SH :: Volume #9

#899: Campaign of fourth-generation Hokage!

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Hidden Leaf Village, although the war has come to an end, the country of fire finally was settled with another four countries, at this moment has not thoroughly restored from the influence of Raikage attack. 木叶村,虽然战争已经宣告终结,火之国同另外四个国家终于达成了和解,此刻还没有从雷影袭击事件的影响中彻底恢复过来。 Walks on the avenue, the trace that before that fight left came clearly into view as before, some houses and blocks of collapse have not restored completely, the road surfaces and many wounded person of disruption are telling the Third Raikage terrifying as before. 走在大街上,之前那场战斗留下的痕迹依旧历历在目,一些倒塌的房屋和街区都没有完全修缮,碎裂的路面和众多的伤员依旧诉说着三代雷影的恐怖。 Before had not paid attention to the matter in village, has not thought that will present such accident.” “之前没有关注村子里的事情,没想到会出现这样的变故。” Returns to the village again, Ye Long is a appearance of Council shinobi, both hands inserts in the pocket as before, passes through the block leisurely and carefree. 再次回到村里,叶龙依旧是一副长老团忍者的打扮,双手插在口袋里,悠闲地走过街区。 With the passage of time line, fights finally even more close to below, Ye Long stays the time in village are also getting fewer and fewer, but village these years change is quite huge. 随着时间线的推移,最终大战越发临近下,叶龙呆在村子里的时间也越来越少,而村子这几十年的变化还是相当巨大的。 Now Ye Long arrives at this place by the main body, except for seeing old friend, relaxes, naturally also has other goals. 如今叶龙以本体亲临此地,除了见一见故人,放松一番,自然还有着其他的目的。 Black Zetsu to delay war and disgusting Konoha, was stopped at nothing, Raikage has not died during surrounding of Rock shinobi army imposingly, actually poured here, was eventually difficult the result that escaped to fall from the sky......” 黑绝为了拖延战争、恶心木叶,也算是无所不用其极了,雷影没有轰轰烈烈地死在岩忍大军的包围之中,却倒在了这里,终究难逃陨落的结局啊……” Kakashi this little rascal , is really lucky, Obito has not taken back his eye unexpectedly. 卡卡西这个小鬼,也真是幸运,带土居然没有收回他的眼睛。 Is because looked in once friendship, was thoroughly indifferent to this world...... ” 是因为看在曾经的友谊,还是彻底对这个世界无所谓了呢……” In field, White Zetsu is cleaning up the battlefield, eliminates Obito the trace that makes a move to leave, how while thinks to process as before stupor Kakashi. 场中,白绝一边清理着战场,消除掉带土出手留下的痕迹,一边思索着如何处理依旧昏迷的卡卡西 Obito kills dozens Mist Ninja by Mokuton (Wood Style), including several Jōnin, but also involves Lin who takes the Jinchūriki candidate, definitely will leave massive traces. 带土木遁杀死数十个雾忍,其中包括数位上忍,还牵扯到作为人柱力人选的琳,必然会留下大量的痕迹。 But the original space and time, this produces the resounding influence event actually to end sufficiently finally quietly, Kakashi also returned to Konoha safely, does not need to think, all these were the White Zetsu merit. 而原时空,这样足以产生轰动性影响的事件最后却是悄无声息地收场,卡卡西也安全回到了木叶,不用想,这一切都是白绝的功劳了。 Looked that you are so pitiful, I showed mercy to save you to assign/life.” “看你这么可怜,我就大发慈悲地救你一命好了。” Thinks, White Zetsu summoned several clone, transformed the Konoha shinobi appearance, is carrying Kakashi and Lin's corpse leaves. 想了想,白绝召唤出了几个分身,幻化成木叶忍者的模样,拎着卡卡西和琳的尸体就离开了。 This was really the trick withstanding the test, absorbed goal chakra White Zetsu clone, almost does not have any means can see through, but this was also Uchiha Madara and the others can five big endure the village to play in applauding the important instrument. 这真是屡试不爽的伎俩了,吸收了目标查克拉白绝分身,几乎没有任何办法可以看穿,而这也是宇智波斑等人可以把五大忍村玩弄于鼓掌之中的重要工具。 Obito should go back, then... I can also leave.” 带土应该已经回去了,那么…我也可以离开了。” Kirigakure that side naturally does not need to be worried, White Zetsu is satiated with food and wine must leave, at this time, Ye Long suddenly appeared. 雾隐村那边自然不必担心,白绝吃饱喝足就要离开,这时,叶龙却突然出现了。 To Uchiha Madara, when the feeling of tool person how, White Zetsu.” “给宇智波斑当工具人的感觉怎么样啊,白绝。” The light form resounds behind White Zetsu, unexpected under White Zetsu is still startled even, the body shakes fiercely, has turned the head slowly. 平淡的身影在白绝背后响起,猝不及防下即使白绝也是大吃一惊,身体猛地一抖,缓缓转过头去。 Who are you? Don't I have the sensation to your existence unexpectedly?!” “你是谁?我居然没有感知到你的存在?!” The White Zetsu complexion somewhat is clearly cloudy uncertain, always he looks like that bearing hardships and standing hard work secret worker, he not wants not to strive, but completes the order of spot honestly, occasionally complained. 白绝的脸色有些阴晴不定,一直以来他都像那个吃苦耐劳的幕后工作者,他无欲无求,只是老老实实完成斑的命令,偶尔吐槽一下。 He is observing Ninja World all living things and disputes indifferently, only considers was looking that one flock of ants fight. 他漠然地观察着忍界的芸芸众生和一场场纷争,只当是在看一群蚂蚁打架。 Because as the Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path) product, is these falls into the dreamland to be swallowed the person of mind, the White Zetsu sentimental itself/Ben is very faint. 因为作为外道魔像的产物,是那些陷入梦境而被吞噬心灵之人所化,白绝的感情本就是十分淡漠的。 As the faithful audience, he also knows all that Akatsuki Uchiha Madara knows and all plans. 作为忠实的听众,他也知宇智波斑知道的一切和一切的计划。 As plans Infinite Tsukuyomi including the spot finally, White Zetsu all knows Akatsuki. 包括斑作为最终计划无限月读,白绝全都知 In his eyes, Ninja World shinobi are short-lived and ignorant, they hit to live to kill, as everyone knows oneself are only the board game piece in secret eyes. 在他眼中,忍界忍者们短命且愚昧,他们打生打死,殊不知自己只是幕后者眼中的棋子。 White Zetsu knows Akatsuki to stay out, gradually also fostered keeping aloof, the mentality of being arrogant and conceited, has almost nothing to make him feel surprised. 白绝一切又置身事外,久而久之也养成了高高在上,目空一切的心态,几乎没有什么可以让他感到惊讶。 Before the performance of Obito, that type by fell into the dark extreme to make him feel shock brightly slightly, but at present this brings the mask, the aura vague man to make White Zetsu feel for the first time ascertained airtight! 之前带土的表现,那种由光明堕入黑暗的极端让他稍稍感到了震撼,而眼前这个带着面具,气息隐晦的男子却第一次让白绝感到了一丝捉摸不透! Really is strange, I roam country entire Ninja World, your aura makes me be hard to distinguish, “真是奇怪,我漫游国整个忍界,你身上的气息却让我难以辨别, Even I the sensation did not arrive at your existence before, where are you sacred? ” Facing Ye Long, White Zetsu does not have a worrying appearance, instead close to Ye Long, in the eye has the curious color, „ you as if know much to our things, even Sir Uchiha Madara know. 甚至我之前都感知不到你的存在,你到底是何方神圣?”面对叶龙,白绝也没有一丝担忧的样子,反而靠近叶龙,眼中有着好奇之色,“你似乎对我们的事情知道不少啊,连宇智波斑大人都知道。 But this is not good, that Sir should not wish that you spoil his plan. ” 可是这样不好,那位大人应该不会希望你破坏他的计划的。” Then, before or White Zetsu of smiling appearance began instantaneously, the surges of innumerable dark blue branches from his body, rush to Ye Long fully, must thorough swallow it! 说罢,之前还是嬉皮笑脸模样的白绝瞬间就动手了,无数暗绿色的枝桠从他的身体里暴涌而出,铺天盖地地涌向叶龙,要将之彻底吞噬! First takes you, then gave the spot Sir to handle.” White Zetsu light say/way. “先把你拿下,然后交给斑大人处置好了。”白绝淡淡道。 Compared with the Mokuton (Wood Style) attack of beforehand Obito, White Zetsu obviously adept powerful, although his Mokuton (Wood Style) attainments are impossible to be on par Senju Hashirama, actually compared with class/flow of Obito and Yamato, did not know several times. 比起之前带土木遁攻击,白绝显然更加的娴熟强大,他的木遁造诣虽然不可能比肩千手柱间,却比带土大和之流,强了不知几倍。 The offensive of such range, will have one type facing Orochimaru Manda Luo a sense of desperation, the strength achieved Kage level obviously. 那样范围的攻势,会有一种面对大蛇丸万蛇罗之阵的绝望感,实力显然达到了影级 What a pity, facing such strength, Ye Long not indicated, walks toward him unexpectedly silently. 可惜,面对这样的实力,叶龙毫无表示,竟只是默默朝他走去。 What! How can like this?” “什么!怎么会这样?” Looks that Ye Long this surpasses to walk step by step, bountiful with the calm of White Zetsu, at this moment also had flustered. 看着叶龙就这样一步步超自己走来,饶是以白绝的淡定,此刻也有了一丝的慌张。 The endless vine swallows to Ye Long, blocked his all the spaces of dodging obviously, finally actually all fails, feeling that no touches the entity. 无尽的藤蔓吞噬向叶龙,明明封死了他一切闪避的空间,最终却全都落空,没有一丝触碰实体的感觉。 Such scene, before looking like..., Obito kills by mistreatment these Mist Ninja reprints using Kamui! 这样的景象,就像是…之前带土利用神威虐杀那些雾忍的翻版! Jie Jie, absurd, unexpectedly was despised?” “桀桀,岂有此理,居然被小看了啊?” Sees the attack to be invalid, Ye Long so pulls rank, White Zetsu cannot help but cold snort/hum, after rebounds. 见到攻击无效,叶龙又如此托大,白绝不由得冷哼一声,朝后跳开。 Uzumaki Secret Technique four vault pickling seal!” 漩涡秘术・四穹顶封藏印!” White Zetsu both hands fast knot seal, makes an effort to pat in the ground. 白绝双手快速结印,用力拍在地面上。 Under the gazes of some Ye Long differences, his land shivers suddenly, four modeling plain wooden stakes raise from all around slowly. 叶龙有些差异的注视下,他脚下的大地骤然颤动起来,四座造型古朴的木桩缓缓从四周升起。 Meanwhile, a heavy/thick constriction fell on his body faintly, the body of strength of space felt suddenly an obscurity, that spread to the surroundings, time and space point link spiritual force had the disorder! 与此同时,一股厚重的压迫感隐隐落在了他的身上,施展空间之力的身体骤然感到了一丝晦涩,那散布到周围、时刻与空间结点链接的精神力都产生了紊乱! What Ninjutsu is this? Is the space type seal? “这是什么忍术?难道是空间类型的封印? ... Does not seem like Uzumaki Clan Ninjutsu. ” 唔…似乎是漩涡一族忍术。” The Ye Long figure seems like the light shadow the same as glitter, finally changed to the entity under the function of White Zetsu this strange Ninjutsu, fell above this stretch of land. 叶龙的身形像是光影一样闪烁,最终在白绝这个奇异忍术的作用下化作了实体,真真实实落在了这片大地之上。 Although does not know how you achieve, your space Ninjutsu can penetrate the space unexpectedly unlimitedly, is exactly the same as Dojutsu (Eye Technique) of Obito that boy. “虽然不知道你是怎么做到的,你的这手空间忍术竟然可以无限制地穿透空间,和带土那小子的瞳术如出一辙。 With you compared with the attainments on space, Konoha that boy named Namikaze Minato is unworthy simply exposes to the sun, even if takes a broad view at Ninja World, I have not met your such rare and beautiful flowers. ” 与你在空间上的造诣相比,木叶那个叫波风水门的小子简直不值一晒,哪怕是放眼忍界,我都没遇见过你这样的奇葩。” White Zetsu sneers, sticks out suddenly again, the arm changed to a giant long whip, ruthlessly snap to Ye Long. 白绝冷笑一声,再次暴起,手臂化作了一根巨大的长鞭,狠狠抽击向叶龙 Pitifully you think that space Ninjutsu was invincible, did not say that the absolute strength broke the frail space band that you hid sufficiently, I also some in 100 the way tidied up you, making you reveal one's true colors!” “可惜你以为空间忍术就无敌了吗,不说绝对的力量足以打破你藏身的脆弱空间夹层,我也有一百中方式收拾你,让你原形毕露哩!” On the face of White Zetsu has shown the smile of victor, in his opinion Ye Long strongest should be the strength of space he grasps. 白绝的脸上已经露出了胜利者的笑容,在他看来叶龙最强的应该就是他掌握的空间之力。 Just like Obito, so long as broke his type invincibly the condition, Ye Long collapses at the first blow absolutely! 如同带土一样,只要破掉了他这种“无敌”的状态,叶龙绝对不堪一击! Hehe, really worthily is White Zetsu, the head is only stubborn, was too naive.” Pursues the article novel net “呵呵,真不愧是白绝,脑袋只是榆木疙瘩,实在太天真了。”追文小说网 Responded Ye Long that has not taken a walk as before, but looks at White Zetsu and under foot that huge strange technique throws ridiculing, Natural Energy erupts suddenly, boundless changed to the strength of space like spiritual force of tsunami, ruthlessly bombardment above periphery that not powerful imprisonment. 反应过来的叶龙依旧没有走动,只是戏谑地看着扑上来的白绝和脚下巨大的奇异术式,身上的真元骤然爆发,一股磅礴如同海啸的精神力化作了空间之力,狠狠轰击在周围那股并不强大的禁锢之上。 Only listened ka to scratch a resounding, in the space as if has anything to bump broke to pieces generally, Ye Long carried the foot of terrifying power to step on layer on layer/heavily, the land the disintegration in the great strength came together with surrounding huge technique and that four wooden stakes simultaneously, changed to the giant ruins! 只听“咔擦”一声脆响,空间中似乎有什么碰碎了一般,叶龙携带着恐怖力量的一脚重重踩下,大地连同周围的巨大术式、那四座木桩同时在巨力中崩碎开来,化作了巨大的废墟! Rumble......!!” “轰隆隆……!!” Is a Ye Long earnest foot might powerful? 叶龙认真的一脚威力有多么强大? Is the strength that his indestructible physical body brings also endures compared with Tsunade strange strength whole-heartedly sufficiently, the space that his spiritual force forms not to mention shakes, crushed his Ninjutsu imprisonment at the steamroll White Zetsu strength directly. 仅仅是他坚不可摧的肉体带来的力量也足以堪比纲手全力以赴的怪力,更别提他精神力形成的空间震荡,直接以碾压白绝的力量粉碎了他的忍术禁锢。 „”, In the White Zetsu heart the secretly thought was not wonderful, the vine whip that wielded is entrained by a Ye Long hand firmly in the hand. “啪”的一声,白绝心中暗道不妙,挥出的藤鞭已经被叶龙一只手牢牢拽在了手里。 The latter flings gently, the White Zetsu whole person looks like the shell the same as pound on the ground, the surrounding ground is split up under the powerful strength! 后者轻轻一甩,白绝整个人就像是炮弹一样砸在地上,周围的地面都在强大的力量下四分五裂! Oh, was dying, what monster is this?!” “哎哟,要死了,这是什么怪物啊?!” White Zetsu lies down in the pit, the figure twists, the vision somewhat is blurred, as if definitely is unable to accept Ye Long that inconceivable strength. 白绝躺在坑中,身形扭曲,目光都有些迷离,似乎完全无法接受叶龙那不可思议的实力。 However has not waited for him to get strength back, sees Ye Long float in in the air, the vision is overlooking itself ridiculing! 然而还不等他缓过劲来,就看到叶龙已经悬浮在空中,目光戏谑地俯视着自己! „It is not wonderful, this is a expert!” “不妙,这是个高手!” A wise man does not fight against impossible odds, White Zetsu, although looks at pale all, is impossible to hope that own poor life does as one pleases again, wants not to drill into the land. 好汉不吃眼前亏,白绝虽然看淡一切,也不可能希望自己的小命再次任人摆布,想都不想就钻入了大地之中。 Is relying on the White Zetsu talent ability, so long as drills into underground, but also no one can clutch him! 凭借着白绝的天赋能力,只要钻入地下,还没有人可以把他揪出来呢! Pitifully, you ran into me!” “可惜,你遇到了我!” Ye Long sneers, the observation is so in secret long, his spiritual force accomplishes on White Zetsu forms the brand mark, knew Akatsuki the White Zetsu approach. 叶龙冷笑一声,暗中观察这么久,他的精神力造就在白绝身上形成烙印,也知白绝的做法。 Immortal inorganic reincarnation!” “仙法・无机转生!” Sees only Ye Long both hands to tie seal, an indistinct energy then shop disperses, submerged in the land of length and breadth. 只见叶龙双手结印,一股飘渺的能量便铺散开来,没入了广袤的大地之中。 Then hears under the ground hears thump one, can hear somebody's pain to shout with breathless cursing angrily faintly. 然后就听到地面下传来“咚”的一声,隐隐还能听见某人的痛呼和气急败坏的怒骂。 Then is thump thump thump several, the Ye Long corners of the mouth has a smile, under several hundred meters White Zetsu in his sensation running into a wall, is everywhere breathless. 而后又是“咚咚咚”几声,叶龙嘴角含笑,在他的感知中地底下数百米的白绝正在处处“碰壁”,已经气急败坏了。 Comes out to me!” “给我出来吧!” The strength of immortal law has wrapped the White Zetsu surrounding land and space completely, Ye Long single-handed toward the previous finger/refers, the land looks like the gasser to be the same, large share ground shoots up to the sky, flung together with underground White Zetsu in the air. 仙法的力量已经完全包裹住了白绝周围的大地和空间,叶龙单手朝上一指,大地就像是喷井一般,一大股岩土冲天而起,连同地下的白绝一起甩到了空中。 You......!” “你……!” White Zetsu could not have spoken, he knows that oneself bumped into the sheet iron, digs in without delay again underground. 白绝已经说不出话了,他知道自己碰到了铁板,二话不说再次扎入地下。 However this land looks like the steel pouring to be strong, no matter what White Zetsu sharpened the head unable to escape escapes. 然而这一次大地就像是钢浇铁铸一般,任白绝削尖了脑袋也无法遁地逃跑。 How can like this?!” “怎么会这样?!” White Zetsu flustered finally, properly speaking the technique of his land ephemeral fly can definitely disregard Earth Release. 白绝终于慌了,按理说他的大地蜉蝣之术完全可以无视土遁 This time he looked like the fish to leave the water, the bird left the sky, changed to the meat on block thoroughly! 此时的他就像是鱼儿离开了水,鸟儿离开了天空,彻底化作了砧板上的肉! Mokuton (Wood Style) the techniques of four firm column!” 木遁・四牢柱之术!” Ye Long ties seal unhurriedly again, several wooden stakes emerge as the times require, surrounded flurried White Zetsu solid, him imprisons during wooden was firm. 叶龙不慌不忙再次结印,几根木桩破土而出,结结实实困住了慌乱的白绝,将他禁锢在了木牢之中。 Hateful little rascal, put me a bit faster!” “可恶的小鬼,快点把我放了!” Right now White Zetsu has not incurred thoroughly, he in does not think how the opposite party can the Mokuton (Wood Style) Ninjutsu issue, the issue is the Mokuton (Wood Style) attainments of opposite party unexpectedly completely above him, similarly grasps Mokuton (Wood Style) White Zetsu definitely unable from this seemingly simple wood firm to escape unexpectedly, becomes the Ye Long captive thoroughly. 这下子白绝已经彻底没招了,他已经不在去想对方怎么会木遁忍术的问题,问题是对方的木遁造诣居然完全在他之上,同样掌握木遁白绝居然完全无法从这个看似简单的木牢中逃脱,彻底成为了叶龙的阶下囚。 Now can speak well, White Zetsu?” “现在可以好好说话了吗,白绝?” Ye Long smilingly looks at White Zetsu, the latter looks like the eggplant that the frost hits, completely gave up struggling. 叶龙笑眯眯地看着白绝,后者就像是霜打的茄子,完全放弃了挣扎。 Hehe, never expected that my Ninja World so many years, will plant vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered suddenly like this.” “呵呵,没想到我纵横忍界这么多年,忽然会这样子栽了。” Knows oneself cannot run away, the White Zetsu actually also hoodlum, sits very much directly during wooden was firm, looks with a smile to Ye Long, you won, you want to know anything, I can tell you.” 知道自己逃不了,白绝却也很光棍,直接坐在了木牢之中,笑着看向叶龙,“你赢了,你想知道什么,我都可以告诉你。” Un.” “嗯。” Ye Long nodded. 叶龙点了点头 As a from head to tail tool person, the god sets up and Infinite Tsukuyomi product, White Zetsu cannot regard by the normal person obviously. 作为一个彻头彻尾的工具人,神树和无限月读的产物,白绝显然不能以正常人来看待。 He has not begged for mercy, does not have the anger, not so-called, has not pledged to fight to the death to give loyalty to the Uchiha Madara consciousness completely, does not have the little moral integrity. 他没有求饶,没有愤怒,没有所谓,也完全没有誓死效忠宇智波斑的觉悟,没有一点点的节操。 Actually, I have known probably.” “其实,我大概已经都知道了。” The Ye Long light say/way, „ you give loyalty to Uchiha Madara, but that fellow attempts to become ten Jinchūriki, displays Infinite Tsukuyomi to entire Ninja World, makes a Summer Palace of does not have any dispute. 叶龙淡淡道,“你效忠宇智波斑,而那个家伙妄图成为十尾人柱力,对整个忍界施展无限月读,制造一个没有任何纷争的颐和园。 However the fellow should be about to pass away, therefore is looking for the appropriate board game piece now, after being advantageous resurrects him, and lays the good groundwork for his plan. 不过那家伙应该快老死了吧,所以现在正在物色合适的棋子,以便于后将他复活,并且为他的计划做好铺垫。 Should that Uchiha little rascal, be the successor who he chose a moment ago? ” 刚才那个宇智波的小鬼,应该就是他选择的继承人吧?” Hehe, never expected that you know so many unexpectedly, I was too simply surprised!” “呵呵,没想到你居然知道这么多,我简直太惊讶了!” Listened to Ye Long to reveal all these, White Zetsu had not denied slightly, instead danced with joy excitedly, „ never expected that Ninja World besides Uchiha Madara that lunatic, you such terrifying existence. 听了叶龙揭穿这一切,白绝丝毫没有否认,反而兴奋地手舞足蹈起来,“没想到忍界除了宇智波斑那个疯子,还有你这么恐怖的存在啊。 Looks at your strength, perhaps is not under the Uchiha Madara heyday, really hopes to see Uchiha knows after planning by you destroy the expression! ” 看你的实力,恐怕已经不在宇智波斑全盛时期之下,真希望看到宇智波知道计划被你破坏后的表情啊!” „? Aren't you worried about your oneself?” Is Ye Long good to say with a smile to be worried about itself? What having is good to be worried? ” “哦?你就不担心你自己吗?”叶龙好笑道担心自己?有什么好担心的?” White Zetsu said with a smile similarly, „ you, since knew Akatsuki so many, even Infinite Tsukuyomi knows, should also know our existences. 白绝同样笑道,“你既然知这么多,连无限月读都知道,应该也知道我们的存在吧。 I was the god tree absorb once fell into the man-made product that the person of Infinite Tsukuyomi was born, although compared with other clone, I was quite special, can control their actions, but also had no difference essentially. ” 我是神树吸收了曾经陷入无限月读之人诞生的人造产物,虽然和其他分身相比,我比较特殊,可以操控它们的行动,但是本质上也没有什么区别。” White Zetsu answered, „ Uchiha Madara had Rinnegan, controlled Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), but we were restrained the demon resembles, therefore was forced to become the goon of that fellow, that is all. 白绝解释道,“宇智波斑拥有轮回眼,控制了外道魔像,而我们又受制于魔像,所以被迫成为了那个家伙的打手,仅此而已。 To us, your dispute whoever win whom lost/carrying not to matter, even died, still just falls into deep sleep and in the dark soil again. ” 对于我们来说,你们的纷争无论谁胜谁负都无所谓,就算是死亡,也只不过再一次陷入沉睡和黑暗的土壤之中罢了。” „...... I understood.” “……我明白了。” Ye Long nodded, White Zetsu is only a tool, if Ye Long has Rinnegan, will control Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), White Zetsu is also controlled by him, became gave loyalty to his subordinate and servant. 叶龙点了点头,白绝只是工具,如果叶龙拥有轮回眼,控制了外道魔像,白绝同样会被他控制,成为效忠他的手下、奴仆。 However this giving loyalty to has no loyally, Uchiha Madara has not cared about White Zetsu loyal and that's the end. 不过这种效忠没有任何忠诚可言,宇智波斑也从来没有在意白绝的忠诚就是了。 You said before, takes a broad view at this Ninja World, without many people can break your space blockade, this actually very laughable.” “你之前说,放眼这个忍界,没有多少人可以破掉你的空间封锁,这倒是十分的可笑。” Snake of latest chapter address diving of shadow Hokage: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇最新章节地址:https:// Snake of full text reading address diving of shadow Hokage: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇全文阅读地址:https:// Snake of txt downloading address diving of shadow Hokage: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇txt下载地址:https:// The snake of cell phone diving of shadow Hokage read: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇手机阅读:https:// In order to will read next time, you can click below " collection " minute book time( Chapter 854, campaign of Fourth Hokage!) The reading record, will turn on the bookshelf then to see next time! 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第854章,第四代火影的竞选!)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! Likes «Snake of Diving of Shadow Hokage» please( QQ, blog, WeChat and other ways) recommend this book to your friend, support thank you!!() 喜欢《火影之潜影之蛇》请向你的朋友(QQ、博客、微信等方式)推荐本书,谢谢您的支持!!()
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