SH :: Volume #9

#894: A gold/metal round of reincarnation explodes!

Present five huge Byakugan, the strength of implication compared with former that giant Byakugan wanted feeble many, Ye Long to dry up the sensation to the pupil strength. 眼前的五颗巨大白眼,蕴含的力量比起之前那颗巨型白眼要衰弱的多,叶龙可以感知到其中的瞳力十分枯竭。 However in fact this is actually for a lot of years, Otsutsuki divides family property unceasingly powerful Dojutsu (Eye Technique) that offers sacrifices own eye to condense. 然而事实上这却是千百年来,大筒木分家不断献祭自己的眼睛凝聚的强大瞳术 At this moment to resist powerful Ye Long, the Otsutsuki Pu village also has to destroy them, obtains stronger pupil strength by this! 此刻为了对抗实力强大的叶龙,大筒木蒲村也不得不摧毁它们,以此获得更强大的瞳力! Hey, heard? In couple of days ago, Sir Minato and Council Ye Long captured Hidden Cloud Village Hachibi (Eight-Tails) Jinchūriki unexpectedly, making Third Raikage have to concede defeat!” “喂,听说了吗?就在前两天,水门大人和长老团叶龙居然俘虏了云隐村八尾人柱力,让三代雷影都不得不低头认输了!” Naturally, I know this news time almost cannot believe, Sir Minato was really powerful!” “当然了,我知道这个消息的时候几乎都不敢相信,水门大人真是太强大了!” Not only that is more astonishing with the Orochimaru-sama victory of Rock shinobi resistance, captured Rock shinobi five unexpectedly simultaneously and four Jinchūriki, heard that Onoki air/Qi to wish one could to look for Hokage-sama directly!” “不仅如此,和岩忍对抗的大蛇丸大人战果更加惊人,竟然同时俘获了岩忍的五尾和四尾人柱力,听说那个大野木气得恨不得直接找上火影大人呢!” Ha hahahaha......” “哈哈哈哈哈……” The Jinchūriki capture action of Orochimaru and Ye Long swept away entire Ninja World like the hurricane generally, suddenly Namikaze Minato and Orochimaru prestigious crest of wave does not have two, the Council Ye Long name also becomes the family/home to explain household of Akatsuki to get up. 大蛇丸叶龙人柱力俘获行动如同飓风一般横扫了整个忍界,一时间波风水门大蛇丸的声望风头无二,长老团叶龙的名字也变得家喻户起来。 Sarutobi Hiruzen and most Konoha big shot, endure the clan head of the clan the complexion revealed assured of victory finally. 猿飞日斩和大多数木叶大佬、忍族族长的的脸色终于露出了胜利的笃定。 But in Hidden Leaf Village, seemed like feels the peace forthcoming joyful aura, the residents were discussing full of enthusiasm the information of frontline major success, similarly is sharing the joy in heart. 木叶村之中,似乎是感受到了和平即将到来的喜悦气息,居民们兴致勃勃地讨论着前线大捷的信息,同样分享着心中的喜悦。 The chilly sunlight shines in the village, washed off the anxiety and terrified of people originally innermost feelings, like bright however new student/life. 清冷的阳光照耀在村子里,洗去了人们原本内心的焦躁和惶恐,如同焕然新生。 All are this prosperous, will be injured return shinobi, in the eye has revealed to yearning of future happy life, will start to boast own valor/military skills with the surrounding person. 一切都是这样的欣欣向荣,连许多受伤归来的忍者,眼中都已经流露出对未来美好生活的向往,和周围人开始吹嘘自己的武勇。 However the youngster of come all alone is actually the exception. 然而有一个形单影只的少年却是例外。 His protecting volume blocked from the left eye, looks at the civilians who cheer at present silently, in the look full is sad. 他的护额遮住了左眼,默默地看着眼前欢呼的平民们,眼神中满是哀伤。 Had such merit, Sir Minato will certainly become future Fourth Hokage, I return certainly cast his ticket!” “有了这样的功绩,水门大人一定会成为未来的四代火影了,我一定回投他一票!” A civilian small sound said, in the tone that to admiration of Minato actually does not conceal. 一个平民小声道,语气中那对水门的仰慕却是毫不掩饰。 This... words saying that Orochimaru-sama resists Onoki by one's effort, but also captures two Jinchūriki, merit also above Sir Minato?” A Orochimaru supporter cannot bear say. “这个么…话说大蛇丸大人以一己之力对抗大野木,还俘获两个人柱力,功绩还在水门大人之上吧?”一个大蛇丸的支持者忍不住道。 But before Sir Minato, destroyed the god not to assist to the line, did this establish the final victory?” “可是水门大人之前还摧毁了神无毗补给线,这才奠定了最终的胜利啊?” Immediately has the Minato supporter to start to refute, and somewhat slender sudden said with a smile, „words saying that Orochimaru-sama was not does not think, when Hokage, wasn't interested in the Hokage position?” 立刻有水门的支持者开始反驳,并且有些狭猝地笑道,“话说大蛇丸大人不是不想当火影,对火影的位置不感兴趣吗?” Un, yes, ha haha......” “嗯,也是啊,哈哈哈……” The conversation is still continuing, Kakashi stands erect in the shadow, listening to god not to adjoin three characters, the fist cannot help but grasps creaking to make noise. 交谈还在继续,卡卡西矗立在阴影之中,听着“神无毗”三个字,拳头不由得握得“嘎吱”作响。 Is this war, he loses partner Obito that oneself once could not take a liking, also lost Lin. 就是这一战,他失去了自己曾经一直瞧不上的伙伴带土,也失去了琳。 Before Obito at the point of death, entrusts to give itself own Sharingan, hopes oneself protect Lin. 带土临死前将自己的写轮眼托付给自己,希望自己保护好琳。 However what is desperate, a moment later, Lin is taken prisoner merely at present in Kakashi, making him feel deeply desperate. 然而令人绝望的是,仅仅片刻之后,琳就在卡卡西眼前被掳走,让他感到深深地绝望。 Kakashi hates own incompetent, whenever sees the name on tombstone, he thought that left eye burningly pain, as if general is scalding hot in the combustion. 卡卡西痛恨自己的无能,每当看到慰灵碑上的名字,他就觉得左眼火辣辣地痛,仿佛在燃烧一般灼热起来。 „Is Lin, you also living?” “琳,你还活着吧?” Kakashi sighed, properly speaking Lin as medical ninja, grasps secret intelligence, even if were taken prisoner, should have the returning alive opportunity. 卡卡西叹了口气,按理说琳作为医疗忍者,有没有掌握机密情报,哪怕被掳走,应该也有生还机会。 However...... shinobi of enemy falls into the fingers/tiger mouth, how to have the good result? 但是……敌国的忍者落入虎口,怎么会有好结果呢? Thinks just before the end commission of Obito, Kakashi deeply laid down the head, drop of tears drop slowly. 一想到带土的临终嘱托,卡卡西就深深埋下了头,一滴泪水缓缓滴落。 Before he returned to the village, should for the Sharingan issue, Uchiha Clan and village quarrels is heavily engaged, opened finally in looking ceases all activities in Minato and Hokage face. 之前他回到村子,应为写轮眼的问题,宇智波一族和村子里吵得不可开交,还是最后开在看在水门火影的面子上才偃旗息鼓。 Kakashi felt oneself are does not match, does not match to obtain everyone's help, does not match to obtain this eye! 卡卡西觉得自己是那么不配,不配得到大家的帮助,更不配得到这颗眼睛! Can have this eye with it, he longs for obtaining Lin's news. 与其能拥有这颗眼睛,他更渴望得到琳的消息。 Naturally that is impractical. 当然那是不切实际的。 Lin is only extremely ordinary medical ninja, without status background, does not have the strength. 琳只是一个极为普通的医疗忍者,没有身份背景,也没有实力。 The Rock shinobi rout, no one knows that her whereabouts, some people will not care. 岩忍溃败,没有人知道她的下落,更不会有人关心。 Even if Lin is Minato squad one. 哪怕琳是水门小队地一员。 Perhaps... Lin as before not in...? 或许…琳依旧不在了…? But when Kakashi feels acutely disappointed, two shinobi conversations in a low voice brought to the attention of Kakashi suddenly! 而就在卡卡西万念俱灰的时候,两个忍者低声的交谈骤然引起了卡卡西的注意! Words said that Rock shinobi and Kumogakure prepared to admit defeat to negotiate peace, Hidden Sand Village has been coming to somebody's aid, but Kirigakure was also too crazy, has not given up by this time.” “话说岩忍云忍都准备认输议和了,砂隐村一直都在打边鼓,可雾隐村也太疯狂了吧,到这个时候还不放弃。” Yes, is obviously hopeless, is also thinking at this time unexpectedly sends out Bijuu (Tailed Beast) and Konoha fight in which both sides perish, why?” “就是,明明没有希望的,这个时候居然还想着派出尾兽木叶鱼死网破,何必呢?” Two strange shinobi pass through from Kakashi slowly, right, I remember that Kirigakure Bijuu (Tailed Beast) as if didn't have appropriate Jinchūriki? Do they control Bijuu (Tailed Beast) with what?” 两个陌生的忍者卡卡西身边缓缓走过,“对了,我记得雾隐村尾兽似乎一直没有合适的人柱力吧?他们拿什么控制尾兽呢?” This......” “这个么……” A beard Lazaro's middle age said in a low voice according to the hearsay, Kirigakure obtained our captive from the Rock shinobi hand, probably is 13 or 14-year-old medical ninja, is used to treat as three Jinchūriki!” 一个胡子拉扎的中年低声道“据小道消息说,雾隐村岩忍手中得到了一个我们的俘虏,大概是一个十三四岁的医疗忍者,用来当做三尾的人柱力!” That shinobi seems like the god not adjoins the battlefield on to be captured, Rock shinobi to suffer her does that!” “那个忍者好像是神无毗战场的上被俘获的,岩忍为了折磨她才这么做的!” The middle-aged shinobi tone is low and deep, in the look has the profound ray to glitter, is to make behind Kakashi eye of zi want to crack! 中年忍者语气低沉,眼神中有深邃的光芒闪烁着,却是让身后的卡卡西目眦欲裂! Said is Jinchūriki, actually is not quite right, where after all to be casual a shinobi to have the qualifications to become Jinchūriki?” “说是人柱力,其实也不太对,毕竟随随便便一个忍者哪有资格成为人柱力?” Actually is a disposable vessel!” “其实就是一个一次性的容器啊!” „The Bijuu (Tailed Beast) temporary seal in medical ninja within the body, fight time releases directly well.” “将尾兽暂时封印在医疗忍者体内,战斗的时候直接释放出来就好。” Three will naturally attack the enemy who sees crazily, just... that medical ninja died, will die a tragic death.” “三尾自然会疯狂攻击看到的敌人,只不过嘛…那个医疗忍者就死定了,而且会死得很惨呢。” This is pitiful......” “这是可怜啊……” Two people more walk are farther, Kakashi cannot bear bellow to rush finally! 两个人越走越远,卡卡西终于忍不住大吼一声冲了上去! Sneaks the god not to adjoin the battlefield Konoha squad, only then their Hemei Village leaf scroll army. 潜入神无毗战场的木叶小队,只有他们和美村叶卷的部队而已。 When the latter when they support has almost been annihilated, where has what medical ninja?! 后者在他们支援时几乎已经全军覆没,哪有什么医疗忍者?! All characteristics told Kakashi, that will be acted as the Jinchūriki person, certainly was Lin! 一切的特征告诉卡卡西,那个将被充当人柱力的人,一定就是琳! Lin! Waiting, me is saving you!” “琳!等着,我来救你了!” This moment Kakashi lost the reason finally, without going to think that the origin of this news, how two ordinary shinobi know. 这一刻的卡卡西终于失去了理智,没有去想这个消息的来源,两个普通忍者怎么会知道。 When the emotion crushed the reason, all suspicious was neglected, calm such as Kakashi has not realized saying that oneself had fallen into the huge plot...... 当情感压倒了理智,一切的可疑都被忽略,冷静如卡卡西也没有意识道,自己已经陷入了巨大的阴谋…… Hee hee, prepared with Illusion technique, was this too also simple?” “嘻嘻,本来还准备用幻术呢,这也太简单了啊?” Is honored as Kakashi of talent, after all is also only a child.” “被誉为天才的卡卡西,毕竟也只是一个孩子啊。” Care is chaotic, the care is chaotic, Jie Jie Jie......” “关心则乱,关心则乱呀,桀桀桀……” Looks to run out of Kakashi of village, two Konoha shinobi measured the geodesy to smile Yin. 看着冲出村子的卡卡西,两个木叶忍者阴测测地笑了。 If Ye Long here, will certainly discover that they are White Zetsu clone. 如果叶龙在此,一定会发现他们就是白绝分身 Absorbed Konoha shinobi chakra to transform makes latter's appearance, ordinary sensation shinobi and distinctive method existed in name only radically. 吸收了木叶忍者查克拉而幻化做后者的模样,普通的感知忍者和甄别手段根本形同虚设。 Well? That is not Kakashi, this child how, should he not have the operational mission anxiously?” “咦?那个不是卡卡西吗,这孩子怎么这么急着出去,他应该没有作战任务了啊?” Distant place, Jiraiya in a crowding around of large crowd happen to from another direction process. 远处,自来也在一大群人的簇拥中正好从另一个方向经过。 The Sand Ninja village also prepared to negotiate peace, took the lead to draw back troops, even Jiraiya returned to the village. 砂忍村同样准备议和了,率先退兵,连自来也都回到了村子。 Ok, settles down in any case, when the time comes with Minato said was good.” “算了,反正尘埃落定,到时候和水门说一声好了。” Enjoys surrounding innumerable flattering Jiraiya to think, finally has not blocked Kakashi that rides to be above mundane thoughts...... 享受着周围无数吹捧的自来也想了想,终于没有拦住一骑绝尘的卡卡西…… „, How was my?” “咳咳,我这是怎么了?” „Have I died? Is here the hell?” “我已经死了吗?难道这里是地狱?” Why I can also feel that ache... , what damned place is here?!” “可是为什么我还能感觉到疼痛…唔,这里到底是什么鬼地方?!” In the gloomy lair, the stupor does not know how long Obito opened the eye under a strange chakra irrigation slowly. 阴暗的巢穴中,昏迷了不知多久的带土在一股奇异的查克拉灌注下缓缓睁开了眼睛。 He covered oneself chest subconsciously, traces own eye, then tears the clothes, looks own wrapped up half body, sent out a scream finally. 他下意识捂了捂自己的胸口,又摸了摸自己的眼睛,然后扯开衣服,看着自己被包扎的半边身体,终于发出了一阵尖叫。 „...!!” “啊啊啊啊啊…!!” How was my?” “我这是怎么了?” Lin? Teacher Minato? Kakashi?” “琳呢?水门老师呢?卡卡西呢?” What damned place is here? How do I want to go back......?!” “这里到底是什么鬼地方?我要怎么回去……?!” Obito pushes the door totteringly, the body is not very convenient. 带土跌跌撞撞地推门而出,身体还很不方便。 But looks at the present scene, he was shocked immediately. 而看着眼前的景象,他顿时惊呆了。 „, Did the little rascal, you awake quickly?” “呀,小鬼,你这么快就醒了啊?” In the outside tremendous space, one crowd talked excessively strange form simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform who looked to Obito, especially a fellow of Uzumaki head, greets with Obito on own initiative, right, you know that what was then intent?” 外面巨大的空间中,一群白乎乎的诡异身影齐齐看向了带土,特别是一个漩涡头的家伙,主动和带土打了个招呼,“对了,你知道什么是便意吗?” What thing you... are you?” “你…你们是什么东西?” Obito chrysanthemum one tight, the subconsciousness wants to pull out Three Pronge Kunai, discovered oneself are hard to act radically, immediately an awkwardness. 带土菊花一紧,下意识想要掏出苦无,才发现自己根本难以行动,顿时一阵尴尬。 I am anything, emmm... actually we am not the thing......” “我是什么东西,emmm…其实我们不是东西啊……” Fortunately, Uzumaki seemingly fell into the deep ponder, does not seem to notice the Obito petty action, words that really must speak, we are your savior, little rascal!” 还好,漩涡头貌似陷入了深深的思考,好像并没有注意到带土的小动作,“实在要说的话,我们可是你的救命恩人啊,小鬼!” As if finally organized own language, a Uzumaki favorite say/way, you do not know that your stupor was very long, moreover was seriously injured, I picked you, you already belch fart, little rascal!” 似乎终于组织到了自己的语言,漩涡头得意道,“你不知道吧,你昏迷很久,而且身受重伤,要不是我把你捡回来,你早就嗝屁了,小鬼!” Was... that is really thank you.” “是…那真是谢谢你们了。” Obviously Obito also discovers this strange fellow unable at present by the common sense analysis exchange, therefore directly soared the subject, thanked your life-saving effortses, but I must go back!” 显然带土也发现了眼前这个古怪的家伙不能以常理分析交流,于是直奔主题,“感谢你们的救命之恩,不过我要回去了!” Aiya, this is not good......” “哎呀,这可不行呢……” Uzumaki as if in helpless smiling, but at the same time, sound spread to his ear to come that little rascal belt/bring a hoarsely, I had the matter to with him confess.” 漩涡头仿佛是在无奈的笑,而同一时间,一个沙哑地声音传入了他的耳中“把那个小鬼带过来吧,我有事情要和他交代。” Who is?!” “是谁?!” Obito with astonishment looks at the distant place, in the high stone place, a white-haired old man sits there silently, inserted completely the strange pipe. 带土惊愕地看着远处,高高的石座上,一个满头白发的老者默默坐在那里,身后插满了诡异的管子。 Although is far away, the latter does not have to see him, but Obito felt a huge constriction inexplicably, has not somewhat gasped for breath unexpectedly. 虽然相距甚远,后者都没有正眼看他,但是带土莫名地感受到了一种巨大的压迫感,竟然有些喘不过气。 The old male obviously thin skinny, that arrogant back in the eye of Obito is actually so palatial, as if can also see towering under years precipitation. 苍老的男子明明瘦的皮包骨头,那孤高的背影在带土的眼中却是如此巍峨,仿佛还能看到岁月沉淀下的峥嵘。 A bloodlines familiarity buds in the Obito heart, he looks to the old man, opens the mouth to say slow, who the old gentleman of this rare and beautiful flowers... is?” 一股血脉般的熟悉感在带土心中萌动,他看向老者,呐呐开口道,“这个奇葩的老爷子…是谁啊?” Giggle......” “咯咯咯……” Uzumaki does not have laughing that may suppress sent out not good, fills including the profound meaning said, this, is your Uchiha Clan ancestor......” 漩涡头无可抑制地发出了无良的大笑,满含深意道,“这位,可是你们宇智波一族的祖宗啊……” You are good at nursing the old person very much, right?” “你很擅长看护老人,对吧?” Uchiha Madara on stone place sighed silently, probably is cherishing the memory of anything. 石座上的宇智波斑默默地叹了口气,像是在缅怀什么。 You are in the crevice of ghostdom and present world, the Uchiha clansman.” “你正处于冥界和现世界的夹缝,宇智波的族人啊。” Here does not have the exit|to speak......” “这里没有出口……” Before cutting off the causes and effects of this world......” “在斩断这世间的因果之前……” I will let you, well repayment this benevolence......” “我会让你,好好偿还这份恩情的……” ............... …………… The jet black world does not have the concept of time. 漆黑的世界没有时间的概念。 Has not known how long, Obito adapted to own new body finally. 不知道过了多久,带土终于适应了自己的新身体。 He tore off the gauze, to see the long-awaited seventh squad again, Obito is exercising day and night. 他扯掉了纱布,为了重新见到朝思暮想的第七小队,带土没日没夜地锻炼着。 The withered new arm gradually was strong, conducts the normal shinobi event sufficiently, but the exit|to speak was blocked with the giant stone by Uchiha Madara, the Obito strength is unable to go out as before. 原本干枯的新手臂逐渐强壮起来,足以进行正常的忍者活动,但是出口被宇智波斑用巨石挡住,带土的力量依旧无法出去。 During this period, Uchiha Madara as if in the deep sleep, by being bewitched the alike strength continues the life, but Obito and monitors his White Zetsu to become the friend. 在这期间,宇智波斑似乎一直在沉睡,靠着魔像的力量延续生命,而带土则和监视他的白绝们成为了朋友。 The Ninja World war that the outside world, should end presented the giant accident. 外界,原本应该结束的忍界大战却出现了巨大的变故。 Rock shinobi village after paying huge price, the loess carried off two dispirited Jinchūriki from the Orochimaru hand, announced the truce. 岩忍村在付出了巨大的代价后,黄土从大蛇丸手中带走了两位萎靡不振的人柱力,宣布了停战。 But chose Third Raikage of truce actually to change the mind bewilderedly. 而原本选择停战的三代雷影却莫名其妙地改变了主意。 In Hidden Cloud Village in signing in the process of ceasefire agreement, both sides had the big difference, causing Sand Ninja that likes being opportunistic also to choose waited and saw temporarily. 云隐村在和签署停战协议的过程中,双方产生了巨大的分歧,导致喜欢投机取巧的砂忍也选择了暂时观望。 Kirigakure spare no effort is attacking Konoha as before, where the home of being afraid of water opposed the call that Yakura gets stronger and stronger, temporarily is unable to block in of hematischesis fog rule. 雾隐村依旧在不遗余力地进攻木叶,哪怕水之国内反对矢仓的呼声愈演愈烈,暂时也无法阻止血雾之里的统治。 Also is several months later, Raikage as if gave up the war, but then, shocked the Ninja World Kumogakure attack to erupt. 又是几个月后,雷影似乎放弃了战争,但接下来,震撼忍界云忍袭击事件爆发了。 The later generation no one knows, when 3 rd generation of eye of Raikage real ideas, but the day, Third Raikage when leading the parliament members ascends a height to get a broad view personally the Konoha signature agreement, crashes in Hidden Leaf Village single-handedly, attacked Anbu prison that detains Brother Chilla. 后世没有人知道,当初三代目雷影真实的想法,但是那一日,三代雷影在率领议会成员亲自登临木叶签署协议书时,单枪匹马冲进木叶村,冲击了关押奇拉比兄弟的暗部监狱。 The fight erupted suddenly, Third Raikage exposes the inconceivable strength, is resisting the attack of Konoha numerous Kage level powerhouse forcefully, will be less than half Konoha to destroy, the casualty is countless. 战斗突如其来地爆发了,三代雷影展露出不可思议的实力,硬生生抵抗着木叶众多影级强者的攻击,将小半个木叶毁灭,死伤不计其数。 Finally, the Third Raikage strength used up to perish, dies in Hidden Leaf Village, but Chilla and sand Brazza actually escaped inborn with the help of other Kumogakure, making entire Ninja World shock...... 最终,三代雷影力竭而亡,死在了木叶村中,而奇拉比和砂比布拉扎却在其它云忍的帮助下逃出天生,让整个忍界为之震惊…… All changes, under not a visible great power, seem returning to the scheduled path quietly...... 一切的变化,似乎都在一股看不见的强大力量下,悄然回归着预定的轨迹…… Obito, do not practice, Lin and idiot who Kakashi you usually harbor intentions fell into troublesome!” 带土,别练了,你平时心心念念的琳和白痴卡卡西陷入麻烦了!” Some day, White Zetsu drills from the wall, was saying to Obito great shout, they dozens were surrounded by Kirigakure single-handedly personally, is some Jōnin and fierce roles!” 某日,白绝从墙壁中钻出,对着带土大声呼喊道,“他们单枪匹马被雾隐村几十个人包围了,全是一些上忍和厉害角色!” Seeming like experiments the body to be related with anything.” “似乎是和什么实验体有关。” Who is Minato? Yellow Flash?” 水门是谁?金色闪光吗?” Yellow Flash is handling the important matter of Kumogakure village, now Konoha messes up, simply did not have time manages idiot Kakashi......” 金色闪光正在处理云忍村的重要事情,现在木叶都乱套了,根本没功夫管白痴卡卡西了……” Useless Obito, your present strength cannot open the stone wall......” “没用的带土,你现在的力量是打不开石壁的……” Is inferior to this, you put on me, do I lead you to go out to save your friend?” “不如这样,你穿上我,我带你出去救你的朋友吧?” Looks thrashes the stone wall stubbornly Obito, a Uzumaki spooky say/way. 看着死死捶打石壁的带土,漩涡头幽幽道。 Nearby, has opened the eye in Uchiha Madara of deep sleep spookily. 一旁,一直在沉睡的宇智波斑幽幽睁开了眼睛。 „...... Thanked you to save me, but I must walk today!” “……感谢你救了我,但是今天我非走不可!” With the giant bursting sound, the giant stone wall put on a Obito fist of White Zetsu clone to break, the latter vanished in this close lair hurriedly. 随着巨大的爆裂声,巨大的石壁被穿上白绝分身带土一拳打破,后者急匆匆地消失在了这封闭的巢穴之中。 You worried, now thanks me to be perhaps too early.” “你太着急了,现在谢我或许为时过早。”
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