天位高阶以下,是供奉级别的待遇,仅次于长老,相当于琉璃宫的中层! As for Celestial below, that was the ordinary Colored Glass Palace disciple. 至于天位以下,那就是普通琉璃宫弟子了。 This song standard, is actually very high. However as ancient sect, the Colored Glass Palace threshold must be high, from the beginning cannot establish too lowly. 这个歌标准,其实是非常高的。但是作为上古宗门,琉璃宫的门槛必须高,一开始就不能设置得太低。 If too low, did not do right by Colored Glass Palace this ancient leader sect's reputation. 如果太低的话,就对不住琉璃宫这个上古领袖宗门的名头了。 For several days, everybody realized that the Human Territory pattern must change finally. Now the so-called Upper Eight Regions pattern, completely will perhaps break. 短短几天时间,大家都意识到,人类疆域的格局终于要变了。现在所谓的上八域格局,恐怕将彻底打破了。 Perhaps, the ancient pattern, will reappear slowly! 或许,上古格局,将会慢慢重现! On this day, several original manuscript Colored Glass Imperial City former subordinates, had actually found Jiang Chen. 这一日,几名原本琉璃王城的旧部,却是找到了江尘 After Jiang Chen listened to their purpose in coming, is startled: „Do you determine?” 江尘听了他们的来意之后,也是吃惊:“你们确定吗?” Young Master, we are indefinite, but we obtain many information, some people once in a hurry glanced, tallies with him.” 少主,我们就是不确定,但是我们得到很多情报,有人曾经匆匆一瞥,都和他非常吻合。” Young Master, Peacock Great Emperor has been missing, perhaps, he is all right really! Just, he possibly does not facilitate now.” 少主,孔雀大帝一直下落不明,或许,他老人家真的没事呢!只不过,他现在可能不方便回来吧。” Jiang Chen hesitates saying: If is really he, he does not come back, I am not surprised. He is always first thinks of others, then considers oneself.” 江尘沉吟道:“如果真是他,他不回来,我一点都不感到意外。他老人家从来都是先为别人着想,再考虑自身的。” Perhaps others did not understand that Peacock Great Emperor is living obviously, why actually does not return, but Jiang Chen is clear, he wants certainly to prop up him, making him go all the way. 别人或许不理解孔雀大帝明明活着,却为什么不回归,但是江尘却非常清楚,他老人家一定是想扶植他,让他一路上去。 Otherwise, he comes back, Peacock Sacred Mountain Dao Lineage will present the argument. 不然的话,他回来,孔雀圣山道统又将出现争论。 This good painstakingly attentive, Jiang Chen naturally knows. However now, these issues do not exist obviously, the Jiang Chen's growth, has exceeded anticipation of Peacock Great Emperor obviously. 这份良苦用心,江尘自然是知晓的。但是现在,这些问题显然不存在了,江尘的成长速度,显然超过了孔雀大帝的预期。 Therefore, now Peacock Great Emperor can actually come back, Jiang Chen also never thought that Peacock Great Emperor cannot come back. 所以,现在孔雀大帝其实是可以回来了,江尘也从来不觉得孔雀大帝不能回来。 In his heart, never resists Peacock Great Emperor to come back. His Dao Lineage to Peacock Sacred Mountain, has not wrested away the thought of not putting. 他心中,也从未抵制过孔雀大帝回来。他对孔雀圣山道统,也从来没有霸占不放的念头。 Sees everybody hopefully to look at itself, Jiang Chen smiled, said: So long as Peacock Great Emperor he still, my Jiang Chen certainly has the means to greet him to come back. Human Territory initially can who admires very few, Peacock Great Emperor is first. I will not forget him the contribution to Peacock Sacred Mountain, will not forget that he initially was the Demon Race matter in all directions worried. If said selfless, Peacock Great Emperor should consider first!” 见大家都充满期待地看着自己,江尘笑了笑,说道:“只要孔雀大帝他老人家还在,我江尘一定有办法迎接他回来。人类疆域当初能让佩服的人少之又少,孔雀大帝名列第一。我不会忘记他对孔雀圣山的贡献,也不会忘记他当初为魔族的事四处操心。若说无私心,孔雀大帝当推第一!” The people saw Jiang Chen saying that in heart relaxed. 众人见江尘这么说,心中都是松了一口气。 Can look, river Young Master Chen main does not repel Peacock Great Emperor. Thinks is also, perhaps by river Young Master Chen main strength and potential, others hasn't repelled Peacock Great Emperor? 看得出来,江尘少主是真的不排斥孔雀大帝。想想也是,以江尘少主的实力和潜力,人家或许从来就没排斥过孔雀大帝吧? Jiang Chen knows the people regard, knows that the Peacock Great Emperor manner, indeed won the respect of these people. 江尘知道众人心意,也知道孔雀大帝的为人,的确是赢得了这些人的尊重。 At that moment Jiang Chen said with a smile: Passes on my verbal command to get down, said that the Peacock Sacred Mountain control position, has hung, when Peacock Great Emperor comes back, when this position settles down.” 当下江尘笑道:“传我号令下去,就说孔雀圣山的掌控者位置,一直高悬,什么时候孔雀大帝回来,什么时候这个位置尘埃落定。” People heard that, is to praise. 众人闻言,都是大赞。 Good, this idea is good. Peacock Great Emperor is very deep to the Peacock Sacred Mountain sentiment, if said that the Peacock Sacred Mountain Dao Lineage home to return to does not have the conclusion, he was coerced by the principle of righteousness, certainly cannot hide.” “不错,此计不错。孔雀大帝孔雀圣山感情很深,若说孔雀圣山道统归宿没有定论,他被大义裹挟,一定不会隐藏不回的。” The Jiang Chen smile nods, he using Peacock Great Emperor the psychology. 江尘微笑点头,他正是利用孔雀大帝的这种心理。 After these people obtain Jiang Chen's incites, really the news sends out, moreover adds inflammatory details, said that river Young Master Chen main has nosed to Peacock Great Emperor also in the news of world. And said that the river Young Master Chen main pole to long for Peacock Great Emperor returns, holds Peacock Sacred Mountain again, assists Colored Glass Palace. 这些人得到江尘的授意后,果然就将消息散发出去了,而且还添油加醋,说江尘少主已经查探到孔雀大帝还在人世的消息。并说江尘少主极为渴望孔雀大帝回归,重掌孔雀圣山,辅佐琉璃宫 Singing in good voice and with feeling that these news said that that feeling resembles Colored Glass Palace Dao Lineage, has been short of Peacock Great Emperor this [lineage/vein], even did not handle. 这些消息说的声情并茂,那种感觉就好像琉璃宫道统,少了孔雀大帝这一脉,甚至都玩不转了。 Has saying that this means are very good. 不得不说,这个办法很好。 Three days later, outside the Peacock Sacred Mountain entrance, Jiang Chen stands on the mountain road easely, looks at the form to fall by the mountain road together, impressively is Peacock Great Emperor of long-separated many year. 三天后,孔雀圣山的山门外,江尘悠然站在山道上,望着一道身影落在山道旁边,赫然便是阔别很多年头的孔雀大帝 Leaves for many years, your majesty elegant demeanor, actually won in the past.” Jiang Chen smiles easely. “一别多年,陛下风采,却更胜往昔啊。”江尘悠然一笑。 Peacock Great Emperor sighed one lightly: Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen, initially I then know that you is a sly boy, this time, these ideas, deciding is you leaves?” 孔雀大帝轻叹一声:“江尘啊,江尘,当初我便知道你是个滑头小子,这一次,这些主意,定是你出的了?” Jiang Chen Heh heh smiles: To please move you returns, I am also have no other choice this bad plan. Peacock Sacred Mountain Dao Lineage, the no small matter, you do not come back to wield personally, give other people, I do not feel relieved.” 江尘嘿嘿一笑:“为了请动您老回归,我也是不得已出此下策。孔雀圣山道统,非同小可,您老不回来亲自执掌,交给其他人,我也不放心啊。” Although Peacock Sacred Mountain direct descendant also one group of characters, but does not have one to blow the scene. Jiang Chen cannot fall short of the commission of Peacock Great Emperor, can only ask Peacock Great Emperor to return. 虽说孔雀圣山嫡系也有一批人物,但是没有一个可以镇得住场面。江尘不能辜负孔雀大帝的嘱托,只能请孔雀大帝回归。 „, My outside many years, should come back to have a look. Since your many years, had not forgotten that my this old fogy, do I want to come back?” “罢了,我在外多年,也该回来看看了。既然你们这么多年,也没忘掉我这个老家伙,我又何尝不想回来呢?” Peacock Great Emperor to Peacock Sacred Mountain, is lyrical. 孔雀大帝孔雀圣山,还是充满感情的。 I welcomed your majesty to return.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. “那我就恭迎陛下回归了。”江尘笑道。 Jiang Chen, now with do not call old. Now, you are Human Race advocate, the Colored Glass Palace leader, Peacock Sacred Mountain can hold to shield in the Colored Glass Palace subordinates, as a branch vein influence, compared with it initially does not know that progressed many. This is Colored Glass Imperial City proper Atmostphere. The old men were inferior that you are many!” 江尘,现在不要用旧称呼了。如今,你才是人族共主,琉璃宫掌门,孔雀圣山能托庇于琉璃宫麾下,作为一个支脉势力,比之当初不知道进步了多少。这才是琉璃王城应有的气象啊。老夫不如你多矣!” Peacock Great Emperor is the heart-to-heart talk, but Jiang Chen naturally cannot regard the good fortune others polite, immediately him specially is the gift of Peacock Great Emperor preparation. 孔雀大帝是肺腑之言,但是江尘自然不能把人家的客气当成福气,当下将一份他特意为孔雀大帝准备的礼物。 Also including Colored Glass Palace some resources, includes the Jiang Chen personal complimentary gift. For example Celestial Ascension Pill, for example half divine tool wait / etc.. 既包括琉璃宫的一些资源,也包括江尘私人的赠品。比如鼎天丹,比如半神器等等。 Peacock Great Emperor is the senior of Jiang Chen respect, Jiang Chen naturally cannot be parsimonious. 孔雀大帝江尘敬重的前辈,江尘自然不会吝啬。 ( From, the monthly ticket double started at this moment. Then, holds true by does not erupt! If the monthly ticket can over 1500 tickets, I directly erupt ten chapters today! 1500 tickets are actually usually 750 tickets. I believe that three have this potential. During monthly ticket double, we are together crazy! To look at the eruption, pounds your end of the month monthly tickets!) (从此刻起,月票双倍开始了。那么,有什么理由不爆发呢!如果今天月票能超过1500票,我就直接爆发十章!1500票其实就是平时750票。我相信三界是有这个潜力的。月票双倍期间,咱们一起疯狂吧!想看爆发,把你们月底的月票都砸出来吧!)
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