SH :: Volume #9

#895: Puppet reincarnation

„Isn't such style, able to cope with him unexpectedly?!” “这样的招式,居然也无法对付他吗?!” Looks to appear in present Ye Long, the Otsutsuki Pu village stares in a big way the eye, the complexion becomes very ugly. 看着出现在眼前的叶龙,大筒木蒲村瞪大了眼睛,面色变得很难看。 Even if on natural strength thin Moon, this fellow also has such strength unexpectedly. “哪怕是在自然力量稀薄的月球上,这家伙居然还有这样的力量。 If the heyday , does this/should meeting have how fearfully...?! ” 如果是全盛时期,又该会有多么可怕…?!” Suppressed Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Chilla final counter-attack using the Mangekyo strength, Ye Long moved toward the latter silently, at the same time said with a smile, „ Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Jinchūriki, future Fourth Raikage, becomes our captives now. 利用万花筒的力量扑灭了八尾奇拉比最后的反扑,叶龙默默走向后者,一边笑道,“八尾人柱力,还有未来的四代雷影,现在都成了我们的俘虏。 As the matter stands, Third Raikage can only inevitably unconditionally the armistice, even pays the huge price to redeem us. 这样一来,三代雷影必然只能无条件休战,甚至付出巨大的代价将我们赎回。 At least the Kumogakure village, starting from this moment, does not have the capital that and Konoha battled against. ” 至少云忍村,从这一刻开始,已经没有了和木叶开战的资本。” Really was many thanks to you Ye Long senior, never expected that you had such strength unexpectedly, perhaps was also equally matched with Orochimaru-sama?” Minato is smiling, seemingly has no intention to have a mind to say actually. “真是多亏你了叶龙前辈,没想到你居然有这样的实力,或许和大蛇丸大人也不相上下了?”水门笑着,看似无意实则有心道。 Ha, compares my strength with Orochimaru is anything.” “哈哈哈,和大蛇丸相比我这点实力算什么呢。” Ye Long shakes the head with a smile. 叶龙笑着摇了摇头。 Suppresses Bijuufication Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Jinchūriki with ease, own the strength that exposed a moment ago will be indeed impressive, but what's the big deal. 轻松压制尾兽化八尾人柱力,自己的刚才展露出来的实力的确会让人刮目相看,不过那又怎么样呢。 The Konoha layout comes to an end, Ye Long almost does not need to hide anything. 木叶的布局接近尾声,叶龙几乎已经不需要在隐藏什么了。 On the contrary is Minato, he said like this is to own probe?...... 反倒是水门,他这样说是对自己的试探吗?还是…… It seems like Minato indeed exerted its utmost to the Hokage position, yes, facing that supreme name, even if frank not to have like the Minato impossible idea. “看来水门的确对火影的位置势在必得了,也是,面对那个至高无上的名义,哪怕是光明磊落如同水门也不可能一点想法都没有的。 Because although the god not adjoins with this time duty, Minato is favored, but Orochimaru and Nawaki have the strong individual strength and background, in addition will I, Minato also be worried? ” 虽然因为神无毗和这次的任务,水门已经是众望所归,但无论是大蛇丸绳树都有着强大的个人实力和背景,再加上我,水门也会担心吧?” Ye Long shakes the head secretly. 叶龙暗自摇了摇头。 Sorry that Minato, the Fourth Hokage position was unable to give you temporarily. 真是抱歉呢水门君,四代火影的位置还暂时不能交给你。 In any event, Nawaki must first step a given name obtained Hokage, completes that last plan for me. 无论如何,绳树必须先一步得到火影的名号,为我完成那最后一步计划。 After all, compared with own strength, other is false, for this reason I will not have any modestly declining. 毕竟,和自身的实力相比,其他一切都是虚假的,为此我可不会有任何的谦让的。 Although their temporary seal, but Chilla but Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Jinchūriki, Bijuu (Tailed Beast) of his within the body does not know when the violent will walk, for safety's sake, Minato do you add together the seal on him again?” “虽然他们暂时封印了,但是奇拉比可是八尾人柱力,他体内的尾兽不知什么时候就会暴走,为了保险起见,水门你再在他身上加一道封印吧?” Ye Long maintains composure saying that heard... you did grasp many Uzumaki Clan seal techniques?” 叶龙不动声色道,“听说…你掌握了不少漩涡一族的封印术?” Ha, was this known by you?!” “哈,这都被你知道啦?!” On the face of Minato appears immediately wipes to blush, he and Uzumaki Kushina affection many people knew Akatsuki, this war ended, they prepared the wedding. 水门的脸上顿时出现一抹红晕,他和漩涡玖辛奈的恋情许多人都知了,这次战争结束,他们就准备大婚。 However was mentioned like this, Minato some shy. 不过被这样提起,水门还是有一些羞涩。 Must know Kushina is Uzumaki Clan princess, is in itself Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) Jinchūriki, the status is more honored. 要知道玖辛奈漩涡一族的“公主”,本身更是九尾人柱力,身份尊贵。 After Uzumaki Mito passed away, the Ninja World Uzumaki Clan talent is on the wane, but Kushina and Minato such youth talent, even is the childhood saves her man union from the Kumogakure hand, is favored. 漩涡水户去世之后,忍界漩涡一族人才凋零,而玖辛奈水门这样的青年才俊,甚至是童年从云忍手中拯救她的男人结合,也算是众望所归。 If before place, even if Minato such civilians shinobi Uzumaki Clan visit son-in-law. 要是放在以前,水门这样的平民忍者就算是漩涡一族的“上门女婿”。 The rich and powerful family son in law who takes wife's name, the children along with the Uzumaki surname, will not be allowed to be taught too many Uzumaki Ninjutsu! 豪门赘婿,子女也会随漩涡姓,可不会被允许被传授太多漩涡忍术 However at this time the nature is different from the past, Ye Long estimated that Minato little fan younger sister learned certainly the Ninja World strongest Jinchūriki seal from Kushina this, four likely seals, even is the Eight Trigrams (gossip) seal. 不过今时自然不同于往日,叶龙估计水门一定从玖辛奈这个“小迷妹”学到了忍界最强的人柱力封印,四象封印,甚至是八卦封印。 Even he has grasped the corpse ghost seal in legend is not possible to know. 甚至他已经掌握了传说中的尸鬼封印也未尝可知。 These Ninjutsu, Ye Long from control Instructor Anbu of Uzumaki Clan, the Senju Tobirama subordinate, on that dear yama teacher obtains initially, but Ye Long said, naturally has own intention. 这些忍术,叶龙早就从当初控制的漩涡一族暗部教官,千手扉间的部下,那个亲爱的阎王教官身上得到了,而叶龙这么说,自然有着自己的用意。 Does not have the issue, gives me!” “没问题,交给我吧!” Minato does not want too many, to move toward Chilla self-confidently. 水门没有想太多,自信地走向奇拉比。 I have made to faint him, you display at will well.” “我已经把他弄晕了,你随意施展就好。” Ye Long ties up in the spirit seal to pull from the place stupor Chilla and sand Brazza. 叶龙把昏迷的奇拉比和砂比布拉扎从地缚灵的封印中拉扯出来。 In the place tied up in the spirit to lose all chakra, in addition the reason of Asura seal, 在地缚灵中失去了所有的查克拉,加上修罗封印的原因, Granulated substance Bibb Lazaro is unable to act as before, can only look angrily at two people, often mouth spits fragrantly. Your these two despicable villains, were about to put this Sir, I must with your open and aboveboard duel!” Granulated substance Brazza shouted to shout. 砂比布拉扎依旧无法行动,只能怒视着两人,不时地“口吐芬芳”。“你们这两个卑鄙小人,快放了本大爷,我要和你们堂堂正正地决斗!”砂比布拉扎嚷嚷道。 Boisterous.” “聒噪。” Ye Long sneers, ejected one to endure the snake to nip one on his neck directly, latter then two turned, similarly faints. 叶龙冷笑一声,直接抛出一条忍蛇在他脖子上咬了一口,后者便两眼一翻,同样昏了过去。 Is quicker, Minato, if Third Raikage discovered that their two come to ask you to trouble secretly, at this time had caught up probably.” Ye Long light say/way. “快些吧,水门君,要是三代雷影发现他们两个私自过来找你麻烦,这时候大概已经赶过来了。”叶龙淡淡道。 Immediately good.” “马上就好。” The Minato complexion is slightly serious, earnest knot seal, both hands according to Chilla abdomen, soon reveal complex seal technique. 水门的面色稍稍严肃,认真结印,双手按在奇拉比腹部,很快显露出一个复杂的封印术式。 That is Chilla original iron armor seal, but at this moment more black lines appear in the surroundings, formed another seal, four likely seals. 那是奇拉比原本的铁甲封印,而此刻更多的黑色线条出现在周围,形成了另一个封印,四象封印。 Had this seal, even if Chilla sobers, is almost impossible to use any Bijuu (Tailed Beast) chakra. 有了这个封印,哪怕奇拉比清醒过来,几乎也不可能使用任何尾兽查克拉 In addition the Ye Long snake venom, he and sand Brazza two fellow sufferers will not have any opportunity of rebelling. 加上叶龙的蛇毒,他和砂比布拉扎两个难兄难弟不会有任何作乱的机会。 Has not thought such with ease, Hachibi (Eight-Tails) has not revolted unexpectedly, moreover chakra as if very dispirited?” Some Minato doubts in seal said. “没想到这么轻松,八尾居然没有反抗,而且查克拉似乎很萎靡呢?”封印中的水门有些疑惑道。 Hehe, that is natural, my immortal law drained their chakra to induct temporarily underground, even if Hachibi (Eight-Tails) were also irretrievable for a short time.” “呵呵,那是自然,我的仙法暂时抽干了他们的查克拉导入地下,哪怕八尾一时半会也不能恢复。” The Ye Long light say/way, the corners of the mouth actually raise slightly. 叶龙淡淡道,嘴角却是微微扬起。 These chakra were certainly not inducted in the land, but is swallowed by Ye Long naturally, moreover in Hachibi (Eight-Tails) and Chilla lose the consciousness in the situation, the strength of source swallows forcefully! 那些查克拉当然不是被导入大地之中,而是理所当然被叶龙自己吞噬,而且是在八尾和奇拉比失去意识的情况下,强行吞噬的本源之力! Has half many chakra to be stolen by Ye Long, even if Hachibi (Eight-Tails) came to be hard to restore soberly! 足足有一半之多的查克拉叶龙窃取,哪怕八尾清醒过来都难以恢复了! Before Orochimaru has obtained Hachibi (Eight-Tails) by the corner that Third Raikage cuts, but that chakra was too few. “之前大蛇丸得到过八尾三代雷影砍下来的犄角,不过那点查克拉还是太少了。 Five and four that chakra so, in addition Akuma no Hi and can see evilly, I can fuse ten strength absolutely! ” 如此,再加上妖天和邪见得到的五尾、四尾查克拉,我绝对可以融合出十尾之力!” Looks at Minato of earnest seal silently, in the Ye Long eye as if there is flaming roaring flame to burn, Bijuu (Tailed Beast) chakra that „ when the time comes, the thorough sacrifice refining up will certainly have the substantive breakthrough, making my strength progress by leaps and bounds, will not leave the hidden danger. 默默看着认真封印的水门,叶龙眼中似乎有着熊熊烈焰在燃烧,“到时候,彻底祭炼的尾兽查克拉一定会产生实质性的突破,让我的实力突飞猛进,又不会留下隐患。 Even I can also imitate Uchiha Madara, injects Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path) such vessel the huge energy of this fusion, making my strength further sublimate! ” 甚至我还可以模仿宇智波斑,将这股融合的庞大能量注入外道魔像这样的容器,让我的实力进一步升华!” Feels Hachibi (Eight-Tails) chakra that was just swallowing, the happy expression of Ye Long corners of the mouth is even more obvious. 感受着刚刚吞噬的八尾查克拉,叶龙嘴角的笑意愈发明显。 He can is blending the sensation to already refining up six Bijuu (Tailed Beast) chakra and Hachibi (Eight-Tails) chakra mutually, is longing for the final transformation faintly. 他可以感知到已经炼化的六股尾兽查克拉八尾查克拉正在互相交融,隐隐在渴望着最后的蜕变。 Believes soon, he can carry out thoroughly this step, becomes Ninja World third ten Jinchūriki, after Otsutsuki Kaguya, person who can control this strength completely! 相信用不了多久,他就可以彻底完成这一步,成为忍界第三个“十尾人柱力”,也是继大筒木辉夜之后,能完全掌控这股力量的人! Was sorry, Minato.” “抱歉了,水门。” Self-satisfied, Ye Long restored the chilly expression, sighed slightly. 得意过后,叶龙恢复了清冷的表情,微微叹了口气。 In the future, the Hachibi (Eight-Tails) radical restoration of Chilla and within the body, found that Hachibi (Eight-Tails) chakra bewildered feeble half, certainly will be furious greatly, fuels the strong reaction of Kumogakure village. 等到日后,奇拉比和体内的八尾彻底恢复,发现八尾查克拉莫名其妙衰弱了一半,一定会大为震怒,引发云忍村的强烈反弹。 But this pot, very big probability will fall on Minato. 而这个锅,很大概率会落在水门头上。 In addition, Ye Long to let Nawaki becomes Hokage, will certainly draw the hind leg of Minato with various methods, finally makes him occupy low-spirited after Nawaki...... 加上之后,叶龙为了让绳树成为火影,也一定会用各种手段拉水门的后腿,最终让他黯然屈居与绳树之后…… Completed, right now they may jump do not get up!” Long time, Minato exhales the one breath to say with a smile, his seal technique seems like not skilled. “完成了,这下子他们可蹦哒不起来了!”良久,水门呼出一口气笑道,他的封印术看起来还并不熟练。 Walks.” “走吧。” Takes tragedy Abbey to combine and Hachibi (Eight-Tails) in within the body, two people disappeared in the forest...... 带上悲剧艾比组合与体内的八尾,两人消失在了森林中…… But merely small after half of the day, Ninja World looked like the earthquake to be the same, thorough ebullition. 而仅仅小半天之后,忍界就像是地震了一样,彻底沸腾了。 What did you say?! You gave father to say again, did that two little animals do?!” “你说什么?!你他妈的给老子再说一遍,那两个小畜生干什么去了?!” In the Kumogakure operations room, the Third Raikage whole body is sparkling the scary electric light, the scarlet look like must eat the person to be the same, a foot trampled the powder the giant board directly, then a fist the thick fortress wall bang will put on! 云忍作战室里,三代雷影浑身闪耀着骇人的电光,猩红的眼神如同要吃人一样,一脚就把巨大的会议桌直接踹成了粉末,然后一拳将厚实的堡垒墙壁轰穿! Must know Third Raikage, although seemingly rough fierce, is actually powerful Raikage of calm wisdom, at this moment he does not care about the image completely, the swearing is unceasing, obviously had lost the reason angrily. 要知道三代雷影的虽然看上去粗犷狰狞,其实是一个冷静睿智的强大雷影,此刻他完全不在意形象,粗口不断,显然已经愤怒的失去了理智。 Granulated substance Brazza... and Sir Chilla, heard Konoha Namikaze Minato returned to the frontline alone, asks him to trouble secretly, the result... is both captured, Konoha requests our armistice talks......” “砂比布拉扎…和奇拉比大人,听说了木叶波风水门独自回到了前线,私自去找他麻烦,结果…双双被俘,木叶要求我们停战谈判……” Kumogakure in office is reporting the situation trembling, is very afraid present Raikage not to pay attention to pat a oneself palm of the hand, other person each one atmosphere do not dare to leave. 办公室里的云忍战战兢兢地汇报着情况,深怕眼前的雷影一个不注意就把自己一巴掌拍死,其他人也个个大气都不敢出。 Absurd, these two domestic animal, the father must rip them!” “岂有此理,这两个畜牲,老子要撕了他们!” Cursed angrily one again, Third Raikage tramples the front door of flying command post, walked angrily, the entire construction as if shook shaking. 再次怒骂一声,三代雷影一脚踹飞指挥室的大门,怒气冲冲走了出去,整个建筑似乎都抖了抖。 Tells Konoha immediately, we want the truce, I will negotiate with them personally, accepts their all fair conditions, but must release people as soon as possible!” “去立刻告诉木叶,我们愿意停战,我会亲自和他们谈判,接受他们一切合情合理的条件,但是要尽快放人!” Just before leaving before, Raikage is sighing finally, left behind a few words. 临走前,雷影终于叹息着,留下了一句话。 Hi, Sir Raikage!” “嗨,雷影大人!” .................. ……………… Hateful, this is your strength Orochimaru, but also really respects the young, coughs......” “可恶,这就是你的实力吗大蛇丸,还真是后生可畏啊,咳咳咳……” The western front, first Orochimaru of three generations of Tsuchikage Onoki fierce combat Konoha Sannin in the sky , the child of loess Onoki lead the Rock shinobi army to attack under Konoha that Kuzuhara leads crazily, makes no distinction between victory and defeat. 西部战线,三代土影大野木于天空之中激战木叶三忍之首大蛇丸,下方,大野木之子黄土率领岩忍大军疯狂进攻藤原率领的木叶麾下,不分胜负。 Onoki is covering the wound of abdomen stubbornly, aura appears the dispirited, the eye is actually staring stubbornly at present similarly float in in the air Orochimaru. 大野木死死捂着腹部的伤口,身上的气息显得十分萎靡,眼睛却死死盯着眼前同样悬浮在空中的大蛇丸 Compared with the Onoki appearance, Orochimaru looks more distressed, the less than half body was decomposed by Particle Release, the body densely and numerously is the bloodstain, as if will drop down momentarily. 比起大野木的样子,大蛇丸看上去更加狼狈,小半个身躯都被尘遁分解了,身上密密麻麻都是血迹,似乎随时都会倒下。 However Onoki actually sneers, „ good not to install Orochimaru, perhaps doesn't such injury have to your influence? 然而大野木却冷笑不已,“好了别装了大蛇丸,这样的伤势恐怕对你一点影响都没有吧? Before I also thought words whole-heartedly, had confidence that eliminated your fearful younger generation, has not thought that was I one-sided wishes. 以前我还以为全力以赴的话,还是有把握消灭你这个可怕的晚辈,没想到是我一厢情愿了。 Your strength has surpassed me, even couldn't tidy up you Sarutobi Hiruzen?! ” 你的实力已经超过了我,甚至连猿飞日斩都收拾不了你了吧?!” Hee hee, can obtain three generations of Tsuchikage Sama so erroneous to praise, but also is really honored utmost!” “嘻嘻,能得到三代土影大人如此谬赞,还真是荣幸之至啊!” Hears, Orochimaru that was at the point of death smiled hoarsely. 听闻,原本气息奄奄的大蛇丸沙哑地笑了起来。 Sees only his body to sway from side to side like the mollusk generally, the broken leather bag fell off immediately, revealed the perfect body. 只见他身躯如同软体动物一般扭动,原本残破的皮囊顿时脱落下去,露出了完好无损的身躯。 Therefore in the Onoki eye, before battle compares, Orochimaru was slightly feebler except for chakra, absolutely did not have any injury. 于是在大野木眼中,和交战前相比,大蛇丸除了查克拉稍微衰弱一些,完全没有了任何伤势。 Hateful, it seems like it is not the misconception......” “可恶,看来不是错觉啊……” Onoki smiled clenched jaws, got hold of the fist stubbornly. 大野木笑得更加咬牙切齿了,死死握紧了拳头。 As the Ninja World old stick-in-the-mud, wants him to acknowledge that in any way own failure is the countless sufferings and hardships. 作为忍界的老顽固,要他以任何方式承认自己的失败都是千难万难。 Before is very long, acts servilely before that demon god same man , after suffering the humiliation, Onoki very long has not felt the taste of frustration. 从很久以前,在那个魔神一样的男人面前卑躬屈膝,遭受屈辱之后,大野木已经很久没有感受过挫败的滋味了。 He believes collaborates other to endure the village by own strength greatly, is potential achievement in the time that the Konoha double god falls from the sky together sufficiently, therefore is not willing to release authority to the loess. 他原本相信以自己的实力联手其他大忍村,足以在木叶双神齐齐陨落的时代有所作为,所以迟迟不愿意放权给黄土。 However the reality actually slapped his ruthlessly, fights independently, oneself linked Sarutobi Hiruzen disciple Orochimaru not to tidy up unexpectedly at present! 然而现实却狠狠打了他一巴掌,放手战斗下去,自己竟然连眼前猿飞日斩的弟子大蛇丸都收拾不了! Konoha Sannin, Senju Nawaki, Namikaze Minato, that tidied up Kumogakure Ye Long...... Konoha really is also abundance of capable people with Namikaze Minato together...!” 木叶三忍,千手绳树,波风水门,还有那个与波风水门一起收拾了云忍叶龙……木叶还真是人才济济啊…!” Long time, Onoki sighed, loosened the fist slowly. 良久,大野木叹了口气,缓缓松开了拳头。 Oneself are going against the shadow given name, cannot be defeated absolutely here, but this war also stopped. 自己顶着影的名号,是绝对不能在这里被击败的,而这场战争也到此为止了。 At this time, Onoki incomparably envied the war not to act to the present, sits quietly Sarutobi Hiruzen of fishing platform. 这时候,大野木无比羡慕起战争到现在都没有出过手,稳坐钓鱼台的猿飞日斩了。 The person who circumstances, is the disparity between countries, so how big?! 人何人的境遇,国与国的差距,怎么就这么大呢?! Was, certainly was because Konoha occupied the Ninja World most fertile land, plundered the resources of country's of rain in several years, therefore was so powerful!” “是了,一定是因为木叶占据了忍界最肥沃的土地,又在数年掠夺了雨之国的资源,所以才这么强大的!” Onoki thinks secretly, Sand Ninja that person with no mind of his own did not need to count on thoroughly, Kirigakure was the vitality damages severely. 大野木暗自想到,砂忍那种墙头草是彻底不用指望了,雾隐村更是元气大伤。 In the future to topple Konoha, it seems like must focus on that occupying the country of rain, expels on the Konoha influence domestic Akatsuki strongly...... 未来如果想要扳倒木叶,看来还得把心思放在那个占领了雨之国,将木叶势力强势赶出境内的晓组织身上啊…… Can, when confronts with me sends people to submerge the country of earth, beats and seizes old purple and man (Han) two people, your subordinate also is really the crouching tiger , hidden dragon Orochimaru, I really am hold in high esteem to you.” “能够在与我对峙的时候派人潜入土之国,击败并且抓走老紫和汉两人,你的部下还真是卧虎藏龙啊大蛇丸,我真是对你刮目相看。” In the heart has a resolution, the Onoki sinking sound said, „ this war, the Rock shinobi village is willing to negotiate peace. 心中已经有所决断,大野木沉声道,“这场战争,岩忍村愿意议和了。 When the time comes I will make the loess replace me to consult, hopes that Sarutobi will soon release people, do not put forward some impractical requests! ” 到时候我会让黄土代替我进行协商,希望猿飞早日放人,不要提一些不切实际的要求!” That is natural.” “那是自然。” The Orochimaru corners of the mouth smile, bows slightly. 大蛇丸嘴角一笑,微微鞠躬。 Snort!” “哼!” Deep looked at Orochimaru, Onoki sneered was whispering several anything, turned around to crash, returned to the Rock shinobi army. 深深的看了一眼大蛇丸,大野木冷笑着嘀咕了几句什么,转身坠落下去,回到了岩忍大军之中。 Father Sir?” “父亲大人?” Saw that above confrontation had the result, the loess also can only withdraw troops resentfully. 眼看上面的对峙有了结果,黄土也只能悻悻收兵。 Opposite, the Kazu Fujiwara Orochimaru many subordinates, one crowd wrapped the indifferent form of whole body also to receive the hand with the clothing, looks silently Rock shinobi removed like surging tides...... 对面,藤原和大蛇丸的众多手下,一群用服饰包裹了全身的冷漠身影同样收手,默默看着岩忍如潮水般褪去…… What did you say? You said that Konoha captured Rock shinobi and Kumogakure Jinchūriki at the same time, even the Raikage successor, compelling them to draw back troops?!” “你说什么?你说木叶在同一时间俘获了岩忍云忍人柱力,甚至还有雷影的继承人,逼他们退兵?!” In the Sand Ninja operations room, three generations of Kazekage cannot believe looks at the present subordinate, „” stood, paces in the room like like ants on a heated pan back and forth. In the Sand Ninja operations room, three generations of Kazekage cannot believe looks at the present subordinate, „” stood, paces in the room like like ants on a heated pan back and forth. 砂忍的作战室中,三代风影不可置信地看着眼前的手下,“唰”地站了起来,如同热锅上的蚂蚁在房间中来回踱步。砂忍的作战室中,三代风影不可置信地看着眼前的手下,“唰”地站了起来,如同热锅上的蚂蚁在房间中来回踱步。
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