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#898: Soul life reincarnation

You can search „the snake of novel diving of shadow Hokage very to write down in hundred degrees celsius()” search the latest chapter! 您可以在百度里搜索“火影之潜影之蛇小说酷笔记()”查找最新章节! What is the soul fusion, taking advantage of soul reincarnation? 何为灵魂融合,借魂转生呢? Theoretically said that when the soul sources of two people were certain conjunction degree, can have the so-called fusion, becomes the new revolutions living body. 理论上说,当两个人的灵魂本源达到了一定的契合程度,就能够产生所谓的融合,成为新的转生体。 Most common is chakra of Ashura and Indra, is drawing support from descendant's body and soul turns around, times reappear oneself strength, the characteristics feature of reincarnation will also more or less come under their influences, becomes another. 最常见的就是阿修罗和因陀罗的查克拉,借助着后代的身体和灵魂转身,一次次重现自己的力量,转世者的性格特征也或多或少会受到他们的影响,成为“另一个自己”。 White Zetsu clone gave his tremendous strength temporarily, if Obito at this moment wants, perhaps easily can beat him once long-awaited Jōnin. 白绝分身暂时给予了他巨大的力量,如果此刻的带土愿意,或许轻易就能击败他曾经梦寐以求的上忍 However he simply has not obtained the strength now the joy, only hates own speed is too slow, is unable to save in the life quickly the most important partner. 但是他现在根本没有获得力量的喜悦,只恨自己的速度太慢,无法更快拯救自己生命中最为重要的伙伴。 Obito remembered once seventh class, heroic charming Teacher Minato, once made him clench jaws, like idiot Kakashi of light bulb, that gentle like the girl of dream bubble...... 带土想起了曾经第七班的一幕幕,英勇帅气的水门老师,曾经让他咬牙切齿、如同灯泡的白痴卡卡西,还有那个温柔如同梦幻泡影的女孩…… Even initial were so small and weak, actually similarly that joyful. 即使当初的自己那么弱小,却同样是那么的快乐。 But now, he has awakened Sharingan, he no longer was that crane tail. 而如今,他已经觉醒了写轮眼,他不再是那个吊车尾了。 Sharingan, only has two eyes to play the really real might in the same place. 写轮眼,只有两只眼睛在一起的时候才能发挥出真真的威力。 Remembered the Uchiha Madara words, Obito even started to look forward to and scene of Kakashi together fight. 想起了宇智波斑的话,带土甚至开始憧憬着与卡卡西共同战斗的场面。 He must make everyone know that he came back, his Uchiha Obito is also living! 他要让所有人知道他回来了,他宇智波带土还活着! Must insist that I come!” “一定要坚持到我来啊!” Thinks of here, Obito sped up the footsteps furiously. 想到这里,带土奋力加快了脚步。 ... So is really simple? 只是…真的有那么简单吗? Adheres to stick cohere to bid good-bye to be able in Obito White Zetsu easily to feel Obito that blazing intention. 附着在带土身上的白绝分手能够轻易感受到带土那炽热的心意。 At this moment, directing it that Obito is going forward to fall into silent...... 这一刻,指引着带土前进的它陷入了沉默…… In front!” “就在前面了!” Crash-bang, a big group water splash blasts open in the distant place, like the bomb demolition, shattered a big forest, actually also gave the Obito most striking Coordinate. “哗啦”一声,一大团水花在远处炸裂,如同炸弹爆破,冲垮了一大片森林,却也给了带土最醒目的坐标。 The latter foot steps on the land, erupts instantaneously, like an arrow arrow across grove. 后者脚踩大地,瞬间爆发,如同一只箭矢穿过树丛。 But at present, is actually not Obito the picture that wants to see. 而眼前,却不是带土想要看到的画面。 Endless thunder light gathers in a familiar form hand, submerged that long-awaited girl's chest eventually slowly...... 无尽的雷光汇聚在一个熟悉的身影手中,终究缓缓没入了那个朝思暮想的女孩的胸口…… No-!” “不-!” All look like the plays that arranges, Obito cannot believe look at motionless Kakashi, at this moment, the time as if stopped, the in the air rainwater solidified continually in the middle of the midair. 一切就像是安排好的剧目,带土不可置信地看着一动不动的卡卡西,这一刻,时间仿佛停止了,连空中的雨水都凝固在了半空当中。 The surrounding all vanished, the surroundings only had the endless white light, Lin who eye of reveal sorrowful Kakashi, as well as drops down slowly...... 周围的一切都消失了,周围只剩下了无尽的白光,目露悲哀的卡卡西,以及缓缓倒下的琳…… „......” “啪嗒……” Lin's body fell down mud slowly, in the vision also brings too many did not abandon. 琳的身体缓缓倒在了泥泞的地上,目光中还带着太多的不舍。 The time of stagnation continues to flow finally, Kakashi raises is lowering the head, the annoying tears flow from the scarlet eye pupil. 停滞的时间终于继续流淌,卡卡西提垂着头,懊恼的泪水从猩红的眼眸中流淌而出。 Desperate, swallowed the Obito mind like the disasters generally. 绝望,如同洪水猛兽一般吞噬了带土的心灵。 After his body seems like burnt through instantaneously the ashes, little dissipation in cold wind, integrates in the cold and dreary rainwater, beyond redemption! 他的身体就像是被瞬间燃尽后的灰烬,在冷风中一点点消散,融入凄冷的雨水之中,万劫不复! Does not promise me to protect Lin well?” “不是答应我要好好保护琳的吗?” Kakashi? Why can do that......?” 卡卡西?为什么要这么做……?” In the field, killed Lin's Kakashi like the stage, then the operated puppet, has ended at this moment slowly. 场中,杀死了琳的卡卡西如同舞台上,那被人操纵的傀儡,此刻已经缓缓落幕。 These days, Kakashi is similar to lives in the dream general. 这一段时间里,卡卡西就如同活在梦里一般。 He remembers indistinctly oneself obtained Lin's whereabout, the body went to fight with the Mist Ninja battlefield. 他隐隐约约记得自己得到了琳的下落,之身前往了与雾忍的战场战斗。 Has not planned, without duty, without direction. 没有计划,没有任务,没有指挥。 As if the invisible evil behind-the-scenes manipulators controlled his destiny, a person with looking at the non- insight enemy fights like the this solitary one wolf. 仿佛是有一只无形的黑手掌控了他的命运,一个人如同孤狼般在和看不见地敌人交手。 But finally, Kakashi comes soberly, has actually placed surrounding of dozens Mist Ninja. 而终于有一天,卡卡西清醒过来,却已经身处几十个雾忍的包围。 The surroundings did not have any teammate, Lin's within the body actually already by the seal three, waits for him to make the choice. 周围没有了任何队友,琳的体内却已经被封印了三尾,等待着他作出抉择。 The next quarter, Lin has replaced him to make the choice. 下一刻,琳就已经代替他做出了选择。 Hence, the memory in mind is similar to the tide common irrigation brain, to protect Konoha, 至此,脑海中的记忆才如同潮水一般灌注大脑,为了保护木叶, Did not make Kirigakure the hand of plan kill the companion, the Kakashi actor's pay also arrived at this to finish. Obito looks at all these occurrences weak, he is this drama only audience. 不让雾隐村的计划的手而杀死了同伴,卡卡西的戏份也到此结束了。带土则无力地看着这一切的发生,他是这场大戏唯一的观众。 Under this deep powerless feeling, an extremely powerful spiritual force quantity awakened in his within the body. 在这种深深的无力感下,一股极其强大的精神力量在他的体内觉醒了。 The huge pupil strength that brings desperately changed to the air wave of shooting up to the sky, wraps the Uzumaki mask of head to disperse loudly, reveals Obito that gloomy facial features. 绝望带来的庞大瞳力化作了冲天而起的气浪,包裹头颅的漩涡面具轰然散开,露出带土那阴森的面容。 Before made him the magic that pounded to fall from the giant stone escapes death by a hair's breadth regain consciousness again, the dicolpate jade in eye revolved crazily, even crossed the transformations of three Tomoe, changed like the fierce design of blood-color sickle. 之前让他从巨石砸落中幸免于难的神奇力量再次苏醒,眼中的双沟玉疯狂旋转,甚至越过了三勾玉的转变,化作了如同血色镰刀的狰狞图案。 Mangekyo Sharingan Kamui! 万花筒写轮眼神威 Entire Ninja World most inconceivable Dojutsu (Eye Technique) appears again, simultaneously appears in Obito and at present in the eye of Kakashi...... 整个忍界最不可思议的瞳术再次出现,同时出现在了带土和眼前卡卡西的眼中…… Jie Jie Jie, as the matter stands, this drama was complete.” “桀桀桀,这样一来,这场大戏就圆满了啊。” If Kakashi controlled actor, Obito controlled audience, then somebody naturally directed secretly. 如果说卡卡西是被操控的演员,带土是被操控的观众,那么某人自然就是幕后的导演了。 In the darkness is similar to the pitcher plant happily looks at this certainly, he arranged several months of drama successfully to end laboriously finally. 黑暗中如同猪笼草的绝欣慰地看着这一幕,他辛苦布置几个月的大戏终于圆满落幕了。 For and other body restorations of Obito this boy, I controlled Kakashi for a long time, even does not hesitate to control Raikage that side action, forcefully the attention shifts of others in the past.” “为了等带土这小子的身体恢复,我可是控制了卡卡西好长时间,甚至不惜操控雷影那边的行动,硬生生将其他人的注意力转移过去。” „, The war had been continued forcefully for several months, that side Kirigakure is unable to endure finally, more and more shinobi rebel and flee, starts to assassinate Yakura, tries to overthrow his rule.” “就此,战争已经被强行延续了几个月的时间,雾隐村那边终于无法忍受,越来越多的忍者叛逃,开始刺杀矢仓,试图推翻他的统治。” Black Zetsu coldly looks at the curtain of rain center such as dying embers Obito, in the empty vision not pities. 黑绝冷冷看着雨幕中心如死灰的带土,空洞的目光中毫无怜悯。 If pities the plan that can complete own, Black Zetsu everyone will not certainly hesitate to pity compared with the world, however cannot. 如果怜悯可以完成自己的计划,黑绝一定会比世界上所有人更加不惜怜悯,然而不能。 It had been defeated too multiple, disappointed too multiple. 它已经失败了太多次,也失望了太多次。 To with present Obito, even is that thinks controlled all Uchiha Madara, Black Zetsu did not favor actually very much. 对与眼前的带土,甚至是那个自认为掌控了一切的宇智波斑,黑绝其实并不是很看好。 If possible, Black Zetsu naturally meets to begin, ends all these causes and effects. 如果可以的话,黑绝自然会自己动手,终结这一切的因果。 Similarly but cannot, the previous time, he almost fall from the sky in the hand of some enemy, beyond redemption, until the present, Black Zetsu can also feel that body and soul swallowed fear. 可是同样不能,上一次,他差一点就陨落在了某个敌人的手中,万劫不复,直到如今,黑绝还能感受到那种身体和灵魂被吞噬的恐惧。 I should leave, wasted such a long time, Konoha must notice Kakashi.” Black Zetsu muttered. “我该离开了,浪费了这么长时间,木叶也要注意到卡卡西了。”黑绝喃喃道。 He has not dared to be risky thoroughly, this moment plan is completed, Uchiha Madara, Nagato and Obito these three board game pieces also deploy, can harvest years later successfully, no one can know Akatsuki. 他已经彻底不敢再冒险了,此刻计划完成,宇智波斑长门带土这三枚棋子同时部署,能不能在若干年后收获成功,没有人可以知 However now, lost the Black Zetsu decision dormancy of most strengths, like setting at deathtrap fresh Uchiha Madara is then same, starts to wait for the new student|life in the darkness. 但是现在,失去了大部分力量的黑绝决定休眠了,就如同置之死地而后生的宇智波斑一样,开始在黑暗中等待着新生。 Therefore, Black Zetsu is separated from the White Zetsu body on own initiative, unexpectedly changed to faint trace smog to sink to the land, under somebody surprisedly gaze thorough without a trace. 于是,黑绝主动从白绝身躯上脱离,居然化作了一丝丝烟雾沉入大地,在某人惊讶的注视下彻底无影无踪。 What?” “什么?” In secret, the form is startled together suddenly. 暗中,一道身影骤然一惊。 Black Zetsu this fellow... is this mediates?” 黑绝这家伙…这算是自我了断吗?” The audience or director of this drama not only actually a Black Zetsu person, in the space of nihility, Ye Long looks at the operation of Black Zetsu inconceivable, complexion Yin clear uncertain. 这场大戏的观众或者导演其实不只是黑绝一个人,更加虚无的空间中,叶龙不可思议地看着黑绝的操作,脸色阴晴不定。 He had thoroughly strikes to kill the idea of Black Zetsu. One building novel net 原本他是有彻底击杀黑绝的想法的。一楼小说网 The last minute/share he clones clone that turns around, in defining Tsukuyomi eliminates Black Zetsu also not to keep the hand, after all Black Zetsu is a huge hidden danger, the Ninja World millennium causes and effects true secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator, he will live will be making Ye Long separate should. 上一次分他克隆转身的分身,在限定月读中消灭黑绝同样没有留手,毕竟黑绝是一个巨大的隐患,忍界千年因果真正的幕后黑手,他活着着实会让叶龙隔应。 Previously did not cope with Black Zetsu, caught the hand of Black Zetsu to complete all these layouts, like this knew very well Ye Long that the event developed to gain a bigger advantage. 之前不对付黑绝,也只是接住黑绝的手来完成这一切的布局,这样熟知事件发展的叶龙就能够获得更大的好处。 But after Obito incident finally, the Black Zetsu use value also ended. 带土一事终了之后,黑绝的利用价值也就结束了。 Even if releases Kaguya Ji finally, Ye Long can definitely begin. 哪怕是最后释放出辉夜姬,叶龙完全可以自己动手。 After all, if to the Fourth Shinobi World War stage, the Ye Long strength had dominated above the Rikudō (Six Path) spot finally by far! 毕竟,要是到了最终第四次忍界大战的阶段,叶龙的实力早已经远远凌驾于六道斑之上了! In the face of the absolute strength, any schemes and tricks will collapse of itself. 在绝对的实力面前,任何阴谋诡计都会不攻自破。 Ye Long at present the biggest enemy is also only the evil god, perhaps ambushes in Rikudō Sennin (Sage of Six Paths) as well as a void in secret Otsutsuki clan. 叶龙目前最大的敌人也只是邪神,或许还有潜伏在暗中的六道仙人以及虚空中的大筒木一族。 However, this moment Black Zetsu actions also make Ye Long be unexpected. 但是,此刻黑绝的所作所为也让叶龙始料未及。 Strict, chakra of Black Zetsu and Bijuu (Tailed Beast), Ashura and Indra also has no difference, is undying and inextinguishable the lives of chakra shape.” “严格来说,黑绝尾兽、阿修罗和因陀罗的查克拉也没什么区别,都是不死不灭查克拉形态的生命。” Ye Long sighed, after looking like Bijuu (Tailed Beast) died, chakra will disperse to the world slowly recovers, when will condense resurrecting in the future again ; 叶龙叹了口气,就像是尾兽死后,查克拉会分散到天地之间缓缓复苏,等到日后再次凝聚复活; chakra of Ashura and Indra will take possession the body of reincarnation unceasingly, once again times belonged to the world nihility with the death of reincarnation, several years of several, not falling samsara, will never wither away. 阿修罗和因陀罗的查克拉会不断附身到转世者的身上,又一次次随着转世者的死亡归于天地虚无,几年几世,不坠轮回,永不消亡。 Naturally will never wither away somewhat was exaggerating, nothing is true does not extinguish, like Bijuu (Tailed Beast) chakra, in Ye Long dozens years of swallowing of refining up under has also changed to his strength thoroughly. 当然“永不消亡”就有些夸张了,没有什么是真正的不灭,如同尾兽查克拉,在叶龙几十年的吞噬炼化下也已经彻底化作他的力量。 However because Black Zetsu strength withering away and plan layout have been completed, but self- resolution, energy the energy of melting in the world...... Ye Long for a short time not possibly this fellow gathered the elimination. 但是黑绝因为力量消亡、计划布局已经完成而自我消解,能量融于天地……叶龙一时半会儿也不可能把这家伙的能量聚拢起来消灭了。 Perhaps several years later, dozens years later, Black Zetsu will also appear in Ninja World again, the ambush again in secret, unknown. 或许几年后、几十年后,黑绝还会再一次出现在忍界,潜伏再暗中,不为人知。 What's the big deal, present I have changed all strengths, perhaps present you mobilize all subsequent hands unable to do to me, dozens years later, you are only I wave ants that may extinguish!” “不过那又如何呢,如今的我已经拥有了改变一切的力量,现在的你发动一切后手恐怕都奈何不了我,几十年后,你就更加只是我挥手可灭的蝼蚁罢了!” Thinks of here, Ye Long coldly smiles, in heart immediately relaxed many...... 想到这里,叶龙冷冷一笑,心中顿时轻松不少…… ......!!” “唔啊啊啊啊啊……!!” When Ye Long pays attention to Black Zetsu, Obito in field erupted finally. 叶龙关注黑绝的时候,场中的带土终于爆发了。 Body of Kakashi with Mangekyo awakened to exhaust the physical strength bottom stupor, Obito naturally attracted the attention of all Mist Ninja but actually, because his strange modeling was startled. 卡卡西的身体随着万花筒的觉醒耗尽了体力倒底昏迷,带土自然吸引了所有雾忍的注意,并且因为他诡异的造型而大吃一惊。 „Who is this fellow?” “这个家伙是什么人?” Is the Konoha partner?” “是木叶的同伙吗?” Like, us does not take him otherwise, or... killed him simply!” “不像啊,要不然我们将他拿下,或者…干脆杀了他吧!” Mist Ninja no longer pay attention to the stupor Kakashi, spheres Obito slowly. 雾忍们不再理会昏迷的卡卡西,缓缓围住带土 The latter stands slowly, only thought that was filled with rinsed the ashes probably, even the body was the ashes, as if trod, will be blown off by the wind. 后者慢慢地站起来,只觉得满心都像是灌进了灰烬,连身体都是灰烬,似乎踏出去,就会被风吹散。 But at this moment, Mist Ninja does close to Lin's body, I this experiment body recycling, some good and evil also research values......” 而就在这时,一个雾忍作死般地靠近琳的尸体,“我把这个实验体回收了吧,好歹还有些研究价值……” Goes away to me!” “给我滚开啊!” Bang, tyrannical and huge chakra erupts from Obito within the body loudly, under dozens Mist Ninja gazes, Obito neglects the present enemy panic-strickenly directly, charged into that fellow who tries to touch Lin- “轰”的一声,暴虐而庞大的查克拉带土体内轰然爆发,在几十个雾忍惊骇地注视下,带土直接忽视眼前的敌人,冲向了那个试图触碰琳的家伙- Dies!” “去死吧!” Two sad and shrill blade light have cut the Obito black robe horizontally in the body, seems to have no hindrance. 两道凄厉的刀光横斩过带土的黑袍于身躯,却似乎没有任何阻碍。 In shocking vision under two elite Mist Ninja masks, they and Obito wrong bodies, seem to have run upon one group of illusory images. 在两个精英雾忍面具下震惊的目光中,他们与带土错身而过,仿佛撞上一团幻影。 Lin's death brought the indescribable spiritual stimulation. 琳的死亡带来了难以言喻的精神刺激。 Obito at this moment... has been able to control the Mangekyo strength unexpectedly freely! 此刻的带土…居然已经可以自由操控万花筒的力量了! Damn, do not despise shinobi of village of blood fog!” “该死,不要小看血雾之村的忍者啊!” Many Mist Ninja threw, wants to guard as five big endures the glory of village elite, actually the Obito lower hem corner cannot even bump into. 更多的雾忍扑了上来,想要捍卫身为五大忍村精英的荣耀,却连带土的衣角都碰不到。 What is opposite with it, in body in entity instantly, a Obito fist rumbled a Mist Ninja abdomen, in latter eye of zi wanted in the crack, his body ruptured suddenly, changes to a bunch of giant blood-color branch! 与之相反的是,在身体处于实体的刹那,带土一拳就轰进了一个雾忍的腹部,在后者目眦欲裂中,他的身体骤然爆裂,化作一簇巨大的血色枝桠! „Is this technique of cuttage?!” “这是扦插之术?!” Unexpectedly grasped Mokuton (Wood Style)!” “居然自行掌握了木遁!” This is your talent...... Uchiha Madara will select such a seemingly ordinary little rascal no wonder!” “这就是你的天赋吗…怪不得…宇智波斑会选中这样一个看似普通的小鬼!” The fight fell into the one-sided aspect, Mist Ninja was at a loss to space Ninjutsu, died in the hand of Obito one after another. 战斗陷入了一边倒的局面,雾忍对空间忍术束手无措,一个接一个死在带土的手中。 Observes Obito to slaughter unscrupulously, attaches White Zetsu clone on his body to be flabbergasted secretly. 观察着带土肆无忌惮地杀戮,附着在他身体上的白绝分身暗自咋舌。 He knows that Uchiha Madara succeeded. 他知道宇智波斑成功了。 Before present Obito is not several minutes, that is deeply loving all, to the world loving sunlight youngster. 眼前的带土已经不是几分钟前那个热爱着一切、对世界充满爱的阳光少年了。 Present he had fallen into the darkness thoroughly, feels desperate about everyone, like the Uchiha Madara plan like that. 现在的他已经彻底堕入了黑暗,对所有人感到绝望,亦如同宇智波斑计划的那般。 He has become in the Uchiha Madara hand, a mature board game piece. 他已然成为了宇智波斑手中,一颗成熟的棋子。 Death! You must die to me!” “死!你们都要给我去死!” A fist then fist. 一拳接着一拳。 No one dares to approach Obito, Mist Ninja that tries to be close to Lin according to had been hit covered with blood by him on the ground, surroundings actually dares to begin does not have. 没有人敢于靠近带土,那个试图接近琳的雾忍已经被他按在地上打得血肉模糊,周围却一个敢动手的都没有。 Mist Ninja is also a person, will be the person will fear. 雾忍也是人,是人就会恐惧。 If not in of blood fog brutal policy, perhaps many people have turned around the escape. 如果不是血雾之里的残酷政策,许多人或许早就掉头逃命了。 Tittering, a thicker timbo explodes the swimming from the Obito pale right arm, swallowed everyone thoroughly...... “噗嗤”一声,更加粗大的树藤从带土惨白的右臂爆泳而出,彻底吞噬了所有人…… Finished.” “结束了啊。” Looks that by the land that the blood-color overspreads, the Ye Long interest is waning is looking at the sky. 看着被血色铺满的大地,叶龙意兴阑珊地望着天空。 The dark and windy, jet black curtain of night carried the blood-color to be contaminated, was full of desperate killing intent. 月黑风高,漆黑的夜幕都背血色浸染,充满了绝望的杀意。 No one knows that enough fifty Mist Ninja elite will be killed by mistreatment by an unknown Uchiha clansman in this cruelly, an escape does not have. 没有人会知道足足五十几个雾忍精锐会被一个名不见经传的宇智波族人残忍虐杀于此,一个逃命的都没有。 Such score, even compared with the former single broken army Yellow Flash Namikaze Minato is yellow does not let! 这样的战绩,即使比起之前单人破军的“金色闪光波风水门也是多黄不让了吧! Ba......” “吧唧吧唧……” After Obito leaves, White Zetsu naturally comes out to tidy up the scene, started the happy feed, did not have the control of Black Zetsu, its this unicellular organism obviously joyful many. 带土离开后,白绝自然出来收拾现场,同时也开始了愉快的进食,没有了黑绝的操控,它这种单细胞生物显然愉悦不少。 Really is, this dirty job tiring work leaves me each time......” White Zetsu feed while is mumbling. “真是的,每次这种脏活累活都留给我……”白绝一边“进食”一边嘟囔着。 Went back eventually, pitiful little rascal. “终究还是回去了啊,可怜的小鬼。 You also despair about the reality, therefore can only send the expectation in the middle of a dreamland of nihility...... ” 你也对现实绝望,所以只能寄期望于一个虚无的梦境当中……” White Zetsu is muttering, the tone is not not sadly happy. 白绝喃喃自语着,语气无喜无悲。 Although it is only the tool person who the god sets up the manufacture, is ordered in Uchiha Madara completely, this grasped the puppet in person of hand Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), similarly has own ponder. 它虽然只是神树制造的工具人,是完全受命于宇智波斑,这个掌握了外道魔像之人手中的傀儡,同样有着自己的思考。 The plan of Uchiha Madara has not hidden the truth from the fellow who these were being trusted and neglected, the Infinite Tsukuyomi world they accomplishes to know. 宇智波斑的计划并没有瞒着这些被信任和忽视的家伙,无限月读的世界他们造就知道了。 However such really? 但是那样真的好吗? On the Uzumaki facial countenance is impossible to see the explicit expression, anybody will think that it is smiling. 漩涡头脸上不可能看出明确的表情,任何人都会觉得它在笑。 After all, the strength far exceeds other White Zetsu clone it, once was also only during one a lot of years, forever perished the pitiful people in Infinite Tsukuyomi world...... 毕竟,实力远超其它白绝分身的它,曾经也只是一个千百年间,永远沉沦在无限月读世界的可悲之人吧…… Snake of latest chapter address diving of shadow Hokage: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇最新章节地址:https:// Snake of full text reading address diving of shadow Hokage: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇全文阅读地址:https:// Snake of txt downloading address diving of shadow Hokage: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇txt下载地址:https:// The snake of cell phone diving of shadow Hokage read: https:// 火影之潜影之蛇手机阅读:https:// In order to will read next time, you can click below " collection " minute book time( Chapter 853, soul life reincarnation) reading record, will turn on the bookshelf then to see next time! 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第853章,魂命转生)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! 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